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The biggest loser? Stephen Ross

Joe Robbie had issues and some of them came out of bottles of alcohol. Wayne Huizenga was duped by Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban and then duped Bill Parcells.

Stephen Ross?

He's the worst of all.

In the past week, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has turned the bitter disappointment of a 7-9 season into the good ol' days. He has lacked wisdom. He has misled and deceived. He has overestimated. And those were his resoundingly good moments.

Mostly he has embarassed the Miami Dolphins, his coach, his fans, and himself.

In a nutshell, he has stunk like a skunk.

Ross arrived back in South Florida early Friday morning and landed his private jet at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He had spent the previous 30 or so hours trying repeatedly trying to convince Jim Harbaugh to become Miami's new head coach. By all reliable reports, he failed.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh in northern California.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh's agent David Dunn in southern California.

Ross took a giant swing and whiffed. He also whiffed on Jon Gruden. He also whiffed on Bill Cowher before that.

So Ross returned to South Florida a defeated person. But he mostly returned to South Florida a reviled person.

Reviled, you might ask? Yup.


Remember I have reported to you Ross met with Bill Parcells on Saturday to ask his opinion of what to do with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. He left that meeting after indicating to Parcells that he was keeping both the general manager and coach. And then he went about the business of trying to replace the coach.

So Ross has crossed Bill Parcells.

It obviously can be argued Ross changed his mind after that Saturday meeting and reactied to Sunday's 38-7 defeat at New England. That one, after all, could have caused the owner to reconsider what he had told Parcells.


You see, Ross met with Sparano for several hours on Monday. And when he left that meeting, he gave Sparano the strong feeling that he would be retained. And then Ross went about the business of wooing several coaches, particularly Harbaugh.

That's his prerogative, right? He's just doing his due diligence, right?

Well, sure. But why mislead and misdirect? Why give an indication that points north and then go south? Why sully the honor of your word with men who value honor and the bond of one's word, men like Parcells and Sparano?

Ross could have easily left his meeting with Sparano by saying, "Coach, I understand you had issues this year and I understand everything you've just explained, but it's my duty as owner to go look around for the best coach I possibly can. So I'm going to take the next couple of days to do exactly that. I hope you understand and can be patient while that process plays out. If you can't be, I understand that, too."

Sparano would have had no choice but to accept that. And he would have respected the way Ross was handling it. But Ross never uttered words even remotely close to that. He just smiled and glad-handed Sparano and upon leaving his company, went about the business of trying to replace him.

However you feel about that -- even if misdirection doesn't bother you -- the process Ross then undertook was, well, kooky.

He approached Cowher and reportedly offered mega-bucks to get the Super Bowl winning coach. But he wanted to saddle Cowher with an unaccomplished general manager and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Is anyone surprised Cowher turned Ross down? Please speak now if you are suprised. (You are alone if you raised your hand. Go face the wall.)

Ross also reportedly contacted Gruden or his "people" to gauge his interest. Gruden's interest is said to have been located at around the $10 million range. Outrageous, right? Even for a great offensive mind and former Super Bowl winning coach, that price tag is exorbitant.

But Ross is a billionaire three times over. He just offered around $7 millionish to Cowher. What's another $3? That's a total of $12 million over four years. That was too much for a multi-billionaire? That's like shopping for a Rolls Royce but walking away for not wanting to pay extra for the air conditioning.

Then came the Harbaugh debacle. This one makes 38-7 seem palatable.

Ross made a run at him here in South Florida and got rejected. And then Ross flew across country to San Jose, California to make a run at Harbaugh at his home turf. And despite offering more money than anyone else, Ross still couldn't close the deal.

A warning: When or if Ross finally speaks on this topic -- he refused to do that Friday morning when his plane landed -- he will likely say he never really offered Harbaugh a deal. He will probably paint this fiasco of a trip as an exploratory mission to feel out Harbaugh. It was, he may say, an interview of Harbaugh.

In truth, it was a Harbaugh interview of Ross. And Ross failed the interview if nothing changes in the next couple of days and Harbaugh does not run back to the Dolphins to become their coach.

So now Ross goes back to Sparano. I would tell you that was his fall-back plan the whole time. Not true because that would require you to believe Ross had any plan to begin with. I will not insult you with that.

Ross told Sparano upon leaving that meeting that he would get back with him on Tuesday and it would all be resolved by then. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and went. Thursday came and went. And the two had not talked.

Sparano was reading accounts of what was happening in the media. Of course, Ross may tell Sparano those accounts were wrong and he never talked to three different potential replacements. The owner may tell Sparano he has his confidence and it's always been that way.

Sparano is smart enough to know better.

And here's the kicker:

When Ross went on his cross-country coach search, even as he hung Sparano out to dry by offering a job that was still filled, the owner was something of a hero to one segment of the fan base. Fans that wanted Sparano out appreciated what Ross was doing regardless of the slimey manner in which he was doing it.

It angered fans that saw it as a classless, low-life, back-stabbing move. But it made fans of change enthusiastic about Ross.

But having failed to successfully make change, Ross has now alienated fans that didn't appreciate the manner he was going about trying to make this coaching change ... and he has now alienated fans that wanted the change he seemed to be working on but failed to accomplish .. and he has now aliented fans that didn't want any change to begin with even though there is no change being made.

He's solidified the entire Dolphins fan base! Everyone hates Ross for one reason or another.

He either embarrassed you or he embarrassed you.

Maybe Ross should offer to sell the team back to Huizenga. Or even Robbie. Either would be better than him. And, yes, I know Robbie is dead. He still had a better week than Ross.


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Ross went to talk to Harbaugh and Luck. He told both of them to wait until NEXT YEAR. After the Dolphins go 0-16 and get the number one pick, he'll hire Harbaugh and take Luck as the #1 pick in 2012.
That's why Luck went back to school - and why Harbaugh will stay with Stanford one more season.

Look Armando, this is a business and you don't lose that many home games in a season and expect to receive accolades for a job well done. Ross did what he had to do and send a message to Tony that he needs to win and win fast. These folks make amounts of money that we don't understand. So, I don't feel bad for Tony. I don't think Ross is evil. He had to do what a man's gotta do and that's win games, baby.





the fins dies as a franchise last night. lame duck staff, awful gm, no free agent would ever sign here. worst owner in nfl. good luck chasing cowher again next year, u had him and blew it. now deal with less fans out there than the marlins, most pathetic thing ive ever seen from a pro sports team

@11CrashJenson~~ Don't get little Krissy mad at you or she will tell you to get off her blog.

i can see sparano but why is ireland still here. he is not highly thought of in league circles. sparano cant trust him.

By far the best article you have ever written. It looks like immorality and dishonesty for some businessman is a necessity. How can these people go to sleep?

As long as Peterson is lurking in the shadows "consulting" for Ross no decent coach is going to come to Miami no matter how much cash is thrown at them.

You said ".....he heard the fans voices" And I say that not all Dolphin fans wanted a new coach or beleived that we needed one!

Go ahead and put me on record - Sparano and his staff will finish the job next season and we will be a Superbowl contender.

A New OC, better QB play and a Healthy team = Playoffs

@Yes Krissy, you were crowing all week how the Fins were going to slam Buffalo on their way to the playoffs. Who's your Daddy?

Rey Rey.....Thats what I think people should take from this....we have been de-sensitized from what a MILLION dollars actually is....and Coach Tony is due to make 3 MILLION next season.....

Besides just think what a great story it will be if Coach Tony turns it around....He will get a book deal! The oppertunity for him is huge......


mike nolan will no doubt leave after all this;he shoulda been the head coach! he was the only one who knew how to coach and he kept a low profile. no one can trust ireland again.


Here is the one we should get.


Everyone feeling bad for Tony please wake up!

He's making millions of dollars per year.

You can embarrass me all you want for that kind of money.

Get real.

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you Sparano haters can suck it!!! I was hoping he would stay because he IS a good coach. If you don't like it then by all means go find another football team to root for. I'm rooting for Sparano and our NEW offense (hopefully McDaniels as OC) to go hand in hand with our great defense. Hahahah, all you haters!

PS- Mr. Ross, Pha-Q!

PSS-Armando, you're getting better every day and WE ALL appreciate your hard work.


this fiasco will hopefully "awaken" sparano and make him a better coach. he will realize ireland is a weasel and he better improve as a head coach. you have to play to win. if you cant you will be replaced!


I did say that your right.....

I also hope your right about the playoff/SB contender...If its true that Coach Tony is kept then I will have no choice but to be a good Soldier and Support our General....

I will watch every game again in hopes that we do put a winner on the feild.....Thats all Coach Tony needs to do...WIN and the rest will take care of itself.....

and Crash...while it may feel wrong to you.....Mr. Ross was trying to do the right thing with his investment....and as a by-product we would have reaped the rewards...in my opinion

Lied 2?

How can you accept the Parcell's/Sparano deception of this season and critizie Ross's. Hypocritical. They are all a bunch of spoiled selfish coniving wealthy men. They deserve each other.

We can always make Sun Life Stadium a nesting ground and sactuary for brown pelicans and other endangered fowl.

Armando, I don’t hate Ross… so don’t speak for me. Ross did not embarrass me. Stop acting like a fool.

Why does everyone continue to harp on the fact that we were 1 and 7 at home?

We also were 6- 2 on the road.

Would things be different if we were 6-2 at home and 1-7 on the road? NOT!

I don't care where the losses come - as long as there are 3 or 4 fewer next season


Spoken like a true fan, and I respect that

Go fins!

They will continue losing until he sells the team. It all starts with ownership.

No one hates Ross.
He's obviously not brillant, but those who have embarassed us are Parcells and Sparano.
It's their fault if (after 3 years) we have no QB, no RB and no O-line.
Now we are in the same situation as Houston with Kubiak. Sad.

Crash...thats because when you OWN THE TEAM....

you bread is buttered at HOME

When you pay for season ticket...Your bread is buttered at HOME

When you spend 10 dollars on a Hot DOG.....you get the point....

Fans won't come see a team that doesn't win at home.....

I could go on and on.....but i am starting to realize something.....you are good at picking a snipet out of a post that you don't agree with and addressing that....while at the same time never quantifying your own empty post.....

I ask you AGAIN....

With the money Ross has spent...the FA he has brought in...the time he spent looking for what he considered the best coach available....


I've seen and had enough....good-bye fins, time to find a new team to support after 35 years.

But in reality, this is no different than what all of us see in our own jobs - only it's a billionairre screwing over a millionairre.

Wow mando.. You sure stepped on your D@#@k here. I think Mr Ross might be kicking you off the property.. How can you say that he is a slime ball. He has 1 billion dollars invested and hes just trying to make sure he can get the best man for the job..And rest assured Mr Sprano is not and never will be that man.. Next yr at this same time will be having this same conversation. But next time it will be Jeff Ireland going with himm.But the bad problem is . Bring Sprano back just cost him 20.000 season ticket holders.. This team is got to be the worst team in the NFL on making good choices..

I'm actually praying for a Player Strike or Lockout next year!! Incredible!!!


1st please do not speak for all of us

Home 4 1
Does not Hate Mr. Ross
Not even the slightest bit

Why would Home or anyone Hate the man?

Your words r harsh and
Home is disappointed in U

Cannot believe u published this Hateful Rubbish!?

Guess u r last on the reporter list with the Miami Dolphins
Why r u working so hard to have all the players, coaches and every member of Miami Dolphins organization strongly dislike , even despise u!?

This scalding of Ross is nuts and completely without bias

The man probably underestimated his opponents (thinking they r only dumb football players & coaches)and does not see the passion and control these coaches must have, in their mind, to succeed.
Ross is learning
"Money Can`t Buy You Love"

The man is only trying to upgrade his/our football team

What is with all the Hating?
Thought u had at least some Christian values/morals?
Very disappointed in the Fake Hate Viruses, U seem to relish spreading


Have u lost It, Man!?

Seriously after writing some nice pieces in December
These fictitious Miami Dolphins Hate Spins from Ricky Williams to Jason Taylor, to EVERYBODY and Home repeats "EVERYBODY hates owner Stephen Ross"

This is insane

The man also paid for Karlos Dansby & Brandon Marshall

Your employer needs to step in and talk to U
This Hating Sucks

Only thing Dolfans r going to Hate is the
Extreme negative & hateful Dolphin on players, coaches and owners by Armando

Ashamed to support this blog in any way whatsoever

These Hateful blogs Suck

Crash....I respect your points of view as well.....I am glad I could have a little debate with a knowledgable FIN FAN this early in the morning....

Forgive him father
For he did not know

Love(not hate)

Amen Armando!! Excellent article!! Stephen Ross is a slimeball and I'm embarassed and disgusted that he is the Dolphins owner.

Jon Gruden great offensive mind? That's a mis perception. Jon Gruden is not a great offensive mind. Look it up. In 7 years as the head coach at Tampa his offenses averaged a #20 ranking. That's 20th out of 32 teams. He had one just one year where his Tampa offense was ranked in the top 10. That was 2003 and it was ranked #10. In 5 out of 7 years the offense was ranked no higher than 22nd. Just because in one big game (Super Bowl) his team scored a lot of points and he's a high profile personality does not mean he's a great offensive mind. You are who your record says you are.

Owner Stephen Ross flies around and across the country,reaches into his own pocket to pay $ 8 million dollars+, the most ever paid for an NFL Head Coach and

The story Armando comes up with is Everybody Hates owner Stephen Ross!?

This is absurd!

Armando did u get hit in the head with a football?

The man is doing everything possible for this team to get better and spares No expense

He is trying to bring in the absolute best players & coaches

No reason for all this Hate and puke inducing rubbish being printed here by Armando

@Krissy, why are you so nice to crash, and mean to me, I thought we were getting along well. Who's your Daddy?

If my boss did that to me, I would be gone after I screwed him up. We had better hope that TS is not a vengeful man.

I could retire quite nicely with a few mill in the bank.

@Krissy, Aloco told me too ask you who your Daddy is.


I'm making my pull now for this QB. Has to be better than Henne. All I want, regardless of every word of trash...etc.. is a new QB and for Sprano to learn how to manage the 2 minute drill, and get a new O-line, and get a new Special teams unit, and get a linebacker that can cover, and get a new RT/RG, and a few fast WRs, and well....a NEW O-Coordinator that isn't predictable!

Give me a break. Why do writers try to make the NFL a soap opera. Ross took a shot at a "better" coach. Ooooohhhh nooooo poor little Tony's feelings are hurt. He going to cry all season as he cashes in on 3 million. In business you have to take a shot now and again--sometimes you fail. I glad we have an owner who took a shot. We lost to Cleveland, Detroit, and Buffalo when it still counted. If Tony wants to keep his job, he needs to win games.

Are you sure Sparano would have figured it out? Remember he keeps saying he's not that smart. And just when was Ross going to squeeze in that "Rooney Rule" candidate? Shouldn't he have done that first? Can you imagine Ross begging Harbaugh to take the job but saying "You can't accept yet because I have to find a minority to interview & a head coach to fire. Does that defensive coordinator Ron Rivera for the Chargers count? It's only an hour flight from here".

Your observationa are misstated.Sparano is marginal,at best.The owner of the team wanted to improve his product.He was unable to do so.You have no idea of the conversations between Ross and Sparano. But even if they are accurate as you have stated,he kept the coach in place while trying to improve the product.What's wrong about that concept?Sparano has no place to go. Who would want him? This is his last head coaching job in the NFL.



If I wasn't crying I would be laughing. Well said Arando!
How do these very savvy business people lose their brains when they become owners of sports franchises? After his ridiculous idea to sell part ownership to the lunatic fringe, his idea to neuter our extra home field advantage by moving the Sept games to later times so the beautiful people don't perspire in their luxury boxes, and now this head coaching fiasco, he has become the laughing stock of the NFL. Get out Ross, you are in over your head!

What ar u talking about mango Sparano never gives a solid answer. He says he's happy with a player then the next they are cut. Shut up with ur attacks Boone in Miami can be trusted. Including u mando.

What a mess...From top to bottom...First off, you can't blame Ross for the Harbaugh fiasco. You can't force someone to take a job if they don't want it, it's not as if you can pull a gun out, stick it to the guy's head and say:" Take the job or I'll blow your brains out!!". Ross did what he had to do. But having said that, why do you keep Sparano?? Or better than that, how can you look at this guy in the eye and say: "Tony, you're our guy...We tried to get 3 different coaches who in our opinion, are much better coaches than you are, but we failed... We now think that you're the best man for 2011..." What?? There's not much you can do if Harbaugh doesn't want to come here, but what's wrong with giving the job to Nolan?? How in the world can you bring Sparano back? And after everything we've heard from several players...That's really, really stupid. This franchise is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. I think the Lions have more hope than we do.

I guess I am the only one who appreciates Ross's effort to better his team. Who cares about the motives, morals, etc? Who cares about how he treated Sparano?

I dont feel sorry for a guy who potentially would be making $3M sitting on his ass next year if he was bought out and drives a mercedes home at the end of the day. Instead, he will be running my beloved team further into the ground.

Fire Sparano! This entire debacle has made him a lame duck anyway. The locker room will be lost (if not already) and will intensify when they start losing. Of course if Ross is anticipating a lost season next year due to the NFL & Players not coming to terms on the CBA, then this is all moot and we all will be loving College Ball like in 1987.

Remember, they all drive mercedes (or better) at the end of the day. They are all highly paid. When they dont perform up to expectations, they get fired. While I weep for Sparano and his poor treatment (not), I am more concerned with Dolphins winning football games. So is Ross. That is all that should matter.

Fact is Sparano lost the team. How can he be the coach again. Second the coach isn't the true problem it's speed and depth we really dont have much of either

Ross your a joke. When the stands are half empty you will regret not hiring Bill Cowher and why becuz of a poor excuse GM who asked a kid if his mom was a hooker. DUMMY!!!!


Owner Ross has spent 1.1 billion dollars for the Miami Dolphin franchise. He spent money on free agency and operation architects like Parcells. Ross and the fans want an offense and the owner will do whatever it takes. I commend Ross. Many things that get reported are given to reporters for public consumption. Who knows what really goes on and is said. The bottom line is Sparano needed to rid the team of the OC Dan Henning. Ross is tired of staying out of football operations, he wants a team with a modern day offense and he will get it. The next interesting thing will be who is hired as offensive coordinator.

Another example of the media blowing things out of proportion. This would not have been an embarassment if you guys weren't all paparazzi fake journalists.

Second, Ross tried to improve the team. Not a bad move.

Third, Sparano is not an idiot. he hasn't shown he is a good coach, but handling a locker room after this is not a huge issue. He has months to work out a plan. It could earn him even more respect from the players frankly if he stands up and takes it.

U must 1st look at the division we r in
The Patriots r insanely good from top to bottom and only GETTING BETTER and MORE DEPTH every year
Major high level Patriot draft picks coming in a few months to add to this insanely good NFL franchise

Good Luck finding a HC to challenge the New England Patriots NFL Machine and actually think he is going to beat them twice a year

Egos r big w Prima Donna NFL Head Coaches

Knowing u r pretty much playing for a Wildcard in our division (AFC EAST) for the next 3-5 yrs cannot excite too many HC prospects

The darn Patriots r just that good

No matter what we do now
Dolphins will be known as an Underdog team in the division

Hopefully a Dangerously Successful Underdog Team

Go Phins!

"I hope he turns this thing around then gets offered lots of money to coach elsewhere and walk."

As a fan of this franchise I have suffered many disappointments with this team. However, none of them ever tempted me to drop them. That is, not until now.

Mr. Ross, I cannot stand you. This spells lack of character to me, you gutless weasel.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/the-biggest-loser-stephen-ross.html#ixzz1AM07msJz

Truth is Armando or no one else knows what the hell was actually said during ANY meetings. Ross did what he figured he had to do - no matter the method. Many people didn't like the way Lebron did his thing. But look how it worked out for him. Fact is Ross owes no one any explanation regardless of how anyone feels about his methods. PERIOD. Parcells? Gimme a break, how may misdirections has he performed in his career. Bottomline is the team will suck again for one more year.

Next Major announcement from the Miami Dolphins should take place sometime this afernoon. Tony Sparano will be confirmed as the HC for 2011, Dan Henning has now retired and replaced by Kippy Brown, Mike Nolan has resigned from the team and replaced by Tom Olivadotti. A deal is also in the works to send the San Francisco a 3rd round pick in exchange for WR Ted Ginn JR and his family. The Dolphins front office strongly believe that by making this trade, they will finally resolve their PR and KR situation. Ted Ginn will bring his speed to the team and his sister is a nice looking ho that Ireland has had his eye on for quite some time now... Stay tuned.

First of all I support Sparano, while all this garbage was going on he continued to work there designing a plan to get the team on track, like he's done for three years. Mad respect for that, he didn't turn tail and go on a vacation. That's dedication!!! That's what our team needs...He's a tough guy. He has to be to endure the treatment he's not only gotten from the "owner" but also from some of the players and fans. Now, to the players that talked trash: Your job is now no longer safe, if you don't want to play here fine, we'll get another player stronger and faster...To the fans that talked down about our coach Sparano: Here's EGG in your face! On the band wagon, off the band wagon. Do us all a favor and find another team to support, those of us that can't get tickets to the games would love to take them off your hands...To our "owner" ROSS: Welcome to the NFL, money doesn't buy everything. YOU'RE A CRASS, RICH, DIABOLICAL PERSON. You owe ALL of the Dolphin Nation a huge apology!!! I'm sure that Shula wouldn't even work for you! Now PLEASE SELL the team to someone that truly loves the city of Miami and also our beloved team, the Dolphins. You can stay in New York during the week and save your weekend trips to South Beach on game day. We, if you didn't know, have a proud history and look forward to making history. And finally to Sparano: Thank you so much for sticking in there this week... You for sure are the bigger person in all this mess and now it's time for redemption. GO GET EM'

Armando....I called you Asmando @6:31...it was purely a TYPO....if you have ever read this blog you know I don't play those games....NO DISRESPECT intended

This whole ordeal is not over yet im sure they should go and get Brian billick He's just bumping around the NFL network.

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