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Dolphins focus in on Nevada's Colin Kaepernick

Speaking of quarterbacks ....

Yeah, we'll be doing that a lot in the coming weeks and months.

On Wednesday, Tony Pauline of TFYDraft.com and si.com, tweeted that Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been drawing big-time attention from the Minnesota Vikings and the Dolphins. He added that both teams see Kaepernick as a possible second-round selection.

And, I recognize the Dolphins don't have a second-round pick. Don't worry about that. Don't get caught up in that detail. They will try to add such a pick, probably by trading down from the 15th overall selection or through other means as situations present themselves. Plus, what round the Dolphins are thinking about Kaepernick at this moment is not important because his stock might rise or fall in the coming months so that's relative.

What is important is that Miami has put such a focus on him.

Frankly, I saw him play only one game this year. It was against Boise State. He was good. I thought he was more a threat with his feet than with his arm, but I really liked his demeanor and leadership and authority on the field.

Authority is God-given. It is not earned. It is not learned. You either have it or you do not. Kaepernick carries it on a 6-4, 224-pound frame. He's got it. When he's on the field, he is in charge and the opponents recognize he's the guy they have to worry about.

Kaepernick has, by most accounts, been impressive during the practices for the North squad at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. He was especially so on Wednesday -- the last day most NFL GM types will be in town to view practices in person.

Kaepernick is on the North squad with Washington's Jake Locker and Iowa's Ricky Stanzi. Yet, he's been better than both this week and it would surprise me if he does not start for the North despite being less known and from a smaller football program than the other two. 

Kaepernick has a bit of an unorthodox delivery. It's not a hitch or a windup but it reminds a little of Phillip Rivers. One scout I speak to on a regular basis says that can be ironed out by a good QB coach but, "Why mess with it if he's effective? That isn't a big concern for me. It's not a Tim Tebow-like issue."

That works for me. You?

Well, watch the video below and tell me what you think.


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Well, I guess you have to pay for knowledge, eh, ALoco.

ALoco, I'm going to hold judgement till I see the new CBA. With a rookie salary cap, it will take some pressure off teams and may give them more room for big players. Also interested what the salary cap will be for the teams AND will they play extra games? Will that expand the rosters? A lot of unknowns. The known is teams like the Jets are going to be over or close to the cap and are going to have to make some tough choices. I believe Miami is in good shape cap wise.

2nd round sounds like a reach for a QB that spent is career playing in a run-heavy pistol offense against WAC teams. Oustide of PAt White package type of plays, he is not likely to contribute early at all and this is a regime that has to win next year. I also can't see Minnesota taking him early since he basically matches Joe Webb.

Man, I'm not sure about that 18 games season, it's tough enough as it is. Besides, what if the agreement comes after everybody has signed all those expensive rookies. Then everybody is fuc-ed.

It is definitely a Time of Uncertainty. Worldwide.

oscar, can they sign those rookies without a CBA? I know the draft will happen but I'm unsure if they can sign. Someone here said if no CBA this year and lockout this draft class goes back into the draft? I don't know

This FO don't have the personnel to support the west coast offence. They will take a pocket passer as a back-up to Henne. They will trade down and pick-up a second rounder in round 2 if they can get the the QB they want. There are several pocket passing QBs that are better than Newton or CK or VY. What we need in the first round is a good C or RB or TE and then pick-up a QB in round 2..

I don't know either, bobby, but if there is a lockout, what are these draftees supposed to do, go back to their houses? Listen, Players and Owners, secrets do not exist any more. Come clean,, please.

dm1dophan I agree with your comment and I like both Andy Dalton and Ricky Stanzi. They have good releases, accurate and can move around in the pocket and pass on the run out of the pocket.

Seriously? Didn't see one pocket throw. Not gonna work in the NFL

Wolfman- Becuz the best team TCU played was Wisconsin and they only beat them by 2 points I'm not impressed

I think a few of you have legitimate concerns about Kaep but one video does not a career make. He was a rushing QB at NEVADA because he was asked to run at NEVADA. He is a better prospect than most of you think but you will be taking a risk but a worthy risk in his selection in the 2nd or 3rd.

He is smart - He scored 3rd best in the nation on his Wunderlich test in October of players expecting to enter the draft. He was a 4.0 student in high school. He can learn an offense faster than most QBs in this draft but NFL will take a little time.

He has unquestioned character and leadership - The moment he became the starter there was no looking back among the coaches. He is one of the most likable people you'll ever meet, not football player, person. He does not get down or rattled, ever. He comes from a GREAT family (can you say that for Newton?)many of which traveled to the Senior Bowl to support him and is about as humble as a record breaking QB can be. He will never be a headcase and will be the hardest working person on the team.

He is durable - You don't run for 4,000 career yards and not miss a game if you aren't durable, I don't care what conference you play in. I've seen most of his games and I don't think I've ever seen him even limp. he's all muscle and his lack of injury has shown that.

He's strong - Check out the Senior Bowl weigh in. He is sub 6% body fat and is ripped. At the Manning camp this past season Peyton and Eli (as were the camp staff) were beside themselves at how strong his arm was. Watch the combine and be amazed, he will eclipse the other QBs in the underwear Olympics.

He can make pretty much any throw on the field - Watch the Senior Bowl practices, he is far more accurate than Locker and has better pocket presence and feel than Stanzi.

Level of Competition - No questions Newton played better competition and deserves to go before Kaep but it can be said that nearly every game he played in college he was the best player on the field if not one of the top 3 (including BCS schools - Missouri, TexTech, ND, etc.).

Throwing motion - He has a wind-up and a slight hitch. This is an issue if you want him to start immediately but Philip Rivers has the same problem so may not be as big a deal. He has accuracy and that is the most important aspect of the motion.

Under center - No question this is my biggest question. He NEVER took snaps from under center at NEVADA and taking snaps and making 3/5 step drops is a concern. He has done pretty well in Senior Bowl practices in picking up the technique but there is a lot of room to grow. He is a worker and smart, he'll pick it up a lot faster than most expect.

Honestly, as a fan of his I hope he doesn't go to the Dolphins. I don't think the staff or ownership is strong and he deserves better. He needs a good QB coach to get him ready and I don't see it at the 'fins but with that said, any team that selects him (1st or 7th round) will be improving their team immediately as he is a worker, has little overt ego and will do anything to succeed. Think Tebow but with better throwing technique and less annoying. That is his legacy at NEVADA and was his legacy in high school. I don't see that changing in the pros. If I were to compare him to a pro I'd first say Randall Cunningham (I watched him in college as well at UNLV) and a smarter, more focused, harder working, more humble Vince Young.

Idk Mando, we need a passing QB not a running QB. If the fins draft this guy, assuming the CBA is finalized, whose passing the ball. You said he wasn't Tebow, but he sure runs too much.

That's typical for the Dolphins. Lets focus on the QB who played in a read option piston offense in college. If they pass on Newton in the first round and take this guy in the second, someone should be fired. Dalton or Ponder make a lot more sense if they want to wait until the second or third round to draft a QB.

So beerphin....it's all about the conference/size of school...I mean obviously smaller schools and conferences are not going to have the same level of competition. So I'm assuming you would not have even taken a glance at:

Steve Young - BYU
John Elway - Harvard
Brett Favre - Southern Mississippi
Roger Staubach - NM Military Institute/Navy
Boomer Esiason - Maryland
Phil Simms - Morehead State
Kurt Warner - Northern Iowa
Big Ben - Miami (Ohio)
Terry Bradshaw - Norfolk State

Just to name a few. Just sayin', they don't all come out of the big conferences and big schools.

I am a life long Dolphins fan, I live in Reno and attend or watch all Nevada games. This kid is a competitor. He is everything Henne is not.He is intelligent and a leader. He has an excellent arm, was recruited out of high school by MLB, throws a 90+ mph fastball. He has the quality Marino had that you know you always have a chance with him at QB. Would be an excellent pick.

The Dolphins will draft Mallett out of Arkansas before this kid. By the way, I was at the Senior Bowl and talked with an agent for the RB, Korey Sheets. He said he asked Sparano and Ireland about their plans for Ronnie and Ricky. Ireland told him he plans on keeping one of our two running backs, but NOT BOTH. My thoughts is that means Ricky Williams will be likely be returning, not Ronnie. This was said by Ireland this morning. Any thoughts?

Mike B,

After the way Ricky ripped Sparano and the organization I highly doubt that Williams will be back. My best guess is that Brown will be back.

hilarious redsky. please dont bring back ronnie, please ireland do something right for once in ur life

i think Pat Devlin is a great option, very disciplined, very accurate, not the best deep passer, but he doesnt make dumb mistakes, he has 3 interceptions all year, all tipped passes, while still having a td total in the mid twenties, and a great completion percentage, very pennington like, i feel like hed be a good fit for the dolphins, and hes projected to go in the third round.

I think your an idiot. Half these runs would never even have happened in the NFL buddy and besides we need a qb this guy is more of a want on a roster a project. We need a starting qb fart knocker your kind of thinking is precisely why our franchise has wasted so many draft picks and still no qb. We need to quit trying to look like draft geniuses finding that diamond in the rough at qb and do what is logical and makes sense and draft one in the first round that has better odds at actually being the face of our franchise. Quit trying to beat the odds and starting playing them u will find better success.

So Ireland said we need a back that can create yards on his own and now they're looking at QB who played behind a pretty mediocre line it seems. If I didn't know any better I would assume they don't believe they will be able to upgrade the o-line. Hmmmmmmm...

Bob that's "moot" point not mute, just so you know.

What we need to do is trade out of 15 and slide down and gain a second. Then slide down again and gain another pick for next years draft. Fix the damn line in this draft and fix it right this time. No sense in bringing in a qb and running back when u can't run the ball at all. Go get a center and two gaurds or a center a gaurd and a tackle and move carrie in. Our line sucked last year and there is really no point in bringing in a dynamic back or qb that we will wind up booing all year because the line still sucks. Fix the line this year and gain either an extra first or second by moving down in next years draft. Then in next years draft we can pick both qb and running back because we will have enough early picks to do so without worry. Thats what we need to do but being that these idiots waisted their last three years here they will have to get it done this year and will not do what needs to be done.

Cam Newton is a college QB....he will not make it at that position in the NFL. The other fact is that Miami is not in the position to gamble on taking him where he will probably go in the draft. Remember the Phins are going to more than likely trade down from 15 to get a 2nd rounder. Someone will make the stupid move of drafting this WR/RB masquerading as a QB before we get the chance...thank GOD!!!

So quit the Cam watch...it ain't gonna happen.

Best QB looking forward in the draft! I hope we get him!

I am a 66 y/o, old fxrt looking for .....a.....
Shxt, I forgot what I was looking for. Was I looking for .....what? A head coach for the Dolphins? And a GM? Yeah! That was probably it. A QB alone is not going to make it happen.

I've always said that this guy would be a good option for the fins, but not at the 15th pick... no way!

you move down, get a an extra pick or two, and then draft him or someone else with more value... he will be there in the 2nd round.. where's that 2nd rounder we wasted on Pat White???

dfins006.... it left with Parcells and Henning, I read a report that one of the insiders on the Miami staff through out what happened in that deal... Ireland and Sparano said No Way... Parcells and Henning + the QB coach wanted him.... They screwed up... But no reason to still be whining like a baby about a second round pick three seasons ago... snap out of it!

Seriously? Is this for real? Are the Dolphins really considering getting another Pat White? If they want a running playmaker, then draft a f'n RB! a QB in the NFL has to make plays with his arms not with his legs!

Most of the plays they showed featured Kaepernick running the ball. Is Miami planning to abandon the passing game all together?

Kaepernick looks great... but than again so did Pat White.

That video was a waste of time. It would have been a great movie if you cared about Nevada.
So he's a poor-man's Vince Young?

he runs too much in the video., so hes a running quarterback? what did you miss the part where he threw over 10,000 yards. sure he can run like the wind, no doubt. does he need to pass for 20,000 to be considered to be a passing qb? or does he need to come up with a video of nothing but his 10,000 yards passing and not show any runs. cmon guys, who cares the video is full of runs only. the guy passed over ten grand and ran over 4 grand. no other qb has ever done this any any conference against any competition. is he good enough to bring in and beat out chad henne? you bet he is. he was a 4.0 in school, the guy will catch on very fast. id even feel comfortable if we took him at 15. beat the heck out of what else we could get at 15, and get henne out would make me happy

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