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Sparano shadow fades only in the offseason

Me? The head is spinning because another offseason has dawned and a handful of Dolphins players are going off on coaches, on each other, on anything and everything they believe is wrong with the organization.


Over here, you have Ricky Williams whining because, in his opinion, coach Tony Sparano preached too much about scoring touchdowns in the red zone and not fumbling or making stupid mistakes. Of course, Ricky believes this was wasted energy of the zen demon screwu because the Dolphins clearly didn't need to hear about scoring in the red zone or fumbling.

Then Brian Hartline does a radio interview with former University of Miami quarterback Gino Torretta on WQAM and complains the Dolphins are apparently too regimented and stick to the game plan too closely and need to "make some plays off schedule" to be more effective.

And Brandon Marshall finally explains comments he made after Sunday's season-finale in which he said the offense was not speaking the same language and on different pages. I specifically asked him, by the way, to explain what he meant by speaking a different language during his press conference Sunday and he didn't wish to be specific.

But he got specific on the Michael Irvin show, explaining that in his relationship with previous quarterbacks the understanding was that even if a read called for the ball to go elsewhere but he had man coverage, the QB would throw the ball up to him and he'd run under it or outfight the cornerback for it.

Marshall's complaint is that quarterback Chad Henne wouldn't do that, but rather would go through his progressions as taught to him by quarterback coach David Lee.

"Henne, the way he plays the game is he goes exactly through his reads, no matter the matchup," Marshall said. "Then you get to the sideline, and it’s some conflict there because they don’t like it."

When Tyler Thigpen got in the game Sunday, however, Thigpen apparently blew off the proper read and threw it to Marshall anyway. And that made Marshall a Thigpen fan. And it also led to an argument between Marshall and Lee on the sideline.

And all that is fair to say, but I still think if men are men and they want to stand for something and actually help the team while the season is still salvageable, it should be said during the season.

Yet we hear nothing -- with the exception of a hint here or there from Marshall -- during the season. By the way, I respect that Marshall said what he said during the season. He made his points and no one argued or had the nerve to contradict him in public. So he gets a nod for some honesty and openness.

Everyone else ... where'd this stuff come from? Where was it all season?

I say all that to say this:

This is the second consecutive season Miami players go into open rebellion after the season is over. Last year, Joey Porter went on a scorched Earth campaign against Tony Sparano and his teammates that ultimately got him a one-way ticket to the waiver wire -- twice.

Channing Crowder also chimed in with certain complaints the genesis of which I can't even remember now and don't give any import to, anyway.

But all of Porter's and Crowder's griping came after the season.

And perhaps a surface analysis of this now two-year trend is that several players don't especially love the way the Dolphins are run and don't necessarily agree with the way Sparano does thing. That could lead you to believe Sparano has lost the locker room.

You'd be wrong.

It should lead you to the exact opposite conclusion.

The fact no one seems to have the guts to speak up during the season, while they are still under Sparano's supervision, says all those complainers and bitchers -- not including Marshall -- feared saying anything. They feared what Sparano might do. They were wary of crossing the coach while the season was still in flight.

It was only after the season ended and they were no longer under Sparano's control that they went off on the team or teammates or the coach.

Again: When the season was on and Sparano held the reins, no one other than Marshall said a peep and even Marshall tamed his comments. It wasn't until after Sparano was out of sight that anyone felt like they could, you know, speak.

That, like it or not, is control.

It isn't always like that in a football locker room.

Cam Cameron lost control of his locker room around the middle of 2007 and before the year was over, players were challenging him on the team plane and cursing him out in meetings. I know of no such incident with Sparano's Dolphins.

Remember that in Nick Saban final season, he lost control of the locker room. He got into an expletive-filled argument with quarterback Daunte Culpepper during practice and players were questioning his intentions the last three weeks as Alabama rumors swirled.

Dave Wannstedt lost the Miami locker room early in 2003.

Jimmy Johnson lost Dan Marino around 1998, perhaps earlier, and the two waged all-out war in 1999, with most of the locker room siding with Marino.

Yet in-season, Sparano rides herd over Miami's locker room. Players may not like him. It's impossible to get 53 gifted people to like one guy telling them what to do, anyway. But none of them showed much desire to criticize Sparano or anything else until they got out from under his shadow.



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You know, somewhere out there in the assistant ranks is a young guy who will probably be giving an induction speech in Canton someday.

Owners get so obsessive with these "big names"---and I get it from a ticket-selling perspective---but we've been down that path before with lousy results.

Would it be so awful to conduct a REAL search? Talk to every bright person you can around the league and target that guy? Make a stab at uncovering greatness?

Sure it would be a risk. But so are any of these other names. There are NO guarantees regardless of their pedigree. We've already learned that, haven't we.

Just putting it out there. And, yes, I know the odds of a guy like Ross going in that direction are virtually zero.

Aloco, did you say she was selected as the next american Judge, or juggs?

Miami Dolphins Franchise QB Cam Newton

Newton started the first game of Auburn's season, a home victory over Arkansas State on September 4, 2010. Newton accounted for 5 total offensive touchdowns and over 350 yards of total offense. He was named SEC Offensive Player of the Week following his performance.

Three weeks later Newton had a second break-out game with 5 total touchdowns and over 330 total offensive yards against the South Carolina Gamecocks. "That's a great SEC win against a really, really good football team. I can't be more proud of our guys," Auburn coach Gene Chizik said. "I thought we had a good pace going on," Newton said.

On October 2, 2010, Newton led Auburn to a 52-3 victory over Louisiana-Monroe. He completed three touchdown passes, one of which went for 94 yards. It was the longest touchdown pass and offensive play in Auburn football history. On October 9, 2010, Newton led Auburn to a 37-34 victory over Kentucky. He passed for 210 yards and rushed for 198 yards including 4 rushing touchdowns. On October 16, 2010, during the Arkansas game, Newton ran for three touchdowns and threw one touchdown pass. Following these performances, media reports began to list Newton among the top 5 candidates to watch for the Heisman Trophy.
Newton (top) warming up prior to the 2010 Iron Bowl.

On October 23, 2010, Newton led Auburn to a 24-17 victory over the LSU Tigers. He rushed for 217 yards in the game which gave him 1,077 yards for the season and set the SEC record for yards rushing in a season by a quarterback—a record that stood for over 40 years—and became just the second quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards in the conference's history. He also broke Pat Sullivan's school record for most touchdowns in a single season—a record that has stood since 1971—with 27. Both of these records were broken on the same play: a 49-yard touchdown run in which Newton escaped two tackles, corrected himself with his arm, eluded two additional tackles, and dragged a defender into the endzone for the touchdown. The play was described as Newton's "Heisman moment" Auburn received its first #1 overall BCS ranking and Newton was listed as the overall favorite for the Heisman.

By halftime of the game against Georgia, Newton became the first SEC player to ever throw for 2,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season. With the victory, Auburn improved to 11-0 and clinched the SEC West, allowing them to play in the SEC Championship game.
Newton led the Tigers back from a 24-point deficit to defeat rival Alabama.

Newton led Auburn to a 28–27 victory over Alabama in the Iron Bowl after being down 24–0. The 24-point come from behind victory was the largest in the program's 117 year history. He passed for 216 yards with three passing touchdowns, and ran for another touchdown.

On December 4, 2010 Newton led the Tigers to an SEC Championship, their first since 2004, by defeating South Carolina once again 56-17, which set an SEC Championship Game record for most points scored and largest margin of victory. Newton was named the game MVP after scoring a career-best six touchdowns (four passing and two rushing). With his performance, Newton also became the third player in NCAA FBS history to throw and run for 20-plus touchdowns in a single season (along with former Florida teammate Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick, who reached the milestone earlier the same day). Following the victory, Auburn was invited to participate in the school's first BCS National Championship Game which will take place on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona against the Oregon Ducks.

Newton was named the 2010 SEC Offensive Player of the Year as well as the 2010 AP Player of the Year. He was also one of four finalists for the 2010 Heisman Trophy, which he won in a landslide victory.

If Newton declares for the draft, he is projected as a high to middle first-round NFL draft pick

Home...with that said...Newton will NOT be available when we pick @ #15.

So..the new HC will have to move up to get him, question is will they?


That's not true, I do want this team to get better. We just disagree on how we need to get there. Mark in Toronto said it best yesterday, Sparano is a guy who relies heavily on his co-ordinators and right now he's got one guy letting him down BIG TIME. Henning at no point during the season had the answers on how to use Marshall, how to get the running game going or how to make Henne better. NOTHING.....no answers!! That falls on the co-ordinator. What I see in Sparano is a guy with integrity, who sticks up for his players and doesn't thrown them under the bus. All this 'micro-managing' stuff is BS, it's called attention to detail. It's what all the good coaches do. It's what Bellichik does, it's what Parcells did, it's what Andy Reid does. You guys want to criticize him now because he spends times preparing the players. Ricky's a flake and has always been a FLAKE and people want to put stock in what he says. Armando's right, Ricky has ALWAYS been about himself. He quit on this team before and he's done it again. His career is nearing the end and he can't handle it. He'd just another running back now, nothing special.

BobbyD...its already National....it was the opening for the Mike and MIKE show this morning

They have tried to improve the offense EVERY SINGLE YEAR, contrary to the minority opinion here, with 0 success.

Why should they be given a chance to rebuild it for a third time? What is their track record here? They couldn't see the D slipping until it exploded in their faces. The offense just blew up & I'm not willing to wait for a 4th reconstruction.

2008 - Smiley, Long, Bess, Thomas, Murphy, Henne, Alleman, Ndukwe, B. Frye, etc

2009 - White, Turner, Hartline, Grove, Gardner, Nalbone

2010 - Contrary to someone here, YES, attempts were made & they also failed. Berger WHO STARTED over a 2009 pickup, Incognito who STARTED ahead of a 2008 pick up, Jerry WHO STARTED ahead of a 2008 pickup, Marshall...

You don't trade 2 #2's for a guy if you don't think you're a couple guys away. The fact that they did shows how inept & oblivious they are.

Bring on just about anybody to coach at this point. At worst, they'll be as successful as the current guy.



Here is what I don't understand. Sparano is supposed to be a great offensive line coach. So we spend all this free agent money and draft choices on O-lineman and our running game gets worse every year. Fire Sparano!

Someone well earlier threw out a good point about Henne, responding to muy post.

I do not like the fact that he gave in to coaches and just did everything the coaches told him to. I was complaining about that all year. The problem is those coaches are the ones hired by the guy that pays the salaries also. Henne, is told to follow those instructions.

I think Henne should have said F-it, I am just gonna throw the damn ball where i think i should, the hell with the progression. So it shows he did not have confidence or might be mentally weak right now.

HOWEVER, Marshall dropped a crap load of balls that were in his hands, so I can see why Henne may have shy'd away from just throwing it up to him more than he did. If it failed he was to blame, not Marshall, if he succeeded he still got his head ripped off like Thigpen did in NE.

Again, there seemed to be some really crappy controlling things going on with this coaching staff.

Henne may not be good aggain, i have no clue. but i went and watched you tube of him in Michigan, and the guy CAN play. He had m,ore freedom to do what he wanted on Mighigan. I will not give up on him 100% yet, but I agree right now we do need to bring in another QB. But let Henne compete.

I just dont understand why Sparano has not been fired yet. It's pretty obvious that he is not going to be around next year or if he is he's gonna be a failure. What coach could work and be successful under these conditions. I would like Harbaugh as the next HC but I think SF is going to be too much to overcome. I wonder why no one is hearing Nolan's name lately could he replace Sparano if the top choices are gone? I am curious to see how things unfold.

Craig, REAL head coaches should step in when their coordinators falter. Like when he fired Bonamego. He took control.

Why not Henning? He protected him because he is Tuna's friend. That's reality. We don't need a friend. We don't need friends protecting friends. We need a HC. PERIOD.

A real coach shouldn't have to fire his coordinators every 2 -3 years. Hartline said the same thing Ricky did, is he a flake too? JT said the same thing both those guys did, is he a flake?

The excuses to hang on to this guy are getting more & more desperate.



I don't agrgee. I think Ross is business guy that is influenced by the bottom line a lot. I'm OK with him taking his time with this decision. This is an important decision. I don't want us to be doing this again in another couple of years. The madness needs to stop! We don't know what type of conversation he's had with Sparano, so I'm sure none of this is a surprise to Sparano. I'd rather he take his time with this and get it RIGHT! He obviously still has some confidence in Sparano or he would have already shown him the door. I don't think there's anything classless about it nor do I think or care what the National perception of it is. Let's get it right.


I disagree...Its not just Ricky...its Marshall, its now Hartline (WTF)...and in the comming days it will be more....

This morning on the way in the debate on the Mike and Mike show was if Sporano got fired would he get another HC job....Think about that for a second....because that should be yur measuring stick for a HC...if he got fired would YOU hire him??

He has never been a coordinator...so he will not get a job as an O coordinator or a D coordinator....so where does he end up??.....coaching somebody's O-line...

Now let me ask you Craig M....in all seriousness....

out of the 32 O line coaches out there...including ours...which one would you select for a HC postion??

After you answer that with a reounding NONE!...then ask yourself why THIS O line coach is the HC of our team......

I was hoping for a better performance from Ross. So far, though, I'm not too impressed. What he's doing to Sparano is not very professional and Ross surprises me. If you're done with the guy, tell him you're done and move on, that's how respectful managers do it. The guy's got a career and a family. Then to go after Harbaugh is much more risky than someone with experience at this level. Sparano was a position coach before being elevated to HC and that hasn't worked out well. In my opinion, if you don't want to go after a proven head coach, look for the most likely succesful offensive or defensive coordinator, but get someone with real experience at this level.

Who keeps a coach that went 14-18 over the last 2 years? Oh yeah, the lions and didn't they beat us this year?


Ross' inability to make a decision EITHER way should be disturbing to all of us. An indecisive owner is not a good thing.


Mike Smith in Atlanta was a position coach too. Never been a co-oridnator. Did you know him before he became a head coach? Why should anyone have hired as a head coach? How would rate him as a head coach?

Sorry man your argument doesn't hold water.

Yep, the OL might be Sparano's fatal blow against him - significant resources and his specialty?? Oops, not good.

Craig M, as far as Mallett, I never said he was ready and if you think anyone in the draft, including Luck is ready to start next year - you're wrong. Mallett is a JR, so is Newton, Luck's a sophomore. However, the physical tools and the ability to push the offense are tremendous with mallett. he needs help with his footwork - he needs an OL that will pass block extrmeemly well from g to g.

As far as harbaugh, I think the Stanford allegiances are overplayed. He was working for Stanford, he is not a product of that school. It was the best offer he got to be a head coach and he picked up the ball and ran amazingly well with it. Elway will not be able to use that ploy in my opinion.

I hear the same thing that SF amazingly will cheap out in hiring their next HC. If I was a 9er fan and that was true, I'd be royally pizzed.

I hear you as going with another position with the 1st pick - OL, RB, WR, but you can have all these other pieces and if you don;t have a QB - you aren't doing jack. If you want to contend then you HAVE to address that position. Now I wouldn't under any scenario draft a RB with the 1st pick. But I would draft an OT or a WR if the brass doesn't like these qbs. Now that being said, if you don;t draf ta QB with the 1st pick then you better ship the 3rd pick out for Orton and sign him to a 5 year deal while you try to develop a younger qb somewhere along the line. AND you better be very active and not thrifty in free agency to address the RB, WR, and OL.

As far as Harbaugh not uprooting his family - I think that may be overplayed a little - after all - he was willing to become a QB coach with Michigan in 2002. HCs want to work for the best owner and it seems Ross is very warm with the idea of harbaugh and may have known him already for years - that is a good thing for Miami.




I usually agree with you Mando but this time you are very wrong. These players that have sounded off after the season was over did so because they would have been benched if they did it during the season. Only Marshall could get away with it because no way would this coaching staff bench Marshall and have to hear from the fans. The players see that change needs to happen and they would know more then you Mando. I like Sparano as well do all the players but I think they see that his philosophy of coaching, playing not to lose rather then playing to win, just doesn't cut it in today's NFL. Look at the top teams in the league. New England, New Orleans, Indy, Green Bay. They PLAY TO WIN, as coach Edwards would say. They don't have this stupid conservative run, run, pass approach to the game. The NFL is not built like that any more. We need a coach and GM who understand how the game is played today, that is why I would love to see someone like Harbaugh come in. I think Cowher is to old school as well. I would rather have an exciting dynamic team that loses instead of what we have now, a boring, conservative, try not to make any mistakes type of team. Enough is enough!

Craig, REAL head coaches should step in when their coordinators falter. Like when he fired Bonamego. He took control.

Why not Henning? He protected him because he is Tuna's friend. That's reality. We don't need a friend. We don't need friends protecting friends. We need a HC. PERIOD.

A real coach shouldn't have to fire his coordinators every 2 -3 years. Hartline said the same thing Ricky did, is he a flake too? JT said the same thing both those guys did, is he a flake?

The excuses to hang on to this guy are getting more & more desperate.

Posted by: flapjack1231 | January 05, 2011 at 11:11 AM

That is a money shot of a post! Well done!

They killed Pat White's NFL career. The very same guys and a lot of you wanted to blame White and not Henne. What say you now?

Craig M, Thanks man. Just trying to call them like I see them. Given Ricky's age and Ronnie's injuries I expect there will be some interest in them but they probably stand to do much better by signing and then getting traded. I could very easily see both of them clearing the free agent wire due to salary and other concerns. I think Ronnie gets back here. Ronnie asked to come back so we'll see if that is still the case. Ricky has kind of sealed his fate by saying anything at all. Would have been smarter for him to stay out of the press. It makes total sense though. Veterans don't want to be treated like rookies but when you are grooming a young and impressionable team what do you coach, ignoring details and fundamentals? No. That would make little sense folks, correct??? Or are we still in silly media land?

"Mike Smith in Atlanta was a position coach too. Never been a co-oridnator."

Incorrect, he was IN FACT a D coordinator in Jacksonville.

Mark in Toronto,

You wouldn't take a RB in the first round, if we had traded back and were sitting with the 24th pick for example? Pretty sure I would decide between RB and WR at that point.

And I'm not saying I don't like Mallett. I'm just saying I would be gambling on a QB at 15 with no pick in the 2nd round. We're going to have no or little impact from the QB position and I don't see us getting any better for 2011.

What on earth? I can't blame this coaching staff for EVERYTHING. Almost Everything sure, but Pat White? WTF? The guy could not hit the ocean throwing the ball from a boat. Then the one play he gets to the outside he gets knocked out, and was scared ever since. How is that coaching?

Kris, you know why the only reason Sparano is a Head coach is because of his buddy, TUNA!

The mistake coaching made was drafting white in the 2nd round, not how bad he played.


He was a defensive backs coach. Looks it up. Also, I believe Raheem Morris was a position coach too who moved to become a HC. It can happen.

What on earth? I can't blame this coaching staff for EVERYTHING. Almost Everything sure, but Pat White? WTF? The guy could not hit the ocean throwing the ball from a boat. Then the one play he gets to the outside he gets knocked out, and was scared ever since. How is that coaching?

Posted by: Poizen | January 05, 2011 at 11:21 AM

That was some hit though wasn't it? As a HC, I would make Ronnie Brown my QB before I put Pat White in an NFL game.


Another advantage for picking Miami as far as harbaugh goes is that he is an offensive guy - he wants to build the offense and just make sure that whoever is in charge of the defense makes them play nasty and hard. If he comes here, he leaves the defense in caapable hands with someone like Nolan - who he has some ties with.

he cna come here and build the offense exactly how he wants - he doesn't have to inherit anyone other than Long and Marshall. In SF, he inherits an OL, RB, WR, and a TE. IN denver, he has to use the QB and RB. he has way more opportunity to stamp his image in Miami, IMO.

Craig, please. You look it up. I already knew he was the D coordinator in Jacksonville. Before you make statements, please verify they are accurate. Try wikipedia or google.

I stand corrected....I was under the impression that Smith was a defensive backs coach. Apologies...

Craig m...

TRY AGAIN....MIKE SMITH WAS THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR FOR THE JAGS....did you say something about water...please re-post it again for all to see


Pat White's "NFL Career?!?"

That must have taken place when I went to get a beer from the fridge.

White's "NFL Career" currently involves bats and gloves, despite the huge interest in him from the other 31 teams in the league.

(he IS a good and classy kid, though)

Barrett - Pittsburg killed Pat White's career. Gotta slide baby. Going head first for him was a bad idea at the time. Hard to blame Sparano for that. They drafted a very talented and high character QB in Pat White and paid him well I believe. Gave him a shot to start for the Miami Dolphins and it didn't pan out. That's Sparano's fault? What gives man?

OK...so Cowher is out.

It's down to Harbaugh...if Ross can produce a winning package we are golden.

...if not, well then we all lose our hard-on's and must accept Sparano/Ireland for another year.


How about Raheem Morris? Want to argue that one?

No Craig M.....whose argument doesn't HOLD WATER.....TRY AGAIN....


Answer please

Where is everyone hearing that SF is out for Harbaugh? If we are to hire him then we better fire Sparano soon and interview some people for the Rooney Rule (whatever it is) so we dont get docked a draft pick. By the way interesting comments by Taylor this morning why is all this info just now coming out?

CraigM, yes it's a gamble. But sooner or later you HAVE to gamble. Atlanta gambled with Ryan. ANyone who said he was a sure thing is talking out their arse. he had question marks and that's why our regime took Long and went from poor to average while the falcons went from poor to contenders. baltimore gambled, Tampa Bay gambled - now their in a good position.

And as far as moving back to 24, first i would try to avoid that - we need elite talents - not another group of pretty good players. I rather forego the #2 pick and try to get someone elite than do what we did last year.

And if we did move back - I would still go OT or WR. I would rather sign a Michael Bush than draft Mark Ingram.

No Cowher and no RB in round 1

That's all I ask from this franchise this offseason at a minimum.

Craig M, technically Raheem Morris was hired to be D co-ordinator of TB but never got to serve in that role as Gruden was fired and Morris promoted before the end of the offseason.

bk, reports are SF won't meet harbaugh's financial asking price.

Come'on Ross...toss in some incentives to that growing Harbaugh bid.

I'd love to be a fly on Ross's office today.

Exciting...the anticipation is killing me!

Mr. Ross, you became a billionaire for a reason.

Show him the F**king $$$$$



Armando wrote, "When Tyler Thigpen got in the game Sunday, however, Thigpen apparently blew off the proper read and threw it to Marshall anyway. And that made Marshall a Thigpen fan. And it also led to an argument between Marshall and Lee on the sideline".
Marc wrote, "Don't leave out the fact that your WR and 3rd string QB were calling their own plays during a game".

How stupid are you?

It was a nasty hit. That is for sure Joe.

Craig M....your bending the rules....first he was selected/promoted to the Defensive Coordinator...then everyone's favorite GRUDN cot fired....on top of that he was K-STATE D-COORDINATOR before that...try again....

Source expects Cowher to remain an NFL analyst for another year -- and not coach until 2012. For now, he's just content away from the game. 12 minutes ago · reply

Where is everyone hearing that SF is out for Harbaugh? If we are to hire him then we better fire Sparano soon and interview some people for the Rooney Rule (whatever it is) so we dont get docked a draft pick. By the way interesting comments by Taylor this morning why is all this info just now coming out?

Posted by: bk | January 05, 2011 at 11:28 AM

No idea where people get some of this stuff from.

ESPN has absolutely nothing in regards to SF being "out" with Harbaugh and nearly every analyst expects him to wind up there eventually.

I honestly think Miami is just a bargaining chip in all this even though I'd love to be wrong about that.


I still think you can get elite talent at 24. We just have to dig a little deeper....and yes, I know we've done a poor job on this.

I'm not a fan of gambling. I think it can set you back years. I'm still not convinced that the Jets did the right thing moving up and taking Sanchez. He's not the reason they are in the playoffs. When I look at guys like Leinart and Vince Young and Russell and Harrington....I just see too many misses and too much uncertainty.

Craig, read my post at 11:02 and please tell us again that Miami has not tried to rebuild the offense yet.

FYI, per your claim to another blogger bout our other debate on another thread, you said that Berger & & other guys were not drafted or signed to start. Well they DID start.

To me, that is addressing the offense in a big way. They changed 36% of the offensive starters from last year. So I'm just wondering how you can say they didn't address it last year, let alone 2008 & 2009.

Thank you.

Seriously marc did you read the article. Sorry to be judgmental but you were the second post and I couldn't believe you told Mando he should have wrote something that he obviously wrote.So don't be mad at me you would've wrote the same thing if someone else had slipped up.

GRUDEN....and darn i'm slow....with the reseach thing

Meeting a cute lady for lunch...wish me luck!

Seeya later, fellas

(and somebody cue up that video of Pat White's NFL career...does John Facenda narrate it?)

Craig M, sorry but that's a losing mentality. QBs are the rarest and most valuable commodity in the sport. I'm not syaing to not take a guy if he just does not grade out but if he does, you can't forego the selection.

Wannstedt thought Brees was a risky pick, the franchise passed on Aaron Rodgers, and they passed on brady Quinn - all when they didn't have a QB.

yes, one out of 3 didn't grade but 2 of 3 went on to be superstars. meanwhile we have been between poor to mediocre the whole time. This has to stop.

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