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Dolphins focus in on Nevada's Colin Kaepernick

Speaking of quarterbacks ....

Yeah, we'll be doing that a lot in the coming weeks and months.

On Wednesday, Tony Pauline of TFYDraft.com and si.com, tweeted that Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been drawing big-time attention from the Minnesota Vikings and the Dolphins. He added that both teams see Kaepernick as a possible second-round selection.

And, I recognize the Dolphins don't have a second-round pick. Don't worry about that. Don't get caught up in that detail. They will try to add such a pick, probably by trading down from the 15th overall selection or through other means as situations present themselves. Plus, what round the Dolphins are thinking about Kaepernick at this moment is not important because his stock might rise or fall in the coming months so that's relative.

What is important is that Miami has put such a focus on him.

Frankly, I saw him play only one game this year. It was against Boise State. He was good. I thought he was more a threat with his feet than with his arm, but I really liked his demeanor and leadership and authority on the field.

Authority is God-given. It is not earned. It is not learned. You either have it or you do not. Kaepernick carries it on a 6-4, 224-pound frame. He's got it. When he's on the field, he is in charge and the opponents recognize he's the guy they have to worry about.

Kaepernick has, by most accounts, been impressive during the practices for the North squad at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. He was especially so on Wednesday -- the last day most NFL GM types will be in town to view practices in person.

Kaepernick is on the North squad with Washington's Jake Locker and Iowa's Ricky Stanzi. Yet, he's been better than both this week and it would surprise me if he does not start for the North despite being less known and from a smaller football program than the other two. 

Kaepernick has a bit of an unorthodox delivery. It's not a hitch or a windup but it reminds a little of Phillip Rivers. One scout I speak to on a regular basis says that can be ironed out by a good QB coach but, "Why mess with it if he's effective? That isn't a big concern for me. It's not a Tim Tebow-like issue."

That works for me. You?

Well, watch the video below and tell me what you think.


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At this stage like some have said...its a smoke screen....They will NEVER tell you who they really want.....

Cam Newton = Duh'Marcus Russell, a bust.

This guy reminds me of a bigger Pat White another running QB that needs to be developed into a pass first QB.....Well hopefully the helmet will fit him better!

Being out west I watched probably four of his games this year and a couple last year. He's a great story and as Armando noted seems to have excellent leadership qualities.

However, also as noted he's a running quarterback who makes most of his plays on runs which would never develop in the pros. He looks thin and a little uncoordinated at times. He almost looks to me like a tall WR with passing ability. And if you didn't know Nevada's conference, other than Boise State, if gawd aweful.

I'd be shocked if he went as high as 2nd round. Hate to use the W word but he's be the perfect wildcat QB. Kind of a Tebow guy without as solid a frame. Certainly wouldn't be able to compete with Henne in 2011.

Cam Newton sucks. Please stop with wanting him in Miami. His skill set will not translate to the pros. He is a one year wonder, much like Akili Smith was with Oregon. This guy is a 3rd rd - 5th rd project.

Uh, I watched the video. I saw a lot of running, not a lot of passing. Not many deep balls.

I agree that "authority" (as Mando calls it) is very important. However, if he is not a deep ball passer, you are not going to open up the field a lot. Oh, but maybe he's "exciting" because of his feet. Very Michael Vick.

I still like gabbert as the best QB in this draft but what do I know. Let these draft gurus Ireland and sparano make those decisions. I just want the phins to win.

This is my guy. Mando, best post all week.

I'm with Kris here. If you want a QB who is known more for his feet than his arm - go for the battle tested guy. The guy that faced the best defenses in college football all year - the guy who single-handedly won the national championship with the toughest schedule in College Football - the guy that won the Heisman - the guy that faced the heat all year from opposition and the media - and still gave everyone the big FU!!

That being said - I am heavily biased towards traditional pocket passers because they historically have more success in the NFL.

I hope this is just part of doing the due diligence in QB study because if this is the guy that is supposed to be the next 3 year franchise project - we may be asking for a QB to be picked in the 1st round in 2014 AGAIN! Give me the most sure thing in the draft available not some big project.

Seems like this is the kind of guy you draft when you already have a capable vet starter as a luxury pick.

Mando, we also got to pair him with #1 for Boise State, Titus Young.

anyone who drafts kaepernick in the 2nd rd isn't getting great value for their pick. the kid is a 3rd rd pick, at best. he is currently projected late 3rd early 4th rd. i don't see him improving upon that because, once the wow factor has worn off, teams are going to be less inclined to take a chance on him in the 2nd rd. it's true, he looks imposing back there with his height but he is way too incosistent in his play. he, like henne, has had some really good games but he has also had some games where he didn't play very well. he is a project and i can't see him starting immediately. he needs a lot of work. his ability to move in the pocket is a good thing but he needs to look to pass first before running and that is a big question. second, he has a strong arm but his ball placement isn't the best. 3rd, he needs to work on his consistency. if the dolphins draft him in the 2nd they will just be getting another chad henne with mobility. mayock said of virginia tech qb tyrod taylor that he is perfect for the cfl and kaepernick is another one in the same class.

what is his wonderlic score?
can he read a blitzing defense?
can he throw the 20 yd cross field out route?
can he take a hit from Vince Wilfork and get up?

At first glance he looks like a gamer with plenty of energy.
He also appears to have that leadership quality that Henne seems to be lacking in.

The talent scouts found a nice acorn, let see if we can grow it into a mighty oak!

if the dolphins are looking at anyone as a qb candidate this year the two that stand out are andy dalton and ricky stanzi. dalton is a four year starter and is a leader in the huddle. he is a winner and a competitor and he wants to learn what he needs to do to continue to get better. stanzi has a beautiful delivery, very quick and deliberate and he has the physical attributes necessary to be an nfl qb. he struggled a little in his jr year but he came back this year and really had a nice season. granted, both of them will not start immediately either but both have some mobility they can use to either throw on the run or step up into the pocket to avoid the rush. after the senior bowl and the combines these two guys are going to get plenty of attention.

I wouldn't put too much into a QB having more power or muscle unless it's just to absorb a hit. He won't be running over anyone in the NFL. Tell me which one is more accurate and can think the best under pressure.

need to agree with mike on cam newton. he was a phenomenon this year but, as mike mayock stated, they need to get a better look at him because he only had one year of major college football and a lot of his passes were to wide open receivers with bid windows. he's going to need to show that he can put his passes into tighter windows when he plays in the nfl.

Cam Newton = 20+ INT's in the NFL

Now way this guy can adjust to the NFL with only one year of college play...the kid has talent, but I would not waste a 1st round pick on him.

Man, thats a lot of tape on him. A breat WC QB, seems to be a winner. Not sure about his pocket abilities though. I am suprised he is being looked at as early as the second round. It is good to have winners, and confident guys. He seems to be that.

Not sure he is the QB answer for the NFL though.

KOLP........... IS OK





people just remember Cam Newton played in the Sec the best comferance in football, this has to count for something when comparing the two qb's

I acually liked the Boise St. QB.





A lot of you guys are really to far ahead of the ball here. No matter what qb is drafted in 2011 none are day 1 starters and projects in thier own rights.

If I were a gm and had to choose the one that I would need to press into service in case a major calamity occur with my starter. I would take a qb who can also press the defense with his feet. It doesnt mean having a running qb. It just means having a qb with multiple weapons.

I watched the video on him and didnt see him throw any touch passes. If he cant dump a pass over the shoulder of his receiver in tight coverage, then all we have is a taller Henne that can run. That works in college but the nfl is much faster and the defenses dont break down as often. You need a QB that can throw all the passes. Im not impressed at all, still dont see a QB in the draft that we could reach that is a franchise QB. Stop reaching for the dream, if our future QB is not in the draft now, trade for future draft picks and then maybe trade up that year. As for this year, pick up a free-agent for 2 or 3 years, sure up the Offensive line and RB positions.

wow really i'm not impressed he'll never make it in the NFL his speed will just be avg. at best. he's the same as pat white




Hey, you never of thought of taking Josh Freeman either and look what he is doing for Tampa...Brady was a back up at Michigan. Kap doesn't come with all that package Newton does. He is a winner and that all the counts...Newton is a fly by night QB like Russell, Akili Smith and Troy Smith and etc.

ALoco, i know you probably have visions of eric kumerow and john bosa when you think of jared odrick but odrick is in a different class. as we all know, kumerow and bosa were major reaches and were draft busts. they also weren't projected to go close to where they were drafted. odrick, on the other hand, is a big, imposing force on the d-line and causes a lot of double teams. his injury history is from his sophmore season at psu. he had very good jr and sr campaigns and one person even noted that they could picture him in a steelers uniform. that, to me, is a great endorsement.



Really comical some judging Kaepernick by youtube film available. Glad youre not nfl scouts or gm's. They actually get to see these guys in person.

At season's start we were looking at Kaepernick in the 6th-7th rd range. Kid's stock has really grown. However in all reality I think he's still available in the 3rd-4th rd range.

If Kaepernick is available in that 4thish rd range he'll be of absolute tremendous value.


we keep saying how odrick is great but he never comes in field to play .
i predict he will get injured again and the 12 million guaranteed will be paid to him.

p.s i hope the doctors who looked at him they are not going to look at future draft picks ,they can rent some doctors from NY .

we need a pure passer...not interested in pat white 2.0

Ugh. Snow, no power all night, a QB that can run but can't throw, this year isn't shaping up to be anything worth remembering.

So, we took a chance on a QB with a rocket arm and no mobility. NOW people want to take a chance on a running QB with no arm.

I'm with Mark from Toronto here (big surprise), let's get as close to best of both worlds as possible. Unless you're trying to make Henne look great by drafting subpar talent.

I'm all for QB help, but I'd rather not waste a pick getting one that'll never start in the NFL.

Aloco, your heart pumps koolaid, and when you soil your panties, its a bloody red mess.

We're a new coaching staff away from being a good team

Has Pat White grown taller? Looks like a 6'4" pat white. Can the Dolphins Draft a QB, not another baseball player that plays football!

db, if he is available in the 4th that pretty much sums it up; scouts and gm's don't think he is enough of a value to take in the first 3 rds. the kid played in a pistol offense. when we are looking at any of these qb's the big questions are how will their skills transfer to the nfl level and how difficult will it be for them to learn how to be a qb in an nfl, instead of college, offense. kaepernick would be great for one team; the eagles. they love the running qb and if that is what they want that is fine but you need someone who can lead your team down the field on a consistent basis using his arm, not his feet. vick is too much about himself and his own stats running the ball. he will never change and that is why the eagles are going to need to make a decision to either make kolb their starter or trade him and suffer when vick starts to show his true colors. i don't believe kaepernick has the same ego as vick but he fits their offense the best out of any nfl team i can think of.

Can anybody tell me the last elite QB that was taken in the 4th-round? OTHER than Tom Brady (what, a decade ago)?

Just wanna know the odds you high-rollers are playing with. Remind me never to go to Vegas with any of you.


when i type in lower case my personality changes and my english becomes grammatically correct and far more comprehensible. it's amazing.

Good story this kid is though - good for him, I wish him the best. I just wouldn't put my team's NFL future in his hands

Authority is God-given. It is not earned. It is not learned. You either have it or you do not

WOW. This is such a flawed statement on a couple of different levels, I dont even know where to start. And to say it with such conviction, like its fact, is borderline offensive. Yeah, I get some people have a natural charisma about them, but to just dismiss everyone else is absurd. As if some of us have been touched by the hand of God with leadership skills. Foolishness, Armando!

I could give SO many examples, football or otherwise. Do you think all of the officers in our military were born leaders of men? Or could that be something they grew into during their military career? Having grown up around 4 members of the military, I know its both. Not everyone who's an officer went into boot camp with leadership skills.

If you want a football angle, how about Eli Manning, he looked like a lost kid his 1st couple years. He grew into the role. Anyone remember the "Bickering Bills?" of the late 80's. Leaders like Daryl Talley and Jim Kelly grew out of that dysfunctional mess. Troy Aikman wasnt super charismatic in his playing days, but he commanded respect because of his play and the way he carried himself. He EARNED everyones respect and then assumed a leadership role. I could go on and on.

DC...i'm with you....I don't get this lets draft a late round QB theory.....maybe somebody can explain it to me.....

We haven't drafted a QB in the 1st RD since Dan Marino....woked out pretty well...for everyone....if memory serves me correct....No SB...but we were relevant most years

Mark, hearing all this, I'm starting to come around to bobbyd12's suggestion. Use the draft to shore up the other positions of need (RB, TE, Oline, speedy WR), coach Henne up, then whenever the CBA is finalized grab a vet, let Henne and the vet (and I guess either Thigpen or Penne) fight it out for starter. Then draft a TRUE QB prospect next year (when the class should be better).

I'm really not interested in a 3rd, 4th-round QB to turn into Thigpen (a 2nd, 3rd-string QB). We don't need that. We need a franchise QB.

Garbage plate...be careful when having a differing opinion then Armando....he won't respond to you during the "live" blogs....

i'm worried about the coaching staff tony has assembled; a WR coach who hasnt coached receivers and a QB coach who hasnt coached QB's, a OC who was let go by one of the worst offenses in the league?? irelands probably trying to find an "acorn" qb in the 6th round with a broken leg. like someone said; we are a coaching staff away from a good year.

KRIS... i am with you ,we need to draft a QB at first pick and put that thing to rest .

DC....the flaw in the plan to draft a QB next year is that iy inheirintly means you have given up on this year....9 times out of ten...if your looking to draft a QB....it probably means you had a bad season (no playoffs)...I can't buy in to that....I can't give up on a season before it starts....and waiting till 2012 to draft a QB when 2011 hasn't even began doesn't make sense to me....

Fix your QB situation THIS YEAR...draft a stud rookie QB and convice Mr. Ross you need/deserve the chance to grow with him...

the draft is such a crap shoot no one really knows how any of these guys are going to turn out as pros the teams dont the scouts dont and the fans dont thats why you should always take one quarterback somewhere in every draft and one o-linemen in every draft and youre going to hit on one or more eventually and wont have this mess thats what i think anyway

Aloco....agree...lets fix this thing now...and it could be Sparano's best chance to play out his next 3 years....and if they do their Homework....and the QB produces....Blamo....he's the next Jeff Fisher....with stability

I don't like the Qb options available this year. If mark Ingram is available with our first round pick, we should just take him and get a solid QB later in the draft. We can then approach next year as the year we either get a free agent Qb or draft a guy who can get it done.

I'll explain kris:

Its a flawed argument. It doesnt matter where you pick a QB. I'm all for drafting one in the 1st round if the guy looks like a home run. Who of these guys is a no brainer star? When you start reaching, you're in trouble. We've seen what happens to a team when you waste draft picks. The drafts n the early 2000's destroyed this team.

Not to mention, some of us (like me and Mel Kiper) thinks its a year to early to run Henne out of town. If you draft a 1st round QB and Henne starts playing well, and the young guy is good. Now you got a Brees/Rivers situation.

Plus, I've posted on here before: since 1990 you've got a 35-40% chance of hitting on an above average NFL QB in the 1st round.

The FO put this team in a very deep hole. Will they dig us out of it, or will they dig us deeper into it? With the latest coaching changes, we now have less experience on the staff. Will this boost the players morale or lessen it? Is Ross merely setting up TS to fail? Does anybody see one single encouraging change in the last 6 months? Enlighten me, I am listening.

we need to fix the QB ISSUE ONCE FOR all ,seems that ireland and saparno doing just that . without solving that issue no moving forward , , , lets sign a QB and draft another ,,,,,playoffs .

If the Fins like this kid then take him with the #15 pick and to heck with "getting value" in the draft.

The QB position is too critical to take chances on by targeting a QB you like for a 2nd rd pick, then some other team takes him ahead of you. Who cares if he "grades out" as a 2nd rounder? If you really think he's got a shot to make it in the NFL, take the damm guy in the 1st round and let Kiper whine all he wants about how you "did not get good value" for that 1st round pick.

QB's are just too important to play games with in the draft.

In fact, Fins might have to trade up to get this guy if Vikings like him, Vikes pick ahead of the Fins.

The most discouraging part is how Miami missed the boat twice in recent years. Passed on Drew Brees. Coulda made an effort to trade up in '05 a grab Rodgers who kept falling thru the 1st round. Thanks alot, Saban. In hindsight, he really set this team back years

One interesting fact I came across this week. GB and Pitt are 2 of 4 teams in the league to have 35 players on their roster that are their own draft picks. Just emphasizes how important draft picks are.

Didn't we already try this? Pat White anyone? Kid has a wirey frame too at 6'6" but only 200 LBS. He'd get killed running the ball like that in the pros. I'd be in shock if he went in the 2nd.

Give me Andy Dalton if we're talking about 2nd round. Great accuracy, great pocket presence, mobility, confidence, and maturity. Personally, I think Dalton is franchise material. I think he ends up having a better carreer than the top 4.

How about McElroy 3rd round?

Cam Newton is a beast your tripping DB yea Kaepernick played more games but who won the National title and went undefeated in SEC? Newton don't fool yourself into thinking he is the better prospect.

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