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Pats embarrassing Dolphins 24-0 going to third quarter


Just terrible.

Tony Sparano has tried everything: He's benched Chad Henne. He's shuttled Brandon Marshall in and out of the lineup.

And the Dolphins are responding like losers.

They've given up a punt return TD. They've thrown an interception that led to a TD. They've failed to run, failed in passing, failed in stopping the run and the pass.

There is one word to describe this day so far: Ugly.


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is anybody watching something else right now, wouldnt blame you, Sparano will probably put reberto wallace at QB in the second half!!!!

Smells like a coaching change...

I love how the halftime crew are laughing at Miami ... I just hope we're not sucking it up TOO much so that Cowher rethinks his decision to even CONSIDER this pathetic team.

C'mon we can win this LOL

Cower aint coming to Miami folks

Hope sparano has his pink slip in his office and his bags packed....just sayin

Cowher laughing at THIGPEN and Shannon...saying HENNE isn't a starting QB......both of these men words should hold some weight

We can't pass, can't run. can't defend punts. Coach out is the only option.

Cowher just said "WHO" when Dan mentioned Miami turning to Thigpen to see what he can do, too funny for words

VA Fin Fan ... awwww, come on! Let us at leath PRETEND we have something to look forward to for the rest of this game! LOL!!!!

Good bye everyone-24-0-61 yard kick-longest return in NE history-94 yards-7th round draft pick-2nd year guy from Kent State-a total deserved beat down by a far superior team which has 2 drat picks for every round-Welcome -Cower or whomever-because this is sickening

Henne misses an open Marshall-isn't he 6'5" and 235-he plays like he's 5'^" and 150-another pass to Ronnie-who has been playing since he's 6 and 2 games in a row can't get out of bounds for the 2nd game in a row

Armando.....do you really believe Sparano should return? I just cant see how or why he can. This franchise is going backwards and i fear its only going to accelerate with him as the head coach. i do not see any upside in keeping him. this team has quit....and that is the most damming thing that can happen to a coach.

cant believe this team has won 7 games, lately theyre reminding me of the 07 squad. What a bunch of garbage.

I read the article players FIRMLY behind sparano earlier, yep thats worked out well, if im players associated with that story, i might want to disown that whole spill right now or you could be firmly on your way out the door!!!

Ross: "you know why Im calling"
Cowher: "yep"
Ross "what do you think"
Cowher: "Your problem is 75% coaching. Me, a free agency, a good draft and healthy players and this thing will be fine next year."
Ross "c'mon down and we'll talk coin"


This team is not prepared to play.

And if they are, then they're worse than anyone could have imagined.

I would love to hear what's going on in the locker right now. Seriously, we're a team that hasn't adjusted to ANYTHING all year long ... and now we're going to even THINK that we can adjust against the Patriots at halftime? I would be surprised to even see the team come out on the field ... why bother? Can they just call it now?

Sorry Bill....if Cowher thinks this team is a bad as you say....he ain't comming here...but look on the bright side..you wished for this.....next time becareful watch you ask for

This display today just says to me, Mr Ross, we the players are sick of this regime bring us a new regime please!!!

the fox halftime show is laughing at us...

The hits keep on coming. yeremiah bell is on the ground still....

ARMANDO! So the local press concern about teams asking Parcells for advice? I only wished Belichick could be so stupid! LOL.........

5 different running backs used by NE & they're all somewhat effective

lucas: the ENTIRE LEAGUE is laughing at us ... hell, at this point, I'M LAUGHING AT US!!!

Oh well.....i've had enough to where i might play dead on the field too.....Get me out of this game coach!!!!!

Who cares if PLAYERS LIKE SPORANO...that is the dumbest argument in history.....I'll bet player woul like winning even more.....lets ask if they like being in the playoffs......lets ask if they like the playoff bonuses...lets ask if they would LIKE to compete for a SB....

I'm glad they emphasize special teams by getting rid of every special teams player that was any good

An o-line-destroyed by a head coach which used to coach o line-by again getting rid of players

No weapons-anywhere on the team-emphasize the running game by destroying the o-line and abandoning the run at the drop of a hat-run into Wilfork to gain minus yards


Armando start criticizing Morono.

Become a reporter.

Morono isn't worthy of being a head coach. He coaches scared and too conservative.

Come on Sparano put in Lex. Have a bet that he will get 1 carry today. Just 1. I'll donate my earnings to your severance package.

Parcells handed Belichek the Jets and he promptly quit one week later and went to NE, thats what Belichek thinks of following Parcells

Parcells and Sparano laughing all the way to the bank, mofos.

Armando....you still want to "consult" with Bill Parcells about these guys future???

Parcells is a fraud. He hasn't done anything in 20 years. People and reporters still LOVE Him.

The Dolphins should feel like Belichick keeping Brady in the game is an insult ...

But they can't do anything about it.

Parcells will off course say his boys are good...

It's useless to ask him of his opinion. He put this disaster in charge. He won't say he made a mistake cause that will affect him making $$$ from some other team.

Good lord, Armando become a reporter.

It's just amazing watching a competent quarterback ... maybe one day we'll see one who is actually playing for the Dolphins.

Pats open the second half with Tom and Company. Hope this doesn't turn into another 62-7 blow out we had back in '99 against Jacksonville. Either we are a very ill-prepared team or the Pats are that good. Just terrible.

A lot of people are talking about how they have lost confidence in Sparano. Fine. But I have no confidence in our owner to turn this ship around. He's a real estate guru who seems more interested in meeting "celebrities" than in actually winning football games.

TE's have been destroying us all year long.

terrible. they just quit. thats something i have always admired about them under sporano is that they always played hard. now they just quit.


The fact that Parcells hasn't been hauled before the Int'l Court of Justice in the Hague for Crimes Against Football is amazing.

Consult with him? Condemn him!!!

Nice tackling!

Terrible tackling.

Agreed...asking parcells for an opinion is useless, he is a big reason this mess exists.

Can anybody tackle-on this team?

I got lucky. They're televising the Browns/Steelers here in the nashville area.
Still, I'm here suffering with you folks.
Is that dedication or WHAT?? (some might call it an insidious for of masochism...lol)

Bellicheat will put the smack down on us, simply because he like to.
Of we're willing, he is certainly happy to oblige.

Pissed Belichick off when we began blitzing Hoyer. Belichick was trying to call off the dogs and this staff was too stupid to realize. Now they pay with the piling on!

Good work Belichick, maybe now we get the needed chaange! LOL..................

Good tackling

Wonder how many Cowboys practice squad players we will have next year....if these guys stay

love how sparano is going to discuss the future of this team after this performance...uh......improving maybe really............BE GONE!!!!

later boys & girls, this can make a dolphin fan turn into a jets fan

sparano is 100 percent out, im thinking maybe tonight even. so is ireland, but i dont think cowher will come here. i would try harbaugh next

Back to my point about Parcells, He will defend his morons. He can't look bad.

Armando can't you see this. Ross asking him his opinion is kinda useless since Parcells is done.

It's like asking Bush's opinion of the FEMA moron..

This might be the first game under Sparano where the effort doesn't seem to be there. Bad sign.

I could careless what Parcell says to Ross. He's the face of this existing organization. It is his creation, his mess along with the existing staff.
and players.


Guys Im out on this one. Enjoy your 50-0 blowout! LOL.................


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