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It's 2011: The New Year's resolutions!

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the day many people put forth New Year's resolutions. They are meant as promises to improve. They are goals to reach for.

My resolutions? Eat less. Work out more. Make fewer mistakes in print. Make fewer mistakes on the radio. Update this blog more often. Update the songs on my show more often. Update my wardrobe.

Show more kindness and patience with those I love. Show more kindness and patience with my enemies and the haters.

As you did not come here to read how much I need to improve, let me share with you how much our teams need to improve and how they might get about the business of doing that:

The Dolphins should resolve to stop using running plays up the middle on third-and-goal from the 14.

The Dolphins should resolve to stop running the ball with running backs that aren't special anymore. Find a dynamic RB. Please. Otherwise give up on being a running team.

The Dolphins should resolve in their postseason evaluations that the fourth remake of the interior offensive line in four years probably isn't a great idea. Add a guard, move Incognito to center and stick with Jerry, folks.

The Dolphins should resolve to get a young, new, aggressive offensive coordinator who is also the quarterback coach. Let's face it, Dan Henning is a great wide receiver coach and a good coordinator, but his game-day play-calling is often frustrating at best and his scheme is starting to show its age.

So would that mean for QB coach David Lee?

The Dolphins should resolve to thank coach Lee for the Wildcat. They should resolve to thank him for always being prepared and diligent. And they should resolve to thank him for his services as he leaves the organization.

The Dolphins should resolve to replace Lee because he is seemingly more worried about his guys making mistakes than making plays. They should resolve to find a quarterback coach who can, you know, actually develop a quarterback. They should resolve to find a QB coach with nerve and boldness because what I'm seeing is too much David Lee in Chad Henne. And I don't like it.

The Dolphins should resolve to get Brandon Marshall some help. That means getting him a legit speedster on the other side and a quarterback that is confident and daring and won't take any crap from him and let him know who's boss.

Chad Henne should resolve to have a conversation with Drew Brees. You figure it out.

Henne should resolve to have conversations that don't include the phrase, "I mean."

And Henne should resolve to play with passion and emotion and daring and aggressiveness, because the way he did it last year and the year before didn't work.

Sean Smith should resolve to catch some interceptions this year. Instead of heading back to Cali or partying or just hanging in the offseason, he should catch 100 passes every single day until the 2011 season opener. And he should resolve to do this not while he's standing in front of a jugs machine, but as he's on the move and winded and under duress -- like he would in games. If he had resolved to fix this last offseason, he'd have eight or nine interceptions now and be in the Pro Bowl.

Tony Sparano should resolve to stop telling us how much he "likes this group," of players who have failed to the point his job security is in question.

Sparano should also resolve to stop saying, "I'm not that smart." Not saying he should tell us he's a genius, but we definitely don't want a coach who isn't smart. 

We have some resolutions for the teams we follow for various reasons as well.

The Hurricanes should resolve to find a quarterback that completes fewer passes ... to guys on the other team.

Bill Belichick should resolve to prove how great a coach he really is by trading Tom Brady ... to the Dolphins ... for the 199th overall selection in the coming draft.

The Florida Panthers should resolve to become relevant. Maybe one way to do that is make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Or even get out of last place in the Southeast Division.

The Miami Heat should resolve ... oh, never mind. They don't have to resolve squat. They're showing everyone how it's done right now.


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Because of greed and corruption economies are crumbling world wide. Europe is the greatest econonomy in the entire world. The entire European continent has already binded all of there economies together.

Greece's economy is beginning to fail. It's tied into the European bundle. Sad thing about bundling economies is that when one begins to fail sooner or later the dominoe effect begins.

In the U.S. California is failing. Like the Europeans our state economies are tied together. When one fails sooner or later another, then another will begin to topple. How well nations do economically soon determines how thier people will behave both civally and morally.

The handwriting's on the wall folks. The new world order is coming and will sieze control through marshall law and civil unrest. Enjoy America as it now exists. We could well concievebly be the last generation to even have fleeting memory of what it used to be like.

DB...don't know if that you....but yeah...i've been reseaching this stuff alot recently and something strange is hoing on.....i can't believe i am gonna say this...but its bigger than football....

Economies are also tied to rapidly expanding ones like those seen in China, India, and much of Asia. Their desire for more consumer goods fuels economic expansion and production elsewhere.

The US economy has improved substantially over the past year and left the recessionary period a long time ago. Joblessness remains a thorn but many economists view this as a result of upheaval in the manufacturing and service sectors where its simply a case of fewer people being needed due to technological advances rather than any kind of endemic economic weakness.

Quite frankly, your hypothesis regarding "New World Orders" and "Martial Law" (it's telling you can't even spell it correctly) is inane in the extreme and based on ignorance and an unwillingness to accept that the world is not made up of smoke, mirrors, and mysterious plots.

Whom ever is the head of the this soon to be established new world order maybe the guy we can at at least assume in some manner is directly tied to the biblical anti-christ.

I think the greatest misconception about the term "anti-christ" is that he will be a mean and terrible person. I believe this person will be totally the opposite. How do you think he will be able to so decieve the masses?

This guy will be greatly loved, respected, and well trusted. He will have "christ-like qualities himself. He will be the ultimate false prophet. He will seem to allow us too choose our own direction, but underneath the surface will be baiting us right into it. LOL..........

I see you also believe in death cults based on fairy tales. I will refrain from taking anything non-football related seriously from you.

It's the end of the world as we know it
And I feel fine

REM...now that's more like it!


Mispelling "martial law" just lets you know Im not the anticipated coming of the biblical anti-christ. For he will come with far more wisdom than me.

LOL.........Im just not a conspiracy theorist smoke and mirrors type of guy. Just dont believe in bogging down my day to day sanity in humpty dumpty tales. Also while carefully watching for those smoke and mirrors before crossing the road. Dont forget about that real 18 wheeler that should be hitting you right about now........!%$#..........


"All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldnt put Neptune back together again!" LOL...........

What The Duece is going on in here???, Beed, Have you been drinking Home's Kool-aid????


You can't worry about what others think....even talking about it on a football blog will get you called a nut...i should know...i called home crazy on plenty of occasions....

but after reseaching and looking up some of these things myself...there are to many coincidences....for them to be coincidences....

Cuban...read some up on some of the stuff....its got me thinking

Kris, You and Breed having a Party and did'nt invite me????????/ Shame on you guys...

When you talk about failing economies but willfully ignore that MANY economies globally are expanding (including, incidentally, the American one currently) then it becomes hard to take your hypotheticals even remotely seriously.

What you are doing (as all conspiratists do) is cherry-picking only those facets that support your arguments and pretending the others that disprove it don't exist.

Others may be comfortable with such a flimsy construct. I am not one of them, sorry.

Kris, I live with a Narcissist that goes by the name of "Empress of pineapples", Do you think I need any more bad news?????

lol @ Cuban....no party......just contemplating the mystery's of the world


Just thought I would take a quick jab at. Not overly concerned about what anyone thinks of it. I dont think too much at present about either. Im more of the belief nothing that major comes down in my lifetime(armeggedon)anyway.

I have greater concern about having milk and fruit for the breakfast cereal right now. Daily change of clean underwear, daily showers, etc....etc... LOL................

I'am wondering why Miami still has Dan(Dead since 64)Henning calling plays for the offense.......

We agree on clean underwear and showers. :)

Your right Cuban....enough doom and gloom....for a while

clean underwear and showers for all...


My last reply to you...lol.....

Its ok to believe what you believe buddy. I have no problem with that. Hypothetically we are both arguing green cheese on the moon.

Let's get back to dolphin football. At least the aqua and orange cheese we can argue there is more realistic at present. LOL............

Breed, You might consider going "Commando" if you dont have a clean pair of skives... Just saying that that would be one less thing to concern yourself with...

as marty mcfly would say "thats heavy doc" can we get back to the mayans and the nfl

free ballin, yikes

DYingBreed, you're closer to the truth than you realize. Trying to tie in all the world's economies is what sinking us, Greece failed, so Germany had to bail them out because of the European Union. Next to fail, Portugal, Spain, Ireland. England's health care system is killing them, similar to Obamcare. I say you run your country into the ground, you're on your own. That includes us, all we are doing is creating/enabling welfare states. When the pilgrims came over to establish this country they had one edict, "You don't work, you don't eat!". The native Americans were the same. It's time to stop sending jobs overseas and lower corporate tax rates so that other countries send jobs here. Overall that will gain us more money, less unemployment, and pay off the deficit. We also get rid of income tax and create a national sales tax, that way illegal aliens and those working under the table will pay taxes and the burden on the current taxpayers will be less. Just a rambling thought.....

Bill, Sometimes you gotta let the guys just hang out with out support.....LOL


Hmmmmm.......... I wonder how many friends would I have if locked in a very small closet with all of my best friends. If wearing the same underwear and and unshowered for week!

When alls said and done, would they still remain my best friends? LOL..........

My Mayan calendar foretells Sparano being retained and Henning sailing off into the sunset (or perhaps traveling west in a covered wagon) no later than mid-week.

Neptune, Would be the second time Henning crossed the country in a covered wagon, the first being 1849 I believe........

Didn't Henning originally travel in a chariot? I seem to remember reading about that on a stone tablet once.

Breed, Why would you be in a closet with your friends???(Not that there's anything wrong with that......LOL, But no, they wouldn't be your friends after that amount of time.... Or maybe they might be... Again, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Cuban tell the Empress, Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, for me.....

Cuban tell the Empress, Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, for me.....

I hear flutes and then I am in Paris in 1924. I have chosen Telly Savalas as my Lord and Master. There is a baby pancake in my butterscotch tree and it yells in Japanese about many colors and whales. Valiant stories of lettuce are told to make our army strong and fearless!

Neptune,Could be, you know his birth certifacate was itched in stone.... I believe he was born in Pangaea....

THANK YOU ARMANDO! For mentioning the Henne-Brees comparison (well alluding to it anyway). I've been saying that all season, though I don't have an audience!

There's no reason why Henne can't have the same type of turn-around that Brees had in 2004. (Well actually, there is a reason why he can't - if Lee/Henning aren't replaced.)

In fact, you should tell him as much on the side after a press conference or something.

If I'm not mistaken I believe one of the friends who would pop out of Dyings closet would be PriceMaster


A couple days ago Obama singed a bill to reduce payroll tax to social security by 2% for the entire 2011 year. It was at 6.2% of our wages, now only 4.2% of our wages will go to ssi.

Lets say even if a person made as little as $25,000 a year. That's an extra $9.62 a week he sees on his paycheck. Not much but that same guy who spends all of his paycheck anyway is contributing an extra $9.62 a week into the economy. Multiply that and more(some have considerably larger annual incomes and have the same careless spending habits) and it should have a substantial effect on the economy in the short term(1yr).

Will it completely turn around the economy? I doubt it, but it certainly should help depending on spending habits of the avg American.

Ohhh, and Marc too in his sunflower dress and pumps

Yeah, I remember reading his book "Continental Drift" about his boyhood days. The chapter on the Earth's crust cooling was very memorable.


I want to discuss Neutrogena products and talking papayas.

If you wanna know how much more you'll see in your paychecks in 2011. Multiply your yearly income by 2%. If you wanna know how much it comes to weekly. Divide that number by 52(wks in a year). LOL............

The feds cant take anymore than $107,000 a yr in ssi for any of you super rich out there. LOL...................

I am NOT "Dreadful Sorry" Clementine. As a matter of fact, you had it coming.

Did you know that Mamie Eisenhower was an Italian ROBOT?

Cuban, Neptune's birth certificate was "itched" in stone? Wait, let me get my back scratcher! Did you give the Empress my message? It's for both of you, but she'll translate.

Sky, Will have the "Empress" read it when she gets home...., I wish mando would make a resolution to update his photo..., The one he has was clearly taken in the 9th grade....

Damn straight, Armando. Give 'em hell and let's put the kabosh on this goat rope pretending to be a football team.

And Mr Sparano, no one gives a hoot in hell about your wonkish regurgitation of stats each week. We thought it was cute the first year or two; now it is maddening. WIN GAMES--stop telling us HOW YOU LOST! You can't keep ignoring the guy drooling all over himself in the corner (Henne). He does not meet standard. I mean, when even the TV announcers are mocking him, get a clue bag and pick up a clue.

Off to my anger management class . . . .

Sky, The Empress wishes you a Happy new year too, and also adds(And these are her words) "On the day of you demise, you shall seek mercy, And I shall grant it", Again, her words not mine bro..... this is what I live with every day..........

My reign shall grow more cruel and unforgiving in this New Year. All of my needs shall be serviced by my minions and they shall toil thanklessly as I laugh in contempt!


this is why sparano will be fired, he stuck with henne for way too long. ross knows that henne is horrible yet sparano stuck with him and this is where your at. 7-9 and going home. see ya!

Dont know how the Empress just posted that, She's in the shower, but damn, that's a great imitation of her..., I wonder if she brought her cell phone into the shower...hummmmm, I better check this out...

dalton looks pretty good. Maybe with our 3rd?

I resolve that all the dumb a*s on this blog who want sparano and irland fired wise up


Everytime a college qb plays well that will come up. Are you watching the Tostido Bowl right now? UConns Zach Frazier is looking pretty good right now too.

Its just too easy to get into "we should draft this one" or "that one" based on the limited exposure we're seeing now.

Remember, that was probably the deciding factor in drafting Henne. His last game against the Gators in a bowl game. Be careful what you wish for buddy. LOL.............

U guys are crazy for saying sparano is gone cuz he stuck with henne Ross is the one that said henne will be the next Marino and went to Michigan if anything sparano is gone cuz he stuck with the dust bunny (henning)

Hey, just like the coaching staff, Ireland, Ross, and many of our fan nation believed. I'll be the first to admit I bought into the Marshall alone would make the entire offense better myth.

Truth be told, Fasona was still to slow of foot speed to beat lb's down the field vertically, Hartline got off to a super slow start and still cant consistently beat 2nd corners vertically, we dont have sufficient quickness from our rb position, and Chad Henne still doesnt fully get it yet. These are the things we learned from the 2010 season.

We really didnt learn anything new from Henning because go or stay he'll always be dean of offensive conservatism. Then throw in the the Sparano seemingly never ending game time management and time ridiculous timeout usage, and all the dropped picks by db's.

Then we should feel very fortunate to be only sitting at 7-8 right now instead of maybe 4-11. Without a top 5 defense we could very well even be looking at only around 2 victories max right now.

The bright side of that is we would definitely be able to draft the top rated qb's. But the downside is it would mean we still needed players at nearly every position on both sides of the ball. LOL...........

New year prediction. If we release Henne, patriots will pick him up.

It's got a lot to so with coaching. Our coaching/front office staff can't coachem

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