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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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Also think Young is better than any QB, by far than the Dolphins currently have

Check the stats, Pal

and check out when they srted winning as soon as Collins was benched after losing first 5 games
Then BAM win, win , win etc


What veteran QBs will the Dolphins go after. Orton? V. Young? M. Buger? D. McNab?

I know this past week has been a disaster. But look at the upside this is the first time in years that the dolphins should only be focused on getting the offense better.


My sad, sad prediction is that this time next year, the Dolphins will be searching for a head coach and GM.

I hope I'm wrong. But I see too many problems to fix and not enough time to fix it. And I see this owner is not being patient enough to wait the two or three years it will require to fix it.

I also see Ross as a guy who is attracted to the shiny toy. This year it was Harbaugh. He resisted but was tempted. I don't know that he'll be able to resist if the Dolphins don't go 10-6 or 11-5 and make it to the playoffs.

Why not be daring? Why waste this years picks on a lame duck regime? Why not trade all our picks for next years picks and let the new coach get off to a good start with something to work with?

I'm not really feeling V Young, he has a lot of baggage. And I just don't think he's reliable physically or more importantly mentally..

Here is a spin on using an OPINION as a FACT but it is actually more FACT than OPIONION.

Chad Henne is not a starter in the NFL. He sucks. Henne is not accurate, has a strong arm but won't make the tough throws even in one on one coverage, NO LEADERSHIP.

Henne couldn't win the big game in college when he played with several very good players who either made it to the NFL or are currently very good.

Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Shawn Crable, Pierre Woods, Leon Hall and a few more I probably missed. Miami gets him an elite WR and Henne still needs more weapons. Henne sucks!

Armando, thanks for the live blog.

I'd just like to say that overall I'm pleased Sporano was kept for at least one more year. I want to see how he does with more of his people in place and with his scheme. I'm not sure what we have in store but I just think Sporano may be something special if given time to develop. I get the impression you're thinking along the same lines.

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ROTFLMAO! LOL...............

Well, when you put it like that...

Didn't know about how VY split the locker room.

He does win games. Though given Sparano low likelihood he would bring in an explosive player.

Mando, I would like to know your thoughts about possible QB competition, if we will sign Ronnie back, and sleeper FA's you think Sparano has personal ties to.

Thanks for bloggin with us. btw.

Mando, does Sparano take SOLE RESPONSIBILITY for the oline regressing this year like he should? Or was someone else involved with that decision-making?


Agreed with the "shiny toy" comment. My greatest fear with Ross is that he becomes our version of Dan Snyder. Throwing money at problems, impatient, and always looking for the quick fix while stability is what actually works best in this league.

Gentlemen, I have no lead on the guy the Dolphins are targetting for offensive coordinator.

But ...

If this thing takes a while and Bill O'Brien keeps winning, you'll have to wonder if he's the target.

O'Brien is a Patriots offense coach. He is effectively the coordinator but not in title. Obviously, they run a pretty good offense up there.

The idea, IMO, is that Miami can offer him a title and even an assistant coach job if necessary.

It's a risk for him because there is more stability being in NE. But Miami can offer him a raise and he WILL get a chance to show he's got the goods.

Can someone just explain to me how a team dynamic like Sparano and Ireland is all of the sudden going to be able to have an eye for talent and produce an aggressive offense? How do you turn that on? Is it some gene therapy? Maybe there's an app for that?


Team has lots of needs, first OC, upgrade QB coach, Special teams coach, then the offense. with no 2nd round pick its going to be tuff. Need QB, team speed, and interior line help. all have been constant problems.

Cam Newton is our only answer in the draft that we can trade up and get reasonably as he is slated/projected for bout #10 in the draft


Right now

The Dolphins Suck Chemtrails

Vince Young is an immature kid and has made a ton of mistakes. He went from dominating college football and the National Championship on just pure ability. He didn't learn in Tennessee that he had to put in the off the field time to be a big time QB in the NFL.

Miami is a team in a MUST WIN NOW mode. Sparano knows this and so does Ireland. I would bring in VY because he would hands down beat Henne who sucks and also is a winner. A head case? Yes. But also a winner.

Aloco, it is personal when I write about Ross.

He has embarrassed the franchise I cover. He has sullied the good name of the franchise in my town. He has made the Dolphins a laughingstock for his handling of the last week. That makes it personal for me. I don't like my team looking inept. I don't like Dolphins fans mocked. And I don't appreciate double-speak.

I am sick of reading Henne sucks!!!!! You people turn on people at the drop of a f'n dime. He has had real good moments and real bad moments. He is coachable though. We have not learned enough about him and i think he is worht keeping around to let him compete.

Sorry I did it again... Hum...


How about Julio Jones at the 15# pick? DB believes he has bad hands.

I'd love to see any big, speed WR to balance BM.

Adding one in the 1st round could have the effect of forcing Mr FG to 'open it up'.


Armando. In hindsight. Don't you think that Harbaugh would have been walking into a no win situation? Imagine if the Labor sitation plays out like many think it will. No OTA's, no Rookie Camp, no Mini Camps, and perhaps abbreviated training camp. Mix this with trying to find a new staff, and new quarterback. This could have been a nightmere. The expectations would have been unreasonable, and next to impossible. A very tough beggining. At least Sparano is an eaiser fall guy since it was obvious that Ross wanted to relplace him..

Kolb anyone? What would have to give up for such a

From my observation there r NO "gentlemen"
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Any thoughts on Chad Pennington as QB coach?

What do you think about the fins going after Kevin Kolb? I think his contract for next year is over 10 million so the Eagles would be willing to deal if they want to keep Vick.

Problems in Miami:

-Stephen Ross - Owner - Manages people like property. Very bad for business. Need proof? Read multiple newspaper/internet articles about the recent "coach hunt" -alienates his current coach then says he's the man all the way and always was. Has a chance to land a Super Bowl coach who wants his way from the top down - says no because he like s Ireland - bad business- super bowl coach gone-

- Jeff Ireland - Should have seen this guy's train wreck version of tact last year when interviewing Dez Bryant.. Hooker anyone? How are you going to find talented personnel if you're a pr*ck?

-Tony Sparano - Head Coach- Micro manages. Most likely caused Chad Henne to suck so much this year because of micro management- Henne's meltdowns are no doubt attributed to the pressure of completing every catch for a touchdown. Anything less is a failure. Ever been micromanaged? It stinks. Destroys morale and takes the fun out of everything. Makes you hate work.

- Dan Henning- Offensive Coordinator- Goodbye. Ineffective and too many WTF were you thinking moments.. Impressive drives ended by the wildcat.. Didn't get the hint. Repeated..Gone now.. What next?

Fix these issues.. We become a winning team. Next couple of years are going to be crappy.. Thanks to the above mentioned..

iPhone is messed up...mando what would we had to give up to acquire Kolb in your opinion? I think he'd be a solid qb starting for the fins headed into next season

I Must Be Crazy?
I Must Be Nuts!


We all love Pennington. But don't you think Henne has become the checkdown king partly from having Pennington in his ear. I do

Same reason Armando just stated Nolan wont leave to become some one elses coordinator is the exact same reason a great OC wont leave his team to take our vacant job! LOL.......

Posted by: DyingBreed | January 10, 2011 at 01:01 PM



I have been a life long Phins fan and aside from Shula (who couldnt draft well from the 90's on except for a few random picks), I think the draft picks of late have been pretty good. No one is going to be 100% in their picks.

Do you think the raiders corner (cant spell his name for the life of me) could land with the Phins helping to sure up our secondary and thus alievating any need to really draft anyone on the defensive side before the 5th round.

Also I think Mallett would be a good fit (he can run when needed) for the Phins (taller than henne) as he doesnt make stupid mistakes like line driving balls into the defensive lines hands 3 times a game like Henne did at Michigan.

If we dont/cant land Mallett do you think we go interior offensive line?

I think a great Center or guard would help cement the line thus only improving whoever is playing QB and RB.

I think the big problem this year with the offense was the offensive line not being in sync and never getting a push to the second level defenders.


Youre wrong! 75% of all of our problems can be fixed this year. Realistically we get one really good starter from the draft. But we can get up to 4 new starters out of free agency if we play our cards right.

Have you seen the available free agents at all positions list? We can fix enough problems this season, except qb, to make the playoffs. I still think Henne can be "ok" once the oline is fixed, get 2 rb's(Ingram and a speedback), at least Steve breaston to pair with Marshall, and the Raiders fa TE.

Dear Home, you and your chemtrail and conspiracy theory's are not only ridiculous buy annoying as well. If you believe in all of that fine, we heard you the last 900 times you wrote about them.. Did you ever think maybe you are the crazy one? Maybe your brain microchip needs to be rebooted...


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My understanding on Kolb is he is making about 5 mil last year, but then drops to something ridiculous like 300K this year. Vick is about 300K last year and will prob get about 6-7 mill this year.

So adding that up, and Reid loving Kolb so much, it is unlikly they will trade him unless a BIG offer comes across the table, becasue keeping them is CAP friendly.

Not sure if i am close on this, but i think i am.


how can this regime and owner expect us the fans to believe the crap they are shovelling. when did the 3 stooges hit town and cameo for Ross, Ireland, and Sparano. I cant see anything but 1-15 or maybe 2-14 for this ball club.

Do you see the players really preforming for a coach who really doesnt have the owner's confidence(roundtable aside), which was the biggest staged joke in history of sports.

If Ross thought the home experience was brutal this season, wait until next year when 30000-40000 seats collect dust in Miami Gardens.

I guess the only silver lining will be hearing the Miami Dolphins are now on the clock and the Dolphins are proud to announce they have selected from Stanford University QB Andrew(no more need for fist pumping FG's) Luck.

Cam Newton? An SEC QB has 1 great year, gets drafted in the 1st round....

Sounds awful familar to Jamarcus Russell.

Why waste this years picks on a lame duck regime? Why not trade all our picks for next years picks and let the new coach get off to a good start with something to work with?

dr. roberts:

The Peterson factoid about him being on the plane was the one thing I claim to have gotten wrong in the matter. Lots of people got it wrong.

I apologize to you for getting that wrong.

But for Ross to claim a hundred other things were wrong because that was wrong by the media is ridiculous.

Personally, I feel very comfortable with the folks I was speaking with during this drama knowing what was going on. I passed what they told me on to you.

The mangini thing, to me, was out there on the margins. Not that big a deal. But ...

Any owner should be sophisticated enough to know that if he gets a call from a coach, he should probably assign that call to his football staff.

Also, Miami's explanation of that call: That Mangini was going to provide some advice about the AFC East, and Ross's explanation, that Mangini was seeking advice from Ross, do not match. Interesting, ain't it?


YOUR TAKE ON ;;;;;;;


A-lot about Can Newton. His release mimicks that of byron Leftwich out of college, the hardest thing to teach is realease, be careful what you wish for.


My sad, sad prediction is that this time next year, the Dolphins will be searching for a head coach and GM.

I hope I'm wrong. But I see too many problems to fix and not enough time to fix it. And I see this owner is not being patient enough to wait the two or three years it will require to fix it.

I also see Ross as a guy who is attracted to the shiny toy. This year it was Harbaugh. He resisted but was tempted. I don't know that he'll be able to resist if the Dolphins don't go 10-6 or 11-5 and make it to the playoffs.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 10, 2011 at 01:10 PM

Which is PRECISELY why they should have gotten a new coach THIS year & not delay the inevitable. Why waste a year this way when you are almost assured of going the other way next year? Senseless.

Wake & Dansby will be 30. We should have started the re-do NOW instead pof delaying it & wasting another year. Gotta credit the 'phins, they LOVE mediocrity!

DB..even if you are correct with the percentages here.. The 25 percent left over when you are talking about a pro football team is huge..that lacking 25 percent could keep us out of the playoffs for another few years... We need some major fixin round here unfortunately...

Dyingbreed, thanks for being here.

Breaston to me is a good player when he's got a good receiver with him. He's a great No. 2. So I think he would be an upgrade if he's available.



Again, any thoughts as to where/how the whole "Carl Peterson on the plane" story came about?

Not blaming you a bit (everyone ran with it) but it wound up being untrue.

Did someone mistake another person on that trip for him and everyone latched onto it?

what up Mando! no questions from me, just sitting in. thanks for all the dolphins info, much appreciated here in the bay area.


Having said that about Breaston, I think WR will not be a priority for the Dolphins.

They think Marshall, Hartline, Bess are good and would be better with a better QB. They also have high hopes for Moore and Wallace.

The Miami priorities on Offense are: QB, RB, interior OL or RT which would allow for moving Vernon Carey to guard.

What's the chance of us getting Hoyer from the Pats (like the KC Cassel thing)? He looked pretty good.

Without 11 wins & a playoff berth Sparano & Ireland are gone. Any common sense fan with half a brain knows this. All keeping them this year accomplishes is another year of draft picks & FA's another coach & Gm will not want which will lead to MORE turnover & a longer stint in the bottom 3rd of the NFL.

Congrats Steve Ross! You are building a winner!

Armando just wanted to say that you and Jeff were more accurate about fins info than NFL network or espn. With that being said what will we do in the 1st RD? Will we draft a qb? Who are the choices as a OC? What players are on the hot seat to be cut/traded?

Appreciate that, dolfan SF. You live in a rockin' town.

Sorry for asking again, Mando (was typing that while you answered!)

and thanks!!


I disagree Miami is 2 seasons away from fixing this offense completely. There is no way to fix all this teams problems in one offseason.

Offensive Cordinator
QB - Chad Henne is the starter, enough said
RB - Ronnie Brown is a slouch!
WR - legit #2 and no Hartline is not it.
TE - who can get open with more cosistancy.
Center - Incognito is not athletic enough to be a starting center.
OG - Miami needs at least 1 more starting guard.

With this front office and coach there is no way they find all the RIGHT pieces in one offseason. This front office and coach couldn't fix all this in 10 offseasons.

I agree with Armando Miami will be searching for a new Head Coach and GM this time next season. 7-9 Here we come!

Mando, do you think we will make a hard push for The Patty's Logan Mankins?

Steve Breaston or Brad Smith fill 2 needs for the Phins. ST return men #1 & viable WR option #2.

We need two QB's.

Could Julius Pruitt be that speed reciever the fins were lacking?

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