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Dolphins address offense but try not to wreck model

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and that could be the first of a slate of interviews coming in the next couple of days.

The Dolphins have certain openings for offensive coordinator (because Dan Henning and the team parted ways) and quarterbacks coach (because David Lee left for the University of Mississippi). The club may also have one and possibily two more openings on its coaching staff in the coming days, with special teams and the tight ends position being closely reviewed.

Chudzinski is also an offensive coordinator candidate in Carolina, where Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is expected to be hired as early as Tuesday as the team's new head coach.

Coach Tony Sparano is expected to make a decision on those issues soon. Sparano, however, expects to have Assistant head coach Todd Bowles remain with the staff. Even though Bowles is said to be on the radar for a job in Dallas, a source said Monday that at this time, Sparano expects Bowles to return to Miami.

The search for an offensive coordinator should be an interesting one. It is also expected to include Dallas tight end coach John Garrett, who is a former Dolphins quality control coach who went to Dallas in 2007 and worked on the same staff with Sparano that year.

Garrett's brother, Jason Garrett was recently named head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett also coached with the Dolphins in 2005-2006 and was on the Miami roster as a backup quarterback in 2004.

The fact both Chudzinski, who played in the 1980s at the University of Miami, and Garrett coach tight ends could call into question George DeLeone's status with the Dolphins. DeLeone has coached four years in the NFL while spending most of his career coaching at Temple, Mississippi, Syracuse and Holy Cross.

Other candidates for Miami's vacant offensive coordinator job could emerge.

The Dolphins are rumored to be interested in coaches currently serving on Sean Payton's staff in New Orleans, including offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael is the team's offensive coordinator in title but Payton is indeed the play-caller for the Saints.

Sparano and Payton are close friends.

The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past -- one that follows the lineage of Don Coryell, then Joe Gibbs, Ernie Zampese and Henning. Lately Norv Turner has taken versions of that offense to his various NFL stops including Dallas in the early 1990s, Washington, Miami, and now San Diego.

One supposes whichever offensive coordintor Sparano picks will install his system that springs from the blue-print of those previous coaches but might employ personal tweaks.

Scrapping an offense altogether is a dangerous proposition this year in the NFL. The uncertain labor situation has left open the possibility of an owner's lockout of players. That would mean teams that make changes to their staffs or schemes might not be able to implement those changes on the field with players until a new labor agreement is reached.

And that means the teams installing significant changes will fall behind teams that retain the players, coaches and schemes from the previous season.

The Dolphins expect to make significant changes to the offense beyond the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The club expects to go searching for a new quarterback, at least one new running back and some help along the offensive line and possibly at tight end.

Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level.

"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative (offense), not playing just to keep it close,” Ross said on 940-AM. “Where, people are a little bit more unpredictable, and opening it up. That’s what I think South Florida wants, and that’s what this climate demands."

"We have one great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross added. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see it, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Interesting on two levels. It was Ross who, in effect, de-clawed Miami's weather advantage by petitioning the NFL the ability to play early season games on the road while playing its early-season home games either at night or the late afternoon.

Ross said he did this so that fans didn't have to sit in the heat of Sun Life Stadium. Unfortunately, the team cannot take advantage of the heat if the owner is getting games changed to times that are relatively cooler.

Also, in the same interview, Ross says he's learned not to "micromanage" the football operations.


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Mark, not saying Leach should bring the Texas Tech offense to the NFL, but he's got the creativity and offensive mind to bring something more dynamic than what's here.

And, ALoco, that scandal is no longer a scandal, and it's been resolved. Plus he's not gonna keep any millionaire NFL player in a tiny room as punishment, trust and believe.

Dolfman, yep Ross is a genius. He says "make em play in the heat" then has the NFL schedule away and home night games the first two months. Ross looked like a genius on his little Harbaugh tour too. Ross might be rich and a great businessman, doesn't make him smart about football.



This whole scenario reminds me of the DC search last year. Stop worrying, the Dolphins will get it right

I and I'm sure most others in here appreciate you having our backs when it comes to the team. With that being said I make one request. Please do not turn this (your dislike of Ross)into a personal mission or some kind of one way pissing match. Please don't wait for every little slip the man makes so that you can pounce on him like a hungry lion.

The weather thing was a simple mistake, not "interesting". If the Harbaugh thing didn't go down this wouldn't even be news.

Brian Billick - the QB guru - couldn't find a QB in a decade at Baltimore. Which is why he is a TV commentator now.

Josh McDaniels? You have to be high to even suggest bringing him in.

Steal a young coach from a dynamic winning offense today to serve as coordinator with an eye on making him headcoach in the next year or two.

Or do the same old Sparano thing... Henne most likely fails big time with no real leadership behind him but we are perfectly set to pick up Luck in 2012 and start with new coaching. Given how the Dolphins suck, I would gladly give up any hopes for next year in order to secure Luck in 2012.

Mickey Arison!!! Buy the Dolphins Please!!!!

this regime is just incompetent. plain and simple. they pay 50 million and 2 snd round picks for a slow prima donna receiver with bad hands, then at the end of the season they say they need speed. wtf??? anyone with eyes sees they need speed and these geniuses don't figure it out until they are about to see the guillotine face up.

dumb and dumber...

nyfinfan don't be part of the herd. It's not going to be a "long year" because Ross did a radio interview in which he backed off his original stance on the heat during games. He made his mistake and realized he may have taken our advantage away in that respect. Armando has a personal vendetta against the man (maybe rightly so, I don't know what happened on a personal level) and it doesn't mean you have to blindly follow him.

The same thing happened when Parcells took over. Armando trashed the guy for weeks. Someone deny that, go ahead because I would love to pull the archives to prove it.

Lets see if anything was learned from his rookie mistake. We HAVE to because he isn't going anywhere and people need to realize that. Talking about him every day would be a HUGE waste of time. (That was for you kris, and you thought I was going to say epic :)

For all the guys advocating taking a QB in the first round until we get it right it's total HOGWASH. I'd really like to know how you to proceed to do this. How long do you wait until your right off a first round QB and label him a bust? If you are proposing to take a guy in the first round EVERY year until you know you've got it right I'd like to know when you actually KNOW. For example, do you the Jets have it right with Sanchez? Or will he NEVER get them any further than he has right now?

The facts show that there are just as many first round QB busts as success stories. Taking a guy in the first round means NOTHING. Here's a list of busts:

Heath Shuler
Ryan Leaf
Akili Smith
David Klingler
Joey Harrington
Matt Leinart
Jeff George
Brady Quinn
Byron Leftwich
Tim Crouch
Todd Marinovich
Dan McGwire
JP Losman
Rick Mirer
Alex Smith
Vince Young
David Carr

Do we need to go on?....

Here's guys who weren't first round picks and have had success:

Drew Brees (second round)
Tom Brady
Matt Hasselbeck
Matt Schaub
Brett Favre
Trent Green
Warren Moon
Jeff Garcia
David Garrard
Jon Kitna
Kyle Orton
Mark Fitzpatrick
Colt McCoy
Tony Romo

That argument doesn't hold up guys and I for one am dead set against us mortgaging the future every year to try and get this right.



Lord---that Mickey Arison idea sounds awesome, no?

Boss Ross is as clueless as Fist Pump & Ball Boy....AND those two boobs have conned Boss Ross into thinking change is coming.

I actually heard a guy on sports-talk radio this morning call Ross "cheap." When the host asked for even ONE example and pointed out he had just attempted to sign Harbaugh to the most lucrative contract in the NFL, the caller just stammered like an idiot.

Seriously, though. Has part of this fanbase just taken stupid pills? I don't recall Dolphins fans being this insipid and clueless when I was growing up.

Amen Boulder fin....the last thing we need is another Garret sabataging a head coach....Mr. Ross...make sure you promise him nothing if hired....better yet keep him away

Armando you were wrong about the Dolphins getting Brandon Marshall, who was the main offensive weapon this year. You are wrong again. How professional was it to draft Pat White or take so much time to evaluate a 2nd tier quarterback like Chad Henne.

The damage done to the Miami Dolphins franchise is irreparable. OK, Ross, we would prefer to buy you out but if you insist in taking the Team out of Miami then we also have to insist that the logo Dolphins stays here.

Just because Jerry Jones happened to be the owner when the Cowboys won their titles doesn't mean he's qualified to be an excellent evaluator of talent. Don't be stupid. When Parcells was their head coach, Jones handed the reigns of player personnel to him...the guys Parcells brought in are the reason why they still have an abundance of talent. Fortunately, they lacked the quality HC to maximize it. After taking over player personnel under Wade Phillips, Jones has now given that power back to their new HC. Why? Because he realizes he's no good at it! The only reason Jones is still their GM is because he's also the owner.

Regarding Arison: Good owner, but unfortunately in the NFL you can't transform 60% of your roster into All-Stars just by signing three guys.

No comparison between the two sports.

Mike in Houston, GREAT POST, you get it, unlike so many here



Jerry Jones was a starter on Arkansas 1960 national championship team (he played with Jimmy---that's where the connection began)

Not saying he should be a virtual owner/coach, but Jones actually does know the game more than most owners (not that it prevents him from making mistakes)

Two other thoughts.....it's ALWAYS dangerous when you have an owner who knows nothing about football telling the coaches and management how to do things.....see Dan Synder and Jerry Jones. Ross should shut his mouth and let his football people make the decisions. When it becomes more important to make decisions to 'entertain' the fans rather than about winning, your franchise is in trouble.

Those guys who are saying that it's a sure thing that Luck will come out next year need to realize he has two years of College eligibility left. He just finished his sophmore season and by all accounts he's going to finish College before coming out. To hope that the Dolphins tank next season and that means we'll be getting Luck are sure to be disappointed.

Micky Arison is a good owner because of Pat Riley. I'm pretty sure the taxpayers of Miami aren't as thrilled with Micky Arison as they got screwed again with the Arena

Ross's rookie mistakes are kind of the fundamental, anyone who even watches a little football understands, variety, yes?

Thanks Bobby...you, Craig M, NYScott (where is he by the way), and a small handful of others are the reason why I still scroll through the comments here.

Come on Craig. Pulling up draft picks from the 1980s to prove your point on how drafting a 1st round qb is a bad idea??? College football has come a long way since then. many programs were not running pro style offenses back then. Your analysis is so flawed that I don;t even know where to begin. Look at all the teams now and see how many AREE 1st round picks. AS IN RIGHT NOW, not 1976.

Michael Vick
Eli Manning
Donovan MacNabb
jay Cutler
Aaron Rodgers
matthew Stafford
Matt Ryan
Josh Freeman
Sam Bradford
Alex Smith
mark Sanchez
Ben Rothliesberger
Joe Flacco
Carson Palmer
Peyton Manning
Phillip Rivers
Vince Young
Kerry Collins
Tim Tebow

In addition:

Drew Brees (1st pick of the 2nd round - close enough)
Jimmy Claussen (1st round grade qb that fell to the top of the 2nd round)

That's right - 22 qbs that are starters or split time as starters out of the 32 teams.


Not to pile on here but this was priceless...

" Aloco, it is personal when I write about Ross".

"He has embarrassed the franchise I cover."(so did the media, you included, with irresponsible reporting). He has sullied the good name of the franchise in my town (how is that personal with you when you admitted you weren't a Dolphins fan and were seen clapping at a home loss?). He has made the Dolphins a laughingstock for his handling of the last week (this basically repeats what you said in the last two sentences, you're reaching). That makes it personal for me. I don't like my team looking inept (but they're not your team). I don't like Dolphins fans mocked (Then why root against them in their home building?). And I don't appreciate double-speak. (puhlease)

Come on already with the I care about the fans bit. You care about furthering your career,family and friends just like the rest of us. Don't use you readers ignorance in doing so is all I'm saying. You care about the fans as long as they hit your site or call the radio show, that's it. The second you get a better deal you're dropping the blog and you know it, just like Jason Cole, and you won't think twice about leaving us fans behind in your dust as it should be.

And why am doing this? Because I can't stand the mob mentality. I don't like people being ganged up on, it's not fair. The person being attacked is not here to defend himself.

I once heard that when Spielman was here he was asking free agents and potential draftees about their "Christian faith" and whether they had "accepted Jesus into their life" and nonsense of that sort.

Can you imagine? You're paying this guy to seek out the best talent and he's freakin' Pat Robertson.

I'd be happy with a gay, atheist biker if he could help us get to a Super Bowl.

Can you give us an update on how Jared Odrick and AJ Edds are doing in their recovery? Their return hopefully should be a positive impact on the defense and give us extra depth. Plus save us from having to draft those positions again.

Mike in Houston....thanks bud! Like reading your posts too....

ted....one of the problems with Jerry Jones is he think he knows more than he does. It was painful obvious to everyone last year except him that Wade Phillips was the problem with the Cowboys. By the time he realied it, it was too late to save the season. The guys ego gets in the way of sound decision making and it's one of the reasons that the Cowboys have has such little success since Jimmy Johnson left.

@Craig M: great post with the QB's. I made the same point with alot of the same guys on Armando's previous post (page 7). This obsession with drafting a QB in the 1st is dumb.

Dying Breed made a great post, I'm paraphrasing. If you need a new pair of shoes and you go to the store, and all they have in your size is a pair of womens high heels, do you buy them? They are shoes, and you need shoes. Drafting Locker or Newton would be like buying the womens shoes. Wait for the right fit. Let Henne play without the coaches sucking the life out of him. Let him PLAY. With a real OC. If he spins his whels again next year, then move on

Ted you can thank our #28th ranked school system for that one. The state is getting more dumb by the minute.

Denny, you could be right!

(just waiting for the next post about "loosing" games, lol)

Has anyone noticed how Armando has been dead wrong on almost everything for several weeks now? He is just reporting through the crack of his butt based on nothing but his limited imagination.






Mark in Toronto,

Who did I say was drafted in 1976? My whole argument is that taking a QB in the 1st round proves nothing. We disagree on is. I gave you several examples of guys that have had success that weren't first round picks. including Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Drew Brees (every single team passed on him in the first round). I forgot about Matt Cassell, so throw him in there too.

Of the first rounders you've mentioned, I hope you're not saying positive stuff about Kerry Collins, Vince Young, and Alex Smith. It's also too early to say too much about Drew Stafford (hasn't won yet and can't stay healthy), Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. These guys have done nothing yet, so let's not get too excited. Count Jason Campbell as another guy who got ran out of Washington and will likely get run out of Oakland soon too.

We can agree to disagree on this Mark. I'll stand by my argument that taking a first round quarterback guarantees nothing and I don't want us taking a QB at 15 this year.

duh, I wouldn't say that. I think Armando has been more accurate and responsible than others in the media. But he has got a couple of things wrong and still insists that the Dolphins talked to Cowher and Gruden event though no one has proof of such conversations, the entire Miami organization is denying it, and neither of Grudens or Cowhers camps have come out to say Ross is lying.

So it just seems like some of the media are ashamed in their own mistakes and are trying to hide them by being the loudest in the room.

By the way Mark, I am pretty sure that Jimmy Claussen will end up proving to be a second round bust for Carolina too and most people thought he should have been a first round pick too.

GarbagePlate/Craig, you guys are right, let's wait for the right fit. Nope, 15 some-odd QBs after Marino, still no right fit. But let's stockpile those 1st-round picks, for game-changing talent like Ronnie Brown, Vernon Carey and Jared Odrick! They will affect a game MUCH more than a QB would.

Actually, since it's only a 50-50 proposition to get a quality QB in the 1st-round, let's ONLY get a 6th-round QB, since the Pats found Brady, and he's the best in the league.

Fellas, you're opinions are respected, but there needs to be balance here. If you've tried all those other things, maybe we need to try something else.

Really, Mark in Toronto? Your better than that flimsy post. Tebow? Alex Smith? Clausen? Vince Young? Why would you want any of those guys, you made Craigs point for him. And Stafford is an unknown. Sanchez is mediocre.

Mike in Houston I'm here (NYScott). Just signing in under a different name because some a-hole from another blog was following me around. I think the psycho is gone so I'm going to try again with the old name.

This was a hot topic here last night. Weather or not we should draft a quarterback round 1 this year. I would understand this argument if the quarterbacks were worthy of a first round pick. But the cupboards are bare this year, and we need to stock them with neccesities, instead of a trinket that needs fixing. None of the first round prospects stand out to me as a guy that we should be drooling over. Also, at risk of sounding like a broken record. With the CBA, this is not the year to be taking on anymore projects. Any team drafting a rookie quarterback is going to run into this problem. The odds of them making a difference on the field next year are slim to none. Now if we want to explore this debate in the 2012 draft, and we find ourselves in the same predicament. I would be all for going after a quarterback round 1 Much better talent at the quarterback class next year.


Go through your list of #1's - you can't count Tebow because we don't even know if he can play yet - and count how many of them (seasoned, pro-bowl, franchise, number 1 picks) through more interceptions than Henne did this year. Count how many of them threw for more than three interceptions in a game. Count how many of them threw for 2 or more interceptions in back to back games. Compare them and their weapons to Miami. Compare their lines to Miami.

Again, Henne has not shown the intangibles we want to see but statistically, he compares favorably to many of your number ones. I would take Henne over Eli any day. Actually, many of the criticisms of Henne were the exact same ones that Eli was charged with or Bree's for that matter.

Sparano owes US an apology for his lame offensive philosophy.

Suggested mottos for the Haterz:
Chud's a dud. Garrett's a parrot.


DC, I'm not saying dont take a QB in the 1st round ever, I'm saying not this year. I'd take Mallet at 15, but hes not gonna be there. Locker is a perfect example of a 50/50 proposition at QB in the 1st round. I dont want to waste a 1st rounder on him.

Craig, first off 1976 was a joke. Second, the bulk of the QBs you referenced weren't even drafted in the last decade or even 15 years. Man, at least reference what is going on right now!

You keep talking like Drew Brees was such a nugget that was "found". he was the 1st pick of the 2nd round. He could've just as easily and SHOULD'VE been a 1st rounder.

Not to say that you can't find a qb later in the draft but the fact is - when 22 of the starting QBs in the NFL WERE 1st rounders (TODAY AND NOT IN 1995) then odds are you are going to be more successful TODAY by picking a QB in the first round. Do all of them pan out - NO! But WAY MORE OFTEN THAN NOT - the ones that do stick ARE 1st round talents.

What is so hard to see here? 22 out of 32 qbs. That is a MAJORITY! if you can't see that - then I have nothing more to say - you are obviously more concerned with winning an argument than seeing the truth.

I guess my point is, dont reach for a QB just cause you think you need one

I agree with Fred - Ross is just speaking as a fan, and stating the obvious. He's not talking X's and O's. And I doubt he'll make specific personnel decisions like Jerry does in Dallas.

Why are people complaining about Ross getting in the way? He's saying the same things that we've all been saying -- that we want to open it up and score, and not play for field goals. I think as the owner, he has a right to demand that his staff to put an exciting team on the field. And I'm glad he's doing it!

Posted by: Fred | January 11, 2011 at 07:21 AM

Guys want a first round QB taken in the first round, just for the sake of 'taking a QB in the first round'. You get this argument that we haven't taken a guy since 1983 and that's the reason we have been losing for som long. This is total bunk!! First of all there was a stretch of years where we were consistently in between 9-11 games every year. It's not like we've sucked since '83 as most people would have you believe. We had one of the best QBs in the league, so had no need to draft a top QB for a good many years. Since then we've failed on guys like John Beck and Pat White.

If people want to look at the reason we've had such lean years take a look at all the missed draft choices:

Yatil Green
Jamar Fletcher
John Avery
Jason Allen
Pat White
Patrick Turner
John Beck

and traded picks for guys like AJ Feely, Lamar Gordon and Brandon Marshall.

You can only miss SO many draft picks without it catching up with you.


Aloco owes the bloggers an apology for consistently being annoying, posting the same comments 20x a day, spelling the same words wrong all the time, and mainly blabbering gibberish about nothing.

Mark: yes 22 out of 32 are starters, but when you take out the guys who are unknowns and/or stink, you're down to half.


Matt Flynn is a 2nd string QB with Green Bay, won a National Championship with LSU

There are obviously 2 schools of thought here. 1 school says take a chance on a guy this year.Another says maybe the choices arent so attractive and we should wait. Since none of us are making the decisions it will make for lively debate. I don't think it is a question of right or wrong here. It is more we are all passionate fans, and want to see our team get better. So the next few months should bring on some good banter. Whatever happens I think that we all can agree right or wrong on this subject. If we produce a winner, we will all be psyched.




You're proposing we take a first round QB just for the sake of taking a first round QB. I'm saying we have NO idea if there is value there or not. There's a much better chance that a RB or WR or OL will pan out at 15 than a QB and with the holes we have we cannot afford to miss again. That's why we keep losing, not the QB.

I'm saying there are just as many misses there in the first round as success stories. I've shown that.

Mark, the reason that first round QBs are starting is because the cupboard is bare when it comes to quality QBs. Are you seriously telling me that Smith, Young, Campbell, Claussen, Tebow, Stafford are all quality QBs or is it because there is a shortage of decent QBs....ie. there are no better options? How many of those guys will be back with their teams next year?

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