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The wisdom level of Miami's offensive staff

None of what you are about to read is news. But all of it is truth.

None of my words are opinion. All are based strictly on facts.

Keep that in mind as you read the paragraphs that follow.

The Dolphins on Wednesday announced several changes to their coaching staff, with most of those having to do with Miami's much-promised revamped offense. The Dolphins announced Karl Dorrell is now the quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins announced Steve Bush is now the wide receivers coach. The Dolphins announced Ike Hilliard has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach.

That adds to previous additions of Brian Daboll as the offensive coordinator, of Dan Campbell as the tight ends coach, and of Jeff Nixon as the running backs coach.

Thus, the remaking of the Dolphins offensive coaching staff seems complete.

"Once you see this staff we're going to put together, you'll see it's going to be exciting," general manager Jeff Ireland said this week after a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. "It's going to have a lot of energy to it. It's going to have a lot of wisdom to it and we hope the results mirror the defensive production that we had from Mike Nolan and his staff last year and the players that were on the field."

The energy and excitement part is yet to be determined. The wisdom part also will be determined at some point in the future. But if wisdom is aquired through experience, then the Dolphins offensive staff will have to do a lot of learning on the job.

Fact is quarterback coach Karl Dorrell has never been a quarterback coach before on any level.

Fact is running back coach Jeff Nixon has never been a running backs coach in the NFL.

Fact is tight end coach Dan Campbell has never been a position coach at any level before.

Fact is wide receivers coach Steve Bush has never filled that job at any level.

Fact is wide receiver assistant Ike Hilliard has never coached in the NFL at all.

Fact is five of the six new hires the Dolphins just made to coach offense will be new to their jobs either because they never coached the position before, never held an assistant's job for that position in the NFL before, or never coached in the NFL, period.

Nixon played running back at West Virginia, but this will be his first job as an NFL running backs coach.

Dorrell has been a college offensive coordinator and head coach and was Miami wide receivers coach the past two years, a position he also coached in Denver early last decade. But he's never been a quarterbacks coach.

Bush was a college defensive coordinator at New Haven and Boston University and a high school head coach in New Jersey and New York. He was also Miami's offensive quality control coach since 2008. But he has never held a wide receiver assistant coaching job at any level.

Hilliard played wide receiver in college and was the wide receivers coach for the now defunct UFL Florida Tuskers. But this is his first job in the NFL and his first coaching NFL wide receivers.

And Campbell, an offensive coaching intern for Miami last year, played tight end for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. But this is his first stint as a tight end coach at any level. Fact is, according to the Dolphins media guide as all these other facts are, this is his first job as a position coach at any level.

That makes offensive coordinator Brian Daboll Miami's most experienced new hire. Daboll has two years experience as an NFL offensive coordinator as he was the Cleveland Browns OC in 2009 and 2010.



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All the "everything's alright people" on here, Realize that they Lost to Detroit,Cleveland and buffalo in 3 of the last 5 games, All at home....Look for a quick exit for the fist pumper and the Leprechaun next year....LMAOROTF over Steven(Holltwood)Ross's ineptitude to run a football team..............

Very simple. As long as Ireland/Sparano are here, the longer we have to wait on success.

B=Below average drafts
Q=Questionable signings
O=Old school philosophy

S+I(BxQ)/O= no way out

Yeah, it could be that there will be no Season. Then Tony can take a well deserved Vacation.

Oscar, Then we ALL can take a well deserved Vacation......

Replying to Armando's blog Mr Ross deserve what he is getting l never seen inexperience to be productive at any level and at any capacity........ It takes experience to be productive, to become good at what you do takes experience, so with that said it's going to be a long football season once again because not only we need the players to develop but our coaches also!

I would think a billionaire like Mr Ross would know's that, but who I'm I to know about football, but I know about productivity and you need experience.

For sure, CM.

The following is an imaginary conversation between Coach Sparano and Mr. Ross. It is not based on facts, but it could be. Keep that in mind as you read below:

Ross: Hello, Tony. Nice of you to join us today. Please sit down.

Sparano: Sure, but I'd rather bend over. Is that okay?

Ross: Why of course. Do you know why you're here?

Sparano (bending over): Yes, I've read that Purpose Driven Life book...

Ross: We don't know what you mean by that.

Sparano: We? Who else is here?

Ross: No one. Just us.

Sparano: Uh...okay. Whatever you say.

Ross: That's right. Whatever we say.

Sparano: So, you is we?

Ross: Do you like cats, Tony?

Sparano: Well, that wasn't in the book...

Ross: Do you know what we think?

Sparano: We meaning you?

Ross: That's right, Tony. You meaning we.

Sparano: What do we think?

Ross: We don't know?

Sparano: No, we don't.

Ross: Well, that settles that.

Sparano: Yes, I guess so.

Ross: We mean we, don't we.

Sparano: Absolutely. We're sorry about that.

Ross: That's better. Do we like shoelaces?

Sparano: No, we don't. They require too much coordination.

Ross: What about quarterbacks?

Sparano: What's a quarterback?

Ross: We don't know, but we think it has something to do with football.

Sparano: We like football, don't we?

Ross: We're not sure. What's this we hear about coaches?

Sparano: What's a coach?

Ross: Isn't it where the common people sit?

Sparano: Have we been there?

Ross: Where have we been?

Sparano: We don't know, but we know one thing: we're not going anywhere.

Sparano will look like a genius if his staff does well because it seems they'll all be on OJT next year.

By the way, whose playbook will be used next year?

A mix mash of Henning and Cleveland Brown stuff?

Hey ray, nobody deserves this $hit

Looks Like there's some New Members to Aloco's "Gang of Defeat".........

Craig M, the ultimate doucher-elitist troll, has made an appearance


Fact is nobody knows what this bunch can create...

Fact is this season, most opponents knew new what was our next play at offense...

Fact is we're facing a very different approach...

Fact is it's January and there's no CBA solution yet...

Fact is it's January and only three Dolphins will be at Pro-Bowl...

Hey Ray, as an inexperienced law graduate, I had significant success last year. It happens

2009 that is

I havent seen this much disappointment since my Honeymoon night(Though I was satisfied,That's all that really matters.Right??)

And very good.

Good timing. Fisher at this point will take the year off. Unlike Cowher, he will be willing to work with Ireland. The Sparano experiment ends mid season and Fisher gears up to be the next coach here.

i love my menace,come to bed menace .

I've read that the Bills and the Titans could take a QB and that Gabbert is the only one that could realistically start in his first year (the rest would be projects, including Newton).

Assuming this is true but the Bills decide to stick with Fitzpatrick and fill one of their many other needs, could the Fins trade up to get Gabbert before the Titans do?

There are two teams that need a DT or DE that pick before the Titans which could be willing to switch 1st round picks in exchange for getting a proven player (who knows maybe the Fins could get a 3rd round pick also).

How would the CBO affect this scenario (trading picks and throwing in a player)?

Could it be done on a contingency basis?

We are now up to 9 so called Douchebag fans

Blog is really good all day till about 7:00 pm

Then the Jets Trolls and no nothings arrive

That was the fake HOT ASHLEY, But as soon as she gets home Iam gonna give her the best 90 Seconds of her life......... Peace out people........

G.O.D, Who are these 9 Douchebags your referrer to????

There are only two gangs on this blog:

GOR - Gang of Reality
GOK - Gang of Koolaid

I'm a proud member of the GOR.

The SS has a gang over there and we do have our own gang over here .

Peace out donkey ass

Take the rest of the trash with ya

Later Cuban

Dishpan congratulation being productive, but I'm sure you made mistakes along the way and or you will be! But my point being is that mistakes are going to be made because of the inexperience, they may get

G O A = Gang of Ass-Holes

0 x 80 = The Grand Poobah Anus

Gang of Defeat = wuss who has to hide and can't type his real identity, which is already obvious to the regular bloggers.

Reality is a scary thing for some, not for me. It's the only way to move forward.

Grand Pooba Anus

Reality is you S U C K

As a fan

Have a great night playing with yourself

Lordy be... Jeff Fisher and Jim Zorn have suddenly become available. And here we are having committed to the Keystone Cops. Ugh.

WTF?!?! Did we trade for Al Davis or Jerry Jones?!?!?!

Gang of Defeat has nothing intelligent to say, no debate, no intelligent opinion, and therefore changes the subject to masturbation, something he can relate to. And there my friends, is a classic example of the Gang of Koolaid, hiding in fear of reality, unable to type their own blogger identity, hoping and praying the tooth fairy or Santa Claus will relieve their troubles.

Just read this article and all I can say is WHO GIVES A RATS ASS !! So there has never been anybody ever who was new at something that turned out to be good at whatever? I don't know how much experience Armondo has as a writer, but it doesn't seem help him! Lets wait and see what happens.

Hmm.. I don't like it either, JJ.

I can't stop remembering that the Fins beat the Packers at Green Bay (though I think they had some key players out) and would have beaten the Steelers if not for the blown call.

It makes me believe that the Fins are really better than their 7-9 record.

You can only hope that the coaching shake up works.

I believe a 9-7 record will save Sparano and staff.

Swamy, I can't stop remembering that the fins could not beat the Bills, Lions, Browns at home, couldn't not muster up an ounce of offense. I believe Sparano will be toast by mid season.

There is something going on not only in Miami but throughout the League. Jeff Fisher is a solid Coach, who are they going to get to replace him? So is Jim Zorn as an OC. I believe that this bargaining thing is influencing many football decisions.


What's your problem man? Can't even discuss things on here without you becoming a name caller....shows your mentality!


True. I believe most of the failure in the quality of play towards the end of the season was all of the hurting o-line players.

I wonder if the will try to fix the o-line with FAs or more thru the draft?

They have depth on defense which they could use to trade straight up with someone with o-lne depth.

Swamy, we only have some depth on the dline, not much. Yeah, the oline had injuries this year, but all teams do. The Packers have a ton of injuries and are going to the SB. Despite the talk about a new QB, new RB, help on the oline...I'm no longer convinced Sparano is the right guy to lead the team. I was pulling for him, most likable coach we've had in some time, but listening to both Ricky and JT, two who aren't afraid to speak out, seems like maybe Sparano has lost the team. It doesn't help that the owner did everything in his power to replace him. Sparano is in a tough spot.

Well...everybody screamed and screamed about the OLD MAN running our tired old offense with no imagination. Damn that Henning guy!

Well you got what you asked for, a new young coaching staff, hopefully with some exuberance and imagination.

You got what you asked for so shut up and see if it works.

Remember you are also the same people who wanted Brady Quinn..........

I like how everyone is so pessimistic, you guys dont even know whats gonna happen

darrilo @ 9:13 my sentiments exactly. There are still some missing pieces to the puzzle, but leadership starts at the top. Not sure Sparano is the guy, and I was pulling for him too but by midseason, I lost faith in his abilities to compete with the elite coaches in this league.

I wonder if Sparano is capable of trading out anyone that's not with him to avoid the divided locker room?

In the real world you always run into disgruntled employees that lower the moral in the workplace. You usually have to identify them and get rid of them because it lowers their performance and productivity.

Getting quality replacements (and or picks) in the NFL might be a little different (but then again maybe not).

The Hershel Walker trade from the Cowboys to the Vikings was the Cowboys KEY to their SBs (with all of the picks they got in exchange).

Is there a team out there, today, that needs just one key player to get to the SB (which is what the Vikings thought when they traded for Walker)?

Could that player be Marshall?

Don't take me wrong. I believe Marshall is great but I also believe the Fins cannot have any untouchables if what thety get in return is a Walker-like mega deal.

Don't see Marshall commanding that many picks like Walker. I think Marshall has a lot of value on the right team. We need either a serious running threat or another serious receiver threat (or TE), to open things up for him. On the right team, Marshall is a serious weapon. On our team as it stands now, he wasn't worth 50 mil and two second round pics. With the right moves on offense, that value may very well be justified in the end.

Swamy...I brought this up yesterday.....and the the players who have the most value on our team would be Long and Wake in my opinion.....

We won't trade anybody who we just aquired in my opinion....and since we had a losing season I would say Marshall and Dansby's stock have dropped....while Wake's value may never be higher and Long is a steady contributor

and like 0x80 said....nobody's EVER makes a deal like the one for Walkler again.....but we might be able to move up and get the QB we wanted if we packaged Henne in with the deal.....

Don't think its gonna happen...but you gotta explore all the possibilities

I am a 66 y/o, old fxart looking for a 25 to 30 y/o babe of any race, color or creed for dining, dancing, theater and movies. Girls and women over 30 need not apply. It would be nice if she was good playing fantasy football. I do not expect to be busy with Dolphins football at any time of the year. Don't have time for pathetic losers like them. If interested please call me at 305-34.....4?..... Oh shxt, I forgot again.

In the end it can't be about alegiance to this player or that player...it is about whats best for the Dolphins....and Jake Long is my favorite current Dolphin....and my 2nd favorite of all time...behind Marino of course.....

As everything in this World, professional Football has a financial side to it. Why would you spend 40 million in a commodity if you can get more or less the same thing for 1/3 the price? That is understood.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not optimistic about the coaching staff....just like a so so poker hand.... Gotta bluff your way thru the season, AND, we haven't started with players yet!

xerxes go away. you blogs are not funny, only boring, try drugs or a call girl if you can afford it.

I know what would cheer this blog up....

Tommrow....i'm gonna bag on Clamming Chowder all day.......we all seem pretty unified in our thoughts about his play......

Tommrow is Clammy's day


Is Gabbert really as great as some of the articles I've read?

If he is and the Bills don't take him, would that be the only QB you would trade up for or did you have someone else in mind?

Great Article Mando!!
Great research!
Wow... Today I have to give you credit...

I'm now officially worried of the 2011-12 Fins... :(


I don't know alot about college football...i really don't follow the players till they get to the pro's.....

In my highly under qualified opinion....I am a Newton guy....I have watched a few of their games...and he has the X factor to me....

I say let him lose from day 1 and let him get 16 regular season games under his belt......see what happens in my opinion he is worth 2-3 wins by himself.....i don't know how many losses he is worth...probably a few of those as well

It's time to accept that we've lost the Dolphins.Incompetent people attract other incompetent people, and that is what we're currently witnessing.All through the season we saw the same regurgitated tired game plan. How many drafts have these clowns blown? It's sickening to hear all the apologists making excuses for the ineptitude of Sparano and Ireland, talking about just one more chance. My answer is not to waste compassion on these bozos.Choose a better cause. Would you support a manager in your company who fails constantly in everything? Who alienates customers and co-workers? Who hires incompetent workers? As fans we have no recourse other than venting our frustration and not attend games. So sad that it's come to this. Just baffling what's going on here so far. Note to Mr. Ross: Before you fill the stands with celebrities maybe you should consider filling them with fans by putting a quality team on the field. And it starts with the front office.I personally have seen enough.Count me out until these morons are gone.

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