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The biggest loser? Stephen Ross

Joe Robbie had issues and some of them came out of bottles of alcohol. Wayne Huizenga was duped by Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban and then duped Bill Parcells.

Stephen Ross?

He's the worst of all.

In the past week, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has turned the bitter disappointment of a 7-9 season into the good ol' days. He has lacked wisdom. He has misled and deceived. He has overestimated. And those were his resoundingly good moments.

Mostly he has embarassed the Miami Dolphins, his coach, his fans, and himself.

In a nutshell, he has stunk like a skunk.

Ross arrived back in South Florida early Friday morning and landed his private jet at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He had spent the previous 30 or so hours trying repeatedly trying to convince Jim Harbaugh to become Miami's new head coach. By all reliable reports, he failed.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh in northern California.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh's agent David Dunn in southern California.

Ross took a giant swing and whiffed. He also whiffed on Jon Gruden. He also whiffed on Bill Cowher before that.

So Ross returned to South Florida a defeated person. But he mostly returned to South Florida a reviled person.

Reviled, you might ask? Yup.


Remember I have reported to you Ross met with Bill Parcells on Saturday to ask his opinion of what to do with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. He left that meeting after indicating to Parcells that he was keeping both the general manager and coach. And then he went about the business of trying to replace the coach.

So Ross has crossed Bill Parcells.

It obviously can be argued Ross changed his mind after that Saturday meeting and reactied to Sunday's 38-7 defeat at New England. That one, after all, could have caused the owner to reconsider what he had told Parcells.


You see, Ross met with Sparano for several hours on Monday. And when he left that meeting, he gave Sparano the strong feeling that he would be retained. And then Ross went about the business of wooing several coaches, particularly Harbaugh.

That's his prerogative, right? He's just doing his due diligence, right?

Well, sure. But why mislead and misdirect? Why give an indication that points north and then go south? Why sully the honor of your word with men who value honor and the bond of one's word, men like Parcells and Sparano?

Ross could have easily left his meeting with Sparano by saying, "Coach, I understand you had issues this year and I understand everything you've just explained, but it's my duty as owner to go look around for the best coach I possibly can. So I'm going to take the next couple of days to do exactly that. I hope you understand and can be patient while that process plays out. If you can't be, I understand that, too."

Sparano would have had no choice but to accept that. And he would have respected the way Ross was handling it. But Ross never uttered words even remotely close to that. He just smiled and glad-handed Sparano and upon leaving his company, went about the business of trying to replace him.

However you feel about that -- even if misdirection doesn't bother you -- the process Ross then undertook was, well, kooky.

He approached Cowher and reportedly offered mega-bucks to get the Super Bowl winning coach. But he wanted to saddle Cowher with an unaccomplished general manager and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Is anyone surprised Cowher turned Ross down? Please speak now if you are suprised. (You are alone if you raised your hand. Go face the wall.)

Ross also reportedly contacted Gruden or his "people" to gauge his interest. Gruden's interest is said to have been located at around the $10 million range. Outrageous, right? Even for a great offensive mind and former Super Bowl winning coach, that price tag is exorbitant.

But Ross is a billionaire three times over. He just offered around $7 millionish to Cowher. What's another $3? That's a total of $12 million over four years. That was too much for a multi-billionaire? That's like shopping for a Rolls Royce but walking away for not wanting to pay extra for the air conditioning.

Then came the Harbaugh debacle. This one makes 38-7 seem palatable.

Ross made a run at him here in South Florida and got rejected. And then Ross flew across country to San Jose, California to make a run at Harbaugh at his home turf. And despite offering more money than anyone else, Ross still couldn't close the deal.

A warning: When or if Ross finally speaks on this topic -- he refused to do that Friday morning when his plane landed -- he will likely say he never really offered Harbaugh a deal. He will probably paint this fiasco of a trip as an exploratory mission to feel out Harbaugh. It was, he may say, an interview of Harbaugh.

In truth, it was a Harbaugh interview of Ross. And Ross failed the interview if nothing changes in the next couple of days and Harbaugh does not run back to the Dolphins to become their coach.

So now Ross goes back to Sparano. I would tell you that was his fall-back plan the whole time. Not true because that would require you to believe Ross had any plan to begin with. I will not insult you with that.

Ross told Sparano upon leaving that meeting that he would get back with him on Tuesday and it would all be resolved by then. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and went. Thursday came and went. And the two had not talked.

Sparano was reading accounts of what was happening in the media. Of course, Ross may tell Sparano those accounts were wrong and he never talked to three different potential replacements. The owner may tell Sparano he has his confidence and it's always been that way.

Sparano is smart enough to know better.

And here's the kicker:

When Ross went on his cross-country coach search, even as he hung Sparano out to dry by offering a job that was still filled, the owner was something of a hero to one segment of the fan base. Fans that wanted Sparano out appreciated what Ross was doing regardless of the slimey manner in which he was doing it.

It angered fans that saw it as a classless, low-life, back-stabbing move. But it made fans of change enthusiastic about Ross.

But having failed to successfully make change, Ross has now alienated fans that didn't appreciate the manner he was going about trying to make this coaching change ... and he has now alienated fans that wanted the change he seemed to be working on but failed to accomplish .. and he has now aliented fans that didn't want any change to begin with even though there is no change being made.

He's solidified the entire Dolphins fan base! Everyone hates Ross for one reason or another.

He either embarrassed you or he embarrassed you.

Maybe Ross should offer to sell the team back to Huizenga. Or even Robbie. Either would be better than him. And, yes, I know Robbie is dead. He still had a better week than Ross.


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Well, I admire the fans here that are thrilled with mediocrity. I'll bet you applaud your children when they get a C- on a test. I'll bet you are ok with the USA now ranked 17 world wide in education. You favor stability over success. It's amazing how so many people are so fearful of change, even if for the better, or even the attempt to be better. Those who never risk anything never gain anything.

No disrespect to you Mando, or your profession, but if the media didn't play this up so much, it wouldn't be an issue. I understand you all have a job to do, but the media seems to focus on the negative instead of the positive. Negativity gets people to read! But who knows what went on behind closed doors. He may have very well told him he was going to shop around. Hell, for al we know, Sparano told him too! (doubt it but)

While I'm not excusing the horses arse Ross, we don't know the full details of all goings-ons.And I agree that the way he handled it was wrong, but hey, that's life! It can happen to anyone of us. An employer thinks they can get a better employee, they will take them. This just happens to be highly publicized.

I'm a Season Ticket Holder - have been since the 70's. I understand both sides - Ross wants a show to sell - Sparano wants to prove he can coach. This was handled all wrong. Ross should have gone to Sparano and told him "to give me a reason to keep you after going 1-7 at home!"

Blame all of this @#$% on Huizenga - he destroyed this organization by Hiring Parcell's and selling it out from under him.

Blame Parcell's for all of this @#$% - he hired "his guys!" and then when it got tough he left town.

Blame Ireland for all of this @#$% - he brought in top notch "undrafted free agents!" but what about our draft picks - where is our running game, why can't you bring in offensive linemen that Sparano can use? where are our Pro-Bowl players on Offense?

Blame Dan Henning for all of this @#$% - he absolutely called the most predictable schemes of any offense in the NFL - his offense was "offensive!"

Blame the media for all of this @#$% - they fanned the flame and incited all of this frenzy, when in fact the only story should be about our pathetic offensive statistics.

Blame the season-ticket holders for all of this @#$% - for not being more vocal about the product that we pay good money for and we were subjected to at home. It was disgusting.

Don't blame Ross for this @#$%! He was only trying to shake things up - he knows that we don't want to go and watch a 13-10 game (er loss!). HE WANTS A SHOW! He wants us to light up the scoreboard a-la-Marino style by hanging 30-40 points on our opponent! Only blame him for how he went about it.

Finally, don't blame Sparano for this @#$%! He's playing the hand that was dealt him. However, I will blame him next year if he doesn't correct his game-day management, his constant roster churning, his cutting our leading interceptor, his cutting a Kevin Curtis, his constant changing of the offensive line, his constant reminder of silly statistics that don't mean a hill of beans if you lose, his special teams that weren't so special, his lousy handling of a good young quarterback (Henne) who can still be good if they give him some REAL COACHING and some much-needed confidence, and FINALLY his pathetic offense!

The topic of conversation should not be about Jim Harbaugh - should be about Sparano AND REAL POSITIVE CHANGE!

Chad Henne just called timeout

Is Robo7 really Chad Henne?

Most of Miami sportswriters disappoint me. They acted like they actually knew, as in factual, what expired over the last few days. THEY DID NOT! First, they said we did not get Harbough. Then, last night, they said we got him and coaches are packing their bags. Finally, they said we did not get him and Ross is a smuck. I say the Miami sportswriters looked just as bad, if not worse, than Ross in this whole fiasco. The whole thing should have done in private and sportswriters should have RESPECTED that privacy, I think the sportswriters, all of you ought to take a look at yourselves, what you wrote over the last few days, and how you can improve professionally to better serve the fan base, which by the way, are your customers!

I agree Marc. We're now in search of two key free agents. An offensive coordinator and a QB. Given upgrades at both and a more favorable schedule all is not lost for 2011.

DNY...you probaly are closer to the truth then we know

For the first time in many years, I will be unable to get "psyched" in the off-season about this team's prospects for success in its next campaign.
With Sparano and Ireland, I understand the "stability argument" that many have offered.
It's a great argument and we haven't had that since Don Shula.
I just don't feel in my gut that these two have the innate ability to lead us to the promised land (I HOPE I AM WRONG ON THAT ONE).
I am glad we did not get the old retreads in Gruden (the destroyer of the Buccaneers) and Cowher (been there done that and I'm just bored really).
Not getting a young Harbaugh does sting a bit.
Thrilled that Henning is gone.
Question now is can the FO land a highly competent O.C.?

How can people not see that Ross caused a mess here? I don't see why people can't see the very bad in all of this.

What GOOD O coordinator would come here now? Under a lame duck coaching staff? Essentially only beassured of a 1 year job? With a coach change likely next year, why subject yourself to that?

No one with viable credentials will want to take this job. They'd be a moron to.

If you wanted to go this route, do it from the outset. Either hire a new O-coordinator or find a new coach. Don't try to do both. He just shortened the list of viable candidates who would even consider coming here.


Find the highest scoring Madden player and make him the OC.

I think you're overreacting. What's the difference between the actions of Ross and coach Saprano telling R. Brown that he is still the starting running back while he goes out and drafts another one?


Joe Schmoe,
What if he gives Sparano an extension and the new OC a 3 year contract?
Would that smooth things over?

How long before Ross starts courting Matt Millen? Come to that, why not see if Jimmy Buffett wants the job? What a total ass-clown of an owner our once-proud franchise has.

Get a grip. First, Ross is the owner and can do whatever he sees fit to run his business. Secondly, Sparano is a big boy and is well compensated. I don't think is going effect him at all....he will look at it the way he always does...as an opportunity. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get a contract extension after this. I think you are and the rest of the press are making more of this than is necessary. Let it go....The bottom line is no coach will be successful in Miami until the QB situation is resolved....

Joe...an OC comes here with the chance to become a HC....thats the motivation...weather real or imagined

Our biggest FA pickup last season was Nolan. That's what we have to strive for again this offseason. Possibly the best choice is Josh McDaniels but I highly douby that would work with Marshall and Nolan on the team. After that maybe we look at McCoy in Denver. I have a funny feeling he's going to be out of a job in Denver. I'm not seeing much else out there right now, unless we look at Brad Childress. I know he sucked as a HC in Minesota but he was a highly regarded OC in Philly. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Have a good day guys....

I for one, and after reading through the blog it really sounds like one, will be 100% behind Tony S. I will always hope that the Fish go 10-6, 11-5 and 12-4. People for get 1-15 real quick.
Was I disapponited with the season, yes, but it's better than being Carolina with the first pick and the best player basically saying no thank you.
Let's get back behind our guys, maybe if we get a great OC and a new QB, or straighten Henne out, we can be 11-5.

I still don't see what exactly Ross did wrong. So you fire TS first even though there are only a couple guys you want over him. Those guys turn you down. Now you have nothing and have to hire Wade Phillips? Really?

mando i do believe that sparono now more than ever needs to gooooooooo!!!!! but please get all the facts before you write. yes ross should have fired ts before his trip, but just because he did not doesnt mean he was keeping ts all the time. why just because ts came away assuming this. what happens when u ass ume!!!!! also a schefter is reporting no contract was offered because of the rooney rule was not met so no contract could be offered. lets wait and see why no harbaugh

Joe Schmoe,
What if he gives Sparano an extension and the new OC a 3 year contract?
Would that smooth things over?

Posted by: Robo7 | January 07, 2011 at 09:37 AM

Do you think anyone would really not be able to see that for what it really is? Just to save face? An Extension wouldn't convince anyone that they are retaining him after what he did this offseason.

Not to mention, based on the PFT link I posted, no one has even told Sparano he is staying yet. This is all speculative.

This is amazing... Harbaugh is portraid as the next Bill Walsh lol... absurd to offer that kind of money to someone who has not coached (head coach) an NFL down in his life........ so what is Bellichick worth??? $25 Million/year.... c'mon man.... NFL owners what a bunch of rich pricks!! lololol and Ross you are a joke ... you can tell you did not earn the money you have.....

One last reminder guys....Lovie Smith was a lame duck coach coming into this season. It was playoffs or done. Mike Martz agreed to be the OC and they have gone on to have an 11 win season and a first round bye in the playoffs. It can be done and it has been done.

See ya!

Brad Childress didn't suck in Minnesota. He was one stupid Brett Favre INT away from making it to the SB. I wouldn't mind having him as the OC.

I don't care who it is but Sparano is a lame duck & has to go after all this. He knows deep down he isn't the guy they want. He'll be out by mid-season at this rate.

There are still better options such as Nolan. After all this upgrade searching, I can't see him having success. The pressure on him will be ridiculous.

craig m is a funny man, comes to make a point that ignores all facts, then says he has to run have a good day, so nobody will expose him, then he pops back in to make more comments...so he is here, just trying to avoid logical reasoning.

I actually like the suggestion of making Pennington the QB coach

Glad to see most of you finally see the current ownership for what it is, a joke. There is a reason all of this potential coaches are running from the Dolphins right now.

I hope the coaches and staff that are retained can turn this thing around and demand big $$ after we win the AFC Championship next year.

Face it folks, Lombardi himself could not have done better than 8-8 with the squad we ended up with last year.

Yes, coaching mistakes were made but they pale in comparison to all the stupid penalties, dropped passes, and missed assignments by various players. All of that can be corrected with more hard work.

The circus at the stadium also created by current ownership is pathetic. Most true fans come to see good football on the field, not all that crap.

Bottom line is the fair weather fans will come to the games if we win. Heck, Dolfan Denny (RIP) could be the HC and fans will come if we win.

So let's move forward and support the guys we have and players we need to get, and hope for new ownership soon.

Dolphins Forever!

Best thing Ross can do right now.....Nothing, send Ireland out there, announce Coach Sparano is the coach today and they will do all they can to fix this offense. Period. Then let this blow over and do your jobs. Anything Ross says or tries to do now just digs a deeper hole. Shut ur mouth and go play cards with Sideshow Peterson in the back room

Donald Trump would never have handled it this way. Ross is a putz. And Hargaugh? Rule number one. Never interview for a job someone else has. Maybe he should enroll in Stanford's biz school. Sterotype that football guys are stupid rings true.

Now you all see why Parcells left. Ross is a complete scumbag!! The Tuna and Wayne got along. Wayne while guilty of being mislead, never did dirty deals. He was a straight up guy. Once Tuna saw what Ross was like, thats when this whole thing went south. What a real P.O.S. that Ross is!!!

Glad I don't buy season tickets

craig m is a funny man, comes to make a point that ignores all facts, then says he has to run have a good day, so nobody will expose him, then he pops back in to make more comments...so he is here, just trying to avoid logical reasoning.

Posted by: darrylo | January 07, 2011 at 09:44 AM

I was JUST about to say the same thing. He said he was leaving 2 x's & kept coming back. Yet failing to address anything really that can't be disputed. LOL

Just tore up my season ticket renewal form. There's no way in hell I'm paying big bucks anymore to take my family out to see this horrible football team play. Not happening! No way, no how!

Sparano's a good man; he just in over his head. Ireland is a pathetic judge of talent. The upcoming draft WILL be a disaster. Mark my words....

The Dolphin franchise is in big trouble, my friends......

Spot on, Armando. You have been consistently the best source of information and analysis about this whole situation.

3 years of bad FA decisions...3 years of terrible drafts...3 years of Dallas cowboy rejects..Sick of hearing this player has value because he plays special teams(worst unit in the nfl)Play not to lose instead of trying to win(fist pump)The way Henne has been taught and beat down on how not to lose..Keeping the worst OC around for 3 years...Ways to improve would be keep Nolan and fire the rest...Hire Cowher and let him put his people in place...Ireland sux...Let a quality coach work with Henne and a new oc and see where he is at after the year..When you hire average head coach,below average gm,and a horrible oc your results are going to be below average..

Craig M cut from same cloth as Armando and Ross. All douchebags

um......whoa....... i guess you plan on never ever ever ever getting any even remote access to anything having to do on miami dolphin property aye there armando!?

ha!! YOURE the one who is DONE!!!!

what was wrong and obvious was that jim harbaugh didnt want to come to miami. we tried to send the brinks truck to his door. you cant buy loyalty or passion to our dolphins. i'd rather have a 3million dollar guy who wants to coach the fins for better reasons. thats why cowher,gruden and harbaugh werent the answer. a young asst somewhere who wants to work for a smaller payday until he proves he can coach. sparano is the wrong guy but at least he loves the dolphins and probably realizes he's in over his head. this is business at the highest level with weasels within(jeff ireland). you better surround yourself with a competent staff;guys like mike nolan who coulda been the top guy. now theres a good chance he leaves watching how we operate.

Way to go Old Warrior. Amen. This team doesn't deserve our attention , they certainly do nothing on our behalf

Ok...time to move on.

Next on the list...a new explosive OC
After that, a new QB
After that, a new RB

One more thing...Ross, you should stick to Real Estate, football is not your game.

Manny Fresh will be the OC

Man, i thought Crater face Huizenga was a d bag, but this ross guy is a total clown. Where in the hell did my team go? Its been in the toilet since the Robbies sold the team.

Sparano needed to be fired, however he did not deserve the prison screwing he got. I would tell ross to shove his job up his ass.

Like I said earlier, look at the bright side. With Sparano back, if it's true, we have a better chance to land Luck next year LOL

Let's see here....so far you have alienated the players (calling them cowards for not derailing the coaches mid season) and owner for looking around before deciding his best option was the status quo.

Aside from me not agreeing with either assessment, you have COMPLETELY lost any access to either. Of course Tony will love you for standing by your man, but frankly he's a loser. He is to coaching what you are to sports journalism!

So Armando today you dislike Ross? Wow I might be wrong but before this fiasco if seem to me that you were his back pocket boy!!!!

I dont have a problem with what Ross did its how he did it. Lets tap the brakes before we throw him completely under the bus. Im willing to lay money down that he did tell Tony he would be in limbo for a few days. Ross didnt get his man so now its time to move on and get behind Tony and this team. By the way is it me or is fan base getting behind our coach????? Im just asking!!!!!!

Good Morning Fellas,

I almost called out today because we are getting snowed on, AGAIN! But another day another dollar.

I was totally beside myself last night when I heard the news Sparano will be retained. I for one wanted Spranano gone. I have no confidence with this guy. He seems overwhelmed and his coaching style of I will line my guys up and go one on one with your guys does NOT work any longer. It hasn't worked since Scott Norwood's kick went WIDE RIGHT in the Super Bowl. Parcells failed in Miami miserably. He didn't complete or do his job. He set Miami up with a positional coach who isn't ready for the big stage and his good ol boy-butt buddy Dan Henning was made offensive cordinator and he also picked his successor has the front office guy in Jeff Ireland who asked a college kid was his mom a prostitute.

Now we have an owner who was willing to spend big money on an unproven coach in Jim Harbaugh which I was fine with it ain't my money but wouldn't spend a few million more for a proven offensive mind that develops QBs and has done so on the NFL level at the highest level in Gruden.

I didn't have a problem initially with the way Ross bent Sparano over and stuck him but that was when I thought Miami was getting Harbaugh. Even striking out on Harbaugh you move on but now it's irreversable you have to keep moving. Ross put himself in a position where he had to make a change just for the sake of change after striking out with all the big names. Hire Brian Billick, promote Mike Nolan hire but you can't retain Sparano. Sparano is now a humiliated, lame duck coach that knows he has no ground for error. WE all thought he played conservative and not to lose before what do you think he will do now? He is a 1-3 record away from being replaced by an interim coach.

Miami is doomed to fail this year. Fuccck you very much Stephen Ross.

Go draft Cam Newton a playmaking QB because he can sit and learn in what will be another 7-9 season at best.

gregz, excellent post at 9:48AM...

You need to get a life, this is entertainment not life or death. How can you possible think that these high priced actors care about you at all. All they want if for you to buy into this form of entertainment so that they can reap the rewards of separating you from your dollars. I like football and I also like a good book or a movie, but I'm not going to have football rule my life, I've got bills to pay and children to feed, I don't need all this life controlling drama.

Home's comments here (several pages back) are on the money.

I think a lot of people are putting way too much emotion into a non emotional situation. I'll bet TS is glad Ross didn't fire him last weekend even if Harbaugh had been hired today. Why? Well at 2-3 mil/year TS banked a cool $40-$45K this week. Seems to me Ross did him a favor.

What Ross did is at best bush league. Some one blotted that he thought Parcell resigned because he got to know the real Ross and didn't like what he saw...I believe it. I also believe now that Ross's idea all along was to stick Petersen in as Football Czar in effect replacing Parcells and making Ireland & Coach Tony Petersons subordinate and under the complete control of Ross's regime. I hope Tony does well this coming season, he certainly works hard enough to deserve it and a couple of the losses from this year could have wound up in the win column.
The coaching search is over, let's now look for new talent on the coaching staff as well as on the field.
So what about Henne?

Why doesn't anyone understand that there probably aren't allot of coaches who would take the Miami job, especially now, seeing how he treated Sparano? Whether it's right or wrong, you agree or not, it doesn't matter. Not many coaches would want to work for an owner like that.

What ever happened to the "good 'ole days" when men weren't all women. Damn, the feminization of America is almost complete. I can't believe how many people here have their panties in a bunch because some millionaire coach got his poor little feelings hurt.

Joe, you know why an OC would come here, MONEY! Same reason anyone takes a job, they need to pay the bills. And this is actually a PERFECT situation, because if you do good, and the Coach fails, then there's an opening for Head Coach. If I was an aspiring OC, I'd come here in a heartbeat.

Ross showed me he's willing to put his wallet where his mouth is. He offered Harbaugh more than anyone else. So, who's fault is that? Either no one's or Harbaugh for balking.

Guess what, in a week, everything will be forgotten. Sparano SHOULD feel threatened because he is. The organization SHOULD feel ashamed because they can't field a friggin' Playoff team! NO ONE on the team should feel any better than the Coach because they helped produce this mediocrity.

So, for me, it's a lose/lose/lose, which means a draw for everyone. Best thing they can all do is forget, and move on. Ticket sales will drop this year. That's less pressure to win. So hopefully they can use that to do something, or else more change will be in the near future.

gregz you are right on the mark.

F**k harbaugh, if he really wanted to coach the fins he would have taken the $7M and been HONORED to coach in Miami.

Same for Chuckie(Gruden)...I'll take Tony over Chuckie any day!

As for Cowher...well let's just say he should stay on TV.

I may not know what I'm talking about here but the details of the discussions with Harbaugh aren't known. Is it possible he was offering him the offensive coordinator job and not the head coach job and isn't that a reason why he was not interested?

The biggest loser is you Mando! Is this your first go around sports franchises! Ross lands in his private jet and you sit behind a keyboard whining like a child! Hmmm, sounds like Ross did something right in his life huh! He didn't let go Sparano just for the fact that he may have not gotten the coach he wants. Ever think that coaches just don't want to coach a losing franchise or they prefer a team that is further along! the dolphins are no longer the elite franchise. That is not Ross's fault. He is trying to create that once again, even though some of you folks don't like his methods.

Good news for Tony...he will not have to address the team for another 5 month or so until the first mini-camp....but it will still be an awkward moment for sure.

Poor sparano. You think Shawn Murphy can empathize? The coach cuts players in the same manner. It's a brutal biz and if sparanos feelings r hurt than he should change careers. I think TS can coach and a few more wins would have been had if our qb played better. A new oc and a little luck finding a better qb and our fins r back

DC, sadly the coaching fraternity in the NFL isn't like the rest of the workplace in America. In the NFL, you fire a guy & then search. No coaches ever interview while the existing coach is still in place.

Regular workplace, sure, you look for a replacement while the other guy is on the job. Whether you agree or not, like it or not, that's not the way it is in the NFL & allot of coaches will be completely turned off by what Ross has done.

As Miami fans we are biased into thinking he did nothing wrong. But in league circles, Ross looks like a classless amatuer.

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