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The biggest loser? Stephen Ross

Joe Robbie had issues and some of them came out of bottles of alcohol. Wayne Huizenga was duped by Jimmy Johnson, Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban and then duped Bill Parcells.

Stephen Ross?

He's the worst of all.

In the past week, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has turned the bitter disappointment of a 7-9 season into the good ol' days. He has lacked wisdom. He has misled and deceived. He has overestimated. And those were his resoundingly good moments.

Mostly he has embarassed the Miami Dolphins, his coach, his fans, and himself.

In a nutshell, he has stunk like a skunk.

Ross arrived back in South Florida early Friday morning and landed his private jet at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. He had spent the previous 30 or so hours trying repeatedly trying to convince Jim Harbaugh to become Miami's new head coach. By all reliable reports, he failed.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh in northern California.

Ross couldn't sway Harbaugh's agent David Dunn in southern California.

Ross took a giant swing and whiffed. He also whiffed on Jon Gruden. He also whiffed on Bill Cowher before that.

So Ross returned to South Florida a defeated person. But he mostly returned to South Florida a reviled person.

Reviled, you might ask? Yup.


Remember I have reported to you Ross met with Bill Parcells on Saturday to ask his opinion of what to do with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. He left that meeting after indicating to Parcells that he was keeping both the general manager and coach. And then he went about the business of trying to replace the coach.

So Ross has crossed Bill Parcells.

It obviously can be argued Ross changed his mind after that Saturday meeting and reactied to Sunday's 38-7 defeat at New England. That one, after all, could have caused the owner to reconsider what he had told Parcells.


You see, Ross met with Sparano for several hours on Monday. And when he left that meeting, he gave Sparano the strong feeling that he would be retained. And then Ross went about the business of wooing several coaches, particularly Harbaugh.

That's his prerogative, right? He's just doing his due diligence, right?

Well, sure. But why mislead and misdirect? Why give an indication that points north and then go south? Why sully the honor of your word with men who value honor and the bond of one's word, men like Parcells and Sparano?

Ross could have easily left his meeting with Sparano by saying, "Coach, I understand you had issues this year and I understand everything you've just explained, but it's my duty as owner to go look around for the best coach I possibly can. So I'm going to take the next couple of days to do exactly that. I hope you understand and can be patient while that process plays out. If you can't be, I understand that, too."

Sparano would have had no choice but to accept that. And he would have respected the way Ross was handling it. But Ross never uttered words even remotely close to that. He just smiled and glad-handed Sparano and upon leaving his company, went about the business of trying to replace him.

However you feel about that -- even if misdirection doesn't bother you -- the process Ross then undertook was, well, kooky.

He approached Cowher and reportedly offered mega-bucks to get the Super Bowl winning coach. But he wanted to saddle Cowher with an unaccomplished general manager and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Is anyone surprised Cowher turned Ross down? Please speak now if you are suprised. (You are alone if you raised your hand. Go face the wall.)

Ross also reportedly contacted Gruden or his "people" to gauge his interest. Gruden's interest is said to have been located at around the $10 million range. Outrageous, right? Even for a great offensive mind and former Super Bowl winning coach, that price tag is exorbitant.

But Ross is a billionaire three times over. He just offered around $7 millionish to Cowher. What's another $3? That's a total of $12 million over four years. That was too much for a multi-billionaire? That's like shopping for a Rolls Royce but walking away for not wanting to pay extra for the air conditioning.

Then came the Harbaugh debacle. This one makes 38-7 seem palatable.

Ross made a run at him here in South Florida and got rejected. And then Ross flew across country to San Jose, California to make a run at Harbaugh at his home turf. And despite offering more money than anyone else, Ross still couldn't close the deal.

A warning: When or if Ross finally speaks on this topic -- he refused to do that Friday morning when his plane landed -- he will likely say he never really offered Harbaugh a deal. He will probably paint this fiasco of a trip as an exploratory mission to feel out Harbaugh. It was, he may say, an interview of Harbaugh.

In truth, it was a Harbaugh interview of Ross. And Ross failed the interview if nothing changes in the next couple of days and Harbaugh does not run back to the Dolphins to become their coach.

So now Ross goes back to Sparano. I would tell you that was his fall-back plan the whole time. Not true because that would require you to believe Ross had any plan to begin with. I will not insult you with that.

Ross told Sparano upon leaving that meeting that he would get back with him on Tuesday and it would all be resolved by then. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and went. Thursday came and went. And the two had not talked.

Sparano was reading accounts of what was happening in the media. Of course, Ross may tell Sparano those accounts were wrong and he never talked to three different potential replacements. The owner may tell Sparano he has his confidence and it's always been that way.

Sparano is smart enough to know better.

And here's the kicker:

When Ross went on his cross-country coach search, even as he hung Sparano out to dry by offering a job that was still filled, the owner was something of a hero to one segment of the fan base. Fans that wanted Sparano out appreciated what Ross was doing regardless of the slimey manner in which he was doing it.

It angered fans that saw it as a classless, low-life, back-stabbing move. But it made fans of change enthusiastic about Ross.

But having failed to successfully make change, Ross has now alienated fans that didn't appreciate the manner he was going about trying to make this coaching change ... and he has now alienated fans that wanted the change he seemed to be working on but failed to accomplish .. and he has now aliented fans that didn't want any change to begin with even though there is no change being made.

He's solidified the entire Dolphins fan base! Everyone hates Ross for one reason or another.

He either embarrassed you or he embarrassed you.

Maybe Ross should offer to sell the team back to Huizenga. Or even Robbie. Either would be better than him. And, yes, I know Robbie is dead. He still had a better week than Ross.


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new blog is up and it's interesting. It says Sparano wasn't informed he was being retained. LOL The circus continues

This article is stupid and pure speculation. How in the Hell do you know what was said in that meeting between Ross and Sparano? or the meeting with Harbaugh.

I think it is funny how everyone feels sorry for Sparano now. If he would have FIRED the special teams coach and offensive coordinator earlier he would not be in this mess but he had to do it his way. I guess that doesn't matter though, they have a new play caller and his name is Brandon Marshall(Diva Boy) who will bring this team down. Divas always do!
Thanks Mr Ross the Miami Dolphins are Officially a Corporation. Stop Marketing my beloved team! Real Dolphin fans deserve better


I just now have the strange feeling Ross has secretly made Carl Peterson his new Bill Parcells. This entire fiasco we just witnessed seems to have Peterson-type ineptness written all over it.

DC...I had to post this again....WELL SAID....It should be the bottom line for those who are having a hard time digesting this.....think BIGGER!!!!

What ever happened to the "good 'ole days" when men weren't all women. Damn, the feminization of America is almost complete. I can't believe how many people here have their panties in a bunch because some millionaire coach got his poor little feelings hurt.

Ian, I know because it is my job to know. And if I didn't know, I would not write it. Period.

Holy crap people. Calm the F down!!!!

1st. Mando did not pull any punches, and the stuff about him alienating many of us came from him reading our blogs the last day and a half. I am not saying he is right, or that I agree but I got the same feeling he did by spending time blogging with you all.

2nd. Why the hell do you think there is 0 chance to turn this around? Free agency is here and we may make some great moves. Fat-cells has moved on and different decisons will be made. A new O-cord is coming. We really still do not know if Ireland will be here whcih could be another change.

3rd. Ross in my opinion DID screw up because of all the media. you can blame the Media if you want, but 5 other teams are interviewing this guy and the ones that were out in the open doing it fired their head coach already, which is the USUAL way of doing things. I have news for you the Media does not hold the Dolphins franchise in higher regard than the Bronco's 49ers and Raiders. so the fact that we were in the media means we were letting crap leak everywhere and we were doing thisngs out of the ordinary.

Look if you want to jump ship, just f'n do it. don't come here and talk about it and be back to complain more.

I am not happy either, however the team makeup we have is not AWFUL like i have some people posting. And it is not impossible that the next two month the players and sparano will spend time and work this crap out to fight harder for another day.

If we start 0-5 then everyone going nuts, you have a great point. But is we get the FA's and actually draft smart, you never know.

DC, I can not wait to see your receipt for the Henne jersey, although it will be much harder for him to succeed under Sparano.

So tired of this BS! Ross doesn't comment? Doesn't he owe it to the people? Apparently he has forgotten basic life principles such as respect. First it was doo doo on coaching staff, and now it's doo doo on the fans. This guy better be drunk on the J- lo vag potion.

Another year of watching all my friends and neighbors doo doo on me here in NE. I don't know what is worse, disrespect from PATs fans or your own owner.

DB, @ 10:45 I disagree with Ireland being Peterson's puppet. I think Ross has become a puppet of Parcells AND Peterson.

Ross wouldn't be so dead set on holding Ireland(Parcells guy) if he wasn't listening to Tuna.

Ross wouldn't be looking to upgrade the coach, if he wasn't listening to Peterson.

I think he is still holding 1 ear towards Parcells with the other ear toward Peterson.

Either way you slice it, we're F8c*ed.

Fair enough Mark. I don't have a good feeling about Sparano but I could be wrong I guess. One thing that really bugs me is he's supposed to be an o-line guy and that was a HUGE failure all year long. Special Teams was also another HUGE failure. The only bright spot was the defense, and we all know that's because of Nolan. One thing's for sure, LOTS of ??? for next year. I don't have a good feeling. I hope I'm wrong.

Andy, I posted a PFT link from 9am earlier about Sparano not even knowing his fate yet. LOL This story gets funnier & more depressing at the same time. lol


It's not my style to gloat. I don't care about being right or being wrong. I'm excited about the prospect of a new OC coming to town, despite what the doomsayers have to say. A couple of other names that might be interesting as OC....Brian Billick and Jim Fassel. Interesting that these guys faced each other as Head Coaches in the SB a few years ago. My guess is they would both be interested in new HC positions again. Fassel has won the only two championships in the UFL as a HC. I would think both of these guys would be good choices. I also think Mark Tressel is a guy who will get consideration too and he's been very successful as a Head Coach in the CFL with Montreal. QB coach will be interesting. I'd be surprised to see David Lee stick around. He's done nothing to develop Henne and it might be the kind of thing they look to a guy like Pennington to take on fulltime.

IF Sparano has any faith in Henne still, Using Chad P as QB coach would be a great idea.

Sparano has not even been told he is being retained yet according to multiple sources. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here!

Armando, you're a pretentious douche. You know nothing. You rely on already broken news for solid bits, and everything else is mouse manure. You, are mouse manure.

Craig M, you mean Marc Trestman.

dish, Armando is live blogging on the new thread, go tell him there..he might actually read it!

ALoco, like I said before, sooner or later you have to draft a 1st round grade Qb. It's the only way to get really good and contend.

Sure, there are many busts, like I illustrated before there are 6 instances when Miami had a 1st round pick with a 1st round grade QB on the board and passed (Claussen, Ryan, Quinn, Losman, Rodgers, and Brees). Half of those are on the way to the hall of fame and half of those will be on the biggest loser in the future after getting fat and becoming millionaires without having to do something.

Too risky you say, better to go with a position player. Well, those 6 Miami draft picks in those years were Odrick, Long, Ginn, Carey, Ronnie brown, and Jamar Fletcher. Not exactly a 100% hit raio either. Who knows what Odrick will do but you can really say only one of those players will be Canton bound - Long. Carey is very serviceable - brown was very average - Ginn and Fletcher were complete busts. So it looks like your better chances on picking someone who will have a greater impact on your franchise - and the safer pick overall is the QB.

Not exactly what we are told by the doomsdayers and draft gurus, is it???

Dear Mr. Salguero

Found by an ageing Bill Parcells and left to survive on his own to soon

Surrounded by enemies, The Acorn Hunter , The Billionaire, Mike I need receipts Dee and Dan The Brain Henning (Recently vanquished)

A legend was born

Forged on the fires of the coaching hot seat, he will rule with an Iron Fist Pump

Soiled :)

I'll tell ya what. We the fans are the only ones I really feel sorry for. I'm 36 and have yet to see my team that i've loved or 30 years win a Superbowl. To be honest, how can I feel bad for Sporano or Ireland when they constantly sign and release players, sometimes within a day or two. For example, I thought it was a real classless move by Sporano/Irerland to release Kevin Curtis the way they did. Here's a man that made it back from cancer and everything. They signed him for two games and released him before the last pointless game of the season. WHY??? The guy is widely considered a class act in this league. Just a real classless move man. I love my team, but things just don't look good "again" right now... PS - I forgot to mention Sporano makes 3 million a year. That "poor" guy...

Its fair to say as a dolphins fan I'm a little off put by ross' actions. However, if there is a positive side to all this, its that we have an owner willing to spend and basically do what he can to build or buy a championship team, I mean, we could have ralph wilson

Well, well, well, so after all the hoopla he retains the man who whose strategy is: "First play not to lose." And tries to do it with a mentally challenged and lead-footed QB that can't seem to beat the learning curve after 3 yrs. Works real well, doesn't it? What a friggin joke. Mr. Ross has now officially added himself to the cause of the Dolphins being a perennial failure and laughing stock, certainly not the way to start off as a new owner. Who advises this man? Too bad the fans can't fire the whole lot.

Well listening to all the comments on ESPN NFL NETWORK LOCAL TALK SHOWS EVERYONE IS UPSET MAD DISAPPOINTED BUT I SAY THAT ROSS DID TRY BUT THAT GOES TO SHOW YOU THAT MONEY DOESN'T GIVE YOU EVERYTHING!! The problem I have is Spsrano staying after your boss was trying to replace you, what kind of respect is he going to get from his players knowing you are second to last! It's like your girl or wife finding a new man in her life didn't get it and took you back! To me TS is a joke and a double loser! I would have gone behind Ross look for another job and tell him screw you A S S H O L E STICK THIS JOB WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! that to me show that he has pride and balls and move on because the players are not going to respect TS and not going to play hard for him, so next year look for black out's empty seats!! We will be at the button of our division this year and we will pick top 3 next years draft I promise you that but I still love my Phins and will not go to the stadium to see them only because the current coaching staff and QB we are a joke and I still love them! So call me a cabrone! That means my wife cheated on me and I still took her back that's me with the Phins!

My 2011 Prediciton, if there is a season:

Stone Age football, 4-12, Sprano fired after starting 1-5.

Sparano has no pride no balls no character to say here after them trying to replace him! If I was a player I dont want to be involved with a coach like that but it's just my opinion!


Right on, Joe Schmoe...4-12 is what I've been saying if SparaNO comes back. I think you're not too far off after the 1-5. The ONLY good thing is with such a terrible season in 2011, that we might get a chance at getting Luck in the draft at some point. I can't believe Ireland has this much confidence from Ross.

This really makes me feel like disowning the fins. Of course those are harsh words and deep down inside I know I could never do that...but...maybe a break is what I need. Maybe it's like some girlfriend who you know is a good girl deep down inside...but she continues to act like a clown, so it might be time for a separation of sorts for a little while. You know just to clear the head and take a breath...
Who am I kidding, Ross isn't going to learn anything from this, he's going to stay the same. Why do I feel miami is viewed even lower than the Raider's lowest time? Are we that bad now...team wise and owner wise? Is Al Davis a better man than Ross? WTF!

I refuse to renew my season tickets, I also refuse to buy any miami merchandise until this situation is corrected. By corrected I mean the coaching fiasco, the owner, team personnel...ect..I don't need to go on, you guys understand...

I just the up most respect for the Miami heat than the Phns only because of this ownership and current regime! I'm so glad we got the heat, and the heat don't win this but still a more respected organization then the dolphins will ever be! GO HEAT YOU ARE A REAL TEAM PERIOD!

Not only has the ownership and Ireland totally alienated many of the fans, embarrassed the organization, but also has alienated many GMs on the other teams...think Miami's going to be getting in on many good deals in the draft in the near future?? No way. Oh, and we now have a coach who has no leverage in the locker room-one year on his deal, and no confidence from owner/GM...going to throw up now, and hope beyond hope for a second "Music City" miracle to land Fisher. This is what I've been saying what would happen all along, so I shouldn't be that disappointed. Just guess I got my hopes up....

The funny thing is Miami was once one of the most respected organizations in tue NFL. That's the problem with not keeping the team in the family, or selling the team, or Having to sell the team.. We lost respect each time the team changed hands over the recent years. And now we have a Head Clown in charge of a spinning out if control circus side show act..that has unhappy employees(players), and no respect from any other team, owner, massage therapist, ect..
This is way worse than receiving an email or text with a Hairy Farve Sausage in it! Matter of fact Ross...why don't you go eat that sausage you clown, thanks for ruining my team A-Hole

return, I said the same thing today & yesterday. The way this whole thing went down, we are really looking bad to other teams, coaches 7 GM's. The only team I can see making deals with us is Dallas. We keep taking the dead weight off Jerry Jones, why would he NOT keep dealing with us?

We gave up a draft pick for Pat Mcquistan for god sakes!!! lol

OK......... It can get worse.

Dear Mr. Ross,

You make Dan Snyder look smart. WTF??? So far you have dragged down the image of the Dolphins in the NFL. Created credibility issues within your orginization. I can't believe you have a business school named after you. It is apparent here....... money can't buy everything.

I cancel my dolphin digest I will no buy and dolphin merchandise and will not put up my flags at home or in my vehicle I'm boycotting the Phins just for this year! And if I see change I will go back to normal!!

With all the boycotting, look for an announcement in coming months that Ross is moving the Phins to LA.


Tim Robbie is still alive, why not see if he'll come back. I know the family never wanted to sell the team to begin with, but couldn't afford the inhertance tax.


ross got not balls!

Ross has proven to be classless, no matter what one thinks of Tony Sparano. If you're going to look for other coaches, talk to Tony FIRST, then underveil of secrecy, talk to the others...Doing it that way saves Sparano face, as well as Ross...
And, PULEEZ, 86 this ownership circus of celebrities owning a piece of the team!!

I'm sorry but I don't care how Sparano felt. He should have put his big girl panties on a long time ago. I want an owner who wants to win and will step on whoever he has to do get a championship caliber team.


By the way you are referring to Sparano's meeting with Ross, you've either been in the room, or spoke "off the record" with Sparano...

Ross will learn from this, he will learn that his plane is very traceable, as many of the fans were watching its every move and he will learn to have "exploratory" visits conducted by members of the Dolphins staff. Yes, that means getting the FAT GUY off the couch in upstate NY...

Had Parcells made some calls or visits, I highly doubt anyone would've known it. He has managed to keep the media out of his affairs pretty well and unless someone spilled it after his visits or phone calls, no one would've known and the Dolphins wouldn't be so embarrassed...

The franchise shouldn't need the owner running around kissing up to a future employee, the employee should be coming to Miami for an interview...

As far as the end results, I am still not sure this is done. The Dolphins haven't made any absolute statements, rather the media continues its speculation and splashes it to anyone that will listen.

I have a feeling that Cowher may very well be an option here. Maybe I am being optimistic, but I just don't see Ross settling for the status quo after all this...

Has anyone approached Tony Dungy?

I find it funny when fans complain that they, the coaches and players drive Mercedes, namely because I drive a Rolls. Haha the jokes on them.

Why did Jim Harbaugh agree to meet with Ross in the first place. Harbaugh knew he didnt want to coach in Miami. So why meet with Ross, was it just to turn him down ?

heres my take on this situation...ross has backed himself and his billion dollar project into a ccorner. the way this was handled will prevent any big name coach fom signing on with this team...however that is a good thing not a bad thing...to do things right in the nfl a team must grow organically...and going out and throwing stupid cash at the hotttest girl walking into the party, either staff or players, just isnt a winning formula...this will force the phins to draft well and when sparano fails this year they will be forced to hire the small name maybe first time head coach that is hungry and not a retread...parcells had attempted this with sparano, his mistake was forcing sparano to take henning and that offensive staff to go along with his position...i want the phins to make a hire like mike tomlin, or rheem morris...this is good again because the dolphins will grow organically...i look at the bucs and the sky is the limit for them, that franchise is gonna be at the top for the next 10 years so the pressure is on and the last thing needed is a bill cowher or jon gruden to come in for 3-4 years realize they cant win and leave...by screwing this process up ross you might have actually done the team a favor, assuming you handle the blitz being put on you right now...

ok where do I start tony (fist pump for FG's sparano) First of all who CARES about sparano hes done absolutely nothing since hes been our coach people!! He talks in tongues and puts spin on everything like a politician he has no heart he was just a puppet for parcells who WAS really calling the shots people wake up!!!! Dan henning was in the same situation!! As well as Ireland 4 stooges!! Now ross well the dolphins are nothing but an expensive toy for him to play with forget about tradition loyatly or pride or any of that with this guy moving on!!

The worst thing here is we ALL know although not being reported on is the players are not going to play for the playing not lose fist pumper!! They showed that in new england thats obvious and now with what happened the players have less respect for him!!

Finally the fact that sparano is staying is why he needs to go no class!! Why would you want to coach a team or work for an owner who doesnt want you, fans like me you know 4 life fans dont want you! CMON MAN!! Just leave this is actually more entertaining than the team this year!!!

This is totally embarrassing for this great institution. After 32 years of being a die hard fan, I will not support our team next year. I Wil not go to one game Nor will I buy any team merchandise. This team Wil be mediocre again with a 7-9 or 8-8 record and third in the division. I will put my money on this! One more year of failure and lost opportunity.

Your wrong Amando. I am a life long Phin Fan and I love what Ross did. When good business is done some people cry, get over it. Tony gets 2.5 mil no matter what. One thing for sure, all the unemployed folks trying to make ends meet won't feel bad for ol' Tony.

Win or go home !!!

Let's see here....so far you have alienated the players (calling them cowards for not derailing the coaches mid season) and owner for looking around before deciding his best option was the status quo.

Aside from me not agreeing with either assessment, you have COMPLETELY lost any access to either. Of course Tony will love you for standing by your man, but frankly he's a loser. He is to coaching what you are to sports journalism!

Robbie was atleast nice to his fan base.

Please interview D. Shula, Marino, or some of the other former Dolphins and let us know what they think of the shambles that is now this organization.

This team needs to be taken away from Stephen Ross. He's like a spoiled little kid using the Dolphins for his amusement.

I wish I had a billion dollars to purchase the Miami Dolphins. I'd buy the Dolphins and let Armando run the team :)

Thank you owner Stephen Ross for embarrassing Dolfans worse than any 7-9 (or 1-15) season could possibly do! And GM Jeff Ireland is a back-stabber looking out for nobody but himself!

As much as I am a Dolphin fan, I have never felt so disturbed about this team as I do today. And that's saying a lot after the way Don Shula and Dan Marino were ousted. This week was really embarrassing! Ross and Ireland should be ashamed of themselves.


I support Tony Sparano and am happy he'll be coaching the Phins next year. It wouldn't surprise me if he walked after next season regardless of the outcome.

I hope Sparano was just being politically correct with his support for Chad Henne and didn't want to throw him under the bus. I also hope he goes out and gets a much better quarterback wheather it's via trade or free agency (Kyle Ortin). He should also start working on getting Brad Childress for the offensive coordinator position that's available. This way, both the OC and the DC would have head coaching experience.

Ross and Ireland, you can both kiss my ass.

SRoss is a snake and his ilk are all snakes. We know what SRoss is and what his genre of people represent. Out of respect for others that do not like to generalize I will leave it as that. But we all know that its people like SRoss that have ruined our economy and our nation. But its nice to see he thinks all sports fans are stupid and that his employees are even stupider. In business, they dont report your scumminess as news, because SRoss is scummy and thats not news to anyone.

What's another $3 million? Seriously? Even basic math will tell you that $3 million is 42% higher than $7million, which is what a SuperBowl winning coach---Bill Cowher---wanted. Rich people don't become rich by wasting money; they use it wisely. Who the heck would pay $10 million for Gruden when Bill Cowher asks for $7 million! Bill Bellicheck makes about 55% of what Gruden wanted.

Darn Ross for not going crazy and dropping $10 million on a coach with a 54% winning percentage.

Harbaugh, not worthy, Cowher was best hire at this point in time.... Sparano, like a wife, cheaper to keep her, instead of a divorce....


God loves us all...thank you dear God, with all my heart, i pray YOU will cure humanities many woes -

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