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Ross at Dolphins camp Monday, meets with Sparano, Ireland

The meeting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland were to have with owner Stephen Ross began in earnest this afternoon.

Ross arrived at the Dolphins facility at 1 p.m. Monday and stayed for several hours -- outlasting some employees that left at the close of business, The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting.

I am reporting Ross met with Ireland first and Sparano afterward.

Ross was in the company of club Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee.

It is reasonable to believe the club owner is allowing Sparano to give his version of what happened with the Dolphins in 2010 and a plan for addressing everything that is wrong -- including whether he would fire or relieve any assistants and what his plan would be for addressing obvious definciencies on the team, including the quarterback position.

It has been known for weeks that Sparano's job is on the line. The season-ending three-game losing skid, including the 38-7 loss to New England in the season finale did not help matters for the incumbent coach. A 1-7 record at home is also an issue that Ross was unhappy about this season.

"It was a productive meeting," Ross told Darlington this evening while at Sun Life Stadium for the Orange Bowl game.

On Monday, Sparano met with the media and gave few details on what he planned to tell Ross, with few being defined as none.

“I’m not going to get into that," Sparano said. "That’s going to be between me and Mr. Ross and we’ll go through that. But, I’m not going to get into all or any of those things right now.”

Sparano was asked how he would convince Ross he is the right man to coach the team going forward -- even as potential candidates Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh were working at Sun Life Stadium tonight, one as an announcer for ABC, the other as the Stanford head coach leading his team during the Orange Bowl.

"I’m not going to get into my plan with Mr. Ross," Sparano said, meaning he wasn't going to share the plan with the media.

The fact the meeting with Sparano was likely happening one day after the season ended suggests Ross plans to move fairly quickly in making a decision about the coach.



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Ronnie is another player completely miss used by the incompetent offensive staff. I hope the Dolphins resign him.

Ronnie can be the every down back for this team.
He could also be very effective screen player and can catch out of the backfield.

A great RB can look pedestrian behind a bad O-line. And folks this year the Dolphins O-line has been bad.

Darryl, nitpicking? 4 or 5 throws to his receiver which were low and the receiver had to go to the ground. Those throws are higher, receiver is catching it in stride and picking up yards. Two rollouts he short armed the ball and dropped it 5 yards in front of the receiver. Most of his first half throws were behind his receiver crossing the middle, even his TD to the TE was behind him. One INT and two dropped INTs. That's nitpicking? NO that's giving an honest assessment of what I saw, especially in the first half. He did a nice job with his downfield passes and touch passes. If you think everything is roses with him and he is the greatest ever, well, that is your opinion. After watching him in person, especially in that first half, I believe the kid struggled in some critical areas. My opinion

ODf..Do you perfer Brown over Bong Pipe? It depends on who our coordinator is as to which one of these guys stays(if either) If the run game is a zone blocking scheme where the running back picks his lanes then make a cut then Ronnie may work out. If the scheme calls for quit hitting, straight ahead, or power sweep Lombardi style. Then Brown is a goner. I think it just depends on the style of who we hire.

Oregon Fin Fan, Ronnie can go dance on another team. First off, he hasn't had two years in a row where he stayed healthy. Second, he always did that stutter step dance move before he hit the hole this last year. And how many big runs did Ronnie make when he got into the second level? I will answer that, NONE. Not once did he break loose from a defender in that second level. The great backs occasionally break that tackle or beat that defender. Someone said Ronnie ran scared this year, that's exactly right. Enough of this Ronnie and Ricky lovefest. Just like Jason Taylor it's time to move on.


I'm with you on Luck. I agree with Bobby, in that I thought from what I saw that he had a poor first half. However, I saw a guy moved around well and make lots of different throws and I liked the way he used the play action. I'm one of the few guys who is still a Henne-backer but I have to admit long term Luck has a very good chance to be a better QB in the NFL.

keep the coach and gm, find qb and linemen and we are in the playoffs.
frenchy get out.

Bobbyd12 I respect your opinion. I'm saying that there a lot of things that I saw that make me believe he is the real deal. If you don't think so fine. It's no big deal because the odds are slim to none that he will be a Phin next year.

Tony says,Since BM and Henne don't get along we traded BM to the pats for a 4th round pick, wake to the jets for a 2nd round pick next year and Jake Long is so depressed he is taking the next year off. Jeff and I feel this is the best move for the team, plus give us more time before the team is ready for the playoffs to give Henne time to develop more. Plus we are looking for another Pat White for the QB slot in this years draft.With are continued expertise we promise you the same improvements as the last two years so hurry up and buy those season tickets before they are all gone. Tony

Fact is we have zero chance to get Luck anyway. All I know as of this very moment we dont know who are Head Coach is and the best team in the NFL is in our division and has 8 fukin draft picks in the first four rounds this year. And my Canes also blow. I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Bobby, you're right....ZERO chance of getting Luck. I think everyone else in the draft is a complete crapshoot at the QB position. I'd be interested in a guy like Locker if he were to drop to the third round but in a league that is so desperate for QBs I can't see that happening. The only other thing I think they should look into is what it would take to get Orton. If it's a third or a fourth I'd be interested but honestly I think Denver would nuts to do that. Maybe Marc Bulger has a bounceback season. He was a decent QB at one point with St Louis. Maybe he's recovered enough from his concussions that maybe now he's ready to be a starter again...or maybe not.

Sid Rosenberg is right, if it wasn't for the Miami Heat, this city would be totally irrelevant in the world of sports. Very frustrating what has happened to our football teams down here.

Craig M. After seeing the list of Free Agent QBs earlier, I would take Orton over anyone of them. I think Denver is nuts going with Tebow but that's their problem. I do feel bad for the Denver fans though. I never seen a good football team torn apart that quick by a coach.

Goodnight, maybe we will know something tomorrow


YOu are right about Denver and McDaniels. And I saw it coming too. I don't think they'll move Orton. It would leave them too short. But if there's a guy available then he's the guy I'd want. Only thing is he's not a FA. He's under contract for next year at something like $7.25 million, I think. He'd be a good ADD for any team.

The new model of successful approach is the Belicheat system. Smart versatile players. A changing scheme from week to week in many cases. For those reasons I believe Ronnie is the better RB to keep.

Ronnie is smart versatile and a very good RB.

Look, the best of RB's have trouble when there are no running lanes running behind a bad O-line.

Oh and BTW, Ricky does not smoke anymore. The guy has been clean for several years. He gets drug tested 2X a month and due to his religion and lifestyle he chose to no longer imbibe.

Ricky is great and deserves to go and be productive and be payed for some other team. That is team is going to get a very good player.

I am Officially now Leading the Harbaugh bandwagon!!!
OMG, I Luv that Guy!
Yeah, I know about college coaches having trouble jumping to the NFL as of late.
But I feel this guy is the EXCEPTION not the rule !

Loved the way he snapped at the reporters about his future, he wanted it to be all about the team. (maybe that's why Ross has delayed any announcement, plus Ross was at the game)

Ok, but what really impressed me was how he made adjustments(something sorely lacking in Miami) at halftime in a tight 13-12 game.
His offensive formations, sets, SHIFTS, and play calling was incredible to say least!
Was even freaking Gruden & Jaws out in the booth...lol. They also gushed about his ability to develop a QB, being a former one himself of course.

The best thing of all is his love of using TE's in the game, Fleener had 3TD's, 4TD's total from his TE's, and his use of the run game at the right times, then his play action calls off of good runs!

INCREDIBLE and against a tough Hokie Defense.

Harbaugh's team also played very stout Defense against a very tough Hokie Offense!

A thing of beauty I tell ya.
Ok, I know it was one game. But Harbaugh clearly game plans extremely well for an opponent (his NFL QB experience there), and for games on the big stage!
I also loved watching his demeanor on the sidelines during timeouts, between plays, & during plays.
I tell ya the man has a serious fire in his eyes and a scowl on his chin that I haven't seen in a longtime! Maybe since a young Don Shula.

Jim Harbaugh is money for some body's future, whether he stays another year at Stanford, goes to Michigan, or goes to the NFL.

My only hope is the Ross connection is enough to help sway him to be the Dolphins next Head Coach!!!

Miami needs this young, fiery, gritty, very innovated, QB developing, offense minded, all things football coach now!

Dang, that Fleener kid is worth a look. Is he available on draft day?

Tebow will make it nas a NFL quaterback...he has NUTS and he is a gutsy guy...Henne WONT make it...get KYLE ORTON for me....then draft a kid with him....maybe that Kaepernik kid DB talks about...


How about a decent TE for once?????
Fasano is AVERAGE at best..hes a backup only

So Ross was at the game and saw what an excellent team with a smart, passionate coach looks like.

Sounds like another nail in the coffin for Sparano (perhaps Ireland too).


Sparano/Ireland staying! I knew something was up when Ross wanted to meet both of them. Just isnt something an owner does when he really wants to make changes.

Ross I don't think he gets it!


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Jim HardBoiledEgg all the way...he would be an excellent coach in Miami!
And for those whom think because of what you read about Ross's meetings with Tony and Ireland that this means they are safe..you are wrong...I see it as he is going can them as soon.as Ross gets confirmation that his new HC man is ready to come to Miami...look at it both ways guys...

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Here is a little something from Home:

An angry, reflective Ricky Williams says he’s likely done with the Dolphins, doesn’t hold back on criticism of Tony Sparano and teammates

An admittedly angry Ricky Williams took to the radio airwaves Monday night, a day after the Dolphins finished a frustrating 2010 season with a 38-7 loss to New England, and he didn’t hold back his true feelings about head coach Tony Sparano, his teammates and the Dolphins’ current culture.

Williams, speaking on his weekly radio spot with WQAM-560’s Sid Rosenberg, criticized Sparano on several fronts – questioning his philosophies, criticizing his “micromanaging” coaching style, accusing the Dolphins of being ill-prepared for their game against the Patriots and saying that Sparano lost the locker room at the end of the season, despite repeated votes of confidence from the players.
Ricky Williams enjoyed his eight years in Miami, but he's frustrated with his coach and his role and is ready to put the Dolphins in his rear-view mirror / Allen Eyestone, Post staff

Ricky Williams enjoyed his eight years in Miami, but he's frustrated with his coach and his role and is ready to put the Dolphins in his rear-view mirror / Allen Eyestone, Post staff

“Usually when players are talking and saying the right things, it means that they’re full of s***,” Williams said.

Williams, 33, also said that he has almost certainly played his last game with the Dolphins, after nine roller-coaster years associated with the team. Williams, who rushed just 159 times in 16 games for 673 yards and two touchdowns, said he wants to “have a chance to play a lot and be a part of something big next year.”

Williams expressed frustration that he didn’t have a big enough role – “this whole season I haven’t taken one Advil,” he said – and that ideally he would play for a team that is “changing things around.” He said the Dolphins were in that phase in 2008, when Sparano, Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells first came to town to turn around a 1-15 team, but no longer.

“It seems like now is time to move on,” Williams said. “I was drafted in 1999, and this is the first time I’ve been a free agent. I’m excited to see what happens.”

Williams did not exactly give a ringing endorsement for Sparano, whose job is on the line after his team finished its second consecutive 7-9 season.

He said playing for the Dolphins under Sparano is “not a great fit for me.”

“It was an experience for me, and I learned a lot about myself and I got better as a football player, but at the same time, I didn’t enjoy it,” he said. “For me it’s about playing football, it’s about having a good time and it’s about working hard.”

Williams admitted that several players in the locker room are unhappy with Sparano and his intense coaching style, though he added that the players “unequivocally” have “tons of respect for Tony.” Williams declined to speak to local reporters about football matters throughout the season, choosing instead to fulfill his media obligations via his weekly radio show.

“You can’t go 7-9 and say everyone loves what we’re doing,” Williams said. “And I think any time you don’t have success and you’re not winning, people are going to be unhappy, and they’re not going to love what they’re doing and they’re not going to buy into it and believe it.”

Williams said the players are having a hard time believing Sparano’s message after two straight losing seasons, and said he can be too repetitive and nitpicky.

“Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things it takes to win football games,” Williams said. “Not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the Red Zone. He spends a lot of time saying, ‘If you do these things, you win.’ And sometimes I feel personally that he does a little bit too much. My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that you guys are going to win, then all that other stuff takes care of itself.”

“Coach (Nick) Saban had a saying – he said, ‘We’re worried about mouse manure, when we have elephant s*** all over the place,’” Williams added. “I want to really start focusing on what I want to accomplish and what it is I want to achieve, but not micromanaging this or that and focusing on the little things. It’s keeping my eye on the prize and putting myself in a supporting environment and going to work every day with a smile on my face.”

After these remarks, Rosenberg told Williams that he looks angry and pissed.

“You’re very observant,” Williams said. “Luckily I’ve noticed it, and I’m not taking it out on my wife.”

Williams criticized the team’s preparation for Sunday’s shellacking in New England. They were officially eliminated from the playoffs after a Week 15 loss to Buffalo, and lost the two games thereafeter.

“It’s like we weren’t prepared, we didn’t show up,” he said. “I had a little bit of a sense during the week of practice that we weren’t maybe as focused or preparing as well as we needed to.”

Williams said he is still angry about the way the 2010 season ended, with the Dolphins going 1-7 at home and losing their final three games of the regular season. Losing to the Patriots, who finished 14-2 and could win their fourth Super Bowl in 10 years, made Williams angrier about his situation in Miami.

“Usually after a rough season there’s a sense of relief when it’s over with, but I didn’t feel like that,” he said. “It’s the contrast with what they have going on in New England and what we have going on here, and it’s a very stark contrast.”
We've watched Ricky run for 8 years, but he says Tony Sparano's micromanaging style is 'not a great fit for me' / Allen Eyestone, Post staff

We've watched Ricky run for 8 years, but he says Tony Sparano's micromanaging style is 'not a great fit for me' / Allen Eyestone, Post staff

“They had less to play for than we did … and they played harder than any team we played all year, and I just expect that from my team,” Williams said. He added, “I’m not angry at my teammates. I’m angry at the situation. That’s the coaches, myself, teammates, that’s everyone. That’s the whole environment that we have there, and I’m just frustrated that it’s not better.”

Williams gave the example of Rob Ninkovich, whom Sparano and the Dolphins cut in 2008, as a player who thrived in a more positive environment. Ninkovich had three sacks and two interceptions against the Dolphins this year as the Patriots’ starting outside linebacker.

“It’s not based on him necessarily making plays, it’s just based on him buying into a winning tradition,” Williams said.

Williams didn’t save his criticisms for just Sparano, however.

When asked about the main difference between the Patriots and Dolphins, he replied, “They have a quarterback.” Chad Henne finished the season with 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions and was benched twice.

And he was critical of Brandon Marshall for the way he spoke and acted negatively toward Henne in recent weeks.

“Being around Brandon a lot – I like the guy, I think the world of him – but as a teammate, sometimes he makes it difficult to like him and support him,” Williams said. “It’s not necessarily what he says, it’s when he says it and the way he says it. But for the most part the things that he says are things that everyone else wants to say, but no one has the courage, or the balls. And some of it is intelligence – they’re smart enough not to say those things, because they don’t want to burn bridges. But when you have $50 million, then you can get away with whatever you want.”

Williams, who surpassed Larry Csonka on Sunday as the Dolphins’ all-time leader in rushing attempts (1,509), reflected on the chaos of his eight seasons in Miami, which included a franchise-record 1,853 rushing yards, a sudden retirement in 2004, a year-long drug suspension, extended trips to Canada and Australia, one playoff appearance and a re-birth under the current regime, setting an NFL record in 2009 for most years between 1,000-yard rushing seasons (six).

He even managed to throw another backhanded comment while saying that playing for the Dolphins has somewhat fulfilled a childhood fantasy. Williams, who grew up in San Diego, said he always enjoyed watching Chargers-Dolphins games as a child.

“Just the fact that the Dolphins were always good, you know, and there was a tradition that was built,” he said. “And the tradition is gone, or it’s on hiatus right now. But when I got here, playing with guys like Jason (Taylor) and Zach (Thomas), it was awesome. Just their professionalism, and the way they played the game, it was incredible.”

Williams said he plans on traveling a lot this off season – his big trip will be to Machu Pichu in Peru this March – and lately he has been studying Hebrew and observing the Jewish Sabbath. He spends the 24 hours from Friday night to Saturday night relaxing at home and reading books.

Finally, when asked if he will watch the NFL playoffs, Williams dropped one more dagger on the Dolphins.

“I like watching the Jets play,” he said. “Because of LT. I’m an LT fan. And I like the fact that the Jets run the ball.”

How bout that Ricky Williams?

have a HAARPy day!

Ricky Williams will be a Jet or Patriot next year

Oh Yeah!

The Dolphins Suck

True, Ricky will go to Rex if you ask me... Unbelievable.. Now I hope this shows some of the Saprano supporters on this blog what's really up, and we weren't crazy for saying it...horses mouth folks..from the horses mouth...

Ding-Dong, Dingy-Ding-Ding-Ding-Dong...
Has the bell in your head gone off ringing yet? It just proves from an inside source that Tony and his Staff are incapable of winning like we want to be winning here in beautiful Miami! Another clear silent sign by Ross that he is going to fire Tony, Jeff, Henning, before he gets a chance to retire, and the QB's Coach. Who does Ross know he bagged already for the job??? That's what I want to know...






Double standard here in miami. Randy Shannon got the boot, why should Sparano be spared. He hasn't done anything here but been mediocore, look at Atlanta I rest my case. I don't want to hear about the qb situation they had a chance to draft a qb, they went lineman. Part of the job is evaluating talent, this regime has failed miserably. Turner, White, Gardner, and Oldrick. Yes Oldrick if you had a chance to take Dez Bryant you do it, instead you want to ask him about his mom being a hooker. Sparano, Ireland and Ross you all suck keep being mediocore, those part owners are gonna want their money back. You promised these people a product on the field they can enjoy, instead they probably leave with heartburn from seeing Carpenter kick so many field goals. This is a touchdown league period, how do you not go after Bill Cowher who is a clear upgrade over the current coach, how dumb.

Why is Ross deciding Sparano and Ireland's future aside from owning the team? He knows nothing about football and he should have a non-biased consultant (not Parcells). Not looking good Dolfans. Only thing we can do is not renew our tickets. I'm on record as saying I will not unless this regime is gone!!!

I will never ever see a dolphins game ever .go jets

First time poster but long time reader. I have have been a Dolphin fan since 1971 and this never winning big is getting real old. The only thing we have to brag about is 1972 and Nick popping the champagne cork when the NFLs last undefeated team goes down each and thank God (and Eli Manning) every year. Playing the Dolphins at home used to be something every NFL team feared. Not anymore and for that Ireland and Sparano must go. Unfortunately it looks as if both are staying. Henning and Henne must also go. Newton will not be available at 14-15. Orton could be had for our second round pick from Denver. Orton and Marshall put up some big numbers in Denver. If Rickie wants to go, goodbye. Same for Ronnie Brown. That means drafting a stud RB with the first round pick. Mark Ingram may be there and could be another LT (Thomlinson, not Taylor). There we go, instant offense. See how easy this stuff is? Now for the hard part, who runs the offense? There is not much out there not carrying a good deal of risk with Brad Childress leading that risky pack of course. The guy runs a serious offense with a strong arm passer (like Orton maybe) but he may be a bit looney for a fragile team psyche. The college ranks don't offer anyone who doesn't run some kinda freak offense. So there it is: Orton, Ingram, Childress and all the offensive linemen we can draft or sign. Wildcard birth in 2011. Please reply.

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I hope the meeting goes like this.

"Tony, it's been real. Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out."

Meeting adjourned. But it won't because the fans have not endured enough pain in the last 20 years.

NFL Channel and fanball.com report Jim Harbaugh is a candidate for Dolphins HC

Ross should bring in Vince McMan as the new VP of football ops and let him clean house and fire everybody WWE style... enough of this bs already.

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