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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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I think you are falling into the same trap as everybody else on here. How are you possibly able to evaluate what have in Henne under the offensive system we have, with a broken OL, very little run game, no pass catching tight end and no top tier receiver other than Marshall. To properly evaluate Henne, don't we have to slove some of the other problems? Would you not agree that Henne has regressed? Don't you think it's more a result of a weaker line and the other problems going on around him, rather than just the QB has lost it. This is a guy who started promising. Why can't people see that defences are not threatened by this offence and it's lack of creativity. that shouldn't all fall on the QB.

I really like the Brad Smith idea, that was one you brought up before Joe. Nice call on that one if he is available. I thinb Breastons $$ will be to high for his potential upside...

Thanks for the response Mando, one more. What about the "prototypical" size issue Parcells brought here? Does Ireland/Sparano now understand they need SPEED on the team? Real speed? Not Bess' elusiveness. I mean, that's great and all, but they need DeSean Jackson SPEED!!!


The other 25% is Henne. I dont really see that much of an effective upgrade to Henne available during the offseason. Slight at best.

But I do see tons of upgrades that can be placed around him in free agency and even rb Mark Ingram in the draft. Im betting that if we can get the best available playmakers around Henne he will be a little more effective as a starter. Because we already know that we cant put the entire offense on Henne's back and expect him to carry us.


That is pitiful. Happy with Hartline. Watch the tape! I don't even have all the access these coaches have and can see he can't consistantly beat a pair of starting cornerbacks in the NFL. He is at best a #3 or #4. He can beat the nickel and dime guys but not starters week to week.


what about the rumor that Ross is determined for Henne to succeed because he's a Michigan guy? Any truth to that?

And would be wonderful if we had a 3 point home field advantage.

Mando, can you respectfully tell CraigM that Chad Henne will NEVER be the Dolphins starting QB as long as Tony Sparano is here? That you can game me once, shame on you, but if you game me twice, shame on me!

Why does Kim Bokamper address u on local Dolphin sports television as wimpy, insignificant, sheepish and somewhat of a push over?

Is it just cuz u never played sports and he is a well known alumni big bad Miami Dolphin player?

Or did u chew & screw at his sportsbar / grill?

Mando, have two Q's:

1. whats the latest on Bowles heading to Dallas?

2. besides Henning and potentially Bowles are there more coaching changes expected?

Thanks and keep up the excellent job.

Ross wants an exciting offense and thinks Ireland & Sparano can bring it. Yet, nothing in their 3 year resume here has shown Ross any evidence to support they can do it. Actually, all points lead to the opposite.

Andy is right, it's a subpar season ahead sadly. Worst part is, guys get a year older. Everyone's contract is a year closer to expiring. Every draftee & FA will be at the next coaches & Gm's mercy as to whether they even will want them.

We are sticking with mediocrity while delaying potential improvement.

dolfan29, some people, even some people in the media I thought were more responsible and insightful bought the act hook, line and sinker.

That's the way it works, bro. You feed the masses and some will spit it back in your face. But some will swallow the crap.

My favorite moment in the press conference is when Ireland and Sparano are asked how they're going to address their rift and Ross jumps in and breathlessly says something like, 'you're assuming there's a problem between these guys.'

I couldn't believe he had the nerve to act like everything is 100 percent OK between Sparano and Ireland. If you guys saw the video, you would see just by the body language that there are issues. And yet some people there decided to buy all of it.

I'm pretty much immune from that. I represent the fans. Not the team.

Craig M,

Henne sucks. Just watch him dude. He can't look off a defender, he has horrible touch on his passes, he is inaccurate on the deep ball, his own STAR receiver don't want him. He has no leadership qualities at all, his body language sucks. What attributes do you actually like with that ROBOT?

The issue with Henne is his brain..you can put all pro lineman in every spot in front of Henne and he still would not be able to make the correct decisions quickly enough. He doesn't have it and frankly I think there are a ton of backups in the league that are way better than Henne. You can teach and coach mechanics, you cannot teach the "it" factor.

Mando, I know Goodell is very much in favor of an 18-game schedule while the players seem lukewarm (at best) towards the idea.

Would the owners yield on this to hasten a CBA agreement or is it essential to them?

Any ideas on who our RB's will be next year?

Are you hearing anything on Solial re-signing and if he does, where does that leave Starks/Odrick/Merling as DE?

When the OL was playing well, so was Henne. Do you think with a solid line and new QC/QB coach Henne can be the QB we need?

Are you ever sick of reading/hearing from all these negative, "world is ending" people? I won't call them fans because they don't deserve that title.



At least most of us are watching the same game and footage on Henne. He won't win you a game. Henne is at his best when the game is determined. He throws for 300 yards and Miami loses. Imagine the game plan being Henne to throw for big yards? Miami loses that game every time.

"That's the way it works, bro. You feed the masses and some will spit it back in your face. But some will swallow the crap."

So U do understand the New World Order, Armando!
and those chemtrails r simply contrails forced feeding misinfo!

My God
"There might be room 4 U in my Beloved core!, Pyle"
Gunny SGT
Full Metal Jacket

At this rate, I'd rather see Sparano & Ireland follow up with the D. Address FS, pass rush OLB, ILB & DB's in FA & the draft & let the new coach & Gm revamp the O next year. They've been much better in evaluating D players than on the O. Finish what they started there & let the next batch fix the offense.

Dying, I hope you are right.

Let me just say that everyone expects the salary cap to go DOWN. So teams will be able to spend less, not more next year. And in that environment, you think the Dolphins can add four bigtime UFAs?

Remember Dansby and Marshall alone cost about $40 million or more guaranteed.

Also, great teams are built through the draft.

Also, what offensive rookie picked in the middle of the draft or later lit things up for his team this year? That's what you're hoping the Dolphins do next draft, find someone int he middle rounds who will help right away.

Who did that this year? I'm not challenging you, just asking to get some bearings.

I've never seen such defeated fans in all my life! Dan Henning is gone and nobody is rejoicing! Didn't most of us think this was the biggest problem in the first place? We're going to get a new OC, some new players in FA and the draft to fill the holes and we have one of the top defences in the league.....and all some of you can say is 'next season is going to be a waste!!....

What a defeatist attitude!!.....unbelievable!!

Mando if you could pick from these 3 senarios for QB which would you choose?

1) Miami does nothing: Thigpen and Henne fight it out with new OC.

2) Bring in Vince Young.

3) Draft Cam Newton.

To me it is obvious...Vince comes relativily cheap, knows he is on last legs so will act right and saves us a draft pick...

will the Dolphins ever win at Home, again

or should we all go fishing on Sundays?

I represent the fans. Not the team.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 10, 2011 at 01:32 PM


If you are with the fans then you have to acknowledge that the Sparano prevent offense approach has been woefully inadequate.

The fans have been pointing this for the most part of the the year.

Very disappointed to hear the organization is happy with the WR's and not targeting an upgrade.

Ok Mando:

1. Ronnie possibly coming back?

2. Henne, I know we are on two different sides as far as our opinion of him, but there are so many people saying he sucks and has no hope, I think that is WAY off at this point. Do you think we should quit on Henne?

Armando i saw your prediction to what life will be next year at this time for my Dolphins and i couldnt agree anymore!

Mando, please challenge DB. He and others keep thinking you can trade picks for later picks and just cause you have quantity that will be an improvement. What they fail to recognize is what you just said. We HAVE role players on the team already. What we NEED is elite, dynamic talent, which you will find in rounds 1 and 2!


Would you wait until next year to trade up to draft a good QB?

UTPhinfan, everyone:

I said this on my show -- I don't think the Dolphins will use any picks on defense until the third day of the draft. They don't have to. Remember, the Miami defense gets a first round pick in 2011 in Jared Odrick. And it gets another infusion from A.J. Edds, who might take Channing Crowder's job eventually. And finally, Will Allen comes back from IR.

That is more than enough additions for the defense.




Posted by: ALoco

Thank You Aloco - I've been on this train for 3 weeks now. Kevin Kolb is a huge upgrade over Henne, and Philly wants Vick as their QB going forward.

Get Kevin Kolb Mr. Ireland, even if it takes a 1st round pick. No such thing as a sure thing 1st Rd QB pick, so a 1st rounder to Philly is a good and safe trade, since he is a proven commodity. Id even give Philly a 1st AND a 2nd for the guy. Just a reflection on how hard it is to find a Quality NFL QB, and how lousy a good team can appear without one.

For all Marshall & Dansby were & could be, they still netted us ZERO additional wins.

See you fine gentlemen later..It has reached
-20 on the thermometer and i have to go get the heat tape running at the bar...Thanks for the good work Armando. Until next time..

Totally agree
As Home brought up these 2 QB names and
Only these 2 QB names last week for Dolphin replacement QBs

Remember most Dolphin writers/columnists do best when they report only and NOT THINK

Except for Armando of course lol

Joe S,

I agree that defense in the first year is not out of the question. This team stinks. Very mediocre talent in many areas so go with the best player available. If that player is an OLB like Von Miller from Tex A&M, Robert Quinn from UNC or even an offensive linemen you take them. This team has far too many holes to just go pick for need. Best Player Available is what Miami needs to do.

P.S. And hopefully Ireland does his due dilligance and looks into the players medical history (Odrick) and not their parents background. God forbid they don't come from the "white bread" family of Jeff Ireland's ilk.

Armando is there a way to stream your show on a blackberry?


As you address Dying you bring up the point in the questions I asked earlier but havent yet gotten too.

I happen to think we need 3-4 key players, Speedy RB, A Stud Interior OL / RT (so the OL can reshift with Carey moving inside), Stud CB so Smith can shift to 3rd CB / FS, QB.

I think 1st round pick if Mallett isnt on the board when we pick is to go with OL/RT (those dont seem to be major whiffs), CB could be gotten via Free angency, speedy RB via the draft.

After all, as many RB's this year have shown, you dont need to be a 1st rounder to be a great RB.


I would suggest that Jahvid Best in Detroit would have helped this team this year. Williams the WR in Tampa taken in the FOURTH round would have helped this team this year. Blount, the RB in Tampa, not EVEN drafted would have helped the team this year. Aaron Hernadez the TE taken in the FOURTH round by New England would have helped the team this year. The TE in KC, I think taken in the THIRD round would have helped the team this year. Rob Gronkoswki taken in the second round this year would have helped the team this year. There's a few to get you started. We're content to draft linemen and linebackers instead of impact guys later in the draft.

Henne doesn't engage his receivers, he is aloof on the sideline, shows no camaradarie with anyone really. Instead of being a gamer he just does what he is told regardless of the situation. He often drifts right into the blitz as though he was magnetized to it. He is a punch clock QB, punch in, punch out, game over.

I blame Bill Parcells for this mess. He had final say over everything including draft picks, hiring sparano, Ireland, and Dan Henning, and he failed to really fix anything. Same way he failed in NY with Jets, and in Dallas. He has never won anything without George Young being his GM in NY with Giants. He's a loudmouthed bully who has been living off his 1980's-1991 accomplishments for the rest of his career. All this was his responsibility and yet he skips town, and no one except Dan Lebatard holds him accountable. He should have fixed this team and finished out his contract even though with the lock-out there will be no football next year.

I guess Jerry Jones was right "Parcells isn't worth a @#&^%$!...This is his failure. Up yours Bill Parcells. You're a fraud.

For all the Kolb lovers, what has he done this or last year to prove he's better than Chad? ...also keep in mind he wont come cheap for an unproven guy. I would rather take my chances with CH for another year then give up any more draft picks for unrpoven QBs...

Poizen, I thinkthe Dolphins would bring back Ronnie Brown if his agent signs cheaply.

I haven't gotten the drift that is likely to happen.

I wish it would because that is one less void to fill on offense. I don't want Brown to be the MAN, but I'd like him to be a good backup and possible workhorse. The Dolphins need a home run hitter at RB, however.

The really needs someone that can take it 70 yards to the house. Ronnie really hasn't been that guy.

Craig M,

Speak for yourself on that one. I think the biggest problem was Chad Henne having 14 straight games with a turnover. Dan Henning sucked no doubt but Henne was the problem.

I said it over and over on this blog that Dan Henning who is already conservative couldn't have went outside the box and opened the offense for Chad Henne because Henne would have thrown 25 ints if it was a passing down field aggressive offense. Henne suck!

Kyle Butler,
Watch your back next season. The FBI is on to your alter-ego.

You Guys should check out the olinemen available thru free agency. 2 of those and the oline's completely fixed. Raider TE Zach Miller is a fa.

Can you imagine how much more Mike Nolan can blitz with a starting corner tandem of Nnamdi Osomugha and Vonte Davis? Draft Mark Ingram and a speedback, perhaps Steve Breaston and we're well on our way in 2011.

Do all of these things and we make it even harder for Chad Henne himself to f^ck it all up! If Henne alone can screw all of this up then we know for sure in 2012 offseason we cut his a*ss! LOL.......

Some of you guys must have access to the Eagles practice tapes to have such strong opinions on Kolb with so little actual game experiene to go by.

Hell, I LIVE in Philly and could tell you barely anything about him aside from his coming across as fairly bright.

Hennes issues are far beyond blaming the coaching staff. There is such a thing as natural, athletic ability...you either have it or you don't.


Is Julius Pruitt that speedy reciever we've been craving to see? What are the chances of Crowder and Carey being released or traded?

Jonathan- lol

Agreed, I think we should try and retain Ronnie, I do not think he is command to large of money that we could not match.

Thanks for the response.

Oregon, I think EVERYONE recognizes playing for FGs is for losers.

I think Tony Sparano recognizes that, too.

I hope he does. If he doesn't, we'll be back on this blog next year talking about whom the Dolphins should hire as their head coach.

dr. roberts, don't sweat it man. They wanted McNabb before that. I've tried to tell 'em, they don't wanna listen.

How much do u weight?

How much do u weight in 1980s picture still up on blog?

Is there a weight in for Dolphin reporters, cuz Mike Berardino really looks like he is hitting the pie, heavy.


1: No!
2: Maybe, but I wouldn't do it. They, however, are desperate.
3. Possible. Newton has huge possibilities but also huge possibilities to be a bust.

Nice chat
Pulitzer prize material


Cam Newton will not be a bust
Neither will Tim Tebow

Some fools
Have NO clue



Brown averaged 3.6 a carry this year. If he couldn't manage to rush for more then 16 yards on 11 carries in the final game when all he needed was something like 50 yards for a half a million dollars what makes you think he is a good resigning? Miami's failures are this whole offense and the talent assembled at skill positions.

QB - enough said, Henne is the starter.

RB - Brown slow and Ricky still has a burst but old.

WR - All possession receivers.

TE - Slow as a freaking mule.

Interior Offensive line - coached by Sparano for one and then all players that are versatile that have no true position but can play guard or center. They are called back ups on 31 other NFL teams.

CraigM, I think fans will rejoice when the Dolphins have a QB.

That is the biggest problem. It has been the biggest problem for a decade. And until the Dolphins find a very good QB, there is really no need to rejoice because there is really no chance of winning anything significant.

Even when they had a good-not-great QB, the Dolphins were good enough with Henning.

They cannot be any good with bad quarterbacking.


Henne can play, his problem WAS coaching, he may not be a superstar or a starter for the NFL, or HE MAY BE.

Brandon Marshall, was MAD @ coaches for the way they controlled him on the sidelines and they did not let him deviate from the progression they told him to go through.
(that leads to locking in on receivers, not moving your feet more and when you get to the sidelines, talking to coachess not players.

If he can play without the overcoaching he could be good, why am i the only one that can see this?

Thanks for the reply Armando,

The playing for FG's thing makes me crazy.

I believe the team wins several more games had Sparano had the notion to be an aggressive coach.

I hope you are right about Bill O'Brien.

With Sparano here the team could hardly do better than by adding Bill O'Brien.

Like you said, 'pretty good offense being run up there'.

Also thanks for having this forum.

Thank You MANDO! That's what me and the Mark from Toronto's of the world have been saying for MONTHS NOW!!! YEARS!!!

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