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Dolphins' ridiculous order of business continues

If you listen to my radio show or follow me on twitter, you know what's coming next: Cue the circus music. Send in the clowns.

Are you ready for this?

You probably know by know several reports, including this one in The Miami Herald, are saying the Dolphins have decided to retain Tony Sparano as Miami's head coach. Awesome! I've been advocating that all along quite forcefully, I believe.

But I have no issues that owner whatshisface has sampled the market to see if he could find an upgrade at coach. Nothing wrong with that. I have, however, a distaste for the manner that was done. And today that distaste grows.

The fact is that while sources within the team and close to owner whatshisface have leaked to various media the fact Sparano was to be retained, I know that no one told Sparano this.

Think about that ...

So the sources are telling the media. But they are not telling the principle person involved most affected by the news.

Stunning. Embarrassing. More embarrassing, actually. Head-scratching.

I do know there is a meeting planned for today between ownership and Sparano. I don't know when or where, but I assume the purpose is to break the news to Sparano that was broken first to the media.

One can assume Sparano will come out of this meeting the head coach of the Dolphins. But I cannot guarantee that. Who knows what other things owner whatshisface has up his sleeve and might want to spring on his coach.

And who knows if Sparano, hung out to dry the last four days while the Dolphins chased other coaches across the country, might not agree to be retained.

Strange? Thy name is the Miami Dolphins in January 2011. 


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Marc, Rex Ryan called that timeout against New England, not Billick

OK guys I'm out....hope we get some news soon on all this.

Craig M,

Not a fan of Bush for Miami he works because the Saints have other parts and get the most out of him. Do you think this staff gets the most out of anyone on offense?

Great Point Sharon !

Parcells Smelled Ross's Entertainment Circus a Mile a way...

Mark in Toronto,

What do you think? Could they be a good combo in Miami? I seem to remember them being friends but I wasn't positive on that. I had forgotten that they had worked together in Baltimore. Billick's offence in Minnesota was great. Don't know if he could work that here. We don't have the weapons right now that they had in Minnesota.

the best sparano moment of the year for me was the pittsburgh game when we got our second gift turnover in steeler territory and pathetically settled for a second field goal and they showed fist pumper jumpin around like a kid at toys us and the camera immediately went to a real coach mike tomlin pretty much laughing at sparano lol were doomed


No at this point they don't. I'm hoping that will change.


Is it like we any other choice? Even if we bring in a vet qb there isnt one who will be available thats would be any more than a mild upgrade to Henne at best.

Personally, talentwise, I dont see where this team is much better than our 2007 team. Some of the team needs have just kind of swapped places a little. Just like 2007, we're still at least 6-7 players on offense and 3-4 players on defense from even being close to being considered a great team.


It sounds like we are on the same page bro. Hopefully after a cool down period, some will see things differently. If not, their perogative, matters not. It's not like everything reported in the blogs and news outlets is everything that has really been said or divulged. Guess that is super secret spy stuff only in novels...lol

DC Dolfan,

Agreed. Cable basically made chicken salad out of chicken sXXt! I am not crowning him with anything as a HC goes but he did a hell of a job with what he had to work with. The Fins games was probably his worst day so thats why most Fin Fans would poo poo him but he pulled off some impressive wins. (Blasted KC at their house last game). With his luck drafting WR Jacoby Ford I believe he would better understand how a Speedy but smaller player can help a team greatly. Sparano and Ireland seem stuck on Cro-Magnon giant sized players that lack speed is the only way to go.


We may not even have football in 2012, so Fin Fans, don't get too wound up.

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go..

MarK...Why are you always correcting me?!

It was still Billick's last game, no?



Can we evaluate this team and the offence AFTER we've made some changes to it through FA and the draft. I agree we're pretyt thing on offence. But I'd like to see what it looks like when we're done.

DB, I venture that there are probably few QB's that are NOT an upgrade to HENNE at this point.

As a buddy of mine said. "I'd rather have to use the reins than the whip"

In other words. I'd rather have a QB that takes chances throwing downfield (Cutler) than CPT Checkdown.

Thanks Andy NJ, I appreciate it. I always look forward to your comments as well bud.


Damn! Hooked on this thread but gotta go.

NICE POST @ 12:34 Derek!

I just read that Tony Sparano should be his own OC, thats crazy. Who is this guy ? He was a high school coach, then a O-line coach. The only reason he became a HC was because of Parcells. This guy went from O-line to HC without ever being a coordinator. The fist humper has got to go after all of this.



I'll throw this at you....for all we know, they (Ireland and Ross)had already made the decision to stay with Sparano all along, but to calm the masses they went thru the motions that they spoke to Gruden, Cowher and Harbaugh in order to upgrade the coaching position...nobody really knows what was said, but I wouldn't put it pass them... btw this is the only way that I could see Sparano (if he has any moral terpitude, which I think he does) stay put while Ross supposedly when looking for another coach...and now this whole thing backfire on them...so now we have to look forward to a lot of field goals and punts next year...hell we should just go draft a freaking kicker in the 1st round...LOL

Marc, would you be willing to wear that size XS pink Henne jersey and a skirt that Poizen suggested?

isn't this the same coach that the players didn't play for at the end of the year??? get over it salguero.....sparano lost the team as ricky w so eloquently put it and now he is gone because we have a lame duck coach......

another wasted dolphin season coming up next year and sadly, i am a glutton for dolphin punishment

I've said it before. Stephen Ross and his team behaved more like Diana Ross and the Supremes (Peterson and Ireland) through this whole thing.
A laughing stock of an NFL team

I didn't say I predicted that Sparano would have a great season. I just said I wanted him to.

Read the ink, people, not what's not written.

Craig, I have no idea if Fassel would work or not - he certainly would be better than what we have now. Fassel has also worked well with QBs - any OC hired should have that on their CV.

i know we need some weapons with speed but i wish we concentrate on the offensive line and get this thing fixed finally, go draft a couple linemen high in the draft maybe take the best center and another young one then get at least one good one in free agency i mean great skill players are useless without a good line this rotating door will never work you need the same 5 every week

Mark in Toronto @ 12:37 PM

I have been out of the loop some with work and didn't catch your blog post but I will scan back for it later.

In the end, I do believe Tony Sparano feels like he is blessed to be in his position as every head coach in the NFL should feel.

When you are in the position, you can take a couple of dirt pies to the face. Wipe 'em off quickly and still feel like a Million bucks! (Literally) lol


I hope to catch up on this here blog on the weekend.

newengland, I've heard this stuff before, bro. "You're writing bad things about someone because they don't give you interviews."

It is not personal with me. I write good when people do good. I write bad when people do bad.

If you don't see Ross made half a dozen mistakes lately, that's on you. I'm not fooled. Moreoever, football people around the league aren't fooled.

That last part is what worries me for the Dolphins. And it should worry you.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 07, 2011 at 11:38 AM

There's nothing on me Armando. I'm calling it like I see it. We all have different ways of going about business, and this happens to be Mr. Ross' way. Who am I to say that it's wrong? Especially when I have no clue what's going on behind the scenes -- just the same as you don't. IF you did, it might be another story. This is just you being judgmental, and that's old news.

And by the way, stop treating Parcells like he's some patron saint -- HE SOLD THIS TEAM OUT! Mercenary, has-been quitter. Enough said.

My 2 cents.

MarK. This is how it starts. I make a bet...End up in women's clothing, and then catch flack about it forever.

But, SURE! I'm pretty confident in this one!


Not sure if it was his last game or not, but I had to correct that because to me, that is something I always associate with Ryan.

The way the whole process has been handled by Ross and Ireland has shown me that they don't have a clue about managing their staff. I specially have a problem with Ireland, he is supposed to protect his staff better then this. This guy is a real slime ball, he should be working in Wall Street; he would be a great fit.

why even bring parcells name up everyone and their mother knew he wasnt staying long, christ even when he got hired all the reports were about how he would leave well before his contract was finished let it go

Craig M,

The oline may not have been as shabby as they seem. Im not saying they're great, just saying even great lines struggle at times to continually to have run block 7-8 defenders in the block.

With Henning's very readible play designs, Henne afraid he'll get scolded approach, and Hartline's inability to beat 2nd corners vertically. We had no means to make DC's pay for putting 7-8 defenders in the block. In 2010 it seems our best answer was to throw short to Marshall and let him try breaking one big. Which was even more difficult for him to be shadowed by both corner and safety.

So Marshall would have to consistently break tackles of both corner and safety, not to mention other defenders in the area to pop off huge yacs. Still DC's had not reason at all to take 7-8 defenders out of the box on run plays.

hahaa, marc, you do catch a lot of flack on this blog, but I like you. You stand by your word, don't waver, and tell it like it is.

I enjoy reading your stuff, man!

Am I the only one who doesn;t think we need more than one lineman?

You either sign a guard and keep Carey outside or draft a tackle in the 1st and move Carey inside. Let Incognito, Garner, and Berger duke it out at C, and keep Jerry at the other guard. That's plenty of talent to make it work. If you can't make it wokr with that line, then there are other problems and talent isn;t one.

Bobby, your post made no sense to me. I'm not less of a fan than you are because I point out legit concerns. I'm also not less of a fan because I refuse to think everything is gonna be ok. I wanna see results, we all should.

I agree Henne should get a look with a new OC. But I lost optimism with this staff because year after year the results simply are NOT there. I got news for you...we are a lot closer to being 1-15 again than we are at being 11-5 again LOL

A. I don't think a good coach needs to replace positional coaches every year. Only when they take new jobs, not cause they are incompetent.

B. I think a good coach can see things going bad before they actually blow up. D last year. O this year. ST the last 3 years. Do you NOT see a trend? LOL

C. I think a former o-line coach w/ALLOT of input would have been able to assemble an interior oline in 3 years. How many re-do's for them? What's their track record on producing results?

D. I think a good coach would have understood our lack of speed & insisted we draft a RB, TE & WR's with speed. Instead we bring in Wilford, Turner & Marshall?

E. I think a good coach could at least, in 3 seasons, have a legit special teams unit. AT LEAST ADEQUATE.

F. Our Defense is good against bad teams. Look at how we did against good teams. To think the d is ready to compete is crazy. It still needs work.

G. I think a good coach should know how & where to use players. Such as NOT putting a slow RB as a KR. Such as not putting a slow WR as a PR. WEEK AFTER WEEK WITH 0 RESULTS. Such as not continuing to play a FS who's slow in reading the play & always late.

People talk about why he kept playing Henne... Why did he play Clemmons every week?

I could go on and on with OBJECTIVE analysis but you'll scoff at them & tell me you're a fan. If you think this team is gonna be good next year based on what is going on with it, you're FAR from a realist.


Doesnt matter if we had 5 pro bowler olinemen if we cant come up with real answers to getting 7-8 men defenders out of the box. Poses pass protection problems too because consistent 3rd and longs are great blitzing downs.


You are right. The way Sparano has been dealt with is just too disrespectful and embassy.

He should resign immediately.

How come Armando responded to ALOCO's comments, yet it's been forever since he responded to one of mine? I'm not so much hurt as surprised.

Some observations:

1) It must be great to be Armando (said non-sarcastically). You either have such a close relationship with Tony Sparano that he confides in you that he hasn't yet been notified of his re-hiring, or you have access to a confidante of Sparano who is willing to provide you with that information, undoubtedly with Sparano's permission. The closest I ever got to a head football coach was Leo Cahill of the Toronto Argonauts in the 1970s when I was a boy. I used to see him at the "Y" in Toronto. My father introduced us, and Leo laughed uproariously when he learned that I was a fan of the hated Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

2) I find it entirely appropriate that the incoming session of Congress began with a reading of the Constitution. The United States will endure and prosper so long as we hold to first principles. As Dennis Prager says, there is an American trinity -

i) In God we trust.
ii) Liberty
iii) E pluribus unum.

3) Spanky's first Our Gang short was "Free Eats." I just can't imagine any children today with such a magnetic personality. Today's plethora of technology deadens the imagination.

4) Paul Warfield averaged 25 yards per catch for the Dolphins in 1970. Was there any Dolphin this year who averaged 25 yards per catch in a single game?

Meant to write 'embarrassing'.

Thanks MarK. We've come a long way from blasting each other, LOL

I do think that our line needs help Carey was pretty bad this year, but, overall I think he'll be hard to upgrade. The interior line play this season was VERY spotty though. One week they would look great, and the next week not so much.

As everyone knows I'm still a big fan of Brown, and I MUST attribute some of his lack of success being the O-line, and getting rid of Grove, and Smiley, both pretty much known as Road-Grader type blockers. It seems the line this year, at least the first half of the season was better suited for pass-blocking, but, I think that the entire interior line, with Incognto being a possible exception could use an upgrade.

I was happy in the afternoon imagining a vertical passing offense and a HC who could improve Henne and a team that scores TD's.

That's all gone with another year of Mr FG.

Mark in Toronto,

We need 2 to 3 more linemen. I would say 3. Jake Long, stud no explanation needed. Vernon Carey is good to very good when he is in shape and/or healthy. He didn't seem right this past season but was very good the season before. If he comes in not 100 percent next season in shape or injury or simply lost a step being 320 plus pounds then he would be athletic and a good to very good guard.

As far as the interior goes I am not sold on a 3rd round pick in John Jerry or Incognito. Jerry has a chance to succeed or flop like Donald Thomas and all the other wasted draft picks before him. Incognito had some moments but he isn't athletic enough to be a center like some are suggesting. A center needs to be able to get to that second level on linebackers and at guard he isn't athletic enough to pull. He is more of a guy who is solid but not a starter IMO.

So Miami is far from having a complete offensive line. I missed Jake Grove last season. I guess injuries did him in. I would have no problem with Miami drafting an offensive linemen in round 1 IF and only IF they trade to back of round 1 anbd pick up that 2nd rounder.

DB, good post at 1:01 pm. I agree.

Mark in Toronto, I don't think you're far off on your post about our OL. Only thought is would we be better upgrading some of the talent there, for example getting a RT or a C in FA. I also think if these guys play together a bit more we will have more continuity with the line. This is something the Jets and Pats do very well. They have good OL's and they stick to them. This I criticize the regime for....biggest downfall!

OK guys gotta run!

I get the sentiment about Sparano "retaining his pride" and "walking away" and all that, but in all honesty you're telling the man to do something that I'd venture NONE of you would do...namely walk away from a 3-million dollar paycheck for the "dignity" of unemployment.

If anyone here says that would actually do that themselves, forgive me for not believing it for a second.

wow your orginization is a mess

it boggles the mind that anyone can possibly think a severely flawed team with severely flawed coaching and severely flawed FO that is already 3rd or 4th in the division with limited draft picks and no QB and no fast RB or WR or TE with half a new coaching staff coming in plus the old lame duck coach they couldn't fire because nobody else wanted the job is really going to compete in 2011.

this is one of the greatest abominations of a franchise ever seen in modern sports and their are fans thinking we are close. unreal. i know see how bush got elected twice, that is if he was really elected even once.

wow your orginization is a mess

Posted by: washington redskins | January 07, 2011 at 01:14 PM

Best post all day, BAR NONE!

Sparano you better get your a*** in gear for the 2011 season otherwise your a gonna and will no longer be coach of the Fins.

Well Joe, didn't call u less a fan then me anywhere in my post. I'm telling you straight out changing coaches and FO every three years doesn't build long term winning results, that's a fact, not fantasy. I'm telling you with a solid draft, new offensive coaches and some key FA pickups we will be good next year. No sense arguing with ya cause till next year comes we have no clue who will be right and who will be wrong. Till that happens I totally disagree with you. I'm glad Sparano is back and Ireland to. And more importantly, at least to Mr. Ross I will be writing that check and renewing my season tickets.

"You guys need to find a better hobby!" Ha! Lmao.

Like I promised I will not preach Henne any longer.

Mark you hit it on Henne he has digressed big time, which is why I am not sold any longer.

And the passion he needs to show has fallen off the earth.

The only reason I will not quit, both of those things CAN be fixed with the right match of coach/OC/and game plan. the big glaring trouble for my argument is sparano is back and I do not think he has faith inn Henne.

That also can be mended, but I am not ready to quit yet, and boy this will be the funniest blog on earth if you all are wearing female henne jersey's. :)

Stephan Ross = Daniel Snyder + Al Davis

jim for 1:13,

You are right on. If Sparano walks away he will never have a chance to recoup that money EVER again. He has 1 last year apparantly to prove he is a coach in the NFL. If he fails then he will never make 3 million in his lifetime let alone one season.

If I was JEFF FISHER I'd be more appalled than SPARANO. FISHER is, by all accounts a successful, repected HC. The owner however had him dangling over a POS like V Young...A PLAYER

@ Jim,

I was being sarcastic because I believe the Dolphins are going no where with Sparano.


Posted by: BMOREFINS | January 07, 2011 at 01:08 PM


Henning's departure was announced yesterday.

Try to keep up.

yeah really enough with the boo hoo they disrespected sparano and all that bs their all millionaires hell id twist in the wind for a month and let my boss do my wife at thanksgiving dinner for 3 million dollars

Craig M,

I also think we need a more "UP Tempo" passing game like in New Orleons, Indy, and Foxboro. Only problem is I have reservations that Henne thinks quick enough to execute that sort of passing attack even it were installed.

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