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Maybe the Dolphins way isn't the best way

BOSTON -- On my way home today but before I depart, I want to share with you my thoughts of the AFC Championship game as it relates to the Miami Dolphins.

Look, in 2008 the Dolphins were better than the Jets. They swept the Jets. They won the division ahead of the Jets. They went to the playoffs and the Jets didn't. The Dolphins were ahead.

Today they are behind.

Does anyone argue that?

The Jets are going to the AFC Championship games ... for the second consecutive year. And the Dolphins are out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

And that is why I write in my column today that maybe the Dolphins should rethink, adjust, consider changing the way they do business.

I list for you in the column the many differences in approach between the Dolphins and Jets. The Dolphins, for example, rarely want anything to do with veteran free agents over the age of 30ish. They want younger guys who will be around for a long time and grow into being Dolphins.

This despite the fact Miami's most successful free agent acquisition since Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland took over was a man over 30-years-old -- Chad Pennington, who had a near MVP season in 2008.

The Jets don't give a hoot about those limitations of age. They'll add LaDainian Tomlinson when everyone says he's too old.

The Dolphins also thought this year they were complete at WR after getting one very good one in Brandon Marshall. They believed themselves complete there. And they were wrong.

The Jets? They pile talent atop talent if they can. They had Braylon Edwards. Then they added Santonio Holmes. And they did it knowing that Holmes was about to serve a suspension and was a risk and was a guy coaches had to manage. They still got him and he has been their best WR this year.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said at his meeting with the media that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. No, it's not original by him, but it is worthy of attention.

The Dolphins have done it their way -- as I point out, in various avenues -- for three years. It's lately not working, folks.

They have to consider making changes and I'm not just talking about making additions or subtractions to the roster. I'm talking about how they make those additions or subtraction. How they think. How they approach it.

I'm not saying the Jets have the answers. I am not a fan of many, many, many things they do. I think their coach knows defense and teach it very, very well, but he is also a gasbag who is morally vacuous. The Jets have flaws.

But you cannot ignore the things they have done that have paid dividends. And, no matter how much your distaste for them colors your opinion,  you cannot ignore their results.


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"Joe and others said they want long-term success on Miami. But, in year 3, the Dolphins oline regressed, NOT improved."

Correct. This is why I have clearly stated that the people in charge of operations need to change, not the model. We should be ahead of where we are now. That's not the models fault, it's Ireland & Sparano's fault.

I have said it & will continue to say it, this team will not get to the next level with these people running the show. They have built a squad that is Jurassic. They are not built to win today. They are built to win in the 80's.

Find the right men to get the job done for today's game. Not the game of yester-year


the Blame can be spread quite evenly across the board
we dont throw well
we dont catch well
we dont block well
we dont cover well
And if we dont watch ourselves, Brown will be sportin New England blue next year.
Billy loves him some Dolphins aka Welker
We have a lot of work to do, and it starts with coaching.


That's funny ALoco (about me calling Henne overrated if he went 16-0).

Greg z., kris and others can attest to the fact I was DEFENDING Henne as late as mid-season (when we were 4-4). I didn't turn on Henne until he proved he was a joke. And still, I'm not as hard on him as others. I think since he WILL be on the team in the near future, he should get all the help he can improving. Unless you think Henne is fine as he is, then you probably think the same thing.

So, I'm willing to give Henne a chance. But when he BLOWS that chance, I'm not willing to keep making excuses for him.

"During his NFL coaching career, which includes a stint as the Cleveland Browns’ offensive coordinator, Chudzinski has run a pro style offense that leans heavily on it’s rushing attack and tight ends. During his coaching career he’s served as a mentor to Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow Jr., and Antonio Gates."

So there it is and if you read between the lines it sounds as if Sparano is completely ignoring the request of his boss to make the offense more explosive. Unless we are to believe that Tony AND Chud are both going to change their philosophies we have to assume the offense will revolve around a "strong" (bwahahahahaha) rushing attack and good TE play (again,,,,,bwahahahahahaha!)

DC...you have said alot of stuff on here I agree with and that in my opinion makes alot of sense.....

But the post of the blog has got go to "messenger" when he posted

"maybe the dolphins way isn't the best way MAYBE? MAYBE"?

posted by: shoot the messenger

Outstanding and to the point


LOL@Incompatance 101...That's funny.

I hope I'm wrong(I usually am) But I still think it is 50/50 that Henne will be the starter next year. If you look at all of the circumstances. Henne may just by default be the starter. I don't think any of the first round guys will be ready to go week 1(that is if we even draft a qb. round 1) We can try and make a trade. But there are absolutley no guarantees that can find a quarterback via this route. Free agency is the next option. But these free agents don't really bring a feeling of "This guy is head and shoulders better then Henne.Playoffs here we come" Also add up all of the teams that will be in the same looking for a quarterback pool. And again no guarantees. I'm not saying that the team won't do all it can to find someone. But the options at this moment aren't great. I'm just stating the facts.


September 15, 2011 - Miami Dolphins release 2011 2nd rounder Jarvis Jenkins and sign free agent WR Sam Hurd (Cowboys)

September 16, 2011 - New York Jets sign former 2011 2nd round draft pick Jarvis Jenkins.

September 22, 2011 - Miami Dolphins release ILB AJ Edds and sign undrafted rookie free agent ILB Derek Domino from South Dakota State.

September 25, 2011 - Miami places back up Center, Orlando Franklin on IR.

September 26, 2011 - Miami sign Guard Montrae Holland formerly of Dallas Cowboys.

DC ,



Henne going 16 and 0 ???? What alternate(Parallel) universe are you in Lil Aloco??? LMAOROTF..

Denny....good detective work....where did you get that......

I personnaly hope Sporano does ignore him....the sooner he seals his fate the better for this team....i'm still hoping he decides he was disrespected for far to long and quits in indignation......won't happen....but I can dream

someone wrote "Maybe the Dolphins way isn't the best way. MAYBE? MAYBE?"

And this is driving me crazy because what the writer and some posters aren't grasping is that the Dolphins way, is THE PATRIOTS WAY. The two organizations conduct themselves in almost exact fashion. Yet all week we were told how right the Patriots are and how superior they are to us in every way.

So one would think, from reading all of the reporters and posters opinions, that if you keep following the Patriots model you will have success. But now we're being told that maybe we should change everything and do it like the Jets? This is what I have a problem with.


October 1, 2011 - Miami places DE Jared Odrick on PUP list and sign practice squad player Clifton Geathers.

October 8, 2011 - Miami releases FS Chris Clemons and signs Free Safety Pat Watkins.

October 27, 2011 - Miami releases Guard John Jerry.

October 28, 2011 - Miami trades a conditional 5th round pick to the Dallas Cowboys for guard Kyle Kosier.

Cuban..What up??
Trying to build a hockey pond today, but it is warm 35... Other then that a little tele skiing. and maybe plotting my next bet with The Menace come draft day.......

Denny, I think it's safe to assume Sparano won't change much, if anything. This offense, conservative coaching & game philosophy is all he knows. Ross is asking him to be something he's not. He should have replaced him instead of seeking stability.

Stability for the sake of stability is ignorant. You have to see some results to continue down a path. The team is regressing & every aspect of the team & coaching is replaced every off-season.

What has Ross seen exactly to have confidence in these guys?

Incompetance...you have got to be Martin....only he can make me laugh as hard from behind a computer screen as this.......

and maybe in saying that I can get the famous Soiled Bottom to drop a line of two

Easy there tiger. I'm giving Henne another year to be the backup. If there's a warm body competing against him, Tony Sparano will do anything possible to make sure he wins the competition.

And, Henne needs to win me back over if he wants my respect. He needs to do some of the things I said he could during the offseason (regardless of the CBA) to prove he's listening to people and trying to make himself better before I stop criticizing him.

kris it was a little blurb in another blog. It just struck me as funny. I can't believe how much power Ross has given up to his coach simply by not having the ballz to fire him. Tony can do what he wants now, if Ross doesn't like it he can fire him and Tony still gets paid. And if he doesn't get fired he keeps plugging away with field goals and the scared mouse mentality. Either way Tony wins, the team loses, the fans lose, and the owner loses big. Not that I care about him because it's all his fault to begin with but the point is the same.

And I too hope for the same change, sooner than later.


November 1, 2011 - Miami fires Head Coach Tony Sparano and promote Todd Bowles (new clause in the Rooney rule).

November 19, 2011 - Miami places Jared Ordrick on IR for the remainder of the season.

November 29, 2011 - Miami releases 5th round draft pick QB Tyrod Taylor (Va Tech) and signs QB Chris Redman.

November 30, 2011 - New York Jets sign former Miami QB Tyrod Taylor.

JT must be loving his life in NY right now......13 seasons and zero to show for it in miami except a hasty exit to NY...and now in one year he has a chance, a legitimate one to reach a SB....in a way im happy for him becuase he really doesnt have much left in his career, but at the same time it makes sick to watch him have that chance with the WETS..

First there's no right way or wrong way to build a team to go to the Superbowl...if that was true, every team would copy it and wouldn't that be interesting? The Dolphins had one of the greatest QB's to play the game...did that help? A QB can only do so much...he has to have players that can help him on both the offense and defense. Sadly I see too much wrong still with the O-line, and I wouldn't be shocked to see the Dolphins use at least two picks for a RT and a guard/center.

LOL At Darryl, Look forward to it...Also look forward to the upcoming championship games, Hate the AFC teams(Jets, well cause there the jets)(Pitts, cause they have a rapist for a QB) Love the Bears cause I gotta a lot of family members there, and Green Bay????, Will dont really care .... another word, I'll bee rooting for the NFC this year.....

I don't know Joe, seems like a lost cause at this point. I'm really happy I'm a hockey fan because the winters would suck for the next couple of years without it!

Denny....I think what your missing is its not the model.....its who's implementing the model....who's making the decisions.....I'm not even sure I agree with that the have/run the patriots model......we surely don't the patriots style off offense....and we don't have the patriots killer instinct....so the model in my opinion is deeper than saying "were building through the draft"...if thats what you were implying....maybe i mis-understood

Fishypete, GRRRRRRREEAT point. That is something no one takes into consideration when saying all we need is a qb. We had one, one of the best ever, and it got us nowhere. Great point. All though at least we were in the discussion every year. At this point I guess I would take that over irrelevance.


December 5, 2011 - Miami Dolphins place Brandon Marshall on PUP list (thigh bruise).

December 13, 2011 - Miami Dolphins release DE Clifton Geathers and sign CB Alphonso Roundtree from practice squad.

December 24, 2011 - Miami fire Defensive Cordinator Mike Nolan and hire former Miami Hurricans Head Coach Randy Shannon for same position.


Armando, Armando, Armando. My dear Armando.

Morally vacuous? Just cant help yourself when it comes to being a morality Nazi can you? LOL, SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS is a sin too you know!

The Fins being better than Jets in 08 is extremely arguable. Jets had a much better base to build around and we had a much better 2008 schedule.

Jets dumped Pennington and picked up Farve in 2008, Farve's arm fell apart the 2nd half of that season. We picked up Pennington and Pennington's arm fell apart the 1st half of the 2008 season(game 3).

Only one move the Jets made worth giving pseudo props too, the trade up to get SanchezYoung qb of the future).
We could have had Matt Ryan and passed for Jake Long. Then settled for Henne 2nd rd. Im beginning to think that move was based more on dollars and cents rather than common sense.

1st overall qb's clearly make more than 1st overall LT's, even when you throw in a 2nd rd qb. So clearly it can be looked at more as a move of dollars and cents over the under utilized common sense.

Other than the Jets double mortgaged the future and if they dont win the SB now it will have been a failure. So, Armando, the jury's still out on the Jets moves overall. So lets wait until the verdict's in before forcasting what the out truly maybe. Anything less than a SB win and the Jets still lose.

No kris, I was commenting more on how they conduct themselves as a team. You know the quiet strong approach prove it on the field mentality instead of the s**t talking show your opponents no respect attitude the Jets have.

I mean sure go ahead and sign some older players if that's what everyone is talking about but I never want my team to act like a bunch of thugs from the hood. Never want that.

If Ross really wanted a change in the philosophy concerning the offense. Why did he retain Sparano this year? Ross had his chance. What I think is going on with Ross is just a little saber rattling to get the public on his side. Tough talk. The reality is that Sparano recieved a stay of execution for 1 year. He could go out and hire a coordinator that has a completley different philosophy then Sparanos. But Sparano does not have the time. In this year, if the tide does not change. Sparano is out to sea. It will be IMPOSSIBLE with no practice time, and perhaps a shortened training camp to install a brand new offense.If Sparano believes that his extension really extends past next season. Then yeah, go for it. Turn this Mutha out! But it it doesn't. Sparano was given this year, of all years to get it right. It makes no sense at all if Tony wants to keep his job to try and completely tweek the offense. Not going to happen.


On January 2, 2012 Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross sells team to city of Los Angelos.

The Los Angelos Earthquakes name Art Shell Head Coach.

Amen to that denny,

This whole fiasco is going to blow right up in Ross's face when tony pulls the bill parcells walk out with my money deal after we continue to struggle next year....and then ross will have no choice but to pay out huge sums of $$$$ for another coach becuase we all know when they see sh#t like that go down after this season, it'll be hard times convincing someone to WANT to coach here other than providing them finaincial support and power of decisions over personal....

Triflucka has struck YET AGAIN!!!!This time with ross being the scapegoat)

And yeah I definitely realize the differences in who is running things and why every model doesn't work because of varying differences within the organization. I wasn't ignoring that fact, we actually touched on it a bit earlier.

AHHHHH Breed, our Mentor in G.O.D(Gang of defeat) Thank the lord your here..

Denny....now I see your point more clearly....

if Chudz becomes the O coordinator, his help may be more beneficial on Defense.

If he is as good with TE's as everyone says, maybe he can help us figure out a way to finally cover them.

superphin, this may be the best thing that could happen in the end. And lets think about it. If people really want Cowher he's going to be holding all of the cards. Ross will HAVE to hire a big name if this is a failure like so many of us forecast. Cowher will be the biggest and best choice available for selling tickets. Cowher will demand full control over all football ops and Ross will have to cave. Sparano will be out, Irleand will be gone, and Cowher will have a very good 3-4 defense coming into their prime. He will hopefully have a bunch of young offensive players to mold from this upcoming draft.

Could be what we all want. (well those of us who know Sparanos days are numbered)


Sparano didnt get a guaranteed money contract. He cant get frustrated, walk away and still get paid. As a hc you only still get paid if you're fired.

Guy's Steven (Hollywood)Ross says he has a Vision, Unfortunately the guy needs to visit a optometrist....Glasses are needed..

OC NEWS IS ALL I WANT TO HEAR??? till then everythbing else is on standbye

"If he is as good with TE's as everyone says, maybe he can help us figure out a way to finally cover them."


You guys are soooooooo DUMB. I know everything! I will be playing golf, enjoying life with my family and going to Dolphins games while you sucky out of town people freeze in the Northeast.

Miami's way works. You have to be patient. This is a 6 and a half year plan they have. I know because I know more then anyone.

Dying thanks. I never looked into the contract but that's good to know. But he still holds all of the cards. He can just piss of Ross enough that Ross fires him, or doesn't fire him and he continues Miami down the running path to mediocrity.

woops, dying wasn't talking to me, my bad, I'm such a narcissist.

Sparano/Ireland = The Peter Principle

DB = Aloco

Menace = Doosh


There's an easy solution to covering TE's. Get a ss better in coverage than Yeremiah Bell. Bell is horrible in coverage, time to move on. Hopefully Reshad Jones gets a shot at the position in 2011.

Bell is an above avg run supporter, that's about it. We also need a more "Instinctive" fs than Chris Clemmons too. The best thing I can say about Clemmons is he's better than Gebril Wilson. The worst I can say is he's better than Wilson. LOL........


If we end up 7-9 again next year with similiar results, I cant see how ross keeps him around for his whole extension...it was a mistake to give hime one in the first place...this was done out of pure guilt by ross and ireland for meeting with harbuagh in Cali...thats all, if it was truly about beleiving in sparano as a HC , They wouldve made that decision before the NE game even was played......

No way they wouldve done that to gruden or cohwer if they were here coaching...this was total desperation out of ross's part to not look like an IDIOT....too late!!!!

the people who say a couple of bounces here or there or if we didnt get robbed against pitt we would be a playoff team get over it theres another side to that argument too, there were alot of close games we won that we easily could have lost with a bounce here or there we are not close to being a great team and we gave an extension to a horrible head coach that doesnt even know when to use timeouts lets just deal with it

Above average, that's it? Any SS who leads the team in tackles for 3 years is more than "above average".

sickend. did we win a game that WASN'T close? I know we lost several that weren't.




Breed, at least I'm not alone on Clemmons.

The Jets defeated the Patriots yesterday but that doesn't mean they're a better team. The Dolphins defeated the Jets a month ago and that doesn't mean we're better either. Would we like to be like the Jets or like the Patriots? The Patriots have been more consistent, more solid and more successful (4 super bowl appearances in the last 10 years). There are no "silver bullets" to become a champion in the NFL, but all teams that have made it have one thing in common, and that is character. We need players with character, regardless of their age. Some teams like the Patriots have developed a culture of character, where players either adhere to it or they don't belong (Randy Moss). We need talented players with character. It's obvious, after watching Julian Edelman's 94 yard punt return against us that we need players with character.

Fight,fight,fight,fight. What do you have to say to that Dying? LOL


Lead the league in tackles from the ss position and you're a great ss in that area statiscally. Lead your team, well that's more in the "above avg" area. Pinch yourself next time he makes pro bowl.

He made it as alternate last year didnt he? However, Marc savor that because now that the entire league's onto he's awful in coverage. Even that will never happen again.

If $3 millions nets you 7-9 seasons, I wonder what 11-5 seasons cost?

OKAY people it's been real. Off to pack, see ya in a couple of days, play nice.

Just because you're not alone doesn't mean you're both not wrong. The Nazi's weren't alone. The Muslims aren't alone. The christians aren't alone.

denny, i want fight w/you

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