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Dolphins' ridiculous order of business continues

If you listen to my radio show or follow me on twitter, you know what's coming next: Cue the circus music. Send in the clowns.

Are you ready for this?

You probably know by know several reports, including this one in The Miami Herald, are saying the Dolphins have decided to retain Tony Sparano as Miami's head coach. Awesome! I've been advocating that all along quite forcefully, I believe.

But I have no issues that owner whatshisface has sampled the market to see if he could find an upgrade at coach. Nothing wrong with that. I have, however, a distaste for the manner that was done. And today that distaste grows.

The fact is that while sources within the team and close to owner whatshisface have leaked to various media the fact Sparano was to be retained, I know that no one told Sparano this.

Think about that ...

So the sources are telling the media. But they are not telling the principle person involved most affected by the news.

Stunning. Embarrassing. More embarrassing, actually. Head-scratching.

I do know there is a meeting planned for today between ownership and Sparano. I don't know when or where, but I assume the purpose is to break the news to Sparano that was broken first to the media.

One can assume Sparano will come out of this meeting the head coach of the Dolphins. But I cannot guarantee that. Who knows what other things owner whatshisface has up his sleeve and might want to spring on his coach.

And who knows if Sparano, hung out to dry the last four days while the Dolphins chased other coaches across the country, might not agree to be retained.

Strange? Thy name is the Miami Dolphins in January 2011. 


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wow your orginization is a mess

Posted by: washington redskins | January 07, 2011 at 01:14 PM



And as a Redskin fan you'd be an expert on the subject.

The question is how do we actually measure Henne's SUCCESS if there even is such a thing. Him starting? His QB rating? TD/INT ratio? Any improvement, a significant one? I'm not wearing any more chick cloths until we have a logical measure of improvement.

So Bobby, just as you think continuity is good. I think continuity, based on what they have proven, is bad. You didn't touch any of the things I put in my post. those are legit concerns. No one ever tries to argue them. Why?

I just don't see how a logical person can be optimistic about next season in the state we are in. It's not about right & wrong & I'm not arguing with you. I'm just giving you my viewpoint.

You wanna stick with something that is not working, I'd rather find a way to make it work.

The fact that you are ok with coaching turnover every year as long as it's the HC, who is responsible for them all, tells me everything.

Have a great day everyone!

LMAO @ Let it go!

I also think we need a more "UP Tempo" passing game like in New Orleons, Indy, and Foxboro. Only problem is I have reservations that Henne thinks quick enough to execute that sort of passing attack even it were installed.

Go Colts!!

just because changing coaches every 3 years is not a good thing, doesn't mean not changing an obviously incompetent coach is a good thing. just because it took cowher, a coach consistently having good seasons, 14 years to win the SB, doesn't mean you give a coach consistently having bad seasons 14 years as well. talk about pretzel logic.

I too agree with your 1:00 post.

Zero vertical aspect to the offense is a major problem for the Dolphins.

add the play calling, add poor O-line, add the over coaching of Henne, add positioning for FG's... = prevent offense

Joe Schmoe,

Your 1:07 assessment is on the money too. Well said.

I meant as long as it's not the HC. adios!

If I was JEFF FISHER I'd be more appalled than SPARANO. FISHER is, by all accounts a successful, repected HC. The owner however had him dangling over a POS like V Young...A PLAYER

Posted by: Marc | January 07, 2011 at 01:17 PM

Completely agreed. That owner (Adams) is a clown. It's remarkable to me that Fisher has stayed there this long---although he did try to get out of his contract for the Dallas job a few years back.

One thougt here: Sparano in a lame-duck season, Fisher with a year left on his contract.

Maybe JF winds up in Miami a year from now?

Now that Henning is gone maybe Henne will play a little better. At least when it's 3rd and 15 and he's waiting for the play to come over his headset he won't hear an old man saying " Oops I just pooped myself" lol


I claim to be over my hard feelings about Sparano staying but you will catch me ranting every other blog about it if someone gets me fired up. I agree stability is key I just think that stability shouldn't be with Sparano. I hope with every ounce of me that Sparano comes out guns firing and learns from this like Coughlin and other coaches before him learned they needed to adjust their overall approach. It can happen.

The big key is getting someone who is offensive mastermind to figure out this mess. And find some sort of upgrade at QB which will NOT be a 1st round QB for a coach who has NO time to develop one.

just because changing coaches every 3 years is not a good thing, doesn't mean not changing an obviously incompetent coach is a good thing. just because it took cowher, a coach consistently having good seasons, 14 years to win the SB, doesn't mean you give a coach consistently having bad seasons 14 years as well. talk about pretzel logic.

Posted by: 5-11 for 2011 | January 07, 2011 at 01:22 PM

The post & the name are classics!

For all those that say it takes years and years, look at Lombardi...OK, extreme example, but, never had a losing record. First SB in YEAR THREE! 5 total in 9 seasons!


Joe Shmoe,

First you have to see signs of continuity develop before you can assess to leave it alone. But you cant sit idley by when all you see if futility and say leave it alone and they'll develop continuity.

They will gain continuity, they'll just become even better at f^cking things up! LOL.....

I will always be a dolphin fan....but seriously, this franchise is a joke right now. It's a circus act and stephen ross is the problem. How about upgrading our roster, instead of deciding which celebrity owner we need next. Sparano is not the prob! Learn how to build a winner, instead of the same bs every off season. QB...interior offensive line...another pass rusher...and special teams are the biggest needs. How about we address some of those?? come on now...


I too have wanted to see an up tempo offense or for the offense to play with pace for a long time.

Problem is we will NEVER see that or a vertical passing game with MR FG.


Monday night your guys will get to see what an up tempo offense looks like when Scoreoregon plays Auburn.

They're trying to make Tony mad enough he'll quit so they don't have to buy out his contract. Don't do it Tony!

I did create a bench mark, girl clothes if Henne makes the pro-bowl at any time in his career. :)

Agree w/ GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I raised this question a few times in the past, but now it's even more critical: What quality OC would want to come in to this mess?

no if's and or but's about it. miami takes a skill player before an OL in first and it is either a qb or rb. if ingram is available at 15 i don't care who the qb is. you can't pass him up. dj williams in 2nd, assuming we get a 2nd thru a trade. then moffit in the 3rd, dalton in the 4th and evan royster in the 5th. in the 3rd i am a little torn between an OL and someone like jerrell jernigan. if jernigan is there in the 3rd miami needs to take him. he gives them speed at WR and also the big threat to go all the way in the return game. i think miami will attempt to bolster the OL in FA as much as possible and try to get more players in skill positions in the draft. anyway, this is purely conjecture but we all know what they need to do; rebuild the offensive line, get a productive rb, get some speed at wr and get a qb who can lead the offense. not to large of a task, is it?

Oh, a PRO BOWL. DEAL! That DEFINATELY isn't going to happen!


Maybe it goes the other direction too. Maybe the new OC finds exactly why Henning was calling running plays on 3rd and long with Henne as his qb. Just food for thought.

Joe Shmoe,

First you have to see signs of continuity develop before you can assess to leave it alone. But you cant sit idley by when all you see if futility and say leave it alone and they'll develop continuity.

They will gain continuity, they'll just become even better at f^cking things up! LOL.....

Posted by: DyingBreed | January 07, 2011 at 01:25 PM

This was as confusing as a Sparano press conference LMAO

Any OC would want to come here. the guy is gonna pay, it is such a mess that if it does not work it is not a reflection on him until the HC goes. It is actuall a very attractive job right now.

what i meant to say is ROSS will pay the guy good $$...

LA---Not saying it's really likely but IF an OC came in and did a superb job he might get consideration for the jump to HC in 2012.

Just a thought...

jeff fisher? lol not sure we have enough room for all his super bowl trophys. gimme a break

its not fair the fins only get one bye next season but the jets and pats get three.

This is just another example of Bill Parcells leavin this franchise in the hands of a bunch of morons, do u think he would have sparano hanging in the wind. Ireland need to grow a pair and make it known that this behavior is unacceptable and make the Dolphins look as classless as the Junts.

How about our own SHULA?!

2 losing seasons out of 33!

Think Sparano can have 30 consecutive winning season?

I'm ok with HC turnover every year?? Just the opposite. We turned over to Nolan, had to make that move. We are now turning over Henning, had to make that move. Just like players, coaches need to learn from their mistakes and try to fix it. I bet you Irelandand Sparano fix it. You have your viewpoint, I have mine. Time will tell who's right and who's wrong. That simple. But the fact remains Ireland and Sparano are staying, instead of hoping our team suks so you can prove a point, how bout making suggestions what will make us better? And I mean legitimate suggestions based on the fact Ireland and Sparano are staying, no matter how much u disagree that is not changing

Let me clarify something, when marc says we were blasting each other, he meant we were at odds in this blog ... not the other thing .. yikes.

Most people are too quick to write off Carey. He's a quality Off lineman. Either at RT (prob one more year) or at g (maybe 4 more years). Since cutting him would hae such bad ramifications on the cap, he'll be around, and I'm glad.

As far as Incognito at C - personally I like Garner more but he is stout when he doesn't have to pull, that's for sure.

Hireing Josh McDaniels as O.C.


Nolan hates him
Marshall Hates Him

None of his players Trusted him


But oh wait....
He might Fit in with Jeff Ireland just fine !!
Ross = Al Davis (with a Turn~table.)

no wonder nobody wants to play ball in professionally in south florida....everything is so busch league down there and i live in los angeles...our fans are 10x better than you dopes and that speaks volumes...i love the dolphins but the owners inexperience is shining bright and dimming what was once a power franchise and the model of a professional organization. oh well, i still support the team but i was hoping for harbaugh to come on board and to team him up with ireland. but its clear harbaugh was tied to luck and he will not be taking an nfl gig until next year, maybe we can sell him on the dolphins next year?


Actually I think it's a PERFECT scenario for a decent OC with an eye towards becoming a HC again. I think Brian billick would be perfect for this. He comes into a mess and whatever he does ends up being better than last year. It's not unlike what Nolan did last year. They are back in the NFL and making a name for themselves. Also, we'll see if they can save the QB. If not then they can always blame the QB.

Oregon Dolphin,

Who's the Oregon HC and can you get him to apply for the fins hc job? LOL.............

As long as Ross continues to own this team we will continue to be a laughing stock in the NFL, we have just taken 2 steps back. The smart thing to do would have been to let Cowher to come in with his own people and show Miami how a real organization is really run...

billick? billick??? he never got the offense going with the ravens after 17 decades, which is why he was fired. billick?? playoffs? playoffs? how about lady gaga, at least she can distract the other team.

Where does the upgrade at QB come from?

The 1st rounder is out of the question for this regime. They need to win NOW. They have no time to develop a QB like Cam Newton, Mallet or Locker. None appear to be ready to step right in. Mallet would have the best chance of the 3 to step in but still no chance Miami drafts a QB.

Free Agent possibilities aren't exactly upgrades more just competition.

Vince Young - bad fit in a great, party place like Miami. Immaturity is a major issue with his feeble mind. He also is not professional from all accounts. He shows up to practice and goes through the motions but doesn't put in the time to be a NFL QB.

Alex Smith - Has has chances and pretty good weapons in San Fran. He had a good running game, good WR in Crabtree and pass catching top 3 TE in Vernon Davis. He didn't have anything else outside that though. He had 1 good year of coaching from Norv Turner and that was when he succeeded the most. So a weak possibility at best.

Donovan McNabb - has seen better days. The first thing that goes isn't a QBs arm it's their legs and that is what seems to be ailing McNabb. I would take McNabb only if him and Brad Childress came as a combo. McNabb knows that offense and was very good when he had an elite WR in T.O. He would have B. Marshall and Bess and hopefully an upgrade from Hartline. Again if and only if Chilly comes too.

Marc Bulger - He is an adequate back up and if Henne completely sucks like this year then he can right the ship to at least make Miami respectable to develop the young guys but Miami is not above .500 if Bulger has to start.

Trades? Kolb is probably too rich of trade. Orton I don't want him but Miami don't have a 2nd anyway.

Yup more of the same it is.

jeff fisher? lol not sure we have enough room for all his super bowl trophys. gimme a break

Posted by: help | January 07, 2011 at 01:30 PM

Not that simple, friend.

You put Fisher in a stable and winning environment like the Steelers and I'd bet you he'd have those titles.

For that matter, a lot of folks were hot for Cowher, right? Same guy that won one title in 15 years there. Tell me how his record in Pittsburgh is any bette than the guys that came before him (Noll) or after (Tomlin). It isn't.

Fisher is universally respected as a great teacher who attracts someof thbs assitants in the game. You don;t have to love him, but that's the truth.

Dolphins will win 1st round pick in 2012 draft. So they will get Luck and Harbaugh.

Bobby, good post at 1:31pm.

Mark in Toronto....LOL. Very funny!! This regime guys no credit for going out and getting Incognito. I don't think he's a star and he has some limitations but I thought he did a solid job starting for us last year. I have no idea if he can play a good C for us.I don't see Carey as a quality RT any more but he might be fine as a guard. So for me, the upgrades need to come at RT (for sure) and maybe at C.

If I were Tony, I'd resign. See how chaotic things would go then!

Sorry my keyboard is sticking and some of that read like gibberish!

Lady gaga wears meat.

HA! Let's start painting Helter Skelter all over the stadium!!

Is Mariucci Offense or Defense ??

If I were Tony, I'd resign. See how chaotic things would go then!

Posted by: navydolfaninva | January 07, 2011 at 01:37 PM


You're telling me---HONESTLY---that you'd walk away from 3-million dollars for the unemployment line?

I don't believe it for a second, dude, sorry.

Bobby, read my follow up. It was a typo. it should read: You're ok with turning over coaches, as long as it's not the HC, who is responsible for them all.

Tells me everything. Sticking with something that isn't working, for the sake of continuity, is useless. What makes you think I want us to suck to be right? LOL Man, you Sparano apologists take things to the extreme. You're grasping at straws and making baseless statements. That's Ok though.

I don't wanna be right nor have a need to be. I gave you a list of reasons why I am not optimistic. You can ignore them, pretend like others & make ridiculous starements like I want us to suck.

Once again, people like you have mistaken me embracing the the present reality instead of an optimistic best case scenario which has nothing to support it's even possible.

Moving on...

Denver gives up on Harbaugh. hahaha, Elways is more efficient than Ross. That took like 5 minutes.


I think Marc Bulger might still have some game left in him. Did he end up in Baltimore this year? I thought Matt Moore might be useful but obviously Luck isn't coming out and I don't think the Panthers are drafting a QB any more. I might take a flyer on Matt Leinart. I know his work ethic and attitude and arm have been questioned before but I think there are worse options out there. So maybe a competetion between Henne, Thigpen and the Fa and you hope the light comes on for Henne.

Some of you guys crack me up!! So, Sporano's supposed to "suck it up" when his owner says he isn't firing him, and at the same time goes out and tries to find another coach. how would you feel if your boss treated you that way...yes, I understand it's a business, but as a coach if you operate w/o the confidence of the guy that writes your checks, how can you POSSIBLY be effective?

extend sparano for 5 years to show good faith.

if things don't work out, extend him 5 more years to show good faith.

if things still don't work out, extend him 5 more years to show good faith.

then, we can at least say we tried.

Mark in Toronto,

I'm assuming then that Harbaugh will be heading back to Stanford? Wow!! I wouldn't have called that. I figured Michigan, Miami, SF and Denver would have all been more attractive options. His star will NEVER be brighter! I think everything must have changed when Luck said he was coming back.

You can give him a lifetime contract. He's still a lame duck next year lol

perhaps you didn't notice, but his ALLCAPS was in response to Aloco, who tends to fall asleep on the CAPSLOCK key when he posts.... so good of you to tell the very guy who writes this blog what the rules are.


I didn't say this is a good situation for Sparano (nor has anyone else here).

I'm simply saying that the idea he would just walk away from 3-million dollars is beyond ludicrous.

And, yes, if you tell me that YOU would actually do that I have no problem saying you're probably lying through your teeth.

Don't count out Qb as a first pick. There are a lot of options in the FA market to address WR, QB and OL. They could easily go 1st Qb if Mallett, Newton or Gabbert are there, I would try to grab DJ Williams in the 3rd, and spend your way on a G, QB and a WR.

You HAVE to take a 1st round grade QB, JUST HAVE TO!!


If Sparano wants to trade places with me, i will gladly let Ross treat me like that for $3 million a year. There's one way not to be treated like that....WIN!

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