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Daboll: All QB options on table, will do whatever it takes

Tony Sparano says he spent 55 hours and talked to five people about the job and he and Jeff Ireland did a lot of homework searching for "somebody that had a really clear vision and shared the same thoughts that I might have for where we want to go offensively. Somebody that came in with an exciting demeanor and exciting plan that would bring energy to our players."

Meet Brian Daboll. 

He's the Dolphins offensive coordinator today.

Most important thing: He is not promising to turn the 2011 Dolphins into the latter day Marino Dolphins. He obviously cannot because Marino isn't coming back as a 25-year-old. So, like Dan Henning before him, Daboll is going to do the best he can with what he has.

"I think we're going to do whatever we need to do to give us a chance, whether that's spread it out ... or tighten it down. Whatever plays we think need to be in that week, that's the way it's going to be. Whether that's no-huddle, slow it down, that's the way it's going to be. That's the direction we're going to go."

Daboll shared some cursory thoughts on his offensive philosophy: "There's going to be a variety of things we're going to try to accomplish with the offense. It's not going to be one set thing where we have five-wide every play or one set crunched down into a big personnel package ... We're going to put a heavy emphasis on fundaments. Heavy emphasis character, on toughness, on the ability to go out there and execute plays under pressure ... I think these guys have the right plan set in place.

"We're going to try to use formations, different motions, different shifts to try to create mismatches within the players in this division. I think you have some good players here on the perimeter, particularly Brandon. Bess does an excellent job for you. So we'll try to create some mismatches and put them in places maybe you haven't seen them before."

What does Daboll think of the current talent on the Dolphins?

"They have some good personnel to work with," he said. "There are some pieces to work with."

In talking about whether Chad Henne has a future with the Dolphins (I've already told you the Dolphins aren't simply going to discard the guy), Daboll made clear the Dolphins are going to look at every option for the quarterbacks -- including Henne.

"Chad is on our roster," he said. "I know we're going to research every available player whether its draft or free agent, but I'm excited to work with Chad. He has some tools we can develop and anyone else out there, that's what we'll do."

I asked Daboll how responsible he believes he was in the fact the Cleveland Browns were 31st in the NFL in points in 2010 and 29th in 2009 -- the two years he was offensive coordinator.

"I think in every organization, everybody plays a role," he said. "We didn't do as well as we wanted to do that. Again, I'm putting that behind me and I'm looking forward to the opportunity here."


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Am I the only true fan? Obviously, since I'm the only one here.

Oh, me and YSL. damn you YSL, I was a fan of one, it was beautiful.

Hopefully the rest of those guys will stay at the last blog, and we can run this town the way WE want to. First off, everyone must start their post with, "with all due respect.." Then anything they say afterwards will be ok.

Second, people can argue, make their point, debate. But DC is the Decider, so whatever side he comes down on is the right side.

Third, Playoffs, don't talk to me about Playoffs.


With all due respect DC...F#ck You!

Fourth, Tony Sparano is not ONLY the Coach, he's also the Lord of the Mediocrity Ring. It's he who must prove to ME that he gets it (not the other way around).

Fifth, anyone you wouldn't want to save if you were Noah and the world was about to end, should immediately leave the blog. Marc, that's you bud, peace out!


The argument has been proven both ways. You can win a SB with and without a franchise qb. Its also been proven you can get to only one SB and lose with arguably the greatest regular season qb in nfl history(Marino).

Bottomline, franchise qb or no franchise qb the greater odds seem to suggest either way you had better build one helluva team around him if you wanna play for or win multiple SB's.

kinda suprising to see the regime actually talking to the media and fans. sounds like ross wants his guys to remember that the fans in the long run pay their salaries. it would be nice if in fact they do offer up an explanation on occasion. i believe ireland would rather be hiding with parcells but he's probably thankful he still has a job. now,to keep it?????

DB, WE AGREE!!! What do we win?

YSL, pourquoi est-ce que tu discute ca? Ca c'est degulas.

DB, you MAY be a one hit wonder and win without a QB, but all of the CONSISTENTLY successful teams have a QB...That's a fact buddy..

As for DC...I must be on the ship...Yin and Yang. The world needs evil for balance.

Greg, things change when the Big Guy steps off and leaves the help. Ross isn't so scared of Ireland.

Marc, you've swayed me, you get to be on the ship, what the h*ll!

With all due respect...it is what it is and we are who we thought we were. Lol!

"It it what it is", my least favorite trite expression.

APK in the house, you could just post "...", it has about the same signifigance ;)

DC, thanks for letting me on the ship...Now, we must collect women...and no ugly, or stupid people, so, sorry ALOCO

Oh, and someone has a multi-lingual crush on Drew Carey! I guess he wants what's behind door number two! Lol!


I know many of you are very disappointed with the 2010 season and so am I. Still I'm holding out my final verdict on whether optimistic or pessimistic about the 2011 season until after draft and free agency.

The beginning of my own personal optimism starts with the free agent signings of Raiders fa TE Zach Miller and Pats fa guard Logan Mankins. Daboll's former Patriot's offensive assistant job may also give us an inside track advantage to signing Mankins.

I'll bet no one's considered this in all of thier rash of b*itching about Daboll. Daboll, get us Logan Mankins dammit! LOL........

Only a few teams in the last 25 yrs to win the super bowl have not had a elite QB. thats 3 out of 25. C'mon Man open your eyes.

There's absolutely nothing we can tell out of this, fyi. Sure, everyone has their positions, their opinions, but this guy could be a genius in disguise, or a young Dan Henning. Maybe he turns Henne into Kyle Orton (let's not get too fantastical) and we win 9,10,11 games, or maybe he runs it on 1st down at our 20 in the 2-min drill. We'll have to wait for the season.

The questions I would have asked Mando, as a REAL reporter, with the caveat that I didn't listen to the presser so maybe you did, are:
- This offense has played not to lose. Will you play to win?
- Rumblings around the team are Chad Henne is not on the same page as his receivers. Will you rectify that (or help Chad understand how to do it himself)?
- Will you start off a 2-min drive (regardless the situation) on YOUR 20 yd. line with a run up the middle?
- Do you see Brandon Marshall as a receiver, or a decoy?
- Does the TE ALWAYS stay in to block in your scheme or not?
- If you run a play a few times, say a endzone fade route, and Chad Henne is your QB, and he doesn't make the throw every time, will you CONTINUE to call that play, or will you move on to a pass he CAN make?

Any of those questions asked Mando?

Just wondering, when was there ever a great QB that needed multiple QB coaches and OC's to 'fix' him???

People here cite early statistics of Manning and Brees, but they played well, showed promise. I lived in San Diego during the Brees years and he was not awful as some here suggest, he was still pretty good, showing promise, nobody was talking about needing some coach to fix him.

All they need is an explosive RB & C & G & TE & RT & faster than lightning WR. Oh, and QB. Now get to work Mr. Ireland!

Daboll is from the Belichick branch, which is the Parcells tree...

These guys REALLY don't hire anyone that isn't in that tree...

Mike Nolan, Belichick/Parcells tree as well...

Did we learn anything from this press conference? Doesnt sound like it. What type of offense will we run? What type of offense will be be, aggressive, conservative, what? Damn this just pissed me off even more!!!!!!!!!


Only the franchise qb's who also were surrounded with great talent on both sides of the ball have won more than one SB.

Chief example: Peyton Manning. Colts defense plays great at times but cant really be considered a great defense. Peyton has only won 1 SB.

Brady has 3 SB rings when surrounded by a GREAT Defense. Brady has ZERO championship rings without a GREAT defense and 2 consecutive one and done losses to "Wildcard" playoff teams.

3 consecutive losses to "WILDCARD playoff teams if you count the 2007 SB loss to the "WILDCARD" Giants after being 18-0 up until that point. LOL................

I don't even give a d@mn about a SB ring. I just want an EXCITING, competetive team again!

I'm not greedy. I'll take the Phillip Rivers/Manning/Brady 400 yards a game and out in the first or second round of the playoffs EVERY YEAR (Charger BARELY missed this year)

Or all the years of making it behind Dan with no ring. I'm OK with that. At least we didn't have to hang out of street corners handing out blow jobs just to get a MNF game...Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Seems that I remember a couple of 300 yd games outta Henne his first year. Then, came what I hope is just a sophmore slump. Maybe he's fixable, maybe not. Let him compete with a veteran and a rookie during training camp and then we'll know more.

The new definition of insanity is being a finfan.

A great QB saves the defense throughout the season. So that they can be fresh for the big games.

phinsfan78: your 3 out of 25 argument carries no weight. QB's are "elite" in hindsight only. For example, coming out of college, Tent Dilfer was considered as someone who could be an elite QB. Kurt Warner was not. They both won SB's. Yet Warner is considered elite and Dilfer is not.

Guy like Warner, Brady, Brees BECOME elite.

There was nothing "elite" about Drew Brees in his 1st two seasons. He did the same thing Henne did

Point is, you dont know who is going to turn out to be "elite"

Henne is already an elite wind-up doll.


My definition for elite is a QB that is extremly accurate and is a natural leader. Which I saw in Rotenbuger, both Mannings, Rodgers, and many more. If they had traded away their whole draft for these players we wouldn't be having this discussion.


henne done.

aloco.stick a fork in him.lol

As Bernie Kosar said, an OC is only as good as his talent. So, whatever QB is in there, he needs at least 3 competent WRs, one "hands" TE that can always beat a LB, a RB that can get to the 2nd level and an oline that doesn't resemble a drawbridge.

That's not Daboll's problem, that's Ireland's problem. If we don't have that on the team come summer, don't expect Daboll to do much.

Well what I'm trying to say is...

Since we allready know that whatever defense we're playing is going to be better than our offense we'll shake things up by putting guys in motion, and creating mismatches. The defense will make adjustment, I likely will not, and we'll lose.

LOL @ 3:16

Logan Mankinkin's Fins Presser:

Logan Mankin what was the final determining factor in deciding to become a Dlophins?

Well, if there was one single thing I could name that tipped the scales in favor of this organization. I guess would would probably be my familiarity with OC Brian Daboll.

Henne doesn't need fixing, he needs a good coach or two to help him finish developing and work on things. He needs to be able to audible at the line when he sees something that won't work. Good coaching will help him more than anything.

Ha, hysterical, phinsfan78. Please go back and look at what the Mannings did in their first 2 seasons. You saw leadership in Eli Manning? He looked like a scared kid most of his rookie year. (by the way he threw 25 picks this year). Rodgers was able to sit and watch for 3 years, a la Steve McNair. Roethlisberger was good right off the bat. He was also dropped into a perfect situation for his skills and a really good team. Dont forget, they won that SB his 1st year despite him. He went something like 9-21 in that game.

You may be able to make an educated guess on who will be elite, but the truth is you have no idea

Garbage, to comment on what you said here & in the other thread.

Didn't we know:

Brady was no fluke by year 2?
Peyton Manning year 2?
Kurt Warner year 1?
Phillip Rivers starting year 1-2?
Big Ben year 1?
Brees started to become elite year 3 in SD.

So, Henne's time is pretty much up. Unlike the names I just stated, Henne has not showed the promise in his first 2 years that those other men did. Some won rings in their 1st year or in a Championship game.

So, just because they weren't elite to begin with doesn't mean the signs weren't there. Henne has yet to show the signs. Will he? Who knows but, you go based off what you have seen, not what you hope to see.

Garbage Plate,

Guys suggested franchise qb are right and wrong. No matter who the qb is you had better surround him with potent offensive weapons and dominating defense if you wanna win SB championships.

Marino is perfect example of not having this and never winning a SB championship ring. He may have been unquestionably the greatest qb ever with a run game and dominating defense.

Instead, the great Marino was reduced to the greatest regular STAT MACHINE to ever play the game.

Perhaps a lesson from the Jets is in order... Now don't get me wrong, I hate the freaking Jets, but fat Rex with his big mouth put himself out there for the media to lambast all the while keeping them occupied so they stayed off of Sanchez.

In Miami, our leadership says nothing and allows the media and the fans to attack our QB incessantly. So while statistically Sanchez and Henne are practically identical, the media and fans in Miami want Henne’s head while Sanchez is playing in the AFC championship game. Also Ryan never once wavered on his support of Sanchez while Sparano bowed down to media and benched Henne.

If this organization wants to do one thing different they need only look at their rivals to see that avoiding the media only leads the media to their own conclusions. They should open up to the press and use it to their advantage and place themselves between the media and their players. One of the responsibilities of leadership is to assume the blame as well as credit and I believe if these coaches have to put more on themselves and less on their QB. If they had, they might be the ones game planning for the Steelers

Of course I get everything wrong

Feed Me Man Meat

Well said griffin.

If QB's were dogs, Sanchez would be the dog who is allowed to go out and play and have fun. He may occasionally poop on the floor as a puppy, but his owners understand, and give him love anyway.

Henne would be locked in a cage, hit on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, and yelled at for pooping on floor and spend most of his time with his tail between his legs, flinching at the slightest movement

Elite, elite, elite...OK, Let's just scrap that term althogether and just use the PRO BOWL as a measuring stick...

I watched both the Mannings play in college. In person so I had a leg up on you in that department. Rodgers sat behind Mr. record hoarder. And Rodgers was a very acuurate player in college. the point is that you can't coach those things. So draft someone who already has them.

Garbage Plate,

Guys suggesting franchise qb's are right and wrong. No matter who the qb is you had better surround him with potent offensive weapons and dominating defense if you wanna win SB championships(Plural).

Marino is perfect example of not having this and never winning a SB championship ring. He may have been unquestionably the greatest qb ever with a run game and dominating defense.

Instead, the great Marino was reduced to the greatest regular season STAT MACHINE to ever play the game. There was even a poster suggesting he would gladly return to the days of Marino. So would I, if also given a run game and dominating defense. Otherwise spare me the playoff disappointments. LOL........

DB, MUST you repeat your entire posts incessantly?

One poster? Pfft

And stop being so disrespectful and blasphemous to GOD (Marino)...


we need luck going to the playoffs AND WIN A CLOSE GAME

I feel like re-posting my last one also lol

This is so exciting... yawwwwwwn.

This is a non-issue for this particular blog. For one, Henne IS the only signed QB on this team's roster. Thigpen is a FA (I think). So, as of now, Henne IS the starter. Two, Daboll can't do anything about WHO the QB is, that's Ireland's job. Either he gets a vet, drafts a QB or sticks with Henne.

And I'll repeat myself too, who cares about who's an elite QB and who isn't. Let's start at square one. Let's see if our starting QB can win 2 games in a row, that would be nice. Then let's see if he can win at home, again, pretty cool.


If Marino were truly God, the world wouldnt be round it would be football shaped and you would be Stuey on Family Guy! LOL...........

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