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Negotiations with Tony Sparano hit a significant snag

The Dolphins have a coach under contract at this hour. But they don't necessarily have a coach.

The negotiations I wrote about in the previous entry on this blog were apparently going fairly well around 3:30 this afternoon when the Dolphins decided to call a media roundtable for 4:45 p.m. to discuss the events of the past week and put a smile on all that has made you frown.

But ...

... at around 4:15ish those talks became a little heated, I'm told. They went astray, I'm told in that you had two sides pulling in different directions. They hit a significant snag in that the sides definitely were not agreeing on a final outcome. And so at that time, the hammer was dropped and coach Tony Sparano or his representative let it be known he wasn't comfortable returning to the Dolphins in 2011.

That serious.

And so, as I said earlier, the Dolphins still had a coach under contract because Sparano is tied to the team for 2011. But they didn't have a coach to put in front of the media with owner Stephen Ross and perhaps general manager Jeff Ireland.

That happy family portrait the Dolphins wanted and intended to put on display was not ready for public viewing.

So the Dolphins called off the round table indefinitely. A spokesman said it could be reconvened in five minutes or five days.

[UPDATE: Dolphins have just rescheduled the roundtable for noon Saturday. This suggests the hurdle the negotiations hit earlier has been overcome, or perhaps overcome to the point sides are very confident they will be resolved by noon Saturday.]

That's all I know.

I do not know the particular topic that caused the gap that kept the sides from having an agreement. I do not know if it was just legalese in a contract that eventually will be overcome by the legal experts -- I'm not betting on that one.

I am told, however, that the sides hope to get this resolved at some point.

So a state of uncertainty exists.

And you thought you'd seen uncertainty with the Miami offense? Ha.


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Andy NJ is the only guy here right now that gets it. Sparano is here, he is staying and he wants this team to get better. The rest of you just hate Sparano and that's the most important thing in your lives. Again, I could care less what anyone thinks, my life is great and nothing will change that AND I will be at every game next year cheering on MY Dolphins. Andy NJ, we will get better and it starts tomorrow

Nahh, Joe, everything has already been written.

If the firing of assistants is the issue, then Tony must go. Loyalty to guys like Tom Olivadotti killed Don Shula and lack of eventually the same to Larry Coker.

We are not the laughingstock of the league, and we didn't even have to play a game to manage that.

I believe it all starts at the top, and I truly don't see any way the Fins dig out of the hole until Ross sells the team.
My Gawd, how can a man make so much money and yet be so incredibly unaware of what's going on around him?

FLASH!! I've got it. He's mesmerized by J-lo's rear end.
I hate the NFL right now, when Mike Vick is considered defendable and the Fins owner is reprehensible.

Sorry...I meant we ARE the laughingstock of the league..etc.

You're right, Andy. Sad that star power is more important than winning. Winning would put butts in the seats for a much longer time.

Joe the Plumber probably understands the importance of time outs in close games better than Tony does.

If you're going to play the game to keep it close in the 4th, you need to be smart with those time outs, right?

Oh, and neither will Sparano and his last-in-the-AFC-East team next year. But Carpenter will go to the pro bowl.

Ok, it's 2010. So, Tony will most definitely be gone by 2013, give him enough time to run for Governor of Florida!

Ross needs to give Sparano a 5yr $5 million a year contract right now to re-esteem hinself amongst his nfl bretherens after his colossal goof. I dont care what Sparano's record is guarantee him that he wouldnt be fired for at least 3yrs.

Then if in 3yrs he needs to be fired we would be able to hire credible coach that would be willing to work for Ross. Right now Ross needs not only do something in reconciliation with Tony. It also needs to be big enough to restore reconciliation in the eyes of the rest of the league.

Because Ross' name is now synonymous with total garbage amongst his bretherens in the rest of the league.

Hey Im out fellas bout to go get some take out from AppleBees lol. Catch you all later.

Dead on insanity. We are cursed. As crazy as this sounds, Al Davis would have done a better job that Ross did here

I keep reliving the same season over and over. It's like the year 2000, the Fins have a good defense, no QB, a guy who can't evaluate talent in the front office and a coach who's play calling is more conservative than an Amish schoolgirl.


Honestly, why the hell would you just piss money away in a useless attempt(everybody already knows) to convince (everybody knows) your head coach(everybody knows) is a dinosaur(everybody knows).

I really don't think the majority of the bloggers hate Sparano at all. I've been very critical of him. Still, I like the guy, he is the most likable coach we've had since Shula. I just don't think he has what it takes to be HC even after 7 years. He is not in control of the team. He is not in control of the coordinators. Regardless of how bad a coordinator is (Henning), its up to Sparano, the HC, to guide him, lead him, Sparano doesn't have that capability. He just accepts whatever the coordinators do even if it continues to fail every single game for 3 years. The team has only gone backwards in too many areas, he's lost his players, lost his bosses, he is a dead coach walking. He can't even speak coherently, can't manage a game, no way can this guy match wits with the elite coaches of the league. Other bloggers have given many other examples of how and why SParano falls short. We like him personally, he just isn't HC material.

Is there a reason why when someone doesn't agree with anothers wishes or opinions they have to resort to childish name calling, talking down too, and just plain rude behavior?

If you don't agree with someones opinions couldn't you respectfully disagree without belittling the person your engaged with?

Because we can all see that someone may be off base on a subject. They may be ignorant to the facts or they could be a new fan to football. We see that, it's obvious. But what's worse is seeing some of you come at them as if you're an expert on the matter being discussed. As if your opinion is more valuable than anothers. It may be a more educated opinion but that doesn't mean you should treat your fellow Dolphin fans in such a shameful way.

Kindly disagree, state YOUR opinion, offer some evidence at how you came to that opinion, and move on. It's that simple and the best thing is you don't come off looking like a complete arrogant jerk. If someone is wrong about something you can correct them without calling them every name in the book.

So the next time you're about to call someone a tard because they like a different coach or player than you do remember that you're not making them look foolish, you're only doing damage to your own credibility. Just some friendly advice, take it or leave it.

Before getting drafted, Chad Henne was looking for ways to make some extra cash.

So he went around Ann Arbor, doing handiwork for seniors. He knocked on my friend's door, and asked if he had any work for Chad.

My friend said, "yeah, you can paint my porch, how much do you charge?" Chad said, "50 bucks." My friend agreed to the deal and showed him the paint buckets and the ladder.

My friend went inside, and his wife, who had overheard the conversation, said, "wow, did he realize it went all the way around the house?"

"He should," said my friend. "He was standing on it."

A little while later, Chad knocked on the door again. My friend was startled, it was only a short time later. "I'm done," Chad said, "and I have paint left. By the way, it's not a Porch, it's a Ferrari!"

Is this on? Is this thing on?



Wow! This is embarrising! All you people calling for Sparanos head....who's going to coach??!!We'll end up with some has been throw away!!

I hear one Daniel B. Henning is available. The "B" is for bubble screen.

I guess to get accurate up to date news, you have to go to nfl.com. Seems TS got an extension through 2013. Everyone asleep in Miami???!!!


You forgot to mention, it was Parcell's and Ireland who actually lined him up for the job, so you can't lay it it all on Henne, he was just in it for the bucks....the experts thought he cold paint us a Super Bowl.

MikeH, Bernadino from the Sun Sentinel broke the news some time ago. He had it

Mariucci for OC in 2011 !!!

Didn't read the Sun Sentinel...but didn't see it on the herald site....thanks.

I stated earlier Sparano should be given a contract extension until 2013 with that last year being optional for both sides. LOL........

Who give a s h I t let's just stsrt talking about the 2014 draft because until we get rid of all these Morons we will be a bunch of loser!!

Ross should also give him a $2 million dollar bonus just for the crap he's had to endure the past few days! LOL................

Either two things will happen now. Either this complete fiasco will draw all parties associate closer together and everyone finally works in total unisom. Which finally restores this franchise to what it used to be.

Or the wagon wheels totally fall off and we will be mired in mediocrity again for the next 10 years. If successful remember you heard it first here! LOL...............


This round table tomorrow, will Ross be kneeling in the middle groveling at Sparano's feet? This billionaire businessman has to eat shyt tomorrow, I bet he ain't going to like the taste LMFAO

Unbelieveable, Fist Humper till 2013, Are you F**king kidding me. Ross is F**KED in the head. This year will be just like last year. So everyone is going to foget everything thats been said and done by players and coaches , everyone is just going to sit around the camp fire and sing songs.This year is going to be F**KED. This is brought to you by the man who gave you T-Pain, Ross, enjoy.




I don't hate Sparano but he is incompetent. The fins will always be my team. Unfortunately they will continue to suck. No matter the OC or DC, this guy cannot manage a clock, timeouts and has no guts. Did you see how confused he looked against the Pats? Why would that change? They could have Noaln and McDaniels but they'd still not get past 9-7 at best because of Sparano. He has not a clue and that is what is depressing me. I have, like many here, stuck with this team through thick and thin and now, they can't even make losing entertaining. There is very little hope at this point. Ireland is a half and half kind of guy. Meaning he does okay half the time and not okay the other half. Oh, Gawd, I can't go on anymore. I feel gutted.

Welcome back, Henne, too, because they won't get Vince Young who is about the only QB out there that's will be a FA who is worth two bits. So that leaves us with Henne and Thiggy.

Why are people glad we kept the blamer? Another three years (potentially, but who would want to come here now?) of mediocrity or worse.

BTW how will this team attract a good OC? Bets are that Sparano will name himself OC after they fail to find anyone who would be willing to work for these idiots (or maybe they'll hire Todd Hewitt).

I really hate how this organization deals with its fans - a code of silence. We never hear anything. In other cities teams, coaches, GMs and players consistently talk to the media and are better for it. It's bad business. This team and owner have managed to alienate a LOT of fans. They will have to prove themselves to me before I go to another game or buy anymore gear. Of course, that means I won't be watching any home games next year since they'll all be blacked out.

How anyone would want to keep a Fat Fist Humping penguin 7-9 coach is insane, Ross you idiot.

Parcells you need to come and get you two retarded hatchlings. All I have left to say is that red headed little C**KS***ER must give that old J*w good head. I'm OUT !

Guys saying fire Sparano now need to have your heads examine. Name one guy who wants to come here after witnessing the fiasco of the last few days. There's not one guy in America that would want to be part of this mess right now.

I dont think even Nolan want anything to do with the hc position right now! LOL.........




Be a man Sparano , dont let them punk you.
Your family carries your name.
BLEEP this looser and walk away with some dignity.
Dont be a coward like Henning

Man I'm LMAO on these comments! But I agree with all of you guys I love my Phins also but let's go to that dreadful 1 and 15 season is it worst now or better that is the question!! Is Cam Cameron better than Sparano, is yellow lemon better than Henne, I'm just saying my Phins friends!!

This is Pete Carrol's first year and he's a better coach than the Penguin. And do you think a 7-9 team should be in the playoffs ? I don't it's a joke. What has the Penguin done ? Pacells was in control the first year when we went 11-5, after he gave up control what has Fist Humper done ? and what did he do before Pacells gave him the head coaches job ? nothing, he was never a coach, unless you count high school.

DB - you're right. And that's why I'm saying we're doomed. It'll take three years before any other coach will want to come here which is why the extension is through 2013. Your comment is why I wonder who would even consider signing on as OC except someone who has never been one?

We fans are completely effed in the yahoo.

Aloco - Carroll is in his first year and those Seahawks would have taken it to the Fins this year.

I wonder which players they'll get rid of Monday? Marshall and Hartline? Marshall likes Wannstadt though, so I guess it's just Hartline that goes since Ricky is an FA anyway.

I was not big on Cowher coming here, but why, oh why, would you let an incompetent, uncivilized jerk like Ireland stop that hiring? The incompetence that is this (dis)organization is just not to be believed. I am in shock and am just gutted. Thank God I have other things in my life. I just really enjoyed being a Dolphins fan.


+Ah well.....the last, best hope for the Fans was that the "snag" became a permanent impasse, and that Ross woke up, canned the Tuna Duo, and got us a for real coach & GM.

But PFT sez TS extended thru 2013.

Sucks to be us.

National punch-line.

Dude, I made chicken francaise with onions garlic and mushrooms and finished it off with a reduced heavy cream sauce.Now I'm going to take a pain pill and chase it down with Yukon Jack.





but if he's in our place i see him finishing 2-14

I guess you guys are just like Sparano can't answer the post like I said I agree with all of you guys but TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! LMFAO!!

Everyone wants to blame Sparano for what went wrong this past season. What I saw was a QB (drafted by the Tuna) that could only complete a deep pass to the other team(probably cost the Fins 1-2 games). A secondary, who if any of them could catch the ball the Fins would have won 2-3 more games. So by my count they could have been a 9-12 win team with Sparano as the HC. No matter who the coach or GM is if the players dont make plays it on the players. So dont over react take the time to see how the off season goes, then make an informed opinion.

Pete Carroll has had previous NFL coaching experience with the Patriots.

How about we get Tim Tebow? http://thefloridagridiron.com/2011/01/why-the-dolphins-need-tebow/

I do not see how you can be happy about Sparano for another 3 years and with more money to boot. Please explain how this is good for the Dolphins.

You are celebrating a Sparano extension?

I am appalled. IMO Sparano has zero idea how to create a dynamic offense. His game management is piss poor. He over coaches to the point players revolt.

The Dolphins O-line has been in shambles for the last 3 years. Sparano is fine with have no team speed. I could go on and on.

It sounds like you made some wild prediction and unfortunately for the franchise it looks like you might be right and now you are beside yourself with glee. For what?

3 more years of Sparano's crap is about the worse thing that could have happened to the Dolphins.

And for all those who claim that the Dolphins are ruined now for any other coach ever wanting to coach here again. I have to respectfully suggest that's nonsense.

The Dolphins are a great and prestigious franchise with tremendous tradition.

Any player would be proud to play with the Dolphin on the helmet.

South Florida is an ideal place to play. Not great for raising a family I imagine but great for nightlife, the beach, women, minimal taxes.

I suppose with all the money you could have a nice gated community to live in. Ross pays. Heck there are many worse franchises, locations and owners.

Dude, i get home from the bar and everyone's gone. WTF.

Harbaugh, not worthy, Cowher was best hire at this point in time.... Sparano, like a wife, cheaper to keep her, instead of a divorce....

The only better outcome would have been for Sparano to knock out Ross and Ireland and then leave the building... for good!

Where would we be now if Pennington had not gotten hurt?

I don't believe in Sparano... Mainly because he let the OC kill the team 2 years in a row and just kept defending him... Instead of being proactive and making a change or at least a change in style... So he acted like a position coach which is what he was and maybe should be.

And now I am concerned we have an owner with money who doesn't know what he is doing a la Washington's owner... Sigh

Bobby is gonna renew his season tickets & go to every game. Have fun with the other 12 people in attendance.

Just a thuoght. But I read someware the reason Bill Parcells left was because nobody was paying attention to him. IF THATS THE CASE, do you think he gets pissed? Does he approch he age old pal HENNING to teach them a lesson?

Now that Peterson is back in the picture the last four to five days publicly, where is the PR guy Dee? Did Peterson handle talks with all the interviews the way he did in KC for 20 years? (IN A CONDECENDING TONE)

I havent herd anything of late tying Bill to the Vikes either.

I like Tony but I cant see him making it now. To much damage has been done since the last game. And that game was a reported let down because of him pryer to this.

GET BRIAN BILLICK..... He gets along great with Nolan.

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