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The wisdom level of Miami's offensive staff

None of what you are about to read is news. But all of it is truth.

None of my words are opinion. All are based strictly on facts.

Keep that in mind as you read the paragraphs that follow.

The Dolphins on Wednesday announced several changes to their coaching staff, with most of those having to do with Miami's much-promised revamped offense. The Dolphins announced Karl Dorrell is now the quarterbacks coach. The Dolphins announced Steve Bush is now the wide receivers coach. The Dolphins announced Ike Hilliard has been hired as an assistant wide receivers coach.

That adds to previous additions of Brian Daboll as the offensive coordinator, of Dan Campbell as the tight ends coach, and of Jeff Nixon as the running backs coach.

Thus, the remaking of the Dolphins offensive coaching staff seems complete.

"Once you see this staff we're going to put together, you'll see it's going to be exciting," general manager Jeff Ireland said this week after a practice at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. "It's going to have a lot of energy to it. It's going to have a lot of wisdom to it and we hope the results mirror the defensive production that we had from Mike Nolan and his staff last year and the players that were on the field."

The energy and excitement part is yet to be determined. The wisdom part also will be determined at some point in the future. But if wisdom is aquired through experience, then the Dolphins offensive staff will have to do a lot of learning on the job.

Fact is quarterback coach Karl Dorrell has never been a quarterback coach before on any level.

Fact is running back coach Jeff Nixon has never been a running backs coach in the NFL.

Fact is tight end coach Dan Campbell has never been a position coach at any level before.

Fact is wide receivers coach Steve Bush has never filled that job at any level.

Fact is wide receiver assistant Ike Hilliard has never coached in the NFL at all.

Fact is five of the six new hires the Dolphins just made to coach offense will be new to their jobs either because they never coached the position before, never held an assistant's job for that position in the NFL before, or never coached in the NFL, period.

Nixon played running back at West Virginia, but this will be his first job as an NFL running backs coach.

Dorrell has been a college offensive coordinator and head coach and was Miami wide receivers coach the past two years, a position he also coached in Denver early last decade. But he's never been a quarterbacks coach.

Bush was a college defensive coordinator at New Haven and Boston University and a high school head coach in New Jersey and New York. He was also Miami's offensive quality control coach since 2008. But he has never held a wide receiver assistant coaching job at any level.

Hilliard played wide receiver in college and was the wide receivers coach for the now defunct UFL Florida Tuskers. But this is his first job in the NFL and his first coaching NFL wide receivers.

And Campbell, an offensive coaching intern for Miami last year, played tight end for the Giants, Cowboys, Lions and Saints. But this is his first stint as a tight end coach at any level. Fact is, according to the Dolphins media guide as all these other facts are, this is his first job as a position coach at any level.

That makes offensive coordinator Brian Daboll Miami's most experienced new hire. Daboll has two years experience as an NFL offensive coordinator as he was the Cleveland Browns OC in 2009 and 2010.



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If I were trying to sabotage a football team, I'd hire a coaching staff with no experience at their respective positions, or I'd hire an Offensive Coordinator with a losing track record. Unfortunately, this happens to be the team I have loved for the past 38 years, and they have done both.

Kris/Swamy.....none of this QB graduating class thrills me! Not gabbert or newton etc, they are ok, we need better than ok! We need excellent.....henne is just ok, where did that get us.....as much as I can't stand the jets, I respect their attitude and their strive to achieve excellence! They made outstanding free agent acquisitions and have drafted well, and although the toe sucker makes me gag, he has outcoached Sparanus!

You know what? I'd rather draft Ingram, if available, dump Ricky Williams, and pick up a free agent QB to compete with Henne. Vick is supposed to be a free agent this year. Make him an offer he can't deny!

vick will be franchised. ingram isnt good. draft williams from vatech. dont resign ricky or ronnie

Redsky, I agree with what you said except one thing...Henne is not "ok" he is terrible

We should snag Matthews from Oregon to take Chowders spot. Matthews next to Dansby would be a nice combo

If you talk nice about Henne his mom will bake you a cake...mmmmmmm cake. I wouldn't want it though, because whatever she fed Chad growing up was the wrong stuff

Cowkilla, I was being nice.....by saying he was ok.....he is not the answer!

Bill_cnnrs, Vick should be franchised, who knows what will happen....if we can get him we should....that's all I'm saying....

Ingram is good, btw, you'll see....

Help me!
Heeeelllllpppp mmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

The plan is working, we will draft Luck in 2012.


I agree with Red draft Ingram Sign a F/A QB this QBs coming out are a projects!! Sign Henderson he is going to be really good player in the pros

I agree ray. Players keep coaches employed. And when it's 3 and 8 on the opponent's 20 yardline and you call a reverse, not even the best athletes in the word can overcome poor game management. With Dan Henning gone and the writing emblazoned on the wall, I expect improvement. Mistakes will certainly be made (see making Karl Dorrell the qb coach), but the odds of a similar offensive campaign as 2010, that nonsense we experienced last year, is unlikely...

Well we will out if these coaches that TS AND JI HIRED will be able to enhance the players ability not know them self the position Or even played or taught at any level that position!! God only one that can help us

vick will be franchised. ingram isnt good. draft williams from vatech. dont resign ricky or ronnie

Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com

Bill, I hate to put you down, but you are a typical, goofy fan looking for a savior. I rate Ricky a definite level above Ronnie, but either would be quite sufficent IOF, IF we had a GOODS O-LINE! Don't you realize it all starts up front?! Even though I am not a Henne fan, he would have been better with a GOOD O-LINE and a decent O-Coordinator!

Tony was the OC when Dallas was the 4th best Offense in the NFL. If he is working with the New OC and can get Miami 's offense at least up to 15th or higher and our Defense picks up from where they left off and play about the same or even better than I would say Miami should do well. It all depends on how aggressive they will be on offense next year IMO.

So once again the drama queen gets me to post....

Posted by: markeyh

Markeyh: Am I the f'ing nut, or are you??!! LMAO!! Sparano was NEVER an Offensive Coordinator in the NFL! Never!!! What the f.ck?! Do you guys just open your mouth to see your pie-hole flapping? C'mon man!!!!!!

Your freakin' me out man!

Where have all the dolphins gone?? I miss my team. I don't recognize these dolphins. Mngt is sad. 72 still perfect though!

Somebody has to explain to me how Ross got his billion dollars? He didn't do it by hiring all the non-experts at everything. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. What in the heck?

Peter Principle on steroids. I am skeptical of these moves. But so were Baltimore Colts fans when Shula was made HC. While I feel Tony and Ireland were chess pieces put on the board by Parcels, these staffing decisions appear to be (pardon the cliche) moving the deck chairs on the Titanic. The only provocative point I would make is I feel Tony knows he is Captain of the Titanic and therefore is not threatened by mediocre or his nepotism. Once CBA is signed he is done--these coaching decisions prove it in my mind. Look, if Tony were 'the man', he would have 5 year extension with real increase. He got 2 years with same money which is Status Quo or Ross seeing his Titanic (no coaches wanted to commit to any Team until CBA is in place).


Isnt this what you wanted? Didnt you advocate for Ross to keep Sparano? Do us a favor and disclose that when you write articles presenting "facts" that are obviously slanted to be critical of Sparano.

That way we KNOW you are being objective.

the "no names coaching staff" , there's hope in that

NOTE: Excerpt from articled dated - February 8, 2001

Bucs dip into colleges to add 3 assistants to staff
of The Tampa Tribune

TAMPA — In keeping with tradition, the Bucs have taken their three newest assistant coaches from the college ranks.

When the Bucs finally pull back the curtain and officially reveal the identities of their new assistant coaches today, their fans could be alarmed at how young some of them are and the group’s lack of significant NFL coaching experience.

New secondary coach and former University of Cincinnati assistant Mike Tomlin, 29, is the same age as Bucs safety John Lynch. And new linebackers coach Joe Barry, 30, is six years younger than starting left guard Randall McDaniel.

The senior member of the incoming assistants is Jim Caldwell, 47, who replaces new offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen as quarterbacks coach.

Caldwell and Tomlin haven’t coached in the NFL, and Barry has one year in the league as defensive quality control coach for the 49ers.

But NFL experience isn’t something Bucs coach Tony Dungy has ever required from his assistants.

I'm not sweating this one too much. Really only the OC matters.

RB either have it or they don't. Not a ton you can teach.

Pennington will be brought back to help with the QB

Well so many of you complain that the NFL is nothing but the same old coaches recycled over and over again right! So many of you complain that new talent never gets a chance. At some point somebody had to be given a chance! There is always another side to any debate! Could any of these guys be a potential star! If you all have that philosphy don't draft players with. Just go with recylced old NFL players!

If I were trying to sabotage a football team, I'd hire a coaching staff with no experience at their respective positions, and I'd hire an Offensive Coordinator with a losing track record. Unfortunately, this happens to be the team I have loved for the past 38 years, and they have done both.

Please let this be Sporano's last year. Give Jeff Fisher a year off to be a commentator and then grab him.

It is shocking! We are set for failure accross the coaching staff. Most of them do not have NFL experience. How can you have Karl Dorrell be the QB coach. He has never been a QB, He has never been a QB coach and now he is going to coach Chad Henne. Sparano is over his head. This is all about leadership. He should remain as an offensive line coach period. He will not bring our Dolphins a winning season. I am predicting that he will not last this coming season. He has set himself for failure. WOW! I got the NFL packgage in Tampa to watch the Fins. I love to play golf on Sundays except when they are playing. It looks that I will have to hit the links to keep my sanity on Sunday's

Owner did not help the cause by leaving Sparano hanging for his (career) life. Would you want to work for some one you know is going to lose his job. You would have to relocate your family again, if you even get picked up. Any OC with any value was not coming. Thanks Ross. You made a bad situation worse. Sparano does not even have the chance to show he has grown as a coach and learn from his mistakes. You (Mr. Ross) have set him up to fail.

They basically had no choice. What coach would want to come to Miami under the current owner and circumstances, really? Looks like another group of castaways and friends. I can't believe Ross let Sparano hire Sparano's son! Wow! what a clueless organization from top to bottom. They might as well have promoted the uniform launderers to running backs coach and strength coach and the other offensive coaching positions since virtually none of them have ever coached their new positions! BTW, I have no coaching exp. but I don't see why I couldn't learn on the job just like the rest of the coaching team is and has been doing. For real, I'd like a shot.

@ first i was a bit apprehensive when i read this article, thinking WTF is the FO thinking?? hiring a bunch of know names to improve our team. But then i thought to myself? maybe this could work. You all know what happened in '72' when coach Shula took a bunch of no names to the gridiron & turned them into superbowl champs!! just saying? there could be method in their madness. let's just believe instead of shooting this coaching regime down in flames every 5 seconds..... go phins!!

Your facts are correct Armando, with respect to NFL coaching experience.

But most of these guys do have coaching experience, at the NFL level (other positions) or the College level.

Justico is right - and I will add a few more names of Coaches with no experince but have done good jobs, Mike Tomlin, Raheem Morris, Todd Haley as Head Coaches and every year assistants get jobs in the NFL coming in from College.

So you are right about this group's lack of NFL experience, but perhpas what overrides that is not just the energy level of these young guys but also their ability to relate to the players and in general their attitudes and how well Sparano thinks he can work with them on a personal level - maybe he likes these guys, personally - and in a working relationship that counts for a whole heckava lot.

Did I miss Vince Lombardi's Prior Head Coaching experience or NFL playing career... or Mike Holmgren's or Bill Cower's for that matter?... Just sayin... experience isn't everything...

Posted by: Justicio | January 27, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Marc, at some point I'm assuming you will issue one credible and intelligent post - I'll be waiting.


If you have seen my other comments:
- offensive coordinator ( mistake 1)
- rest of offensive coaches ( mistake 2)
Prediction - Sparano will be fired mid- season with Miami being 1-7.

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