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Dolphins address offense but try not to wreck model

The Dolphins have asked and received permission to interview Chargers tight end coach Rob Chudzinski for their vacant offensive coordinator job, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and that could be the first of a slate of interviews coming in the next couple of days.

The Dolphins have certain openings for offensive coordinator (because Dan Henning and the team parted ways) and quarterbacks coach (because David Lee left for the University of Mississippi). The club may also have one and possibily two more openings on its coaching staff in the coming days, with special teams and the tight ends position being closely reviewed.

Chudzinski is also an offensive coordinator candidate in Carolina, where Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is expected to be hired as early as Tuesday as the team's new head coach.

Coach Tony Sparano is expected to make a decision on those issues soon. Sparano, however, expects to have Assistant head coach Todd Bowles remain with the staff. Even though Bowles is said to be on the radar for a job in Dallas, a source said Monday that at this time, Sparano expects Bowles to return to Miami.

The search for an offensive coordinator should be an interesting one. It is also expected to include Dallas tight end coach John Garrett, who is a former Dolphins quality control coach who went to Dallas in 2007 and worked on the same staff with Sparano that year.

Garrett's brother, Jason Garrett was recently named head coach of the Cowboys. Jason Garrett also coached with the Dolphins in 2005-2006 and was on the Miami roster as a backup quarterback in 2004.

The fact both Chudzinski, who played in the 1980s at the University of Miami, and Garrett coach tight ends could call into question George DeLeone's status with the Dolphins. DeLeone has coached four years in the NFL while spending most of his career coaching at Temple, Mississippi, Syracuse and Holy Cross.

Other candidates for Miami's vacant offensive coordinator job could emerge.

The Dolphins are rumored to be interested in coaches currently serving on Sean Payton's staff in New Orleans, including offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. Carmichael is the team's offensive coordinator in title but Payton is indeed the play-caller for the Saints.

Sparano and Payton are close friends.

The Dolphins are clearly intending not to stray from the type of offense they have run in the past -- one that follows the lineage of Don Coryell, then Joe Gibbs, Ernie Zampese and Henning. Lately Norv Turner has taken versions of that offense to his various NFL stops including Dallas in the early 1990s, Washington, Miami, and now San Diego.

One supposes whichever offensive coordintor Sparano picks will install his system that springs from the blue-print of those previous coaches but might employ personal tweaks.

Scrapping an offense altogether is a dangerous proposition this year in the NFL. The uncertain labor situation has left open the possibility of an owner's lockout of players. That would mean teams that make changes to their staffs or schemes might not be able to implement those changes on the field with players until a new labor agreement is reached.

And that means the teams installing significant changes will fall behind teams that retain the players, coaches and schemes from the previous season.

The Dolphins expect to make significant changes to the offense beyond the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. The club expects to go searching for a new quarterback, at least one new running back and some help along the offensive line and possibly at tight end.

Interestingly, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is apparently giving his input into the kind of offense he wants the Dolphins to run. This despite the fact he has never coached football at any significant level.

"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative (offense), not playing just to keep it close,” Ross said on 940-AM. “Where, people are a little bit more unpredictable, and opening it up. That’s what I think South Florida wants, and that’s what this climate demands."

"We have one great advantage in Florida as the Miami Dolphins, that other teams don’t have, and that’s we have the weather in August, September and October,” Ross added. “Our players are training in that weather, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s go with a hurry-up offense, let’s wear them down. We’ve never done that. This isn’t the north, where you want to just take it 4 yards and a cloud of dust. I think I look for a different brand. Seeing the Dolphins, how fans want to see it, how we win, we’re going downfield, the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to.”

Interesting on two levels. It was Ross who, in effect, de-clawed Miami's weather advantage by petitioning the NFL the ability to play early season games on the road while playing its early-season home games either at night or the late afternoon.

Ross said he did this so that fans didn't have to sit in the heat of Sun Life Stadium. Unfortunately, the team cannot take advantage of the heat if the owner is getting games changed to times that are relatively cooler.

Also, in the same interview, Ross says he's learned not to "micromanage" the football operations.


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Henne is garbage. You can't blame the coaching staff for all his underthrown or overthrown passes. His lack of leadership is undeniable. He doesnot fire up the offense when needed. You cant blame the coaching staff for his poor decisions. Say no to Henne, send him to another team. Lets start with new faces at QB, it cant be any worse than what we had this season. Why give Henne another chance??? Henne has to go

Craig, I hear your arguement but how is bringing in someone who has already proven he can't play at a high level in this league going to solve this problem? the chance Leinart makes a miraculous roided comeback he is garbage everyone has seen it and not a single DB would worry. Atleast with a rookie we have a good chance at finding the next franchise QB Yea there are a lot of busts but just as many good pickups too in the 1st Rd I'm sure Baltimore is happy with picking Flacco 17 and Ryan but he was an early pick. I'd still rather test my chances with a rookie then a proven flop... You might as well go out and get Culpepper and hope he returns to form

Agree Odin. Ross had part of it (almost) right, replace Sparano but did not follow through.

RIGHT Fire Sparano and Ireland. Do a through search to replace them.

WRONG Keep Ireland, go off on a halfass search and cave in the end.

meant to add - is slim to none- after comeback*

"Ross gives away our home field advantage and then whines about goingt 1-7 at Sunlife".

This whole subject is moronic from all ends IMO. We need the heat why? Only because the team had so many problems this year. Because there are teams that play in 70 degree weather year round and they don't have a heat or cold advantage yet still win at home.

Our problems winning games go so much deeper than what the temperature is outside and if you fix those problems it won't matter what the thermometer says. Ross is just grasping at straws trying to take the heat off of Sparano for home losses. It's obvious.

Flapjack: I agree with you on Sanchez. He doesnt have any more talent than Henne does. But that Jets coaching staff implores him to carry himself a certain way, with some swagger and leadership. He's had a number of bad stretches, i dont see Rex Ryan going to a Tyler Thigpen type. Its counter-productive and growth stunting. When push comes to shove in the clutch, you get the feeling Sanchez feels like he's gonna succeed. Henne looks like he doesnt want to screw up, tentative.

As for Leinart, I cant see him doing well in NE, NY or Buff late in the year. Alot of Miami's home games are played in windy conditions as well. We need a strong armed QB. Leinart was great in college when he had the most talent around him, ideal conditions, and no defensive players getting within 10 yards of him

I just cant believe some of you fellow dolphans would want to give Henne another chance? He was terrible!!! He was 0-7 at home as a starter. Cant get anything worst than that. With a decent starter we would have won at home against Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland. I dont think Sporano is going to give Henne another chance. I hope he gets traded to another team. We need a frest start at QB for next year.

Totally agree with you Ray but the problem is then who do you bring in to be his improvement? There aren't many options that could come in here and learn this offense and have more success... they need to draft a QB with their 1st rd pick either by trading up or trading down... Gabbert and Mallet will prolly go before 15 , and Locker should be available at 15 but you could trade down possibly and still land him later... Cam Newton will be interesting to watch how his stock changes but i bet he will be the 1st QB selected

we all know no good ocord will come here. all hes doing is asking his friends to come run basically the same garbage boring system

We should give Cleo Lemon another shot. I mean, he didn't have ANYONE on offense that year. Line was terrible. Cam was a disaster. And he was young.

Doesn't Lemon deserve another chance?

Ray, with all due respect that post is incredibly short sighted. They've already parted ways with our other 2nd rnd qb. What's the point in getting rid of Henne. We are losing Thigpen and Pennington. Henne is the only qb left on the team that has an understanding of the offense. The team needs someone with experience with the playbook to help the new QBs acclimate quickly. With the uncertainty of the CBA there's a good chance out new OC will not be able to implement his game plan until very late in the offseason. That means more tweaks than change and Henne can help the new QBs digest the information more quickly.

Not to mention the point that has been made one thousand times about Young, Favre, and Brees all being run off of their first teams because of fan outrage only to turn around and have hall of fame careers.

CAN ONE OF YOU people that keeps saying cut Henne outright tell me what the harm is in keeping him on as a 3rd stringer or back up? I'm asking for one intelligent answer. You need to stop making decisions based on your emotions and start using the brain God gave you.

i would grab vince young, with the understanding that he would be turned into brad smith. i heard a report that none of the 32 teams has any interest into making him a starter again. if he doesn't like that then he can rot somewhere as a backup or be a QB for the pittsburgh power in the arena league.

i think the defense can stand pat for the most part. get the hurt guys back, got a lot better depth than we had in years.

the draft is deep on the offensive side. we could get a really good QB to compete with henne in the 1st, or fill a lot of other needs. we need a game changer at RB. a matt forte type who can run for big gains or be a great asset in the passing game. TE iss a must!! look what the pats did getting 2 probowl calibur TE's in the last draft. i think on the line we are ok at guard but need a center and tackle depth, a guy to possibly start at right tackle. i honestly think henne could still be a starter with the right coaches/coaching. he can move a lot better than they ever gave him a chance to do. up the tempo, be less conservative. trust marshall to go get passes. find some speed to go opposite of him and put bess in the slot. more motion, especially for marshall. i honesty think i could be a better OC than henning at this point!! he did some good things with the wildcat but never evolved it. the stinkin' jets run the wildcat better. so do the browns!!

i know everyone, especially home, picks on sean smith. but down the stretch he was in position to make more plays and gave up little. if only he can improve squeezing the ball he would be our 1 CB. say what you want but davis got victimized a lot this season for TD's. he seemed to never be able to handle slants.i think he can fix that, but he looked silly against jennnings and a few others.

the biggest problem i see is the stinkin' patriots being so good and having 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds!!! i think the jets are in trouble when FA starts. unless the cap is increased bigtime they have way to many really good players about to test the market. no way they can outbid 31 other teams on each of them. the jets will return to the basement in the east. i can't wait to see it happen!

I really like what Ross is now saying regarding taking advantage of the Miami weather in Sept...we should also cut loose wr coach Karl dorrell.

Craig, I think the Ravens have the edge this year with QB play so i'm picking them vs Pats in AFC championship and for that same reason I think the packers are going to beat the Falcons and I know Ryan is really really good but Aaron Rodgers might be the best in playoffs next to Brady. I also give the edge to the packers defense. Packers vs Bears in NFC championship... Seahawks played amazing against the Saints though so we will see

packers vs bear. pats vs steelers.

meaning the edge vs Rothlisberger not Brady but I'm still picking Baltiimore over Patriots to get into the superbowl vs. Packers

in a slight upset bears(not packers) vs patriots in the superbowl. this time the bears don't have the sufflin' crew defense and patriot win another superbowl.

looks like this blog will be a super bore until the draft...beating the same qb, oc, hc questions to death day in and day out..

Cleo Lemon? C'mon DC, there is a big difference. Thats a bad analogy. Henne has at least shown flashes against good teams. Played very well against the Jets on more than one occasion. Henne deserves a shot with new OC and QB coach. The physical tools he has are rare. He should have next year to try and put it all together. Besides, whats the alternative? Vince Young? Locker? No thanks. The other QB's worth drafting wont be there. These arent upgrades. McNabb? Palmer? Both on the downside. It would be a step backwards. I'll say it again, alot of QB's mature in their 3rd year with good coaching.

Henne stunk it up no doubt.

He faltered in too many AREAS and situations. Still, it would be ignorant to not kep him and see how he can do in a new system.

As many arguments as you can make against Henne and Thigpen, you can make against Hennings and the system. You guys can pretend that you know which affected which more negatively, but like I said, you'd just be guessing.

With no 2nd rounder and not drafting until 15, getting a QB in the first round is a pipe dream.

The best thing we can do THIS YEAR is bring in Drew Stanton, keep Thigpen and Henne and look for the next Tom Brady in the later rounds.

How depressing. Top to bottom, the entire offense is in complete shambles!

PS: DB, somebody called me YOU! Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or a cutdown-LOL?

henne is awful. this staff knows they have one chance left. they will not hinge it on henne. he will never start another game for miami

palmer would be an upgrade but i doubt the bungals are going to him go. he looked great once TO and ocho were both out in that last game.

flipper13, why would u cut Dorrell loose? If anything he should be looked at for the OC position...

dorrell why??? get rid of as many coaches from last year as possible.

bill can I borrow your crystal ball? I have some bets I would like to make.

Garbage, an upgrade would be Kyle Orton. He actually TRUSTS Brandon Marshall and knows how to use him. Plus, he can throw an accurate pass (enough to make a previous bust, Brandon Lloyd, a ProBowler).

odinseye=dying breed

Kitna would be an upgrade. Drew Stanton would be an upgrade. Heck, Kerry Collins might even be an upgrade.

Look, we don't need a "young" QB, since this is just a band-aid until we get our franchise QB next year. So, this is a 2-3yr job at most. We need a veteran that isn't a wallflower and can lead a group of men.

bill if the staff was aware of ANYTHING at all they never would have pinned their future on Henne to begin with if what your saying is true about him never starting another nfl game in his career. Shouldn't they have known that before they made him the starter? So they're equally at fault except when you factor in Hennes youth and inexperience. These men, Parcells, Henning, Sparano, Lee have how many NFL years experience between them,,,almost 100 years? And they all thought Henne had something that could be beneficial to the team. He wasn't ready to start yet and was FORCED into a starting role because the powers that be also hitched their wagon to a f***ing eggshell qb who gets hurt by the slightest touch. He wasn't ready to become the starter but was forced into the role because of an injury and now a few of you want to let him develop on another team. It just doesn't make sense.

i agree dc, orton would be a solid choice. and collins knows how to win games

darrylo, please don't come back until the draft then. Problem solved! See you in April.

Oh yeah, all of the office people are going home so the blog will die for a while until the non office workers get home to their computers. I have the worst timing.

Denny, that "eggshell" QB was one of TWO to bring the Dolphins to the Playoffs this decade.

But, God, don't appreciate him. Let's appreciate the guy who brought us back-to-back 7-9 seasons!

Are we in the Twilight Zone or what?




denny i agree with everything u said. i know this coaching staff and gm is garbage, your not telling me anything new. i already said the best thing to do would be to go 0-16 and draft luck and get our new staff next year

Whos appreciating Henne? Not me. I never said that in any one of my posts so don't put words in my mouth.

If you read my posts you will find me to be very objective and fair in my assessments.

1990 - Andre Ware, Jeff George
1991 - Dan McGwire, Todd Marinovich
1992 - David Klinger, Tommy Maddox
1993 - Rick Mirer, Drew Bledsoe
1994 - Heath Shuler, Trent Dilfer
1995 - Steve McNair, Kerry Collins
1996 - 0
1997 - Jim Drunkenmiller
1998 - Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf
1999 - Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Daunte Culpepper
2000 - Chad Pennington
2001 - Michael Vick
2002 - David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey
2003 - Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwhich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman
2004 - Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Rothlisburger, JP Losman
2005 - Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Jason campbell
2006 - Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler
2007 - Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn
2008 - Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco
2009 - Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Josh Freeman
2010 - Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow

Here is how I break it down.
Hall of Famers - 1
Pro Bowlers - 12
Quality Starters - 4
Decent Backups - 14
Total Busts - 12
Too soon to grade - 5

Since 1990 we have had 48 QB's drafted in the First Round. Of these 48, 44 are gradeable. Of the 44 "gradable" the numbers show that 17 of of these were worthy of their first round pick while 26 were not. Valuable cap space was being used paying these 26 guys to either sit on the bench or suck. Not just that, but the first round pick was a total waste.

Source: Scout.com

I know, I know. Pennington couldn't beat Baltimore. He's a scumbag.

Let's stick with the guy that couldn't beat Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo. He's our guy!!!

Penny was okay that year. We won a lot of games against some very bad teams and we didn't even win by a lot. We had every lucky bounce go our way. So lets not put Penny in the same conversation with Marino because my head will explode.

should trade up and get mark ingram!!

I like both the ravens and the packers this weekend.

Sorry Denny, sounded like you were making excuses for Henne. Not sure why 1.5 years on the bench is rushing someone in too quick. Especially since Sanchez got no time on the bench, and has made the Playoffs every year. Sounds to me like Henne doesn't deserve to ever get a shot if he can't learn what he needs to in a year and a half.

thats the point denny. none of the last 3 years dolphins teams were any good. this coaching staff is garbage. but henne is awful too. trade up?? why would anyone pick ingram in top 14

Whose the most accurate QB of all time? Marino? Nope, Pennington. So I won't put them in the same conversation, wouldn't be fair to Penny.

Denny, before your head explodes, that last post was tongue-in-cheek, just effing with you there.

henne has no heart, no fire. not to mention not much ability. not a leader.

Isn't Ingram just a young Ronnie?

DC I'm going to try and be respectful here but your posts are a little overly dramatic. You keep putting words in peoples mouths "I know I know Penny couldn't beat Baltimore" who said that? Once again not me, that wouldn't be objective.

But I will pull out all of the facts from that season. Like the fact that our offense was so bad they had to come up wit the wildcat. Or the multiple games that were won because of a strong o-line and top 5 running attack. Or the fact that we had the easiest schedule in the league that year while also playing Buffalo in a dome in december. How about all of the injuries to players on opposing teams. EVERY week the team we played lost their number one offensive or defensive threat it seemed. Please stop comparing that year to any other Dolphins season of the present or past as it is silly. Everyone who knows Dolphins football knows that was a lucky season, not a skilled one. The only way we made into the playoffs was on the last game of the season against the Jets. Otherwise they would've been sitting home like the past two seasons.

And remember the argument isn't whether or not Henne should start. It's whether or not he should be released for no compensation when we only have Todd Brandstater as a qb at this point.

Kris loves to kiss dc's as .

DC youre comparing the Sanchez to Henne why? They play on two completely different teams. Sanchez plays for a team loaded with pro bowlers and coaches with balls. What team does Henne play on that sounds even remotely close to that?

You can't compare the two in that way. Sanchez would be a disaster on the dolphins.


lol I know DC.

ok dc lets end this one. We both agree we need an upgrade over Henne. The only thing I disagree with people about is cutting him without getting anything in return. We will get more out of our investment if he stays on the bench unfortunately! :)

Marino used to fumble,,,,,,whhhhaaatttt? That's the fake aloco,,,I know it! My man ALoco would never side with Brady over Marino!

Okay guys I'm out. Hope I didn't offend anyone because I do really respect everyones opinions and don't need any enemies! :) Talk to you guys later.

And before I go my pick for qb would be Mallet but I reserve the right to change my mind. I asked about him earlier but no one answered so I guess none of us really know.




I know this is a somewhat strange question but a co-worker and I were talking about "out of the closet" athletes past and present and the only Dolphin I could think of was Marv Fleming, who as far as I know didn't hide his being gay at all.

I won't name them but I've also heard that a certain offensive lineman who played next to Richmond Webb and a placekicker from that era were also pretty open about their sexuality, but since I'm not sure I won't say.

Any others? Please, no juvenile responses and no, neither of us is gay. It was simply a topic of conversation like any other.

I back Henne and think he will start next year. There I said it!

I'm not giving him a pass nor am I making excuses for this years performance. Bottomline is the kid has shown some flashes of brilliance in the passing game. Does he lack leadership skills or confidnce? I can't answer that, but I know they go hand in hand.

We have way too much invested in Henne and have too little options to replace him next year. I'm not saying the job is his, just to get him some good competition into training camp and see what happens.

IMO opinion, Henne's biggest fault is consisitency, as is with most young QB's. With consistency comes confidence. Remember not eveyone leads the same, look at Eli and Peyton, two different type leaders.

dc, is it too late to join the gang of defeat?


Mallett maybe a mullett. Remember, once we get him we cant throw him back. LOL..........

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