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Dolphins are already in draft trade-down mode

The 2011 draft is three months away and already the Dolphins seem willing to trade away the No. 15 overall selection they have in the first round.

General manager Jeff Ireland is hoping, indeed perhaps expecting, to regain the second round pick the Dolphins lack in the coming draft. That pick went to Denver in the trade that sent Miami's 2010 and 2011 second round picks to the Broncos for receiver Brandon Marshall.

"You obviously know you don't have [a second-rounder] right now," Ireland said. "But like you've seen in the past, there's ways to get it back and you're obviously looking to try to do that. So as of right now we don't have one, but who knows on game day, draft day, if we'll have one."

In the past, there were a number of ways Ireland could attack the idea of getting back that second-round pick. He could study his roster and identify a player he might be willing to part with for that pick. That is out of the question for the time being, and likely for quite a while to come.

The NFL's uncertain labor situation has made the idea of trading veteran players moot. Those fanciful speculations about the Dolphins acquiring Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton or anyone for that matter is kind if ridiculous because no NFL team can trade anyone away or trade for anyone right now. Those moves do not happen until the new league year begins in March and, even then, there will be no such moves allowed unless there is a new labor deal in place.

All the experts are saying there will be no such deal in place by then. Or by draft day. Or possibly before July or August.

Fact is the NFL has already told teams that even though it will go forward with a draft, as of right now no players can be exchanged before that draft, during that draft, or after that draft. So trading a veteran to get back that valuable second-round pick simply isn't an option.

That means Ireland will likely have only two options for getting back that second round pick and the first option isn't all that palatable. That first option is for the Dolphins to trade a future pick or picks for a second round pick in 2011. In other words, it is conceivable the Dolphins could trade their 2012 first rounder for a 2011 second rounder.

It doesn't sound like a great value, does it? That is why it is possible but not highly likely.

The more likely scenario is for Ireland to put a for sale sign on that No. 15 first round pick in 2011. He can hope to trade that mid-round first rounder for late first-rounder plus a late second-rounder. Or he can hope to trade that first-rounder for an early second-rounder plus a late second-rounder, depending on what other teams are offering.

The point would be to get a two-for-one for that No. 15 overall pick.

Yes, the Dolphins have done it before. Last year, Bill Parcells held the No. 12 overall pick but no second-rounder because of that Marshall trade. So he traded that pick plus a sixth round selection to the San Diego Chargers for their first rounder (28th overall), plus their second-rounder (40th overall), plus their fourth-rounder, plus linebacker Tim Dobbins.

It looked like a solid move until Jared Odrick, the player the Dolphins selected with the 28th overall selection only one game for the team before getting hurt. (By the way, Odrick had surgery on fractured leg and then had an injury on his other leg but finally started running again this week, according to a source.)

The Dolphins have made four trade-up or trade-down moves since Parcells-Ireland-Tony Sparano began running drafts in 2008. All but one of the moves was a trade-down.

Aside from the trade-down last year, they had a 2009 trade-down in the second round with Indianapolis to pick up a a lower second rounder and a fifth round selection. That trade netted Miami Sean Smith and Chris Clemons.

They also traded down during the third round of the 2008 draft to get back a lower third rounder plus a sixth rounder. That trade netted them Kendall Langford and Jalen Parmalee.

The trade ups?

They traded up in 2008's fourth round, giving up their fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder to Chicago for the right to take Shawn Murphy.

The Dolphins are apparently not in trade up mode this year. They want to recover that second rounder lost to Denver. The Dolphins are in trade down mode.


By the way, Ireland will be a guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning in the 9 o'clock hour. You can listen live in South Florida at 640-AM. Or you can listen streaming live online here. I'll report back to you if he says something newsworthy either here at the blog or on twitter. So please follow me.


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DB, they'll still need a RB for that line to block for. Ronnie had a 20 yd lead in that 50 yd run he had earlier in the season (where we were on our 1 yd line), and managed to get caught. We need speed at RB. Forget the bruiser-type back. We need a back that can get through a hole and never look back or get caught from behind. Then those picks will have been worth it.

But, no one hold your breaths, we're not getting everything we need this year (we need too much and the CBA is gonna mess it all up for us).


I think you have it a little backwards. If a cba isnt reached until as late as August, it doesnt effect draftees at all. What it does effect is if we traded for or signed a free agent qb. Those are the one's who would have very little time to come in and learn the new system and work with our wr's.

A rookie qb would come in the same time as usual unless he holds out for more money. A very late cba only effects trade and fa movement, thus having the trickle down effect of those players arriving very late to thier new prospective teams.

It is obvious that their plan is to keep trying to force Chad Henne on the team and fans. Absolutely pathetic. This clueless cabal thinks because he has a strong arm and can do a few things well that he is an NFL level QB. The other coaches in the AFC EAST know they won't have to deal with Miami for a long time to come.

Cam Newton will revive the WILDCAT and take teams by surprise! Tell them haters to take that, take that! Can't stop it can you? Frustrated, aren't you! Viva la WILDCAT OFFENSE!

SureShock, your comment on Fisher is ridiculous. Fishers 1st year, 1-5, 1st full year, 7-9, 2nd year 8-8, 3rd year, 8-8, 4th year, 8-8, 5th 13-3. So it took Jeff Fisher 5 1/2 years of coaching before he has a winning record. Even Bud Adams, whose an idiot, knows you can't change coaches every 3 years. Jeff Fisher coached Tenn for 16 years, 5-6 in the playoffs and ZERO SuperBowl wins. I don't wanna hear we need to get another coach every 3 years


Also, its isnt not having a cba in place that would affect drafted rookies coming in. It's the owners threatning to "lock out" all players. You cant develop those players if no one's allowed in team facilities.

Half of that story were facts about things that have already happened and the other half was reported 2 days ago. Seriously, drop the blog and stick with the radio show. Let someone else who is up and coming and wants to make a mark take over the blog. The radio show is screwing the blog. There is no substance to any of these stories and it seems like you're being stretched too thin. This will be my only comment today.

buddy your taking it out of context dont get your panties in a bunch

DB, not true. They already had Tarick Glenn, A. Meadows & S. Mckinney. 3 of the 5 line spots were filled. Their next top picks in the next 5 seasons went to Edge, Freeney, Wayne, Morris & Clark.

Dying Breed..There are no programs for anyone if the CBA is not reached. Rookies can't even get a playbook, let alone go through a Rookie Camp. It would be a huge risk drafting a first round guy this year.


I think they resign Ronnie to a heavily incentive ladened contract and draft apeedy change of pace back that can get to the edge later in the draft.

Kory Sheets may also be that speed threat if he can stay healthy and can pick up on the system well enough to be trusted be inserted at the position. He has the game breaking calibre speed, for him hopefully he can place the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together.

@11:56 It would be risky drafting a first round quarterback.

Death to the Wildcat. Enough. No QB will ever develop or wanna play here if they keep getting pulled out of the game to bring in the WildCat. Real offense, real team

Sure shock, that's what Barbara does. If you really want to seal your fate, tell her you're from the NY area.

Some people here think that 3 years of below average to mediocre achievements is basis for an extension & job security. Where in the rest of the NFL, you lose your job.

Rookies will still be able to do ota's and other offseason activities but wont be allowed to attend official camp until under contract. Cant have a contract without a cba in place.

I wonder how Cromartie will feed his 6 kids without access to a job. For his kids sake, we should all hope they get it ironed out sooner than later.

DB, are you sure about that? I heard there won't be any OTAs or camp or anything until the CBA is signed because of the lockout. Whatever it is, I heard there will be no official team functions until the CBA is taken care of. Is that not correct?

Because I heard a draftee can't get signed until the CBA is signed which will prevent anything from happening (no OTAs, no contract, no camp, nothing).

I haven't heard what you're saying (rookies being allowed to do OTA's). Can you double-check and confirm what you're saying?

Joe Shmoe,

I stand corrected. I guess memory didnt serve me as well as I thought.

C'mon Armando - you know better!

You can't say trading down from #12 to get Odrick and a 2nd rd pick "looked like a solid move until he got hurt".

For 3 reasons.

1) Injuries happen and cannot be foreseen. Can't pin that on Parcell's.

2) For all you or anyone knows Odrick may become an All Pro DE, or at least a Very Good one. Will you then say 2 years hence the move was not solid cause Odrick missed his rookie year? The jury is still out on Odrick.

3) That move netted Misi. The guy played well, as a rookie, and should only get better. You don't mention that in your analysis of Parcell's trade down move from #12.

In my business details are everything, in yours...you concstantly play fast and loose with the facts.

Only 3 professions that can play fast and loose with facts and get away with it, politicians, lawyers and sports writers.

"Last year, Bill Parcells held the No. 12 overall pick but no second-rounder because of that Marshall trade. So he traded that pick..."

It looked like a solid move until Jared Odrick, the player the Dolphins selected with the 28th overall selection only one game for the team before getting hurt.


What will stop the entire show is the owners declaring a player lockout. No one can even enter thier team's facilities. Thats what will put the brakes on everything.

I also heard on espn one temporary solution could be to extend the current cba. But that's still highly unlikely, however, it's still an existing option.

Joe Blow thinks changing FOs every 3 years is the answer. Even though Fisher had a below 500 record his 1st 5 1/2 years and had only 6 wining seasons and ZERO SuperBowls. But Joe would Bend Over and take it in his idiotic NY ass for Fisher to come here. Don't let a little things like FACTS or RECORDS get in the way. Don't you have snow to shovel douchebag or do you spend your day showing ur stupidity here?

Dying, they were just talked about this on the NFL network last night. Nobody gets to practice. There are no OTA's No Team functions, No Rookie Camps. The Ides of March are upon us.

Oh Barbara. I don't want Jeff Fisher, never did. When will you EVER stop ASSuming you know anything? About people or anything else?

Go untwist your panties sweetheart. Get a clue while you're at it.

National Football post has a good story about the CBA, and how it will effect rookies. Definitley no workouts for any players, including rookies...I have been making this point for like a month concerning drafting a quarterback. It is not the year to do it(first rounder)

JS, Cromartie's 6 kids including his 3, 3 year olds. he had a good 2008 by the sounds of it!!!


Its a shame the Smiley/Grove thing didnt workout. The fo had the right idea but gambled on injury proned players. Had it worked out we would be closer to where we need to be.

As Dolphans we are quite a salty bunch. We break a bone we scream bandaid, we get a scratch we scream broken bone.

Wanting to stay the course makes you a minority here right now. I know its tough being the cooler head around here when all of the chicken littles are screaming, "the sky is falling."

Just stand pat because you just maybe the rightest of all. When I take a deep breath and smell the coffee. What you say does make a helluva lot of sense and I hope that in the end youre proven to be the rightest of all.

2008 certainly seems like it was a "lucky" year for Mr. Cromartie. LOL

Ireland stating he really wants to trade down and pick up a second round pick sounds very suspicious to me. Why would someone who has a long history of keeping everything under his sleeves all of a sudden start announcing how much he wants to acquire a second round pick. I have a weird feeling that what he is trying to do is sneak into trading up and maybe has his eyes set on a specific player. I hope that is not the case, but don't be surprised. Just sounds fishy that he is showing his cards.

Last year, Bill Parcells held the No. 12 overall pick but no second-rounder because of that Marshall trade. So he traded that pick plus a sixth round selection to the San Diego Chargers for their first rounder (28th overall), plus their second-rounder (40th overall), plus their fourth-rounder, plus linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Mando - we traded our #12 + 4th rounder, not 6th.

DD, that's what I've been hearing all along. DB keeps talking about a lockout, but I think it's one and the same. The CBA not getting done will instigate a lockout, and that will be that (otherwise, what do the players care if there's no CBA, they'd just go on as they've been doing it this year).

No CBA means nothing football happens with anyone until it gets resolved. Coaches can't train with, teach, or do anything with any player. That's what's about to happen on March 4th.

I dont think we traded the 4th rd pick, we only switched 4th rd draft positions.

Trading down away from our 15th pick is BS, hasn't really worked much in the past. Sounds like Ireland is still looking for acorns instead of playmakers...just keep #15 and get a playmaker for once...no more brittle bone odrick picks please...I thought these clowns promised "change"....

Personaly i say we ALL boycott the NFL this year. They are basically holding the fans hostage over the CBA. If the NFL schedule is shortened 1 game i say we boycott the year. If this commissioner is so great this should be done and over with. Dont any of you read what is being said? Does in not piss you off?

MJZ...odrick had an existing injury too and it appears no o e looked into his medical history...so in fact they did draft a previously hurt guy real high in the draft..believe what you want man...it was a bad move. Do we need his position, sure, but we need a QB and Playmakers first and foremost...

Do I hope these clowns do a good job so we can compete in 2011..yes of course, this is my team...but I haven't seen much of anything that is leading me to believe we are any better off than last year. I mean, as the years pass you are supposed to get better right?

Wow I read some of the Chicken Little posts and am amazed at how SH#$%TY the Phins fan base is . All year everyone myself included had complained about Henning among other things and now the sky is fallen. I think Sparano deserves another shot at HC . Judging from most reports his contract never really gave him any say so into who stays and who go. Now it aopparently does. I think its a great idea moving WR Coach over to QB Coach. It's inovative I mean think about it , who better to show a QB what the heck a reciever needs and how to get him the ball then someone who coached the WR's. We have alot of raw coaching talent that is young and hungry to prove something . Lets wait and see what happens before all the doom and gloom crap. Come on man how do you expect the team to have any stability when the dam fans cant even unite together. Be realistic if we were so good at calling the shots we would be getting the paychecks instead of the coaches . Instead we all have the jobs we do. I love my Phins no matter what and since I'm not the one getting paid millions to make decisions I'll stand by and see how this next season plays out and root for these new coaches to shine and dazzle

A lock out is just that, the team is locked out. Unless the a new CBA is agreed to, after March 4th, coaches are not allowed to even talk to the players. Of course they'll cheat but the point is, the O in OTA is organized. Like in players being coached.

Without a new CBA, there should be no 2011 NFL Draft.

OK, "draftniks" everywhere just had their hearts skip a beat. Indeed, I get as excited about the NFL's annual selection process as much as most anybody else.

But without a CBA, there is very little point in having a draft this April.


The primary reason for canceling the draft has to do with the impact on the new rookies. Most experts feel that any lockout will last at least until the late summer.

That's the best case scenario, and without a new CBA, rookies can not be signed to contracts. Therefore, the likelihood of a highly drafted player like Auburn defensive lineman Nick Fairley getting into training camp on time or at all is slim and none.

Now, if the lockout extends to the regular season or further, the consequences could be much worse. Let's say a new deal is reached by October.

If a rookie signs a deal during the season, he likely won't have ANY impact on his new team in 2011. He'll be too busy learning his playbook.

That's if a rookie signs a deal at all. What's to keep a player from re-entering the draft if he doesn't like the team that drafted him or the spot he was drafted in? An NFL team only holds a player's rights until the next draft if I am not mistaken. Conceivably you could have teams waste high picks on players that never suit up for the team that originally drafts them. Somewhere, baseball " super agent" Scott Boras is smiling.

Now, consider that any new CBA is likely to have a rookie wage scale in place. In fact, according to Packers president Mark Murphy, who was cited in a Washington Post article, the league wants a system that would lock a quarterback who is taken with the first overall pick into an approximately six-year, $19.9 million contract.

That's a far cry from the six-year, $78 million deal with $50 million guaranteed that St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford received as the first overall pick in 2010.

Which means that a highly-rated quarterback like Missouri's Blaine Gabbert won't be forfeiting multiple million dollars in guaranteed money by re-entering the draft in 2012.

Adding to the silliness of the process, the ability of teams to move around in the draft will be significantly impacted by the fact that a team cannot trade a player without a CBA in place.

So let's say the Philadelphia Eagles would like to trade up for the No. 24 position into the top 10 of the draft. They can't use quarterback Kevin Kolb as part of a trade package.

To base draft positioning solely based on records and the exchange of current and especially future draft choices seems to unfairly favor teams with multiple existing draft selections. Shouldn't a team be able to trade one of its existing players to improve its draft position?

Sound like a confusing, bad situation? It is, which is why the simple and best solution is to cancel the 2011 NFL Draft if no CBA is reached beforehand.

Players who have already declared for the draft would be granted a waiver to return to school if academically eligible.

For those not wishing to return to college, they would be in limbo, or in the same kind of purgatory that established NFL veterans are now facing.

The biggest losers in canceling the draft would be the league (loss of television money), teams with early selections like the Carolina Panthers and teams with multiple picks such as the New England Patriots, who have two selections in each of the first three rounds.

Unfair? Too bad!

Maybe it will serve as motivation for a new deal so that fans get what they really want, which is more football on the field and not at the bargaining table.


Richard, you're missing the point. First, if you think any of what we say matters to Ireland, Sparano or ANYONE other than Mr. Ross, then you haven't been watching football the last 3 years (this group, much like their mentor Parcells, could care less what we think).

Second, this is OFFSEASON. That's the BEST time for the fanbase to critique the team. Mando's doing it, other reporters are doing it, why is it so horrible for fans to do it? Come Week 1, if we have football in 2011, everyone here (for the most part) will be supporting the Dolphins and cheering for their team.

But people have THEIR money wrapped up in this team, therefore they have a RIGHT to their opinion on the team's progress (or regression). Either you buy season tickets or you buy the DirectTV package or you buy team merchandise or you buy tickets during the season, so most of us have a financial stake in this.

Don't mistake critique for support. Sure, nobody here knows if their opinion is the right one. Guess what, neither do the coaches. They're just going on what they think is the right decision, and as fans on a football blog, we're critiquing those decisions.

Sounds pretty normal to me. I don't hear Chicken Little here. I hear folks that want their team to improve, want them to be Playoff-caliber, want them to be elite, and putting in their 2 cents.

Your way was tried before, it's called Communism (go to China to see how it works). Everyone shuts up, can't speak their opinion, just take what the leaders say with no discussion and no feedback.

Thankfully, this is the United States of America, where freedom of speech is King. Welcome, you've had your say, and I've critiqued it, that's the beauty of this country!

BTW Jeff Fisher, 17 years a coach 6 winning seasons, check it out.

DC Dolfan I understand where your coming from and I'm not trying to be hard believe me I have complained before but if you read through some of the posts there is alot of here we go 1-15 stuff. Your right that not even the coaches know whats going to work. I'm not saying dont have an opinion but I rather talk bout what we think can work not how bad we suck and season hasnt started yet. You have to admit that on this blog in general between all the topics there is alot of that .

If a cba isnt in place say mid Sept-late Oct, drafted players can opt not to sign a contract with the teams drafting them and re-enter the 2012 draft. That can absolutely devastating. Especially to a team like us!

I guess it would make for a helluva strong 2012 draft if most of 2011's draft picks re-entered into the 2012 draft. LOL..........

We may even stand a better chance of drafting a good 1st rd qb in 2012 too. LOL..........

To be clear, assuming no new CBA by March 4th, OTAs are not allowed. If players want to practice, it will be on their own and without coaches. Coaches are forbidden from contact with players.

Are we gunna have another 07 season...

DyingBreed lmao you got a point that would be one heck of a draft


I can find nowhere where that can be confirmed. OTA's are not the official beginning of an nfl season and rookies have been allowed to participate while not under contract.

Ota's are basically walk thru's and and very very limited amount of actual playbook stuff. There are no pads and no hitting. So personally I see no reason why the cba effects that. But all players must be under contract for training camp participation.

However it would make sense that the cba could effect official training camp opening. Still if a player under contract is injured he still gets paid. Therefore there's no grave liabilty to him even if a cba isnt in place.

DB, I heard the same thing as cocoajoe and DD (on multiple radio shows, including Mike and Mike). No OTAs (players will be locked out of the building). Now, could coaches/players possibly practice elsewhere, like some random field, not sure about that.

Not saying you're wrong and I'm right (you've made me 2nd-guess myself), but I'm pretty sure I heard no OTAs.

If Mando still perused his own blog, maybe he'd like to chime in with an answer, but we know he's off doing other things.

OTA stands for “Organized Team Activities”. It is a term that was created in the legal jargon of the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to keep a close eye on team’s off-season preparations before training camp.

Much like the NCAA’s rules around “practices” in the spring, the NFL has tried to define a strict code of who can practice, what types of drills can be run, voluntary/mandatory attendance and the amount of contact in OTA’s.

Rules around these activities are strict enough that teams can get themselves in hot water easily, if violations are found. The Philadelphia Eagles in the spring of 2005 lost a week of activities for the simple violation of reportedly several players showing up to train before the official off-season start date the club had sent to the league.

NFL Teams may differ on X’s and O’s, however they all can agree that OTA’s are essential to building the foundation of a winning cohesive football team.

Many times when I talk to players and coaches during the crucial season ending playoff-stretch months of November and December, they point to OTA’s and training camp as keys where everyone got on the same page.

Most OTA sessions are in clandestine settings with players, coaches, and a few members of the media allowed to watch. But with everyone’s year around fascination with the NFL exploding, OTA’s have become big news even though it is just players running around in helmets, t-shirts, and shorts.

Key areas to keep in mind when talking OTA’s

Are sessions voluntary?? – Some head coaches may have as many as 12 OTA’s during the NFL’s “down period”, but all of them cannot be mandatory. In the “Good Old Days” of legendary coaches George Allen and Vince Lombardi, there was never the term “voluntary” in their vocabulary. Players knew they better be at every practice in or out of season if they wanted a job.

But with today’s modern athletes of the NFL – many of whom make more money than their coaches – some them don’t respect the coach enough to attend all OTA’s whether the coach wants them to or not. So head coaches walk a thin line when it comes to “voluntary” OTA’s. Eagles head coach Andy Reid recently said after the Eagles post-draft mini-camp, “This is not a mandatory camp coming up, these are OTA’s, and players have the option of being here or not being here”…

Sure they do coach. Don’t be fooled most coaches subscribe to the thought what happens in June usually has a distinct affect on training camp and in September. Every coach wants all of his players to be at OTA’s unless they are a veteran with a legitimate coach approved excuse (i.e. Brian Dawkins in 2007 missed Eagles OTA sessions due to the birth of twins).

Contract incentives and fines are used to improve attendance -- Most teams use contract incentives (ex. Attend “X” number of OTA sessions and receive a bonus of “X” dollars) as a way to make players attend OTA’s. But every year there are holdout type players that won’t attend OTA’s for one reason or another, usually $$$. Fines are another tactic used by teams to motivate players to attend mandatory OTA’s.

The catch with fines is they are only affective if a player is currently under contract -- In 2008, RB Cedric Benson was threatened with fines up to $100,000 for missing six mandatory OTA’s. But when you are talking about thousands to a guy with a multi million-dollar contract, sometimes fines don’t work either. Sometimes when push comes to shove, some players will show-up to OTA’s just to avoid fines.

But players and their agents have even found injury loopholes, like a mysterious “injury” usually a pulled hammy that causes them to be spectators (see Bengals WR Chad Johnson during ’08 OTA’s). Teams really don’t have much leverage in terms of player holdout fines until training camp when fines can pile-up at a cost of $14,000 or more per missed day.

How much contact is allowed?? - The CBA says, “No contact is allowed anytime (during OTA’s).” But we all know coaches and teams will push the envelope. Almost all practices are no pads, but there is always jostling and pushing as teams try to figure out who is close to mid-season form.

But the amount of contact can have repercussions as seen a couple of years ago when three clubs with taskmaster coaches were penalized for OTA violations (Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions). The Detroit Lions were especially singled out, as their former head coach Rod Marinelli’s tough-love approach in OTA's was not well received by players. The Lions lost two days of OTA’s after a lineman filed a grievance with the NFLPA alleging that the team held contact drills at a mini-camp.

Rookie Participation is affected by some colleges – There is a long-standing controversial rule between the NCAA and NFL that stipulates rookies cannot participate in more than one mini-camp before their college class has finished for the Spring Semester.

The rule was put in place years ago in an attempt to keep kids in school and progressing towards graduation even if they intended to go to the NFL. But in today’s NFL, the rule is total non-sense as most drafted players have left their universities months – usually in January after Bowl Games -- before the NFL Draft in April to prepare or they have no intention of graduating as they are underclassmen (ex. Niners’ 2009 10th overall pick Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree was a redshirt sophomore).

The rule usually affects players from larger school that start and end their spring semesters late (Ohio State and UCLA don’t end until June) causing some players from these programs to get a late start as rookies. For example last year Jets’ first round pick linebacker Vernon Gholston from Ohio State, who declared as a junior, had to wait until June to finally get acclimated to his teammates and playbook in team OTA’s.

After the disadvantage of the spring semester rule, Gholston really never settled in until training camp. During Gholston’s uninspiring rookie season you had to have wondered if the missed classroom and field time in OTA’s affected his first year growth.

With 80-man roster limits, competition is everywhere so rookie players drafted or undrafted should be allowed to hit the practice field as soon as they are officially part of an NFL team

Now let me ask this. All of the Vince Young haters?!! They just chose him over a proven coach. You still think he would have Been a bad pick up?? His baggage must not have been all you thought it was.

I don't believe anything Ireland says. One of the running backs will be gone. We only need one of them cause they both are grinders. Don't forget Sheets is stil on the team and he is the fastest running back. we need to get one of the top quarterbacks if they fall to 15. Otherwise jump on the best Center on available. We need a true Center, Pouncey from florida is 6'-5" and an athletic 309. If we don't get our offense line together it won't matter who is quarterbacking, who is running or who is coaching. We're done.

I love how youguys are so willing to give Sparanos and Irelands job away, it is great and I honestly hope that they follow what you say because they will most likely be fired by midseason next year.

In a country of over 300 million people, there are exactly 32 NFL head coaching jobs at any time, that is pretty freaking exclusive right? So when the owner of your franchise says, I want an agrressive, exciting, explaosive offense, you would be wise to listen, if you wanted to keep your exclusive job. When the owner makes a point of saying that he wants better play from the QB position, you wouyld be wise to take him seriously right? the two most excitiong players in the league last year was Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers, what do they have in common, they were beating teams with both their arms and their legs.

I know that there are a lot of people who post here that will never except a black QB, no matter who he is or how good he is. There will always be an excuse not to take in your eyes, he's to dumb to read defenses, he runs to much, he's a bust no matter what. I don't think Ross cares about that crap all he wants is an exciting product and the best choice for that is Cam Newton. A Heisman Trophy winner will put bottoms in seats, as big as Big Ben and more mobile than Aaron Rodgers. I know I know, he can't play and he can't read and he only played one year, blah blah blah. He won almost every QB award last year for a reason.

Every QB that will be here will be at the same level because we have a new OC. There will be new plays, new verbiage, new terms and a whole new coaching staff to get used to, Henne will not have much of an advantage, I would rather go with the younger, agile, faster QB who adds excitement and can keep the offense on the field with his arms or legs.

Most of you are gutless wonders who will never admit that you just don't want a black QB, so I ask you this, which Black QB would you like, or have ever wanted on your team? Fess up bigots.

phinsman does Bud Adams keeping Young mean he is good or that at 88 senility has set in :)

Barrett Wallace Lives to answer your question I would have taken either Randall Cunningham or Warren Moon

Barrett, while I think there's bigotry everywhere (including this blog at times), I think there's definitely a legitimate reason to doubt Cam Newton.

I'd probably take a chance on the kid (I like that he's a winner, that he's a leader, his size and his heart), but, I understand others that feel he might be a bust in the mold of Akili Smith.

I happen to like Tyrod Taylor (Va Tech) in this draft (he's the QB who most closely resembles Mike Vick to me). But my concern for ALL the QB prospects is their accuracy. After Henne, we need a QB with good accuracy (like a Vick, or a Brady, or a Rodgers). I wouldn't mind a David Garrard-type QB, blending both elusiveness and passing skills. I really wish we would have gotten Josh Freeman, he's the type of QB I'd love to have, a gamer, tough to take down like Big Ben, has elusiveness and also a good arm.

Again, my only concern with Newton and all the other QBs I mentioned coming up is their accuracy. We don't need to see any balls sailing over the WRs heads anymore, seen enough these last 2 years.

DC Dolfan what about Jerrod Johnson,Nick Foles, Nathan Enderle ,Pat Devlin ,or Tyrod Taylor, some of them look like pretty good late roun picks with good accuracy

People were so critical of the last staff for being too old and out of touch. Now they go the opposite direction and people are mad that these coaches are inexperienced. Sometimes you just can't win.

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