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Dolphins address offense but try not to wreck model

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and that could be the first of a slate of interviews coming in the next couple of days.

The Dolphins have certain openings for offensive coordinator (because Dan Henning and the team parted ways) and quarterbacks coach (because David Lee left for the University of Mississippi). The club may also have one and possibily two more openings on its coaching staff in the coming days, with special teams and the tight ends position being closely reviewed.

Chudzinski is also an offensive coordinator candidate in Carolina, where Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is expected to be hired as early as Tuesday as the team's new head coach.

Coach Tony Sparano is expected to make a decision on those issues soon. Sparano, however, expects to have Assistant head coach Todd Bowles remain with the staff. Even though Bowles is said to be on the radar for a job in Dallas, a source said Monday that at this time, Sparano expects Bowles to return to Miami.

The search for an offensive coordinator should be an interesting one. It is also expected to include Dallas tight end coach John Garrett, who is a former Dolphins quality control coach who went to Dallas in 2007 and worked on the same staff with Sparano that year.

Garrett's brother, Jason Garrett was recently named head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett also coached with the Dolphins in 2005-2006 and was on the Miami roster as a backup quarterback in 2004.

The fact both Chudzinski, who played in the 1980s at the University of Miami, and Garrett coach tight ends could call into question George DeLeone's status with the Dolphins. DeLeone has coached four years in the NFL while spending most of his career coaching at Temple, Mississippi, Syracuse and Holy Cross.

Other candidates for Miami's vacant offensive coordinator job could emerge.

The Dolphins are rumored to be interested in coaches currently serving on Sean Payton's staff in New Orleans, including offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael is the team's offensive coordinator in title but Payton is indeed the play-caller for the Saints.

Sparano and Payton are close friends.

The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past -- one that follows the lineage of Don Coryell, then Joe Gibbs, Ernie Zampese and Henning. Lately Norv Turner has taken versions of that offense to his various NFL stops including Dallas in the early 1990s, Washington, Miami, and now San Diego.

One supposes whichever offensive coordintor Sparano picks will install his system that springs from the blue-print of those previous coaches but might employ personal tweaks.

Scrapping an offense altogether is a dangerous proposition this year in the NFL. The uncertain labor situation has left open the possibility of an owner's lockout of players. That would mean teams that make changes to their staffs or schemes might not be able to implement those changes on the field with players until a new labor agreement is reached.

And that means the teams installing significant changes will fall behind teams that retain the players, coaches and schemes from the previous season.

The Dolphins expect to make significant changes to the offense beyond the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The club expects to go searching for a new quarterback, at least one new running back and some help along the offensive line and possibly at tight end.

Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level.

"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative (offense), not playing just to keep it close,” Ross said on 940-AM. “Where, people are a little bit more unpredictable, and opening it up. That’s what I think South Florida wants, and that’s what this climate demands."

"We have one great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross added. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see it, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Interesting on two levels. It was Ross who, in effect, de-clawed Miami's weather advantage by petitioning the NFL the ability to play early season games on the road while playing its early-season home games either at night or the late afternoon.

Ross said he did this so that fans didn't have to sit in the heat of Sun Life Stadium. Unfortunately, the team cannot take advantage of the heat if the owner is getting games changed to times that are relatively cooler.

Also, in the same interview, Ross says he's learned not to "micromanage" the football operations.


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DB, can you blame the guy? He'll get all the Patriots he can stand in a few short days. Then, on Monday, he'll be here, sitting on the couch watching the next round of Playoffs, just like us. Sure, he'll be able to say he made it in, even won a game. But will he get as far as last year, nope. At the VERY least Miami didn't go up OR down from last year. They stayed even. But, with ALL the money they added to the team, the Jets will have actually REGRESSED!

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Too bad, so sad!

When do we sign the OC Cowboys retread

The Dolphins Still Suck

Breed, Were they Named after Aloco???????


ALoco's next conquest: SPACE! He and his merry band need lots more of it! LOL............

you have been faking me all day trash,i don't mind it but don't bully me trash .

home. china just tested their stealth fighter. how many of those does north korea have from china.?

Only a team in love w/being average would extend a coach with back to back sub .500% seasons....PLUS give him more power.

I guess no one showed Steve Ross how to play connect the dots as a kid.

Henne will get a second shot to redeem himself, remember something no one has mentioned...

Henne is a Michigan Alumni like Ross. Think about that?

OK, I appologize ALoco little buddy. You know that you are my most favorite of all in the many many many...etc...etc... you represent! LOL...........

Aloco says the mighty air breathers are gonna sign "JHON GARETT" as OC... Who ever that is... at least part of the "Puzzle" is coming to light..LOL, Though this "Puzzle" Looks a lot like a "Roshock" Puzzle.........


you have faking me all day long,all b/c i don't agree w/your take on things ...so you trying to bully me trash .....

"The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past..."


Long time reader. If Ross is on record wanting a more exciting offense, how can that statement be true? Not that the owner should have say in what type of strategy is employed weekly, but didn't he retain Sparano to CHANGE the offense & not just tweak it?

Miami is going no where with these guy running the show.

I would of liked it if we would have kept Ginn as a deep threat to help open up Marshall in the middle and a punt returner. But it seems like your saying Ginn was good enough and we didn't need Marshall. Well if that is what you think bud, you have completely discredited yourself because Ginn could not catch a cold in Alaska. Much less be the lead receiver for any football organization. Ginn was a draft bust which we should of kept at least for kick returns.

I think we should at least serve up Dansby and Marshall in 2012 to move up to top of the board "NEXT" season. By the time Luck's ready to lead us to championship Marshall and Dansby will be about done with thier playing dauys anyway! LOL.........

What is with the inept spelling here?

"Weather" instead of "whether," "medaling" instead of "meddling," and, of course, the enduring confusion between "lose" and "loose," which have entirely different meanings.

Did you guys even graduate High School? Jesus.


Marcus, Dont be upset cause Comicus beat you in the Colosseum......

It was almost a fair fight..............

Cuban, ha! You are exempt from the tirade.

Aloco,Look on the bright side, You can claim 1 million on your tax return...........

It's not bad enough that the roster is full of Dallas rejects, now a potential Cowboy coach?

Can Sparano & Ireland find any player or coach to actually help this team that was not in Dallas w/them?

If you're gonna just raid any team for players & coaches, at least pick the best. Like NE, Pitt, Baltimore or NO.

jhon garret will be the dolphins OC COACH .lol

That's a Million Dependents that is.... You Go Aloco...


Agree With flapjack,.........If your gonna pick up scubs those are the teams, Except a certain OC from baltimore...

Aloco, What do you expect from the guy you named the president of G.O.D(Gang of defeat), You made your bed, now try to cover up with your sheets..............

Chud's a Dud.

Garret's a Parrot.

Book it.

I want to eat worms.

Please dear god dont pick up Cam Newton or VY..
1. I agree a veteran qb needs to be brought in to help develop Henne (he's solid but his relationship with Henning is well known to be brutal)
2. Pick up a DeAngelo Williams in FA then a rb in the 3rd for the new backfield
3. Pick up Malcom Floyd (if sd lets him go) to go opposite B Marsh as the #2
4. Pick up Champ Bailey, great relationship with mike nolan, and put him at safety

Draft OL, RB, TE, QB (Andy Dalton?), ILB, DE

Bon Appittte there Jimmy, Enjoy............

Why is no one considering the following scenerio: Henne gets with a new OC and QB coach and plays really well. Or at least improves by a wide margin. Its certainly not out of the realm of possibility. He's got a big arm and 2 years of PT under his belt. And even the Henne haters have to admit he's had flashes (i.e. playing really well vs. NYJ a couple times in primetime games).

Not too mention he has a good work ethic by all accounts, and despite being neutered and undercut by his coaches, and having an angry lynch mob of fans on his back, he hasnt spouted off once. Classy and mature. It woulda been easy and understandable if he'd gone off on the fans or coaches at some point this year out of frustration. Vince Young woulda had a complete meltdown.

Stats bear out that its not uncommon for the 3rd year of PT to be the one where a QB makes the leap. The year where the game slows down for him. Similar to when Major Leaguers hit 27 years old or get X amount of plate appearances. If Henne is still stuck in neutral next season, I'll join the angry masses

Garbage, Welcome to G.O.D..................

What a dumb statement...Like Ross has to have football experience to say "I want a more wide open offense."


I was a big Henne supporter until recently, he may have had flashes and yes he did but he doen't have the "it" factor, the leadership to shout at players, get them to the line in 2-minute drills, lead his team, he is too emotionless, introvert call it what you will.

As for the coaching, I have zero confidence in TS and JI to get the offense Ross is wanting, Ross said everything every fan is wanting, whilst taking a swipe at what we had last season.

If sparano signs John Garret as OC fire him on the spot, plus how de we know Ireland isnt gonna be on the phone to Parcells during the draft, I hope for the best but fear the worst.

Guy @ 2:20...good post.

A quick Question, What coach lost to the Lions,Bills and Browns in one season(At home) that werent fired???, The answer is All of them, except Tony(Fist pumper)Sprano, who not only retained his job, but got a raise and a extension... When will the madness end?????

ANOTHER GREAT DAN MARINO STRIKE!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxAz5cTaX4E

Cuban stop beating the dead horse. You're quick question has been asked and answered at least one hundred times in the past two weeks. Sparanos staying if you haven't heard so the new topic is talking about which QB (that we won't get) will be best for this team.

I said it earlier and I'll Say it again, I Have ZERO, AND THE CUBAN MEANS ZERO confidence that the morons on this team can produce a 5 and 11 team next year...

Cuban, also humorous is that all the talk centers only around the offense. Last year it was the defense.

What about Special Teams? They are hardly special & aside from San Diego, we have the worst unit in the league. I guess that can wait until year #4.

Only in Miami can a coach survive having to rebuild 1/3 of the team every offseason.

Henne's introvertedness (I think I just made up a George W Bush type word) is a direct result of coaching. Instead of letting him lead, the conservative Dolphin coaches preach "Dont screw up." You dont have to look any further than Mark Sanchez to see a young QB who was told to go lead and instilled with confidence by his coaches. Jets coaches knew Sanchez would have his share of mistakes and failures, but in the long run, they've ended up with a confident young QB.

Jack,this group wont make it past the bye week next year......... Sorry about the negative attitude, but i haven't felt like this since the Dave(No nut sack)Wannestadt era............

No one wants to coach the dolphins!!

Bring on the left over coaches!!

Garbage...Henne's supporting cast, coaches & players, is nothing compared to Sanchez. Sanchez is no prize, he really isn't that good. Confidence doesn't trump ability.

But at least he is proving his mediocrity behind an o-line full of pro-bowlers, hall of fame & pro bowl caliber rb's, pro bowl caliber WR's & pro bowl caliber TE.

Henne is playing with reject o-linemen, slow WR's, TE's & rb's. Henne had his chance, but I hardly think that the talent & coaching around him makes it the most fair chance.


Cuban, I guess I'm like you. To me, this team has done nothing to instill optimism. I agree with you, they are a 5-6 win team. I don't think that's being negative. That's how we see it.

With all the changes that need to be made, it would be naive to think you can replace a QB, OC, o-line, RB's etc in 1 year and expect to win.

The D re-do netted mixed results. Best case scnario, we see same kind of thing on O & finish with the same record as the last 2 years.

OK Kids The Cubans gotta take a leave of absence... Continue the good debate see you all tomnm...............


Derrick Locke PR/KR
Da'Rel Scott PR/KR

Jerrel Jernigan PR/KR
Devon Wylie PR/KR

Loved Chudzinski when he was running the U's offense. Hope he gets the o/c job. That would definitely get me to watch the Dolphins next year.

Put Chad Henne's name on Aaron Rogers jersey and Henne can be just as good as Rogers.

I agree Henne will get another shot at it but not becuz he deserves it or earned it w/ his play it is simply becuz they will not go out and find an improvement immediately in the draft and there isn't really anyone on the Fa market that we haven't seen. They need to draft a QB and hope a year from now the guy will be ready to take over this team after the Henne experiment has run its course. Remember what Tony said w/ having two QBs who can start it's a good problem to have Keep Henne as a backup 2012 or let him walk if he finds a better offer

Get Henne 3 WRs that NEVER miss anything, 2 RBs that are each 1,500 yd. runners, a ProBowl TE, an oline like the Death Star invisible shield, a new coach, a new OC, a new QB coach, and make sure the stars align EXACTLY right, and you've got yourself one helluva QB, guaranteed!

Henne was only 8 games away (since he was out 1 game) from being perfect. Dang, give the kid a break!

As for QB's in the draft, No to Cam Newton but he's likely gonna be in Buffalo, Ryan Mallet, Blain Gabbert are good, I actually think Jake Locker although he had a bad 2010 has the best upside, he could be another Aaron Rodgers with time, also I like the look of Christian Ponder although he does remind me alittle of Pennington, great decision maker, weak arm!!

My choice would be Mallet, Gabbert Locker in that order.


I'm with you that this draft has to have some playmakers. While I don't think any of us are thrilled with our OL, the DL looks pretty good and it's time to add some talent to the offence for the new OC to play with.

A couple of points....for those that are slagging Ireland.....how do you know what he's TRULY capable of doing? He's never had the chance to run his own show. He's always had Parcells over his shoulder here in Miami and in Dallas. None of us actually know what's he's capable of, so I think he deserves a chance. You can blame him for the misses in FA and the draft all you want but you're just guessing how much input he actually had in those choices. He has a fresh slate and can be judged going forward.

Secondly, how many people on here are aware of the fact that Parcells was 3-10-1 in his first season coaching the Giants? He was very close to being replaced after one season and never getting the chance to show what he was capable of. The same criticisms that many on here give out to Sparano are some of the things that were said in his first year of coaching. Doubt me?....look it up! If Parcells had coached his first year in Miami, many of you on here would have chased him out of town and he'd never have had the Hall of Fame career he went on to have. I'm not saying Sparano is Parcells re-incarnated, I'm just saying patience can sometimes be rewarded.

All the cross talk is fine, but none of it has touched my annual post partem depression.

I don't have any confidence in the leadership.

Ireland is so ignorant he can't even figure out how to interview prospects.

SpOrano defended Henning to the bitter end.

Ross gives away our home field advantage and then whines about goingt 1-7 at Sunlife.

He tops that off by bungling a coaching search, drives a wedge between our GM and HC, and alienates just about everyone in between.

What coach or player in their right mind would even want to come to Miami?

I know I've brought this guy up before and it wasn't well received but I wouldn't be opposed to doing this and giving him a chance to compete with Henne and another vet. Matt Lenairt. Now I know the knock on this guy is he doesn't have a strong arm, his work ethic has been questioned and he's been known to have an attitude.....my only thing is he's still young. Maybe the light comes on with this guy. I would be more open to bringing a guy like this in than wasting another first round pick on a QB. Maybe this guy gets with the right QB coach, works his butt of and good things happen. I wouldn't be opposed ot doing this.

When is Aj Green gonna be drafted this year? top ten?

odinseye=dying breed


AJ Green will go top ten and there are some who think he will go number one. He'd be a coup for our team but I don't see it happening.

Guys, I need your thoughts on the games this weekend. The two I'm struggling with, can the Ravens FINALLY beat the Steelers when it matters and how much of a chance do you give the Packers of knocking off the Falcons?

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