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Dolphins are already in draft trade-down mode

The 2011 draft is three months away and already the Dolphins seem willing to trade away the No. 15 overall selection they have in the first round.

General manager Jeff Ireland is hoping, indeed perhaps expecting, to regain the second round pick the Dolphins lack in the coming draft. That pick went to Denver in the trade that sent Miami's 2010 and 2011 second round picks to the Broncos for receiver Brandon Marshall.

"You obviously know you don't have [a second-rounder] right now," Ireland said. "But like you've seen in the past, there's ways to get it back and you're obviously looking to try to do that. So as of right now we don't have one, but who knows on game day, draft day, if we'll have one."

In the past, there were a number of ways Ireland could attack the idea of getting back that second-round pick. He could study his roster and identify a player he might be willing to part with for that pick. That is out of the question for the time being, and likely for quite a while to come.

The NFL's uncertain labor situation has made the idea of trading veteran players moot. Those fanciful speculations about the Dolphins acquiring Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton or anyone for that matter is kind if ridiculous because no NFL team can trade anyone away or trade for anyone right now. Those moves do not happen until the new league year begins in March and, even then, there will be no such moves allowed unless there is a new labor deal in place.

All the experts are saying there will be no such deal in place by then. Or by draft day. Or possibly before July or August.

Fact is the NFL has already told teams that even though it will go forward with a draft, as of right now no players can be exchanged before that draft, during that draft, or after that draft. So trading a veteran to get back that valuable second-round pick simply isn't an option.

That means Ireland will likely have only two options for getting back that second round pick and the first option isn't all that palatable. That first option is for the Dolphins to trade a future pick or picks for a second round pick in 2011. In other words, it is conceivable the Dolphins could trade their 2012 first rounder for a 2011 second rounder.

It doesn't sound like a great value, does it? That is why it is possible but not highly likely.

The more likely scenario is for Ireland to put a for sale sign on that No. 15 first round pick in 2011. He can hope to trade that mid-round first rounder for late first-rounder plus a late second-rounder. Or he can hope to trade that first-rounder for an early second-rounder plus a late second-rounder, depending on what other teams are offering.

The point would be to get a two-for-one for that No. 15 overall pick.

Yes, the Dolphins have done it before. Last year, Bill Parcells held the No. 12 overall pick but no second-rounder because of that Marshall trade. So he traded that pick plus a sixth round selection to the San Diego Chargers for their first rounder (28th overall), plus their second-rounder (40th overall), plus their fourth-rounder, plus linebacker Tim Dobbins.

It looked like a solid move until Jared Odrick, the player the Dolphins selected with the 28th overall selection only one game for the team before getting hurt. (By the way, Odrick had surgery on fractured leg and then had an injury on his other leg but finally started running again this week, according to a source.)

The Dolphins have made four trade-up or trade-down moves since Parcells-Ireland-Tony Sparano began running drafts in 2008. All but one of the moves was a trade-down.

Aside from the trade-down last year, they had a 2009 trade-down in the second round with Indianapolis to pick up a a lower second rounder and a fifth round selection. That trade netted Miami Sean Smith and Chris Clemons.

They also traded down during the third round of the 2008 draft to get back a lower third rounder plus a sixth rounder. That trade netted them Kendall Langford and Jalen Parmalee.

The trade ups?

They traded up in 2008's fourth round, giving up their fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder to Chicago for the right to take Shawn Murphy.

The Dolphins are apparently not in trade up mode this year. They want to recover that second rounder lost to Denver. The Dolphins are in trade down mode.


By the way, Ireland will be a guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning in the 9 o'clock hour. You can listen live in South Florida at 640-AM. Or you can listen streaming live online here. I'll report back to you if he says something newsworthy either here at the blog or on twitter. So please follow me.


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Fah-Hurst again, right where I belong.

My first statement is ummmmm.......


I have spoken.

Wish I could get excited about the off-season and next year.
Just ain't feeling it with this group.
Two 7-9 seasons in a row kinda does that for me.
I'll be changing my post name as well.
Ricky's gone for sure.
Ronnie maybe.
There's Lex, Lousaka, Kory, Deon, Patrick.
There's the draft, maybe FA.
Suggestions anyone?

It will be interesting to see what happens in the post-Bill Parcells era.
Glad to have that dark cloud lifted off the team.

Not sold on Cam Newton.
Not sure if he is a good fit to run the standard NFL offense where he needs to be under center and read complex defenses.
He was a perfect fit for non-traditional gimmicky type offenses that one finds in college.
I would prefer a QB that comes from a program that runs a more typical pro offense.

He is not completely suited for the pro offense at all and my point of view is that is fine, let him run the Wildcat package that Daboll used in Cleveland w/ Josh Cribbs while he gets his feet wet. I think he will be excellent. Brad Smith can do it successfully, so did Cribbs, why couldn't a 250 lb Newton who is a far superior passer to Ronnie?

I'm sure they could trade down in the draft...there will be some good defensive linemen there. Quickly becoming the team who is enamored with brittle lineman.

Wonder if Ross will pull the trigger on Fisher?
Ross needs to learn to play chess and quit playing checkers.

Cam Newton strictly for WildCat purposes is palatable.
Wouldn't you need to take him at 15?
He would command a lot of money at 15 and that wouldn't make sense if he is going to be strictly a WildCat QB.

I think I'll skip the Pro Bowl.
Doesn't seem like real football.
Just people going through the motions
I do hope Starks, Wake, and Denney have good games though.

Trade their 2012 first rounder? Dude, are you high?

That will very likely be the first pick in the draft.

Minimal talent, zero speed and a staff of intern coaches on offense. How many games do you think this team is going to win? Not to mention, their schedule is tough.

Fisher should enjoy coaching Luck in 2012.......

R & R..I would obviously like to see Lex get a shot to be the third down back. I think with his skill set, and Dabolls history with Hillis(who is very similar to Lex) that he could be a good fit in that spot. I'm assuming that we will try and aquire at least 1 back Via the draft, and free agency(this is kind of waste of time to even try and begin until the CBA mess is cleared up) The offensive line will have a lot to do with the kind of runners we aquire. Will this regime favor a straight forward power blocking scheme, or a more finese zone blocking scheme that has uses smaller quicker players that move around a little more(this may be difficult because our guys now are big and immobile)Who ever is the feature back. It would be nice to aquire a faster more elusive back that can also catch the ball. Who ever it is back there we must improve on our pathetic yards per attempt, just to keep defenses a little more honest. But this isn't breaking news to anyone that follows this team.

Can you guys imagine if the CBA isn't in place until August or Sept that there will virtually be no player movement? The only thing we could get better with would be the draft. I wonder how they would handle free agency. An old free agent like Ricky would really be out of luck bec he would most likely have rights go back to his original team.


Dolfandave...That is why I keep making the argument that drafting a first round quarterback this year is not a smart move. When will this player be able to learn the system, yet get used to his teamates, the speed of the game, or improve on any of his faults. Besides no free agency. No practices, no playbooks, no OTA's, Rookie camps, and even a shortened training camp. A lot of teams that have questions at quarterback will have to face this problem. I suppose there could be an argument made that none of the college guys in this draft look ready to play day 1 and they would be sitting and learning anyway. I think that a loss of all the offseason programs would stunt any development, and it would take another year just to get them on point. it is a lot of reps that can't be replaced. Remeber, the starters take a majority of the reps during game week.

Gabbert, Locker, & Mallet I think would beat Henne out day 1 Sparano would never start them day 1 so it would make no difference anyway


How about asking Ireland the question of what the Dolphins will do to "SCARE" other team's defensive coordinators next year. We haven't done that since Danny Boy was under center.

I would be ALL for grabbing 2 second rounders for the 15th spot.

I believe the meat of this draft value wisee will prove to be more of the 2-4 round area.

That would give Fins an ability to plug a few more gaps with what should be some solid players. Since they would be gaining an extra pick they would increase the mathmatical chances of coming away with a bust...more lotto tix equals better odds if ever so slight.

It should take right out of the RB Ingram sweepstakes which suits me great!


Should read...Since they would be gaining an extra pick they would increase the mathmatical chances of coming away withOUT a bust...more lotto tix equals better odds if ever so slight



Theoretically two teams could agree on a trade of either a draft pick for a veteran where the acquiring team would make the selection for the team sending them a vet or draft pick for draft pick(s) and just announce the trade when the labor agreement is reached. Theoretically.

These four teams appear to be the ones that match up best with the Dolphins for the 15th pick based on the draft pick value board.

1) New England for picks 28,60, and 74
2) San Diego for picks 18,61
3) New Orleans for picks 24,56
4) Denver for picks 36,46

It's worth noting that three of those teams also have veteran players that could be of interest to Miami in Vincent Jackson, Reggie Bush and Kyle Orton. A labor agreement would obviously help alleviate some of the hypotheticals.

Armando, pplz remind Ireland to mind his manners whilst interviewing draftees... his mother's hooking should NOT be mentioned

I'll also point out that New England and Denver seem to be unlikely trade partners but if either of them fall head over heels for a guy available at the 15 spot... ya never know.

And the criteria for deeming these four teams the most likely trading partners was that they could each offer multiple draft picks that fall between what the Dolphins have now with the 15th pick and their 3rd rounder (79).

It would seem more than slightly retarded for the Dolphins to sacrifice the 15th pick and not get back two of the first 78 spots but then again given the events of the last few weeks nothing can be completely ruled out with these clowns. I suppose it's possible they would take back just one pick between 15 and 79 and a slew of later round picks but again that would fall under the "slightly retarded" heading.

is it possible to fire Tony Sparano now? Jeff Fisher is available

Darryl, but if you don't draft one the only other alternatives either keep Henne as the starter or trade for a QB. QB and pass rusher are pretty much positions where no one is going to give one up. We really need to bite the bullet. I understand what you are saying but you have to draft one to get anyone worth anything for the most part. Yes, there are exceptions, Rich Gannon being one in Oakland, he wasn't drafted there, Tom Brady another but they are few and far between. Look at the final four and their qb situations. As far as their development the rules are the same for all teams so we all have to deal with it.

Trade down only if you're going to be sure you're getting the player that you want and he's going to pan out. Trading down last year netted them Odrick but they could've have Dez Bryant. Who'd you rather have?

It is hard trying to even think about figuring out a scenario in which we can find a trade partner to pick up a second rounder. Not impossible, and this is why Ireland makes the big bucks. It will no doubt be a challenge. It may take trading away future picks, or even sacrificing a 3rd or fourth round guy this year to complete the deal. I think what may be the most likely scenario would involve a team that is desperate for a lineman, or defensive line- 3-4 olb. Maybe a player at one of these spots starts to really skyrocket up the draft boards, and one of these teams fall is love. Believing they may be able to land this prospect at 15. Of course there are many more ways to get a deal done that I have not thought of. So any ideas would be cool. Also not impossible. But I don't see the Patriots and all of their wealth throwing us a bone as far as a trade. They have a ton of picks and could do it, but why?

Trading down is for wussy's...we basically trade down frequently and it hasn't worked out ohh sooo well. Keep the 15th pick and please pick a playmaker for once!

Yeah Mando..ask Ireland if he plans on keeping question number 8 in the interview question line up..yes the "is your mom a hooker" question...

I'm just sick of watching this team lose...
I mean Cmon...they drafted henne! And we
We would keep him and send ginn on his way.
no special teams but a Michigan trash qb....
At least jimmy Johnson drafted us a great defensive
Group....and Dan henning? A peewee defense could
Prep for our predictable offense.....well that and he's
Outdated and his offense....

So what's your point, Ginn was worthless, he proved that. I mean I am no Henne apologist but at least the guy has balls.

My point is Finn was the fastest player on that team. And only for special teams he should have played.he sucked as a receiver I agree man.but our returns have absolute sucked this year. And Lexington should have started the season.sure henne had some success in 09 but once the league had film on him this year... omg they waited him into some of the stupidest throws ever

I meant ginn and pennington

Anyway I was just curious.....does anyone on here see any
Light at the end of the tunnel....its going on 40 years without a sb trophy.....and if we was to ever get another Marino type qb... is it going to be where they don't build around the guy and just another same old dolphin season?

Giving away the first round and not getting a good QB? The options are there. mallet, Newton, Gibbert... C'mon. Even after a 0-16 season Ireland would trade away the overall 1st pick (possible on ALuck?) in the 2012 draft. Those guys seem to have no brains at all...

Thats My Dolphins.....don't take a sure fire starter ar #15...or show some balls and trade up to get the QB you want and not the one that falls to you....

Trade back....pick up TWO....TWO possible back-ups......and then cut at least on of them 2 years later.....

our track record with this regimes says they no nothing about 2nd round picks...thats why 3 of the last 4 arn't even on our roster any more.....


Beck wasn't part of this FO...so its 2 of the last 3.....but Henne could...make my numbers correct if he doesn't shore up his act....

GO FINS!!!!!!

Armando, a QUESTION Jeff Ireland:

Jeff worked in Kansas City when they were building that juggernaut on offense in the early 2000's that featured a dominant offensive line, Priest Holmes (undrafted), Trent Green (an 8th rounder) and a dominant TE by the name of Tony Gonzalez.

He went from there to Dallas where they built a top ten offense with, again, a dominant O-line, Tony Romo (undrafted QB), and again a dominant TE Jason Witten (3rd rd). Tony Sparano was calling the plays for that offense in '06.

My QUESTION for the next time Jeff Ireland comes on the show: What lessons did he learn in those stops that might help him build something like that in Miami?

It would be nice for the to trade down and get 2 good players but then again maybe they should just take the best player at that spot who could make an immediate impact, otherwise they may mess it up again,not trying to be negative here but the truth is the truth

Unless there is a real WOW player that's available at 15 after the combines they should trade down for sure.

grab at least one extra pick. I'm sure they'll use the draft chart to be sure the trade makes sense.

At this point the CBA doesn't look good before the draft. So bo player trades I'm guessing.

None of the QB's available at 15 are sure fire starters. In fact this isn't a very good crop of QB's. I anything is better than Henne, but this group simply may not be. Most have bust written all over them. Trading down may be the best thing to do because they can recover the 2nd round draft choice traded for Marshall. This is a draft deep in receivers. Another reason to trade down and get a low 1st and a 2nd. Trading up is not an option, they don't have enough value to offer anyone to trade up. Other GM's are smart too.

sparano/ireland are ready for draft day;they bought a new dart board.

it probably doesnt matter what players we get in the draft. have you seen the coaches we have signed?????????? players didnt "buy in" last year and won't this year because leadership is flawed. it was obvious the dolphins quit the last 2 years near the end of the season.

yeah this is easily the worst coaching in the nfl, maybe ever. its a complete joke and dont think players from other teams dont notice

BTW....they should be ready for draft day.....for all intent and purpose....our season was over by Dec 1st.....its 8 weeks later....

Fins got Koa Misi and Jared Odrick in that trade, and the Chargers got Ryan Matthews. If Odrick comes back healthy and productive I say advantage Fins on that trade with the Chargers.

I don't know why...but the commercial with the weight lifter is in my thoughts today....hit me on my way to work....

"I pick things up and put them down"....
Funny Commercial....

course jeff fisher now becomes available

Ross: Tony...I want a dynamic offence this year

Tony: I got just the thing Boss...there was this guy who had a worse offence than us this year....i think his name was Daboll...he's sure to be fired....when they let him go...WE POUNCE....ACORN MR. ROSS...acorn

Ross: Tony...Henne is a MICHIGAN MAN...like me...if were gonna keep him I want to get him the best help available....

Tony: Sure thing boss...way ahead of you.....i'm gonna take a WR coach and make him the QB coach....NOBODY will see that comming.....I told yo Mr. Ross....Acorn...

Ross: Ireland....last year you traded back in the draft from 12 back to 28 and got me the DE with the broken leg and you signed him with 12 million guaranteed, of my money...how are we gonna make sure that doesn't happen again....

Ireland: Mr. Ross...here's my plan...were gonna trade back from 15th to the late 20's....the latter the better.....heh.....and we'll find some acorns....that might possibly contribute in some way, shape, or form to helping this team get better....sometime in the fuure....but don'thold me to that....if it doesn't work...it was all Tony's fault...

Mr Ross: Why do i feel like I am in tha commercial were the dumb wait lifter keeps saying..."I pick things up and put them down".....

Good news is Fisher is out in Tennessee. And it's too late for him to get a coaching gig this year. So that means next year's coaching prospects are overflowing: Cowher, Gruden, Fisher, Billick, maybe even a Dungy are all available and many if not most will probably be coaching in 2012.

So if you don't think Sparano has this year alone to get the job done, you're probably a Marlins fan, and don't pay attention to football.

I wish 'em well, really do. But look at those acquired with all those gimmicks and trades, and you get pretty much Kendall Langford. So, for Odrick and Koa Misi, we could have had JPP or Pouncey (and probably solidified our o-line, or at least stabilized it some.

Don't get me wrong, I like Misi, he'll be a good role player. Odrick, well, others are high on the kid, I don't like that he hurt his OTHER leg rehab'ing from the first leg injury, to me that signifies another Crowder situation. But you guys love him (I guess for the 2 game effort he gave your team). I'd rather have had Pouncey, but that's me.

If Gabbert, Locker, Mallet, and Newton are gone I have no problem with the Dolphins trading down and pick Kapernick as a late first rounder and a running back in Round 2. I actually I am not sure first 4 QB's are more talented than Kapernick anyway...

i agree there odrick will never be much of anything. this is a wasted year sad to say, but least it will finally get this staff out of here. it should of been done this year but ross tried and failed and panicked

I pick things up and put them down.....

I'm out for a while....keep up the faith FIN FANS....

Cam Newton LMAO...get real!...get a running back! and then find a solid QB (Kolb would be a good choice after this union crap is done) in case Henne doesn't make the turn this year. defense is pretty solid...DB's still some work but not as much as some think!. OLine...ahhhhh, on the fence, we have some depth but could use a another star on the line still. Running backs....we need! Say goodbye to Ricky and Ronnie. Say hello to Ingram? Or someone else.

Too bad we settled the QB Coach position already. Could of had Jim Zorn. HORRIBLE Head Coach, but QB Coach, I could think of a lot worse. Hell, how much worse could he be than a guy who's NEVER been a QB OR been a QB Coach?

Your guy's been a head coach before you say, in college. Well, Zorn's been an NFL QB, an NFL QB Coach and an NFL Head Coach. Sounds pretty experienced to me. Ahhh, there it is. Too much experience. Sparano wants rookies so he can micromanage every part of this team, because that's worked so well in the past.

Everyone talks about how Ross did Sparano, but what about the way the Titans did to Fisher. Nobody is even bad mouthing Adams. And he has been an owner for a long time.

lakecity no way we should give up a high pick for kolb

billc - I'm not so quick to call Odrick a bust. He was rated the #1 DE in the draft. Some players quickly seem injury prone, Dez Bryant strikes me that way so I'm ok that we passed on him. I still think its too soon to make that call on Odrick. Lets see if he can play a full season and remove any doubt.

our dolphins are a mess from top to bottom in the front office and coaching. players have to stay quiet but i'm sure alot is being said between them we will never hear. sparano hired son;jeff fisher got canned for trying to do the same in tenn. too bad we couldnt grab him and his staff;is it too late???????

Dolphins should be talking with Seattle if they want to more back in the draft. Seattle will most likely want to move up to get the QB they want.

seattle wont have to move up. all 4 of the qbs dropping like crazy, mallet making his way into the 2nd round now

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