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Maybe the Dolphins way isn't the best way

BOSTON -- On my way home today but before I depart, I want to share with you my thoughts of the AFC Championship game as it relates to the Miami Dolphins.

Look, in 2008 the Dolphins were better than the Jets. They swept the Jets. They won the division ahead of the Jets. They went to the playoffs and the Jets didn't. The Dolphins were ahead.

Today they are behind.

Does anyone argue that?

The Jets are going to the AFC Championship games ... for the second consecutive year. And the Dolphins are out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

And that is why I write in my column today that maybe the Dolphins should rethink, adjust, consider changing the way they do business.

I list for you in the column the many differences in approach between the Dolphins and Jets. The Dolphins, for example, rarely want anything to do with veteran free agents over the age of 30ish. They want younger guys who will be around for a long time and grow into being Dolphins.

This despite the fact Miami's most successful free agent acquisition since Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland took over was a man over 30-years-old -- Chad Pennington, who had a near MVP season in 2008.

The Jets don't give a hoot about those limitations of age. They'll add LaDainian Tomlinson when everyone says he's too old.

The Dolphins also thought this year they were complete at WR after getting one very good one in Brandon Marshall. They believed themselves complete there. And they were wrong.

The Jets? They pile talent atop talent if they can. They had Braylon Edwards. Then they added Santonio Holmes. And they did it knowing that Holmes was about to serve a suspension and was a risk and was a guy coaches had to manage. They still got him and he has been their best WR this year.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said at his meeting with the media that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. No, it's not original by him, but it is worthy of attention.

The Dolphins have done it their way -- as I point out, in various avenues -- for three years. It's lately not working, folks.

They have to consider making changes and I'm not just talking about making additions or subtractions to the roster. I'm talking about how they make those additions or subtraction. How they think. How they approach it.

I'm not saying the Jets have the answers. I am not a fan of many, many, many things they do. I think their coach knows defense and teach it very, very well, but he is also a gasbag who is morally vacuous. The Jets have flaws.

But you cannot ignore the things they have done that have paid dividends. And, no matter how much your distaste for them colors your opinion,  you cannot ignore their results.


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F the Jets!

If we really want to become an exciting team to watch next year, a couple of key things will have to happen and some may not be realistic but here is the idea:

The Fins can build themselves to have an exciting Offense to watch like the 2008 Cardinals. Here are the comparisons:

2008 cardinals:
QB – Kurt Warner
RB – James, Hightower, Arrington
FB – Smith
WR – Fitzgerald
WR – Boldin
WR – Breaston
WR – Urban
WR – Doucet
TE – Pope
OT – Levi Brown
OG – Lutui
C- Ross
G- Wells
OT- Gandy

2011 Dolphins:
QB – who will be our “Kurt”
We need a veteran guy that knows how to win, first and foremost.
Orton, McNabb, any ideas???
RB – Ronnie Brown (better than James), Hilliard, fast draft pick
FB – Polite (better than Smith)
WR – Who will be out Fitz???
WR – Marshall (better than Boldin)
WR – Bess (Better than Breaston)
WR – Hartline (our Urban)
WR – Moore (Our Doucet)
TE – Fasano
OT – Long (Better than Brown)
OG – Incognito
C – need a new center
G – Jerry (on the rise)
OT – Carey

Along with the signing of a great Offensive coordinator that can implement a great plan to get our offensive fire power going, there’s no reason why we can’t become the 2011 version of the 2008 Cardinals, on Offense. Our Defense will be strong once again under Nolan!

Brad Childress is in line for a possibility to take the O Cordinator position, he coached the Eagles in a West Coast offense…. May-be a McNabb project is in the works but is McNabbers our “Kurt”???
There will not be another Fitz available (he’s a once a decade type player) but since we have Marshall who in my opinion is better than Boldin and we have Bess who is better than Breaston, Hartline maybe better than Urban (White receivers); getting someone close to a Fitz talent like Jackson from SD would balance out the receiving corps.
If we want to out-due the Cardinals talent, I say we get a Marshall Faulk type back in the draft, speed back to start with Ronnie and Lex backing up in goalline situations. And add a true receiving TE along with Fasano

This is the route and formula we have to take this offseason! Please don’t let us down Fins.


Well said Mando......

winning is an attitude and it starts with the coach & the QB.

Booooo Mando.... With good qb play this team was in the playoffs. Without good qb play this team is not in the playoffs... Simple as that. So what the Dolphins didn't trade for Santonio Holmes... It wouldn't matter. Chad Henne couldn't get him the ball if he was wide open anyway. Didn't the trifecta change they way they do business when they got Marshall? Wasn't that what you said this team needed? And what about the Patriots? Before yesterday's game you would have said that they were doing business the "right way". Now that they lost the Jets know the "right way". Stop playing the result.


Ok tell Miami fans something we don't know. The Dolphins way of doing things haven't worked ever. Bad ownership kills a team. Bad Front office management kills a team. Coaching kills a team. And at one time or another this has killed Miami in the last 20 years.

The Jets remind me a little bit of the Carolina Panthers of the mid-late 90's.

If you will recall -- shortly after being awarded the expansion franchise, Carolina embarked on a 'win now' path VERY different than the building-block approach used by most expansion franschises.

They did draft a young highly regarded QB (pre meltdown Kerry Collins) and supplemented that with a team of veteran defensive performers (Kevin Greene, Sam Mills etc). And it worked -- for a time.

After making it as far as the NFC championship game in 1996, the wheels started to fall off the Pantehrs however -- culminating in a 1-15 season and complete rebuilding in 2001.

The Jets will be good for a while -- but a lot of their key pieces are getting up there in years. When the floor gives out on them -- the fall will be fast

(...it is at this point that we highlight a second Carolina Panthers comparison...TWO years after finishing 1-15, they made it to the SUPER BOWL...a nice little frame of reference for the Dolphins fans to remember if St. Louis and Detroit are doing well next year while the Dolphins brass continue to 'build' with patience.)


Armando you're a traitor just like taylor...lol but seriously. The thing that frustrates me the most is if you look at Sanchez and Henne, they're almost mirror images of each other in that they are sporatic and unrealiable most of the time...the difference is mearly confidence and the pieces around Sanchez that give him that confidence. Sanchez can play to win, Henne is forced to play not to lose. For all the Henne haters out there. And the JETS will get pounced on this weekend and they will be one of the other 30 teams in the league, including the Dolphins trying to figure out what they can do to improve.

But if for some reason they win, Sanchez will be credited with beating Manning, Brady, and Rothlesberger 3 weeks straight...all super bowl winning QBs...rex will never shut up now.

Playoff stats Matt Hasselbeck, Sea 48 com 81 att 59.3 % 530 yd 6.54 7td 1 int 102.4 Rat.. Ill take him over McNabb.. Chilly didn't call plays in Phily for McNabb A.Reid did and always has..Favre kept changing plays up there and showing no respect to the guy..I hate the list we have so far..It is again a cover your own A** list.. Bring in the guy who agrees with me type of list.. I want Tom Clements GB Qb Coach... Just go back and look what he has done ...

The victory by the Jets has me very depressed this morning. Two consecutive seasons in the Championship game while the Dolphins have become irrelevant! And after watching the circus that transpired at the end of the season I have no hope things will improve in 2011! Does Mando or anyone see any reason to be optimistic about the state of the Dolphins franchise?


Only one flaw in your plan, the Cardinals, like the seahawks play in the S&*^ iest division in the league which is why they made the playoffs...the dolphins have to get past the pats, jets, and more than likely the bills who are getting better. I Agree with the Mando philosophy that we're about 4-5 starters away, but when you throw in special teams play it's more like 5-10 players away. Which for all you the dolphins ship is sinking haters...can happen in a year or two.

It will be interesting to see how Ireland and Sparano draft without Parcells calling the shots. Thats what most Phins fans fail to realize when they call for Sparano or Irelands head, Parcells made all the picks. Do you really think Ireland or Sparano had a say in who the Dolphins drafted? Hell no. Parcells has too big of an ego to not make the picks himself.

Free agency? Yep, Parcells made those choices to. Thats why we passed on some that we should have jumped on. Hopefully Ireland and Sparano will make some bold moves and not be dumb enough to take a Pat White. We will see.

The Jets got better in three years and we got worse. What did they do that we did not? They got a young quarterback, coached him right, gave him the right plays, built up his confidence and he worked out. Dolphins got a young quarterback, didn't coach him well, gave him the wrong plays and destroyed his confidence and now are talking about getting somebody else, while they all share in their missery. Why do thay keep the people responsible for this costly fiasco? That's the main problem, and they have not fixed it. Yes, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results." It seems Ross and the Miami Dolphins management are suffering from insanity.

Wish the Pats had won yesterday...but with all the draft picks they have lined up and the right people picking players they will be scary good in the next 2-3 years. Wouldn't be surprised to see them role off 2 championships in a row over the next 3 year span...hey the Pats Offense looks pretty creative...why haven't we talked to their Coaches about the southbeach opening...just saying.

Hate to say it but I see a 4 and 12 record next year with the fist pumper getting the Ax during the bye week..., Sad..

I just hope whatever we do works.

This is a very tough off season for any team let alone the Dolphins.

All of this CBA stuff getting in the mix doesn't help.

If you track the patriots they also will sign a lot of free agents. After a good year they will then trade these free agents for draft choices.They constantly will have a good mix of free agents and rookies.Without the high number of season ending injuries, the dolphins would have been right ther where the jets are now.A good OC and a QB coach will boost the offense

I hate the Jets but I'd rather see them win yesterday than the Pats. I hate the Steelers as well and I can't see them in another Super Bowl so I'll want the jets to win again. Perfect scenario is to see the jets in Super Bowl and lose. Give them a taste of something they can never have and to boot a very late round draft pick for their failure.( 31st)


IT'S never TOO LATE..

Ross should reconsider and bring in COWHER. Let COWHER bring in all HIS staffing needs and let COWHER make all the decisions.

It IS time for a complete change. Wipe out the minds that got and continues to keep us in this stagnent mess like Ireland, Sparano and his staff and start fresh.

I'll take fresh vs what I and everyone else has endured for years and years of more of the same.

The only time you noticed Damien Woody was put on IR was after a false start by his replacement. Jets/Pats have far superior rosters. Miami still has very little top notch talent & no depth other than DL. For what it's worth I don't wan't Hasselbeck or McNabb. It's early, but right now I'm leaning toward Julio Jones or Mark Ingram for the 1st pick unless a quality prospect QB falls to 15 which won't happen.

Until the Dolphins find someone to replace Chad Henne, they will never be as good as the Jets or Pats. I agree the Dolphins front office has to make some changes with the way they approach free agency and the draft. Still, if the Dolphins had a consistently good quarterback this season, they would have made the playoffs and no one would be criticizing Tony Sparano or Jeff Ireland for the way they do things. Priority #1 for the Dolphins has to be finding a quality quarterback. Whether it's through the draft or free agency, the Dolphins will not progress as a team until the quarterback position is solidified.

I'm sorry but this article is bulls**t. Plain and simple BS. All week we've been told, by many reporters including Armando that the Pats are the model to follow. 'Tom Brady is a gift from God", "The Patriots have 6 picks in the top three rounds and are probably already super bowl bound", "Bill Belichick is a genius and knows how to build a team right", blah, blah, blah, BLAH!

Now the Jets win and their way is right, and Miami is stupid for doing it their way? Guess what ridiculously clueless dummies, the Dolphins and Patriots have the same policies when it comes to conducting yourself as an organization. Except for the fact that they win, everything else is the same. Media relations, player rules, everything. Ridiculous article.

'OHHH NOOOOOO we're doomed because no one can ever beat the Patriots'!!! Waaaahhhhhh.

No current OC will want to come down here for 1 year........

pretty sure we split with the jets in 08'

Yes, I will argue it. Miami didn't sweep the Jets in 2008.

Why would any OC candidate come down here, given what the juvenile press and juvenile fans did to Henning? You don't know it, but this place is not normal.

And further more, just because the Jets win being classless, trash talking, a-holes doesn't mean it's "right". Because is that really what fathers are teaching their sons all over the country?

"Hey little Mikey, make sure this week at school you make fun of the opposing qb all week. Really lay into him good while questioning his manhood. And tell your other teammates to threaten a players career by saying his days are numbered. Make sure you start the fight and then when they stand up for themselves play the poor me role. Act as if what they say back comes out of the blue and you're so offended. Because little Mikey you did just what dad said this year and that's great. You petitioned the coach to get two WRs that are criminals (but it doesn't matter because they're good) and you're team sexually harassed the little girl who runs the school newspaper (I'm particularly proud of that moment Mikey). You also created such a disrespectful atmosphere that one of your coaches tripped an opposing player almost ending his career but probably ending his own (good job!). Mikey,,,so many more classless things you have done and not enough time to state them all but you know what, you won and that's all that matters, and daddy's proud."

Yeah, the Dolphins should consider becoming classless a-holes because Armando is insinuating it may be the only way for this team to win? Are you f***ing kidding me with this crap?

It's not even a fair comparison. The Pats are building for long term success. Miami's way is the right way for long term success.

The problem is, we don't have the right people to get it done or they are proving they can't get the job done. Our philosophy as an organization & how this team is built is Jurassic.

The Jets are in win now mode. They are aging & have far too many FA's to retain them all & compete next season. FYI, getting to the Championship game or even the Superbowl & losing is not a consolation. In Sports, there are no prizes for 2nd place.

Jets coaching staff is clearly ahead of Dolphins, especially Brian S. at OC versus Dan Henning. I would say that Sanchez is MARGINALLY superior to Henne, but he is not put in a position to make as many mistakes because they use their running game intelligently and they have speed receivers who can get open deep. The Dolphins need interior OL badly, they need at least one speed WR who can catch the ball consistently and they need another offensive playmaker type (whether that be TE, WR or RB) Fasano is a nice complement but teams don't game plan for him. Cotchery is only OK, but he can get deep and win a few battles. Edwards is very inconsistent but he can beat you deep, sop teams have to game plan for him. Santonio is equal to Marshall (or close) but their games are different. The Dolphins SPLIT with the NYJ this year! We are not that far behind the Jets Aramndo....Despite the loss yesterday, the Patriots still should scare the Dolphins more long term.

Andrew come down off the ledge. There was a long time when the Dolphins were in the hunt EVERY year while the Jets wallowed in mediocrity. The NFL like every other sport is cyclical, teams are up and teams are down, then the up teams get worse and the down teams get better. Unfortunately no one told the Pats and Browns this but they're the exception. Dolphins have been in a down time but are building up. Starting 3 years ago is when they actually started rebuilding so it won't be long if they make the right moves. Parcells is gone so have faith that the Phins are going to stop trying to rebuild the 80s Giants now and concentrate on building the new Dolphins.

Sadly, this off-season should have been spent upgrading the coach & Gm & begin going in a different direction.

Instead we opt to waste another off-season heading in what many would consider to be "the wrong direction" thus further delaying our return to playoff contention

Spot on Mandy...Well, except for the part about Ryan being morally vacuous. Who's morals, and who are you to judge? Leave church at church.

That's right. We split w/ the Jets in '08 but SWEPT them last year ('09). With the split this year, the Dolphins are 4-2 against the Jets the past 3 seasons. But in the end, they still can't get the sh... together.

There's a lot of hot air on this blog. For everything said, the facts are the facts. The Jets have had 1 losing season in the last 5 seasons. In that time, the Dolphins had 1 WINNING season. The Jets have gone to the AFC Championship game the past 2 years since Ryan has been Coach. The Dolphins are still trying to win 1 Playoff game this decade.

This "long-term" success strategy is a joke. The goal of each and every season is WIN A SUPERBOWL. Then, next season, it starts all over again. The Jets are doing what needs to be done to reach that goal (namely, everything and anything that can bring them 1 step closer).

Miami, we're just trying to get our Coach and GM into the same room to make nice. We have a oline position coach as HC, and our oline is the joke of the NFL.

And yet some people here feel they can criticize another team. Well, not me. I'm keeping my mouth shut, 'cause, I know my team won't back up all that hot air. My team is 7-9. My team won ONE game on their own turf (do you know, if they were a gang, they'd be the laughingstock of the gang world). My team has a QB who's scared of his shadow and won't under any circumstances overrule a coach's order, even though the coaches don't play in the games.

So, I'm gonna worry about that. You gotta crawl before you walk. I just want to see a QB with more TDs than INTs, that's first. Then a team that can win at home. Then maybe I'll start thinking about making the Playoffs.

But being a better team that the 2 teams who've dominated this division ALL decade. No thanks, that's not a conversation I'm ready to have right now considering the state of affairs with my franchise.

LOL @ Marc, You judging someone judging someone about Morals... I think I just had a Aneurysm....

Last thing. Perfect sign you're meaningless is when you keep looking around for some OTHER franchise to emulate. When you can't just do it YOUR way, instead, you try to be someone ELSE, that's a glaring sign that you don't even respect yourself, so why should anyone respect you?

tony sparano isn't an nfl head coach. he is a motivator and a cheerleader on game day. he has trouble on gameplanning in advance then struggles with game day adjustments,clock management, timeouts,playcalling etc. ireland steps over 1st tier talent to look for"acorns"? it'll be pats or jets till we change our coaching/talent evaluations. unfortunately our owner is now involved but clueless. the man he wanted to fire got an extension?????

The Dolphins haven't been to a Super Bowl in 25 years and haven't won one in 35 years.

And now, all of a sudden you're thinking maybe the Dolphins haven't exactly figured it all out?

Yeah and all of the screaming that people do about Henne not looking off receivers? I watched the game last night and Sanchez hardly ever went through any progressions. They had set plays that were supposed to get one guy open on a timing route and Sanchez just through the ball to a spot.

The TD to LT? Sanchez knew he was throwing to him and never took his eyes off. The play was designed to get that guy open, and he did get open. The Holmes grab? I've seen Henne throw balls like that, and then I've seen Hartline and Marshall barely move to catch the ball. Friggin Holmes jumped,twisted,shimmied, you name it, he did it and caught the ball.

I'm not saying Henne is Marino. I'm saying Sanchez IS NOT better than Henne because of skill set. He's better because his offensive coordinator isn't a 67 year old pu**y and his coach has actually taught him to play with ballz. Two things Henne doesn't have the benefit of on this team. Nor does he have receivers that do extraordinary things to get TDS. How about the 10 yard pass that turned into a 65 yarder? When do our receivers do that?

Ahhh but yes, lets blame all of the offensive problems on Henne. I'll tell you this, if they don't get serious help at the o-line, TE, RB, and 2nd WR spot, NO QB that comes in here, vet or rookie will succeed. And that's a fact.

DC, long term success is what we should all hope for. The Pats are built & have picks to keep building. It's hard to argue their success, 3 Superbowls. Right?

Now they just need more experience. The Jets, regardless of their record this decade, have been mediocre. They have 0 Superbowls. They're selling the farm for this season.

How can you or Armando say they are doing it better? 1/3 of the team will likely be turned over next year. They will be an afterthought just as they had been.

What the Jets have done the last 2 seasons with their acquisitions reminds me of what Shula tried to do in 95 with Eric Green, Gene Atkins, Michael Stewart etc...it didn't work.

Mando, I agree with you and appreciate the fact that for the first time in memory, you did not take a shot at Mr. Ross and actually quoted him saying something you agree with, as you have gone overboard in your critic of him. However, your shot at Jets HC for his morals was uncalled for. Let's focus on sports...

Armando, you are right. In the new era of free agency teams can better themselves quickly. This business of drafting and waiting for players to develop is archaic. The future is now. Wise selection of free agents is the way to go.

Another fact Denny is Sanchez flew his receivers to California to practice to him. Actually, a bunch of QBs do that. It improves the bonding necessary to get on the same page.

But you know who DOESN'T do that? Chad Henne. You know who DOESN'T stand with his teammates to discuss problems in games...CHAD HENNE! You know who's just the coaches little pet robot, and has absolutely NO leadership on the team OR the respect of his teammates? CHAD HENNE.

That's why Santonio Holmes twists and turns and makes an effort, he is on the same page as his QB. That hasn't happened with your boy wonder. I wonder why?

marc, we are trying to have a society. So to answer your question, society is the judge of that stuff. Meaning the majority of people choose to live a certain way and either you step in line or you get left behind. Meaning if you don't step in line in any society you will be subjected to whatever penalties or punishments that society chooses to dish out. No one person makes the rules, the majority does. People who don't follow end up in jail or living miserable lives because they can not conform even in the slightest way.

Ryans morals are vacuous because he doesn't follow societies rules. That's all Mando was pointing out. He wasn't trying to be the judge, he was only expounding on the rules of society.

That morally vacuous gasbag has the Jets going to back to back championship games! Did I miss something but when did football, which is just a game right, become so morally rightous? Lets not forget the Dolphins are the same franchise that hung there head coach out to dry when the season ended if you really want to talk about morality and lack of intelligence.

Guys, stop hating so much on the Jets. Their coach, personnel dept., and owner did something this last off season that these morons in Miami failed to do. Piled up on talent. When you have talent on your team, you can be as crafty as you like and it will work. When you're limited in talent, then you have to play not to loose like Miami did. The sad thing is-look how our off season has begun, already, with this Ross fiasco. What can we realistically expect?

Joe, first, never said the Jets way is better than the Pats. Only said the Jets are better than us at reaching the goal of any season, get to the SuperBowl. But, until this catastrophic demise you all predict happens, it's easy to prove how the Jets are doing it better. Last 2 years, they made the Playoffs. Last 2 years, we haven't. I heard people say last season, "Jets are putting all their eggs in this season's basket, next season they'll be done." Didn't happen. You say this is the last season, we'll see, but don't take offense if I don't believe you. I think the Jets will be a force next year just like this. Why? They have a system. Who cares what FAs come and go. They'll get guys to fit their system and their system wins games. Easy as that.

We get guys to do I don't know what, and year after year we realize we have a few more pieces to add. Then, when we FINALLY add some pieces, we realize that other pieces fell out or weren't as competitive as we thought, and we tinker some more. The fact that we have no system, and the way the NFL works today (with free agency), we'll NEVER have any long-term success, unless we get another Marino.

But, if you haven't won a Playoff game in over a decade, then you should think smaller. Think about winning a Playoff game, then 2, then maybe a SuperBowl, before creating a juggernaut.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Denny I will bring myself back from the ledge, but all this team has given us the past decade is one division title with a first round playoff exit. After the 2008 season I had hoped we were headed in the right direction, but the last two seasons have squashed that hope. As a Dolphins fan living in NY these are dark times. While the Jets have always given Miami trouble the Dolphins were always the superior franchsie, now that is no longer true. Now Dolphins fans have to sit on the sidleines and watch a classless Jets organization be on the brink of playing in the Superbowl and I just don't see how the curent management team will turn this thing around. In the end I hope your optimism proves correct, because I would like to be proud of this team again!

Tired, 4 and 12............

This is how the Jets are built. 17 expiring contracts or 32% of the team are FA's. I honestly can't see how anyone would want this approach. I'd rather build for long term success, rather than have a 1 year window & back to no mans land. Everyone of those guys, except the 2 QB's, are starters or significant contributors.

B. Smith
W. Hunter
R. Turner
E. Smith

DC you are amazing with one thing and I give you all of the credit in the world. You actually are the best when it comes to putting words in peoples mouths and misinterpreting their posts. Henne is my "boy wonder" because I choose to believe that every problem this team has doesn't revolve around the QB position? Hey man, let me know when you take your head out of the sand because I would like to know how the team is going to be fixed by simply bringing in a new qb.

Now if you've actually read my posts you would know I've been calling for a new qb since week 12. But while I've been doing that I've been cautioning people that it is not going to fix all of our problems.

Henne is not the answer, but get him Holmes on the outside, Keller at TE, A TOP 3 Running game, a pro bowl o-line, a good OC, AND a coach with ballz. Is anyone going to tell me he has the same record with all of those things in place or are you going to be more able to believe he would have stats more similar to Sanchez? That's all I'm ever saying. I don't know how you're taking it that I think Henne is the answer, you need to read the posts more clearly or stop using mine to make your point in another argument.

By the way Marshall was injured through out the entire offseason and Hartline and Bess were around camp, strength training 20 feet away from Henne. I'm pretty sure they were throwing the ball around. The Jets don't get the offseason attendance in their program that the Dolphins do. Their players are training on their own all over the country therefore the need for Snachez to "fly his receivers in to California".

But keep glorifying a JETS F***ING QB ON A DOLPHINS FU***NG BLOG! I love reading about how great the f***ing Jets are on a f***ing Dolphins blog!!!!!

DC, I prefer the building mode like the Pats have done & what Miami has attempted. We still suck, not because of the model we have, but because of the people running the show. They have been unable to bring in the right mix of players. Plain & simple. This is why Sparano & Ireland needed to get out of Miami.

The Pats, Ravens, Steelers etc are always in the title mix and they are almost NEVER a player in FA or trades . Why? They know what they're doing, we don't.

We didn't sweep them in 2008 either.


He's not talking about emulating the Jets behavioral ways. He's talking about their willingness to give the right older vets a chance and take a risk on the riskier behaved guys once in a while. He clearly stated that he did not agree with the behavior of their coach except for his defensive coaching knowledge. I guess most of the guys on this blog failed reading comprehension.

"Guys, stop hating so much on the Jets"

Whhhhaaatttttt? WTF?! What in the hell is going on in here today? Is this the Dolphins blog or a tea party for the stinking Jets? Yes lets stop hating the Jets, our most hated and obvious rival in all of football. Lets praise their excellence and award their passion. Let us suckle at Ryans big fat teet while we extol the advantages of doing it the Jet way.

Get the f**k out of here with that crap. What a bunch of p**sy BS I'm reading in here today. This talk is for women not men! Sack up!

Mando- every year the Fins do not make it, you take a team that is winning and talk about how far away the Fins are to that team. Give it rest and find new material.

The Jets are built for the short haul. This team will disintegrate quickly. I'd much rather build the way the Fins are doing it. Also, if I have the choice between missing the playoffs and rooting for guys like Cromartie and B. Edwards, I can live with losing.

I know there is a defeatist attitude on here, alot of it comes from Armando and his sky is falling mentality, and the mob mentality that everything sucks, but the bottom line is the Dolphins are not that far away. There is a top 10 defense in place. Excellent kicking game, and some good parts on offense (long, marshall, bess, ronnie).

There is no doubt a need for better coverage on special teams, a speedy playmaker on offense (either a change of pace back to compliment brown or a WR faster than Hartline), and improved play on the interior of the O-Line. And of course improved play by Henne, which very well may happen. Thats no alot. Its not ridiculous to think that could come together next year

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