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The biggest loser? Stephen Ross

Joe Robbie had issues and some of them came out of bottles of alcohol. Wayne Huizenga was duped by Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban and then duped Bill Parcells.

Stephen Ross?

He's the worst of all.

In the past week, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has turned the bitter disappointment of a 7-9 season into the good ol' days. He has lacked wisdom. He has misled and deceived. He has overestimated. And those were his resoundingly good moments.

Mostly he has embarassed the Miami Dolphins, his coach, his fans, and himself.

In a nutshell, he has stunk like a skunk.

Ross arrived back in South Florida early Friday morning and landed his private jet at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He had spent the previous 30 or so hours trying repeatedly trying to convince Jim Harbaugh to become Miami's new head coach. By all reliable reports, he failed.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh in northern California.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh's agent David Dunn in southern California.

Ross took a giant swing and whiffed. He also whiffed on Jon Gruden. He also whiffed on Bill Cowher before that.

So Ross returned to South Florida a defeated person. But he mostly returned to South Florida a reviled person.

Reviled, you might ask? Yup.


Remember I have reported to you Ross met with Bill Parcells on Saturday to ask his opinion of what to do with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. He left that meeting after indicating to Parcells that he was keeping both the general manager and coach. And then he went about the business of trying to replace the coach.

So Ross has crossed Bill Parcells.

It obviously can be argued Ross changed his mind after that Saturday meeting and reactied to Sunday's 38-7 defeat at New England. That one, after all, could have caused the owner to reconsider what he had told Parcells.


You see, Ross met with Sparano for several hours on Monday. And when he left that meeting, he gave Sparano the strong feeling that he would be retained. And then Ross went about the business of wooing several coaches, particularly Harbaugh.

That's his prerogative, right? He's just doing his due diligence, right?

Well, sure. But why mislead and misdirect? Why give an indication that points north and then go south? Why sully the honor of your word with men who value honor and the bond of one's word, men like Parcells and Sparano?

Ross could have easily left his meeting with Sparano by saying, "Coach, I understand you had issues this year and I understand everything you've just explained, but it's my duty as owner to go look around for the best coach I possibly can. So I'm going to take the next couple of days to do exactly that. I hope you understand and can be patient while that process plays out. If you can't be, I understand that, too."

Sparano would have had no choice but to accept that. And he would have respected the way Ross was handling it. But Ross never uttered words even remotely close to that. He just smiled and glad-handed Sparano and upon leaving his company, went about the business of trying to replace him.

However you feel about that -- even if misdirection doesn't bother you -- the process Ross then undertook was, well, kooky.

He approached Cowher and reportedly offered mega-bucks to get the Super Bowl winning coach. But he wanted to saddle Cowher with an unaccomplished general manager and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Is anyone surprised Cowher turned Ross down? Please speak now if you are suprised. (You are alone if you raised your hand. Go face the wall.)

Ross also reportedly contacted Gruden or his "people" to gauge his interest. Gruden's interest is said to have been located at around the $10 million range. Outrageous, right? Even for a great offensive mind and former Super Bowl winning coach, that price tag is exorbitant.

But Ross is a billionaire three times over. He just offered around $7 millionish to Cowher. What's another $3? That's a total of $12 million over four years. That was too much for a multi-billionaire? That's like shopping for a Rolls Royce but walking away for not wanting to pay extra for the air conditioning.

Then came the Harbaugh debacle. This one makes 38-7 seem palatable.

Ross made a run at him here in South Florida and got rejected. And then Ross flew across country to San Jose, California to make a run at Harbaugh at his home turf. And despite offering more money than anyone else, Ross still couldn't close the deal.

A warning: When or if Ross finally speaks on this topic -- he refused to do that Friday morning when his plane landed -- he will likely say he never really offered Harbaugh a deal. He will probably paint this fiasco of a trip as an exploratory mission to feel out Harbaugh. It was, he may say, an interview of Harbaugh.

In truth, it was a Harbaugh interview of Ross. And Ross failed the interview if nothing changes in the next couple of days and Harbaugh does not run back to the Dolphins to become their coach.

So now Ross goes back to Sparano. I would tell you that was his fall-back plan the whole time. Not true because that would require you to believe Ross had any plan to begin with. I will not insult you with that.

Ross told Sparano upon leaving that meeting that he would get back with him on Tuesday and it would all be resolved by then. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and went. Thursday came and went. And the two had not talked.

Sparano was reading accounts of what was happening in the media. Of course, Ross may tell Sparano those accounts were wrong and he never talked to three different potential replacements. The owner may tell Sparano he has his confidence and it's always been that way.

Sparano is smart enough to know better.

And here's the kicker:

When Ross went on his cross-country coach search, even as he hung Sparano out to dry by offering a job that was still filled, the owner was something of a hero to one segment of the fan base. Fans that wanted Sparano out appreciated what Ross was doing regardless of the slimey manner in which he was doing it.

It angered fans that saw it as a classless, low-life, back-stabbing move. But it made fans of change enthusiastic about Ross.

But having failed to successfully make change, Ross has now alienated fans that didn't appreciate the manner he was going about trying to make this coaching change ... and he has now alienated fans that wanted the change he seemed to be working on but failed to accomplish .. and he has now aliented fans that didn't want any change to begin with even though there is no change being made.

He's solidified the entire Dolphins fan base! Everyone hates Ross for one reason or another.

He either embarrassed you or he embarrassed you.

Maybe Ross should offer to sell the team back to Huizenga. Or even Robbie. Either would be better than him. And, yes, I know Robbie is dead. He still had a better week than Ross.


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Also, I wanna repeat for those that still say Henne is any answer. Chad Henne WON'T be starting for this team. Not while Tony Sparano is HC. Tony's not the sharpest tack in the box, but he's not THAT dumb.

Henne doesn't possess the leadership qualities to lead men. He's a career backup unless some other team is willing to give him a chance.

Other than Henning gone, that's the best news to my ears!

Larry Czonka, Mercury Morris, Dan Marino, Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Don Shula, where have you all gone????

I hope that Ross is actually screwing with all the sportswriters and pops up today fires Sparano, announces Harbaugh as the new head coach, trades for the first pick in the draft, and then Luck announces he is leaving Stanford to come to the Dolphins -- all of this in one day. This would let all of you sportswriters know that you just need to be patient and quit acting like a bunch of British paparazzi! Let the man run his business. I just wish our offense was as aggressive as Ross seeking a coach.

Luck is going back to school for his junior year. He will not be no. 1 this year.

Trust me Joe, the league will get over it. I doubt anyone looks to the NFL for class. Bellichick did the WORST thing imaginable in sports (cheated) and now he's hailed as a genius and the greatest Coach ever.

So take your bra off and see things for what they are Joe. The NFL is a business. People get their feelings hurt everyday. Whether someone has class or not isn't the issue. The issue is how many zeros are on my paycheck. That makes enemies into friends real quick.

Dolphins start the season 4-0, and all the haters will be changing their minds, saying the Owner is one of the best in the league.

It's not that serious, really.

Wow Armando!! Remember the business world of Ross Is about deception! Business is ugly folks!

DC Dolfan,

You are right on. Sparano has made MILLIONS of dollars. No one cares when players get cut. When players are told you can not come to the training facility because you are not welcome because we are going to trade you JEFF SMILEY!

C'mon fellas get real.

There is so much that has gone wrong that where do we find any good? This owner is an idiot, the GM should be fired because exactly, what has he done for this team? Sparano has one more time on the dance floor-he either takes this opportunity and learns from the past 3 years that "something MUST CHANGE". He needs to hire an offensive coordinator that can break us open. This owner has shown he's incompetent. Woody Johnson knows nothing about football really BUT he's got people around him that know football!He lets them handle what they know how to do. Ross has who? Ireland?? He's a joke! He's no more than a high school Atheletic Director! I'm disgusted because Ross has killed any opportunity for a top tier coach in the future. Thanks Rossy!

Ross is an owner & Bellicheck is a coach. Wrong comparison. Considering Gruden refused to interview & so did Cowher, both NFL coaches, I'm not sure your logic holds allot of water. The only guy they met with was a college coach.

Whatever reasons Cowher & Gruden used to having said no, I'd go out on a limb & say that Sparano not being fired had something to do with them talking on the phone about "what ifs" & not meeting in person.

But we can agree to disagree. Now, I actually have work to do today LOL

get Vince Young and then draftIngram, whammo!! we're in the play-offs!!

jeff ireland is who we thought he was. he saved his own hide while jetting around the country with ross trying to buy a head coach. no one in the organization can trust this parcells disciple. we shoulda had a clean sweep of the front office to rid ourselves of this secret society. someone needs to steps out of the shadows to explain to the people what the hell is going on! does anyone have the balls? a good gm/owner would address the situation instaed of hiding.

Anyone that thinks we wont be able to attract top tier coachs

Ross rumored to have offered 8 million per season...I would sell my mom for 8 million a season...probly alot less....sorry mom

Soiled :)

For all you Pro-Sparano and stability BS bloggers you do realize Sparano has had his face chopped off by the owner. He can act like this is still his team but c'mon Sparano has been getting exposed since Porter and Crowder shot their fat traps off last year and he still brought back that bum Crowder. Ricky who was the only GOOD RB Miami had on their roster made sure he distanced himself from this team. Ricky probably still wants to play just not for a team with NO IDENTITY.

Sparano showed me he had no clue how to manage a game when they played Chicago. They Dolphins should of run the ball 50 times in that game. I don't care if they gained 100 yards on those 50 carries. It is called SITUATIONAL FOOTBALL. A rule of thumb should be we are down to our 3rd string QB and we need to give our team the best chance to win with us lining up in BIG formations with 2 TE and a fullback and running the ball but Sparano wants to get cute and put the games in Tyler Thigpen's hands. A guy whose recored as a starter was 1-10.

Incompetent owner
Incompetent GM
Incompetent Head Coach
Incompetant Offensive Cordinator
Incompetant Chad Henne

Wow, yeah guys keep believing we are close!

Holy Moly, where should i pass the tissues to first? There are A LOT of babies in Miami Dolphins' kingdom today.

We should be thankful and happy for a lot of things.

1) We have an owner that tried his best - at any cost - to get the best coaching prospect out there. harbaugh will be a star in this league - too bad it won't be with us. It's obvious he didn;t want to come here - and I'm ok with that. POint is, he tried. I commend that.

2) He screwed over Sparano? Wrong, Sparano has screwed us over with incompetence over the last 2 years. he was the last to see that every one of his choices as co-ordinators was abysmal and having to replace them way after the damage was done. Now he's in a do or die situation. he wants a contract for next year, he has to earn it. he has to find an OC that will work, he will have to find a way to make this team interesting again. it's on him and Ireland! If he wants to bank millions a year - it has to be done NOW!

3) We can now go about finding a new OC because we need one and because Sparano offers nothing to the team but fist pumps. He doesn;t make the defense better, he doesn;t make the offense better, not even the special teams. he needs to be flanked by all star co-ordinators at all angles. You say no OC will want to come here. I beg to differ. If I was an OC that had aspirations to become a HC - I would be dying to come here - probably the same reason Nolan will stay. If he does a good job - he knows he will be first in line to become HC if Sparano falls on his face.

4) If this contingency plan fails as all the doomsdayers are saying - and we fall bad. Well that's a good thing too. next year, there will be 2 awards handed out - the Super Bowl and Andrew Luck. If we have no shot at the Super Bowl, we will have a decent shot at the other big award - go 0-16 - and get Luck.

5) if we stay stagnant as a lot of people say - we already know Ross will not stand for this and wil most likely clean house with the entire administration including Ireland. And that's ok too.

So rain or shine - we have nothing to feel so depressed about. Something is about to give one way or the other in 2011.

Actually I think Ross is a genius. With Sparano as head coach and him losing control of the Dolphins, we are looking at a very bad season next year. By having a crappy season we get next years 1# Draft Pick (Luck) and then get to sign Harbaugh as our new head coach.

I've never heard that it's an unwritten rule in the NFL coaching fraternity that you can't interview another head coach while you still have an incumbant coach. But I'm not the smartest guy.

Wow. I'm speechless. Get a new Offensive Coordinator. Get 4 O-linemen. Get a new QB. Resign Ricky and Ronnie. Otherwise, mediocrity, here we come. Fellas, if you think this team was bad this past year, just wait. It could get worse unless these changes are made, regardless of who the head coach is going to be.

the coaches you can buy you really dont need or want. these hired guns only come in for the money $$$$ (ie jimmy johnson,bill cowher,gruden,harbaugh,parcells etc) they couldnt care less about the traditions and history that we are proud of. you sell your soul to jerks.

Joe, I agree to disagree, that's cool. And I'll just tell you guys (that feel like that), there's lots of things more important than who our NEXT Coach might be (and who would want this job). There's still the OC to worry about. The QB Coach. The draft. Who the starting QB will be. Free agency. Another year of football (or not) to play.

Lots can change. Sparano might pull off a miracle and turn the team around and be the Coach for a long time. We might not NEED a Coach next year. That's best case scenario.

But, all I'm saying, is time heals all (if not most) wounds. These big boys will get over it.

Oh, and CraigM does get his chance to gloat. We gloated yesterday when we thought Harbaugh was coming. He's been taking it for weeks here. He gets a chance to be happy things turned in his favor.

Go ahead Craig, I got no problem with you feeling good about yourself right now.

Chris, I didn't say it's an unwritten rule for owners to not interview other coaches while the existing coach is still in place. In my opinion, I just don't think it looks good.

Also, can anyone name me any other owner who was openly looking for other coaches while the existing coach sat in limbo after the season ended?

I asked yesterday but no one responded. I'd be curious if anyone knows of another time. Just for the record, I do NOT feel sorry for Sparano in any way, shape or form.

I opted to delay my work to continue to read this blog LOL

Sparano is a cuckold! How disgusting this whole thing is! If Ross is REALLY a "fan" he would make sweeping changes....He's just a guy with money who thinks he's smarter than everyone else......ugh.....

As of right now
Only one thing still holds true

The Dolphins Suck

have a HAARPy day :(

Why would anyone be mad at Harbaugh? The guy chose quality of life over money, good for him. Ross and Sideshow Peterson chased him, not the other way around. You really wanted a coach that didn't wanna be here.





Mark in Toronto, Ross certainly can't be blamed for failing to get Harbaugh. But having said that, why keep Sparano? That's what I can't figure out...

I respect that answer Joe. Can't name any team this year that has gone about it in the same manner. However, I also can't name another team with the same situation. Maybe Dallas.

Poll question of the day: If you knew we were not going to go to the Super Bowl in 2011, would you live through an 0-16 or 1-15 season to get Luck?

I consider myself as die hard a fan as there is and can't at this moment answer one way or the other.

You dont speak for me, Armando. I am in no way embarrassed by Ross. As owner, isnt his job to explore all options to make the team better? I dont want to hear any crap about Sparano's hurt feelings. If he'd done a better job and also not hitched his wagon to Dan Henning, he wouldnt be in this position.

And why do coaches get special treatment with their job security. If Brees or Rivers were free agents and Miami was pursuing, none of you would be saying, "but what about Henne?, He's the starter and its still his job, he hasnt been fired yet." This whole fake outrage is a bunch of BS. What if Ross had fired Tony, then struck out with Harbaugh, Cower and Gruden? Then we'd have no coach. He hedged his bets and its a good thing he did.

New owner who doesn't understand that in the NFL business it not all about money, you can't buy a team or buy a championship just like you can't buy a coach. Time to move on and focus on hiring new assistant coaches, offensive coordinator, special teams coach, QB coach, and possibly new secondary coach. Bring in Pennington as QB coach, hire Brad Childress as offensive coordinator, and find the best possible candidate for speical teams coach. Use Ross's money to get good assistants who can help Sparano. Childress would bring a much needed change to the offense. He likely will get another head coaching offer in a year or two so have Pennington learn under him for a couple years then promote Pennington to run the offense. With Childress taking care of the offense and Nolan running the defense, Sparano can focus more on the head coaching duties knowing he doesn't have to micro manage the coordinators because he can trust their experience and knowledge.

Based on how elated he was yesterday, I'm interested in how Mark in To feels today about Harbaugh possibly not coming.

Now that the Shackles of Dan Henning have been removed from the neck of Tony Sparano you will see a new leader spring forth and rule with an Iron Fist Pump

Well said GarbagePlate.

Sparano is a good man and a hard worker. He won't let this embarrassment get in the way. My hope is that he uses it as motivation to make some changes he needs to make and to start coaching with nothing to lose. I can foresee his players rallying around him and the team doing really well next year. With that success, maybe Sparano himself becomes a hot coaching candidate next year and will leave Ross hanging out to dry next off season. Maybe Sparano will explore better options next year and use the Dolphins as his "plan b".

Chris, I don't mean just this year, but ANY year. I can't think of any other time in recent memory an owner was openly looking for coaches while the existing one was still in place after the season.

ireland must have really kissed ass to be ross's sidekick. he can follow him around like he did parcells. hope they don't stop too quick or they'll need a tow truck to pull jeff out!

#1 Dol in Montreal,

I agree and said the same thing. Ross went all out trying to get a top big name coach and didn't work out. He did in the process bend Sparano over in front of the team and league so to me once you don't land Harbaugh or Gruden or Cowher you are at the point where you have to and I repeat HAVE TO make a change just for the sake of change now. Sparano has ZERO credability in the locker room now.

The second Miami faces any adversity or a player gets benched the locker room is going to divide. Miami has doomed their 2011 season already. Sparano already played conservative and not to lose what is he going to do now? It's not in his nature to shoot until the clip is empty. He isn't wired like that. He will settle for a 48 yard FG on 4th and 1 when Miami is trailing by TDs. This is ugly for the organization.

this "benching" of the coach could actually wake sparano up to face the realities of coaching an nfl team. this isnt on the job training. its sink or swim in real time;nfl speed. you have to become as sharp as your opponent with planning and adjustments;something tony was deficient in.

Montreal, he and Ireland clearly feel Sparano can still function with a new OC and some more talent there. Personally, that has always been a viable option for me too and better than brining in Cowher or Gruden. Now, a lot has been said of Sparano being neutered and such. That is the public perception, but who really knows what's going on in the locker room and around the team? I don't know - who knows??? We will allfind out in 2011 though.

JS, I was hurt at first but I'm ok with it really. Like many people said, you don't want a coach who doesn't want to be here with every bit of his fibre. he obviously doesn't so we move on.

Chris, if we could be assured Luck would come out in 2012 and be willing to play for Miami - then another 1-15 or 0-16 season would not be the worst thing to happen for the franchise. We as a franchise will not go anywhere until we have a QB that can get this team in the top 15 at least in offense no matter how good our defense is.

Chris 623,

LMAO I'd go 0-32 over the next 2 season if Luck stayed for 2 more years at Stanford. Until you get a legit franchise QB your team goes NO WHERE! Henne is NOT FREAKING IT!

With all the talk of what to do with the owner and coaches. The part that has me the most upset is how I feel as a fan. I am born and raised A south Floridian and love the Dolphins my whole life.
Today I am just pissed off. I feel they let me down because of complete understanding of how to run a team.

"Ross could have easily left his meeting with Sparano by saying, "Coach, I understand you had issues this year and I understand everything you've just explained, but it's my duty as owner to go look around for the best coach I possibly can. So I'm going to take the next couple of days to do exactly that. I hope you understand and can be patient while that process plays out. If you can't be, I understand that, too."

Sparano would have had no choice but to accept that. And he would have respected the way Ross was handling it. But Ross never uttered words even remotely close to that. He just smiled and glad-handed Sparano and upon leaving his company, went about the business of trying to replace him."


Again you try and conscrew your OPINIONS as fact! We all know that you didnt sit in on the conservation so you dont know wth was agreed upon by the two.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/the-biggest-loser-stephen-ross.html#ixzz1AMdNzPts

Embarrassed Phin fan living in Taxachusetts. Thanks a million Ross! The Miami Dolphins are now the laughing stock of the NFL. Good luck getting anybody to play for this team. Protest this team until they sell to an owner that has a clue. I can't believe Wayne did this to us. No wonder why Bill has left the building. The whole thing stinks like rotting Phish!

If Sparano was as upset about the handling of this situation as most people he would resign, wouldn't he? Oh yeah, there are 3 million reasons why he wouldn't. But honor can't be bought right? Guess everything is for sale if the price is right.

Mark in Toronto,

Bro we didn't get our boy Harbaugh. Oh well! You made a great point

"I was hurt at first but I'm ok with it really. Like many people said, you don't want a coach who doesn't want to be here with every bit of his fibre. he obviously doesn't so we move on."

We have no choice man. I am going to wait and see who Miami's next OC is. Let's focus on that. Any names anyone particulary wants?

Mando - First, you never cite a source for all the statements regarding what was said to Sparano in that meeting. It has been assumed that he was left twisting in the wind, among other things - such as; Sparano was learning about what was happening from media accounts. I am not saying it wasn't that way but your article assumes a lot and doesn't tell us that you were told this by a source, be it named, or not. Without a source, it is pure speculation (read Bools*&t).

Second, you put fans in one of two camps - either people who support Sparano and feel that he is being treated poorly OR those who wanted Sparano out and were just fine with how Ross went about things. That is not true. I, for one, do not want Sparano to be HC (the list is too long to rehash here) but I feel that, if what appears to be true is fact, then a decent man has been poorly treated. So you needed a third category. I know your bias is with Sparano (although I cannot for the life of me figure out why) but that does not mean that those of us who do not share your opinion are immoral punks.

Andy, My NJ friend. How are you enjoying the snow?

I agree with you 1000%. Sparano has 0 credibility. Based on what Ricky, Hartline, Marshall & JT have all said, on top of how Ross tried to upgrade him, he can no way lead this team next year. His head has been cut off.

He is absolutely doomed to fail. If he is NOT replaced, I am fairly certain he will be gone by mid-season & the entire year will resemble what happened to Dallas & Minnesota this year.

It's not looking pretty for 2011 right now.

when a coach doesnt want to come the worst thing you can do is throw money at them. ross will learn from this;he's not used to not getting what he wants! harbaugh made him look bad and ross wont forget that.

you know, it's all speculation now. they could turn this thing around and win 11 or 12 games this year. i put out my wish list for draft picks this year. do i expect they will pick the players i picked? no. they didn't do that in the last draft. however, i wasn't dissapointed with the picks they made. the only thing i would like to see, in general, is for them to pick as many offensive players in this years draft as they did defensive players in last years draft. whoever the oc ends up being you know it will be an upgrade from where they were. the biggest difference will be in position coaches; offensive line, qb, etc. you know, the offensive line was almost as bad as the qb position this year. they couldn't block for ricky and ronnie to save their lives. so, there needs to be major improvement in that area. i expect them to upgrade there thru a combination of free agency and the draft. the defense should be solid enough again this year and that will keep them in plenty of games. if the offense could get close to being as good as the defense they will make a run at the playoffs. jmho.
p.s. please don't bring in vince young

Ryan Mallett, Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus - all projected 1st round picks right now declared for the draft.

Interesting that the SS 1st round mock doesn't have a QB other than Newton selected (by Buffalo). There's a lot of qb needy teams in the top 10 - if this scenario pans out and with Mallett and/or Gabbert on the board when Miami picks, it could be interesting.

But even if a QB is selected, I don;t have any confidence in Lee or Sparano deeloping him. There better be a new, more QB friendly face on the offensive staff next year.

Listen you want to get rid of Ireland ? Have him go ask Sparano if "his" mother is a *&#$@. Problem solved.



Joe S,

Hey pal what's going on? Yeah my car fish tailed twice on me today.

Yeah I don't see how anyone can succeed in such an ugly situation. Especially not someone like Sparano who I had no confidence in to begin with. I keep saying it if we all AGREE to hate his conservative FG kicking, no aggressive offensive shcheme ways. If Sparano said F it this is my last chance and went out 6-10 with guns blazing I would love it but to go 8-8 or 9-7 with his WAY don't do it for me.

"Why sully the honor of your word with men who value honor and the bond of one's word, men like Parcells and Sparano?"

This one is rich... I'm sure Zack and Jason might have a comment or two about that. Parcells, Sparano, Ireland deserve what they get and nothing more. They don't deserve any respect that they're not willing to give their players.

Now wile I say this, I don't mind Sparano and Ireland staying another year; I would just like to see them step-up and be their own men and not Parecells light...


I've been a hard core Dolphin fan for over 35 years - I'm done guys. I can't take anymore. This team will NEVER and I mean NEVER make another penny off of me. I hope they go 0-16 for the next 5 years. I am humiliated.

Only thing truthly appalling is the ill-seriousness at which Ross went about trying to make needed changes. Jeff Ireland a dealbreaker in all 3 change it scenarios? Are you f^cking kidding us!

Dont know about anyone else but its now clear to me Ireland's now Carl Peterson's puppet. The slight of hand everyone may have missed is that quietly all final decisions may now go thru Peterson. Ireland and Sparano are now both lameducks. Though Ross may not officially admit it yet, Peterson's now running the show.

i told you all it was smoke and mirrors to make it appear like he was doing something to appease the fans.

We are going to have to settle for a second rate OC, And a vince young, Mcnabb or if we are lucky Kyle Orton as QB.

I no longer believing Ireland was the deal breaker. Ross didnt want to give football operations up because Peterson is now secretly running that end of the show. Think about it guys! LOL............




Guys I have the feeling Carl Peterson is now running this show and Ireland has been demoted to Pinnochio. Whatch for the nose to grow during his next interview! LOL.............

"Sell the team back to Huizenga."?!

Huizenga's bungled hirings are why The Dolphins are in the state that they're in now.

Huizenga's bungled hirings are the reason we have this regime (like em' or not) in the first place, remember, He hired em'...

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