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Negotiations with Tony Sparano hit a significant snag

The Dolphins have a coach under contract at this hour. But they don't necessarily have a coach.

The negotiations I wrote about in the previous entry on this blog were apparently going fairly well around 3:30 this afternoon when the Dolphins decided to call a media roundtable for 4:45 p.m. to discuss the events of the past week and put a smile on all that has made you frown.

But ...

... at around 4:15ish those talks became a little heated, I'm told. They went astray, I'm told in that you had two sides pulling in different directions. They hit a significant snag in that the sides definitely were not agreeing on a final outcome. And so at that time, the hammer was dropped and coach Tony Sparano or his representative let it be known he wasn't comfortable returning to the Dolphins in 2011.

That serious.

And so, as I said earlier, the Dolphins still had a coach under contract because Sparano is tied to the team for 2011. But they didn't have a coach to put in front of the media with owner Stephen Ross and perhaps general manager Jeff Ireland.

That happy family portrait the Dolphins wanted and intended to put on display was not ready for public viewing.

So the Dolphins called off the round table indefinitely. A spokesman said it could be reconvened in five minutes or five days.

[UPDATE: Dolphins have just rescheduled the roundtable for noon Saturday. This suggests the hurdle the negotiations hit earlier has been overcome, or perhaps overcome to the point sides are very confident they will be resolved by noon Saturday.]

That's all I know.

I do not know the particular topic that caused the gap that kept the sides from having an agreement. I do not know if it was just legalese in a contract that eventually will be overcome by the legal experts -- I'm not betting on that one.

I am told, however, that the sides hope to get this resolved at some point.

So a state of uncertainty exists.

And you thought you'd seen uncertainty with the Miami offense? Ha.


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This is too much. I'm going to get drunk and nail my jew girl...Have fun guys.

A Fish Called Tony

Austin, can u really blame him, he knew all along he wanted to stay in the bay area, just had a kid and all, his agents advised him play Ross for more money and the job u want, its a no brainer really.

I second that. Enough with the Peterson s**t! The guy put Kansas City in such a deep hole it took them ten years to even be competitive again. Please Mr. Peterson, have the decency to stay retired and out of south Florida, we fans have been through enough already.

Hmmm Dungy sounds Luke he might want to come back to coaching now that's a hell of a coach...


Mags, i don't blame him, i am just saying that for someone who lauds integrity, he didn't come out of this as cleanly as he might think.


FAKE ALoco @7;18

They might be announcing TS as HC and introducing a "big" name OC to try to save face?

Yeah maybe not Austin see what you mean, I just don't wish the guy bad because he didn't come here unlike some on here, thats abit childish IMO

WOW!!! Most of you are idiots!! Tony is a stand-up guy who deserved a chance to prove himself and finish out his contract. Ross is a DOUCHE BAG!!!! I have been proud to be a Fin fan even in the bad times but this is a joke and an embarrassment to all associated with the organization. Thanks Rosstard, you're an idiot!!!

Maybe Sparano wanted an extra bonus for every fistpump he makes next season, sorry had to say it lol

I wouldn't be surprise if Ireland is gone after this soap opera ends. There's no way Sparano could work with him - so I wouldn't be surprise if Sparano demands greater control or the outright dismissal of Ireland. Sparano holds the cards now. Secondly, Ross cannot afford to be seen as a pariah in the league. Everyone is criticizing Ireland for his handling of this.

I think we should pull a strike on the Dolphins..

Harbaugh doesnt like Henne either, that's no surprise who does besides bobbyd12

Henne's toast, when other Qb's are dissing you thats a bad idictment

Can you feel the HEAT that's in your soul!

Ross is total blame for all of this. Sparano did nothing wrong. Keep it up Sparano pls. Anyway the Phins can get anew owner? This one is a complete joke with his nightclub and bring celebrities here. Making this club more of a joke as he goes chasing Harbaugh like a little teenage girl in lust. Ross is the one with egg on his face.

As a lifelong diehard fan (I was even excited about Cam Cameron), this organization has dropped to a new low. Sparano was hung out to dry by the dick-fecta (Ross, Putricson, and Ireland) and then they want to make nice with him. Sparano has alot of class to deal with it all. Sparano has some major faults that need correcting on offense but at least one more year to deal with it. If they did not want him they should have fired him...plain and simple. The fins organization has hit an all-time low.

So much for season ticket sales in 2011. The past two-days have taken a serious toll on all Miami fans and Ross will need a miracle to get them back. Let's hope that Sparano can deliver a comeback like 2008 cause I will support him and the players all year long...I can't say that for the dick-fecta!

Tony, stand tall and get what you want. Eff all of these want-to-be phin fans!

Thanks for the updates Mando.

If you get a chance at the presser, ask one of the dick-fecta's a question about how classy they came off and the damage that was done...please, please ask!

Call Bill Cowher and tell him to come in and do whatever he wants with full control but keep only Mike Nolen. All the rest can go including the GM.

Ross can make this all go away.
Call Cowher Now and get on ur knees and tell him that he's ur daddy.

I hope He tells them to pound sand, You have Carl to Thank for this mess, What he done to KC is starting in miami!

They screwed the pooch on this one. Who would want to be an assistant coach not knowing if your future was longer than one year here?

Free agency is also pretty well screwed.

Maybe it's time for the "Major League" Plan. Let's assemble the worst team and staff in football and secure the first pick in next years draft, then we will have our QB (Luck) and can start over!!

harbaugh played ross for more money just like ross played sparano for a better coach just like sparano plays players for better players thats the nfl people its a cut throat business and none of these millionaires care about us or each other so get over the feeling sorry for anyone and have fun watching on sundays

Can you feel the HEAT that's in your soul!!

Everybody keeps saying Harbaugh played Ross for more money. Where? He took 3 million LESS per year, to sign with SF. WTF u people talking about.

Carl P is worthless i live by kc and he ruined the chiefs

I love my dolphins but..........can you feel the HEAT that's in your soul!!!

Bobby, the statement that Harbaugh played Ross for more money is based on the assumption that Harbaugh wanted to play for SF all along and got the 49ers to increase their offer for fear of losing him to Miami.

bobby theres no definite reports that the fins actually offered the reported 8 million dollars just speculation and the 49ers did up their offer so thats what im talking about ok

LOL Sparano is the HC and is getting an extension. Let's now move on with how we can fix this offense. First order of business after this Sparano announcement tomorrow, go get us a OC for the love of god LOL.

that a boy bobby embrace that mediocrity

I think I will go see if the Patriots have room for more fans. I am sick of this franchise after what they did to Shula.

The next OC that I hire will be our Head Coach in 2011 !!

Ken, it had NOTHING to do with money. Before this even began it was widely reported Harbaugh's wife loved the Bay Area. Harbaugh wanted to stay there, and SF first offer was 4.5, they barely came up

Well stable situation or not, if Ross pays big money for a big OC someone will take it, and with the chance of promotion lol.

That a boy lc, embrace the fact ur a douchebag, always will be.

the end times for both miami football teams!

Thank GOD ALL MIGHTY FOR THE MIAMI HEAT! Because the dolphins just to first place in the worst franchise in florida hands down!! Only because of the current owner and regime because the team reflexs the owner and how ever runs it!!

The Heat play @830pm


Anyone think this will help the phins?
Carl peckerson says it will this is the kind of stuff he does to a football team, just look what he did to KC.


Hey KJ.
There are no facts, only rumor, innuendo, unnamed sources, speculation and silence from the new Troika.
Just maybe, the 4:45pm meeting was cancelled when public disclosure of their real back up plan to fire Sporano, promote Nolan and hire Mangini as the DC, blew up when Mangini said "I was thinking HC not DC"! and he promptly said no way. Then he leaked it to the media cause he's such a stand up guy. One thing for sure, as long as this fiasco continues we can expect absolutely no progress on addressing the real needs of the Dolphins. We all knew that Ross had a penchant for celebrity and entertainment, so I guess we just have sit back and let it run its course.

Here's dolphin77, who told you what was gonna happen? Who's the idiot who told me for weeks how much of an idiot I was? Who's your daddy now? How's it feel to post ur bullshyt for weeks and be sooo wrong. Now STFU


I know you guys are not going to agree but the dolphins have not been good for a long time! Even the Panthers have Been to a championship in the 90' the dolphins in the 80' so don't go argue that point the only pro team not to be in a championship game since the 80'

there you are bobby boy. remember when i called you out a couple of weeks ago. shows what a weasel you are. haven't heard you speak much of your butt buddy henne lately!

dolphins77, now your little punk ass will probably jump on the Jets bandwagon. dolphins77 is now officially Jets12

still have no balls do you bobby boy?

dolphinss77, Henne ain't going nowhere, I will be right on that too, just like everything else punk ass


My balls are in your mouth while I'm yelling "Who's Your Daddy?" And ur mumbling, you are. LMFAO, you get anything right??

sure you will bobby boy. you two just need to run off together.

no bobby who's your daddy!

I so much enjoy this but gotta go. Adios LOOOSER

do you and henne have a date tonight? biatch!

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