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Dolphins' ridiculous order of business continues

If you listen to my radio show or follow me on twitter, you know what's coming next: Cue the circus music. Send in the clowns.

Are you ready for this?

You probably know by know several reports, including this one in The Miami Herald, are saying the Dolphins have decided to retain Tony Sparano as Miami's head coach. Awesome! I've been advocating that all along quite forcefully, I believe.

But I have no issues that owner whatshisface has sampled the market to see if he could find an upgrade at coach. Nothing wrong with that. I have, however, a distaste for the manner that was done. And today that distaste grows.

The fact is that while sources within the team and close to owner whatshisface have leaked to various media the fact Sparano was to be retained, I know that no one told Sparano this.

Think about that ...

So the sources are telling the media. But they are not telling the principle person involved most affected by the news.

Stunning. Embarrassing. More embarrassing, actually. Head-scratching.

I do know there is a meeting planned for today between ownership and Sparano. I don't know when or where, but I assume the purpose is to break the news to Sparano that was broken first to the media.

One can assume Sparano will come out of this meeting the head coach of the Dolphins. But I cannot guarantee that. Who knows what other things owner whatshisface has up his sleeve and might want to spring on his coach.

And who knows if Sparano, hung out to dry the last four days while the Dolphins chased other coaches across the country, might not agree to be retained.

Strange? Thy name is the Miami Dolphins in January 2011. 


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I don't like any of those options as an offensive cordinator. Although it don't matter because Henne is equally the problem and now that this regime has showed it is incompetant from the top on down this team is doomed.

henne's biggest problem was that he bonded with the coaches instead of his team mates. it was evident the last 3 years in camp. he never mixed with his receivers etc;just coaches. no chemistry with the guys you're throwing to. penne and lee were the worst combo to coach henne. they play game mgr.,short game with zero chances. they ruined henne with henne in complete compliance. hene wasnt an independent leader;he chose the safe route destined to fail. he's the square peg trying to fit into a round hole. i guess no one saw this????

Andy, Henne staying on as a backup was a likely hood if a new coach came on. If Sparano stays, the likely hood is that Henne will be our starter again.

Holy Bejesus!

Mando I agree with your article LOL, and was hoping this would all blow up in Ross's face for how he handled his Business. So here we are Egg in Ross's face and the rest of the Front Office LOL now they get to try and save face to Sparano, if I was Sparano I would be laughing in the owners face forcing him to fire me as I wouldn't quit so I can collect my pay LOL.

Mark in Toronto,

I am big on the mock drafts, they are fun to look at to pass time. What is SS mock draft? What is the web site?

Walterfootball.com has a good mock draft updated weekly and a link to many more.

zzzzzzz ...

Don't we have any real stories ...

Brad, I will be renewing my season tickets AND buying merchandise. What your suggesting is what a child does with a toy when they don't get their way PLUS I believe in what this FO is doing.

I would step down as HC...and go look for a new NFL job..

Mando you continue to embarras yourself with these rants and name calling! Grow up brother. Sparano is a rich coach in the NFL. No need to cry for him! You are such a whiney child. Enough already, act like a journalist.

Armando: your alleged outrage at the actions of management seems more an effort to garner attention for you than anything else. The Dolphins sucked this year on many levels: horrible QB, horrible special teams, inexplicable play calling and use of personnel, disastrous O-line decisions, and poor coaching. I don't blame Ross one bit for trying to better the team and there us no way in today's information age that his coaching inquiries would be secret. My only gripe is his choice of a fall back position. It shouldn't be to keep Sparano. It should be to elevate Mike Nolan. At least that way we can get a decent offensive coordinator. What big name will come here knowing Sparano is likely to get fired if the team doesn't have a major turn around in one season?

What a joke, back to Henne and Tony...wow, I wouldn't have said this would be the case this morning...Ross is a clown. Let's get Farve to send Ross a text of his hairy sausage!

Joe S,

Yeah this is a mess now man. We are stuck with same GM, same head coach and now seems like the same QB. Wow, Miami games will be owned by opposing teams next year. Well, that's pretty much been the case for the past 10-15 years anyway.

2 questions

1) Why is it ok for Tony to look to upgrade the roster 24/7 for three years, but his boss has no class when he does the same thing for just four days.

2) Whats Tonys winning % compared to Jeff Fishers? Because the perception of them as coachs is clearly not close.

With all the boycotting, look for an announcement in coming months that Ross is moving the Phins to LA.

Exactly, Nolan could do at least that good if not better in 2011, and that would keep the peace with the players too. We are going to loose good players over this as well, watch and see, we will be way worse than this past year...

Sorry Mark in Toronto,

I wasn't trying to say that you said it. I was just referring to your post. So NO luck this year (pun intended). Who's the first QB picked? Is it Newton? I still think Cinci will go QB.

I'm also wondering if there is more to this story than we're hearing. Is is possible that Ross is in negotiations with the Titans to get Fisher? I can't think of any other reason that Ross wouldn't have told Sparano yet unless there is something else going on. Unless of course this is how Ross does business or unless he's going to give Sparano an extension as well. He might as well if he's going to keep him. If he gets rid of him after one year, the time left on his contract will be a drop in the bucket for Ross.

The problem we are going to have is paying a Great OC. I believe Jason Garret was making 3.2 million as the Dallas OC. He was making more then our HC. Can't pay the OC more then the HC, gonna have to do something with the numbers

Maybe the Phins can forfeit playing homes games next year & volunteer to play on the road for 16 weeks. Based on this year, we'd be 12-4!

Viva Sparano!

Hi Armando,

What do you think happened between Ross and Dunn in LA? My gut feeling is that Harbaugh used the counteroffer from Ross to increase the offer from San Francisco. It seems to have worked.

media was told to come to facility at a moments notice. i say no. stay away and let them lie to themselves. it will all be spin etc. no one ever hears the truth from anyone connected with this regime of secrecy, not parcells,sparano or ireland!

It is Sparano's fault Mando that Henne threw 19 int just as much as it's his doing when he throws touchdowns or wins games. Henne has been put in a bad situation in this offense that is obviously not suited to his skills. Sparano should have fired Henning when the special teams coach was let go, like you said he has been too loyal and he needs to grow some and run this team like he is the head coach not some puppet. It was painful to watch the playcalling and the conservative nature in which they ran it and imo it was the sole reason we lost as much as we did.

Chad Henne...only 6 minus's from being a good quaterback


Hey Armando

I don't feel sorry for Coach Sporano. He created this situation by going 1 and 7 at home. Losing consecutive games at home to Cleveland, Buffalo and Detroit. The Patriots are the yardstick and we aint even close. Why should Ross allow this moron to run his franchise into the ground. Get a grip clueless!!!

Exactly, Nolan could do at least that good if not better in 2011, and that would keep the peace with the players too. We are going to loose good players over this as well, watch and see, we will be way worse than this past year...

Posted by: cowkilla | January 07, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Great post, valid points. Well done, sir! Players & coaches want stability. What Ross has shown is the complete opposite.

Armando- thanks for the reply my friend...

i agree Henne does not have IT... i am from NJ and made the trip down 95 to Bal and saw that lame duck throw 1st hand, thanks for bringing me back to that!! GRRRRR he actually throw high and to the wrong shoulder the play before that to Bess GGGRRRRR!

and you are right, the QB takes the hit for missing on plays like that, however its more than missing open plays w/this guy. poor time mangement vs Jets 2nd time around. calling wrong protection at the line.. i can go on and on.

im just saying, Sparano is loyal to a coach(D Lee) that IMO has done a horrible job in coaching Henne. as a head coach, he as to take responsiblity for some of his play or lack of play. and it goes beyond miss fires.. c'mon man!


I agree. Ross fall back plan should have been Mike Nolan not Sparano. It was known that Nolan was going to still be the D cordinator whoever the new coach. Sparano is the definition of lame duck.

A roster needs QB, RB, interior o-line, free safety, WR, TE, ILB to pair with Dansby explains to me why no one wants to Coach this team.

Armando has written very aggressive and opinionated blogs this last week. I have to give him credit for standing up and facing the heat from his loyal followers here.

PS - The only thing I can agree with is his opinion of the lying to Sparano if that is true - otherwise I don't see anything wrong with what's gone on this week - if anything - I was proud of Ross for trying to bring the best to Miami.

Here is an idea, give Sparano an extension thru 2012, problem solved with this lame duck argument, may happen anyway.

Sparano needs to resign from the Miami DOlphins and force Ross to find someone else. THAT is what he needs to do. Not allow himself to be disrespected in the locker room, or by anyone in the front office. He needs to do the right thing here. Walk away and not continue to be used or taken advantage of. To see the clear picture, that these two losers tried to replace him, and when they didnt he mattered. It is wrong, and he should throw it back in their face.

I think that TS can really turn this whole debacle into a huge plus with his players and assistants if he's a glass half full kind of guy and I think he is.

Also we don't know what was really said behind closed doors, if Tony is a shrewd man he can turn this whole thing around, he can put Ireland, Ross and all involved over a barrel!

Tony is in the drivers seat right now, nobody wants to come to this circus tent, so now that puts the incumbant in a position of power and if I were him I would demand all kinds of concessions from management.

Use this as your stepping stone to greater things coach!

Sparano's comments:

"Regarding Mr. Ross's trip to the West Coast, I looked at it and he only had one minus play. He'll get that cleaned up."

Dolphin Nation, meet the franchise's new owner, Al Davis.

I truely hope that Sparano disagree...

Andy, you forgot someone other than Wake that can rush, a legit ST returner, 2 more back up rb's & at least 1 more QB.

All these needs AFTER 3 years LMAO. This is comical!

they are afraid to speak but players dont like ireland or sparano who chop players weekly. nolan has been a players favorite because he lets his work do the talking. he should be the head guy.


Not a very good one, but a talking point with implications to the Dolphins based on all the defense predicted to go very early. It only analyzes the top 10.

I'm not a big fan of Walter. CBS has a good one but they don't finanlize it until the NFL season is over.

Ok, So everyone here knows by now, that I am one who thinks henne has the skills to be good in the NFL, amybe great. I still want to get anothe QB in here, because i am not sure at all.

That being said most of you think I am crazy, so I will no longer torture you with my reasons why and keep trying to sell you on it.

HOWEVER, and this includes you MANDO. If I am actually right and he does become a pro-bowl QB, you all who are trashing my opinion MUST go out and but an X-Small Henne female jersey and put it on, take a picture and post it for everyone to see!!! Deal??

Dear Mr. Salguero

On the bright side of things Dan Hennings playbook can no longer be used against us.

Soiled :)

Joe S,

How could I forget. This team is far from being a playoff team. They have no face the franchise. They have a bunch of "solid piece". The freaking Lions and Bills have solid pieces too what does that tell you.

Henne sucks, if you think he doesn't well you don't have a feel for football, or you are infatuated with him for one reason of another. He is a career backup at best. We are going nowhere as a team like we sit right now, nowhere. Consider buffalo a better team than we are currently...

Mark in Toronto,

Thanks bro.

replacing the coach does not make the offense better.Getting a new qb does. U can only make a game plan with what tallent u have. If u dont have a good qb then u dont relie on passing game u game plan around the running game. No defense feared Henne so they loaded the box to stop the run even with Marshall.U cant open the offense up if u dont have a qb no matter who the coach is. I dont think its Spranos fault he works with what he has

Here is an idea, give Sparano an extension thru 2012, problem solved with this lame duck argument, may happen anyway.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | January 07, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Didn't they do that for 'stache? He wound up resigning. Teams do it all the time as a safety net which fools or convinces anyone otherwise.

Sparano is gone by midseason, just like Wanny. The difference is Sparanowill likelyget fired before he has a chance to resign.


I'm with Andy in not liking your possibilities for OC. There's no one on that list that sticks out for me. I like Walter Football too, Andy. It's been all Mark Ingram for us lately.

Bobby, I believe Billick and Fassel would have an interest in becomeing our OC. It's a route back to the NFL and with how bad our offence was it's a chance to make a name for themselves again. I think Fassel for one would be ecstatic to get back into the league after some time away.

Deal poizen! You know why...that will never happen with our Henne. Maybe if Peyton manning has a child and names him Henne, that would be the only way a Henne would be an NFL QB

cowkilla, you did it again bro. I don't think he sucks...yet. And I have a heck of a feel about football. your comment was kinda direct and shallow. and if he sucks then he is not good enough to be a backup either.

yours is an opinion and mine is an opinion and the guy played 3 years, neither can be 100% estblished yet.

sorry bro.

Phin4Life, we dont need an intern coach right now. Also, the DC, Nolan head coached before with the 49ers and he wasnt very good. I dont think he could be a good HC with the Dolphins either. What Ross should have done was allowed Cowher to have the staff and GM he wanted. Even Hueizenga believe it or not, would have allowed that. This scumbag knows more about celebrities and probably hires paparazzi to follow them around town than he knows about football. I never liked this loser. Something about him just rubbed me the wrong way. He will continue NOT to have fans in the seats if he wishes to conduct business this way. I love the Dolphins, I have all my life. But it is very shameful how this proud franchise has been sold to such a lousy human being. I thought Hueizenga loved, and cared about this team enough, especially since he still owns 5% not to sell it to some retard who desires to ruin the teams legacy. I say that Ross should do what Denver has done. Make Dan Marino the VP and let him pick the coach and GM. He would do a better job than he would. But Ross could care less about Dolphins history. Especially since he said Henne would be the best Dolphins QB of all time. lol. He should go be the Athletic director over at Michigan since he supports them so much. He has done nothing of relevence with this team. He didnt have to listen to Parcells who bailed on him, but now I understand why. This loser deserves it. What a scumbag this man is.

Bobby, to follow up on my 11:58, 'Stache got an extension & resigned. What makes his situation different than Sparano's is, Wayne didn't chop his head off by openly looking for a better coach.

Sadly, Sparano is the lamest duck I've seen in the NFL in a long time. They could sign him to a lifetime contract, I don't think ANYONE buys his legitimacy as a long term coaching option in Miami.

Also, everyone should keep in mind that Wayne still owned the team when they went to the playoffs in 2008. It has gone down hill since Ross officially took over. So since he has taken over as an owner, he has done nothing but fail.

Craig M,

maybe that is why I like Walter because he mocked Dez to us all last year until the end I think he swithced to Sergio Kindle and now Ingram lol. I would love Ingram in Miami. Imagine a RB who runs with authority, that would be a refreshing change. But we are talking Sparano and Ireland and Im sure they beleive if they can draft 3 more linemen and sign 3 more to huge contracts maybe Ronnie Brown will finally reach his potential after 6 years in the league

Not saying Harbaugh was the wrong man for this job, Sparano, or Nolan. But we had chance to land a guys "experience in this type of situation and has been very successful at doing it in the past.

Cowher took his lumps several times in Pittsburgh and came out smelling like a rose. That's the guy Ross didnt make a serious enough offer to and that's the guy many fans here also rejected.

I expect 2011 to possibly be our worst season since 1-15. We could possibly even become the first and only franchise to win every game in a season and also lose every game of a season.

If that does indeed happen remember you heard it first here!

His name is Stephen Ross

Or Mr Ross to U, Armando

The man has only tried to bring the very best coaches and players to the Dolphin organization since he got here

We obv also a major problem in many coaching area of this football team

Ross is doing his best to give us a better product

U sir
R A Disgrace and a Major Disappointment
Your statements in No Way reflect any of my sentiments

There 4
Home is Boycotting this rude disgusting vile Dolphin hating blog

This blog sucks and so does Armandos filthy mouth and attitude

Fire Armando!
He is A Complete Idiot!


Mando, 2 questions I'm interested in your opinion (by the way, count me as one who finds your reporting today to be exactly what I come to this blog for, even if I disagree with your assessment, or parts of it).

1 - Where's Peterson play into all of this? Will he be given a job in Miami, will he be grading talent with Ireland, what's the deal with him?

2 - Do you know what ANY of Sparano's thoughts are on fixing the team? Or shaking up the coaching staff on the offensive side? The QB situation?

The 2nd question is most important to me. But I'm pretty sure he hasn't divulged that info to reporters. So, maybe you can't answer now, but I'd sure appreciate it if you guys can try to pull it out of him when you get a chance to grill him next.


I heard Jeff interviewed on ESPN radio last night and what he said made total sense. Sparano won't necessarily be a lame duck in the locker room because, by all accounts, he is well respected. If anything the young team in place may rally around him next year in an attempt to prove Ross wrong in his recent pursuits. However, to be successful Sparano, Ireland, whoever, needs to find an OC and allow him to do his thing. Don't mettle in his business and surely don't provide instruction that your coaching philosophy on offense is 'conservative' in nature.

We've all piled on Dan Henning for his offensive approach. But, if what Jeff said last night is true, that Sparano played an active role in offensive philosophy, then perhaps Tony needs to take a step back and focus his attention elswehere. Sparano backed Henning publicly, as most loyal friends would, but it's probably more true that what Henning was calling fits in more to Tony's offensive philosophy so simply calling for Henning's head for anything and everything is misguided.

What's your take on this Armando?

Craig M, Marc Trestman was Rich Gannon's QB's coach when he was playing awesome football. Trestman has also won the Grey Cup twice in a row now. Winning a championship twice in a row is very difficult, no matter which league it is. He was rumored to be a candidate for the Hurricane HC job before they decided to go with Al Golden. I have a lot of respect for the guy. I'd hate to see him leave Montreal, but the Dolphins will always be my ONLY love, my idol team in sports. So in a way I'd be happy. I'm sure he would be an awesome OC. And for all the bloggers here who are going to start bashing Canada and Canadians, he's American. Just so you know.

I have to agree with Mark In toronto, I was also proud of Ross for getting on the plane and going after Harbaugh, what I don't get tho is why Sparano wasn't fired, having him as a fallback option is not the way forward for two reasons.
1. It gives you a lack of credibilty in trying to hire a new HC when you still have the old one
2. How can he lead this team forward if it all falls through, he will have no faith and trust in the FO now and no OC in their right mind will come here under TS unless they hope to oerform that well they may take his job next year when he does get fired.

If we don't get Vince Young or draft Cam Newton it won't matter if Shula cam back...

I watched rodgers and some of these QB's struggle in theor first few years..BUT, they had things going for them..you could see they just needed a bit more polishing. Henne doesn't have that stuff, he doesn't have the drive, speed, decision making, ect..the list goes on. And yes I do think Henne sucks, I said possibly a backup just to say it, I really don't think he can be a backup QB


I'd be good with Ingram but I have a funny feeling they will try and trade down and get an extra pick in the second and still get their running back in the first and second. There will be good guys there, we just have to find them. Maybe we'll have more success drafting without Parcells hanging over their shoulders.

Poizen, I also think Henne should not be discarded - he can throw the ball. But he has regressed - no way around it. He seems teetering on just being out of the league soon if he doesn't catch himself. The management can't afford to wait for this though and needs to provide viable options for the position in the short and long run.

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