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The wisdom level of Miami's offensive staff

None of what you are about to read is news. But all of it is truth.

None of my words are opinion. All are based strictly on facts.

Keep that in mind as you read the paragraphs that follow.

The Dolphins on Wednesday announced several changes to their coaching staff, with most of those having to do with Miami's much-promised revamped offense. The Dolphins announced Karl Dorrell is now the quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins announced Steve Bush is now the wide receivers coach. The Dolphins announced Ike Hilliard has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach.

That adds to previous additions of Brian Daboll as the offensive coordinator, of Dan Campbell as the tight ends coach, and of Jeff Nixon as the running backs coach.

Thus, the remaking of the Dolphins offensive coaching staff seems complete.

"Once you see this staff we're going to put together, you'll see it's going to be exciting," general manager Jeff Ireland said this week after a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. "It's going to have a lot of energy to it. It's going to have a lot of wisdom to it and we hope the results mirror the defensive production that we had from Mike Nolan and his staff last year and the players that were on the field."

The energy and excitement part is yet to be determined. The wisdom part also will be determined at some point in the future. But if wisdom is aquired through experience, then the Dolphins offensive staff will have to do a lot of learning on the job.

Fact is quarterback coach Karl Dorrell has never been a quarterback coach before on any level.

Fact is running back coach Jeff Nixon has never been a running backs coach in the NFL.

Fact is tight end coach Dan Campbell has never been a position coach at any level before.

Fact is wide receivers coach Steve Bush has never filled that job at any level.

Fact is wide receiver assistant Ike Hilliard has never coached in the NFL at all.

Fact is five of the six new hires the Dolphins just made to coach offense will be new to their jobs either because they never coached the position before, never held an assistant's job for that position in the NFL before, or never coached in the NFL, period.

Nixon played running back at West Virginia, but this will be his first job as an NFL running backs coach.

Dorrell has been a college offensive coordinator and head coach and was Miami wide receivers coach the past two years, a position he also coached in Denver early last decade. But he's never been a quarterbacks coach.

Bush was a college defensive coordinator at New Haven and Boston University and a high school head coach in New Jersey and New York. He was also Miami's offensive quality control coach since 2008. But he has never held a wide receiver assistant coaching job at any level.

Hilliard played wide receiver in college and was the wide receivers coach for the now defunct UFL Florida Tuskers. But this is his first job in the NFL and his first coaching NFL wide receivers.

And Campbell, an offensive coaching intern for Miami last year, played tight end for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. But this is his first stint as a tight end coach at any level. Fact is, according to the Dolphins media guide as all these other facts are, this is his first job as a position coach at any level.

That makes offensive coordinator Brian Daboll Miami's most experienced new hire. Daboll has two years experience as an NFL offensive coordinator as he was the Cleveland Browns OC in 2009 and 2010.



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Now THAT is good stuff

Someone shine a bright light on this situation...please...PLEASE!!!

Its almost like Sparano wants to fail..Really amazing hires considering that the idea was to get better. I would be surprised if the Dolphins win 7 games next year. My bet is they win 5 tops, probably 4, and Sparano is fired. Once the owner showed his hand, he should have just let Sparano go instead of absurdly giving Sparano a contract extension.
The Dolphins are on a losing road right now.

This team is going to be a pathetic, catastrophic embarrassment in 2011 and Ireland, Sparano and all of these interns they just hired will all be fired.


They must have missed my resume...Dang

Good, time for some fresh blood, some new ideas, and some youthful energy and exuberance. Maybe this coaching staff can get these guys to actually hustle a little during the 2 minute offense.

Oh my Lord. What the hell are they thinking?
I thought hiring Sparanos' own son was bad enough.

You forgot Tony S. Jr! Another NFL rookie!

Yeah, I guess everyone was so happy with the long-tenured guys that were on the staff last year. Why don't we give the new guys a chance before we complain?

Wait, how did I miss that...Sparano hired his son?!



Anyone else thinking conspiracy theories at this point? becuz that would make more sense than trying to explain this fiasco

Does Sparano realize that if the dolphins don't improve on 7-9 his reputation as a coach go out the window and should never coach an NFL team again ever anywhere same goes for Ireland at GM

yep now i understand why so many fans are happy they kept sparano for stability hahaha stability? this bozo is going on four years here and cant even get a coaching staff stabalized much less an offensive line, might as well just forget about the draft till 2012 when these incompetent people are finally gone after we tank down the stretch yet again next year wow stability haha thats funny

Did I miss Vince Lombardi's Prior Head Coaching experience or NFL playing career... or Mike Holmgren's or Bill Cower's for that matter?... Just sayin... experience isn't everything...

and then people are on here talking about "lets give the guys a chance"

i feel like our team is being hi jacked and taken from us

these people are full of crap and dont have the slightest idea of what theyre doing

they dont understand that we are far behind from our division leaders . yes maybe we can split the wins with them but then we still have to beat other teams also.

i said it when we hired daboll our team is being taken from us and all of us our sitting here just letting them do it and ross is too much of an idiot to realize what is goin on under his big ass nose!!!

most people on here just seem to think we have to sit here and take it

butwe can voice our opinions

and for damn sure we dont have to go to these games

and if any of you disagree with what i have to say this is my opinion and eventually you'll realize this when we have a 6-10 season

we dont have to go to these games!!

Wolfman..You said that Newton has leadership skills, unlike Vince Young.You are quick to forget that Young lead his team to a Rose Bowl victory against Michigan, where he was the whole offense. The National Championship game was perhaps the greatest in history, and he sure looked like the leader. College doesn't always easily translate to success in the pros. Young arguably was a much better leader, his teamates and coaches at Texas would have followed him into a burning building. Newton definitley has some off the field issues as well. This may or may not come into play. but it should raise questions about his character.

Look at it this way....

If they actually improve next year and look like they know what they are doing, Sparano takes all the credit for putting this staff together.

If they fail, all Sparano needs to do is tell everyone this was the best staff he could put together. After Ross let all potential hires see how the show was being run, Tony just says, "These were the only guys I could get to listen."

Might work for him.

It is obvious that the Fins will stink. How many ways can you reinvent ways to prove it?


We're Saved!

These new hires are awesome!

Most have been groomed from Division 1 New Haven

Oh wait - who are they again?

The sky is falling, the Dolphins will only win one game, you people need a good job to keep you busy. the Dolphins will be what they will be, and nothing we say will change that, get a life and enjoy the day. Bill

Utdolfan...Don't you think if Sparano flames out this year he will get the sack? I could be wrong. But to me this is a move it or lose it year for Tony. The extension was an apology for the public humiliation Sparano dealt with during the "Hunt For Harbaugh" In my mind it is a one year test. Pass, or fail.

Interesting... Not sure there is a way to win. He could have hired a bunch of recycled coaches who have failed somewhere else in some form or fashion - older men who have nothing in common with this very young team. Or hire a bunch of young no names, get them on board with his philosophy, connect with the players and see how it goes. Who else hires no names and not retreads? Some doofy guy named Bellicheck.

choosing a coach with experience gave us HENNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rest my case. give these guys a chance

Experience is not everything but you do have to know what you are doing. Hiring coaches that have never coached those positions before ????? If we just did this to maybe one or even two positions then i would say ok lets give a shot but the WHOLE DANG OFFENSE. We are going to make the COME ON MAN highlight reals the whole next season. This is not a very good situation here in Miami. I am willing to give it a chance but optimism should be practiced by all of us dolphans. This ROSS GUY SURLY HAS NO CLUE. Did I just say NO CLUE, I MENT NOT A DAMN CLUE????????

Sounds pretty "Lucky" to me !

and since you were stating facts, you missed one about Hilliard. He didn't only play wide receiver in college. He was the 7th pick in the draft and played the position a little in the NFL as well.

Well...... We had plenty of "wisdom" and experience in Henning...... Let's try the opposite end of the spectrum.....the old "beginners luck" plan hahaha. It really will still come down to offensive line and good defense anyway..... I think I rather not make the playoffs than lose in the afc champ game 2 yes consecutively..... I'm pretty sure old Rex went home and ate an entire honeybaked ham off his wifes feet..... (vomit)...... Here's to having a higher draft pick than the jets..... That's better in the long run anyhow! Go fins!

The "can't get any good assistant coaches after Ross's gaffe" excuse is a red herring.

If I am an assistant coach with aspirations of becoming a head coach and want to be in a position to take over a team - Miami is the place to be.

You'd rather not go to the playoffs than lose in the AFC game 2 years running?

That's pretty silly...

At least people talk about the Jets, good or bad.

Nowadays when you say you're a Dolphins fan, people say something like "Yeah, I used to like Marino", or they snicker...

I'll take playoff losses

So, they go from the man with more experience than Vince Lombardi (Henning) to rookie coaches. It's almost like Candid Camera. I'm looking around to see if there's a punchline.

But, this could be a blessing or a curse. With all Parcells' wisdom, Miami was 7-9 2 years in a row. How much worse could rookies be? Plus, like people said weeks ago, what type of coaching talent were they really going to get, after the Ross fiasco and everything that happened? This might be the best they could come up with.

But it'll be funny at practice:

WR Coach: So, Brandon, what should we work on?
BM: Well, Coach, usually we'd do some pass drills, and then we'd work on route-running.
WR Coach: Yes, ok team, pass drills, then route-running. Umm, Brandon, sorry, which pass drills should we work on?
BM: This is going to be a loooong year!


Yes I believe if he flames out he is gone. I was more commenting about something beerphin said regarding Tony's reputation as a coach if this fails. If he does flame out, at least regarding all the new hires, he can lay much of the blame on Ross for scaring off the more respected candidates. Helps deflect the failure from Tony.

Not saying he would do that publicly, but it might be enough to keep some NFL doors open for him.

LOL @ DC...

Greg Cote posted all this info yesterday. Very hard to have confidence in what this FO is doing.

Well the Fins had the Wisdom of Solomon with Henning. He was so old Solomon and he used to play chess together!

They might just be going contrarian thinking and doing the opposite.

No matter, I will wait and let the guys actually lose some games before slamming them.

Jury is out, recess indefinitely.


The Karl Dorrel move makes me scratch my head more than ANY of the others...

From WR coach to QB coach?!

He played WR and he's NEVER coached QB's...

Dan Henning had what...a 100 years of "wisdom" guess he was more qualified for the job. So your point is....oh yeah your an idiot mando!!

These new hires are probably Sparano sticking it to Parcells for bringing in old farts like Pasqualani, Henning and Lee. He's hitching his wagon on youth and new ideas. It would be too difficult to follow Ross's mandate of an aggressive, creative team with conservative, old-world thinking like Henning's. Rather, it's better to hire those with a short resume, a lot of ambition, and a little-to-lose mindset to push this team in a radical new direction.

I'm lead further to believe that Newton, Kaepernick and perhaps VY are a bigger focus now. This is a copy-cat league and everybody has seen the excitement a running QB like Vick and Tebow can generate. So it wouldn't surprise me if they pursue that route to further support their radical new offense.

I'm withholding my opinions on these coaching hires for now. But the facts are alarming. The chance of this team making it deep into the playoff next year with these inexperience coaches is slim. I've lost faith in Sparano, but I have to hand it to him for making a daring move. Let's hope he's right.

Oh, and Dorrell had losing seasons 4 out of 5 at UCLA as the HC...

So, our HC, QB, QB coach, OC, and I'm sure most of the staff are LOSERS!


Reminds me of 2004 when Wanny got one last chance and you could see the writing on the wall before the season started. He made it to mid season.

Giving away a 4th rounder to the Pats to move up one spot in the 1st round.

Ricky Williams leaving.

Depending on an offensive line populated with Wade Smith, John St. Clair, Taylor Whitley, etc..

Blowing a 2nd rounder on Jay Feely. Blowing a 3rd rounder on Lamar Gordon.

Having faith in Jay Fiedler one last time.


I guess Brandon Marshall has somehow convinced them that WR's actually do know more about what the QB should be doing, and how he should be doing it.

Why is this a huge deal? The one guy that may have some pressure is Dorrel, and he has plenty of experience as a football coach. That is the key word here. Just think at one point in his career. Mike Nolan was a tight ends coach. Hardly a creative defensive mind right? This happens all of the time, and is right out of the Parcells play book. Go back and look at some of his staffs, or any coach that was a mentor in this league. Also most coaches with experience become coordinators. Wouldn't there be a big red light if sat a guy was a career running backs coach? Don't go jump off a curb, or shoot the post office up. This isn't a big deal.

While everyone is all focused on what QB to select, I've been saying for some time now, this FO is a far bigger concern right now. Are they taking all these novice staffers because none of the well experienced coaches would even come here? It's a shame Ross didn't know how to go about luring a top coach. The general thought is that Sparano is on a very short leash, win next season or else. It sure appears to me that next season is already a wash and this team won't really get back on track until 2012 and a new FO.


Maybe Marshall just said something like...

"Coach...Don't matter who you hire, or who the QB is, if Brown or Ricky come back. Just have them throw me the ball EVERY PLAY!"

The blind leading the blind...smells crappy to me. And before some of you say..I like these moves, Miami must have done theor homework, or let's give them a chance...well all I have to say is...realistically, this doesn't look good to me at all...

Because we really did our homework on brittle bone odrick right...lol, what a joke. I'm feeling more along the lines of our entire coaching staff minus Nolan will be fired afyer 2011

One and fifteen here we come. Oh !....waite a minute, we have Lil Fist Pumper to save us. I feel much better now.Sparano and son remind me of Chief Wiggum and his son Ralph.

Darryl - I'm well aware of VY's performance in the Rose Bowl. That's not necessarily what I'm talking about in regards to "leadership" qualities.

I'm talking about the way Newton leads by example. From everything I've heard, he is a tremendously hard worker and he expects the same from his team mates. Newton performed at a high level this past season at Auburn which IMO lead to a number of other players stepping up their game. He works with these guys to improve...he's talking to them on the side-lines, etc. Newton can be seen praising fellow team-mates and pumping them up...getting them going. On the sideline, in the locker room, on the field.

Personally, I don't know that his skills translate to the NFL...but in regards to real leadership ability....I'd put him in the Tim Tebow category before I would the Vince Young category.

VY = Lazy, heartless, completely lacking in work ethic, divisive, crybaby.

It'd be great if your FACTS had a POINT, Mando.

We get it -- they're inexperienced. How about some freakin' context? How many college OCs have made the transition to QB coach in the NFL? How many ex-NFL WRs do well coaching that position?

All you do is list information that is READILY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. So, not only do you FAIL at reporting the news in regards to the team you're tasked with covering, you can't even analyze said news competently. This blog post accomplishes nothing, aside from making you look like an ego-driven blowhard with no journalistic ability. Especially without a content or copy editor to clean up your typos and grammatical laziness.

-- Bebo

cowkilla. Don't be suprised if Nolan is gone too...It was rumoured that he wanted out this year...

Actually, it's just "The Acorn Philosophy" being brought to the coaching side of the game.

There's something to be said for youthful exuberance and fresh ideas, but the comments from Ricky and Taylor and others right after the season really get to the heart of the matter, which is that Sparano is way out over the skis as an NFL head coach. If the players don't have confidence in their leaders, the team is sunk.

Hiring this cast of characters will do nothing to improve player perception that the people in charge know what they're doing...........or that they're worth listening to.

Miami can't attract decent coaches based on Sparano and Ireland having one foot out the door and one on a banana peel. What kind of player is going to come here once free agency starts??????? Eeeesh.

Based on the direction (or lack thereof) that Miami is going, it would appear as though Mike Nolan is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over qualified for his job.

Did anyone REALLY expect any legit coaches to come here to be a position coach on a lame duck staff? Commons sense fans knew this is what was coming. Now, we have to endure it & hope for the best.

Wolfman...VY is all of those things right now. In College he was a leader. Thats all. And how do you know Newton is a hard worker. He has taken the easy way out in every crisis situaton that has been thrown his way. It's mnot like the offense he ran was rocket science. So how do you know he is a hard working man. You could make the point that Newton is a spoiled, cheater(tests). That has quit on a program, and could have cost another a chance at the title. He has growing up to do, and in my opinion has some character flaws. Now all of these things that I say will not matter if he can prove to be a good player in the NFL. But to say Young wasn't a leader coming out of college, IMO is wrong.

Free agents that want top dollar will come

MARSHALL. Highest paid WR in the league
DANSBY. Highest paid LB in the league
BESS. Highest paid slot WR in the league

Perhaps we'll make MANKINS the highest paid Guard
and ASOMUGALALA the highest paid DB AGAIN!

All of these coaches or mostly first timers will be under the watchful eye of Tony Sparano, Jr. the Offensive Quality Control Coach.

Hmmm, does Tony Jr. have any experience? This is exciting!!!!

A friend of mine made the interesting point that Tony Sparano is the third best coach in Dolphins history. On reflecton, I agree.

Think about it:

THE GOLD STANDARD: Shula -- the record holder, two Superbowls perfect season etc.

DISSAPOINTMENT AT THE TIME BUT STACKS UP WELL WITH PERSPECTIVE: Jimmy Johnson -- who didn't lead us to the promised land but -- still compiled a 36-28 record with three playoff appearences in four years. Dolphins fans would crawl over glass for that kind of record today.

WORTH A FIST-PUMP: Tony Sparano who, inexplicably still has a winning record.

DIDN'T GET A FAIR CHANCE: Jim Bates, 3-4 in an otherwise diastrous season. It gets worse.

BUT LOOK WHAT HE HAD TO WORK WITH: George Wilson...who didn't make the team any better and look what his successor did...


UTTERLY INCOMPETENT: Cam Cameron 1-15...but, oddly not the worst of all time.

WANNSTEDTION INCOMPETENCE: Dave Wannstedt -- who set the Dolphins on a death spiral of incompetence that the team still has not recovered from today.

I have pee-wee and pop-warner coaching experience. Maybe I should have sent a video and resume to the Dolphins.

Experienced Need Not Apply.

I wonder if people who want Newton have done any research of him at all like how many schools he went to and how little starts he has. And how little skills he has. Or do they just want him because they want a black QB. This guy is just like Russell, he's looking for one big payday and he's out of there, he's a bust. He will not go in the first round.

Also who are these legit position coaches? I would say 75% of them are inexperienced at some level.There are exeptions to the rule, and in some cases there are lifetime lets say running back coaches(see Indianapolis) But good coaches usually get promoted to coordinator, so there are always guys moving around. coaching different positions. Also it doesn't matter that Carl Dorrel has never coached quarterbacks. What matters is that he understands football. Not all men make good head coaches. this doesn't mean they cannot coach(see Wade Phillips)Also, IMO this regime is fighting for their lives this year. Do you think they are going to go out and hire guys they don't believe in with their heads on the line? Give it a chance. If by game 10 our quarterbacks play like dogs, and the running backs can't hit the holes, or pick up blocks. Then go nuts. Be right, say I told you Darryl Dunphy but you wouldn't listen you baffoon. I can handle it.

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