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Negotiations with Tony Sparano hit a significant snag

The Dolphins have a coach under contract at this hour. But they don't necessarily have a coach.

The negotiations I wrote about in the previous entry on this blog were apparently going fairly well around 3:30 this afternoon when the Dolphins decided to call a media roundtable for 4:45 p.m. to discuss the events of the past week and put a smile on all that has made you frown.

But ...

... at around 4:15ish those talks became a little heated, I'm told. They went astray, I'm told in that you had two sides pulling in different directions. They hit a significant snag in that the sides definitely were not agreeing on a final outcome. And so at that time, the hammer was dropped and coach Tony Sparano or his representative let it be known he wasn't comfortable returning to the Dolphins in 2011.

That serious.

And so, as I said earlier, the Dolphins still had a coach under contract because Sparano is tied to the team for 2011. But they didn't have a coach to put in front of the media with owner Stephen Ross and perhaps general manager Jeff Ireland.

That happy family portrait the Dolphins wanted and intended to put on display was not ready for public viewing.

So the Dolphins called off the round table indefinitely. A spokesman said it could be reconvened in five minutes or five days.

[UPDATE: Dolphins have just rescheduled the roundtable for noon Saturday. This suggests the hurdle the negotiations hit earlier has been overcome, or perhaps overcome to the point sides are very confident they will be resolved by noon Saturday.]

That's all I know.

I do not know the particular topic that caused the gap that kept the sides from having an agreement. I do not know if it was just legalese in a contract that eventually will be overcome by the legal experts -- I'm not betting on that one.

I am told, however, that the sides hope to get this resolved at some point.

So a state of uncertainty exists.

And you thought you'd seen uncertainty with the Miami offense? Ha.


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Um he went 1-7 at home and he has some leverage? Are you kidding me? Fire him today.

As our stomach turns.

Wow! The playoffs will have to take backseat to this fiery drama! I'm sure word will be coming down from the NFL head office shortly, "hey, you are gonna affect our viewer ratings by stealing the show with your drama down there, get it together and quick!" Also they SoBe drag queens will be upset next i they don't get this drama concluded and soon!

Sparano's payback for to Ross for what he put him through this week. I'm sure he was just leveraging him self to get a contract extension past 2011 or else he would leave and leave team in real trouble.

This is awful Ross how can you set a meeting with Mangini what are you trying to do to this once proud franchise? you should be embarrass of yourself every owner in the NFL should be laughing at your face " please sell the team and go and buy the jets "
Joe Robbie and Coach Shula created a very proud franchise and everyone used to respect and admire our Team and you in least than 2 years have destroy our proud franchise . If you didn't want Sparano you should had fired him but fired Ireland too there is no way those 2 can work and trust each other again. Harbaugh probably saw this mess and decided to accept the Niners offer for less money , Fisher will stay with the Titans and the only way you will get Cowher will be to give him total control. at this point you should because Sparano and Ireland will not be able to fix your mess.

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