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Ricky Williams cross free agency bridge, then burns it

Ricky Williams is a lot of things. He's a solid, old running back. He's not very well rooted. He's an articulate man. He's a classic me-guy. And he's a hypocrite.

He's also pretty much done with the Miami Dolphins and I believe the feeling is mutual. And so with his Miami career pretty much over, a bridge Williams knew he would cross eventually, the running back went about burning that bridge on Monday Joey Porter style.

In his weekly radio radio show on WQAM, Ricky criticized coach Tony Sparano, wide receiver Brandon Marshall and took a subtle swipe at QB Chad Henne. He said, among other things, he is a closet New York Jets fan.

The comments you'll hear that seem most damning is that Ricky criticized coach Tony Sparano, saying among other things that the coach had lost his locker room toward the end of the season and the attention span of the players throughout the year.

“Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things it takes to win football games,” Ricky said. “Not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring touchdowns in the red zone. He spends a lot of time saying, ‘If you do these things, you win.’ And sometimes I feel personally that he does a little bit too much. My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that you guys are going to win, then all that other stuff takes care of itself."


Interesting that Ricky didn't mention that during the season at any point. He refused to speak with the local media unless they paid him, which local radio station WQAM did in giving him a show. And even during those paid weekly appearances, Ricky never before complained about the coach asking the team to convert on third downs and score TDs in the red zone.

It wasn't until Ricky was clear of the season and felt he had cover that he made his point about Sparano's approach. Interesting. Maybe it might have been more productive had he brought the issue up with one of the captains to take to the coach. Maybe, as the longest tenured Dolphin, he might have brought the issue up to Sparano himself in private.


“Coach [Nick] Saban had a saying, ‘We’re worried about mouse manure, when we have elephant [crap] all over the place,’” Williams added. “I want to really start focusing on what I want to accomplish and what it is I want to achieve, but not micromanaging this or that and focusing on the little things. It’s keeping my eye on the prize and putting myself in a supporting environment and going to work every day with a smile on my face.”

That quote in a nutshell is Ricky: I, I, I, my, myself, my.

I guess it could have been more accurate if Ricky had included a couple of "me" references.

Ricky is very self-aware. And that self awareness guided him to reach this conclusion last week as Miami was preparing for the season finale:

“I had," Williams said, "a little bit of a sense during the week of practice that we weren’t maybe as focused or preparing as well as we needed to.”

Did he tell anyone? Nope.

He surely didn't tell anyone that could have changed the course of the preparation, that's for sure.

Ricky, by the way, is not a big fan of some of his teammates that he shares a huddle with, we now discover. Marshall, Miami's leading receiver and perhaps the most vocal and open critic of what was happening during the season, is Ricky's prime target.

“Being around Brandon a lot – I like the guy, I think the world of him – but as a teammate, sometimes he makes it difficult to like him and support him,” Ricky said. “It’s not necessarily what he says, it’s when he says it and the way he says it. But for the most part the things that he says are things that everyone else wants to say, but no one has the courage, or the balls. And some of it is intelligence – they’re smart enough not to say those things, because they don’t want to burn bridges. But when you have $50 million, then you can get away with whatever you want.”

Let me get this straight, so Marshall is speaking truth. And Marshall is saying these things while there is still time to correct course. But that makes him difficult to support?

And the guys not saying anything are doing so because they're more intelligent than Marshall?

Oh, and by the way, having courage is a bad thing?

Ricky said the biggest difference between the Patriots and the Dolphins is, "they have a quarterback," and with that he threw Henne under the bus. Nothing wrong with that, but throughout the season on the very same show, Ricky often talked about how much he supported Henne and how much he was progressing.


Now the season is over and so it's OK to do an about-face and pile on the guy when he's down and everyone knows he's going to be replaced?

The best part of the interview to me was when Williams spoke in glowing terms about Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and the New York Jets.

Taylor and Thomas both hated Ricky when he quit on the team in 2004, weeks before the season was to begin. Ricky, you'll recall, said he wanted a break from football to go discover himself. Then he changed that story when it was learned he had failed his, like, fourth drug test and was en route to a suspension anyway.

Taylor's disgust with Ricky was most obvious when he showed up at the annual team Halloween party in a Ricky costume, complete with dreadlocks. Well, this year, Ricky showed up to the Halloween party in a JT costume, including a giant JT shaven head.

Taylor had little taste for Ricky and Ricky knew it. And Ricky took his revenge in his typical passive aggressive style.

But now Ricky is a huge JT fan: "... When I got here, playing with guys like Jason and Zach, it was awesome. Just their professionalism, and the way they played the game, it was incredible.”

Ricky also thinks LaDainian Tomlinson is incredible. In fact he thinks what LT and the Jets are doing if pretty cool.

“I like watching the Jets play,” he said. “Because of LT. I’m an LT fan. And I like the fact that the Jets run the ball.”

Dolphins fans might have liked Ricky to run the ball against the Jets. He 62 yards on 17 carries in two games against New York this season -- a 3.6 yard per carry average.

Ricky is a free agent in 2011. I think he realizes that. Otherwise you would not have heard him say any of this stuff.


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Not sure if it has been posted already by says Marvin Lewis expected to stay with Bengals. It's a non-Dolphin note but just throwing it out there.

We just dont know all of the behind the scenes stuff that is happening down there. I think Ricky gave us a small look into what was going on in the locker room. Obviously Tony lost the team...the way they played last Sunday spoke to that statement for sure. Miami played like a team that was not behind it's coach....

Anyone see this?


any WR TE or RB on the receiving end of Tom Brady would have good/great stats

Master of the Incredibly Obvious

please read other news sources other than government run privately owned filtered & slanted mainstream media
same as Chin news
just a different guise

gronkoski wont sniff the field here. We got big Nalbone and Fasano. i dont think tony gonzalez would be able to get on the field for the dolphins playing under those studs.

i mean why else would Ireland pass on 300 TEs in the draft?

Am i the only one who thinks the Patriots are upto their old tricks again with all the cheatin'??

They just seem to be alittle too 'perfect' to me.

The turnover ratios...Brady not throwing an interception in like a billion throws....McCourty getting about 43 interceptions...the list goes on...and on...and on

Ok Joe, forget Craig, attack JJ, lol.

JJ, dude, you must be the one fan that says preseason, "I hope my team gets crushed by the 3 worst teams in the league." Aren't you?

Or are you the guy that watches games with a Jets fan, and then high five's them when THEY win?

Hate to bust your bubble, if YOU are a real fan, and are NOT irritated your team has only made the Playoffs twice in a DECADE, then what the h*ll are YOU thinking?

Why should those players win at home? PRIDE! Simple. SELF RESPECT! Or, because that's what EVERYONE ELSE IN THE LEAGUE DOES AT HOME!!!

I don't play on the field. I'm not the Coach. I'm not the Owner. I'm just the jerk that puts HARD EARNED CASH on the table for this team. Oh, but I can't criticize the team when they play like cr*p because it might hurt some millionaire athlete's FEELINGS?

Great argument there JJ. Fans shouldn't criticize their team because they might take it out on them and not win.

JJ, have you EVER played competitive sports before? And I don't mean the pee-wee league where even losers get trophies. If not, let me tell you how it works, you play to WIN (no matter what anyone else thinks or is doing). And if you don't win, you get no love.

Sorry, but that's what it's about. People don't pay money each year to see a bubble screen on 3rd and 21. You may love seeing that, but no one else does. So, look around, the odd man out is YOU!

I know the link is just a bunch of crap we all know is speculative but I guess I am trying to find any piece of info distancing ourselves from Tony Sparano

DC and Chris,

Thanks for the votes of encouragement. We all have one thing in common, the love of our football team. It's always great coming here and bein able to talk about the team we love and support! No, we don't always see things the same way but that's what makes it fun.

Joe, I'm done with you. You've got a bee in your bonnet towards me and that's fine. Your a frustrated Dolphin fan....we all are! We had high hopes for this team this year and they let us down. You want to get into name-calling and personal attacks, then you can take it out on other people. You and I don't have to talk. There are plenty of reasonable, intelligent fans on here I can converse with. I don't need your venting! Because you and I don't see eye to eye on things, you have to attack. That's not how the blog works, pal. Doesn't matter! Enjoy the off-season!

All Great Coaches are sticklers for detail.

Another team that just doesn't get it. How many years does a guy get to prove he isn't capable? Either bad luck, circumstance or whatever. They should not be coaching. They can get another chance at it. addiction to mediocrity.

The best predictor of the future is the recent past. I guess those teams & Miami don't know that.

On another non FIN note....Favre is beng sued by 2 jet massage therapist for inapproriate conduct....hey may have to come back and play 10 more years bt the time his wife....sturger...and these 2 other women get done suing his pants off.....who knows hom many more will come forward.....

Does anyone really care about this haarp-nwo garbage? I know I don't so please stop posting it all over the place. If you believe all of that fine, just please stop spreading it like everyone else cares about it. There might be some coincidences here and there but overall it's a heap of garbage home...save it for someone whom cares...


Just got off the phone with Ireland. The plan will be to trade down as much as possible and look for some acorns in the late rounds, pick up some undrafted players and maybe add a few off the Dallas practice squad.

if ricky williams says that sparano is an idiot and goes over things in practice that dont help the team, listen to what he says because the dolphins looked like a team that didnt practice certain things that help you win games. ask sparano what he would do at the 2 yard line on 4th down? KICK THE FIELD GOAL! why does tony sparano run to the microwave and stop it before it beeps? BECAUSE IF HE STOPS IT WITH A FEW SECONDS LEFT, HE CAN KICK THE FIELD GOAL!!!


Hey, not saying that Luck is the only QB to grasp for -- but we def need a RD 1 talent and getting one of the top 3 or 4 in the draft is not a given from the 15 spot considering how many before us are also in desperate QB need mode. So the fins just may have to trade up to get the guy they want be it Luck, Mallette, Gabbert, or you fill in the blank.

And sure Belichick would/has never trade(d) up to grab a QB because he was probably the luckiest FkR in the world when Mrs. Bundchen was picked up in round 6. Because we all know that everyone just knew pretty boy was going to be what he is today. Yeh right.

As I said, this will have to be a risk/reward draft if we want to get out of the quicksand the Fins have now been in since #13 retired.

lol@0 80

Craig M...did you just say "you got a bee in your bonnett"....I mean did you actually write that.....I just wanted to be sure I read that right.....

Now Craig...don't get your panties in a bunch...i'm just joking...lol

DC...your post was awesome bro !

cowkilla u dont have to get all HAARPed up, Man



Has anyone tried the HAARP condoms? My girl went radioactive with big O's last night. Highly recommended.

There is definitely something too what Ricky was saying...you can see it in our teams play...the puzzle is starting to come together guys...

and who gives a shiet bout our lives, lives of our families, all living things, the planet, the solar system anyway
It`s all stupid
right cowkilla

now go chew on artery clogging beef fat, u moron

love u, man ... not

I think Ross has an interest in Harbaugh and may well be putting out feelers.

One thing I don't see you guys considering, though, is that Harbaugh may prefer going elsewhere and turn Ross down.

I remember with Saban, one of the reasons he left (and apparently a big one) was that his wife literally HATED living in South Florida.

And let's not forget San Francisco and Denver are not exactly Buffalo.

I'd like to see him, and hope it happens, but if he turns down Ross I doubt the team would even make an announcement regarding that.

Craig M...seriously...just having some fun....I keep up the fight....nobody's opinion carries any more weight then the next poster's on this blog.....regardless of how much influence we might want to believe we have


He spoke the truth, didn't want to have a mutiny during the season, and said a lot of things which are true. We have no Quarterback, we don't prepare, and we have no adequate leadership. We are in a world of hurt and can only hope Mr. Ross sees that. Stop being a media-dick Armando, sometimes the truth hurts, and maybe that's what we need.

Cowkilla, I forgot to add how Sparano spent so much time micromanaging how many times Roberto Wallace took a p*ss, he forgot to practice the TWO-MIN DRILL!!

Did you see that embarrassment the last few games? How many times do you need to run during the 2-min drill to realize it ain't gonna help? I mean, I have no football degree, but I coulda told you that back in 1st grade!

But Sparano/Henning are the EXPERTS. 80 yards to go, 2 minutes, perfect time for a Ricky sweep. I mean, that 2 yards will look really good on Tony's minus-play sheet. Chalk another one up for good execution team, YEAHHHH!!


I think a lot of you Sparano haters are going to get your wish. There's a report on NFL.com that the Dolphins are investigating the possibility of Harbaugh becoming the next Head Coach. I just watched the Sparano presser from yesterday and Sparano looks defeated to me. I think he sees the writing on the wall, that a change is coming. Harbaugh also has ties to Ireland and the thinking is that Nolan will stay DC.

So there you go guys.....you may be getting your wish! You can all have your celebratory parties soon. Two things, a good man may be shown the door and the 'sexy' choice, the 'flavour of the month' may be getting the kets to the city. This is what you guys wanted! So how soon before we hear the bitching about Harbaugh being in over his head and not being an NFL head coach and not having the experience etc? For the record, I like Jim Harbaugh. I think he could be as good a coach as his brother John, who I also like. However, this is not a move I would hav made. The prudent move, the correct move, the smart move, is to replace the OC and a lot of the players. Let's see who is right.....and don't judge it on ONE year. Let's judge in on THREE years as we have with Sparano. Let's see where this team in THREE years as to whether it was a good move.

I am not dismissing Gronkowski at all, he seems to be a hell of a TE. But having an elite QB throwing the ball to you, and a great O line not letting that QB get lit up helps. :)

I could cafe less home...I don't rely on anyone like a govt to protect or not protect me...I have the mother-load arsenal, I don't need anything else, especially your strange views and comments

Craig, I am not sure those reports are close to accurate as Harbaughs agent has spent more time talking to the 49ers than anyone from what I am hearing...

Craig, you said two hours ago you were done with me. My problem with you is that you can't read. You have this "i know more than you" thing going. Go read page 13 of the other thread. Tell me HONESTLY I didn't answer you 4 times. I even listed the times I answered you LMAO You are full of sh*t. That's not being rude, that's telling it like it is.

Why did you keep asking the same question? Seriously man, that's laughable. I could care less if you disagree with me. If you couldn't see how many times I answered your question, then sorry, you don't deserve my time. Don't sit there & play dumb and act like I didn't answer you. You are either blind or your ignoring what I said. That's your problem.

If you can learn to read & comprehend what is being said to you, I have no issue discussing Dolphins with you. Until then, enjoy the silence.

we had alot of draft needs but ireland steps over blue chip atheletes to pick up acorns and guys with broken legs???? not to mention dallas rejects.



Yep DC, tony lost the team for a number of reasons..the biggest seems to be he just isn't a quality HC in the NFL yet...maybe will be one day, maybe not.

You couldn't be any more wrong Armando. Ricky, with all his faults, was still a true professional, and a damn good player.

The current regime has screwed this thing up from day one, and Sparano and Henning have no clue how to run an offense. Ricky was the most effective player on the offense and was totally underutilized. Ricky had the class not to dump on this cruddy coaching staff until after the season was over. So if he spoke up during the season, what would be your comments then? Ricky is a loudmouth, Ricky is a troublemaker? That's usually what happens. Ricky is just stuck playing for an underachieiving, mismanged organization. This is why the Fins are constantly looking up to the well run teams in the AFC East. We're a joke and Ricky said it a very nice polite way.

Joe and Craig are not allowed to post directly anymore, I called it, so be it. :)

Craig, I for one will be throwing a celebratory party, all the way up to the point Harbaugh calls a timeout in the first minute of a game right after the other team calls a timeout to challenge a call by the ref.

Then I'll turn on Harbaugh too! LOL!

Yeah, Kris.....you never heard that term before? I guess maybe that's my Scottish roots coming through....LOL.

Craig its one thing to start complaining about a coach after three years when they are showing signs of moving forward, or at least A SINGLE SIGN of moving forward. Now, when the coach is clearly moving backward, can't beat the worst teams in the league at home, his players give up on him, he sticks with a useless OC for three years, allows running on 3rd and long up through the very last game, shows no sign of changing, never outwits the other coach in anything, then it the only logical recourse is to complain and draw attention to the fact the caption of the ship may not have a full head of marbles.

ALoco, do you have fact on that or is it opinion...

Harbaugh to the Niners makes plenty of sense, especially since he already lives out there and enjoys that part of the country.

I think we sometimes forget these people have families with their own needs and opinions. It's not as if Harbaugh HAS to say yes to Ross and Miami. He has options.

lol Poizen. Send 'em to their corners of the sandlot.

So the new story up on the Miami Herald page has me a bit confused. Does that mean Sparano and Ireland have been spared for today (for now) or does that mean they are sticking for good? Don't see any Ross quotes in there and nothing on ESPN.

Great post Craig. I'm with you buddy. I dont like the decision to fire Sparano one bit.

No worries poizen. I'm working on my next Sparano blunder to post.


I come here and read your blog often. Daily, in fact. But I am a huge Ricky fan and so are the majority of Dolfans out here. You risk a lot by railing against him. Only the media is pissed about him not wanting to talk to them - so that means you don't like him and assume that you can foist your bias on us? Not going to happen, Pal.

Ricky, with the exception of Marino and Zach, my favorite Dolphins player of all time. Your sitting on Sparano's lap and your distaste for any player who doesn't kiss the media's bum is pushing my limits as to coming here anymore.

Run, Ricky, Run. I will miss you in aqua and orange.

I've played a lot of football, college, CFL and a couple NFL camps. I coach HS now. I see ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with what Ricky said. The coaching cost us a few games this year. Stop licking the staffs balls. The play calling was horrible. What he said about BM was not bad, it was truth. So, the guy makes 50 million, he said what other can't, that's the way life is. Henne is no where near Brady level, you've been attacking the QB all year, so now Ricky's an ass because he said it? Your blog on this matter is one sided and bias.

Chris, it just means they had a meeting and nothing happpened yet, kind of a useless article.


Yes I hope the days of finding acorns, hearing things like.."we did some good things out there today", and the constant babbling and walking around questions with answers that don't mean anything are over! Time for Tony and Jeff to part ways from Miami. Let's purge the rest of this tuna out of our system and move on to bigger and brighter games and a playoff run. We cannot sit around and let them ruin yet another draft for us...

I like you, but you are full of elephant crap. I read the Sentinel's version and yours to see how they compare. You chose to throw Ricky under the bus and called him a hypocrite when all he did was tell the truth at a time that it wouldn't cause a distraction to an already pathetic team. What do you think would have happened if he came out and said what he said during the seasone? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????

Ricky knows where this team is at and where he stands with the admin and the players. So hey, he did Ross a favor by telling it like it is so that clueless Ross would somehow get a clue. Tell me what Ricky said in that interview that isn't true. Do you know all that goes on inside the organization? I doubt it. Ricky does know and it is now glaringly clear why the team STUNK. As a matter of fact, put together (if you are capable) the statements that Marshall made and those that Williams made and you will get the whole story of what was happening with the Dolphins. Truthfully, I was willing to give Sporano and Ireland one more year to fix their mess, but after hearing Brandon's and Ricky's comments, the ills that affect the Dolphins are more than just OC or QB oriented. Maybe it is best to dismantle, yet again, and have Ross put in place the pieces he wants. And the Tuna, he should be put in the grinder and turned into chum and dropped in the Atlantic.

Watch Ricky go to the Jests or the Pats and really give it to the Dolphins in the rear. Just watch and see. The writing is on the wall. The worse part is that the Dolphins will get absolutely nothing for him because of the morons at the top.

Ricky is a quitter always been a quitter and always be a quitter...and that's going to be my memory of the big failure euphemistically referred to as

Personally, I don't think this draft is that good at the qb position. Luck is the only one I see as being truly nfl ready. Newton will take some time to develops into an nfl qb. Locker's confidence has been shattered this year and he's suffered from injuries all season. He will take a couple years at least on the bench. Mallett has a lot of potential but is a poor technician, bad footwork, accuracy issues, and is pretty immobile among other things. He too will require a couple years at least on the bench.

All that said, due to demand all of these guys will be gone when Miami picks at 15. Luck - Carolina; Newton - San Fran; Locker - Seattle; Mallett - Limn.

Craig M,

Doesn't Sparano always look defeated, even after a Win? Just sayin...

And someone put it best in some post, somewhere; if Sparano had to convince Ross that he is capable of turning this around, and comes across the same way he does in his pressers, then the guy is done.

I'm not sure that all these millionare players of now are any different than players of 40 years ago. As human nature is, you let them and they will loaf. So what does a Coach do if he wants to have a winning Team? You kick'em in the ass(we stay here until is done right), kick'em in the ass(gassers for everybody). I remember center Jim Langer calling Shula "inhuman", but he said it after he had 2 SB rings in his fingers.

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