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Dolphins address offense but try not to wreck model

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and that could be the first of a slate of interviews coming in the next couple of days.

The Dolphins have certain openings for offensive coordinator (because Dan Henning and the team parted ways) and quarterbacks coach (because David Lee left for the University of Mississippi). The club may also have one and possibily two more openings on its coaching staff in the coming days, with special teams and the tight ends position being closely reviewed.

Chudzinski is also an offensive coordinator candidate in Carolina, where Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is expected to be hired as early as Tuesday as the team's new head coach.

Coach Tony Sparano is expected to make a decision on those issues soon. Sparano, however, expects to have Assistant head coach Todd Bowles remain with the staff. Even though Bowles is said to be on the radar for a job in Dallas, a source said Monday that at this time, Sparano expects Bowles to return to Miami.

The search for an offensive coordinator should be an interesting one. It is also expected to include Dallas tight end coach John Garrett, who is a former Dolphins quality control coach who went to Dallas in 2007 and worked on the same staff with Sparano that year.

Garrett's brother, Jason Garrett was recently named head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett also coached with the Dolphins in 2005-2006 and was on the Miami roster as a backup quarterback in 2004.

The fact both Chudzinski, who played in the 1980s at the University of Miami, and Garrett coach tight ends could call into question George DeLeone's status with the Dolphins. DeLeone has coached four years in the NFL while spending most of his career coaching at Temple, Mississippi, Syracuse and Holy Cross.

Other candidates for Miami's vacant offensive coordinator job could emerge.

The Dolphins are rumored to be interested in coaches currently serving on Sean Payton's staff in New Orleans, including offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael is the team's offensive coordinator in title but Payton is indeed the play-caller for the Saints.

Sparano and Payton are close friends.

The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past -- one that follows the lineage of Don Coryell, then Joe Gibbs, Ernie Zampese and Henning. Lately Norv Turner has taken versions of that offense to his various NFL stops including Dallas in the early 1990s, Washington, Miami, and now San Diego.

One supposes whichever offensive coordintor Sparano picks will install his system that springs from the blue-print of those previous coaches but might employ personal tweaks.

Scrapping an offense altogether is a dangerous proposition this year in the NFL. The uncertain labor situation has left open the possibility of an owner's lockout of players. That would mean teams that make changes to their staffs or schemes might not be able to implement those changes on the field with players until a new labor agreement is reached.

And that means the teams installing significant changes will fall behind teams that retain the players, coaches and schemes from the previous season.

The Dolphins expect to make significant changes to the offense beyond the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The club expects to go searching for a new quarterback, at least one new running back and some help along the offensive line and possibly at tight end.

Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level.

"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative (offense), not playing just to keep it close,” Ross said on 940-AM. “Where, people are a little bit more unpredictable, and opening it up. That’s what I think South Florida wants, and that’s what this climate demands."

"We have one great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross added. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see it, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Interesting on two levels. It was Ross who, in effect, de-clawed Miami's weather advantage by petitioning the NFL the ability to play early season games on the road while playing its early-season home games either at night or the late afternoon.

Ross said he did this so that fans didn't have to sit in the heat of Sun Life Stadium. Unfortunately, the team cannot take advantage of the heat if the owner is getting games changed to times that are relatively cooler.

Also, in the same interview, Ross says he's learned not to "micromanage" the football operations.


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Just to clarify it was noted that next years class of qbs is much stronger. With that being said there are other players that are "graded" higher than the qbs in the draft rounds. The reason I took one is because we are short on qbs and that was the appropriate place to take one. You people do realize that even if the fins do take a qb in the 1st Henne is still the starter.

WOW This just in Brad Childress to interview for the OC spot on Sat! Not sure I like this move either but we will see how it pans out.


I like the mock draft you put together. Looks like you hit on most of the areas of weakness we have and for those you didn't we can probably fill through FA. Brad Childress would be a good choice for OC. He was a lousy HC but he's another bright mind in the game on the offensive side of the ball. He did a nice job as OC in Philly.

DC, I don't get the Daboll interview either. i would think Garrett right now is the leader in the clubhouse but I have no idea if he's the nest choice or not. I still think we should be talking to Josh McDaniels. Bright guy, and yes I know the problems that he and Marshall had and he and Noaln had. Still think he could be the best choice.

Brad Childress had a lot of success as the Eagles OC.

One thing Childress WILL bring to the table is adjustment, as in, when something is clearly not working, change it up!


Where did you hear that Childress was being brought in for an interview?


Although they havent'y been reliable lately lol.

I'm fine with Brad Childress, think he has the gravitas to take the offense over like Nolan did defense.

bk, I understand if we took a 1st-round QB he wouldn't start. My only complaint to you is that if you look at the successful teams in the NFL today, most have 1st-round QBs. And I don't know if there are ANY with a 4th-rounder that win consistently. So, my point is if you don't get a QB in this upcoming draft (since it's a weak class), you should just get a veteran QB to (you guys say compete, I say take over) the starting position, and wait until next year to get a 1st-round QB to develop.

What we've all seen is developing a QB takes time. And, if I'm right about Henne, all that time wasted on developing him to be a backup would be why this organization can't get out of the basement. We DEFINITELY can't go from one time-wasting QB to another. So the next young QB that comes here CAN'T fail. Therefore, our best chance on that QB being successful is if we get one of the best in the class, and that would be in the 1st-round.

Craig, Josh McDaniels has a good offensive mind. But you know he/Marshall/Nolan can't work together. And with all the acrimony between Sparano, Ireland, Ross, the last thing this team needs is another soap opera.

But I agree with you, McDaniels would definitely peak my interest as OC.


I just don't see that QB who is going to be IT this year. I'm convinced San Francisco, Arizona and Minnesota will take a QB ahead of us, so who does that leave us? You figure Gabbert, Newton, Mallett and possibly Locker will go first round. So we're looking at drafting a guy like Locker at 15, with no second round pick. Sorry DC, I just don't see it as the way to go. I'd rather give it one more year under a new OC and if that doesn't work pickup the best in the draft next year.

DC Dolphan, and in the 6 th round of the NFL Draft, the NE Patriots choose Tom Brady




Happy happy joy joy Tony is coming back yes

DC Dolphan, and the Cowboys sign Tony Romo, and undeafted FA


What makes you think if we drafted a QB in the 1st,he would'nt start?

It's not like he has to beat out a great QB in the process

If Sparano is adament on picking a QB in the 1st,it's obviously because he has given up on the Henne experiment.

Sparano could bring in a veteran but cant see the point in drafting a QB in the 1st just to sit on the bench.

We should do what the Rams have done...draft a QB in the 1st and start him next season...

I think the Childress interview is just to get the fans excited Garrett will be the OC. Who knows if he does good he might takeover Tony's job. Anyone wonder why we didn't hire Jason Garrett as the HC instead of TOny to begin with? Thanks again BIll

From all the OC candidates so far please get Chilly LOL he was a great OC for the eagles.

Armando where are you? I woulda thought you were out trying to gather more info about the OC situation.


Matt Hasselbeck was a 6th round pick of the Packers also. He's gone on to have a pretty nice 10 year career in Seattle. Matt Schaub was a third round pick of the Falcons. He's done quite nicely. There are examples out there.

Craig, I got that dude. That's why I said if you don't get a 1st-rounder this year, don't waste a pick on another later-round QB, wait until next year.

bk, so after years and years of wasted draft picks, you're gonna chance taking a late-round QB because ONE GUY in what, DECADES, panned out? And you think THIS leadership team is as good as New England's in spotting talent, QB talent at that?

Dude, gimme what you're smoking, I need that in my life.

Brad Childress would be great, he got a raw deal with the Vikings. It would give Dolphins fans some hope where there is none.

The Sun will still rise tommorrow and football is a just a game.

Owners look at profit/loss and care little about the banter. Ross is seeing things from a capital investment point of view.

If he thought putting a orange feather in Henne's butt would help sell seats... he'd do it.

Fans... get over yourselves, and wake up.

p.s. aren't you the same types tha ran Shula out on a rail?

Sorry bk, that was a response to a bobbyd12 comment. Bobby, for a guy who's optimistic and happy about this team, you sure are putting obstacles in their way to success if you want to waste a 4th-round pick on a QB that probably will never even see the practice squad.


Sorry I misunderstood your position. If this thing falls flat on it's face, as you're expecting, I'll be all in favour of picking a QB in the first in 2012.

Mark, did watch the supposedly 1st rd QBs play?? Tell me which one you think could step in and play well during his rookie year. I saw no one with enough skills to start, all projects. Even Carolina is talking about NOT taking a QB with their 1st round pick. That should tell u something

As I remember, Garrett was being considered as OC. Parcells had already had his boy (Sparano) picked to be HC. It would have been a lateral move and permission would have had to be given by Cowboys. In any case, Garrett was a Texas guy and he liked being there.

DC Dolphan, what are u talking about?? You said that no QB who has been picked past the forth RD plays consistently good, YOUR statement, not mine. I gave you two right off the top of my head that says ur wrong, Brady 6th, Romo undeafted. This has nothing to do with the Fins, it had to do u made a statement not based in fact.

I was talking about having Jason Garrett as the HC not the OC. Parcells hired the wrong Cowboy LOL

Question Gentlemen? Who was the QB on the Packers when they pickup up Hasselbeck? Who was the QB of the Falcons when they picked up Shaub? Oh yeah, one Brett Favre and one Michael Vick. So, to compare teams that were looking for backups essentially to a team that hasn't had a franchise QB since Dan Marino is pretty silly, like 2 different universes.

Nolan wants to go to Dallas, is that true Armando ?

When it comes to the arguement of drafting a QB there is no good or bad place to pick one. You have to acquire the correct staff to help the qb mold into what you want or let him develop. There is no such thing as an automatic stud at qb. I was simply making a point that we have alot of holes to fill and taking a qb at 15 should not be considered (same goes for rb). With this qb class you can trade down (probably mid to late 20s) and get a 2nd and possibly a 4th or 5th rd pick. And in the mid 20's you can still get lets say a Jake Locker. Sure these guys all have different abilities but we need to get the right coaches otherwise no matter where we draft one they are going to be like ryan leaf.

I didnt mean to start a riot about the qb position. Besides we still don't know what we have in Chad Henne. THere are alot of questions about him. How hurt was he? Can he be fixed? Was he handcuffed in the offense etc


I hear ya bud but just think if a team picks a guy in the 1st round,i've always believed that guy should be starting for your football team regardless of how ready he is.

Even if Luck was entering the Draft,i still would'nt believe Carolina would pick him because they took Claussen in the 2nd last year.

I'll give you another example...

If we pick Mark Ingram in the 1st and resign Ronnie,then next season,Ronnie is our starter,we'd all be saying why is'nt Ingram starting??

And BTW, I am optimistic with a new OC, new QB coach, some new weapons and Henne as QB. The same as Troy Stratford, Nick Buoniconti and Dick Anderson all said yesterday. All three former players who came out backing Henne.

bobby, actually, what're YOU talking about? I never said "NO QB picked in the 4th-round is good." What I said was why chance a pick on a late-round QB when the probability is that he won't be successful (or elite) in the NFL.

Great, you had a few examples. Out of HOW MANY QBs chosen since Brady was chosen? HUNDREDS? Do you KNOW what the percentage is of 2 (or even 3 or even 5) out of HUNDREDS is?

So, we have gone through a carousel of QBs for over a decade, can't find one. And coincidentally haven't made the Playoffs consistently since then, and you want to take a 5% chance on finding that franchise QB, and call that a GOOD MOVE?

RIDICULOUS!! It's a joke, and everyone knows it.

If you're serious about fixing the QB situation, like other teams have been, like the probabilities TELL YOU, you go fishing where there are FISH! You want an elite QB, you get a 1st-round QB projected to be elite.

When isn't the issue here. This year, next year, 20 years from now. But you'll all see, when Miami is ready to be serious about fixing the QB situation, they'll go out and draft a 1st-round QB projected to be one of the best in that QB class.

If you can name 3 players today that are late round or undrafted GEMS....since it seems we as fans are conditioned to look for them.....

Mark, with very few exceptions, it takes 3 years for a QB to progress into a NFL caliber QB. Whether we like it or not, Sparano and Ireland cant have a rookie QB here next year, at least if they want jobs. Starting this year will either be Henne or a FA vet, not a rookie IMO

It's ok bk, there'll be contention about the QB position until Miami gets a QB that can be the franchise QB an NFL team needs to be consistently elite.

I agree totally with what bobby said @ 10:53am, which is why the WORST move Miami can make is drafting/developing a QB for 3 years to find out he's not the guy (like what possibly might happen with Chad Henne this upcoming year). Miami cannot afford to be wrong on the next young potential franchise QB.

DC Dolphan says "and I don't know of ANY with a 4th round pick that win consistently" go back and read what YOU typed. Unbelievable you would post something and then 10 mins later say u didn't say it. Read ur own post, maybe u will remember what u wrote. You made a statement, you were wrong. PERIOD. You made a mistake, admit it and move on instead of saying u never said it, when it's right there in print

I'm not an nfl scout or anything but I did read where Mike Mayock said that he was intrigued by TCU QB Andy Dalton. HE continued to say that he thought Dalton would be an elite NFL QB. Dalton will be a mid-rd pick. I have to admit I really liked what I saw when he played the bowl game. He appeared to be a true leader. Kinda reminded me of doug flutie but with more leadership and scramble ability.


I have a gut feeling that the fins are targeting VInce Young when he gets released.

I like Childress but there are probably any number of good candidates out there, including guys none of have ever heard of but who may be young and full of creative ideas. I definitely don't have a fixation on "name" candidates and hope the team doesn't, either.

By the way, totally unrelated but I thought the president was brilliant last night. That's the kind of non-partisan, inspiring speech that is so lacking in American politics these days. Good job!

I have a gut feeling that the fins are targeting VInce Young when he gets released.

Posted by: bk | January 13, 2011 at 11:07 AM

He would love to return kickoffs.

Childress is the biggest -- and most controversial -- name to surface so far.

He had a tumultuous turn as Minnesota Vikings head coach. His job there will forever be remembered for his handling of Brett Favre the past two seasons. Childress seemed to surrender power in his attempts to appease the legendary quarterback. A series of missteps made Childress look like a bumbler until he was fired during the season.

Childress as offensive coordinator is curious because he hasn't been a successful playcaller in the NFL. He initially became a commodity as the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterbacks coach, working with Donovan McNabb.

Childress as offensive coordinator is curious because he hasn't been a successful playcaller in the NFL. He initially became a commodity as the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterbacks coach, working with Donovan McNabb.

But when Childress was the Eagles' offensive coordinator, head coach Andy Reid called the plays. Shortly after Childress left for the Vikings, Reid gave the duties to Childress' successor, Marty Mornhinweg.

Childress, who favors a power-running version of the West Coast offense, was Minnesota's playcaller for one season before he had Darrell Bevell do it.

Ok, great, bobby, how's this, I WAS WRONG. You came up with ONE minuscule example of a late-rounder who consistently is elite in today's NFL, Brady. Romo isn't consistent at anything except being inconsistent (what was the Cowboys record this year?), so he's a poor example.

Terrific, instead of taking the larger point I was trying to make (about there being very few elite QBs from later rounds in the successful teams today), you found the one tiny hole in a tangential, insignificant comment I made because I used the word "ANY." Hey, you're a hero, get the man a trophy.

Nolan only wanted out of miami when he thought sparano was going to be let go, now that sparano is safe he's staying and he can't make a lateral move as he's under contract for 2011 anyway. Do not worry about Nolan leaving he can't even if he wants too LOL.

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Ron Wolf has a philosophy that you draft a QB every year. The philosophy is not to draft a QB in the first round every year until you get it right, as some of you would have us do....and NO DC, I'm not looking at you. I see nothing wrong with getting a young guy on the roster, taken in the 3rd or 4th round and developed for 2-3 years down the road. We have no one like that on the roster. I don't believe the only way to have success with a QB is to draft him in the first round if you want success. I think you can get a guy later in the draft and he can become good if teams are patient with him and he's developed. There are LOTS of examples, namely, Trent Green, Hasselbeck, Romo, Favre, Schaub, Frerotte and others. You don't NEED to have a 1st round QB to have success in this league. At some point I think we need to question why we have never developed a QB on this team.

As much as I admire Chad Pennington he just doesn't have the experience to become an OC. Ahhh, but he has a brilliant Bulb.

I'll let our words tell the story flapjack and others can decide who was right and who wrong. Too bad you had to turn it in to and right or wrong situation. You're right you are a BIG ASSumption!

Posted by: Craig M | January 12, 2011 at 07:45 PM

Get a grip, man. No one is talking about right & wrong, except you. In post after post to me, Bll_cnnrs, allot of people. Who are you trying to kid here exactly? You have some sort of complex. Like it's some sort of a competition. I'm throwing well known info to you & you dismiss it all. You're almost as bad as NJ fan on the sentinel.

What I have noticed about you & what others also see, is that people bring things up to you, which completely & factually contradict what you are trying to say, yet you refuse to acknowledge or give them any credibility.

As an example, not being able to admit or comprehend that there were as many new starters on O as on D last year. You dismiss, mock & ignore reality just so you can ask, "lets see who is right & wrong".

I am using facts to back my opinions, you refuse to accept them like it's blasphemous for anyone to not agree with you. You agreed to disagree on more than a few occasions without a coherent rebuttal or dialogue.

You're not objective at all but I'm sure deep down, your a swell guy. Moving on...

I'll throw Kurt Warner as another guy who not only never was drafted in the first round, he was never drafted at all. He only went on to win a couple of Super Bowls in this league and I think 2-3 MVP titles. He's probably going to end up in the Hall of Fame. Matt Cassell was a 7th round draft choice and is going to end up high in the MVP voting this year. The guys are out there and there are just as many first round busts as success stories.

nolan would leave if he could but he's under contract and sparano would be foolish to let him go where he wants. he may still get a head coaching gig however.


Always nice to hear from you...welcome back!!

It's funny a guy who started out his posts yesterday by saying 'everyone is welcome to their opinion on here', gets his shorts in a knot because it doesn't jive with your opinion. I hope you didn't go to bed angry bud but by your tone it sounds like you still hold a grudge.

Enjoy your day!

I dont know why some of you are saying to the owner "stfu" or he doesnt know what he is talking about...this is what we ALL have been saying for the past 17 weeks that our offense sucks Henning play calling is boring and predictable..and now the owner says it and some of you guys say he should be quiet lmao!!! wth is going on here ha ha ha IMO the owner is right..open it up put some points on the board and any offense that has Joe Gibbs Ernie Zampese and Henning's name in it..with all due respect is out dated and old!!!! get a new scheme! - good for you ross you write the checks you deserve some input

Craig M.....why would you want to draft a QB in the late rounds.....even out of your examples you named ZERO SB winning QBs.....ZERO....As a matter of fact these are all MIDDLE OF THE ROAD QBs as far as I am concerned....(however...I really like ROMO....i think he has the IT factor)....but still he hasn't WON anything....the name of the game is WIN

and most teams that have WON in recent history have done it with a 1ST ROUND QB OR ELITE QB.....LAST 6 sb WINNERS.....




There are three types of Owners: there are those that only care about filling up the empty seats, and then there are those with inflated Selfs looking for grandiosity(those are better), and finally there are the ones that care for tradition and prestige(the Best).

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