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Dolphins' ridiculous order of business continues

If you listen to my radio show or follow me on twitter, you know what's coming next: Cue the circus music. Send in the clowns.

Are you ready for this?

You probably know by know several reports, including this one in The Miami Herald, are saying the Dolphins have decided to retain Tony Sparano as Miami's head coach. Awesome! I've been advocating that all along quite forcefully, I believe.

But I have no issues that owner whatshisface has sampled the market to see if he could find an upgrade at coach. Nothing wrong with that. I have, however, a distaste for the manner that was done. And today that distaste grows.

The fact is that while sources within the team and close to owner whatshisface have leaked to various media the fact Sparano was to be retained, I know that no one told Sparano this.

Think about that ...

So the sources are telling the media. But they are not telling the principle person involved most affected by the news.

Stunning. Embarrassing. More embarrassing, actually. Head-scratching.

I do know there is a meeting planned for today between ownership and Sparano. I don't know when or where, but I assume the purpose is to break the news to Sparano that was broken first to the media.

One can assume Sparano will come out of this meeting the head coach of the Dolphins. But I cannot guarantee that. Who knows what other things owner whatshisface has up his sleeve and might want to spring on his coach.

And who knows if Sparano, hung out to dry the last four days while the Dolphins chased other coaches across the country, might not agree to be retained.

Strange? Thy name is the Miami Dolphins in January 2011. 


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Marc, I want to completly agree because Smith pissed me off. He had 12 dropped int's like 8 for TD's.

However that means he did make 12 plays to stop a completed pass...

If you want to point @ Dobbins be my guest tho. :)

Ross is a complete idiot. He acted like some rich kid who has to go out and overpay for the hot new toy. Who knows if Harbaugh would even be a good nfl coach. Thats what we all thought about Dick, I mean Nick Saban. I think with a new OC running the offense we should win a few more games. Ross shouldnt have gone about this the way he did. He doesnt know wtf he is doing. Especially telling Cowher that he has to keep ireland around. Cowher probably would have kept Nolan around anyway. Didnt need to push that issue with Cowher.
I would like to see Sparano to tell Ross to kiss it, and leave the fins. He deserves better.

Mark in Tor,

I feel the same way. I'd rather go the veteran QB route to compete with or push Henne. But the there is slim pickings out there.

Ahhh you just struck a nerve bro lol. Why in the hell did they pick Pat White. How do you evaluate a guy to be a second round talent but he doesn't make it the next year. Incompetency!

Here's my problem with the whole situation:

Is it always worth winning at any cost? Shouldn't being a decent person be a factor? I care a lot about winning, but not enough to sell my soul like Mr. Ross. If you don't want Sparano, fire him. But to publicly embarrass him that way Ross has done, it's just not worth it. B/c winning isn't always worth it at any cost. It's not worth your soul.

Mark, I said at MOST lol. My critiques of Ireland are about early picks in particular & FA's. He hasn't drafted, or Parcells, hasn't drafted well in rounds 2 & 3. Whoever is to blame.

2008 - Henne, Merling, langford - eh
2009 - White, Turner, Smith - eh
2010 - Misi - don't know, Jerry - dont know

FA's - Grove, Wilford, Wilson & on & on & on

Had they hit on even a FEW of those guys, we'd be in allot better shape. We need a serious boost in our talent evaluation.

Pat White was projected as a project pick thee deaed earliest @ the end of the 4th round... Just FYI.

MarK. That's nice and all, but we have a few starters that SHOULDN'T BE!

First name off the top of my head....SEAN SMITH!

Posted by: Marc | January 07, 2011 at 02:21 PM

2nd, Chris Clemmons!

Ross makes Snyder and Al Davis look like genius owners with these stupid, embarrasing moves! Give me a BREAK, Ross support Sparano and give him the players he needs to win! Get a decent OC and coaches to compete and improve and maybe next year with some good draft picks and guys come back from injuries this team can be BETTER than mediocre.

Luck staying in school is really looking like it screwed the fins---not only does it mean one less quality QB available at #15 but also may have taken Harbaugh away as well!!!


So why did this staff take him evaluate he is a 2nd rounder. Pat White was the type of player who was a good college player and should have been a 6th rounder. Nothing about him said NFL. Not his size, arm strength, his gimmick college offense etc.

Marc, I like Sean Smith. Sure, he can tackle lazy sometimes and drops a lot of picks right now but his main job is to cover and he does that very well.

If he could corral a few of those pick opportunities, he wouldn't be a pretty good corner, he'd be a pro bowler.

Carl Peterson Sucks???

I blame that more on Shottenloser???

They had assembled some pretty good talent over there.

Patrick Turner was the worst pick ever by Ireland. Not because Patrick Turner was a bust, but because no one even had him projected to be drafted!! You don't give up a high pick for a player not considered to be drafted. You wait and take him with a later pick. I have no faith in Ireland in managing the draft. Did anyone watch the Tebow special on ESPN? See how Denver manuevered around to get the players they wanted? Ireland is completely incompetent.

Andy, White was a product of expanding the gimmicky Wildcat. They saw that formation as a viable long term option. He was drafted for the sole purpose of playing 3-4 plays a game. He was a luxury pick IN THE 2ND ROUND of a team rebuilding. Either they were asleep that day or they really thought we could afford to risk a high pick on such a under utilized player.

Bad foresight, even worse scouting. Turner may have been worse though. It's funny, Henning said in 08 when they took over they all knew they needed speed at WR. So they proceeded to bring in Wilford, Turner & Marshall. The complete OPPOSITE of what they actually needed.

@ Andy NJ,
I think they got duped into thinking belicheat wanted him.

I too have little confidence in Irelands ability to evaluate talent.

look at his moves compared to ravens GM Ozzie Newsome.

Don't fret about Fist Pumper's feelings guys!

He has spent the last few days nippin on Sponge Cake ...Watchin the Sun Bake...While listening to Duran Duran's HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF in full Dolby surround sound!

"and doz types a tings...I believe dat I do I really do Mando"

Joe, notice a lot of the bad picks and free agents were on offense? That has a lot to do with coaching as well as talent evaluation. Most of those free agents were useful befire they got here. I think this is another area Sparano has a hand in. He had Tedd Ginn, didn't have him return punts at all. In SF this year, he scored more than Brnadon Marshall. HMMMMMM

Sean Smith actually improved from last year---went from getting toasted to dropping int and pass breakups....maybe next year he will actually catch the ball???.....R Jones should be our starting SS or FS next year as well.

andy, I do't have a good answer for it.

hhaaha, martin, our bride jilted us at the altar?!?!?!

Failing to bring in a speed WR to balance BM is enough of a blunder IMO to see Ireland gone.

The whole staff should have been able to figure out what was going to happen in preseason.

It's just ridiculous.


Right Mark. there are people here who insist Sparano & Ireland get a chance to redo the offense because they haven't yet. They've been redoing it for 3 years & CANNOT get it right. Proof is in the pudding. Why people feel they deserve another chance is beyond me.

I said it earlier. Good coaches can stop the bleeding. Our coach & Gm need need the offseason to do a complete transplant. Not just 1 year, every year. To me, their incompetence is clearly evident.

Stephen Ross is the only one who needs to be replaced.

Mark in T,

I really really hate to say this...but can you blame him?

Mark in Toronto,

I very much agree about how coaching has misused many players.

Ginn is a good example. They hated Wilford yet he could easily have helped the team in goal line on jump balls.

Ronnie never sees screen plays.

The rookie TE had a nice plat when given a chance in the very last game.

Same with the young WR's with speed who sat on the practice squad all year when the team desperately needed team speed at WR.

Sparano is a clown IMO.

They need to clean house like Cowher wanted, give the guy what he wants. He was ALWAYS a competetor.

Sparana was a freaking O-line coach, That's all he knows, sticking with Henning for this long was ridiculous. Henne is a joke, need someone that can complete passes - that's all. Have Marshall, Bess, Marlen Moore as a speedster, a decent yet expensive offensive line. Cowher wants to come, who gives a "*$* if we lose Ireland, all these Michigan Alumns getting together is a nightmare, I hope and pray daily that Henne's not on the team next year.

Go get Orton who at least can throw the ball and has some passion, draft a sick running back, I think we'll compete, but we need COWHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross is quickly becoming the Dan Henning of NFL owners.

On 1st down he tries some trickery with the old misdirection. Tells Sporano we're good little buddy, and chases every big name coach out there.

2nd down: Throws a hail marry(7 mil.)at Jimmy Harbaugh. Harbaugh wasn't even looking for the ball. Incomplete pass.

3rd and long, he goes BACK to the trusty but boring "inside handoff"(Sporano).

Just like last season, 4th and long, backs to the wall and we don't even have an offensive coordinator.

You just can't make this kind of stuff up people. From top to bottom, Ross's so called "organization" keeps putting itself in the worst possible position for sucess. From training camp, to the field, to the offseason, these guys know how to dig themselves into a hole!

God Bless Don Shula and Joe Robbie!!!!

And Mark, I will concede that I did see improvement in Smith's play late in the season. As things got worse, I saw him get better. That was nice to see.

Not enough for me tho think he's a long term answer but I actually FINALLY saw him initiate contact instead of people running into him. Some better WR's got the better of him & he isn't that great against TE's as people say but, I can man up & say he got better.

Now, if he'd stop tweeting & hit the ball machine, we'd be alright! lol As for me being a pessimist, negative or never having anything positive to say, how you like me now?

All the while Atlanta's 3 year plan comes with a home a shot at the Superbowl as did NO'S!



I like the way Atlanta gets Matty Ice as strong line, a bruiser/speedster at RB and a HOF Vetern TE as a safety valve. Oh wait! Thats great management and coaching?

Steve Ross' anus must be sore as hell today. PFT is reporting it's between San Fran & Stanford for Harbaugh. Not even a PEEP about Miami. How does it feel Ross to be used as leverage?


He did rack up a butt load of frequent flyer miles!

Hey Mando can you climb out of Tony's bed. Report real stuff, this is a waste, but I'm sure your ratings are up!

Look, for all those who want to get on Sparano for going 7-9....They could have very easily have been at least 10-6 if Henne had not thrown a few interceptions at critical times. And, if they there would have been a whole lot less focus on Sparano's micro-managing or disagreements on the sideline. And to those who say the problem with Henne is confidence I disagree. I believe Henne has confidence. What he doesn't have is the innate quarterbacking skill that allows him to dodge a rusher, throw to a double-covered receive where only his receiver makes a play, or to understand situations where chances are needed. I think he is confident in the plays he makes. He just not make the right plays all the time. And,that will have him destined to be a backup or low-tier QB in the NFL. The only fault I have with Sparano is that Henne should have been benched after the Cleveland game..

Hey Mando you going towhatshisface's for dinner anytime soon? I'm sure you earned your Parcells patch for another week.

Anything news worthy to report?

Im gonna bite my lip, but now add JL Raleigh to the xs henne female jersey post in 2011/2012.

From ESPN: "The Miami Dolphins are prepared to offer head coach Tony Sparano a one-year extension through 2012, but sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen there are raw emotions stemming from the team's pursuit of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh."

There you go. Kobe's wife got a ring. TS gets an extension.

"Look, for all those who want to get on Sparano for going 7-9....They could have very easily have been at least 10-6 if Henne had not thrown a few interceptions at critical times."

JL, shoulda coulda woulda. When are we gonna stop making excuses? Eli manning threw 25 int's, more than Henne & Coughlin's Giants DID win 10 games. We need to stop scapegoating.


How is you know Smith isn't hitting the juggs machine. Because he tweets.

Sparano a clown? You can say he isn't a good game manager or poor talent evaluater or anything that deal with his weaknesses as a coach.

To call him a clown is far from the truth. Sparano is a honorable man, calling him a clown is an unfair statement.

What all this boils down to is, judgement. Ross should have been a lot less public about pursuing prospective HCs. Nothing wrong with exploring options but if it goes bad and everybody finds out, you're going to look like a fool. What's wrong with picking up the phone and asking if coach X would be interested? Or do you really think champagne and your buisness savvy is going to sway coach X? Sounds a lot like Huizenga's tactics.

Ross thought he could cherry pick a HC and leave a GM and DC in place. And it didn't work. Bad judgement.

Chris, everything that has transpired the last few days....absolutely NOTHING good will come of it. Sparano had his head cut off. Ireland looks like a weasel & Ross looks out of his league.

For all our sakes, let's hope they can patch everything up to TRY to have a decent season next year.

Mark in Toronto,

I like Sean Smith too. He has some work to do on hanging on to sure picks but he's always around the ball and it got to the point last year that opposing QBs threw away from him.

I'm going to hope for the best but if things do go further south maybe we'll get "luck"y.

Ross is a businesssman. Everybusinessman has to have a plan!! What's the plan man. Obviously is is not too intuitive as Mr. Ross
seems to be struggling. As an HR manager he sucks. He just removed Tony's eggs!!! in fromt the whole public. And when you have to coach idiots who cannit even come up with a sand lot plan.....Rots o Ruck!!

If the paln is to move the team to LA ...so far Ross is doing pretty good.
If the plan is to build a strong team and bring back HONOR to SOuth Florida, Ross is losing his ass and his fan base. Shula, the team of the 70's and Dan Marino made the Dolphins one of America's favorite teams.

So move the team to LA and see what Magic Johnson and his boys can do?





I believe if I were Sparano, I would require a pay increase in that extention beginning with 2011.

JB, firstly. Settle down. The Smith comment was a joke to Mark. I've been riding him all year about Smith.

Secondly, please show me where I called Sparano a joke.



Are you out of your mine? Move our Dolphins to LA?

How long have you been a Jests fan?




I'm sorry. that post was directed towards Oregon.

Yeah Aloco,

Agee with those players, except for Ricky. I know he wants out, but he actually played ok this year. Better than Ronnie and at least he broke a couple this year.

If he wants to go, I say see yeah. He looked healthy, but with no OL and nobody opening up wholes or blocking what can you do.

No worries. I wanted to make sure not another person misread something I said. Good day to you, JB


Personally I'm not a fan of Smith. I've never been a fan of players that have a need to run their mouthes.

I know at that position you need a certain amount of arrogance. I just like the way Davis carries himself.


JB, earlier this year I saw Smith ducking every RB coming his way. My wife even called him a pu**y aganst the Bengals cause he ran up the wrong hole instead of tackling the RB who ran for a TD. He had him dead to rights & ducked out.

Late in the season though, I saw him actually taking guys on. I'm ok with him going in as a starter next year. That's the season we'll know if he is a long term starter or not.

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