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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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Marshall missed 2 games and still finished ranked amongst the top 5 nfl wr's. We have idiots here that say lets trade him! LOL............

So since the dolphins dont have a OC why not try out Josh mcdanials? Pretty good OC and a qb coach? Is there any problem with this??

OK everyone, I am here a little early to get to the questions comments already on the board ...

Hope everyone's doing good and I appreciate you being here. Off we go ..

DyingBreed, do you ever end a post with anything other than, LOL? Just curious, as it seems that you may have enough posts to copyright such actions.

The oline can be put in beast mode thru free agency. But it's going to cost Ross good and plenty!

Not really a Mike Schula fan. I heard Brad Chuzinski's name from San Diego - that excites me more

To begin:

Home get help. Immediately.

Armando, with Nnamdi Assaumgua(sp) now available as a free agent, do you see the Dolphins and him as a potential fit?


Just my way of placing my ownership on posts. Most times Im just a happy poster though. LOL...........

Anything wrong with that? LOL...........

The best OC candidate out there could be some relatively unknown young guy with all kinds of creative ideas but working for a lesser team with marginal talent.

We get caught up in "names" but often those guys are also blessed with the kind of talent that could make anyone look good.

Just saying they should look under every rock and perhaps not be afraid to make a bold choice that none of us has heard of but could be a great one in the making.

Hey what's up today fellas?

Miami's first order of business before they find a QB has to be an offensive cordinator. Then find a QB whose skill set matches the new OC.

Too many times a QB is forced to learn a system he can't succeed in because of the coaching staff's style. I wonder who could possibly be Miami's next OC.

Mac, Sparano always been a fan of Nmadi's. I wouldn't be surprised.


No, but if it's ownership you're after, then I recommend applying for copyright actions. Lots of people on this blog would be infringing on your territory.

What's your thoughts on the next OC, Mando?

What about QB? Does your gut say draft or FA?

BJ Aqua, your grasp on the situation is indeed enlightened.

Sparano is at his core a running game coach. He wants to run, believe it's the best way to win, and that will be difficult for him to change.

Frankly, guys, a lot was said at that meeting that will be forgotten by next september when they're actually playing games.

You may see a new offensive coordinator. But innovative?

Are they going to hire Mike Leach? I don't think so. You're going to see a run-first team in Miami just like you have the past few years.

Will it be a little different? Sure.

Tons different? Don't think so, unless Peyton Manning decides he's signing with Miami.


Which would you rather have? An attacking philosophy OC without explosive players. Or A midstream conservative type OC with Lots of attacking and explosive pieces.

Mando - What should we do with the 15th pick

Get Chip Kelly as our OC! no matter what it costs

Go read up on him, Runs an explosive offense, and has been one of the top offensive teams over the last 3 years.

Don't screw around just go get him!

My questions would be the standard ones at first..
What's going on with the OC search, have you heard any direction or list of OC's Miami might be compiling?
Is Nande CB, Oak a possibility, and does the CBA have an impact in FA's this year?
Have you heard of any current players that are thinking about leaving?

Dolphanjav said:

* Fail to win and next offseason will be all talks about how Ross could have changed everything by bringing a new coach and so on...

Dolphanjav, make no mistake. Sparano has a year left to win. That raise and extension is just show. He will be canned at the end of the season if this team doesn't improve, ESPECIALLY with Home wins. I think a playoff spot next seasonis the only thing that will get him to the 2012 season.

Mando, any idea what they intend to do about the QB position? Will they draft one 1st-round? Get a veteran? Stick with Henne? I doubt Sparano will put his job on Henne's shoulders?

Also, any thoughts about getting D. Williams from Carolina?

How are the Dolphins going to find an aggressive OC to 'open it up'?

Any innovative OC can see what Mr FG has been.

How can we believe the Mr FG is going to hire someone who will go against who Mr FG has been for the last 3 years?

The team needs an OC who can keep Mr FG out of the room to stop him from instilling FEAR into the offense. How is that going to happen?

I just do not see it.

I believe retaining Sparano is a mistake.

With the 15th overall pick the Miami Dolpins select............Mark Ingram RB Alabama

Take it to the bank!


How do you feel about adding Steve Breaston as one of the lower cost alternatives at wr during free agency? I think he's an upgrade to Hartline and would pair well with Marshall.

Todd, I appreciate the compliment.

As to Parcells, he met with Ross as I reported and gave his opinion. Ross ultimately did what Parcells said, but not until he launched his misbegotten coaching search (in whatever iteration you believe it happened.)

If I can hazard an educated guess, I believe Parcells is done with the Dolphins. He will likely be talking to Sparano at some point, but actually help Ireland pick players? Not happening. Not at all.

His days helping the Dolphins are pretty much over at this point. Something significant would have to change for that to be different going forward.

A lot of these comments make sense, why is it that the fans see the obvious, but the brain trust getting paid the bug bucks dont get it? We need a non_conservative way of thinking! PERIOD!..............and a GunSlinger : )

Armando, two questions regarding the recent Harbaugh circus.

First, where did the story that Peterson was along come from? Apparently, there was no truth to it.

Second, do you agree too much was made (by fans, anyway) of the Mangini thing? To me, it was clearly what they said it was: A brain-picking session, not a job interview.



Many think we will find answer to our situation via the draft. I believe realistically we get only 1 explosive starter via draft. We need to sign at least 3 explosive free agents to become a playoff team in 2011.

Mike, McDaniels is not in the mix for OC right now.

For once and for all: The guy didn't get along well with Brandon Marshall. He had a parting of ways with Mike Nolan.

Do the Dolphins who are already dealing with mending fences bring in more broken fences to mend?

What about brian Biliak as OC?

Armando.Whats up? First off good job last week. What a rollercoaster clown show. Do you have any leads as to who the Phins may be thinking about for OC? This will be the most important pickup this offseason(IMO)

Also, Mando, how's the CBA situation affecting the Dolphins this offseason? Is it wait and see? Are they moving forward like there will be an agreement? Will it have any affect?


What's Sparanos chances of surviving past 2011 without winning season next year?

Do you personally think this characterless regime can win or is the IreAno combo just in over their heads?

Scott, there is no doubt the Cowboys were monitoring the Dolphins situation and had the entire staff been fired, they would have sought Nolan.

But not at this point. He is the Dolphins DC, unless some team wants to talk to him about a HC job. He's not leaving to be someone else's coordinator.

Mando, is there a rift now between Marshall and Sparano for anything Marshall said? I know Ricky's probably gone, but what about what others said? Does Sparano acknowledge he needs to do some things differently in his coaching style?

Armando..when responding to Aloco please make sure your spelling is incorrect and make sure that your sentences are choppy at best and run on sentences are a must.


Why are you so against V Young?

Sure the guy has baggage, but he is loaded with talent and with a fresh start could majorly change the Dolphins attack.

That running QB is very hard to defense.

I suspect that Sparano would ruin in a matter of days though.

Mando what's up with the OC

The iPhone app is acting up again...

Phin4life, I do not listen to Joe Rose. And as long as I have a morning show in South Florida, fewer and fewer people will be listening to Joe Rose.

Same reason Armando just stated Nolan wont leave to become some one elses coordinator is the exact same reason a great OC wont leave his team to take our vacant job! LOL.......

By the way, Joe reads this blog all the time. He's told me so himself. I've even called him out in the past for using my material for his show.


What do you think the chances are the Dolphins will take a chance and draft Quarterback Ryan Mallett?

I hear even Noam Chomsky reads this blog (mostly for ALoco)


What veteran QBs are the Phins going after?

1. McNab
2. Orton
3. Bulger (Please Say No)
4. V. Young (That's My Choice)


Think the chemtrails have messed with your journalistic integrity,
Mando (rhymes with fried bread dough)

Super Dolfan & Environmental Resisting New World Order slave, Home needs no help

U funny guy
Yeah "funny guy"
Like a clown
U make me laugh
U amuse me

Joe Pesci
aka Tommy Devito "Goodfellas"

Mad dog Mandich uses a bunch of his personal opinions as fact just as Joe Rose does. LOL....

I was wondering what was the possibility of getting Brady Quinn. His contract should be up in Denver so he should be avialable as a FA and not cost a draft pick. I know that he never showed out in CLE but then again not many have. Signing him to an incentive laden contract my get something out of him. It can't be much worse then where we are at now.


Why not just let Sparano play out the last year of his contract?

The 'product' was not good enough to sign to an extension.

The team does this with players all the time.

Ross could easily have said, 'open it up, win more games THEN I will extend your contract.

Hey Everyone
We need to STAY CLEAR of Vince Young. He has a history of injury problems and touted by the Coaching staff has difficult to work with and a poor, repeat POOR work ethic....Not the solution to the problem, only another problem to solve.


As a celebrated south florida journalist and radio personality, how is it that it is your colleagues like Israel and Jeff who are traditionally featured on ESPN (Sports Reporters or Outside the Lines, etc) when you are just as knowledgable about the sports landscape as they are? I know that you used to work for the ESPN, but are you bothered at all by it?


Why does Ireland get a pass in this? Merling/White/Henne/Turner/Murphy/Jerry were all top picks that were not ideal.

Can he just blame the tuna?


Oregon, Vince Young effectively split the Tennessee locker room with some players backing him and other backing Jeff Fisher.

Here's the deal:

Do you want a guy that has won? Young has won.
Do you want a guy that is not a pocket passer? Young is not.
Do you want a guy that had meltdown emotional issues his second year in the league and then could not beat out Kerry Collins? Young again is your man.
Do you want a guy who quit on his coach and teammates this year? Young is that guy.
Do you want a guy that will want to get paid a high price as a free agent? Young.
Do you want a guy that comes with talent but also a lot of baggage? Young.

And you ask why I don't think he's the answer?


I believe we should approach the 2011 draft as if we'll only come away with one tru starter. Therefore we need to come away from 2011 free agency with at least 3 new starters. Do you agree?

Aramando....This is the most important question you will answer all day..What will the Phins do with Lex Hilliard? Do you think they will resign him , or let him explore the free agent market? Word on the street in Montana(these are not credible sources, but fans of Black Velvet, and all things Montana Grizzlies that sit in bar stools)Word on the street is that Green Bay, Seattle,and New Orleans have all shown interest in taking away Lex' talents from South Beach...

@ Dr roberts/ALoco,

Noam Chomsky does not read this blog. I assure you. I'd be stoked about that but I am sure it is not the case.

Funny idea though.

DC, I don't see a rift between Sparano and Marshall. Marshall said very nice things about Sparano. He shredded Henne and David Lee and Henning, but not sparano.

Brady Quinn??

Why? So the fanbase can be wrong about him again at a more personal level?


So where is the answer in your opinion? FA or draft?

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