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Season finale live blog here

It will likely be the last time Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are in the same backfield.

It could be coach Tony Sparano's last game with the Dolphins.

It could be general manager Jeff Ireland's last game with the Dolphins.

It definitely is the last game the duo represent the Dolphins before Bill Parcells meets with owner Stephen Ross about their future.

Look, I know many of you have read my comments or my tweets about that coming meeting. Many of you hate the fact Parcells is still being asked for his opinion. I would ask you who's opinion would you like the Dolphins to get.

The fact is many football men value Parcells' opinion. Sean Payton called him advice last year before the Super Bowl. Rex Ryan wanted to talk to him before the playoffs last year (Parcells respectfully declined to help). When the San Francisco 49ers were setting up the general manager search, candidate Trent Baalke called Parcells to get ideas of how to interview better and perhaps set up a football operation. Jed York, by the way, didn't call Parcells as was widely reported.

Bottom line is those of you who don't want the Ross to talk to Parcells probably were saying things like, "In Tuna we trust," a couple of years ago. Some of you that would not want this meeting to happen are probably just mad that Parcells left his post as football czar before the Miami rebuild was complete.

And so now that he is back and can share the resource of his insights, you would rather not hear them. Give me a break.

There is a live blog today. It's in the comments section.

Wes Welker is not playing for New England today. Tom Brady does start, but don't expect him to play very long. For the Dolphins, Pat McQuistan starts at RT. Joe Berger is back at center. Richie Incognito is at left guard.



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Dear Mr. Salguero

Dan Hennings playbook replaced with signed contract with the Devil...A defiant Dan Henning screams I am the god of hellfire

With a sad look on his face coach Sparano was quoted..I wish I knew how to quit you...then goes on to make motel reservations for next weeks fishing trip in Wyoming

Pats 21
Dolphins 30 on 10 Dan Carpenter field goals

Soiled :)

happy new year everyone. lets hope 2011 brings us much more football joy than 2010.

The original idea of VP of football, Dan Marino, was to be above it all and give the owner, unvarnished advice. Parcells brought in the coaches ect. so how will he give his honest advice unless he's willing to throw his own people under the bus ? Ross needs someone with no chips in the game. The position needs to be filled with someone who goes back to the original intent, the eye's and ears of a owner with no football knowledge.

Finally this 3 year nightmare ends today.



What draft position do we have is we win?
If we lose?

Ross can listen to Parcells as much as he wants, bottom line is his scheduled meeting with Sparano is a lot more important. Why has the o-line been such a mess when it's supposed to be his specialty? Why has the offense been so vanilla? Is it Henne? Why not a more attacking offense like Marshall was saying? Ross needs answers, and he has to judge if those answers make sense or not. And of course, the most important question, what's the plan to fix it??

Dan Henning would fish a Royal Coachman during the Salmon Fly hatch just to prove that they still work like they did 50 years ago. He would catch a lot of Whitefish(Akin to a field goal on a trout stream) While the modern Fisherman were having a laugh catching cutthroats(touchdowns)on the right fly

Used to love the old Royal Coachman with the red and green. Damn, I'm getting old.

You guys should also know Deion Branch, Aaron Hernandez, Tully Banta-Cain and Dan Connolly will not play for New England.

Actually the Royal is a great fly. But if you have ever seen the Salmon Fly hatch it is the most unbelievable thing in the world of trout fishing. It's like heroin for trout. First and goal from the one. A really hot girlfriend that is cool.

Key injuries along the offensive line have screwed this team from the begining. Long has played all year with injuries, we lost Nate Garner in the preseason.

I bet our special teams are taking a sigh of relief now that they know we don't have to deal w/ Dan Connolly.

If I was Ross, I would have a team of advisors who know the game. And not depend on a traitor and thief.

Yes Armando....many of us wrote "In Tuna we Trust...I am also sure we can go back through your History of Blogs and find where you both endorsed BP and ripped BP....So I am not sure what your point is.....

If you PAID ME...to do a job...and I did a half-a ss job...would you seek my opinion on who to hire to do the exact same job???? would you???

Things change...opinions change....any one who who keeps the same opinions when circumstances are constantly changing is a dolt.

Does anyone else notice that we have the most terrible fans in all of team sports? I love how everyone flip flops back and forth. The bottom line is we have a foundation in place that was not here three years ago. Our defense is young and has the potential to be great. Yet many of you want to bring in a whole new regime. Do you not understand that a new regime will want their people in here, possibly switch to a 4-3. If that happens its a complete rebuild.

Richie Incognito has stunk on two consecutive plays now.

Well, at least he went for it.

The Dolphins Should Ask Eddy DeBartolo How Championships Are Win , Forget About Parcells Give Sparano One more Year With A New Offensive Cordinator ,Draft A Quaterback with The First Pick And Bring In A Veteran To Compete For The Job , If They Don't Make The Playoffs Next Year Fire Everybody And Promote Nolan With A Good General Manager And Most Importantly Hire A Good Talent Evaluator To Make Those Picks Draft Day Or At Least To Have Some Imput

12 straight games with a pick.....is that some kind of record????


LOOK AT THAT FORMATION on 3rd and 14!! Did they really run play action?

Terrible. Just terrible. Chad Henne threw into double coverage and Brandon Marshall seemed to do very little to break up the interception.

that didnt take long

kris ... we should check into that ... I'll bet it's definitely a Dolphins record.

if i were henne id go to marshall and say come on if i force it in to you you have to make a play.

I have so many mixed emotions about this game

Kris henne didn't throw one at the jets

nice to see miami has not changed at all on offense...playaction on third and long...gotta love it, henning going out with bang!!!!

Brandon Marshall begged for Henne to do that all week!!!

lol, Henne throws into double-coverage, true to form!

Henne for president.

ohhh...thanks James C

Chad only needed to throw the ball low and away. Henne problem is location, location, location! LOL................

so marshall says throw it and ill make the play. The throw was not that bad be has to make the play.

By The Way Another Interception By( Mule Head) What An Ass This Guy Henne Is , Throwing The Ball Into Triple Coverage , What A piece Or Garbage Quaterback We Have

we need to get hammered today. need to lose big

Mando, I'm sorry but SPorano is allowing this garbage use of personnel and play calling. He's allowed it all season. Buck stops with him... As much as I agree that changing coaches/regime is difficult for continuity sakes, Sporano is an assistant coach, not a head coach....

Henne = my Heine

yeah, that was on Brandon, right.

no more henne!!!!!!!

Henne has seemed just totally psyched out for about 10 games now. Lost. Confused. No confidence. Ditto for Sparanderthal.

Thats how you play QB.......

Henne looked off of Marshall then went back to him. That was right...throwing over the wrong shoulder and into double coverage was wrong.

Here we go

what happened to the D

If Henne plays like that, I say bench him in the 2nd quarter.

Man look at his hair flow in wind when he made the td pass

One more td by the pats, and its US vurses them being the 3rd string.....

Sparano is done after this blowout

It's kind of fun watching a competent team play offense for once ... I mean the Patriots ... as if I had to point that out.

We have such a looooooooooooong way to go to be competitive with these guys ... it's simply sickening.

Meanwhile, Bess what open on the square in route....but even better, i think this team came in blase, defense is afraid to hit anyone.

Gronkowski now has 10 TD catches this season. He's a rookie.

sorry, hennes final pittiful performance, sparanos final terrible coaching performance, ireland's final day as gm, henning's final day as oc, and the defense won't even play today. nor will the offense.

So Throwing It Up For Grabs T Bmarshall Aint Lookin Too Good!!

At some point you have to go to your backup QB even if his name is Peter Pan.

DC, why wait?

How about the frickin shotgun formation why do we never use the shotgun?

Sparano will get a raise and a contract extension if we beat the third string NE team today!!!

Another int for Henne. Phins down by 7 (figures)?

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