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The Saturday meeting with the media (w/ audio)

The so-called round table the Dolphins planned for Saturday is over. The idea of the thing was to set the record straight on what happened over the past week and announce coach Tony Sparano's two-year contract extension, which is worth approximately an extra $6 million

It had its moments. But it was not the Dolphins' finest hour, I'm sorry to report.

As a synopsis, I would tell you:

Club owner Stephen Ross says he never contacted either Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden. Jeff Ireland said he "never wavered" on his opinion of Tony Sparano and that he told Ross "Tony was still the right man for the job."

"In the beginning and in the end of all this, I believe Tony Sparano is the right football coach for this football team," Ireland said. "I've always felt that. That has never changed."

Ireland, however, was on that flight to California to woo John Harbaugh. And he never communicated to Sparano that he was going or what was happening. He did not address those specific facts. But did admit, "I was in a tough spot. And I put Tony in a difficult spot as well."

Ireland read his opening comments from a piece of paper. So did Ross for the most part. (You'll be able to tell in the audio.)

"I was asked by Steve if I thought Harbaugh was the right coach for this team. I told him Tony was still the right man for the job."

Ross did his predictable (read my previous post) admonishing of the media. We're evil and often wrong. He corrected the fact Carl Peterson was not on the flight to California to get Harbaugh -- which was reported by ESPN, NFL Network, The Miami Herald and practically every other media outlet out there. Guess everyone had the same wrong source.

Ross did admit some mistakes of his own. He said he should have told Sparano he was flying to meet with Harbaugh. "I shouldn't have been talking to coaches and seeking a replacement until I decided that I should make a change," he said.

Now, let me take you back a second. Despite saying he only talked to Harbaugh, Ross did talk to more than one coach and every time he spoke on the topic he used the word "coaches.' He "talked" to Eric Mangini when the former Cleveland and Jets coach called him about something or other.

And while Ross said neither he nor anyone in the organization ever spoke with either Cowher or Gruden, sources close to both men continue to insist he spoke with their representatives.

That doesn't make Ross a liar. But if that's how it happened, it makes him a master of nuance. When you speak with someone's agent, folks, it's like you're contacting that guy in my book. Anyone that doesn't understand that needs to go back to working with crayons. It is, in fact, the first or second step of trying to hire that guy.

Then there is something that wasn't asked thus not addressed: Suppose Ross is completely accurate here and everyone else is wrong. So Ross, who said he was trying to explore all avenues of improving his team, was doing so by flying across the entire span of this nation, but he completely ignored the two most accomplished and decorated unemployed coaches on the market?

Ross is clearly thinking of replacing Sparano but doesn't pick up a phone to talk to two former Super Bowl winning coaches, one of which has put your team on a list of teams he'd love to work for?

Sorry, you cannot have it both ways. Either the Dolphins did contact Cowher and Gruden (at least through their agents) ... or they really are inept about getting the best coaches possible.

If Ross maintains the media -- all of us -- were wrong about contact with Cowher and Gruden and if that is the actual case, then he is totally clueless about which coaches need to be contacted during a search. Wonder if he would be so eager to say the media was wrong when presented with that choice?

The Dolphins need help upgrading the offense and don't even reach out to Gruden? Really?

Ross also said he didn't think his search for a new coach would be a big deal. "This was my first time I interviewed and I never thought this would be national news," he said.


Sparano agreed with Ross and Ireland that mistakes were made -- by them.

"The communication problems, I felt like at the time, had it been said right away, that would have been fine and I would have been able to deal with it," Sparano said. "I do think the communication end of things that both Jeff and Steve alluded to could have been handled different."

(A little aside here: I was not at this meeting. I was not allowed in, in part, because the Dolphins limited media presence to two people per outlet. The Miami Herald in an epic failure of wisdom, in my opinion, decided it would use its slots on a reporter and videographer/photographer. The Herald offered me the one reporter chair. I turned down that reporter chair because I am not the beat reporter. I am a columnist that specializes on this beat so I wasn't going to ask someone not at the meeting to write the lead story while I wrote my opinion. I also am the morning show host of Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports here in South Florida and that station had two slots. I could have used one of those. But the Dolphins forbad that, saying I would be taking advantage of a "loophole." Thus I was locked out. I heard the entire meeting on a speaker phone, instead. Not the best way to do it but did what I could with what I had to work with. You might be asking why did the Dolphins conduct this meeting in a room so small they would have to limit media access. They do, after all, have a team meeting room that seats about 100-150 people. I'm told some of the folks speaking at the meeting aren't comfortable getting up in front of large groups.)

And with that ...

The thing that intrigues me most is the relationship between Ireland and Sparano. These two guys have to work together if the Dolphins are going to have any chance of winning going forward.

Ireland said Sparano would probably still have questions about what exactly happened this week. But he also said he and Sparano had a great conversation to discuss everything and that hard questions were asked and answered.

"... He knows how I feel about him and I know how he feels about me," Ireland said. "We've worked together for nearly seven years. We have a great working relationship and more important we have a very close personal relationship." 

Sparano put a good face on the relationship as well. He didn't say he loves Jeff Ireland but neither did he mention leaving a bloody, sawed-off horse head in Ireland's bed last night. 

"I tell my players we don't place blame, we solve problems," Ireland said. "The three of us are trying to solve problems and move forward."

Sparano on the offensive coordinator search: "We're going to open this thing up and try to be more explosive. We're going to hire the best man for that job."

The time frame for that?

"We're going to move forward as fast as we can," he said.

Ross ended the 40-minute meet by saying, "I will deliver a winner."

I was listening on a speakerphone. Maybe he said he will deliver a wiener.

Anyway, if you got an extra 45 minutes or so to spare, you can listen to the entire meeting. Just click here. There are a couple of seconds of empty background noise to start and at the end. If that link doesn't work, try this one:

Download Ross_Roundtable_Herald




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Tortured, yeap, you're right! We sucked this year, even though we beat your jets at your house. But yes, Dolphins did not play to their full potential. So what's your point. IF your beloved jets pull out a win, do you really think they can match up against the Pats? Child please, Colts have so many people hurt, Pats are healthy......but hopefully, you'll lose this week and your post will only be a premature ejaculation! LOL!


I guess I can go home and BLOW Fireman Ed now, huh???

Every needs to get over Ross and this story. Our owner made an error, because he was trying to make the Dolphins better. News flash: The Glazer family essentially did the same thing to Tony Dungy when he couldn't win in Tampa. Gruden came in, remember? Bucs survived just fine.

TORCHERED GO BLOW FIREMAN ED'S tiny little dick! LOL..................

FG GOOD! LOL! And Tortured is here!

LMFAO at the most pathetic franchise in the NFL. Love listening to you little biatches argue with each other over your pathetic team. Looking forward to another easy ticket in Miami next year and another win. Every teams fav road trip. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Who has a better shot at beating the Cheatriots? Jests or Colts?

All together LOSERS





I ask again - how long has it been since you won 3 playoff games????





Are you Jason Taylor fans weeping with joy right now?
And BTW Tortured Anus.....the Patriots are now favored by 45 now.


Ross probably said 'I will deliver a whiner". And he is, so he has.

PATS 65 JETS 3! LOL.................

Brandon Marshall is probably going nuts right now. That last play Snachez to Edwards is a play that Marshall was born to make.Throw it up to him. Even when he is covered he is open. But the wisdom of how our quarterbacks were coached tells them to go through the progressions then dump it off. That was a perfect example of what Marshall has been talking about.

Tortured, according to my 3 wives and multiple girlfriends, I am an A--HOLE! Congratulations on the jets win over the hurt Colts, from one a-hole to another. Since it takes one to know one.....however, your toe sucking coach will be consuming dirt next week! Once again, jets will NOT achieve a SB victory since Namath....


Darryl, excellent point! Henne has been dumbed down and our coaching, except for Nolan, has stunk!!!!

why do fools bother to respond to Tortured...that only feeds him...lonely depressed folks like him need to be completely totally ignored as though they never posted anything, then they go away...folks like him don't merit any response ever.

I always thought the Jets would win this game anyhow, next week should be epic rematch.

q, personally, I am far from being a fool and I object toward your assumption that anyone responding to the the moron Tortured Dfan is foolish! Have you perchance thought we might be toying with him and stirring the pot? So that his fall will be that much greater next week? Think man......before you cast unfettered judgments!

Armando Salguero sounds Homosexual on the radio, but it is not a homosexual, he indeeds knows his football, so dont be fooled by his homosexual voice.

Thiggyforstarter, Armando is not stupid, he knows football, but I'm a moron and have made better predictions than he has.....anyway SNL is on with Jim Carrey...very funny!

ODIN!!!!HELP!!!'Where you B at?

everyone think the Pats are gonna trounce the Foot lover's team next week????

Sky, What the deuce is going on in Davie???, There a laughing stock up here....

The Herald should fire Armando, this is rediculous! We come here because he has access we don't & this is what we get? He has become a radio hack & it's killing any integrity the Herald has. All these national guys are reporting things Armando is reporting because of the access he is granted, and he is being irresponsible reporting things as fact that are dead wrong! Enough is enough, go ruin another team to promote your crappy radio show!

Cuban, the Dolphins are a laughing stock everywhere, check Dan LeBatard's article, which will be in tomorrows Miami Herald, but is posted on the blog today under Team News. It's about Sparano being a charity case, Mando had a meltdown worse than Chernobyl, and other reporters have been appropriately critical. Ross is a billionaire, but has less football savy and acumen than any of us....and there are a lot of idiots on this blog....need I say more? My respect to the Empress, I remain a loyal subject.....lol.

Wow - the video of that meeting with the media.
Coach Sparano looked like he had something else on his mind.
I think he wanted to beatch slap Ross around the room.
Maybe kick the teeth out of Ireland's head.

Bobby B, you obviously missed my post.... where I said, "The news media never lets the facts get in the way of a good story!" But as we are, Mando is entitled to his opinion and that is all that he does, opinion pieces, he is right most of the time! Although I have argued with him in private emails more than once.


I Shell send your respect to The Empress.....

TS gets an extension after all this crazy stuff. Now what?
Another 7-9 season and middle 1st round pick that probably won't get us a good QB.

You all have a FINTASTIC nite................



Thx Cuban, goodnight to you and the Empress, squeeze her pineapples for me!




Screw it, r

I don't give up easily, rplusr did you get a chance to read Dan LeBatard's column?

Finally went thru....Haaaaa!

Wuss. Quit blocking my posts. Maybe, just maybe, the media (you especially) got the story WRONG. conviction of belief still doesn't make you right. This isn't your team. You don't play for them. You don't work for them. You don't even root for them consistently. At the end of the day, you're just a hack with a symbiotic relationship to the Dolphins. As in parasitic.

Bigdaddy2002, who are you talking to?

gotta love Ross' naive optimism... superbowl 2012!

Better keep looking for a new coach and GM because these two bozos are going to self destruct rapidly.

Bill Belachek to Tony Sparano let me show you how its done!!! LOSER!!!!

no douhbt drake, will def be looking for a new everything again next year

This team is in big, big trouble. I really mean it - maybe the worst in the league next year. I'm done, I've been a Dolphin fan for over 35 years - I'm picking a new team - I am humilated and they should be too.

Just like Le Betard said, this is a soap opera for males. And has NOTHING to do with how Miami will play next year.

The only thing that will change things is finding an answer at QB. Finding an OC that understands the best defense is a good offense. STOP making draft-day mistakes. Better game-planning from a HC in arguably the toughest division in the NFL. Creating a better balanced team so that they are polished on offense, defense AND special teams.

This fiasco didn't do anything to address any of those matters, so it only means something to people interested in anything but what's out on the field. It's like some people like to watch the cheerleaders during games, but those like me are only interested on watching the players.

On the Jets, do they have a good QB? Well, yes and no. He's definitely not polished, definitely not consistent. But, what Sanchez IS, and Henne IS NOT, is a gamer. Sanchez knows when he HAS to make plays, and makes them. It's also easier when his teammates help him by making the plays they need to make.

But that all stems from leadership, trust, confidence and teamwork. All reports I've heard say Sanchez is a great locker room guy. His teammates like him and support him.

I doubt you'd find that level of support for Chad Henne. I KNOW Henne doesn't DESERVE the respect, trust OR support Sanchez has. Why? Henne is no leader. He's not on the same page as his teammates. He doesn't do what's needed to GET on the same page. Therefore, Henne needs to sit down. Put on the red shirt, go run the practice squad. All this stupidity about, "Henne has been handcuffed and can still be salvaged" is just more Miami wishful thinking. This team needs a leader, once and for all. Hell, I've said here all along don't get McNabb. But ONE thing he can do, I'm POSITIVE of it, is be the leader on offense this team so desperately needs.

sanchez usually sucks until last 2 mins of a game, hes clutch

how can a fat,old, washed up qb be our leader??

The same way he's led all the teams he's been on bill. Whatever you want to say about his style of play (which, by my 1st-hand account being in DC is extremely degraded), Donovan McNabb is a leader. That has nothing to do with your physical attributes, what I'm talking about is character and strength of personality. You can't be a wallflower and be a QB in the NFL. Even Eli Manning showed he had some fire and led his huddles.

My point in that is to say that is exactly the qualities you need in your QB. Pennington had them, Henne doesn't.

And more importantly bill, you can keep complaining about everything (lord knows there's enough to complain about), and since your just a fan like me, you actually have no job to do to improve the team, so that's your right, but I now prefer (after complaining for awhile) to start thinking about what this team could do if the stars aligned and they saw the light to progress and making the Playoffs.

And that's what I'm offering, my ideas on how this team could improve. Again, you can smack it all down, that's easy, anyone can do that. But if you know what's wrong, or what won't work, then it might be interesting to get your big brain to apprise the rest of us on what MIGHT work to improve the team?


Well, the best thing to come out of all of this is most of the dimestore Dolphin fans will leave so the true fans can move on.

I still think we should shop Marshall for Oline/RB/QB help. Of course, his value is so diminished now that may be wishful thinking.


DC Dolfan - you're crazy if you don't think the players on this team realize what happened. Sparano will NEVER have full autonomy with this team. Remember when fat Jimmy Johnson decided he was going to quit? The players knew he was a lame duck and just didn't care to play for him - if they didn't have such a good defense that year - they never would have gotten to the 62-2 debacle that embarrassed us all - this team is in big trouble - I don't have a problem with keeping Sparano - but they should have kept him without playing the field first. They are in big trouble next year and will be looking for a new coach half way through the year - write it down

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