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The wisdom level of Miami's offensive staff

None of what you are about to read is news. But all of it is truth.

None of my words are opinion. All are based strictly on facts.

Keep that in mind as you read the paragraphs that follow.

The Dolphins on Wednesday announced several changes to their coaching staff, with most of those having to do with Miami's much-promised revamped offense. The Dolphins announced Karl Dorrell is now the quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins announced Steve Bush is now the wide receivers coach. The Dolphins announced Ike Hilliard has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach.

That adds to previous additions of Brian Daboll as the offensive coordinator, of Dan Campbell as the tight ends coach, and of Jeff Nixon as the running backs coach.

Thus, the remaking of the Dolphins offensive coaching staff seems complete.

"Once you see this staff we're going to put together, you'll see it's going to be exciting," general manager Jeff Ireland said this week after a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. "It's going to have a lot of energy to it. It's going to have a lot of wisdom to it and we hope the results mirror the defensive production that we had from Mike Nolan and his staff last year and the players that were on the field."

The energy and excitement part is yet to be determined. The wisdom part also will be determined at some point in the future. But if wisdom is aquired through experience, then the Dolphins offensive staff will have to do a lot of learning on the job.

Fact is quarterback coach Karl Dorrell has never been a quarterback coach before on any level.

Fact is running back coach Jeff Nixon has never been a running backs coach in the NFL.

Fact is tight end coach Dan Campbell has never been a position coach at any level before.

Fact is wide receivers coach Steve Bush has never filled that job at any level.

Fact is wide receiver assistant Ike Hilliard has never coached in the NFL at all.

Fact is five of the six new hires the Dolphins just made to coach offense will be new to their jobs either because they never coached the position before, never held an assistant's job for that position in the NFL before, or never coached in the NFL, period.

Nixon played running back at West Virginia, but this will be his first job as an NFL running backs coach.

Dorrell has been a college offensive coordinator and head coach and was Miami wide receivers coach the past two years, a position he also coached in Denver early last decade. But he's never been a quarterbacks coach.

Bush was a college defensive coordinator at New Haven and Boston University and a high school head coach in New Jersey and New York. He was also Miami's offensive quality control coach since 2008. But he has never held a wide receiver assistant coaching job at any level.

Hilliard played wide receiver in college and was the wide receivers coach for the now defunct UFL Florida Tuskers. But this is his first job in the NFL and his first coaching NFL wide receivers.

And Campbell, an offensive coaching intern for Miami last year, played tight end for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. But this is his first stint as a tight end coach at any level. Fact is, according to the Dolphins media guide as all these other facts are, this is his first job as a position coach at any level.

That makes offensive coordinator Brian Daboll Miami's most experienced new hire. Daboll has two years experience as an NFL offensive coordinator as he was the Cleveland Browns OC in 2009 and 2010.



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I am an electrical contractor. I can bring some electricity to this team and light up the scoreboard! Where do I send my resume? LOL

i aint saying my sucks but its an up hill climb in my opinion. we really lack any type of credibility in the coaching staff, GM and owner after the circus that was in early Jan.

this team can play w/the best of them in my opinion. they had last yrs SB teams beat. they beat both this year(sarcastic as they lost to Pitt) split w/the Jets and before the special team melt down were playing w/the Pats.

coaching is the difference to me. the coaching staff put their players in situtations to fail more often than not! and now we retool the off side of the ball w/a ton of coaches that are green?

understand why i am not confident going into 2011.

Why won't the Dolphins draft Hurricanes? Every playoff team had at least former Canes. We need RB's and the Canes are loaded.

Guys I think Sparano might be making the smart play on this one. You OC runs the same type of O we have been working on for three years. So playbook does not need gutted.

Our QB coach was a WR coach so you get our young QB thinking like a receiver. We are probably going to have a vet running the show next year any how so the QB coach is for Henne's growth.

They are all young so none really wants the HC job so they are going to work like crazy to keep the HC in his job.

Fix the o-line in the draft and bring back Brown or Williams along with a Young, McNabb or Linhert and the o can improve enough to let the D take us to the playoffs.

We all thought it was mostly play calling so a hungry OC who is probably on his last shot is going to be more focussed than say a previous HC with conections.

This could work, we could have Palmer another old man with past failures, so I think a promissing young OC trying to make a name might be smart. Go Dolphins!

what happen to my team?,
I see what you are saying about the team. It's understandable because we do not yet know what this team will look like and how the new coaches will perform. Hopefully, it will all work out for the best!

I agree with you shula71... Good points. Daboll was a hot commodity recently so hopefully he will live up to expectations in Miami!

Posted by Phin4lifeI wonder if people who want Newton have done any research of him at all like how many schools he went to and how little starts he has. And how little skills he has. Or do they just want him because they want a black QB. This guy is just like Russell, he's looking for one big payday and he's out of there, he's a bust. He will not go in the first round.

Posted by: Phin4Life | January 27, 2011 at 01:28 PM

Phin4life....you throw some wild accusations out there in your post while at the same time asking have others done their reseach....

Have you done yours......

Or is this blog declining to a level where we just throw sh*t out there without any validity or facts to back them up?

Always the critic Armando. You could be right (you will get a little gold star if the Fins don't do well) or wrong (in which case, you will never mention it). Simple question Mr. NFL expert: list the NFL (or college) assistent coaches that the Dolphnis should have considered. Thinking is a lot harder that complaining isn't it?

Guys, this is GREAT! Karl Dorrell is the QB Coach. Picture this:

Training Camp, Henne throwing to receiver drill
(Henne throws incomplete to WR)
Dorrell: Henne, what was that?
Henne: Sorry Coach, guess I overthrew him.
Dorrell: Henne, (holds up 2 fingers and a thumb) how many fingers am I holding up?
Henne: Uh, 3 Coach?
Dorrell: Sh*t, you're blind. Is that it, are you blind?
Henne: No Coach, I have 20/20 vision.
Dorrell: So, you're not blind? Ok, let's try again.

(Henne throws to WR, underthrows WR)
Dorrell: You gotta be sh*ttin' me, Henne, what was that?
Henne: Uh, sorry Coach, I need to put some air under that.
Dorrell: Listen up sh*t for brains, I'm only gonna tell you this once. These receivers, they'll stretch for you. They'll work to get open, run crisp routes, and work with you if your pass is a LITTLE off, but this is freakin' crazy.
Henne: Sorry Coach, I'll get it, promise.
Dorrell: Ok Chad, let's try it again.
(Henne throws a dump-off to RB, but drills it at him and RB can't handle the pass)
Dorrell: HENNE, the guy was 6 feet from you, why the bullet man?
Henne: Sorry Coach, put too much arm into it.
Dorrell: Son, come here. (Henne approaches Dorrell. Dorrell then grabs his facemask and pulls him away from other players). Let me tell you something you little pr*ck. You see that guy over there (points to Sparano). That's MY boss. If YOU look bad, I look bad, and I can't have that. I'm trying to be an OC in this league. So, I'm gonna tell it to you straight. You EFFE up THIS year, like LAST year, and I'm gonna kick the living sh*t outta you. Is that clear?
Henne: Uh, I guess Coach.
Dorell: Ok, let's try again.
(Henne throws to a wide open TE, and overthrows him)
Dorrell: (shaking his head) WHO NEXT? Thigpen? Pennington?

Give Mandy a break. Can you imagine trying to make NEWS out of this team daily?

That little "enactment" was to illustrate how Dorrell will take the WR point-of-view, NOT the QB. So, any inaccurate throws will be blamed ON THE QB! As long as the WR, TE and RB is where they should be, the accuracy of the throw is the responsibility of the QB. Henne better start to understand that, and stop saying, "We." He needs to learn, "I", as in, "I MESSED up!" "I am to blame." "It was MY fault!"

Actually guys I have been a fan since 71. Don't really know too much of the x's and o's. But I just like to see my Fins win. Not just by the skin of their teeth with field goals but with exciting, gritty, gutsy football. With dominant defense. With creative/brilliant calls on offense at critical times like the hook and lateral. I miss those kinds of games. I will always be hopeful that the Fins will be that team again. The Fins will always be my team. Good or bad.
So I guess what I am saying is that no matter who we have for coaches I will still be in my seat every Sunday rooting and hoping for the best.

Good point DC, but, what does a former WR know about throwing mechanics, and footwork, and all those QB things?

Hope I'm wrong, but, I never am...Except for that one time

Great "enactment" DC. Love it!

Sparano.....its your staff....your team.....you got my support....

If your bold enough to build a staff like this...maybe you will have the balls to draft a 1st RD qb.....

Trust me man...I think its your best shot for longevity.....you can tell Mr. Ross you need time to develop your QB

Marc, you think Henne needs to be coached on mechanics? Footwork? Dude, CHAD HENNE!!!

LOL! Yeah, obviously my reenactment was a spoof. This will be to coaching what Hogan's Heroes was to World War II.


Hard to argue with facts. This is also a fact: Oscar Canosa you don't know anything. Why don't you purchase the book football for dummies. Your comments on here are always so inane.

By the way, I'm all for new blood. I love what Raheem Morris is doing in Tampa. Love what Haley's doing in KC. I was all for Tony Sparano 3 years ago (new blood).

And I know this is done all the time. But, like Marc said, shouldn't a QB Coach be teaching mechanics? Will Dorrell be reading from a book or something? I know NFL players are more polished and don't need to learn basics, but that's exactly why you need an expert to Coach NFL players. It's like learning how to be an astronaut from a meteorologist. I'm SURE Dorrell knows how to coach, to manage, to motivate, but does he know where the big toe should be pointing if you're throwing a 25-yard out? Does he know how to shuffle away from a defender without tripping over your own feet?

I dunno. But if he doesn't, we might have problems.

I don't care about the WR Coach, RB Coach, TE Coach, I think that's less scientific. I think it's easier for another Coach to jump in and do that job. But, a QB Coach?

Perhaps they are building a coaching staff that will allow Miami to be in position to draft Andrew Luck next year.

This bores me...Enjoy guys

maybe Ross is a genius.......he seems to be guaranteeing that we get the 1st draft choice NEXT year and get Luck.......so then with a real QB for a decade and a whole new coaching staff the Fins could be awesome in 2012 and years after that@!....pretty decent planning....but is he smart enough to have figured that out?

For how many more years are some going to say Henne just needs to work on mechanics? 4 year college starter, 3rd year pro...and still doesn't have his mechanics right? Are we are supposed to believe its really all the coaches fault? Fine, give him another shot, but if things don't look encouraging by game 3 next year I say its time to move on. It's been said here before by myself and others, Henne can put together more than one good quarter...1 quarter on fire, 3 on ice. Need to see that pattern reverse.

I hope these guys have fire....i'm actually starting to get fired up over the youth movement....Everyone had to start somewhere....

Tony....my resume is on the way.....

I LOVE IT! You guys are actually starting to give me hope for next season!
Whenever the folks on this blog clamor that we've got a great chance at making the play-offs; we suck!
Whenever you guys say that the sky is falling on the Fins; we go off on an 11-5 season and make the play-offs!
So, keep those nasty comments coming kiddies!

I think a lot of fans called this after the Harbough debacle. It would be tough to get coaches to commit to Miami because of the situation here. Sparano in reality wouldn't generate a lot of interest from other coaches looking for work, all things considered. So instead of blaming Sparano and saying stupid things like ' he wants to fail', come to the realization that the current situation is the fault of Stephen Ross.

All that I can say about this blog topic is at least if he fails, Sparano can walk out the door whistling Sinatra's famous hit. "I Did It My...... Way!"

H-Bomb, I'm not one to stick up for Henne, but lots of QB's coming into the NFL need to improve their mechanics. College ball is different and they are being asked to do different things.

But, I agree, this being his 3rd year, he should be showing signs of improvement. Problem with Henne is he shows flashes of brilliance right before he shows signs of being a joke. This inconsistency is what he showed at Michigan too. People only want to look at his good games, but he had tons of bad ones for anyone watching.

Henne knows he doesn't have an entire season to prove himself. He has one preseason. He might not even make it to Week 1 as the starter.

kris, how long it take you to get home yesterday?

Mark In Toronto...saw your post from the last blog....your right...Farve was the 1st pick of the 2nd round as was Brees....I just i wanted to mention that....for all intensive purposes they were 1st rd picks.....but you kn ow me...i just wanted to put the facts out there and let others decide

This is for Tracy:
We're gonna suck next year, 1-15 (IF WE'RE LUCKY). We're gonna be horrible. The joke of the league. This year's Carolina.

Think that'll help?

DC...I left at 12pm...I was home bu 1:20 PM....ans watching the fiasco on the news......what about you

BobbyD12.....Saw your comments from the last blog to Aloco....and I agree...who knows if any of these plans will work....the bottom line is that this team next to get on a course to getting better and staying better...no one year wonders.....we need playoff sustainment....

SO which ever way they chose..I will be happy when we are winning

Doom and Gloom naysayers, at least give it until draft and free agency concludes before prophesying the Fins 2011 season as Armmegeddon Rewind! LOL..................

I have 160-5 record as Head Coach.
I have 11 straight season having the number 1 offense in points scored, rushing yards, and passing yards.
I have 11 straight season having the number 1 defense in pts scored aganist, yards, and turnovers, sacks.
I have won 11 straight SUPER BOWLS!!!!!!!!!

And these Bozos get jobs and I'm still on the sidelines.....Sparano is an idiot

Madden11 Coach of the Year

Bra1n your an idiot

"The "can't get any good assistant coaches after Ross's gaffe" excuse is a red herring.

If I am an assistant coach with aspirations of becoming a head coach and want to be in a position to take over a team - Miami is the place to be."

When you change regimes within an organization, every goes, hence Daboll. This unless they hire within which is very unlikely based on the buffet of talent Mando has laid out.

I was smart like you kris. Left around 12:30pm, got my car inspected, was home before 3pm. But I heard some HORROR stories dude. 15 min. (usual) commutes taking 6 hours. YIKES!

This is Mid-Atlantic talk for all you South Florida-ites. Y'all don't know nothin' about this!

fire all these clowns in the front office!

Karl Dorrell, the new Dolphin's QB coach to Henne.
"Ok man, I need you to study up during the off-season. What did you do last year?"
"Well, Lee gave me a copy of Quarterbacking in the NFL for Dummies. Said that's where most of our playbook would come from. And, he made me watch the Longest Yard like a dozen times!"
"Ok, well here's a copy of Madden. I want you to go through it with a fine tooth comb, especially Madden 101! As for film, why don't we look at actual game footage for a change and start breaking it down."
"Ok, but what do I watch for intertainment?"
"The Replacements. It's a CBA year!"

Yeah...you guys don't know about this...

DC...I don't know how far you go...but I do about 75 miles one way...inner loop....maybe 86 outer loop...

Anyway...I have seen at least 3 cars on there side in the last 2 days.....whats up with that....it snowed some...we didn't have an earthquake...did we?

kris, yeah, i posted the Brees/Favre thought in the last blog not noticing a new one was posted. Hhaaha, stupid me, I stayed there talking and there was nobody there to listen.

Sure wasn't the first time it happened to me ....

I'm sorry to say but you are a joke Armando. Meaning I can't take you seriously anymore. Your pot shots full of negative vitriol at the regime is too much and sad. How did it work out this year with all the years of wisdom and experience on the offensive side of the ball for the Fins? Not very good? Were you critical of them? Yep. It just goes to show that you look for the critical and not the positive no matter what. You didn't even write an article mentioning what this might mean for the Fins in terms of who these coaches are (just pointing out their lack of NFL experience)? Bums me out to think your negative energy has to ask questions to the regime and players. Check the years of wisdom on the Patriots staff including B.B. and tell me how they are doing? So does it really matter? Why don't you add up the years of collective wisdom there. But you won't. Please Miami Herald get somebody with deeper insights. Sparano is no dummy and Armando makes him out to be one. We need a reporter who can glean what's really happening! Bring back Mr. Pope! Find somebody else or grow up and become an insightful reporter who actually tries to figure out what's going on. Shula likes Sparano and believes in him more than any coach hired since. Does that mean anything to you? Obviously not. Sad.

DC, kris, sorry to hear the US eastern seaboard is getting snowed under. Be careful guys.

No snow here, and realitvely mild for January - temperatures right around zero.

How long until someone blames Canada for the weather down there ...

LOL Tracy!

kris, I know man. Saw so many cars on the side of the road on the Outer Loop I thought it was Iraq. I only travel 16 miles, but you can imagine how long it takes (Bethesda to DC). Hour, hour-fifteen if I'm lucky. But, yeah man, cars along jersey walls pointing in wrong direction on 495, that's like the set of an invasion movie.

Anyway, off to the hotel. Got no power, not sure when it'll be restored, I'm not freezing my balls off tonight.

Catch you people later.

Fish I was typing the same thing, Thanks man... How did the Wisdom thing of our last O coaches worked out, New blood, New Ideas, No more retreads, I remember many years ago we had a staff that had two previous O coordinator in assistance jobs and we still could not move the ball. As this point lets talk about the Water Boy, and the Receptionist how about the equipment manager is ?? We need to relax is the offseason. We got a new O coordinator, thats really all that matters

Mark in Toronto....lol....ihva e done that myself...I hate being the last poster...the refreshing the page over and over.....wondering why no else has posted anything.....

and I hadn't thought of it before....but yeah.....I gotta blame somebody or something...so I will blame Canada....We need invented enemies...itd the American way.....

Blame Canada!!! Blame Canada!!! With all their hockey hullabaloo!!! Lol yea it was even cold down here in Florida by our standards!!! But I think they hired these no names so they didn't have to pay top dollar to coaches that will be coaching scabs next year!!! N when next year is around they will clean house n get a real coaching staff!!!! Lol

DC....when i said on there side i meant ON THERE SIDE....LIKE 2 WHEELS UP....2 DOORS ON THE PAVEMENT......

The electricity thing must suck....ours have flicked...but luckily hasn't gone out

Got a sneak preview of the new OC's playbook...here is the 2011 plan:

1. First series of the game, we will take a shot deep right away. Now, if the pass is overthrown, underthrown, batted down, or intercepted, we won't try it again for the remainder of the game.

2. Give Henne a chance to find some groove, once he has found some rhythm, we'll go Wildcat for 3 plays.

3. In 3rd and long situations, teams will be thinking pass, so we'll fool them and run up the middle.

4. 3rd and short situation...yes Polite has done well, but we don't want 2 yards, we'll go with the end around pass option flea flicker.

5. Special Teams...we need to keep are fast guys fresh, so Cobbs, you get return duty for the 4th straight season. We'll put in some fresh blocking schemes that will get you past the 25.

6. Play action - after faking the handoff, casually drift right towards the blitz, this will make them think you really don't have the ball.

Here's My 2011 Formula:

75% of a team's success is on the players, 25% on the coaches. So to have a perfect regular season the players need to win 12 games and the coaching staff 4 games.

Even with the so-called "inexperience factor" going against them this coaching alone should be worth at least 1 victory. So lets say our record in games that come down to pure coaching and scheming issues is 1-3 in 2011.

Remember I said 12 games are predominantly based purely on player talent and execution. Let's say we make sign the right fa's and draft correctly. Then this newly upgraded squad wins 75% of those 12 games which comes to a record of 9-3 in those 2011 games.

Inexperienced coaches record is 1-3 and players record is 9-3, which comes down to having a 10-6 2011 record overall.

Basically Im saying I can care less than a damn who our coaches are. Just get some better f*uckin player talent in here. I will always believe that 75% of a team's win-loss record is based on player talent alone.

Doesnt matter if all of the Disney cartoon characters filled our coaching staff. We can still win with enough of the right talent.

Stay safe DC

0x80.....can I make one little correction to #1....

if we complete it or not.....we won't try it again for about 3-4 games.....

# 5 is hillarious....one of our rookie WRs gains 45 yards on a kickoff return....next kick off return...back to Cobbs.....Its funny now.....wasn't then

I'm with you on the chill out thing. In fact because of all this negative crap I'm almost sure the Fins make the playoffs and make a run. What creeps me out is how Armando creates this negative point of view and the rest of us fans just buy in! He did it with Daboll and he's doing it again! We've got to be smarter than that and not buy his negative BS. When was the last time he said or wrote anything positive? Maybe he can answer? This is how you sell papers folks. Don't buy it! Stay positive and watch the magic. We really aren't that far away! We beat GB, we really beat the Steelers but the refs took it. We beat the Jets once and were driving to at least tie the other. Come on people. Don't buy Armando's crap! Let's create some good energy and love for this team and regime. I'm with you Owl!

0x80, thats to funny, I could had my 13 year old called the plays and be a little lest predictable than that aberration of last year. How now maybe the requirement for all the new coaches was, Have you played Madden and what level have you achieved made it to advanced !! excellent your hired

I don't care what anybody says...Judge Judy is still kinda hot....

Oh no, we suck again!!!

David lee was an very experienced and qualified quarterbacks coach, as far as the fans eyes can tell he was also not very good at developing new talent, changing the natural trowing motions of Pat White and Henne, going by the comments of Ricky and Marshal if the QB had a good play off book he would be yelling in the sidelines at them ?? well looks like the receivers won this round since the old receivers coach is going to be the QB coach. and Penny seems to really like the new OC. maybe we will have a new functional offense, considering we won 7 games last year, were are going to be ok...


Tracy474, they could also watch the Water boy about 10 times before game day...

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