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It's 2011: The New Year's resolutions!

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the day many people put forth New Year's resolutions. They are meant as promises to improve. They are goals to reach for.

My resolutions? Eat less. Work out more. Make fewer mistakes in print. Make fewer mistakes on the radio. Update this blog more often. Update the songs on my show more often. Update my wardrobe.

Show more kindness and patience with those I love. Show more kindness and patience with my enemies and the haters.

As you did not come here to read how much I need to improve, let me share with you how much our teams need to improve and how they might get about the business of doing that:

The Dolphins should resolve to stop using running plays up the middle on third-and-goal from the 14.

The Dolphins should resolve to stop running the ball with running backs that aren't special anymore. Find a dynamic RB. Please. Otherwise give up on being a running team.

The Dolphins should resolve in their postseason evaluations that the fourth remake of the interior offensive line in four years probably isn't a great idea. Add a guard, move Incognito to center and stick with Jerry, folks.

The Dolphins should resolve to get a young, new, aggressive offensive coordinator who is also the quarterback coach. Let's face it, Dan Henning is a great wide receiver coach and a good coordinator, but his game-day play-calling is often frustrating at best and his scheme is starting to show its age.

So would that mean for QB coach David Lee?

The Dolphins should resolve to thank coach Lee for the Wildcat. They should resolve to thank him for always being prepared and diligent. And they should resolve to thank him for his services as he leaves the organization.

The Dolphins should resolve to replace Lee because he is seemingly more worried about his guys making mistakes than making plays. They should resolve to find a quarterback coach who can, you know, actually develop a quarterback. They should resolve to find a QB coach with nerve and boldness because what I'm seeing is too much David Lee in Chad Henne. And I don't like it.

The Dolphins should resolve to get Brandon Marshall some help. That means getting him a legit speedster on the other side and a quarterback that is confident and daring and won't take any crap from him and let him know who's boss.

Chad Henne should resolve to have a conversation with Drew Brees. You figure it out.

Henne should resolve to have conversations that don't include the phrase, "I mean."

And Henne should resolve to play with passion and emotion and daring and aggressiveness, because the way he did it last year and the year before didn't work.

Sean Smith should resolve to catch some interceptions this year. Instead of heading back to Cali or partying or just hanging in the offseason, he should catch 100 passes every single day until the 2011 season opener. And he should resolve to do this not while he's standing in front of a jugs machine, but as he's on the move and winded and under duress -- like he would in games. If he had resolved to fix this last offseason, he'd have eight or nine interceptions now and be in the Pro Bowl.

Tony Sparano should resolve to stop telling us how much he "likes this group," of players who have failed to the point his job security is in question.

Sparano should also resolve to stop saying, "I'm not that smart." Not saying he should tell us he's a genius, but we definitely don't want a coach who isn't smart. 

We have some resolutions for the teams we follow for various reasons as well.

The Hurricanes should resolve to find a quarterback that completes fewer passes ... to guys on the other team.

Bill Belichick should resolve to prove how great a coach he really is by trading Tom Brady ... to the Dolphins ... for the 199th overall selection in the coming draft.

The Florida Panthers should resolve to become relevant. Maybe one way to do that is make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Or even get out of last place in the Southeast Division.

The Miami Heat should resolve ... oh, never mind. They don't have to resolve squat. They're showing everyone how it's done right now.


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Happy New Year....I don't always agree....but I always apperciate the forum

Armando...if your Resolution is to get better...then mission accomplished with this article....outstanding.....its got a Sports Illustrated feel to it.....and great observations on the team.....

new coach coming!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Anyone remember where we were 1st week of last year? Oh, right, playing a meaningless football game. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Actually, I just depressed myself to start the year off. Great,thanks Miami.

new coach, new oc, new personnel. SAME 'OLE STORY until you get a TRUE franchise QB.

Wake up folks. If you're success is in Henne's hands you'll NEVER amount to nothing.

My New Year's resolution is to resist the urge to buy a Henne jersey.

See, you set the bar low on your resolutions, and you can accomplish them!


dont need a franchise qb to start winning dc. get rid of henne, sign a solid vet.

Are kris, bill and I the only smart dudes that drank water in between the shots to prevent hangover? And Mando? Looks like it.

The funny thing is that Sporano's future is probably in Belicheck's hands.....

A bad blow-out and poof!...he's gone

A close loss or win...and blamo...he one more year....

Belicheck will do what is in HIS OWN best intrest

a solid vet is a good start bill, but unless we want to watch this circus year in and out, we'll eventually need a franchise QB.

All you have to look at is the 30 years we've been in the desert dude. 30 SuperBowls. 30 Playoffs championships. All that time, you've been on the sideline bro'.

Time to get off the sidelines and into the game, right my man?

Omar Kelly gets a prediction correct.

kris, like your conspiracy theory. Hate to think bellicheck would lose to keep an opponent weak, but I'd do it!

DC....I don't want to be up...i'm in that weird in-between faze where i'm tired but can't sleep....

If I read correctly the Miami Dolphins were giving away free yamulkas to their hundreds of thousands Jewish Patrons.

Who knows. I'm gonna stop being so negative. The strangest thing could happen. Sparano can finally get a clue.

i agree dc we need a franchise qb, but they dont grow on trees. lets get to the playoffs first.

I woudn't put anything past Belicheat....I know he will do what he thinks is best....

Lol @ Armando Bellichek will prove what a great coach he is by gifting us Tom Brady.. Could you imagine? Some crazy Phin fan puts LSD in Hoodies coffee. He sees the meaning of life, and much like a pity fu%k he sends Brady to us for a 5th rounder, and Channing Crowder.

Yet I will always be an oscar Mayer Wiener.

Happy New Year All! My resolution is to get over this hangover. We'll see where it goes from there. Does anyone think the outcome of tomorrow's game will impact Sparano's future? I think it's already been made clear the players will play hard for the guy. And really, who could blame NE if they pull starters early? Big football day however as we could move up or down in the draft by a half dozen or so spots.

that was great this guy on yahoo sports said henne "was not a good player". he hit the nail on the head with that one!

At this point bill, growing one on a tree might be the quickest option. Give me a strand of hair from the following: Brady, P. Manning, M. Vick and P. Rivers. I'll take it from there (off to South Korea where gene splicing is already taking place). And, presto, your very own Franchise QB!!

If Sparano had guts he would come out firing on all cylinders-put Thigpen in have him rollout and throw a bomb to who ever gets open,overload the line and run behind your best blockers, don't use the wildcat as you have all new linemen-?why?-do we have all new lineman.
Don't allow 3 and outs, get first downs, stay on the field, keep Brady on the bench, and use Hilliard, ALL WR's (past the 1st down marker on ALL attempt-or run it, the 1st RB that dances-pull them out of the game-use everybody thast have been in moth balls all season-even or one play-in other word coach and plan like Belicheck woul-but he won't do any of that and tell us how the Hurricanes had only 4 minus plays-they are called touchdowns and a victory for the opposing team-Bring on Cower or some one with guts-because these guys don't possess them because they have created a team bereft of talent, speed, and burning desire.

kinda like kc got cassel and vrabel for a 2nd rd pick. look what it did for them. why not call philly and offer a 4th rd pick for kolb. they will counter with a 2nd rounder and meet them in the middle with a 3rd

they also said ross has no ties with sparano and he's gone!

Yet, those great hot dogs have nothing to do with Football. No?

Maybe Sporano hire a head coach that tells him to STFU, sit the EFF down, and stay the EFF out of my way....much the way Nolan probably did (maybe)...and it gets fixed.....

1 Parcells crownie out and our defense it top 5.....lets see what happens when we get rid of 2 parcelles crownies

Have someone from Asia make us a franchise QB. I've heard they can turn a television into a watch. Not my words folks!

Funny that Henne thinks he improved on his accuracy this year. Could you BE any more inept? Don't you watch film Chad? When the receiver twists and contorts and slips and falls down, that's because you're pass was nowhere near the target tough guy. Time to start throwing at the targets again.

tiki barber, i think so. just like all these other reporter, or journalist, do they have anything to do with football?

I meant OC..hire an OC

but it's not his fault. bs.

cant wait to see who our new head coach and gm will be

I wish we could take odds on what will happen with TS. Do you guys think it is a coin toss, best 2 out of three rock paper scissors? Or is it already decided?

Belichick will do what is best for his Team, and so will we.

I don't think Tony's fate is decided. As to which way it goes may depend on who Ross speaks with and how much stock he puts in their opinion. If he talks to Parcells only, chances are good Sparano stays. I don't know who is in Ross's circle of trust.

lol @ Daryl

I don't think he it's decided......

my hope is we hire Herm Edwards...and I have nothing to lead me in that direction..thats just what my gut is telling me..

ross wants nothing to do with parcells according to nfl sources. ts is gone, so is ireland. im sure ross will take some time to do it in case he finds no big name guys want the job

I agree with almost all your resolutions, I agree Coach Lee is terrible, but I diasgree on Henne,Henne is always going to be Henne if he hasn't changed his demeanor or QB tendencies thru his career (high school,college and the pros) what makes you think he's is going to change now, not to say anything about that robotic attittude and emoitionless personality... I don't care who's coaching him....however it's a new year, so to add to your resolutions, a top tier TE, a kickoff returner, and please,please the Dolphins need to do whatever they can (trade up in the draft, trade players, trade future draft picks)and get that kid Mallet(Luck is going to be out of there quickly)in my opinion he and Luck are the only ones ready for the NFL now...well after all is a wish list..Happy New Year, Mando....

living in kc kris i watched a ton of herm edwards. trust me u dont want him, hes another coach who coaches not to lose instead of actually coaching to win the game

I said it before and i'll say it again...if this pile of garbage isn't good enough for Parcells to stick around and keep his name on it....why should it be good enough for you Mr. Ross....

What futher proof do you need to....

Smart is as smart does...Belichick, I agree I don't want my coach going around bragging about how smart he's not...Modesty is one thing, but say something like that often enough and people, including your team will come to think of you that way. I never heard Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Gibbs (in their heyday) or Bill Belichick, talking about how smart they weren't. There's something to be said about exuding self-confidence and having you're players respect and admire yr intelligence, as much as yr down-home demeanor...

Bill Belichick should resolve to prove how great a coach he really is by trading Tom Brady ... to the Dolphins ... for the 199th overall selection in the coming draft.

Yes! This sounds like a good resolution. How do we use our collective mind powers to make this happen.

mallet should go right around 15, so we will have a shot at him

ahhh its a brand new year and hopefully only one more day with these misfits running our dolphins, no more botched releases like porter, no more stupid roster churning where we keep making starters out of everyone elses garbage, no more boneheaded game day coaching mis use of timeouts etc, hey spazano your suppose to be a little upset when you get the ball at the other teams 20 and settle for 3 not jump around like you just won a super bowl try to remember that if you ever get another hc job

I'm not sure why I want Herm Edwards....Maybe i'm drinking the Kool-Aid fro Sports Center...but I think he is the man for the job...I think he "gets it"....I think he can lead men....and he doesn't do it by kissing butt like Gruden

Happy New Year, Mando!

Bill....No marry Philly Bench Warming QBs...we tried that...no thanks man.....

No More....what the heck is wrong with me?

If Sparano goes I'd feel out John Harbaugh first and go from there. Think the guy's potential in the NFL is through the roof.

Herm Edwards? Jeeze, I rather stick with (gulp) Sparano and hope he sees the light.

Thanks Armando, I always appreciate this wonderful blog you publish.

I think the should trade up (or stay where they are if possible) to draft Cam Newton and keep Henne as a solid backup. Same thing with Ronnie Brown - keep him and draft a RB with the second pick. Many good RBs come in the 2nd round. Williams is likely to retire. If the Dolphins draft is out of QB options worth their pick, they should take Mark Ingram or another RB if he's taken, and take a QB with the next pick.

cocoajoe....I know its not popular...but that my choice....I have my own thought process...

So you don't like the Herm Edwards choice....who do you want as coach...Gruden/Cowher? I'd like to know

Liam....I love the Newton talk....I think he is worth the sell-out to get him...the teams that are on the recent rise have sold out to get thier QB..now its our turn

I see Herm Edwards as a Sparano type. Good motivator but not too sharp. Have heard him on ESPN many times and he doesn't have a great mastery of the English language. Up against Belichek I don't like those odds.

well at least herms idea sounds better that you play to win the game... hello is better than sparanos you play to not lose the game..hello and you play for field goals.. hello

I have been an attorney in South Florida for over 35 years and from reading this message board it is safe to say I am far more educated than anyone here.

My counsel to the Dolphins is to not make rash and impetuous decisions. This always leads to failure.

Arthur Grossman's New Year's Resolution for 2011 - be less full of myself.

Chris...what I think he brings to the table is experince and hunger....alot of coaches don't do well on thier first go-around...Belichek included....I think he has fire to go with experince......

He is 54 and 70 as a HC so certainly there is plenty of room for scurtiny...but that my pick

Edwards would certainly have TS on the experience end of things. It should be interesting to see how the dominos fall in the coming days.

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