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It's 2011: The New Year's resolutions!

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the day many people put forth New Year's resolutions. They are meant as promises to improve. They are goals to reach for.

My resolutions? Eat less. Work out more. Make fewer mistakes in print. Make fewer mistakes on the radio. Update this blog more often. Update the songs on my show more often. Update my wardrobe.

Show more kindness and patience with those I love. Show more kindness and patience with my enemies and the haters.

As you did not come here to read how much I need to improve, let me share with you how much our teams need to improve and how they might get about the business of doing that:

The Dolphins should resolve to stop using running plays up the middle on third-and-goal from the 14.

The Dolphins should resolve to stop running the ball with running backs that aren't special anymore. Find a dynamic RB. Please. Otherwise give up on being a running team.

The Dolphins should resolve in their postseason evaluations that the fourth remake of the interior offensive line in four years probably isn't a great idea. Add a guard, move Incognito to center and stick with Jerry, folks.

The Dolphins should resolve to get a young, new, aggressive offensive coordinator who is also the quarterback coach. Let's face it, Dan Henning is a great wide receiver coach and a good coordinator, but his game-day play-calling is often frustrating at best and his scheme is starting to show its age.

So would that mean for QB coach David Lee?

The Dolphins should resolve to thank coach Lee for the Wildcat. They should resolve to thank him for always being prepared and diligent. And they should resolve to thank him for his services as he leaves the organization.

The Dolphins should resolve to replace Lee because he is seemingly more worried about his guys making mistakes than making plays. They should resolve to find a quarterback coach who can, you know, actually develop a quarterback. They should resolve to find a QB coach with nerve and boldness because what I'm seeing is too much David Lee in Chad Henne. And I don't like it.

The Dolphins should resolve to get Brandon Marshall some help. That means getting him a legit speedster on the other side and a quarterback that is confident and daring and won't take any crap from him and let him know who's boss.

Chad Henne should resolve to have a conversation with Drew Brees. You figure it out.

Henne should resolve to have conversations that don't include the phrase, "I mean."

And Henne should resolve to play with passion and emotion and daring and aggressiveness, because the way he did it last year and the year before didn't work.

Sean Smith should resolve to catch some interceptions this year. Instead of heading back to Cali or partying or just hanging in the offseason, he should catch 100 passes every single day until the 2011 season opener. And he should resolve to do this not while he's standing in front of a jugs machine, but as he's on the move and winded and under duress -- like he would in games. If he had resolved to fix this last offseason, he'd have eight or nine interceptions now and be in the Pro Bowl.

Tony Sparano should resolve to stop telling us how much he "likes this group," of players who have failed to the point his job security is in question.

Sparano should also resolve to stop saying, "I'm not that smart." Not saying he should tell us he's a genius, but we definitely don't want a coach who isn't smart. 

We have some resolutions for the teams we follow for various reasons as well.

The Hurricanes should resolve to find a quarterback that completes fewer passes ... to guys on the other team.

Bill Belichick should resolve to prove how great a coach he really is by trading Tom Brady ... to the Dolphins ... for the 199th overall selection in the coming draft.

The Florida Panthers should resolve to become relevant. Maybe one way to do that is make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Or even get out of last place in the Southeast Division.

The Miami Heat should resolve ... oh, never mind. They don't have to resolve squat. They're showing everyone how it's done right now.


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ho-hum/ALoco, what would you have us do on a Dolphins blog? We don't make any decisions. We can't speed up time any. Basically people come on here to talk about what they see regarding the team. Since games are played once a week, not sure what else you'd expect to hear on the blog. Since Miami's basically been .500 over the last decade, yeah, probably does sound like a repeating story. When the team changes the storyline, I'm sure you'll hear a different tune.

Well, if that ain't a kick in the nuts.


Some guys only come here to stir up stuff and BEG for attention....the best thing you can do is starve them....in other words give them no attention.....this is my New Years Resolution

DC, dont even bother explaining that to fans like aloco, mediocre is probably considered a blessing fro this team.....why else would he use the gang of defeat phrase for anybody dissapointed with this team!!!!

Dont be such a cold sore kris now come to bed

So, is my name officially out of contention for Dolphins HC? Now what am I gonna do?

I hope that report about Ross is false

wait another year for the JOB to be officially open then!!!!! hunting season starts in 2012....at least we'll have good young qb prospects available by then so the new HC will have plenty to choose from....

Even is it is true...Sporano woudn't be the 1st coach to get canned after the dreaded "vote of confidence"....

More often then not its the beginning of the end!

Another thing DC...your nobody till you get your "stalker" on an internet blog....thats when you know you made it to the big time

I don't see that news anywhere. Have we been hoodwinked?

lol, yeah, true dat kris. I had a few.

Guys, the answer is simple. Sparano unfortunately has to go, because the fans need a scapegoat and Ross needs fans. And Nolan has to stay because the fans love him and Ross needs the fans, but how do we keep him? Answer? Meet new Dolphins Head Coach Mike Nolan. Who he puts in as DC is up to him, but it would surely be a clone.

There goes my strategy. Luck said he's going back to Stanford. So, that's one less QB in the light class. Guess we're not getting a 1st-round qb this year.

Here's some food for thought on game day management: Last year NE versus Indy. NE is on their own 30 yard line and goes for it on 4th and 2. Brady throws to Faulk (incomplete). Indy takes over on downs & scores TD, game over. Should NE have punted? The Phins would have punted, no doubt. In this case NE played to win and loss. We play not to lose and still lose.

This whole love fair for nolan as a HC is a little bit overhyped...the man absolutely blew as a HC in san fran for four years, had no seasons of 500 football and is 18-37 as a HC...keeping him as a HC would only be keeping him from going to denver, the guy is a helleva defensive coordinator but im not sure he would be an upgrade in the HC position.....

I Have Great News:

It will be just our dumb luck that our "no hands" secondary will break Brady's record 319 straight completions without an interception in a totally meaningless game for both teams. Remember you heard it first here! LOL.........


i know the reports say brady will play, but i seriously, seriously doubt it will be for that long, he'll be in the game, throw a couple of scores, turn to bill and say im good, let hoyer finish the job...the end....!!!!


I posted earlier that if we lose Nolan to HC carousel going on this offseason. Marvin Lewis will be available this offseason as DC. He was the architect of thr Raven D that dominated the year they won the SB. He could pick up right where Nolan left off if Nolan lands a HC gig elsewhere. Lewis will be fired at season's end. LOL...............

Like I said superPHIN, it'll be just our no hands secondary ends Brady's streak even if he only plays one series. Our luck kind of runs like that in meaningless situations. Then totally disappears when we need it most! LOL..........

Im sure it'll be enough to keep sparanos job for another rousing year DB....we should be so proud!!!!


Amongst a myriad of other things, another thing that hugely concerns me is Ross' age. He is 69, soon to be 70yrs of age. What direction is our franchise going in that regards too?

Ross could possibly keel over and die within the next 3 seasons from natural causes. Whose hands would the our franchise be in next? Just so many damn uncertains with this team all the way around! LOL.............

Would be nice if the owner were in his fifties max. We would have a lot more stability in that regards too. Beginning with Ross' 70th birthday every new season in regards to stability of ownership becomes a roll of the dice.

70 yrs old*lmao*.....well, at least he wont need a hearing aid when he attends home games next year, it'll be the same dead enviroment its been for the last 15 years....maybe SB aspirations arent in the cards for ross..maybe this was truly the last bussiness move in terms of just owning a team and nothing else....

Parcells has a track record of signing veteran "manager" type QB's to not lose the game. And he doesn't draft RB's in the first round either. Don't get your hopes up that this regime will break this model. I predict a TE or G will be drafted. Kyle Orten is possible. Whoopie :(

"The Dolphins should resolve to get a young, new, aggressive offensive coordinator..."

This would the best alternative to the coaching issue. However, I'd add "brilliant" to the job requirements.

We forget that the lack of stability was one of the Dolphins problems before the Parcels regime took over. A good foundation is being laid that emphasizes winning the battle in the trenches. At some point, when this is accomplished, we will need to look for a coach that will take us to the next level.

We are not at this point yet. Its also not the best time for Ross. Let the contracts run out then make the decision. In the meantime find that genius offensive coordinator and draft for speed and playmaking ability

Our New year's resolutoin is that when we say the quarterback is out for the year, he is actually out for the year.

It made us all look bad that we got it wrong. It woulda been better for the Dolphins if we'd been rite.


As another poster pointed out. We keep hearing it will take $18 to $20 million to clean house and bring in a new regime.

But.......wouldnt that come to the exact same amount if this current regime isnt successful in 2011? We still would have paid all of thier 2011 salaries anyway and if not successful still have to spend the forcasted amount of money to bring in a new regime after the 2011 season after they fail.

Folks, they fail and the exact same amount of money is spent. Just one season later placing us another one full season behind the eight ball.

It's now transparently clear that none of our sports writers excelled real time problems mathematics. LOL........

"excelled in"

This is the guy I wish for at QB in the draft


We'd probably have to trade way up in the draft to get him especially if Luck doesnt declare, so a new FO is needed with ambition and determination to get a franchise QB finally as I don't see Ireland doing it somehow.

One could make a compelling argument that as of right now, considering all the issues - QB, HC, OC, Offense, ST, inexperienced owner - this team is in far worse shape than it appears. We've been 5 players away from competing for 10 years now, you'd think at some point we'd be only 4 players away from competing. Every single new regime tries the same patchwork, retread approach. The fins remind me of a plastic plant - they neither grow nor fade away - they just sit there stagnant, boring with no potential to change no matter how much you water them.

Why wouldn't Luck come out? I'm sure he paid attention to what happened to Locker just up the road. Of course he'll come out but he's focused on ending his college career with a win right now.

he will come out. harbaugh is probaly leaving for the niners. he wont stay

Sparano, if kept, should resolve to grow a set of balls and try to play for touchdowns and wins, instead of filed goals and losses. Just sayin'.

Dying, how many millions has this regime wasted on draft picks and FAs? That's the 1st thing that comes to mind when I hear this argument.

If Ross retains Ireland and Sparano, he is either gambling on a new CBA not happening. Or he's not as sharp as I hoped he would be.

I can't find anything on foxsports or espn about Ross giving TS a vote of confidence. Just that erroneous report from a few days ago.

Trade up with what??? Popcorn and cotton candy? With no second round pick, we have little room to maneuver up, most likely we maneuver down again. Most likely Belichek will take anyone we'd really want anyway since he is loaded with picks.

take mallet or blackmon at 15

Chris, I really don't think Ross is going to tip his hand about the coaching situation until after the season is over, which of course is tomorrow night.

On another note, I find it odd they fired Fox two days before the last game of the season, after 8 years of service. I mean...why not give the guy his dignity and let him play out the last game instead of making him a lame duck for his final two days. Just seemed unnecessarily cruel to me.

We ain't getting Luck picking in the teens. We are in the exact same position as we were the year that Cam Cameron took over. Think about that for a minute. We were all fed up then, we should be outraged today. This ream hasn't taken a big step forward in 15 years. 2008 was a result of an incredibly easy schedule. They still have no playmakers other than Marshall, who is under utilized because of the lack of quality QB play. Think about this for a moment, Cam Cameron actually had the right idea when he drafted Ginn. They needed playmakers then and he thought Ginn was one. He wasn't, but as bad as Cam was, he had the right idea. The size BS that the Trifecta preach is too passé. After all this stagnant BS, it turns out Cameron had the right idea but TE wrong players. Go figure.

why in the hell would ross listen to parcells anyway. this fat piece of crap stole 15 million dollars, and really has not done a thing. if he did call ross i hope he hung up on his sorry ass!

black monday will see alot of coaches fired. hope ross doesnt wait till say friday to do it. other teams will get a head start on us

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Make fewer mistakes in print."

"Dan Henning is a great wide receiver coach and a good coordinator"

Looks like you will need a mulligan for this shank shot off the first tee.

Grounds keeper Soiled :)

jrljrewing cam didnt think we needed playmakers, he drafted ginn cause he thought we needed players with good parents

what about andy dalton?

If we knew we could get a franchise QB I'd pull a Ditka and trade our entire draft for him. Especially with no 2nd round pick. You can't consistantly win in this league without a top notch QB unless your defense is elite. And I'm willing to wager that with that QB, a young and innovative OC, and a little different philosophy by TS we could be a contender fast.

Wonder how high up we could go trading all our picks? Problem is that's an all or nothing proposition. But a great QB can hide a lot of ills. Think Luck is the only one I'd do it for this year and we still probably couldn't approach that high a pick.

TS is a goner

When you go into the last year of your contract without an extension....that makes you a lame duck.....

Thats what we will have if Sporano isn't at least given a heavy incentive laden 1 year contract extension.....a coach with a contract will have ZERO influence or control over the locker room..let alone his staff.....

They will all spend the season trying to secure new jobs...not concentrating on football

Stephen Ross = The new Ralph Wilson

God I hope not!!!!!

You know I have been considering all of the information I have been reading as of late when it comes to the coaching situation. For 1 I don't think Ireland gets fired bc Peterson supports him and is a close friend of Ross. 2nd There will be alot of coaches available to be hired for the position but should the move be made? Idk how to anwser it but I have been thinking of the draft lately.

It's apparent that we will not be getting a QB in the first round but I have thought of who we may be targeting. Either way I see a trade down happening. The first pick goes a couple of ways which depends on FA. Its either OL or a pass rushing LB such as Von Miller. Work with me here Crowder is traded or released for salary reasons Misi is moved to the inside and they draft Von Miller to team with Wake to reak havoc. In the 2nd RD OL, 3rd WR Ryan Broyles watch out for this kid. In the 4th I really like Andy Dalton (watch TCU game). He has a decent arm, is intelligent, can run, and has fantasic leadership. BPA rest of the draft

Scott Tolzien isnt looking bad either kindof throws like Phillip Rivers. But Wisconsin's OL has played amazing

Mags72's youtube video hjiglights clearly shows 2 things:

1. Mallet does drop back into the pocket and gets his feet properly set fairly qiuckly. This is the least you wanna see from your starting qb. Henne still struggles with this.

2. From the highlights video it shows Mallett fairly accurate throwing on the run when going to his right. DC's will figure this out and over load blitzes to that side on throwing downs so he either has to stay in the pocket or roll to his left. I saw no highlights of him rolling to left. To me it states that maybe uncomfortable for him.

The biggest knock on Vanilla Ice, oops, sorry I mean Mallet is decision making at times. Still I have to say Im very impressed how quickly he drops and get his feet set. Boom or bust whatever decision he makes he seems to make it fairly quickly. Wished I could say the same for Henne.

Henne kind of seems like having a battle tank of the field when you need to manuever quickly. A tank is great weapon but in some cases it isnt. Henne has the tank cannon arm but always seem to manuever at step slow mentally and physically.

Just like the battle tank, he could be Marino numbers wise with that imaginary oline that consistently gives him 5-7 seconds to throw. LOL................

Henne still seems to be confused about the message the coaching staff gives him about being conscience of protecting the ball. Eliminating picks doesnt mean stop taking chances. He needs to learn how to throw his recievers open.

To do this Henne needs to learn to read corners at the snap of the ball. If at the snap he sees the corner is using inside discipline technique. He can still throw to the wr even if appearing covered, just throw it to the outside shoulder where only the wr has a decent play on the ball. Vice versa if the corner plays outside discipline technique.

You can also throw low and away to throw recievers opens while giving them the only decent chance of making a play on the ball. Henne has to learn to give his recievers a chance to make a play for him just like Marshall says.

It's better an aggressive incompletition than passively throwing it away or taking sacks. Some of these aggressive incompletions will turn into agressive big plays while still minimizing the chances of picks. LOL.........

"sean smith had resolved to fix this last offseason, he'd have eight or nine interceptions now and be in the Pro Bowl, Instead of the TOILET BOWL like Home told us Dolfans for the past 2 seasons since Dolphin training camp 2009."

"How come Home was the only one one the planet that sean had no hands and was/is a POSER BOY FRAUD CB."

"Remember when everyone and I mean everyone ridiculed Home when he gave his, to say the least adamant scouting reports that sean smith sucks wind."

"Now if we can put some thought into this HAARP weather control weapons of mass destruction owned and operated by our own military and disguised as an innocuous research facility."
Lets see since yesterday 39 massively destructive HAARP created tornadoes ripped 5 mid western states an new u know what." Worst flooding in Australia in history.""Do u realize the Australian severe HAARP flooding is now BIGGER THAN THE STATE OF TEXAS!"
27 inches of rain in a couple days in California worst in history
3rd largest snowstorm ever in New York
17 feet of snow in California

Home, What the Heck is going on, man!

have HAARPy new year

Also the recievers will need to be on the same page as Henne in reading what technique corners are using at the snap of the ball. Then they can already prepare in thier routes exactly where the ball will be coming depending on what area of the field they are running thier route. Outside or middle of the field.

There's always a counter to what the defense is doing, just gotta recognize it immediately and qb and reciever have to be on same exact page. LOL..............

Goes a long for a qb to know exactly where the ball needs to be even before the reciever gets open. When qb and recievers are clicking on this they become nearly impossible to defend! LOL............


While that is the worst attempt at a back track on Sean Smith that I may have ever read...Sean Smith played some really good Corner at times...but his hands stink.....but he is improved in cover skills...

As for the HAARP stuff...i haven't got that far yet in my research...but have looked at a lot of stuff about the illuminatti, symbolysm, and who/what runs the world.....

I feel like I am waking up from a bad dream and entering a night mare...lol

If keeping Henne as starter in 2011, the primary focus of training camp should be getting him and the recievers tons of work in throwing them open. We can not have a repeat of the "checkdown charlie" high pick low td pass lack of attack. LOL.............

Only forces working behind the scenes that are leading to a demise of mankind as we know it isnt the illuminati, haarp, or anything else you can imagine. The real culprit is the same as what's been plaguing man for thousands of years. Greed, corruption, and ill-will towards one another.

Its just that now with the ever greater emergence of technology. We can now do it on an ever growing astronmical level. Without some sort of unearthly intervention we will finally succeed at finally becoming the most endangered species occupying earth and envitably become the primary reason of our own extinction.

Im betting on a heavenly intervention. That same intervention will be percieved as an alien invasion thrusting us into the biblical armaggedon that has to come to pass. Its not a matter of if it will happens. Each passing year only draw nighe closer to just when it will happen. Your place or mine? LOL...........

Some of you guys are pretty good wordsmiths. Intelligence is one of those qualities in a guy that I find pretty hot.

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