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It's 2011: The New Year's resolutions!

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the day many people put forth New Year's resolutions. They are meant as promises to improve. They are goals to reach for.

My resolutions? Eat less. Work out more. Make fewer mistakes in print. Make fewer mistakes on the radio. Update this blog more often. Update the songs on my show more often. Update my wardrobe.

Show more kindness and patience with those I love. Show more kindness and patience with my enemies and the haters.

As you did not come here to read how much I need to improve, let me share with you how much our teams need to improve and how they might get about the business of doing that:

The Dolphins should resolve to stop using running plays up the middle on third-and-goal from the 14.

The Dolphins should resolve to stop running the ball with running backs that aren't special anymore. Find a dynamic RB. Please. Otherwise give up on being a running team.

The Dolphins should resolve in their postseason evaluations that the fourth remake of the interior offensive line in four years probably isn't a great idea. Add a guard, move Incognito to center and stick with Jerry, folks.

The Dolphins should resolve to get a young, new, aggressive offensive coordinator who is also the quarterback coach. Let's face it, Dan Henning is a great wide receiver coach and a good coordinator, but his game-day play-calling is often frustrating at best and his scheme is starting to show its age.

So would that mean for QB coach David Lee?

The Dolphins should resolve to thank coach Lee for the Wildcat. They should resolve to thank him for always being prepared and diligent. And they should resolve to thank him for his services as he leaves the organization.

The Dolphins should resolve to replace Lee because he is seemingly more worried about his guys making mistakes than making plays. They should resolve to find a quarterback coach who can, you know, actually develop a quarterback. They should resolve to find a QB coach with nerve and boldness because what I'm seeing is too much David Lee in Chad Henne. And I don't like it.

The Dolphins should resolve to get Brandon Marshall some help. That means getting him a legit speedster on the other side and a quarterback that is confident and daring and won't take any crap from him and let him know who's boss.

Chad Henne should resolve to have a conversation with Drew Brees. You figure it out.

Henne should resolve to have conversations that don't include the phrase, "I mean."

And Henne should resolve to play with passion and emotion and daring and aggressiveness, because the way he did it last year and the year before didn't work.

Sean Smith should resolve to catch some interceptions this year. Instead of heading back to Cali or partying or just hanging in the offseason, he should catch 100 passes every single day until the 2011 season opener. And he should resolve to do this not while he's standing in front of a jugs machine, but as he's on the move and winded and under duress -- like he would in games. If he had resolved to fix this last offseason, he'd have eight or nine interceptions now and be in the Pro Bowl.

Tony Sparano should resolve to stop telling us how much he "likes this group," of players who have failed to the point his job security is in question.

Sparano should also resolve to stop saying, "I'm not that smart." Not saying he should tell us he's a genius, but we definitely don't want a coach who isn't smart. 

We have some resolutions for the teams we follow for various reasons as well.

The Hurricanes should resolve to find a quarterback that completes fewer passes ... to guys on the other team.

Bill Belichick should resolve to prove how great a coach he really is by trading Tom Brady ... to the Dolphins ... for the 199th overall selection in the coming draft.

The Florida Panthers should resolve to become relevant. Maybe one way to do that is make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Or even get out of last place in the Southeast Division.

The Miami Heat should resolve ... oh, never mind. They don't have to resolve squat. They're showing everyone how it's done right now.


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Hell, even if Belichick had Henne I dont know if he keeps him very long. The Pats passing game seems be a quick read and react passing game. I havent seen anything quick about Henne's thinking to lead me to belief he could run that system effectively.

Henne's mind doesnt seem to process info fast enough to be a franchise qb. You cant coach that.

Seems like Henne's mind is still struggling to keep up with the speed of the nfl. LOL.........

Being an official son of the city of Miami, at least now we have the Heat. That will cushion the downfall of the Dolphins a little for us.

Cuban, on the day of my demise I want to watch the Empress in the shower rinsing off her pineapples.....no disrespect, just a last request...LOL

Cuban, on the day of my demise I want to watch the Empress in the shower rinsing off her pineapples.....no disrespect, just a last request...LOL

I agree. We've given David Lee a free pass for far too long. Track record? Henne, White from scratch. Pennington probably already knows more about being a QB than Lee. Thigpen looks good coming into a game, but when he had his one chance he looked worse than Henne. His great contribution? An offense that doesn't need a QB.

How many if us get to sitting in meetings or practices and see what the players are being taught/coached. We only see filed on Sunday. It's such a soup sandwich right now you can't say if it's stupid player or stupid coach, or both.

Just sayin

Popincaps551, how much trash do you have to see before you decide?

I already see the coaching suxs. Minds not entirely made up on henne. If he is a Marino/Brady/Manning, he overcomes coaching. If he is a Phil Simms, coaches matter.

If Henne is problem quality coaching will out it. I have no faith in current O coaches

A fish rots from the He(as)nning.


CUBAN,,,,,,,,, XXL
RED SKY ............. SM
CHRIS................... M
JEFFERSON............. XXL

just like ross said the dolphins would be in the superbowl too. ross KNOWS damn well henne will never be a marino. it doesn't even matter if he went to michigan or not. randy shannon went to miami, what happened? they are both gone after tomorrow!

Ross....... Couldn't he see his celebrity centered wishes would never reconcile with Parcell's lunch Pail approach. Rounds and squares were doomed to failure.

Maybe is because of my involvement in these Dolphin blogs but this season has been the most exciting for me in many, many a Year. I don't know if it is possible but I would love to see Jets vs Patriots for the AFC Championship. I love to see Tomlin's Steelers. Aaron Rodgers is worth watching and so is Matt Ryan. And of course, Payton Manning is a treat when he is motivated.

Right on with everything u said bro, except 1. Yes the heat look good, but should resolve bringing the hardware back to South beach this summer!! We need something to cheer for in the 305!

they are all worth watching, at least those are good qbs who know how to throw the ball to their receivers, and can lead their teams!




All I'm saying is I play for the right hash mark. Go Carpenter.

This team has far too many issues for anyone to be thinking about any chance next year. Be real. Look at whats in serious doubt: HC, OC, Offense, Special Teams, QB, Oline, Rb's... geez, is it remotely possible to think a few draft picks will change all this? Fins are still 3 years away from being anything.

Hell, everybody makes mistakes. But most certainly I'm not going to no monastery to whip myself to atone for my sins. I read somewhere today that you learn from success...hmmmm

I don't think talent wise we are way off. Probably a qb and definitely better coaches and we are a threat.

New years wish--wake says HELLO to crybrady and knocks him out of the game and playoff's.

Whenever I had the chance I used to watch the Detroit Lions just for the sheer pleasure to see Barry Sanders run. So with Devin Hester, Gale Sayers.

It happened more often than not that Jim Brown went into the pile...and came out running out of it. And my American friend would say, - God-amit!

Ray Lewis is definitely a watch and more so is Ed Reed when he wants to entertain.

It is a beautiful sight to see those pulling linemen ahead of a good running back.

I believe Jerry Rice was not of this world.



Miami is going to fire Sparano on Monday because they are going to lose by double digits to the Patriots again.

Miami will hire not the big name Bill Cowher but surprise, surprise Brian Billick.

Miami will draft a RB with the first pick in the draft, Mark Ingram.

Chad Henne will not be the starter in opening day. Donovan McNabb will! Chad Henne will back up McNabb and a rookie drafted in round 4 will back up Henne.

What you are doing (as all conspiratists do) is cherry-picking only those facets that support your arguments and pretending the others that disprove it don't exist.

Others may be comfortable with such a flimsy construct. I am not one of them, sorry.

Posted by: neptune | January 01, 2011 at 07:33 PM

Seems neptune cherry picks small facets of what seems to support his arguments he hears on mainstream government controlled USA propaganda media. makes him feel safe living in a bubble of, "everything is fine here"
Most dumbed down oblivious slaves are trained to think ,act, walk, talk just like this trained slave
Any thinking outside the box is negatively labeled,"conspiracy theorist" or "nutcase"

Well the real conspiracy theory is the BS your spoon fed every day by your own government, but of course u r living in your daddys mind frame, and cannot think for yourself.

Break the Matrix

Didn`t u know at the beginning of the year, no matter what the Dolphin would NEVER do better than 8-8
That was/is the fix in Vegas
Just like last year

Think Not

C`mon realistically ALoco could have called better games to seal the win than the Dolphins & Dan Henning
The Pitt call, the Dolphin up by 10 points w 5 min left last week ? ? ?

C`mon for the love of God
Think Man!

Yes the USA is at least(that we know about)
14 TRILLION Dollars in debt
USA economy is hanging on by a branch
USA almost in DEFAULT

Of course u heard on some slanted government news reports the optimism for (lol) turnaround

This is all propped up
The stock market is so "fixed", propped up and overvalued right now, Home makes no sense of it

We r on the eve of destruction

One World
One Government
One Currency
No Borders
No Middle Class
Elite & Slaves only

Financial collapse & World population massive reduction in place

have a HAARPy new year :(

Cam EarthWake is not the only thing flippin the enemy and creating havoc & destruction

37 HAARP created tornadoes in one day devastated 5 states in the USA on the last day of the year

"The devastation in this neighborhood was complete," Nixon said. "Many of the houses we saw that were standing had the orange X on them, which means they're going to knock them down, not even try and repair them. Bottom line (is) significant property loss."

Residents from Mississippi to Missouri spent the first day of the New Year assessing the damage and sifting through piles of debris.

New World Order & the military having fun w their new HAARP weather control weapon of mass destruction

have a HAARPy new year

wow,Chico you had me right untill the McNabb thing.......NO WAY....unless ..........NO ...............NO WAY

(CNN) -- A line of fast-moving NWO HAARP storms and possible tornadoes stretching from the Gulf Coast states to Illinois left at least six people dead Friday and caused massive widespread damage to homes and businesses, as forecasters warned of more potentially severe weather.

Imagine that! More severe weather on the way?

Lot of good corn fed football players up there
Scratching their heads trying to figure out "Mother Nature" LMAO

How bout them Gators!


Notice even some of the media is dying to tell the truth bout created and targeted severe weather being created by the Illuminati & New World Order giving orders to your obedient military soldiers

another subtle quote from The Weather Channel:
"Meanwhile, a new storm "targets" California into early week."

California was/is the 1st USA state targeted for total destruction, economic & severe weather devastation

Get out if u can

UM sucks

Here is 2 MILLION MORE affected by HAARP flooding
and the solutionis to move them to an island, after all they need help & food

Anyone reading between the lines!?

World UN & FEMA Camps in full operation

Believe soon they will be looking for Miami Herald blogger "Soiled Bottom" & his family

(CNN) -- The Colombian government plans to use lands seized from drug traffickers to relocate victims of massive flooding and the United Nations is beefing up emergency measures in what has been called the South American nation's worst natural disaster ever.

More than 300 people have died in the torrential rains that have drenched Colombia for several months and another 2 million people have been affected.

"We found people isolated in the hills, in places where the roads have been destroyed, and their children were hungry," said Marlene Mesa, a staff member for the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, in a statement Friday.

The Colombian government announced Wednesday that it has passed a decree that will allow lands confiscated from drug traffickers to be managed by the National Calamity Fund to provide shelter for those left homeless by the floods.

Aint it cool
How the New World Order can come in and "help" the people

Ok everyone on the boat
Going to take u to an island
Where we can "take care of u"

Hmmm ...

Hello Mc Fly (knock, knock, knock on empty head)
Anybody home?

(CNN) -- The Colombian government plans to use lands seized from drug traffickers to relocate victims of massive flooding and the United Nations is beefing up emergency measures in what has been called the South American nation's worst natural disaster ever.

More than 300 people have died in the torrential rains that have drenched Colombia for several months and another 2 million people have been affected.

"Worst natural disaster ever"

HAARPy new year!
from ur friends in the New World Order & the UN Militia, "to help & save U"


Towns isolated

Twenty towns and cities are affected by the flooding that now engulfs an area the size of New South Wales and it is far from over.

Southern inland communities know the torrent is on its way and are preparing for it.

Rockhampton is the focus of Queensland's flood crisis today, with parts of the town isolated and homes at risk as the Fitzroy River rises.

Authorities say water is swamping parts of the city faster than originally forecast, and they are considering forced evacuations.

The Fitzroy has already reached 8.8 metres

Australia is devastated in massive unexplained flooding now larger than the state of Texas and no end is in site.

have a HAARPy new year :(

ITs here Sheeple
Wake Up!

My felloe Dolfans & slaves

Remember the formula


now study what is happening in Columbia

U Get That, Huh?

Brian Bilick for head coach and draft cam newton and bring in Mcnabb...

Save this post for next year,save yourself some time. Next New Year you can post it again and have the day OFF.This coming year well be a rehash of this year,then the next year 2012 we break some eggs.
The sorry thing is New England has 3 of the top 33 draft pick's in this coming draft.

Armando, just read your column for Sunday "plenty of blame" and I just can't agree with the Flacco/ Ryan comparison of Henne. Yes, they are all in their 3rd year, but Flacco and Ryan both started their rookie seasons, so they have a whole year more NFL experience. Like I've stated before, let's see how Henne does with a new OC and QB coach and 1 more year of NFL experience. Alot of QB's have not flashed until year 3 (kind of like you pointed out with Flacco and Ryan by saying they improved by leaps this year "yr.3")

I resolve to look forward to the draft...maybe Ryan Mallett is the answer (maybe my spelling is the answer, I don't know I'm a little hammered, sorry) and maybe Henne is the answer at backup with a good veteren in the lineup. An aggressive OC and his discression at QB coach. I'm willing to be patient, what choice do I have...huh?!

It does not matter what you think and nobody cares.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here at the SoiledBottom household we have reached DEFCON 1 (Defense readiness condition) after reading this.

"World UN & FEMA Camps in full operation
Believe soon they will be looking for Miami Herald blogger "Soiled Bottom" & his family"

We had been seeing alot of odd activity around the house lately....A white trunk that stops in front of our house and a man gets out and puts things in our mailbox....mostly bills and grocey store coupons...but our dogs don't trust this so called mailman so neither do we.

Anywhoo me and the old lady are stockin up on hard liquor, Tobacco and firearms for when the time comes this so called mailman comes to our door once more.

America Phu ck yea

Soiled :)

P.S. As one of my resolutions is to talk more football well......more football


Not one article on the Dolphins opponent in the entire paper online. Pathetic site.

I hope this is the last time watching an anemic offense in Miami this year. The offense doesn't need to be fixed in the offseason, it needs to be REVIVED FROM THE DEAD!!!

Jeff noticed & posted a few days ago your exact observation
clicked on watch preview on Dolphins vs Patriots @ nfl.com
ZERO, Zilch, Nada mention of the Dolphins
not even 1 picture of a Dolphin emblem anywhere to be found
Only talk and more talk bout the Patriots getting to 14-2 & the Super Bowl

The Dolphins Suck

UM Sucks

finally the end of this garbage staff has come. monday we start the future

Lol@SoiledBottom during these times of NWO deliberate global financial collapse & HAARP weather weapon of mass destruction working fast & furiously around the globe

Prob nother loss for the Miami Blowfish today as the Patriots win, yet again @Home, b4 Brady and company resides to the sidelines

Wonder if Belicheat will be LHAO again like the last match up when the Blowfish embarrassed themselves on prime time television folding like a circus tent in the 41- 14 Dolphins Debacle De jour

HAARPY new year NWO Slaves & Dolfans :(

Weather is unassuming at Illuminati member Bob Krafts stadium today in meaningless game against the rigged to lose Blowfish

However not so as the results of playing around a lil bit w the HAARP weather weapon has proved ominous results

(CNN) -- Massive New World Order flooding that has swept through Queensland, Australia, and claimed at least one life will likely force the evacuation of at least 1,000 people and close a regional airport for weeks, an emergency agency said Sunday.

The HAARPflooding has directly impacted about 200,000 people, according to Emergency Management Queensland, and has affected an area roughly the size of the entire state of New South Wales. Rockhampton, Queensland, is the worst-hit major population center, the agency said.

Charlie Weis will leave the Kansas City Chiefs to become the University of Florida's offensive coordinator, a source with knowledge of the situation said Saturday.

A formal announcement will come Monday, but the source said Weis will remain the Chiefs' offensive coordinator during their playoff run.

home we knew that last thursday

what else u know other than

Go Gators!

Dolphins Suck

UM Sucks

um on the right track now, finallt hired a real coach. the fins future is bright if ross fires this staff monday. lets hope ross does it

It's good to know that you plan to work on making less errors in 2011. Any word on if Chad H E N N I N G will be back next year for the 2010 season, or is he still in shock over that 21-21 win at Green Bay?

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