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Dolphins address offense but try not to wreck model

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and that could be the first of a slate of interviews coming in the next couple of days.

The Dolphins have certain openings for offensive coordinator (because Dan Henning and the team parted ways) and quarterbacks coach (because David Lee left for the University of Mississippi). The club may also have one and possibily two more openings on its coaching staff in the coming days, with special teams and the tight ends position being closely reviewed.

Chudzinski is also an offensive coordinator candidate in Carolina, where Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is expected to be hired as early as Tuesday as the team's new head coach.

Coach Tony Sparano is expected to make a decision on those issues soon. Sparano, however, expects to have Assistant head coach Todd Bowles remain with the staff. Even though Bowles is said to be on the radar for a job in Dallas, a source said Monday that at this time, Sparano expects Bowles to return to Miami.

The search for an offensive coordinator should be an interesting one. It is also expected to include Dallas tight end coach John Garrett, who is a former Dolphins quality control coach who went to Dallas in 2007 and worked on the same staff with Sparano that year.

Garrett's brother, Jason Garrett was recently named head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett also coached with the Dolphins in 2005-2006 and was on the Miami roster as a backup quarterback in 2004.

The fact both Chudzinski, who played in the 1980s at the University of Miami, and Garrett coach tight ends could call into question George DeLeone's status with the Dolphins. DeLeone has coached four years in the NFL while spending most of his career coaching at Temple, Mississippi, Syracuse and Holy Cross.

Other candidates for Miami's vacant offensive coordinator job could emerge.

The Dolphins are rumored to be interested in coaches currently serving on Sean Payton's staff in New Orleans, including offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael is the team's offensive coordinator in title but Payton is indeed the play-caller for the Saints.

Sparano and Payton are close friends.

The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past -- one that follows the lineage of Don Coryell, then Joe Gibbs, Ernie Zampese and Henning. Lately Norv Turner has taken versions of that offense to his various NFL stops including Dallas in the early 1990s, Washington, Miami, and now San Diego.

One supposes whichever offensive coordintor Sparano picks will install his system that springs from the blue-print of those previous coaches but might employ personal tweaks.

Scrapping an offense altogether is a dangerous proposition this year in the NFL. The uncertain labor situation has left open the possibility of an owner's lockout of players. That would mean teams that make changes to their staffs or schemes might not be able to implement those changes on the field with players until a new labor agreement is reached.

And that means the teams installing significant changes will fall behind teams that retain the players, coaches and schemes from the previous season.

The Dolphins expect to make significant changes to the offense beyond the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The club expects to go searching for a new quarterback, at least one new running back and some help along the offensive line and possibly at tight end.

Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level.

"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative (offense), not playing just to keep it close,” Ross said on 940-AM. “Where, people are a little bit more unpredictable, and opening it up. That’s what I think South Florida wants, and that’s what this climate demands."

"We have one great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross added. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see it, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Interesting on two levels. It was Ross who, in effect, de-clawed Miami's weather advantage by petitioning the NFL the ability to play early season games on the road while playing its early-season home games either at night or the late afternoon.

Ross said he did this so that fans didn't have to sit in the heat of Sun Life Stadium. Unfortunately, the team cannot take advantage of the heat if the owner is getting games changed to times that are relatively cooler.

Also, in the same interview, Ross says he's learned not to "micromanage" the football operations.


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Thoughts this morning:

1) Glad Mando was wrong about David Lee staying. Nobody can question Henne had some promise when he came here. The ocaching didn't bring it out of him. He looks like a shadow of the rookie he was 3 years ago. Blame has to be shared between the player and the coach. I would not trust another oyung qb to David Lee - bring me a Qb coach that has a track record because developing a qb has gone to situation critical.

2) Earlier someone said anyone who wanted brady Quinn was dumb. I disagree. I advocate this franchise bringing any Qb with a 1st round grade to this team. Sure half of them fail - but you need to keep taking that 50-50 shot until you find your 10 year starter - PERIOD! I can live with flops - I can't live with not even trying.

3) Anyone frome the San Diego or New Orleans coaching tree is good enough for me. Those 2 teams try to run balanced -dynamic offenses (both suffered in rush games this year due to injuries). So whether it's Chudzinski or Carmichael - good enough. Bring in another guy from that tree to work with the Qb or promote Karl Dorrell to QB coach and that is a much better staff.

Well bk good thing you are not the GM of the Dolphins or we would win 2 games next year. If your plan is to get Andrew Luck the following year then your plan in perfect. You have to be a special kind of stupid to not want to draft one and maybe two QB's very high in this draft. By your scenario our QB's next year would be Henne, Stanton (who is terrible) and Dalton. The first round pick and probably another lower round pick have to be QB's. Plus a veteren F/A pickup. Also this regime is not cutting Fasano, they just gave him a new contract.

espn reporting that we might go after Giants coach chris palmer as the oc

Marino, that's cool bud. I guess you took it personally when I said anyone who still wanted Henne was ignorant. I actually missed your post, so wasn't responding to you directly (just to many here who've been advocating keeping Henne).

My position is similar to yours (but more along Mark from Toronto's idea). I think it's just a fact Henne will still be here. He's under contract, we still need 3 QBs on the team, any I doubt anyone will be willing to trade for him (for any value). So, he'll get his chance. I just don't think he'll improve much from what he had.

Mark said Henne had to have some talent to be drafted here. I agree, he did have talent, 2nd-round talent. But Mark said (and I strongly agree) you need 1st-round talent at the QB position in Miami if you're serious about fixing a problem that's lingered over 20 years. I don't advocate bringing in a guy like Quinn (I could have told everyone from the 3-4 games I saw him play in college he wasn't NFL starter material), but I do advocate using 1st-round picks on a QB. This year, next year, and every year until you get the guy you need. In the meantime, pickup a veteran to be the band-aid.

bk, Carey is not going anywhere. His contract would have some serious negative consequences if he's released. Also - he's a good o lineman at a time when we need good o lineman. If he isn't a tackle anymore (which he can still play) he'd project to be a good guard with his size and feet.


Sid Rosenberg would be a great O.C., listen to hi show.

Now reporting Pasta Sparano may indeed act as OC and HC.

With all the holes in Miami, drafting a QB high this year is beyond stupid. Who is a guaranteed franchise QB this year? At 15?

Is this #1 QB going to be able to throw, catch, run, and block all by himself?

I realize some here actually believe the Defense is set but you are mistaken there as well. Anyone watch the teams run though us and throw over us? The only reason the Dolphins ranked high was because teams only needed to score 6 points to beat us.

We don't have a CB who can catch a ball, we only have one ILB, our one OLB is serviceable but not a difference maker, our line is two players away from good, and our safeties strength is tackling not coverage... and they don't tackle well.

I have watched Mando and others here claim Carey sucked, then he was great, then he sucked, then he was great, and now he sucks again. Hint: he always sucked and is not a natural tackle nor is he a pulling guard. So offensively, we need a FB, a RB, 3 linemen, a TE, and a WR.

But the Madden geniuses here say the answer is simply drafting a 1st round QB and hope the rookie can play.

Ross is an excellent owner. And he is right. I say keep up the good work Mr. Ross. Miami will be putting up some points in no time. GO PHINS!!!!!!

Ross, if your goal is to be the next Al Davis or Jerry Jones, you're off to a great start. By the way, everybody hates Davis and Jones. Let the coaches and players do their jobs and just sign the checks please.

They should have fired Ireland and given the job to DC Dolfan and your problems would be solved, after all he is a Michigan man, so he said!

New England 52 Jets 10

When I mention drafting one in the first round, it is not intended as a response to you DC Dolfan or Mark in Toronto.

I understand your point about trying to get first round talent at QB. I also understand some talent is not remotely close to first round despite getting first round grades due to popularity. Auburns QB was projected to be 2nd round and now the pundits are busy talking him up and he will go early... Ryan Leaf went 1st. Russell went first... meanwhile some guy named Brady was pathetic and went in the 6th round.

Just because a guy is drafted in the first round doesn't mean squat as to how he will perform in the NFl - hell, some guy named Marino barely made it into the first round and some guy named Rodgers was lucky to still go in the first round.

Grabbing a QB in the first is not a guarantee of anything other than a giant contract - a contract that will screw your team for years if you whiff. Do you really trust Ireland or Sparano to identify the next coming of Marino?

Mando, love you buddy but you seem to always be coming across as hating Mr. Ross.....Don't see the purpose in doing it as you seem to go out of your way to do it.

I don't see the need to draft a qb in the 1st round. None of these players are impressive including cam newton. You people would rather draft the next Ryan Leaf/ Jamarcus Russell then help find the next Jake Long. Henne will be fine the next OC needs to build the play calling on his strengths not his weaknesses. Look at Omar's column in the SS

C'mon Armando, you are a serious and respected writer in Miami. Now you are sounding like the Democratic congress! What a crock of sh%% you state in this post; you say
"Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level."
YES, Armando, the guy owns the frigging team and has every right to make this statement. Wouldn't you like to see a more exciting and open offense? I know that I would and from reading your blogs it would seem that about 98.8% of Dolphins would as well. You are trying to stir up controversy because of Ross' recent gaffes, I really thought that you were above that. Be a sportswriter not an OP-ED guy!

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/the-dolphins-have-asked-and-received-permission-to-interview-chargers-tight-end-coach-rob-chudzinski-for-their-vacant-offensi.html#ixzz1AjxCI5ia


they found and developed Romo. He's not Marino but he has the goods to get them there. IMO

Buffalo first round pick~~~Cam Newton.

This team is a coaching change and 2 drafts away from being remotely competitive. There is no scenario this team finishes above 7-9 next year. Sparano will be done by mid season 2011. By 2013, Brady will be diminishing, the Jets too old, and will be second year of new coach....until then, blogging about this position or that is nothing more than wanking with a condom on.

Expect OC to be Dallas retread

Same old grocery store

Same old groceries, no one else wants

Same old song

Same old dance

The Dolphins Suck

A talented QB will change everything about that offense.

if we like it or not
big moves will have to take place with the QB
we currently have ONE under contract
that situation, is what it is

OC Josh McDaniel, he can put points on the board.

Posted by: gcon72

You are an idiot if you want that cheating doucebag. Yeah that would be nice wouldnt it?? Also, he doesnt get a long with Marshall or Nolan. I would rather have the two of them than that buttwhipe anytime.

@Aloco~~Was up wif dis man crush yous bes having wif dis dude Garret?

Just a thought that perhaps someone else has noticed or might agree with: notice a common theme with our coaches over the last several years... they have all been real private, feed us a lot of BS, refuse to openly address player shortcomings and claim all criticism of play is an "internal" matter.

Perhaps if Miami's coaches started being honest and forthright, and did start placing blame, the players might take exception to being called out in the media and actually play worth a crap.

A headline: Dolphins coach says Crowder needs to shut up and actually make a few tackles per game or how about Sean gets paid a lot of money to intercept the ball yet my lil girl can catch better than he does.

mortreport RT @jsciara: @mortreport I don't have a dog in this fight, but Cam Newton looks nothing like an NFL QB to me. Lot of work to be done on him
about 11 hours ago

I don´t understand why we´re not interviewing Josh McDaniesls for OC and Charlie Weis, he probably bolt fron the CFL for th eright fit

@mortreport So, w/ Luck staying in school, do Bowers/Fairley go 1-2 to Carolina and Denver? Either way, it seems to me
Fairley played one hell of a game last night, stock has risen dramatically

Charlie Weis is the new OC at Florida Gators. I'm pretty sure that's a done deal.

Mike Nolan´s the only one who knows what he´s doing of the whole bunch, the defense its ranked in the top 10 in the NFL, but look at the offense its the 29th and the special teams must be the worst.

McDaniels did not get along with Nolan or Marshall, I'd be shocked to see him interviewed here

Drafting the next Jake Long won't win championships. Solidifying your defense won't win you championships. Miami by the way has tried BOTH those scenarios to no avail. There's only ONE thing Miami hasn't tried in 20 years, and that's solidifying your QB position. That's been the reason why you can count on 1 of Rahm Emanuel's hands the number of Playoffs this team has made. Sure, you can get lucky and win enough to make the Playoffs now and then (maybe twice a decade). But if people are serious about making this an elite team that CONSISTENTLY makes the Playoffs, there's only ONE position to make that happen, QB. If you don't have that, then you're not really serious (you're just wishing on a star).

Sooner or later, the intelligentsia of this team will realize that (sooner if you ask the Owner).

Marino (interesting that a guy going by the greatest Dolphin in history is minimizing the importance of a qb).

I went over this analysis several times over the last few weeks - for your benefit, I will do it again.

6 times since the aforementioned Dan Marino retired - the Dolphins have had an opportunity to bag a 1st round qb when they've had a 1st round selection. Each time - the same excuse was used. QBs are tough to project - high bust rate, we didn't like him, etc.

To support your argument(and those in charge of Miami drafting in the past) - the team correctly passed on JP Losman, Brady Quinn, and perhaps (although too early to tell and on the basis of conservatism I will also grant you this one ) Jimmy Claussen.

In exchange Miami banked the tremendous (cough) talents of Vernon Carey (whom I like), Tedd Ginn, and Jared Odrick. So in spite of being risk averse - the team banked one player - so far that has produced in Miami - Carey in an unspectacular but need role.

On the other hand - by using the same philosophy Miami incorrectly passed on Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan. Any one of these 3 would make Miami important and a perennial playoff contender. So yes, the QBs crapped out 50% of the time - but the other 50% - certain hall of famers at the most important position on your team. That's bad in us for not taking those chances. And for not taking those chances - we are a mediocre team with no chance to be champions.

So instead of taking one of those HOF qbs - we took Jamar Fletcher, Ronnie Brown, and Jake Long. Long is going to Canton - Brown was unspectacular, and Fletcher was a bag of s__t. now you wouldn't tell me that you wouldn't trade all 3 of those Miami players for even one of those QBs???

So you see the risk and the failure is not in taking a qb that has a 50% flop ratio - the risk and the failure is in NOT taking a QB with a 1st round grade when you have the chance.

You say that you don't trust Ireland/Sparano in being able to scout, assess, and develop that qb? If that's the case, then fire them. Becuase if they can't perform that task - then they have no business being in charge of an NFL team. because this is the most important position on the team and you can't perform without one.

DC, We had Marino for years and did not win a SB. Although he should have. You need other pieces, but it all does start with an OLine in my opinion.

this will be a strange year


it very well could be september before an agreement is worked out.
this may be enough reason to go large in the draft.
lot's of holes to fill, can't expect to do it all in the draft.
but there is still the real issue




How about bringing in Oregon's Head coach Kelly to be the OC. avg 50 points per game. Up tempo off is what Ross wants. Honestly and up tempo off in the the heat would be huge.

And drafting a 1st-round QB isn't a definitive way to shore up that position, but it sure is the most PROBABLE way to do it. Can you get a bust? Sure. But we've been wasting away for a DECADE now. You're telling me if we tried more than once in TWELVE years we wouldn't have been able to pick a franchise QB? I doubt it, I'm pessimistic, but not THAT pessimistic.

You gotta be in it to win it, and we ain't been in it. And no one's saying it's as simple as that and a young QB will come in on day 1 and cause a stir. But it's a start. And it gives hope to the fan base. The way this team has operated gives hope to no one but the MOST optimistic fans. That's not good enough, says the Coach, the Owner, MOST of the fans, and the media.

Would people agree there's a decent shot Miami will be looking for a new head coach in a year?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: If Ross is going to be the type of owner demanding a certain type of football and inserting himself into areas where he has NO expertise whatsoever then the odds of Miami ever attracting a top coach under his ownership will be ZERO.

To repeat: ZERO

Out of all the orthopedic surgeons in the WORLD, why do all ball players go to Dr. Andrews? He has a history of being successful.

Out of all the elite teams, why do a MAJORITY of them have 1st-round QBs? Because they have a history of being successful.

Some of you aren't treating this team like you would other things. Let me ask you, if it was your kid, needing health care, would you be ok with some 2nd-rate doctor with no real success in his history, or a doctor who out of 15 surgeries was only successful in 2 of them? Or would you want the kid from an Ivy League school, has all the pedigree, all the hoopla, and is being cast as the next best thing?

Well, that's what I want in my QB (save the Ivy League, with all due respect to Fitzpatrick).

I agree with Mr. Ross's assesment of the offense. The only thing missing is Dan Marino throwing the ball.

Poizen, silly comparison, because when Marino was here, we were an elite team and the winningest franchise with the winningest Coach in the NFL.

You're telling me you don't want THAT back?

offense has been our problem, so bring in Josh, he's available, he can kiss and make up with nolan and marshall...with a modern oc and current players == playoffs next season. just draft a return this cobbs dude is the lamest returner in the nfl why do we stick with 3rd stringer mediocre players for so long?

KJ, no, don't agree with anything u say.

Two words. Mike. Leach.

craigw, we have no clue what the problem was between McDaniels and Marshall, Nolan. Some things u can't kiss and makeup

Man, New England's offense really crumbled after McDaniels left, didn't it? Have they even scored a point since then?

Jery Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is also the General Manager. So yes, he does pick the players and pays them to boot. U might have noticed the Cowboys have a lot better football team(more talent) then the Dolphins, not with standing this weird season.

Mando is an idiot and so are the sheep that regurgitate his sentiment! Idiots Ross is rich because he is smarter than you! So STFU. 2nd for the morons comparing him to Jerry Jones. How many playoffs and SB's has Jerry Jones been involved in! Enough said. You guys bash the dolphins for their pathetic offense, but when the owner says he wants a dymanimc offense, he is stupid because Mando doesn't like him. Stop being sheep and get a brain.

Ok I have the solution throw as much money as you can to Dan Marino whip him into shape and he can be our qb for the next couple of years till we can figure it out. Marino throwing from a wheelchair is still better than what we have seen over the years lol

@DC Dolfan ~~ Now you are making sense, Mike Leach.

"Notwithstanding" is one word, Wiley.

Hahaha, DC, Mike Leach is crazy. And his and Chip Kelly's offenses are not NFL offenses. Sure we need to be innovative but no need to intstall the run n shoot.

And all those people criticizing Mr. Ross for the type of team he wants - uh, that's his job and right. It's then his job to put the right people in place to make it happen. My personal opinion is Tony Sparano and Jeffy are not it. They lack vision and stick much within a certain prototype of player. You need diversity in a team - a number of ways to hit them. What good is it to have 53 of the same player??? You need power, you need speed, you need finesse, and you need smarts. You need ALL of them - not just power.

I still think alot of these qbs are going to fall in the draft. We could still trade back get a 2nd rd and draft a qb in the 1st. More than likely Locker, Ponder, and possibly Mallet will be available

I believe Jerry Jones played in some kind of organized football.

I guess the premise for this article is to protect the writer's source, which is Tony Sporano; who provides Armando with public consumption information. What kind of model is losing and not making the playoffs. I commend Ross for stepping in and trying to change what is a losing offense. He tripped on himself a little but most of us fans appreciate what he was trying to do. Change a losing game plan.


If John Garrett has the potential to be such a good OC why is he not being offered the job by his brother? Is it because Jason Garrett is hanging onto that role too? Something seems a bit odd if he turns down the opportunity to work with his brother. My preference is to have an established OC, like Brian Billick but maybe egos and personalities would get in the way of success.

Mark said:

On the other hand - by using the same philosophy Miami incorrectly passed on Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan. Any one of these 3 would make Miami important and a perennial playoff contender.

First, I don't minimize the need for a QB at all. Miami has had no one at QB since Marino. I was a QB in high school and college. I can still zip a ball 60 yards today - 20 years later - a dozen times before my elbow gives out. I can assess the position pretty well.

Yes. And I was stunned by the Dolphins passing on every one of them and more stunned by who they picked instead. Brees, of course, was a second rounder so need to spend a first rounder and it was an automatic selection - except for the Dolphins.

However, Brees wasn't seen as a franchise QB once he started playing. Hell, San Diego ran him out of town. If Brees had been drafted here, the fans would be screaming for him to be replaced and someone else would have reaped the rewards. Henne has better skills than Brees ever had - my whole contention is he needs good coaching and a scheme that rebuilds his confidence and allows him to demonstrate those skills. Would I rather have had Aaron Rogers? Hell yes. He is a gunslinger and the mentality was always on display. Matt Ryan? Again, hell yes. Would I have drafted Henne over the other choices which were available? Nope. Do I think Henne could be as good or better than both of them? Yes. Its all about his mentality now and he should have a third year under a new coach to flip the switch or get out.

I can't dispute your post (the poor selections) other than to say Carey was never a tackle. He should have been picked up to be a guard and we should never have traded a draft pick to get him.

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