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NFL Network insider Jason LaCanfora talks Dolphins on Armando and the Amigo (audio)

The topic foremost on everyone's mind with the Dolphins is the hiring of assistant coaches to be offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Everyone knows the chronicled candidates so far: Rob Chudzinski, Chris Palmer, John Garrett, and Saturday the Dolphins will reportedly interview Brad Childress.

I hate the idea of Childress, by the way.

Why? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't belong. It's not what the Dolphins seem built to do because it means instituting the West Coast offense to a team that doesn't have West Coast offense talent.

It would require finding a quarterback familiar with running the West Coach offense. It would require players in Miami taking a shine to Childress in a way players in Minnesota clearly didn't -- and doesn't coach Tony Sparano have enough issues convincing players about his own credibility to be thinking of also building up the credibility of a coordinator whose questionable reputation precedes him?

Simply, the Brad Childress candidacy does not seem logical to me.

I discussed this and many other Dolphins topics with NFL Network insider Jason LaCanfora on Armando and the Amigo Friday on 640-Sports here in South Florida. LaCanfora made the point, and very well, that we shouldn't really be talking about the next Miami quarterback until the coordinator is hired.

He also explained that the other candidates apparently in the hunt for this job come from a different philosophy and coaching tree than does Childress.

Listen to the interview. Or if you wish, you can tune into the show Monday through Friday between 6-10 a.m. on 640-AM in South Florida or streaming online here. LaCanfora, by the way, appears on my show every Thursday.


Jason LaCanfora



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Short memories. Childress was yet another Favre int from being a Super Bowl coach. Favre was TERRIBLE this year and the reason Childress doesn't have a job despite any relationship issues.

Fans of this team are about as smart as the owner. We need youth and energy! That's all! Super Bowl here we come! LMFAO.

Enjoy watching the rest of the division today. How many years since you won a playoff game? Please just stop already and move the team.

henne hasnt won a qb competition in 3 years during camp. i cant imagine him winning a true competition with a veteran being brought in. henne only played because he was a 2nd round pick and dubbed a "franchise qb". it will be a shame to see thigpen leave who was never given the coaching/opportunity to win the qb job. he will succeed elsewhere;he just wants some snaps in practice and a fair chance to win the position.

R.I.P.~ Carlton Chester "Cookie" Gilchrist ~ Buffalo Bills. One of the toughest dudes to play the game. They don't make them like this guy any more, ~~~ New England 52 Jets 10

Miami will draft a left guard who can block and pull in the first round.

Kris will become the first she/male Dolphin cheerleader. DC Dolfan will protest,thinking it should have been him/her.

Miami will draft a tight end in the third round who can get open and catch the ball.

Chad Henne will be the starting Q.B.for Miami next year.

Find some R.Bs. with speed. No.23 does a three steep dance before he starts to run the ball. No.34 will sign with New Orleans. Solid Info from Orchard Park.

Buffalo Bills will be relevant again in year 20never

Jeff George will get a try out will the Dolphins when and if camp opens.

My prediction !!!

If we hire Childress ....

This coming season we will NOT make the playoffs...therefore...Sparano will be fired and Childress will take over and he should if he is hired..sparano is a joke...cant believe Miami didnt CAN him !!! If Parcells was still here i would keep him but now that he has left...its time to clean house !!

2011 draft picks !?!?

1 - Cam or Mallett

3 - Christian Ponder - if he is there !

Trade down or do something so you draft 2 decent QB's for our first 2 picks.

Childress is a dog~~~~~~with fleas



Sparano used to call the plays for Dallas when they were number 3 in the league in offense in '06. It was the year they benched Bledsoe for Romo.


He might decide that since his career is on the line that he should call his own plays like Peyton does in New Orleans. BTW Peyton wanted Sparano to be his OC in New Orleans before he was hired here! Now imagine if Sparano was the trigger man last year for that offense...Think he'd be thought of in a different light this year? Brees can make anyone look pretty good.


Jeff George can still throw the 40 yard rocket! Better then any thing else out there.

Chudzinki may be the one OC who worked with a QB with all the traits that Henne lacks. Can he instill these traits in Henne? At least he can recognize what is needed to be a successful QB.

If Miami were to draft a QB this draft who should they draft? Cam Newton is not the answer not enough credentials, I like Jake Locker. Any thoughts out there? or should we wait for Andrew Luck next year?


Like I have said in the past I am not an NFL scout but I do read alot of the scouting reports and other professionals opinion. With that being said all of the experts are saying that every QB in the 2011 draft is a developmental project. There is no lock for success. Next year however has several stud QB's. If I was a guessing man I would expect the fins to trade back to the mid 20's to get a 2nd rd back. I would say yes to drafting Locker but only if he can be had in the mid 20's. I really think that alot of these QB's are going to drop to the late to early 2nd round.

Yes the candidates all are very vanilla...we should be looking at offensive coaches whose teams are still competing for the superbowl.

Once again you show why you can't make any money.
All of you morons that can't even make 100k/yr are wiling to can your investment right before it starts to pay off.
QB's typically start paying off thier 3rd year as starter.
Ross isn't a billionaire because he cuts his investments before they start paying off: he waits for them to payoff.

Our offensive line play was so poor this year that neither Ricky nor Ronnie had 1 100yard game rushing between them.

A line that can't run block can't pass block for more than 2 seconds and that's why we stopped throwing it downfield as the season progressed.

McQuistan for pete's sake went from sneaker salesman at Footlocker to starting right tackle, right guard and center in a phone call.

Maybe sparano wants call the plays himself that's why the names are vanilla. I was sparano and my job was dependant on it I'd want to call the plays myself. We'll see

Oh brother...How about some facts, rather than pure emotion, Armando:

1. Childress took the Vikings to playoffs and an NFC championship and lost it only because of a running back that had fumblitis and a quarterback that threw a stupid interception with the game all but won with a field goal.

2. Favre may have been squawking about Childress, but he had his 3rd most successful season under him (statistically) at a ripe old age and got to the NFC championship. It was when Favre didn't listen to the coach and wasn't protecting the ball that he gave games away.

3. I don't particularly care whether players love their coach. In fact, the ones who really say they love their coach, generally don't have a lot of success. I think I know a team like that...come to think of it. Do you?

4. You are what your record says you are, so outside of this year, by not getting a young QB in place so he wouldn't have to play Favre ( who was clearly over the hill and a distraction this year), his record was pretty darned good.

5. He was a very good OC in Philly, under a master offensive mind. Look what happened to McNab when Childress was no longer there...


Point taken I agree with you, I think Miami should trade back in the draft to secure a second rounder, If in fact Locker is availiable at mid 20's which is a very high possibility I would draft him if not. I also think Miami should try to packasge a deal for Kevin Kolb, which would include Chad Henne, or Tyler thigpen and Vernon Carey and a draft pick that would be a the second rounder they secure. This would be ideal for them, OL can be had in the 3rd round, although they do have good depth there from the last draft. I think Sparano tried to hard to put a combo of OL for the pass and not so much the run. They knew that coming into the season cuz of Dan Hennings inability to get away from the Wildcat. Also there was not alot of play action or screen passes to the RB's Which are pretty good catching and in open field.

Is that really the bobbyd12 that posts in here regularly or is it an impostor? Whomever it is it's obvious how completely ignorant and uneducated you are which doesn't surprise me seeing how you had the unfortunate luck of being part of Floridas school system.

Are you really that stupid or do you believe that there are only bad people in NY? Should I start posting all of the articles about rape,murder,car jacking,meth arrests, etc. that come out of Florida on a daily basis? You do realize there are 10 million people living in the city alone which means more crime. More people more crime. Which is why you don't here a lot about this stuff in Maine.

Drop the whole NY thing right now a-hole.

Oh I see, someone who claims to be from NY came in here and spouted off at the mouth. And now because of that a couple of you pea brained oxygen thieves have drawn a direct line from this low life piece of garbage to every New Yorker.

And that makes you the same if not worse than the idiot who got your panties all in a bunch! How do you not see that? You're trying to prove how much better you are than New Yorkers by slamming all of us. And in doing so you're using racist comments to prove your point! HA You're worse than the guy that came in here. The classy "Floridian" thing to do should have been to ignore that piece of filth but instead you chose to insult anyone that comes in here that is from NY?! Nice.

How in the blue hell can we hire a coach who just lost his entire locker room. Are you kidding me. Why are we even bringing this loser into our facility. If they hire Childress Im done with the Dolphins. ive been a fan for 30 years and a die hard one to boot. Its becoming so hard to stay loyal when we continually make one bad decision after another. Brad Childress lost his locker room, THE PLAYERS DONT RESPECT HIM. So why even entertain it.

D Man Canada Out !


what education did you have ?

Ill stick to your blog.
You have no radio voice or face for tv mando.
Sorry bud.

ALoco, I've said my piece. Sorry if you got caught up in the Florida "school system" thing. I'm sure you are a very intelligent and articulate person. I finished my four year in drafting and design at a Florida college. Love the state and the people. There are always a couple idiots who ruin everything for the rest of us.

I'm not addressing this subject after this post, it's a waste of valuable time. By the way, I just heard McDaniels is interviewing today and Childress not until Monday or Tuesday. Which brings me to my final point. I really wish reporters would wait to get their facts straight before "informing" the public.

First question for McDaniels. " How in the hell are you going to mend your relationship with Brandon if we hire you"?

They're at it again, Omar tweeting that McDaniels and Childress interviewing for Rams job or 49ers? I don't understand what he's trying to say and that's another reason why this twitter thing is ridiculous. "Sorry p Chidress,McD interviewing today" Omar

WTF? Where idiot? Childress was supposed to interview here today! But now they're saying it's not an interview just a meet and greet and exchange of ideas.

How about if we all stop visiting the papers sites until they actually report the news and stop speculating. It would be so much easier to come in and read about things that are actually happening in the real world and not read about what a "source close to the situation" thinks is going to happen.



AS FOR JOSH MACDaniel, look for him to BE hired by his friend the rams coach to be the OC and the mentor for their 65 MILLION NEW QB SAM BRADFORD AND WHO ELSE WOULD GREAL FOR THAT SPOT THAN JOSH MACDANIEL .




Yeah that would be a good fit Aloco. McD does run an explosive offense and Bradford would fit right in.



Anyone want to answer this for me? Last night they had a big thing on ESPN for MLK day. They had a panel of African Americans discussing sports and their role in each sport.

The discussion turned to the Rooney Rule and there was a complaint that not enough minorities held prominent positions, mainly head coaching positions.

It dawned on me that African Americans only make up about 11% of the population yet here are some well known and educated people saying that there should be an equal amount of both races in coaching. I don't get it. How can people not see that the amount of black coaches in the NFL is equal to if not more than what their percentage is in the population. How is that not fair? Wouldn't it be unfair to others if they were at 50%? What am I missing here?

And then on the same token, why doesn't anyone say anything about the huge number of blacks that are the highly paid athletes as compared to whites, hispanics,asians, etc.? Is it because they're better athletes so of course teams pick more of them? THEN WHY CAN'T THAT BE SAID FOR COACHES?!

Why can't an owner say he feels that white coaches are better suited for the job than others? If we can say that the black athlete is superior to the white, why can't that be reversed for coaches?! This politically correct nonsense has to stop.

dustin i think the bigger question is how can they keep mr. i love field goals sparano after the team just horribly tanked down the stretch for the second year in a row? thats the sad part but thats the kind of stability some so called fins fans around here want

I saw that Aloco. Omar made a mistake earlier.

Childress didn't run a pure West Coast offense in Minnesota. It's not that big of a deal. He likes to run the ball and take chances down the field. It still comes down to talent on the field.

well said nyscott i agree totally but unfortunately in this society today if you say anything against that type of argument your labeled a racist, its pretty sad


who are the other 2 Aloco?


Like the Dolphins, Cher was at the top of her game in the early 70's with a hit TV show, best-selling albums, and the adoration of millions.

Today, that kind of success is but a dim memory for the Fins while Cher continues to epitomize excellence in entertainment and remains a huge star.

The "Cher Example" needs to be studied by everyone in Dolphins management.

let's face it - they don't have the personnel to run ANY offense

The fact that the Dolphins even
Josh McDaniels
is very disturbing....

Miami's 'Highly Successful' Defensive Coordinator Hates Him and doesn't trust him

Their 'Very Talented' Wideout Hates Him and doesn't trust him

...and, In Denver, Josh was known throughout the Locker room as
a 'back-stabbing Weasel.


Yet SOMEONE (in the Dolphins organization) thought that it would be a good idea to try to hire him.

Yet another indicator of how The the Dolphins
(under Stephen Ross & Mike Dee)



NY Scott,

Your post is as equally as idoitic as the same dude who who post one link about crime in NY and asserts that NY is a cesspool of crime.....which is what started your rant in the first place......

Your generalizations about race and coaching are unfounded....you can't prove that white coaches are more qualified than black coaches no more than I can prove the oppisite......

The only thing that is a fact is that white coaches have been given an infinite amout more attempts....PERIOD......

I personnaly don't who coaches the Dolphins....BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW/PURPLE/GREY....I only care about 1 color and thats SILVER....because that is the color of the LOMBARDI TROPHY.....Who/what gets us there is irrelevant.....

I won't be posting anything futher on the subject of race and coaching.....

Its a MIAMI Dolphins football blog.....we know the ROONEY RULE IS A FARCE.....lets leave it at that.....


here's one for the great evaluator HOME. profootballfocus rated dolphins secondary. one corner was rated in the top ten in the NFL 8th was sean smith, 14th was vontae davis, bell was the 8th among safeties, clemmons was rated rather poorly. but rashard jones was rated well.

People do some reseach before you want Cam Newton. The guy is a con man, a sham. He will be a bigger bust than Duh'Marcus Russell.

I was kind of sorry to see those pro football focus rankings released.

You see, before that I was easily able to tell who here knew what the hell they were watching versus those that had a lot of opinions but were actually clueless.

Sean Smith was how I could tell. Those that recognized how dramatically better he was as the season progressed were clearly paying attention while those continually posting about him "sucking" despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary could be considered dolts.

I can't secretly do that anymore since profootballfocus has revealed just how good he was last year.

The Bears didn't have a "west coast offense" when Mike Martz arrived but last time I checked they had a 1st round bye. The west coast offense is one of the very few offenses that can put a ton of points on the board with the correct personal and Miami has a lot more talent than what the Bears had going into this offseason.




kris you missed my point. I wasn't saying there was proof, only that an owner should be able to decide for himself who he wants to hire for a coaching position.

You see? If a gm picks a player because in that gms mind he feels a particular player is better than another player why does the color of ones skin have to come into the equation?

Therefore, an owner should be able to choose not to interview a black candidate based purely on the fact that there are three other candidates out there, better suited for the job, but whos skin color is brown or white. Why is he forced to interview someone who he knows in his mind he's never going to hire?

Because when a gm drafts a player, he's not forced to interview a player of a different race just because it wouldn't be fair not too. He picks the player that HE FEELS would be best suited for the position he's trying to fill. Do you see what I'm getting at? I'm just wondering why the double standard is all.

The Bears ranked 21st in scoring and 30th in total yards last season. Probably not the best example of a "dynamic offense." They won on defense.

Meant to say THIS season, obviously.

I just read the rest of your post kris. I'll leave it alone (with you) but I was trying to start a conversation other than which oc we should hire or which qb we're going to get, both of which are conversations we've been having over and over and over again and it's mind numbing. If you don't choose to participate in this conversation that is completely up to you.

But to not talk about this subject because one is afraid of coming off as a racist is completely counterproductive. In this day and age we should be able to have a rationale conversation on the merits of race hiring without being called out as the next Hitler.

In any regard, the fact of the matter is that ANY offensive system can be effective with the right players executing it.

Miami's problems at QB and the collapse of the OL through injuries and poor play were BY FAR the biggest issues, much more than even Henning's sometimes confusing playcalling.

No system would have been able to overcome that and throw a ton of points on the scoreboard last year. It simply doesn't work that way. You need the actual talent on the field, especially at the most crucial position.

I'd also remind you that any team installing a new offense will be at a very severe disadvantage going into next season if there is a prolonged lockout. Players can;t be expected to execute an offense they haven;t been able to learn yet.


Most people who work inside the NFL are Football. EXPERTS. They study film for fifteen hours a day and have deep knowledge of the sport.

The NFL is NOT the general population. It is its OWN separate UNIVERSE of specialists.

It also happens to be comprised of OVER 50% BLACK EMPLOYEES.

The Law Suit threat -- was based on the fact that the Owners were not hiring from this pool of experts in proportions that were representative 50+ percent ratio. It has nothing to do with 'Affirmative Action'.

The owners are mostly older guys from a past era...so they had to be pushed into thinking different.

THAT's the only reason for the Rooney Rule.

"Your generalizations about race and coaching are unfounded....you can't prove that white coaches are more qualified than black coaches no more than I can prove the oppisite"....

This is what I took offense too because I never said I could prove that white coaches were better. You put words in my mouth most likely because you skimmed over my post without taking the time to try and understand it's content. No biggie really.

If you did understand the content you wouldn't have written this,

"The only thing that is a fact is that white coaches have been given an infinite amout more attempts....PERIOD"

THAT WAS THE POINT. They've been given more chances because there is more of them out there. There are more white people in the country therefore there are going to be more white people in any working environment.

Is it racist or wrong that when you walk down an average American street there are more white people than black? NO, it's a fact of life. So why is it racist that there are more white people working at the McDonalds down the road than there are black? Shouldn't McDonalds have to hire as many blacks as whites? Why aren't they? Stop the presses!

NYScott, why is there a double standard in death penalty for murder? It's well-known that a black person who kills a white person is more likely to receive the death penalty than a white person who kills a black person (or a black person who kills a black person). Murder is murder, makes no sense, why the discrepancy? Or what about the discrepancy in medical care? Whites generally receive better medical care than blacks (I saw one study where blacks were given less pain medication than whites for exactly the same symptoms or diseases). Why would that be?

Or driving while black. The state of New Jersey did a study and found it's officers stopped black motorists at greater rates than whites (even though blacks are only 9% of the population), prompting the use of the term "driving while black." Why that double-standard?

See, there are lots of double-standards Scott, and few of them make sense. There are plenty of reasons behind why those double-standards exist.

But, if your point is it's not fair to the owners, then that's just silly on its face. I think the billionaire owners get along just fine no matter who their coach is. There might be a stoppage of football because the owners don't want to come up off any more money than they are making as it is. They don't even want to be transparent about how much their making, to see if it's a fair proportion compared to the players.

Also, the Rooney Rule is named after, a WHITE OWNER, lol. It's THEM, the same owners you say are being treated unfairly, that saw this continued lack of diversity in one part of their team, and took it upon themselves to remedy that. They must have thought it didn't look right to have so many black players, and so few black coaches, and put in that rule. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton didn't make them do it. Players can't even get decent health care once their retired, so they don't have the pull to force the owners to do that. The owners decided on their own to do that. So, if you want to find someone to blame, blame the owners.

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