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Maybe the Dolphins way isn't the best way

BOSTON -- On my way home today but before I depart, I want to share with you my thoughts of the AFC Championship game as it relates to the Miami Dolphins.

Look, in 2008 the Dolphins were better than the Jets. They swept the Jets. They won the division ahead of the Jets. They went to the playoffs and the Jets didn't. The Dolphins were ahead.

Today they are behind.

Does anyone argue that?

The Jets are going to the AFC Championship games ... for the second consecutive year. And the Dolphins are out of the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

And that is why I write in my column today that maybe the Dolphins should rethink, adjust, consider changing the way they do business.

I list for you in the column the many differences in approach between the Dolphins and Jets. The Dolphins, for example, rarely want anything to do with veteran free agents over the age of 30ish. They want younger guys who will be around for a long time and grow into being Dolphins.

This despite the fact Miami's most successful free agent acquisition since Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland took over was a man over 30-years-old -- Chad Pennington, who had a near MVP season in 2008.

The Jets don't give a hoot about those limitations of age. They'll add LaDainian Tomlinson when everyone says he's too old.

The Dolphins also thought this year they were complete at WR after getting one very good one in Brandon Marshall. They believed themselves complete there. And they were wrong.

The Jets? They pile talent atop talent if they can. They had Braylon Edwards. Then they added Santonio Holmes. And they did it knowing that Holmes was about to serve a suspension and was a risk and was a guy coaches had to manage. They still got him and he has been their best WR this year.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said at his meeting with the media that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. No, it's not original by him, but it is worthy of attention.

The Dolphins have done it their way -- as I point out, in various avenues -- for three years. It's lately not working, folks.

They have to consider making changes and I'm not just talking about making additions or subtractions to the roster. I'm talking about how they make those additions or subtraction. How they think. How they approach it.

I'm not saying the Jets have the answers. I am not a fan of many, many, many things they do. I think their coach knows defense and teach it very, very well, but he is also a gasbag who is morally vacuous. The Jets have flaws.

But you cannot ignore the things they have done that have paid dividends. And, no matter how much your distaste for them colors your opinion,  you cannot ignore their results.


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No way did you read my entire post. SuperPhin said Sparano would pull a Parcells, quit in mid season and split with the loot. I responded saying that was impossible because the only way that he split with loot is to get fired.

I said if he QUITS he gets nothing. I hope this clarifies things for you. LOL.........


Fight, fight! A white and a white. If the white guy wins we all jump in! LOL.........

Bottom line is Sparano didnt EARN his contract extension...He was GIVEN it by questionable motives involved...

And now we really are stuck in the status qou in terms of medocrity!!!

DB, he's had close to or over 100 tackles the last 3 seasons! That's impressive I don't care who you ask.


They did not sweep the Jets in 08!! The lost the first game of the season which was the Jets, I should Know I was working the TV station that day and switching the game. Jeez Mondo you are a beat off reporter for the fish for christ sakes.

Marc, that may be true, they may not be or have been alone. But, this is a football blog & Clemmons stinks.




You'd have a better chance at seeing the TITANIC raise up from HELL just to sink again then to have sparano win one SB alone.....just sayin....

marc is an idiot,always picks a dumb subject to discuss .


i'd rather lose than have my fins become a bunch of ignorant trash talkers!! the jets are disgusting. the actually made me root for the pats!!! now i say go steelers!!! i hope troy, who didn't ply in the last game knocks holmes out and harrison and woodly knock sanchez out~!!! i'll donate to help pay their fines!!!


Our max defensive problem isnt stopping the run it's getting off the field on 3rd and longs. Its a well known fact Bell couldnt cover a TE if he were lying dead on the floor.

If you wanna find out why we still have problems covering TE's look no further than Bell. That's why when Smith lost the starting job they were bringing him in to cover TE's. He wasnt great at it but he was much better in TE coverage than Bell.


i thought you r an intelligent BLOGGER , YOU RESPONDED TO FAKE ALoco . DO YOU WANT FIGHT ?

ESPN is reporting that we just signed an offensive coordinator by the name of Daball from....the Cleveland Browns...really? Is that true Armando? So getting the team that was 1 rank above us in scoring is their idea of an upgrade as an OC? Next year will be bad.

Sparano will hoist the Chef Boyardee trophy before he hoists the Lombardi Trophy.



Well we talked the talk and walked the walk. Say what you want about the Steelers and how they are going to win. The Jets are on the way up and you fried flounders can continue to be mediocre at best. Miami is so far from being a legit NFL team. When will your front office learn that more then 1 play maker is needed.

Brandon Marshall is a very good WR but he isn't great. He needs helps and he won't get it from that fraud Chad Henne. You do realize Henne has 1 play in his career which was in 2009 when Henne found Tedd Ginn deep. There are about 60 QBs in the league capable of 1 good game. You need to put together multiple good games to be a starter.

Sanchez is over rated. I agree but he is a gamer. He won game after game this year and made play after play when it mattered. He reminds me of a former Jets QB who made a career of doing the same, oh yeah Joe Willie Namath!

Later broiled fish heads.

sorry aloco,

I.....Uh.......um, Im a little drunk...

the Brown Donkys sold me out...

In this condition I wouldnt be able to put up much of a fight anyway....

How about a Fist Pump Battle instead??? *lol*


Daboll as OC I see. Wow, Bobby & Craig were right. That extension for Sparano REALLY WORKED WONDERS BRINGING IN AN A BIG NAME OC.


Bell racks up tackle numbers, I do admit. Still he does have a penchant for at times whiffing at stops during critcal moments of a game.

He may get you 8 tackles, but at times that one he whiffs leads to a game changing or defining score.

Also, Marc, ss will have lots of tackles simply because they play in the run box and are expected to make at least 2-3 tackles in the pass game. A ss having 6-7-8 tkls a game isnt anything extra special or unusual.


Daboll = WooWee!

The Jets can have their stinking playoff win, we have the OC of the Future!


I really cant understand all the COWHER non believers on here.

By all means can someone... ANYONE... PLEASE tell us all how much ANY OTHER Dolphin Coach ranked as high performance wise, since Shula.

Since Don's retirement PLEASE tell us all what ANY OTHER coach has accomplished since that day right up to TODAY, as compared to all that COWHER has accomplished in Pitt.

I'll take what Cowher accomplished any day of the week over the status quo.. ANYTIME.

Again, we need people that fully understand football and drafting winners and hiring coaches and a GM.

Give Cowher the keys and let it roll.

Other then that... It is almost 100% guaranteed that we will suffer with more of the same BS.

Who do you want as your HC?

Bill Cowher led the Pittsburgh Steelers to their fifth Super Bowl win in 2006. Cowher led the Steelers to two Super Bowl games, 6 AFC Championship games, and 10 post season appearances.

Cowher's overall stats are 161-99-1 a .619 percentage. His stats in the regular season are 149-90-1, a .623 percentage. These are the overall highest percentages in Steelers history.

Under Cowher's tenure, the Steelers tied the record for the most division titles and NFL's best overall record in the regular season. New England shared these impressive stats.

Daboll, who most recently served as offensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns and as a quarterback coach with the New York Jets under Eric Mangini, is expected to be formally named later Monday or Tuesday, the sources said.

Way to go tony, Hire the man that just had their HC Fired last year......Start digging the graves!!!!!

Well, I'm with BELL. I can think of SEVERAL other players to be concerned about before BELL...

First to come to mind SEAN SMITH
close second CHAD HENNE

Then there's the entire O-line
an OLB, 2 DE's, WR, TE

THEN maybe I'd start thinking about upgrading SS

Of course no one wants the Miami OC job. Duh. Contrary to some of the people on this blog, no one in the NFL sees Sparano's extension as anything more than a diversion to cover up for an ugly & failed HC search.


This team is LAUGHABLE. NEVER gets the people anyone expects, or even projects.

Marshall and Dansby were exeptions



No question the Jets have done a better job putting their team together over the last 3-4 years. Their talent level is better than ours. But two points...it's not THAT much better and at what cost? Let's remember that we beat them TWICE in 2008, TWICE in 2009 and once this year. That's FIVE out of the last six, no small feat. They won the games they had to this year, including victories against Cleveland, Detroit and Denver that they very easily could have lost. They lose a couple of those games and they miss the playoffs. Same with the win against the Colts. Kudos to them for winning but they very easily could have lost.

I liked the Cromartie and Holmes pickups but other than those two, what exactly should be have done? Brought back Taylor? I don't think so. LT? I don't think so....and sat who? He would have been no better than either of our two guys behind our line. I like the drafting of Greene but we can do something like that this off-season too.

Better than the Dolphins....yes. But not THAT much better. We're closer than most of you think.

Somebody tell me this isn't true.....DC said yesterday that CLE scored less points then us.....

The incompetance continues for the Dolphins. The Dolphins were 21st in total offense under Dan Henning. Cleveland was 29th in total offense under Daboll.

Miami was 30th in scoring and guess what? Cleveland was 31st.

So you fire a guy who is the scape goar for Tony Morono and hire a guy with a worse resume.

Wow way to get the fan base fired up.


Just hearing we signed Brian Daboll as the OC. First how can i get on a short list for the lottery of superbowl tickets for 2012. No doubt we are AFC represent. Ok now that i cleared out the sarcasm from my voice i can get down to it.

Are you serious?. Here is a guy who's team scored less points than your own and this is an upgrade. One clown move after another by this idiot regime. Mark it down. The dolphins wont be relivant for the next 3-4 yrs. One silver lining is we get Andrew Luck in 2012. Maybe the next move is to resign Olivadotti to coach the defense then we can really suck to the tone of 1-15, or 0-16. Why win one and make the fan base happy. Great job Steven Ross.


Mando, too easy of a comp right after a big win. How could one argue that the Pats are better set up for continuing success than the Yets! I'm stii envious of yhe Pats. This was their rebuilding year! The Fins have made horrible people choices for 15 years. A team doesn't just reach mediocrity in a short while. The Fins have worked at it!


This is ridiculous

Craig M....where do you get your stats.....we lost to them once in 2008....1ST GAME OF THE SEASON....you really need to look some things up....


A. We did not beat them twice in 2008
B. Their roster IS much better
C. Aside from Nolan, every one of their coaches is better too.

How can we be close when we need a TE, 2 Rb, 2 Qb, a LG, C, RG, speed WR, KR/PR, FS, Nickel Db, ILB & OLB?


A Brian Daboll Coordinator Thursday Press Conference. Sounds Like Henning:

Transcript of off
View full sizeTracy Boulian/Plain Dealer Not much has gone right for Brian Daboll's offense this season.ensive coordinator Brian Daboll's press conference, Nov. 20, 2009

(On what can be done to improve the passing game)- “With last week in terms of playing the Baltimore Ravens, they do a good job of keeping those safeties deep with Ed Reed. Some of the passes that we threw last week were called runs. Brady (Quinn) just went and he saw the guy off a little bit and some of the game plan was dictated in terms of his tools. In terms of stretching the field vertically, there were plays that we did call it deep and it didn’t go there. If it would have went there it probably would have been close. We just have to take some shots down the field.”

(On if Quinn in reluctant to throw down the field)- “No, I think Brady is smart. We tried to do that a few times the first time we played those guys and they got three picks off of him. We were being smart with it.”

(On if they will take more shots downfield this week)- “We have them in the game plan every week. What you are trying to do in the passing game is create horizontal lanes and vertical lanes. We’ll call them and if they are going to give them to us, we are going to take them.”

(On if the team should do better against the 31st defense instead of a top 10 defense)- “I go in every week wanting to do well against any defense that we play. I know Jim (Schwartz) and Gunther (Cunningham) and played against those guys. They scrap. They flight. They go after it. They are well coached. We have to play well whether it’s Baltimore or whether it’s Detroit. We have to play better than we have been playing.”

(On if the deep throws would have been close to being completions or interceptions)- “We were being safe, particularly with Ed Reed back there. We had the one that D.A. (Derek Anderson) threw back up there [the last time we played and] (Dawan) Landry came. We threw another one. It’s not just a function of that. It’s a function of protection too, of being able to hold up and throw it down the field a little bit deeper than you want to.”

(On if during the game he thinks the team needs to take shots downfield)- “Everybody has their call sheet set up and you have a specific spot for those call sheet intermediate chunk throws, play-action throws. Yes.”

(On if having a losing record makes him be less aggressive)- “No. You go in and you have your plan and you have your plays. There’s a lot to select from and you call what you want to call there based on the percentage of what they like to play. No it doesn’t.”

(On if there are moments when you want to pound your head against the wall)- “There’s definitely moments you want to do that, but you fight through the adversity and you believe in what you’ve learned from the guys that you’ve worked for. You coach the players up. Again, I still feel these players, they’re busting their tails. They are giving good attention. They are going out there and they are practicing their butts off. Is it frustrating? You’re damn right it’s frustrating, but you keep on hammering away. You don’t let one week affect the next week. You just keep on plowing through it.”

(On trying to find the right formula on offense)- “We change quite a bit each week. We have a set philosophy. We have tried empty, moved the pocket throws, some deep throws, some Wildcat and we are going to continue to do that. You try to get into a flow of a game. Last week in the first half, there weren’t any points, but it was completion plays. Get them out. Be safe early. Keep it close. Then we get to the third play of the second half, if you remember, we got tipped. It was a screen pass to Josh (Cribbs). It’s a game of inches but it was that close from going a real long way if we hit it. We go three-and-out. We come back, we run a play. We are open there in the slot. We throw it. It’s a little bit high. It goes off our hands. They run it back.”

(On if he thinks it is important to have an experienced quarterback to mentor a younger quarterback)- “I think anytime, regardless of the position you are in, it’s important to have some veteran leadership at that position group. When I was at New England I had Troy Brown and David Patten. It was my first year as a receiver coach. We went out and we drafted Deion Branch and David Givens. Those guys were crucial to the development of those two young guys.

David’s been hurt and [is] out of the league now, but crucial to the development of the success that they had early at New England. You look at a guy like Matt Cassel being around Tom Brady all of the time. I had Brett (Favre) at New York. You watch (Matt) Hasselbeck when you are watching tape or you watch (Aaron) Rodgers. They have a lot of those little things that Brett Favre does and that’s something that they learned from him. Just like when you watched Matt last year at New England. I am not saying that they are that guy, but it’s good to have a guy like that [who] you can learn from. You can see how they study the game. You can go out there and watch them at practice. That’s always valuable I think.”

(On if it would have been to have a veteran quarterback here)- “I think it’s always good if you can, yes I do.”

(On the lack of scoring)- “It’s not fun. We are going out there and working. It’s not like we are not trying. We are trying our butts off. Trust me. It’s not to the point where you are going to be hiding underneath the table. You can’t do that. You have to come up, wake up the next day and go out there and fight. We have to execute. We have to execute to keep the drives going and we have to hit some plays. Like the play to Mohamed (Massaquoi), it’s a little slant play and it’s 30 yards. We have to be able to run after the catch, throw some up there and get some yards after we run the football too.”

(On if he is aware of the poor statistics)- “I live it. It’s not good enough.”

(On how personal he takes it)- “I am the leader of these guys. It has got to be better on my part. They understand what they need to do too, as a group, and we are collectively working towards getting that better. It’s been a common theme but that’s what we are doing.”

(On how not having star players limits the offense)- “I think every team is different in respect to the guys they have and the coaches that they have. What we do is what we think will be successful for that week.”

(On if he has optimism that Quinn can improve)- “I have optimism that he can do that. Again, it’s not just Brady Quinn, guys. It’s all of us. It’s me, it’s the line, it’s the backs, it’s the receivers. It’s a collective deal and if we all start doing better, then he will look better.”

(On what he meant by ‘close’ earlier)- “When I meant close is close for them to take it to the other side. Like what happened earlier the first time we played them. We had a couple where we were there and all of a sudden the guy shoots and they are a very opportunistic defense.”

(On if he is still confident in himself)- “I feel confident, yes, in the things that I’ve learned from the guys that I’ve worked for. That’s not going to waiver. The system is a good system but it hasn’t been productive to this point. We are going to keep at it.”

(On the quarterback’s looking different this year)- “Again, when I was telling Steve (Doerschuk), I think it’s a collective effort in terms of we all have to pull our weight. We do. We need to do a better job all the way around. It starts with the protection, the running game, the receiver’s getting open, the quarterback throwing, the calls. It just needs to be better all the way around.”

(On if he goes to anyone for advice)- “Yes, you have conversations with your friends around the league. I am not too big of a phone guy right now. I have a little office up there that I kind of live in and work my tail off to get this thing turned around.”

(On if he thinks they are due for an outbreak offensively)- “You hope that. I think in order to get that you have to hit some breaks along the way, but you have to keep working at it. There’s not going to be any quit in myself. There’s not going to be any quit in these players. I know those numbers are bad, I understand that, but you have to focus on the next week. I say it, it’s old hat, but you do. You really do.”

(On how many nights a week he doesn’t go home)- “I go home most of the nights. It depends where you are at. Sometimes my wife drives back to Buffalo and I just say, ‘Heck it’s a little bit late now, so [I’ll] just stay here.’”

(On if the protection was an issue most of Monday night)- “I wouldn’t say most of the night. I’d say on maybe some of the deeper drops that we had, there were a couple instances where we did get beat, whether it be a one-on-one or a slide where they looped into a game. I think there was, I don’t know how many plays that were seven step, five step drops, 14 out of the 19, or something like that. We had a little bit of pressure there, yes.”

(On what needs to happen to strengthen the protection)- “Some of it was just a physical breakdown of one-on-one matchup where we got beat. The other was last minute they stemmed. Baltimore, they do a lot of stuff on defense. One, they guy stemmed late and the guy didn’t see it and he looped up inside he was right on top of him right now.”

(On the differences between playing a veteran Ravens’ defense versus a young Lions defense)- “I think each week it’s different no matter who you play. I know Jim, we played him a bunch of times there when he was at Tennessee. He’s a really smart guy. I know he started under this system with Eric (Mangini) and those guys here. He has his philosophy with Gunther and we played him when he was at Kansas City. Each week you’re facing something a little bit different. Baltimore’s different than this team in terms of their scheme and how they like to approach things.”

(On if he wants to see more catch and run from Mike Furrey)- “Mike, there were a couple where he got tripped up or fell a little bit [against the Ravens], but that’s something he’s historically been pretty decent at. Some of those were on the, like I told you, they were runs that we just threw out there real quick. He just tried to get going a little bit and maybe lost his foot[ing].”

(On what Massaquoi is going to look like the few couple games)- “As good as he can. He can run all the routes. He caught a couple vertical ones there in Cincinnati in the in cuts. He can run all the different sorts of routes. He can run inside and run the quick routes. He can run outside and run the intermediate routes. He’s a guy that we can move around a little bit. You’ll see a different variety of routes for the guy.”

(On if he notices Massaquoi getting more separation in games)- “I think there are plays where he gets some and I think there are other times where they got him pretty good. You could say that for most of the receivers, pretty much, in this league. They’re playing against some good guys.”

(On how much he would like to avoid setting the NFL record for least points in a 16-game season)- “I would like to very much. Yes, of course. We have to get some points on the board this week. Just start one step at a time. I can’t think that far down the road with those numbers. I want to score as many touchdowns as we can this week.”

(On if something is going on with Jerome Harrison for him to get zero carries against the Ravens)-- “Nothing. Chris (Jennings), he came up. He was active. As you guys, if remember him in the preseason, he ran hard and he’s been a guy that’s been out there. You put the tape on at practice and you say, ‘Who’s that 34 guy?’ It just didn’t start just from our stuff, it was on the show team. He’s a big back. He’s a physical guy and he was going to get some carries this week. Each week it could be different. One week it could switch over. One week we could have all three of them. That’s a decision that Eric will make on Saturday.”

Transcript courtesy:
Dan Murphy
Cleveland Browns

"Take what the defense gives you." Where have we heard that before? Dan Henning! LOL.......

All the doom and gloom on here, why? Miami played all 4 teams that are left. Split with the Jets, won @ GB, got hosed in the Pitt game, but pretty much played them straight up. The Bears was ugly, but that was with Thigpen playing and the O-Line was in shambles at that point. NE was the only team this year that really throttled Maimi.

Miami played to the level of their competition. Theres a reason this team plays Pitt straight up and loses to Cleveland. Its called growing pains. Learning how to win. The window is not closing on this team, its just opening. There is a good young core of players entering their prime. V. Davis, Long, Bess, Misi, Marshall, Smith, Wake, ect. Also you have a young QB with alot of tools entering his 3rd year of PT. The year where, for many good QB's, things click, tha game slows down

Theres a few holes to plug, a new OC will cure many ills, better interior O-Line, better athletes on Sp Teams, a speedy skill position guy. But success isnt that far away


Just took the comment above from Armando that we beat them twice in 2008. Obviously not. So we've beaten them 4 out of the last 6. Does that mean they are THAT much better than us?

"Theres a few holes to plug, a new OC will cure many ills, better interior O-Line, better athletes on Sp Teams, a speedy skill position guy. But success isnt that far away"

They have been trying to upgrade these areas for 3 years. What makes you so optimistic that year 4 is the charm?

I don't see how anyone can consider a team without a LG, C, RG, WR, TE, RB, QB, FS, nickel Db & ST returner as being "close" ILB & OLB could use an upgrade also


I'm not excited about the OC hire but shouldn't we see how things play out first? Let's be realistic here, who have great qulity was going to coming here? McDaniels is THEY guy out there and he wasn't going to come here under the circumstances and the fact that he's clashed with Marshall and Noaln. Childress wasn't going to come here either. He's probably burnt out and could write his own ticket or get paid for not coaching....his call really. So I'm not really sure who we were going to be able to lure here.

Look on the bright side, if this turns out the way most of you think and maybe even hope it will, Sparano and everyone else will be gone and you'll get all new people. What's to lose from that?

Craig, let's face reality for a second. No legit coach, or any up n comer, would have come here for 1 year regardless.

Everyone in the NFL knows what happened after the season. FA's to be also know. Daboll was essentially out of a job in Cleveland.

It says alot of the state of the franchise when they could not attract a marquee name.

Ok Guys,

Im settling down and coming to my senses. Daboll has spent 7yrs in the Bellichick system and is also a former qb coach. Not saying he'll have a very active role in qb coaching here.

Daboll does come from good coaching pedigree having spent 7yrs in the Belichick system. This guy may turnout to be a blessing in disguised.

Getting someone we have ZERO expectations from maybe the best thing thats ever happened to our "run without the ball" fan base. At least with Daboll there's nowhere to go but up having zero expectations! LOL.....

Well, I hate to say ur right, but ur right, Daboll is not an upgrade. Consider FA acquisition, who is gonna want to play for Miami while we continue to cook up recipes for defeat. This is not good. It is actually pathetic. What is Ross thinking? Cowher wanted in at Miami!
Parcell's jumped ship not because we were stable but because we were sinking.
Guess we need to brace for another miserable year.

1000% disagree. That Jerks did have a good game and smacked Tom Beiber. But their way of doing things is not the right way. Your ideas are flawed Armando. In a couple of years you will be saying the Fins should have done what New England did and build through the draft even though NE have many more picks. But the perfect Example is for the Fins to follow Green Bays plan. You notice how many FA's GB signs? That team is built through the draft and like every other team in the playoffs has a QB. We need a QB!

It's kinda of hard to say but I must admit the Jets have found their young QB. Just like any second year guy Sanchez has had ups and downs but he is showing tremendous poise and progress and EMOTION!

Get a QB and F the Jets!

why everyone is blaming the owner. His pocket is open to for champion time. the coach and gm he inherited just dont know how to pick snd develope talent. Wayne stay out of the way of football ops yet still the dolphins did not improve Parcell got paid and left.

sorry something different our own to shake up thing might be good no matter how he goes about it.

why everyone is blaming the owner. His pocket is open to the gm and coach for champion team. the coach and gm he inherited just dont know how to pick snd develope talent. Wayne stay out of the way of football ops yet still the dolphins did not improve Parcell got paid and left.

sorry something different our own to shake up thing might be good no matter how he goes about it.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/maybe-the-dolphins-way-isnt-the-best-way/comments/page/5/#comments#ixzz1BKzkow7B

Joe Schmoe,

I think Incognito is a serviceable guard
C or G should be addressed in the 1st round. (and you could accomplish that and trade down as well)
D. Sproles would a shrewd FA pickup. Paired with R.Brown and small doses of Lex Hilliard, a nice backfield. And that also solves the punt returner problem.
I thought R.Jones showed good potential when given a chance this year
An upgrade over Fasano would be nice, but he's another serviceable player i could live with for another year. Although if DJ Williams (Ark) is available in the 3rd round, I'd grab him.
Late round picks should be used on guys who are the best available athletes, regardless of position. Guys who can play on special teams coverage units.

You dont need to have elite guys across the board, just a team that meshes and a coaching staff that takes advantage of strengths. A good scheme is half the battle. Its not like the Pats are oozing 1st round talent, they won 14 games. Coaching, coaching, coaching!

We are close...lets see how the d line plays next year with odrick, merling in the mix. we needed a better year from starks. I hope misi can take the next step. If so draft julio jones 1st and get us some oline help in the middle rounds and draft a flyer late in the draft like demps, devine or the kid from KY.

I keep reading "Get a QB". Like you can go down to the QB store and pick one up. Well, what QB are you going to get? There arent any viable options this year that are a no-brainer upgrade. Heres a few suggestions I've seen on here:

Vince Young: That shouldnt even be an option. Just ridiculous. Head case, by all accounts lazy, not a great passer. Not an upgrade

Orton: I'd say he's an upgrade, but Den is gonna want Miami's 3rd rounder. Thats not happening, considering Den already has Miami's 2nd rounder. If he could be had on the cheap, I'd take him, but I wouldnt count on it. Plus maybe John Fox likes him.

McNabb: End of his career, poor fit, so many reasons he doesnt fit. Plus, Rex Grossman outplayed him with what they had to work with in Wash. Let me say that again: Rex Grossman. Shanahan isnt an idiot. This guy is pretty much done

Draft one: Who's gonna be there at 15? Locker, Newton? Maybe an upgrade in the long run, in the short term, you're back to square one at QB. And its still a big IF that they even work out in the long run. Newton has all kinds of potential, Roethlisberger type potential. (as a QB, not a rapist). But will it be realized and how long will that take? I'd say its 3-5 years before he's a real NFL QB. Guys who are superior athletes, guys who fall back on running, take longer to develop. (see: Steve young, Steve McNair).

Honestly, theres better odds that Henne makes the 3rd year leap than any of these options working out. Especially if he gets a decent OC and QB coach that dont strangle the life out of him

I dislike the Jets very much but the Dolphins did not sweep them in 2008. I enjoy the Dolphins beating the Jets more than any other team in the league.

As a Dolphin season ticket holder. I don't hate the Pats. There organization has class. All they ever do is talk nice about the Dolphins. I do hate the Jets. No class,practice and play in New Jersey(Garbage State)and like Dino says on Sirus radio, dumbiest fan base in the NFL.

We swept the Jets in 09 Mando. Bret Favre beat us opening day in 08. Come on man

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