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Ross to make last-minute pitch to Harbaugh

I've seen many strange situations with the Dolphins. I call it the theater of the absurd. This one ranks right up there.

Imagine Dolphins billionaire owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and former Kansas City Chiefs president Carl Peterson on the same private jet pointed toward San Jose, California. All of them are of so vastly disperate backgrounds and experiences. All of them are convinced they are like-minded in their purpose.

And their purpose?

Hiring college whiz kid coach Jim Harbaugh away from Stanford University -- out from under the nose of the San Francisco 49ers.

By offering him around $7 million. At least $7 million.

All this while incumbent coach Tony Sparano, apparently out in the cold despite previous assurances from Ross, waits helplessly  back in South Florida for a fate that seems more likely to include a firiring than a reprieve.

That's how it looks if this ESPN report from late Wednesday is completely accurate.

The report gives me a strange feeling because it shows to what extreme Ross is willing to go to get the coach he clearly has targetted as of 7 o'clock hour (EST) Wednesday to become Miami's next head coach. (That is not a bad thing, by the way, but the timing is intriguing considering his search began Monday.)

Ross would be making his second run at Harbaugh because I have confirmed the Dolphins spoke with Harbaugh already and he wasn't all that impressed with their first pitch. The fact is the Dolphins felt they had other options than Harbaugh after that first, failed pitch because I have confirmed the Dolphins were planning to make a run at Jeff Fisher.

But Fisher is apparently staying at Tennessee -- although not official. Harbaugh, meanwhile, wasn't totally blown away by the San Francisco 49ers in a meeting he had with that team Wednesday. So both sides are giving each other another chance Thursday morning.

This bothers me.

It bothers me because Ross is trying to create a monster. 

Some background: I have confirmed Ross met with Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells over the weekend as my column last Sunday said he would to discuss the state of the team and gain advice on a next move. And a person whose been told some details of that meeting tells me Parcells told Ross the team is capable of getting into the playoffs if he's patient and stays the course for 2011. Ross indicated to Parcells he was going to give both Sparano and Ireland one last year in 2011 to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team.

But on Sunday, the Dolphins got pummeled by the Patriots and, as this ditty said, that seemed to change everything for Ross. Ross decided to keep Ireland but try to upgrade from Sparano.

So where's the monster?

Continuity and change are opposites. Ross is trying to make them brothers.

Ross is effectively trying to put a new coaching head on the remnants of the personnel department body Parcells left him in Ireland. He is trying to match Harbaugh with Ireland. He is trying to make the new coach the face of his franchise and putting him atop a personnel department that gave the Dolphins a 7-9 record in 2010.

Here's a question: How is it Jeff Ireland has been completely spared of review but not Sparano? How is it the coach is up for being replaced because he didn't get enough out of the players, but the general manager who provided the players that didn't deliver gets a vote of confidence?

What about Ireland made Ross tell Bill Cowher -- BILL COWHER! -- "we want you but only if you accept coming with our general manager already in place."

Are you kidding me?

There are, of course, no sure-fire moves. You should remember there has been no Super Bowl winning coach who won another Super Bowl with another organization. But, you should also note that not too many college coaches, which Harbaugh is, have made the successful leap to the NFL lately.

At any rate, Thursday should be interesting.

Ross, Ireland and Peterson will make their pitch to Harbaugh. Ross will offer to throw gobs of money at Harbaugh, certainly more money than either San Francisco or Denver are likely to offer. Ireland may promise to get Harbaugh the type of talent he failed to get Sparano. And all of them will try to Harbaugh a comfort level with a club structure that seems strange perhaps only to me.

Ross is on the line here. He's picked his sword. He has decided to listen to Peterson and not Parcells. He has annointed Ireland while casting down Sparano. And now he has one last hope of luring the attractive coach he covets.

We'll see what happens.


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I think people forget Cowher's Steelers made the playoffs a lot more than the Dolphins have lately during his 15 years with Pitt. So, would you rather have a perennial playoff contender that wins the super bowl once a decade or what we have now - a team that only makes the playoffs once a decade? I don't see why Ross is married to Ireland if that's what it takes. Cowher, I'm reading, only wants to put in his own team/administration. That's fine - do it. Fix this ship with a guy that year in and out fielded a top team in the AFC that always had a chance to make the super bowl. This Dolphins team has been mired in mediocre for far too long, and Parcells has jumped ship leaving Ireland behind. Ireland is no Parcells. Yes, they had a decent draft last year (who knows on Odrick, but getting Marshall, Carroll, Misi, and Jerry look to be solid moves/picks). But this is also the guy who drafted Henne to be the "franchise QB," which I don't see happening. He may be a decent QB with more development, but not the impact player Matt Ryan has turned out to be for Atlanta.

We've also had too much inconsistency with the o-line, which is Sparano's area. You can blame talent evaluation, like signing Jake Grove then cutting him for Berger, who is mediocre. Incognito was a great move and I hope he stays. But overall the coaching on the offense hasn't been regressing, whether you blame Sparano and the o-line or Henning as coordinator.

As for Gruden, who the heck made him the greatest coach since sliced bread? Sheesh. He won with Dungy's group and defense, then pretty much dismantled the Bucs until they've recovered in the past 2 years. I like Gruden as a coach, just not a personnel guy after what happened in Tampa. Either him or Cowher though are sure fire upgrades over Sparano.

Consistency will breed more mediocrity, Armando. I'm tired of this team being middle of the pack and losing home games to Buffalo and Detroit. To me, that should have sealed Sparano's fate, not the NE game.

Danny, Very few people are going to divorce the Phins no matter what heppens. but your no more of a fan than anyone else voicing displeasure with the way this is happening. this is a blog for opinions, so you are not a greter fan than most others here. Sorry to go that direction, but I hate the "i am the biggest fan in the world because I agree with everything my team does" attitude.

Poizen, 10:08AM, AMEN BROTHER!! Too many of those here...

What?? the team played harder for Cam Camron?

What the heck are you 2 smokin? I guess some people have short memories.


Craig doesn't need me to defend him, he's a big boy and can speak for himself.

All I'm saying is there ARE good things Sparano did the last few years. '08 was special. He took chances on 4th-downs, he had the team believing and playing hard AND he (and Parcells) knocked heads in the training room. Also, from Mando's reporting, it was Sparano who understood they needed something different and got Lee to come up with the Wildcat.

And, in the last 3 years, the team does play tough, has few penalties, and plays well on the road.

So, it's not like there's NO room for an argument that Sparano should stay and IRELAND should go (not an argument I'd make, but still, it could be entertained). I mean, Parcells told Sparano to make this sort of team obviously. So, you could blame Parcells as much as Sparano.

All I'm saying is let's not get too crazy here. Most of us are in agreement that Sparano isn't good enough, but still he's probably the best since Shula. I don't hate the guy or forget what he's done for us, but I just think it's time for someone else to take it the rest of the way.

Craig thinks stability is important and constant turnover is harmful to a team. That's a pretty logical thought. And lots of times it's true. I happen to think it's not true this time, but I wouldn't call that thought "pure stupidity."

That's the only point I'm making.


Echoing an earlier comment, How are the Dolphins in compliance with the Rooney rule? Are they in compliance if they keep Sparano and bump him to an upper/lower position within the organization?

Chris 623,

I believe the Rooney rule is applicable here. There technically is a coaching search. So hypothetically Harbaugh wants to go to Miami and the deal is set in place. The media reports Harbaugh is weighing his options between Miami, San Fran and Michigan. Meanwhile Miami reports to the media they will interview Todd Bowles or Hue Jackson and the next day the announcement is made Jim Harbaugh signs in Miami.

This is why I say the Rooney rule is a complete joke.

Hey Jensen...really man? So you think Tony and company has done a good job? You must not have eyes man! A supposed OL coach can't even put together a solid OL! Amongst many other issues, Tony is just not qualified nor does he have the personal talent as of now to effectively run this team. Explain how you think he dome so good and deserves yet another horrible year here

Andy NJ, if your boss is looking for someone to "maybe" replace you he doesn't announce to the whole company "Hey,I'm looking to replace Andy with someone I think is better but if I can't find someone I will keep sub par Andy here" You would either be punching your boss in his mouth or suing him for defamation. I said this yesterday, once this goes national the Dolphins would like like fools. It's happening

Think Jeff Ireland
Should be looking hard at Vince Young

Vince Young is better than QB on our roster
Vince Young torched the Dolphins in that 2009 game with some perfect throws
Vince Young will not have every 4th pass batted down like Chad Henne
Vince Young is much more accurate than Henne
Vince Young is much better on his feet,rushing or being elusive than Chad Henne

For Dolphins QBs:

Sign Vince Young in FAs

and def trade up and get QB Cam Newton

with new HC, OC and Chad Pennington as new QB coach

We can really get things rolling on offense

Believe we have some very good WRs
If we can actually throw the ball to them and on the right shoulder or lead them properly
Miami Dolphins will have great passing game for years to come

Now sure up that offensive line
Get the other phat guys healthy like Carey

and keep looking to upgrade at TE

Although if Fasano & Haynos get healthy and step it up
They will be a lil better than serviceable

Think Ross is doing a lot for us fans and we should appreciate him

Go Phins!

Terrible. If money is no issue, get Cowher and fire them both!!! Ireland should go before Sparono. This organization is backwards!

Bottom line....it's doesn't matter who you bring in if you don't have somebody to throw the ball! X's and O's only take you so far.

To all those who think it's bad business, and it seems like that would be most people, to keep TS while wooing Harbaugh I ask what other option was there? Given the fact that there were only a few guys out there who Ross wanted over TS. I'm open to hearing how you would have handled it. Example-

The Chargers REALLY would love to have Brady or Manning over Rivers but they want to keep Rivers if they can't get either of the two. Would you suggest cutting Rivers BEFORE making your pitch to Brady and Manning? Come on now.

Vince Young is trash.

Joe, didn't the titans do the same thing kinda? Sparano has no choice. And so what its amatuerish. Its all business :-)

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | January 06, 2011 at 10:02 AM

Tenn did? Not that I know of. They weren't looking for Head coaches while one was flopping in the breeze. This situation, I don't ever recall ever happening before. If someone knows a time when an NFL team kept a coach & publicly went after another coach, I'd love to know.


@Joe Schmoe

I dont think I would ever say that a self made billionaire owner is afraid to make tough choices. He's prob 'been there, done that' more than this entire blog combined x 1000.

Posted by: newenglandfinfan | January 06, 2011 at 09:58 AM

Newengland, what do you consider Ross, essentially firing Sparano with a "not yet" clause & publicly acknowledging they are looking for new coaches? If he wasn't afraid he would have fired Sparano, right?

But he hasn't. He has kept him because he is afraid of what he'll wind up with. He is indecisive & weak & that's exactly how most see him right now. You have a plan you execute the plan.

As fans we all love our team & will be biased. To me, as much as I want him gone, Sparano looks like a fool because of Ross. Even if he comes back now, he's guaranteed to fail. Players know they don't want him anymore. I want him gone, but like other teams, do it the right way.

Based on what Tony has brought, it's not like they can't hire any of 50 coaches around to take his place & get similar results.

Poizen...well said my friend!

Poizen, I understand and pretty agree with your argument, but my thing is, once I hand over my hard earn cash over to the Miami Dolphins franchise it's their to do with they think is right to do with. We can all debate ethics, but right now I think we all want a winning product, and are sick of the mess for the past 20years, some longer, myself included. Plus I am pretty sure Ross has not turned a profit since purchasing this team. He has been very open about putting up his own money into trying to improve this franchise.


You make a great point, you really do. Great analogy. However Ross is a billionaire business man and he knows how to business. Is it cut throat and a slap and spit in the face to Tony Sparano? Yes. Do I care? No. I said in an earlier post Sparano has made millions and hasn't gotten the job done. I can't feel bad for someone who has made millions and done a bad job.

Well I know this much, if Ross is going to spend this kind of money on an unproven coach, then we better see him step up to the plate and spend some big money on FA's this offseason if there isn't a lockout to improve this offense.

I still am not sure this is the best move, while I do understand a Shake up was in order as the team was pretty much stagnant all year.

Andy, Chris is right. The Rooney Rule only comes into play once there's a coaching VACANCY. While Sparano is employed, they can go look at whoever they want.

When he's fired, that's when a minority candidate needs to be interviewed.

Also, I have no problem with the rule. You're right, in some situations, a minority candidate will just be interviewed for the sake of the rule, and not because the team is really interested in them. But in others, I think they truly give that candidate a shot to win the job. I don't think Tampa really wanted Morris, but if memory serves he killed the interview. Same for Mike Tomlin.

So, I think, OVERALL, the rule gets more minorities in situations to be a coach, and that's all that rule is for. Does it work perfect every time (like in Miami this time probably), no. But don't make the perfect the enemy of the good.

regardless of who ends up in miami as hc there are a few things that need to be addressed. first, the draft. miami has no 2nd this year and needs to find a way to get one. if they wait until the 3rd rd for another pick they are going to lose out on a lot of quality players. i don't expect they will sit on their hands and will try to secure a 2nd somehow. next, who do they pick in the 1st? although the qb position looks like a glaring need can you pass on a guy like ingram if he is there at 15. ingram is a solid pick and at 15 the qb's that will be available won't be 1st rd quality. locker doesn't impress and mallet will probably be gone. so i think you wait until the 3rd and go with someone like dalton. in fact, miami should probably pick a couple qb's this year. maybe mcelroy from bama in a later rd. he's not spectacular but he is steady. if they secure a 2nd they need to go OL and they need to get it right. they can also go with a WR if there is someone there that can give them what they need at that position. but as you look at the situation the qb question may still go unanswered. if harbaugh gets the job he may stay with henne. who know's. by the way, did anyone notice that when henne goes to the sideline he usually just sits on a bench and coaches don't go over to him and discuss the coverages and what the defense is doing?

So let's say we get harbaugh..draft time comes around..who had authority on a final say of who to draft? I don't trust irelands choosing ability...can Ireland too Rossy boy!

Home, don't you think if Harbaugh comes here that they are going to do all they can to fix Henne? Michigan loyalty runs deep and I don't believe they throw Henne under the bus.

Chris... Big hole in you rivers/brady comment.

the chargers are not going out to the public saying HET WE WANT BRADY WE WANT BRADY. We are flying to New England 5 times to get him.

then just keep Rivers. think about it my friend.

Standley: I see where your going, and it makes sense.


First of all the O-line was banged up from the start of the season. We lost Gardener (a key back up if not a potential starter) in the preseason. Long played with an injuried knee and shoulder. we lost Carey (right about at the start of the slide)and we battled with several injuries at Center and Guard all year.

O-lines require consistantcy, with players working together. I think that the same 5 didn't start back to back games all year. How is any of this Sporano's falt?

Reguardless of wjhat a few players are saying this team plays hard for him.

I am not saying that Sporano is the one of the best coaches ever, I am just saying that he isn't as bad as some think.

Now I do beleive that he should have gotten rid of Henning a long time ago, That will be the real reason he loses hisjob

I dint think there is a "fix" for Henne man

Ross made the biggest mistake when he went out to California and try to recruit Jim Harbaugh. HE FORGOT TO TAKE DWAYNE WADE & PAT RILEY AS THEY ARE THE BEST IN RECRUIT PEOPLE TO MIAMI!!!

This could be Nick Saban all over again....idk if Sparano is the problem. The coaches always get blamed, but it's our players that havent performed. We need to improve in many areas, not just the guy on the sidelines wearing the polo shirt. Need a center, QB, defensive line, special teams!!!!! Game breaker would be nice. Another linebacker along side Karlos would be great too.

Mr Ross I'm a mbhs graduate as well. Go get vince young 2 running backs, a agressive oc and well be fine

sounds like harbaugh is just going for the most money. i'd rather have someone who wants to be in miami.

cowkilla. With the money they'd give Harbaugh, I bet they give him latitude to tell Ireland exactly who he wants. Especially since he's coming from the college ranks and knows a lot of those players, I think he gets to say, "get me him, or him, or him." AND, with this happening to Sparano, the Coach now knows his neck is on the line if he doesn't show results.


I was thinking the same thing. Harbaugh a Michigan man, Ross a Michigan man and then what they kick Henne to the curb who was a 4 year starter at Michigan. Unlikely they do that. I think they go the route of trying to give Henne as many weapons as possible in the draft and free agency and if he fails under Harbaugh's coaching and with the right pieces around him then there is no excuse.

I despise Chad Henne and I am a Dolphins fan and a big time Michigan fan as well. I didn't like Henne at Michigan he regressed every year. Maybe not in overall numbers but watching the games you can tell. Maybe the expectation were higher each year but he didn't deliver at Michigan. He could never win the big game vs Ohio State even when Michigan had more talent. Would I pissed if Harbaugh kept him at QB? No. I would trust Harbaugh more then anyone because he played QB in the NFL and will get the most out of that position. And that is saying a lot coming from me who is the President of Henne Hater club.

Jensen...true, but you have to roll all that up into one package and evaluate Tony on every aspect...not firing henning and giving him a positive endorsement was enough to fire him on the spot. Add up all that Tony did and the bad far outweighs the good

bobbyd with some great posts today. Nice outlook.

Home, I agree with Bobby here. If Harbaugh comes maybe his greatest asset is getting the talents of Henne to be used the right way. and there are talents there.

we still need to bring competition, I am not a fan of vince Young personally, but it would be good competion with Henne is the price is right.

And you know how I feel about Can Newton, and Home I know you do not agree. but his release loos A LOT like Leftwich coming out of college.

This is awesome stuff. I'm proud of Ross for doing anything necessary to get the best coach available. Harbaugh has proven that he could win even in a lot tougher situation than what Miami is providing. Stanford sucked for so long - no hope. yet he did things clean and kicked everyone's arse (almost) within a few years. He also can do the one thing no other coaching candidate has proven he can do - develop quarterbacks for today's NFL. A marriage of Nolan dn Harbaugh would be something to watch.

Those comparing harbaugh to Saban have no idea what they are talking about. harbaugh's objective all the way was to coach in the NFL. he went to Stanford because that was the only job e could get and he used it as a proving ground. Saban was a life long college coach who had a curiousity about the NFL. Big difference.

Give Harbaugh a chance to build this offense and Miami will rise again. Like Andy said before he can win with or without a QB but is obviously better when he has one. With Harbaugh as the coach this year, we would've been in the playoffs.

And people question Ireland's credentials. Anyone notice ALL of Ireland's major flops have been on offense (i.e. Sparano's "specialty")? The defensive draft picks/major free agent signing have been positive for the most part.

In today's NFL your most important positions are QB/HC/GM. Anyone not excited that our owner is not trying anyhting within his power to upgrade one of those today should wake up. And by no co-incidence - by upgrading HC in this instance, you will also be upgrading the QB and the Gm because he will do a lot better work evaluating/developing those offensive picks and free agents.

It's a banner day!!!

Ok Andy, I just don't believe a human being should be treated like this. Whether he has been paid millions or not the guy put his heart and soul into it and I'm pretty sure he thought he was doing the best he could. If the guy didn't care or purposely did a shty job, I would get it. But we all have are own opinions, I feel bad for the guy.

No Dolphin fan is satisfied with where we are right now. But the desperation for a new coach--just about anybody, name your favorite--is crazy. You just can't deny that this team is far superior to the one the regime took over. Not as good as the Pats, and arguably not as good as the Jets. I hear ya. But the team is on an upward trajectory, and Sparano and Ireland both deserve another year. Do you really think with some first year college coach we're going to be instantly better than the Pats? How about with Cowher? Gruden? The Dolphins were way behind, and they're catching up. A new OC and a few more players will make a big difference.

DC, I am not saying Craig or anyone here is wrong. I honestly don't care. I'm not trying to be right. I just point out factual information that he dismisses because he doesn't agree. It's like he thinks I'm attacking him by disagreeing with his Rosey outlook. Fact is, there is more negative than positives lately & I am pointing them out. Can't handle the truth? Don't read it.

I present logical info. Aside from dismissing them, he tells me to leave? LMAO Wanna debate? Okay. Don't tell me to leave. I'm called negative? No, I'm realistic. He also takes EVERYTHING out of proportion.

I just can't communicate with someone like that. I have no issues with anyone else on this board so that should say it all. This guy is eccentric & too sensitive.

greg, don't get it twisted, Harbaugh WANTS TO WIN wherever he lands. He's an extremely passionate guy. He's been an NFL QB (like Garrett in Dallas), he knows what it takes to be a good QB in the league. This is the type of guy you should want as your coach. With a strong DC (like Nolan), they should create magic. I'm all for Harbaugh (if he's anything like his brother, he'll be a good fit).

Mark in To, you're happy cause Harbaugh is your guy!

Look guys, I HATE and I mean HATE Saban! He is a coward the way he left the phins. that being said, we really have no clue if he could have turned it around.

Now, that being said. We can not compare Saban and Harbaugh. the bg difference with Harbaugh is he DID play in the NFL and had a prosperous career. He didnt just coach college and watch the pro's on TV. So I hope if he comes here, that would be his leg up on other college coaches. He was successful in the NFL also.

I am not endorsing Harbaugh 100% here, cause I still think he is a ?, but I do not think it is a bad person to give a chance to. I just hate the high price tag. He hasn't earned that...

Henne sucks guys, I don't care who is the coach..Henne is not a starting QB in the nfl

Poizen, I agree with you "if" it was the Dolphins organization who came out and said they were going after Harbaugh. I haven't heard any comments from Ross, Ireland, or that other guy who's name eludes me. I'm assuming these leaks have been coming from top notch investigative reporting but perhaps I'm wrong.

Mark in Toronto, great post at 10:24AM. gregz, you claim you wouldn't want Harbaugh cause he'll only come for the money. Are you kidding me??? THEY'RE ALL LIKE THAT!!! You think Cowher will come here for minimum wage?? These guys aren't stupid, they know how short a coaching career can be. If Harbaugh delivers, who the heck will remember how much Ross is paying him? Nobody.

You know what's going to happen right? Ross will throw tons of $ at Harbaugh and get him on board, then last minute fire Ireland, hire his buddy Peterson, and us Fin fans will have to endure another 3 years of mediocre, pathetic coaching and playing! Armando, you are right it is very STRANGE!

Henne might be a lot better with an O-Line, bobbyd12

However SO MANY of his throws sucked and were completely behind , over the head or on the wrong shoulder of the receivers
Just dont know

Really wanted Henne to succeed
But lately, face it he has Sucked not Succeeded

Really disappointed as Henne sometimes looks real good to me
but never any consistency and just dont see the heart
Henne plays like he is working in a factory on the assembly line and he is not allowed and doesn`t get payed to think
So he doesn`t think

Certainly understand the WRs frustration, esp Marshall
So many throws to Simply The Bess, also on the wrong shoulder or behind him
Believe Bess could have had a 1000 YD season w an upgrade at QB

That being said I am still in the minority 2 games ago w HC Sparano that new TE "sat down" on one INT and my boy, Simply The Bess slipped on the other Int
Henne put the ball exactly where it should have been on both throws

Now the New England game
Home cannot cover Henne`s back on this game

The whole offense Sucked

Experience as an NFL QB isn't a qualification for an NFL coaching job either. Marino was a much better QB, and makes Sparano sound like Stephen Hawking.

Joe, that's fine. I don't have a problem with either of you. I respect his opinion but obviously think more along the lines you do (as far as dumping Sparano, Ireland and whoever else it takes to create a winning team).

Mark, on the bus dude. Harbaugh all the way. Maybe President of the U.S. OR Canada one day, who knows. No more murders. Everyone has wealth. It's always sunniest when you have a new HC. LOL!


I think he gave him the endorsment out of respect for a long time NFL coach because he knew that he was retiring anyway (supposidly) Still waiting for that to happen though!

I actually don't hate Saban at all. I think he is a great Head Coach he just didn't like the ego-maniacs of the NFL because he is an EGO-MANIAC himself. I do agree eith Poizen on whether Saban could have turned it around or not. He lasted 2 seasons and if he was average or bad in his 3rd I would say yeah he needs to go but 3 years is fair to judge someone.

Wow, I can't believe NO ONE called you out on this. I'm disappointed in everyone, especially Armando! He wrote "There are, of course, no sure-fire moves. You should remember there has been no Super Bowl winning coach who won another Super Bowl with another organization. But, you should also note that not too many college coaches, which Harbaugh is, have made the successful leap to the NFL lately."


Shame on you and every SO CALLED phinsfan that missed it...

True nc, but Marino wasn't a college coach who turned around a sucky school's football team either.

There are no guarantees in life. This is just an educated guess that this guy COULD be special. Nothing more, nothing less.


You make a great point, you really do. Great analogy. However Ross is a billionaire business man and he knows how to business. Is it cut throat and a slap and spit in the face to Tony Sparano? Yes. Do I care? No. I said in an earlier post Sparano has made millions and hasn't gotten the job done. I can't feel bad for someone who has made millions and done a bad job.

Posted by: Andy NJ | January 06, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Good day Andy. I agree he has earned the right to be replaced. I just think there are classier ways to do it. Ross comes off as a newbie & unable to make a tough choice. Teams fire coaches every year. They don't keep them until they can wwooo someone else. I've never seen this done before.

He should have had a plan in place & began executing it when the clock in the NE hit 0. I am concerned how we look. Not just to fans & the media but most importantly to any future coaching hires or even FA's. We look bad.

Has anyone taken into account how this may affect potential FA's? Based on what we are showing, no real loyalty, how might that affect attracting coaches & or players?

Exactly..that hasn't happened yet..he should hAve been fired already...

Andy, Saban wasn't "forced" out. He left on his own. We were what, 6-10 that year. Who wanted Saban gone (be honest)? I didn't. Thought he was gonna right the ship.

So I only became a Saban hater AFTER he ditched us for Alabama.

DC - I don't see how some can keep hanging their hat on 2008. The wildcat saved us, and Brady was out, ok fine, however you can get it done is fine by me. However, the team under the leadership of TS has only regressed since then, while the other 3 teams in the division keep getting better. 2009 Pascoloni's D was a joke. ST worst in the league for sometime now, the breakdown against NE on national tv was one of the worst in HISTORY! He has continued to stick with Henning and Lee despite their complete ineffectiveness, bottom ranking in points, offense. Tony's own specialty, oline, has only gone backwards, a constant merry-go-round even throughout the season. The players are saying he micromanages, that Henne has to go through the scripted reads NO MATTER what the defense shows. He took chances in 08, certainly no more. Remember the Pitt game this year, on that second turnover, 4 and 1 on around the 15, you pride yourself on the run and oline and you have Polite, does he go for it, nope, FG. 3rd and goal from the 14, run. Right up to the last game of 2010 we are still running on 3rd and very long. That is not on Henning, its ultimately on Sparano to lead the coordinaters, not to continue to accept an appoach that consistently fails. It certainly appears that he just doesn't have the knowledge/skill set to lead the coordinators. Can't see how a division win coupled with a first round loss in 2008 negates or compensates for what has come afterwards.

Espn's John Claytons thoughts on Miami's Qb situation---
Henne stays, while the Dolphins either bring in a Vet QB, or draft a QB to compete for the starters position.
There is just not enough time and snaps to go around during pre-season and practice, to develop all 3 for a starters position.

... Just Saying
Vince Young is not at all a bad QB

and he did beat the DolphinsASS

Would look long and hard at Young and def sign Cam Newton after trading up

We have no use for thigpen and even if we lost Henne
No Big deal
but would keep him

Just does not seem like a winner or starter
More development and find the Wizard of OZ and get a Heart

Keep Henne but believe he is not a winner in this league

Height: 6-5 Weight: 232 Age: 27

Born: 5/18/1983 Houston , TX

College: Texas

Experience: 5th season

quick stats (2010)


LOL, I may have typed that line "Henne is not a starter in the NFL" more then anything else on this blog. I am just hypothetically thinking if Harbaugh was Miami's head coach that he would give Henne a shot and try and get him playmakers. I said I wouldn't be pissed but that's not saying I would agree with it. Again, I don't beleive Henne is a starter either. If anyone can prove me wrong it would be Harbaugh who was has been successful as a college QB, NFL QB and Head Coach in college.

Again all hypothetical, maybe Harbaugh isn't after all the money just wants San Fran to give him a little more. Harbaugh has the NFL world by the balls!

0x80, I'm with you dude. I was just saying Tony DID do some good here.

But, not enough to keep his job (IMO). If this were last decade, maybe. Or another team. But this is a team that needs to win TODAY, can't wait until tomorrow.

Fair point Chris, the problem I have is there are 4 other teams doing the same thing currently and they are not in the media as much as this. you know, so someone in the organization is spouting out. and 3 of those teams did fire their head coach first. But you could be right.

Home, Nice to see the last post.

I agree and have said it many times. Henne is not as bad in my opinion as some think. the line sucked this year is all areas of the game.

Henne and this coaching staff did not gel at all. Now that does not mean Henne does not suck, I just do not think we know, and he has done A Lot of good things.

the reason I still give henne the benefit of the doubt is tht we all saw the AWFUL playcalling, the fact that other teams told us they knew what was coming. And the biggest comment of all from Marshall, He was mad at Henne for not blowing off his coaches and not go through the 5 option progression that they insist he goes through, althought the line could not give him time.

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