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Dolphins' ridiculous order of business continues

If you listen to my radio show or follow me on twitter, you know what's coming next: Cue the circus music. Send in the clowns.

Are you ready for this?

You probably know by know several reports, including this one in The Miami Herald, are saying the Dolphins have decided to retain Tony Sparano as Miami's head coach. Awesome! I've been advocating that all along quite forcefully, I believe.

But I have no issues that owner whatshisface has sampled the market to see if he could find an upgrade at coach. Nothing wrong with that. I have, however, a distaste for the manner that was done. And today that distaste grows.

The fact is that while sources within the team and close to owner whatshisface have leaked to various media the fact Sparano was to be retained, I know that no one told Sparano this.

Think about that ...

So the sources are telling the media. But they are not telling the principle person involved most affected by the news.

Stunning. Embarrassing. More embarrassing, actually. Head-scratching.

I do know there is a meeting planned for today between ownership and Sparano. I don't know when or where, but I assume the purpose is to break the news to Sparano that was broken first to the media.

One can assume Sparano will come out of this meeting the head coach of the Dolphins. But I cannot guarantee that. Who knows what other things owner whatshisface has up his sleeve and might want to spring on his coach.

And who knows if Sparano, hung out to dry the last four days while the Dolphins chased other coaches across the country, might not agree to be retained.

Strange? Thy name is the Miami Dolphins in January 2011. 


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Poizen, did I say I'd buy a Henne jersey? D*&% my foot in my mouth, lol.

No worries, Henne's done IMO.


I seem to remember Trestman as a guy who likes to open up the offence. I think he made Gannon a better player in Oakland, as Gannon's style was a good fit for his offence. How confident are you that he could do something like that with Henne?

Mac, of COURSE he took an active role in the offensive philosophy. It's his team, the coordinators run the offense HE wants to see. based on those facts alone, what makes anyone have any confidence in Sparano to able to:

A. Find an OC to run a current sophisticated offense

B. Be able to stray from the only thing he knows which is ground & pound

Highly unlikely. Which is why I have said for months on the blog, the only way to fix the offense is by canning Henning & Sparano. Get rid of Henning fine, but the head of the snake survvies-Sparano.

One gone, without the other, is meaningless.

Joe, I gotta laugh. You keep stating things that are not happening as a foregone conclusion. I say NO Sparano neither gets fired nor resigns at midseason next year. In fact, this offense will have better weapons, new offensive coaching staff and different philosophy. Our DBs will hang on to INTs and this team will be much better. And all u guys will look like fools, again. Stop wishing for YOUR team to suk. I'm optimistic about our future


Not only what Mark said, but don't forget the all-important LEADERSHIP factor. Whatever you think about what players said, you CANNOT discount all reports that Henne shows ZERO leadership qualities. Anyone who knows sports in general, and football specifically know that the QB of all positions is a leadership position on the team. That person needs to take control and be respected and have a voice. Henne doesn't have a voice.

No matter what he does physically to improve, mentally to improve, if he can't improve his leadership skills, then he'll NEVER be successful, for Miami or any other team.

And that's why I say he's done. He wasn't a strong leader at Michigan either. He's a shy kid, introvert. These are personal traits that are hard to change. I doubt he even gets a 2nd chance to show what he can do, at least as a starter, in Miami. He's most likely relegated to be an eternal backup (which is where he belongs if you ask me).


How is what the Dolphins and Ross did with Sparano any different than what they did with a guy like Gibril Wilson? Ireland came out and said they were happy with Wilson and he was making progress....a way later he was gone. they did the same thing with White and Turner. They said one thing and did something else. This is pro sports guys....it's for the big boys. If you don't like it you can get some cushy 9-5 safe job. This guys are always being evaluated and if you can do something that will help the organization you do it. There was nothing wrong with what Ross did. the problem is how the media has portrayed the whole thing and how they reported every little detail.

This whole situation is blown WAAAAAY out of proportion, and Mandy, like always wants to take some hugh moral ground. It's a numbers business, you don't produce you can EXPECT to lose your job. Besides, THIS ENTIRE SITUATION is purely speculative. It's completely feasable that Ross told Sparano his intentions, and told him that he'd still have a job if he's a good team player assuming he couldn't find an upgrade. NOONE knows except Ross and Sparano!

You wanna know why TMZ called Mandy? It's because this whole thing is GOSSIP, not NEWS!

Get back to us when you find out who our OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR is.

Craig M, not confident at all. I have zero confidence in Chad Henne. To me, the most important things in order to be a successfull QB are:

a) Ability to read opposing defenses and audible.

b) Able to escape from pressure, knowing where it's coming from.

c) Last but certainly NOT LEAST, hit a friggin open WR!!!

Now, do you see any of those things in Henne? Even Houdini wouldn't be able to help Henne. So no, to answer your question.

Joe Schmoe: If a very good OC is brought in and allowed to run his offense and his alone without Sparano mettling in it, then I don't see any reason why Sparano couldn't be successful. As a head coach you learn what works and what doesn't work. If Tony is smart, then he'll take a step back and let the OC do his thing. Sparano says he's alwaysa evaluating his players and coaches, etc. If he evaluates himself truthfully,, then he needs to understand that he's not capable of winning games with his current mindset. Everyone knows it, I hope does too. By now, he frighan has to right?

Able to leap being fired in a single bound, he will one day rule this Dolphin empire with an Iron Fist Pump

Craig M...We actually agree on something?

Tony Sparano -- Has gained a reputation in
NFL Circles as a
Good Young Head Coach.

Stephan Ross -- is quickly gaining a reputation in NFL Circles as a guy who

~ Shut off the music at Sun Life Stadium ~

Miami Priorities (in order) in 2011:
- Find an OFFENSIVE-minded OC
- Find a better QB Coach
- Trade or acquire through FA a veteran QB
- Draft WISELY, with almost ZERO mistakes (with a plan. i.e. either draft a QB 1st round this year, or play your veteran with the idea that you'll draft a QB 1st round next year GUARANTEED).


I believe everyone that is all hyped up needs to chillax a few octives.

Are you even considering...

Tony Sparano had a meeting with Ross prior to "The Hunt" for the big whales.

Tony lined out all he was "gonna" do if given the opportunity to stay.

Considering Tony's NON Head Coaching background he himself pinches himself everyday that he is the HEAD Coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Why couldn't Ross have told Sparano flat out in their meeting. "I believe you have head coaching talent but I also see some "other" talented HEAD coaches out there that I want to convene with. I will leave your job in place and speak with only a few candidates I feel would potentially upgrade my team as I own the thing. If they say "No", I will retain you as HEAD coach of the Miami Dolphins. Does that sound fair?"

What do you think Tony Sparano's answer would be? "No way!"??? "Hell No, let me go...I don't want to twist in the win!"????

NOPE... He answers "YESSIREE BOB!" "Thank you again for the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to serve as HEAD Coach of an NFL team."

Ross now HAS TO CONDUCT A PUBLIC SEARCH or the Fins fans broil him for not searching for a way to make the team better.

This possible version of the way things went down also solves the whole no major announcement needed as Tony already could see the attempt to find his replacement was rebuffed.

The possible reason that no major announcement is made is that their may be a secret darkhorse candidate or simply that Ross knew that Tony Sparano already would know or was told privately.

Now we have zillions of Fin fans (and writers) up in arms about how lame Ross is in his processes. I am TOTALLY fine with the way things went down. Ross saw, Ross tried to upgrade, when Ross didn't get who he wanted he deferred to status quo.

You can go with the lame duck coach idea and how the locker room is gone etc. Maybe it will cause Tony Sparano to actually hear some things about himself and his coaching style that he will change and re-invent himself a bit next year? Maybe with a new OC we will see some talent we already have blossom more on OFF. I hope the DEF gets a better handle on Nolan's system and comes back better?

At the end of the day, most NFL folks (players and coaches) know its a WIN and build job security or LOSE and have none...period. The players audition not only for the Fins but for other teams every snap.

For what it's worth, I thought Tom Cable may be a super Dark Horse candidate. If you truly think Sparano would lose the team completely due to only getting a 1 year deal, then bring in a stop gap guy like Tom Cable and see if you want to keep him after one year.

It looks like Tony Sparano is our Head Coach. I know he will coach his butt off to try and pile up wins. I guess we wait and see. If he fails miserably maybe we end up with QB Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft?

Things could be worse I spose.


Sorry it was long but I had to get it out.


" Find an OFFENSIVE-minded OC "


Joe is right, the offense will never be a vertical, put bums in seats, attack other teams offense whilst Mr conservative is still here, ground and pound doesnt work anymore, that has been proven again this season.
Henning may be gone but Sparano signed off on all his decisions/calls, when players weren't talking on the sidelines and obviously not getting on Sparano was the one who should have nipped it in the bud but he didnt.
He will get canned next season if the Dolphins get off to a bad start unless we really are going for the No1 overall pick.

Faster then the Firing bullit

More powerful then a Locomotive

Able to leap being fired in a single bound

Look ! up in the sky

Its a bird

Its a plane

Its....its...Tony Sparano...lame duck coach

Soiled :)

I'm on record as saying Brian Billick would be a good choice for OC. He's been away from the game for a few years and I think he's ready for a new challenge. He's also worked with Nolan before. If Sparano fails he could be our next head coach or maybe that goes to Nolan. Anyways, I think it's a good fit for all involved. I'd also like to see a guy like Fassel considered for QB coach. He did it before, after being a HC with the Giants (I forget with whom). This would all be an upgrade over what we had last year and would be a good start to the offseason.

Exactly Rob in OC, the point I think those of us defending Ross is NOBODY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. It's all heresay and speculation. Do you guys understand those phrases?

Mags, never say never. I mean, it would take something drastic (like what just happened) to change someone's mind. Let's see if Tony's smarter than we give him credit for.

Rob, I'd have NO problem with Cable. If people want to talk about disrespect, THAT'S the worst that's happened so far (in Oakland, not Miami). Cable is a good coach, did wonders with 2 Henne-like QBs (but better).


That all sounds good for next year. I'd be inclined to add the vet and if the guys fail this year draft QB first round in 2012.

Brad Childress would be nice. Billick also I guess. But man do we need help on the o-line. We have Jake Long and that's it. Carey is alright. Nothing special.

Brian Billick really didn't do squat in Baltimore, and I just remember his last game vs NE when he called a timeout in the 4th on 4th down after his team already made the stop (Which would have won the game), but, the refs gave him the timeout and Brady marched down the field and won the game.

What's the record that Tony has to post next year to save his job? 10-6 at least right? I'd have to think that making the playoffs is a must, but this team is so far away from really competing I just can't see anything higher than 8-8. Unless of course a proven QB is brought in and the draft produces pleasant surprises. It seems that a third place finish may become SOP.

Craig, Billick doesn't want to be an OC, he wants to be a Parcells-style HC (with GM tag too, or at least enough rope to do what he wants and draft who he wants). I doubt he plays 2nd-fiddle to Tony Sparano.

That's like Prince being the opening act for a local band. Not gonna happen.

Right now, after all this, I'm behind Coach Sparano. I want nothing more than to see him stick around and have major success in 2011. And with the kind of worker that guy seems to be, hey, it could happen.

Bobby, LMAO Foregone conclusions you say? Is this optimism or a lack of realism?

"I say NO Sparano neither gets fired nor resigns at midseason next year. In fact, this offense will have better weapons, new offensive coaching staff and different philosophy. Our DBs will hang on to INTs and this team will be much better."

LOL Talk about foregone conclusions, man o man! Just as another blogger here, you appear to be an eternal optimist. Which is completely fine. But don't slack on me for being a realist. What you construe as negativity is realism. Which most here acknowledge. If you choose not to, that's fine. You can laugh all you'd like. That's what I do with everyone who expects nothing but great things with no evidence to back it up.

All I did was disspell the notion you made that a 1 year extension solves anything in making Sparano any less of a lame duck. I even gave you a recent example on the same team as evidence. You don't acknowledge history, that's fine. I'm not out to say I'm right or wrong. But just because you don't agree, doesn't mean I'm wrong.

I don't have a negative view point, I have a realists view point. That's how we differ.

We are the laughing stock of the NFL now.

Jerry. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sparano has worked hard the entire time he's been here. He was doesn't have DIRECTION. It's like a hamster on a wheel.


Wished I could be as optimistic as you are with bringing in a new OC alone.

1. We wont have even a near great qb.
2. Henne isnt going to magically get better.
3. DB's arent going to magically hold onto picks.
4. No rookie olinemen will be our magical cure.
5. Y Bell isnt going to magically be better in coverage.
6. Ireland isnt going to magically become a better gm.
7 Sparano isnt magically going to have a eureka gameday mangement moment.

I can continue to go on and on. I only expect more of the same or even worse in 2011.

Sparano can work as hard as he wants, but perhaps it's just not good enough. Besides, he's handcuffed to the decisions that Ireland and whoever else makes them in this organization. Very rarely does work ethic determine results as a head coach, especially when you have no QB.

We've been the laughing stock of the NFL for a dozen years...What's new abuot that?


Ireland's best thinking has gotten us here. Dont understand why Ross made him a deal breaker. I guess misery loves company and the blind feels safer being led by the blind.

We have to be optimistic about one thing and that is Ross has a big wallet and will spend big in free agency as he proved last year. I guess you can't spend big every year but there are players out there to help this team.

DeAngelo Williams Carolina - is only 27 years old and is a threat every time he touches the ball. He is a 3 down back who is a good receiver and pass blocker. Carolina is notoriously cheap franchise and already have Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson had a really nice season in that same sort of role.

Michael Bush - a less expensive free agent has low miles on him splitting carries in Oakland with McFadden and he isn't worth a franchise tag at this point. He seems to shine whenever he gets a chance to get carries and play. He could be a Michael Turner sort of player. Not comparing running styles but comparing a guy who split carries for a few years and went on to become a star when he got his chance.

Don't like Brandon Jacobs if he is cut. Ahmad Bradshaw will be resigned or franchised.

I like Darren Sproles a lot. I would like to sign him and draft an every down back. Miami gets a playmaker who can break a screen for 80 yards and solve the anemic special teams both punt and kick return.

Draft options -

Ingram -If Miami drafted Ingram I would be happier then a pig in sh**. I think he is the sort of back that can consistantly give you 1300 yards (16 game season) and 10 tds. He is also a very good receiver out of the backfield.

LeShoure - If Miami traded back to pick that 2nd rounder back up Michael LeShoure (Illinois) is as good if not better then former Illinois running backs Reshard Mendenhall or Pierre Thomas.

Just some random offseason talk to clear my mind of this mess in Miami.

Fair one DC, when is this meeting supposed to be happening by the way, anyone know??

My take on Henne:

I've been a big supporter of Henne, when he first played in the game at Arizona he showed fire, leadership, gunslinging ability to drive the dolphins for their only score, since then his regression is obvious to the point now where he is unrecognisable, he doesn't show any confidence, leadership, fire, god I'd love to see him show some emotion when his OL whiff on blocks, his receivers drop passes. but there's nothing.
BM's endorsement of him as a by the book passer courtesy of David Lee, who has to go also, was damning.
With Harbaugh in place you could see hope for him maybe, now he's done. He will still be here next season in a QB competition with god knows who.
Drafting a QB in the 1st is the only way forward, try for Mallet, Locker, Gabbert this year, if they don't pan out then do whatever it takes to get Luck next year, we may have the No1 overall anyway.

Well if Tony is back, I am on the band wagon for 3 and a fist pump. Good luck Tony Sparano.


Snyder has a big wallet. Get the drift!

ROSS=JERRY JONES. thats why dallas has fallen apart year after year, becasue jerry jones keeps micro-managing his team.



Marc Trestman would be a very good acorn for the fins. keep them coming #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal.

62-7 playoff loss
1-15 record
Saban not going to Alabama
Dave and AJ Feeley Lamar Gordon and 4-12 record
January 3rd - January 7th 2011 will go down as the most embarrassing classless move the Dolphins franchise has ever done. Thanks Ross, cuz mediocrity was not bad enough you had to give us fans a real reason to be ashamed of this team we all grew to love. Thanks again buddy.


Don't you want to see what Henne can do with a new OC and some more weapons? With another vet playing alongside him...pushing him? He either gets better or they draft another young QB in 2012 and they develop him. At least it's a plan. No one is saying that the status quo is acceptable. Nobody said the status quo for the defence was acceptable last year. We changed things and it improved. At least give it a chance.

Good try Mando. Why doesn't the media take the same stance when players get released and promised jobs? It's a cut throat league and winning cures everything. Sparano is a big boy. He doesn't have to stick around if he doesn't want to. That is where the money gets involved. If you have any principle or dignity, you wouldn't let this happen to you. Oh, I forgot, there are 3 million reasons why you stick around.

I agree. Nice read. You want the truth, I think Ross wants to move this team to L.A. He dosent want to be here and he wants to make this team a glam team, put it in L.A. just a gut feeling

If any of you were WEALTHY enough to own a team, and it produced what this team did are you telling me that you'd sit on your hands and be OK with that in fear of being similair ro Jerry Jones?!

That's a stretch. I would look to improve MY team, that I owned as well. Especially after I cut the check for my EMPTY stadiums utilities!

I suppose I'm just thick... But I don't see what the fuss is all about.

I have NO PROBLEM with Tony having a few really crappy Days.Perhaps this little "Wake up call" will give Tony something to consider when he is doing nothing while watching events that are hurting the team that HE has the ability to change. Perhaps Not being able to control his own destiny for a few days will give him some insight into taking positive control and action of his team?

Say what you want about Ross,just consider that he is willing to jump in a Jet, Pride be damned, and try and give a guy $7 Million Bucks a year to coach his team while you do. Armando fails to acknowledge and give credit where it is do, and for the fact that we actually HAVE an owner who will write gigantic checks for coaches, and for $$BIG$$ players like Marshall and Dansby.

Tony will be just fine. By Giving Tony the Offensive minded people to revamp the Offense, along with Nolan on Defensive scheming he will have the tools in place to do much better. And be able to learn a bunch more as he goes instead of just picking up the pieces every time. Plus, we keep continuity as a team. I am not saying Tony is without fault. But take a notice of what is going on in the NFL, Owners are CHOOSING to keep matters in house rather then go after "The New Guy"... We may just have dodged a HUGE Big Red Truck coming at us Head-On by sticking with Tony. Do you think this team could stomach another High Profile Flame out or failure? I don't... I do not think Miami would hold up well to another Coach running back to TV or showing he is indeed a good NCAA Coach.

You stuff all the Head Coaches (We'er up to 6 now) you want into this team. It will not solve the main issues... it will only shift them to the next guy. Revamp this offense with some dynamic, aggressive play calling. Let go of the shackles and the Handcuffs that have strangled the life out of our star players... and let these guys play ball and have some fun.
We will have some QB Competition this year.., It will be fun to see. Watch out for Tom Brandstater... I watched some of his film, and have seen some of the work that he did to earn the numbers and the Bowl MVP he has. There is obviously some Developmental work that has been done... But now he has some time in and will be competing. We will have a Vet QB like Orton or Terry Bradshaw, perhaps Jim Kelly! come in. We'll likely see a much better Henne if they let the damn kid play. I read enough that I have a bit different view on Chad. I still think he is an idiot sometimes... But I believe the guy has been led down the road to the Dark Side "Forever will it dominate his destiny" unless he is at peace, passive and tranquil.
Hang tough guy's... Lets have a nice, Non-Bill Parcells Draft. Lets get our team 100% Healthy, make some trades and get some Free Agent help... and get back after um next year... Next year the Dolphins season is going to be all about "10 Wins"... "10 in 2011" is my creed.

Rob in OC,

Always refreshing to look at your rational blogging and opinions.

Guess that was the last agreement we'll have Craig M, cause

HENNE = FINISHED, and I'll bet a ridiculous amount of $ on that.


Until we get a perfect compliment to Marshall, a reliable deep threat and a qb that can make defenses pay for placing 7-8 men the box. Ingram isnt even going to come close to solving our run game issues. Even though he is an upgrade to Ronnie Brown.

I see Ingram having 6 100yd rushing games max. But that's still would be far from giving us the needed effectiveness to become a legit playoff offense.

Rob, I posted a lot of the same sentiments in the last blog. Hahha, good to see you back again. Always can depend on you for some good reasoning.


Daniel @ 12:32 post.

I agree bro. This is a disaster. I feel Miami had to change just for the sake of change after Sparano getting bent over. Although I had no problem with it because I thought he was gone. A lame duck coach he is.

someone on the radio just posed the question why not let sparano be his own offensive coordinator? holy cow man dont you watch at all? have you ever seen how happy this bozo is over field goals and you want him to be the offensive coordinator too? all i can say to that is W-O-W!

Craaig M, Fassel was an OC with Baltimore - under brian Billick no less :)


Any interest in Reggie Bush as a second option in the backfield? I'm not sure what he would cost but while he's not a star he is versatile and could be a good two-down back.

I know we're talking offence here but I'm hopeful that if he's out there that the Dolphins go after Chad Greenway as a replacement for Chad Crowder. I've always like this guy and I think he would be dynamite beside Dansby.

Joe, I'm a realist to. I realize after buying Season Tickets for 15 years that changing coaches every three years. I'm a realist in the fact that this team was 1-15 with no players on it not that long ago and you can't magically fix all that in three short years and limited draft picks. I'm a realist in our defense d
sukd last year and we had to bring in a new DC and use almost all our draft picks on D to get better. I'm a realist in the fact NO QB can be throughly evaluated in 25 games. And lastly I am a realist who grew up rooting for and living with the NY Giants who were playing in Yale Bowl and after years of suffering I know how felt it good to have a Great team. Believe me, I'm a realist AND a fan

It's no longer such a mystery as to why Parcels walked. Wow.

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