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Negotiations with Tony Sparano hit a significant snag

The Dolphins have a coach under contract at this hour. But they don't necessarily have a coach.

The negotiations I wrote about in the previous entry on this blog were apparently going fairly well around 3:30 this afternoon when the Dolphins decided to call a media roundtable for 4:45 p.m. to discuss the events of the past week and put a smile on all that has made you frown.

But ...

... at around 4:15ish those talks became a little heated, I'm told. They went astray, I'm told in that you had two sides pulling in different directions. They hit a significant snag in that the sides definitely were not agreeing on a final outcome. And so at that time, the hammer was dropped and coach Tony Sparano or his representative let it be known he wasn't comfortable returning to the Dolphins in 2011.

That serious.

And so, as I said earlier, the Dolphins still had a coach under contract because Sparano is tied to the team for 2011. But they didn't have a coach to put in front of the media with owner Stephen Ross and perhaps general manager Jeff Ireland.

That happy family portrait the Dolphins wanted and intended to put on display was not ready for public viewing.

So the Dolphins called off the round table indefinitely. A spokesman said it could be reconvened in five minutes or five days.

[UPDATE: Dolphins have just rescheduled the roundtable for noon Saturday. This suggests the hurdle the negotiations hit earlier has been overcome, or perhaps overcome to the point sides are very confident they will be resolved by noon Saturday.]

That's all I know.

I do not know the particular topic that caused the gap that kept the sides from having an agreement. I do not know if it was just legalese in a contract that eventually will be overcome by the legal experts -- I'm not betting on that one.

I am told, however, that the sides hope to get this resolved at some point.

So a state of uncertainty exists.

And you thought you'd seen uncertainty with the Miami offense? Ha.


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Everyone knows the SS is second rate...

Ross has now successfully scared off any reputable coach for as long as he is the owner.


It might not be about money and more about power.

Sparano having the last say about anything Ireland recommends. That's how Gruden ran McKay out of town (to the Falcons).

Armando, no one covers this team the way you. Thanks for the great work. You make this a lot of fun.

PLEASE put the glue down and slowly back away from your computers Miami before I really start to worry about you.

Joe Robbie must be spinning in his grave with whats been going on with his Dolphins. This team has become the laughing stock of the nfl. We are now the new Bengals. Skip that, they arent even run this bad. What a disaster.


I Can't find my steroids even my boy friend can't find them .

ROSS...Fire Sparano AND Ireland NOW.

Reach out and apologize to Cowher.

With Harbough laughing at you and signing to coach the 49'ers this is the only way you can save this franchise.

Let Cowher run it and get the hell out of the way...Take fins up, buffet, and your miniority owners with you.

We are the biggest idiots ever now......Thank you Mr Ross....My seats are available.....

Someone will win a SB with two different teams.

Why not let Cowher try? That should be enough motivation.

Come one Mike...That's messed up


Yeah I wouldn't assume it was just money either, could be they are debating the power share, including with a yet to be named OC.

Yes Aloco....you knew it along...after all you can't be wrong when you pick both sides

Talks became heated when not only did Sparano demand one more year on his contract extension but he requested Jeff Ireland call him "The Dude" for all of 2011.

This organization stinks...Joe is probably rolling over in his grave.
What a cluster_ _ _ _!!!
Any body with any kind of ethics & dignity would walk away from these clowns...who ever said that Nolan would be the next to move on is right.The NFL should step in and reprimand Ross.

I would think that HOME-O, and that whackjob 9/11 was an inside job would be going nuts with all this

just watched harbaugh's press conference. he never mentioned the dolphins when asked about his coaching options, but did mention stanford and michigan by name. moreover, he said that he had essentially made up his mind about coaching san francisco on wednesday. also, he mentioned the words class, integrity, vision, plan, and level playing field when discussing his reasons for choosing sf. i see this last statement as perhaps the most telling. indeed, john clayton had mentioned earlier that harbaugh did not want to compete with tom brady. it looks as if ross was played for a fool. but, i have to say, harbaugh seems pretty arrogant for a guy who has never coached a game in the nfl.

Chris that was hilarious.


"F them if they can't take a joke!!!"

Level playing field. In other words. "I can suck it up here and make the playoffs"

Just realized with Ross seeking out all these NOT in house advisors, what does that say about Ireland? I mean he's supposed to be the GM, right?

Sounds more like head of scouting maybe but not a real GM.


If you can't get national media attention for good football, get it for embarrassing front-office moves. #dolphins
6 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone .

Negotiating between #Sparano and #Dolphins hitting wall marks the first time anyone from Miami hit anything in the past year.
10 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Our problems have come from the top since Joe Robbie. This franchise has been a mess ever since. Now it is laughable. Mr. Ross, sell the team to someone who has somewhat of a friggin clue.

Definitely, our off season has been more entertaining than our regular season. At this point, who cares if TS stays or go. We need to solve this issue ASAP. Additionally, who will want to come to Miami to be the OC and the QB Coach? Miami is NOT the place any coach out there is thinking to join at this time. What a travesty?

BS Harbaugh chose the 49ers because he knew he couldn't hang in the AFC East hell we would have went to the playoffs this year if we were in the NFC West. Harbaugh wasn't willing to take on the challenge of our division bottom line.

Austin...no doubt Harbaugh played Ross....he leverged him for more money.....only thing to do now is hope he (harbaugh) fall on his as s

I love that Sparano grew a pair over night here but why can't he grow a pair for game days? Someone else said something along those lines and I completely agree. The irony is too funny.

...and Ross expects to get tax money from Broward and / or Dade to improve JOE ROBBIE STADIUM.


...by the way Mr. Ross did you know Mr. Robbie built that stadium with private funds...his and his investors...what makes you so special that we got to give you our hard earn tax dollrs? Ask Emilio and Gloria THEY have lots of money...

Yeah, MIA got JOBBED on the new Marlins stadium...When they made the owner open his books turned out he was making like 50 mil a year net and was crying broke, LOL

Harbaugh sounds like a real go getter wants to play in a weak division.Might be good in the long run we did not get him he does not seem to have killer instinct.More interested in padding his win total with weak competition

Nobody from the media should show up for the round table a noon Saturday. Let them sit there by themselves.Let these clowns know that we are all pissed off. its an embarresment to be a Dolphin fan anymore.

"Our problems have come from the top since Joe Robbie. This franchise has been a mess ever since. Now it is laughable. Mr. Ross, sell the team to someone who has somewhat of a friggin clue."

Was this copied from the blog 4 years ago when Huzienga was still here? Everyone was saying the same thing then. I bet those people are missing Wayne right about now. He may have been loyal to a fault but one thing he always had was class when it came to dealing with employees.

These coach announcements are dull. Unless this one includes Miami Dolphins and Stanford singing my achy breaky heart, Ill pass
4 minutes ago via Mobile Web

Sometimes crazy things turn out for the best... like Belichick signing with the Jets then retiring the next day to join the Patriots.

Dolphins need to put this freak show behind them and find a good Offensive Coordinator.

Jeff_Darlington Jeff Darlington
Dolphins owner Jeff Ireland just exited the team's Davie facility in a white SUV. He was here with Ross and Sparano for hours.
2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Nice Spin on things Scott...i'll buy that for a quarter

lol Ireland just bought the team

TS has some balls afterall. New contract. Better say in personnel. Ireland is a baglicking moron. We know that. Look at the insurance salesman behind a football desk.

What did he think TS was going to do? One coach in the world that will play for him. TS demands a new contract and Ross looks stupid and has to give it to him. TS was in a no lose situation. His contract was guaranteed even if he was let go. So let Ross run around trying to find the next coach. If TS gets fired, he gets a few mill to cool his heels and find another job. If not, he sits back with Tickle Me Elmo face on and when the billionaire gets back empty handed, TS will get an extension. Brilliant.

Now, TS apply the same thought process to the offense and I will give you my eternal gratitude.

Do they actually read this blog?

also, i forgot to mention, john clayton earlier said that harbaugh's lack of enthusiasm about chad henne played into his decision. this is quite an indictment, considering that they are both michigan alums. why does everyone outside of the organization seem to reach the same conclusion regarding henne?

p.s. harbaugh called sf the ``perfect competitive opportunity"

translated: I dont have to get my a ss kicked by belichick twice a year.

Lame Duck Head Coach is NOT needed in Miami....Do we really want to do the John Fox thing all over again????

Waterboy !!!!!! LOL We Suck Again !!!!


Ross u r a idiot. What r u doing u made the fins the new laughing stock of the league. Silly and pathedic move keeping ireland. At least next year I will save money cuz I am not going to any games.We are the raiders of the East!!!!...

after all this craziness everyone stays woo hoo more losses and field goals for everyone

Whether he stays or goes, I am glad Sparano stood up for what's right. I want him to stay but I want him ti stick it to the old man and we can have Mangeniussssss for coach.

I'm certain that at least some of the players and staff read the blog. They probably have PR meetings and polls. I'm sure Soiled's posts have been up on the projector before.

I hope so at least if they do SEAN SMITH SUCKS!

BTW, VD has a post on twitter. Send some chick your address and she'll mail you a signed VD rookie card.

I wish Harbaugh all the best with the 49ers, wish he were here but he mentioned class and integrity in his reasons for choosing the 49er's, not much of that around here right now.

The good that I'm hoping comes out of this, if they have to keep Tony on (they better give him an extension or it will be like dead man walking next season), is it would be Tonys team.

No longer will it be Parcells, Henning, or even Irleand at the top of the food chain. Tony will be the last man standing assuming he is asking for more control over Irleands final decisions. He will be seen as a BAD ASS by his players that mostly already love him (screw pot boy and twinkle toes) and they will rally around him. He will be the head honcho and this will finally be his team. No more Henning bullying him or Parcells staring him down, his team. He will absolutely garner more respect because of how he's acted and triumphed during this whole debacle.

He has obviously been aware that fans and management are not happy with the conservative approach and he will tweak his system.

Thought I would lay out the possibility of a positive outcome so we can start focusing on some positives again because this day has sucked.

But where are the clowns?

tony needs to focus on being a good offensive line coach before he should take on head coaching

yes Mags, harbaugh has the luxury of taking the high road now, after he used ross to increase his salary with sf and interviewed for a job already held by another coach.

The clown's meeting was just adjorned

Don't bother, they're here

hard to read that without singing

Let's get serious here for a minute....has Mangini been hired yet?

Just because the Dolphins have a nooner scheduled doesn't mean that Fist Humper is staying. At this point I'd take anyone over Sparano. And get Carl Peterson the Hell out of and away from our team. No one in the NFL wants anything to do with this guy.

i come to miami at least twice a year for games and between flights and tickets and hotel it gets pretty expensive but after this circus if we still end up with the field goal fist pumping moron as head coach i dont think ill be needing the frequent flier miles any more ill just watch the ineptitude on television


I'm, doing well and you?

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