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NFL Network insider Jason LaCanfora talks Dolphins on Armando and the Amigo (audio)

The topic foremost on everyone's mind with the Dolphins is the hiring of assistant coaches to be offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Everyone knows the chronicled candidates so far: Rob Chudzinski, Chris Palmer, John Garrett, and Saturday the Dolphins will reportedly interview Brad Childress.

I hate the idea of Childress, by the way.

Why? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't belong. It's not what the Dolphins seem built to do because it means instituting the West Coast offense to a team that doesn't have West Coast offense talent.

It would require finding a quarterback familiar with running the West Coach offense. It would require players in Miami taking a shine to Childress in a way players in Minnesota clearly didn't -- and doesn't coach Tony Sparano have enough issues convincing players about his own credibility to be thinking of also building up the credibility of a coordinator whose questionable reputation precedes him?

Simply, the Brad Childress candidacy does not seem logical to me.

I discussed this and many other Dolphins topics with NFL Network insider Jason LaCanfora on Armando and the Amigo Friday on 640-Sports here in South Florida. LaCanfora made the point, and very well, that we shouldn't really be talking about the next Miami quarterback until the coordinator is hired.

He also explained that the other candidates apparently in the hunt for this job come from a different philosophy and coaching tree than does Childress.

Listen to the interview. Or if you wish, you can tune into the show Monday through Friday between 6-10 a.m. on 640-AM in South Florida or streaming online here. LaCanfora, by the way, appears on my show every Thursday.


Jason LaCanfora



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todd mcshay said the same thing about mallet.

Contrailscience.com.......thanks for the link.....i will check it out......

Yes. For Humans the biggest cause of Fear is called Ignorance. Yessir.

another name has come up tom clements qb coach from green bay.

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Kris NEVER let the bastards get u down!
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better, The biggest cause of Fear in Humans is called Ignorance.

very good point mr canosa

Hoping for underdog Seattle victory today and of course the Patriot machine Victory


have a HAARPy day :(

Home.....I swallowed my pride anf posted that post to you earlier because i am almost completly convinced your right.....but if i didn't do my due dillegence and take a look at an oppsing view then I would not be able to talk with others with an objective "eye"....( i know you know what that means)......I will check it our and see what they got to say...

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Yes. Exactly observant Kris.
Home was the biggest skeptic also.

Until he opened his eyes

Keep studying & reading

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If not for science, anyone with commonsense would realize pilots would not be poisoning the skies above where there family lives. You know the amount of people that would have to be involved in such an undertaking, and you would have to believe that no one would actually say anything? Total nonsense. Same with the HAARP Facility. This facility is open to visitors in the summer months. Natural disasters and wild weather are just a cycle of life. HAARP did not create the last ice age. HAARP had nothing to do with massive volcanoes or hurricanes or anything else that has happened in the past. Again, commonsense would tell you that you can't keep something like that a secret with the amount of people that would have to be involved. Home takes events and tries to fit them into his theories and is blind to another explanation. Conspiracies are for the uneducated and weak minded.

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oscar huge difference. in 2008 we play the easiest schedule ever and used a gimmick (wildcat) to upset a couple teams. only to get destroyed in the first round at home.

For "Shula knows" I'm not as optimistic as you about 2011.

Al Loco's menus are much more interesting to me, the Dolphins are headed for several more yrs of irrelevance. This black hole that the team has disappeared into will take many yrs to fill. What's next Al?

LAST !!!

Well it was a great season for some, but for those of us already in the off-season there is hope. I recently got NFL Network in HD for my DISH Network system and am already enjoying watching the interviews, awards, replays of the classics etc. I'm also going to keep an eye on the Draft for my poor broncos!! DISH is also my employer, and with DISH you can get over 200 channels in HD. Take a look at Dishnetwork.com to see how you can get all these HD Channels Free for Life!!

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