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The wisdom level of Miami's offensive staff

None of what you are about to read is news. But all of it is truth.

None of my words are opinion. All are based strictly on facts.

Keep that in mind as you read the paragraphs that follow.

The Dolphins on Wednesday announced several changes to their coaching staff, with most of those having to do with Miami's much-promised revamped offense. The Dolphins announced Karl Dorrell is now the quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins announced Steve Bush is now the wide receivers coach. The Dolphins announced Ike Hilliard has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach.

That adds to previous additions of Brian Daboll as the offensive coordinator, of Dan Campbell as the tight ends coach, and of Jeff Nixon as the running backs coach.

Thus, the remaking of the Dolphins offensive coaching staff seems complete.

"Once you see this staff we're going to put together, you'll see it's going to be exciting," general manager Jeff Ireland said this week after a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. "It's going to have a lot of energy to it. It's going to have a lot of wisdom to it and we hope the results mirror the defensive production that we had from Mike Nolan and his staff last year and the players that were on the field."

The energy and excitement part is yet to be determined. The wisdom part also will be determined at some point in the future. But if wisdom is aquired through experience, then the Dolphins offensive staff will have to do a lot of learning on the job.

Fact is quarterback coach Karl Dorrell has never been a quarterback coach before on any level.

Fact is running back coach Jeff Nixon has never been a running backs coach in the NFL.

Fact is tight end coach Dan Campbell has never been a position coach at any level before.

Fact is wide receivers coach Steve Bush has never filled that job at any level.

Fact is wide receiver assistant Ike Hilliard has never coached in the NFL at all.

Fact is five of the six new hires the Dolphins just made to coach offense will be new to their jobs either because they never coached the position before, never held an assistant's job for that position in the NFL before, or never coached in the NFL, period.

Nixon played running back at West Virginia, but this will be his first job as an NFL running backs coach.

Dorrell has been a college offensive coordinator and head coach and was Miami wide receivers coach the past two years, a position he also coached in Denver early last decade. But he's never been a quarterbacks coach.

Bush was a college defensive coordinator at New Haven and Boston University and a high school head coach in New Jersey and New York. He was also Miami's offensive quality control coach since 2008. But he has never held a wide receiver assistant coaching job at any level.

Hilliard played wide receiver in college and was the wide receivers coach for the now defunct UFL Florida Tuskers. But this is his first job in the NFL and his first coaching NFL wide receivers.

And Campbell, an offensive coaching intern for Miami last year, played tight end for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. But this is his first stint as a tight end coach at any level. Fact is, according to the Dolphins media guide as all these other facts are, this is his first job as a position coach at any level.

That makes offensive coordinator Brian Daboll Miami's most experienced new hire. Daboll has two years experience as an NFL offensive coordinator as he was the Cleveland Browns OC in 2009 and 2010.



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ST's coaching schemes, bad game management, and play calling means the coaches went 0-4 for the entire 2010 season(based on coaching's directly responsible for 25% of wins and losses). We were 7-9. This means 4 of 9 losses on coaches.

They gritted out 6 road wins and 1 home win for a 7-5 record based on thier talent and the talent level faced. Thus a 7-9 for the entire season. Without the ST's gaff we could have won at least 2 more games(9-7). With better game management and play caliing possibly 1 more(10-6).

Or if we had the same questionable overall coaching and just a little better talent maybe we still finish 10-6 despite of those gaffs.


Are you considering those coaches problems as being corrected? Coaches talk about getting mistakes corrected with the players, who will correct the coaching errors, Daboll?

David Lee had only one year of experience as an NFL quarterback coach when he came to the Dolphins. After that one year he was demoted to quality control coach, which means he basically got coffee for other assistants.

He was inexperienced with pro quarterbacks and it showed.

david lee was a man of high integrity like oscar .

If our overall coaching record(25% of wins-losses) is 2-2. That will be 2 more victories than they had in 2010. Based on this formula(25%) our coaching staff went 0-4.

Our player talent record was 7-5, still this is based on level of talent they faced and we faced some pretty bad offenses too. Could have been a little worse had we faced a little heavier diet of really good offenses.

If the st's problems get fixed that can equal 2 more victories in the coaching staff dept. A serious upgrade of talent could equal 2 more victories. Solve these two issues and we can easily finish 10-6 or 11-5 in 2011 and that isnt very farfetched my friends. LOL...........

Hey man don't get me wrong I did not like Coach Lee, but just look him up in Wiki, not hard to find. He was a Qb and held the Qb coaching jobs in collage and the pro.. Now all this wisdom did not do squat for Us

If we dont finally get the st's issue solved in 2011, we still finish 8-8 or 9-7 even with a talent upgrade in needed areas.

Yeah unfortunately the late season ST's was reverting back to terrible again.

St's dont always win you games but they can still lose you at least 2 games a year. That's a helluva lot when your overall talent suggests you're a middle pack team. Enough to cost a wildcard playoff berth.

I know the inexperience at coaching is risky, but what I like about it is that it means there won't be a lot of "this how we've always done it" bullplop. Two of the coaches, Campbell and Hilliard, have been players so recently that they'll bring a freshness to the braintrust that just wasn't there last season. Don't forget, they're probably holding open the door for Pennington to be named Assistant QB Coach if his rehab falls short. So that'd be yet another recent player added to the mix.

Well here is a thought: Maybe WR coach turned quarterback coach will turn Henne that is having a hard time passing the football into a wide receiver and the defensive backs who cant catch the football may be able to throw it.

This is a way to get more season ticket buyers rufkm

I just dont understand the the mushy-mush Dolphin love affair with Chad Pennington. The guy spent nearly his entire career with the Jets. Came to us in 2008 led a dink and dunk offense that was successful against inferior teams then his wet noodled arm was fully exposed as The wildcard Ravens absolutely crushed us in the playoffs. Pennington caved in like cheap tin foil.

In 2009, the noodle arm fell off 3 games into the new season. Then last year the wet noodled tissue paper disguoised as an arm ripped apart after the 2nd offensive series.

So you guys tell me, WTH is the man love affair with Pennington all about? The guy isnt even an original Dolphin and was basicsally plucked from the Jets scrap heap. Jets may have gotten a better deal landing JT. Geesh!

Come on, Armando. The headline of the column should have been "The EXPERIENCE level of Miami's coaching staff." Don't equate wisdom with experience. Your relentless bashing of Dan Henning all year should speak to that. As to whether these guys will be good, well, we won't know until they have a chance.

In November, 2008 you RAVED about Dan Henning ("...the Dolphins have found a solid play-caller and proven championship offensive coordinator..." is what you wrote then) but the honeymoon sure ended quickly, didn't it?

Before you imply that the guys the Dolphins just hired KNOW nothing (as evidenced by your choice of the word "wisdom" in the headline) let's try seeing what they actually do... you know, when they have EXPERIENCE.

This may have already been said but i wasn't going to read through 100 something comments. It seems as if even with an extension Tony knows he's a lame duck and this will be his last season. So he's trying to give those that have been loyal to him (with the exception of Daboll) a shot of landing somewhere else knowing that his whole staff will be vacated if they don't make the playoffs this year.

This Dolphins fans treasuring Chad Pennington is getting sickening! He was severely damaged goods coming here and has been about as durable as Chinese rice paper. GTF over Pennington, I dont even want him as a qb coach.

Dolphin fans are becoming just as brain dead as the fo it constantly complains about! LOL...........

every great coach that ever coached,came to their first job with no experiance.
infact every worker in the work place at their first job came with no experiance.
people went on to be presidents,ceo's etc.
these guys have been around football for years,they didn't just get the job because they are great arm chair coaches on the web arm chair coaching teams throughout the season,they are out there acually involved in real football,college or pro's,unlike the armchairers here questioning their qualifications.
what makes any of you qualify to question their qualifications to coach a position .

time will tell,and only time.
the odds are ,that your opinion has a 50% chance of being right,that they flop or don't.
easy to say I told you so,being an (armchair) knowing nothing ,but being able to say I told you so.

give these guys the day and then judge them on their merit not on speculation.



DB, the Pennington thing is two fold, obviously he showed leadership on a team basically without a QB when he got here, and also it appears they value highly his mentoring abilities and general knowledge. Judging solely from his peers, he is regarded as having high football intelligence. He seems destined to go into coaching, quite possibly with the fins. I agree, no way to have faith in his arm any more at this point. I still give him the majority of the credit though for that div title in 2008.

Jeff Fisher just got fired..... Can we still fire Sparano???? LOL

Jeff Fisher out of Tennessee? Maybe the owner had a change of heart on Vince Young. Have no clue who he will get as a coach though.

All the other jobs have been filled...... Maybe we get him after next year's fiasco! :)

Oh Man, what happened?? Did they pass on my resume? I have 8 years experience coaching Pop-Warner and 2 years coaching High School. My qualifications wasn't as good as those they hired? Hmmm....

50/50 Jeff Fisher is coaching the Dolphins next year. I would have said the same even BEFORE this development in Tennessee.

All depends how Tony S. does this year. Unlike a lot of you, I don't think the Dolphins are necessarily relegated to also-ran status. Teams surprise people all the timeregardless of how "sure" fans are about their prospects.

But, yes, Fisher could easily wind up there.

Ca_Dolfan, Are you a relative of the fist pumper???, Did you send in your Resume, With that type of experience the Toxic Waste dump in Davie should had hired you....., Are you a African american??, If you are please contact The NFLs office in New york, They have the Rooney rule to abide to., Good luck in your future endeavors...LOL

NO Coach wants to come here as they know Tony is a Lame Duck Head Coach and with the moves he has made so far HOW will they even sell Tickets to this Circus Next Yr?????????

The Titans parted ways with Fisher today...fine Tony now and get the Fish to coach the Fins!

Prolly not because Ross likes his man meat Ireland

ross had every chance in the world to can both sparano and ireland and he didn't, they wont be around much longer,just as soon as ross gets his head out of his ass. jeff fisher is available.

JEFF fisher stayed with his team for the last 55 years and won an EGGPLANT ,ANOTHER LOSSER COACH ,NEXT .

Jeff Fisher wont be unemployed for long.......

And the hits keep coming. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Aloco, You Think the current Regime can bring the Mighty air-breathers to the Promised Land??????????

fried EGGPLANT+fried whiting +green olives = great snack .

Jeff Fisher wont be unemployed for long.......

Posted by: Cuban Menace | January 27, 2011 at 07:08 PM

All the NFL jobs are filled..... 2012 he'll be a hot commodity! If Sparano does not show improvement......

Canes, I'll bet my bottom Dollar that the fist pumper wont last past the Bye week........

Don't like the timing of Fisher leaving. He's got Dolphins written all over him. Does Ross do the unthinkable?


if they hire the younger sparano kid who's playing football in collage as a fin ?

Hey, back there FLPD passed me a bum bill. Yeah, I know all these football reporters are mad at me because I take them to task. Listen, in the end, all these posts are only opinions and they will not affect anybody's security by an iota. Look at it this way, they couldn't nab Julian Assange by divulging State secrets only for being too rough in a sexual act. Yes?

I have'nt felt this sick since the air breathers allowed Dave(No nut sack required)Wannstadt was named head coach.....

Jim Zorn is also available for the QB coach job.... fired today by Baltimore!



if they hire the younger sparano kid who's playing football in collage as a fin ?

Posted by: ALoco | January 27, 2011 at 07:16 PM

Aloco, What the duece are you trying to say??????

Dolphins brass needs to do the right thing here

Can't make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Crap, Can't even make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Breast if you have never seen it done before. Most of these guys haven't seen it done before so the best they can hope for is a good draft that will get rid of some of the Chicken Crap and give them some Chicken Breast to work with. Then we will be praying that they get lucky! Either way, we are screwed! JMHO

Been thinking about that quality control position I didn't even know existed. You know, I mean, us here in Miami, well, you know, after the firing of John Bonamego I inmediately suspected something fishy. The guy had done a good job on ST for two years with basically the same personnel and suddenly he started fuc-ing up? HMMM... None better than TSJr. for that position.

How many big named coaches have we gotten that sucked?

Too many, so let's wait and see before we start bitching.

I hear TSJR has a new and improved "Fist Pump" for the upcoming season....

Yeah, Cuban Menace, yeah.

It's the hardest it's ever been to be a dolphins fan. Why? Because we are years away. We draft poorly, our coaches all are inexperienced also-rans.....pathetic.

Exactly inimounts

Jeff Fisher out in Tennessee. Guess all the regular bloggers will be on about how he's coming to Miami now.

The talk is he ends up as the DC in Philly for a year. Would be a good hire for them.

Well this what happens when you keep a coach that was 1 and 7 at home. We have a clown owner and clown GM along with a head coach who is really a offensive line coach, nothing more.

TS hired them because they can't get his job. Nolan, who is right now untouchable, is the only danger to King Tony. So hire the fools and he can play court jester for at least one more season.

Our only hope and prayer is a season long work stoppage

I think Jeff Ireland and Sparano are getting paid for this from the Jets, or a promised job when they get fired. Hey Ross, Jeff Fisher is available now!!!! You can still change your mind.

Mike, Think how great the front line played last year, And that's the fist pumpers Forte...LMAO, 3 and 13 here we come.......

Or 1 and 7 for a strike shorted season..........

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