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Daboll: All QB options on table, will do whatever it takes

Tony Sparano says he spent 55 hours and talked to five people about the job and he and Jeff Ireland did a lot of homework searching for "somebody that had a really clear vision and shared the same thoughts that I might have for where we want to go offensively. Somebody that came in with an exciting demeanor and exciting plan that would bring energy to our players."

Meet Brian Daboll. 

He's the Dolphins offensive coordinator today.

Most important thing: He is not promising to turn the 2011 Dolphins into the latter day Marino Dolphins. He obviously cannot because Marino isn't coming back as a 25-year-old. So, like Dan Henning before him, Daboll is going to do the best he can with what he has.

"I think we're going to do whatever we need to do to give us a chance, whether that's spread it out ... or tighten it down. Whatever plays we think need to be in that week, that's the way it's going to be. Whether that's no-huddle, slow it down, that's the way it's going to be. That's the direction we're going to go."

Daboll shared some cursory thoughts on his offensive philosophy: "There's going to be a variety of things we're going to try to accomplish with the offense. It's not going to be one set thing where we have five-wide every play or one set crunched down into a big personnel package ... We're going to put a heavy emphasis on fundaments. Heavy emphasis character, on toughness, on the ability to go out there and execute plays under pressure ... I think these guys have the right plan set in place.

"We're going to try to use formations, different motions, different shifts to try to create mismatches within the players in this division. I think you have some good players here on the perimeter, particularly Brandon. Bess does an excellent job for you. So we'll try to create some mismatches and put them in places maybe you haven't seen them before."

What does Daboll think of the current talent on the Dolphins?

"They have some good personnel to work with," he said. "There are some pieces to work with."

In talking about whether Chad Henne has a future with the Dolphins (I've already told you the Dolphins aren't simply going to discard the guy), Daboll made clear the Dolphins are going to look at every option for the quarterbacks -- including Henne.

"Chad is on our roster," he said. "I know we're going to research every available player whether its draft or free agent, but I'm excited to work with Chad. He has some tools we can develop and anyone else out there, that's what we'll do."

I asked Daboll how responsible he believes he was in the fact the Cleveland Browns were 31st in the NFL in points in 2010 and 29th in 2009 -- the two years he was offensive coordinator.

"I think in every organization, everybody plays a role," he said. "We didn't do as well as we wanted to do that. Again, I'm putting that behind me and I'm looking forward to the opportunity here."


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DC, my Brady numbers (18:12), along with facts and numbers regarding the early part of the careers of Brees and Roethlisberger are there to show these "elite" QB's werent always that way. We tend to think the super star QB's were always that way, that the fact they were gonna be good was a no brainer. When in fact, only a handful start out at a high level.

There was nothing elite about Brady's 2nd season

I dont know if Henne will work out, he may fall flat on his face, I'd rather have a little patience and find out than go back to square one. His 1st 2 years havent been that much different than alot of other really good QB's first 2 years.

Later boys.....

I think she meant to add....except Mike Nolan.

Can't say I disagree with her to be honest.

Hell, if going to a Conference title game & winning a ring in your first 2 years doesn't give you a glimpse into this kid is something special, you have to wonder what it would take.

Well Joe, I would want to agree. But the last two years have shown me probably the most disfunctional coaching staff/management i have ever seen in my life. I mean, Kotite sucked real bad, but at least they functionally sucked.

It is weird. we had an O-Line only get worse every year. We had a team built to run the ball and ball control and we ran less every year.

We had Fat-cells over looking the whole thing doing what seemed to be close to nothing, and taking no responsibility for the F-ups. He let Ireland and Sparano take the fall.

The thing I will say about Henne that he NEEDS to own up to is he is SOFT Mentally. He needs to be a leader and step up. that is the one thing he has that can not be fixed by a coach, he needs to grow a pair and take some chances.

All of his other isssues (look off's, most int's, dump offs, over throws ect... are no worse than any other QB in the league.

the difference is those QB's are free to work and redeem themselves.

So is is body of work his? I do not totally think so, I really think last year he was 100% a puppet, and I see it more now when I re-watch games.

I know it sounds weird, but this guy looks like he played to make coaches happy and not just win. and those coaches were terrible last year.

MARK CLAYTON HIGHLIGHTS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET-UP1oEMMw

DB, what evidence do you have of that? Again, looking for examples, stats, observations of someone that's watched him play, that kind of info. I respect your opinion, but just saying he's a huge upgrade from Ronnie isn't swaying me (especially if we're thinking of drafting him 1st-round). To me, if he's not Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson or Jamal Charles, we can probably do better with the #1 pick. And I haven't heard any comparisons to anyone like that, all I've heard is comparisons to Ronnie, which isn't winning me over.

DC, We get better value at resigning ronnie than drafting Ingram. So I think I agree with you 100%.

I always felt that Marino's ability, combined with Coach Shula made us winners that were not quite able to get over the top. Going 14-2, 12-4, 10-6, 9-7, 8-8 with a couple losing seasons thrown in, but NOT going 1-15 (Cowboys)allowed us to draft mid to late in the pack.
This prevented us from acquiring the elite type players that win titles. OR we drafted Sammy Smith.
Or traded the rights to Anthony Carter for Robin Sendlein.
Soldify the defense, make it Steelers or Ravens quality. Get the O line situated.
Get another reciever with speed.
Then QB and RB will take care of themselves. Keep in mind, NE went 14-2 this year with TWO free agent RB's. I'm not sole on Henne either, but he's not Jesus. Get him a line that can block and a running game and a another reciever and then make a decision.
A football team is like a race car, a number of parts have to work to get to the front.
We still need parts.

Poizen, none of us know jack. All we can use is what they have given. Based on what he has given, I make my opinions. I don't go based on what he can give under the right circumstances.

Not saying you, but those what ifs are not based on what we know. We work off what we know. Others here try to push the unknowns. I like to focus on the knowns.

If those are so called "facts", I'm Kris Kringle.

First off, wtf is Henne's mom doing with a twitter account? Is she one of those TV cooks or something? Secondly, the majority of Dol-fans would rather see Henne get the axe IMO. She must be furious because the new OC plans to take out all the check downs. Hard to be check down Chad with no check downs. Its like a happy meal without a toy.

Does Ritchie Incognito have any friends in Buffalo that he can bring over to help our O-Line?

We're desperate, folks!

Agree with Israel in parts. O line is a priority. As we saw Sunday, even Tom Brady looks terrible when he doesn't have time. I would like to see a truly dominant o-line and a credible running game. That's the team Sparano has been trying to build, and a total revamp this offseason isn't possible.

The bigger point is, his first 2 years, ben went to a title game & won a superbowl. There was strong indicators he was gonna be a great player.

Same with Brady. A 2nd year late round qb off the bench winning a ring in his 2nd year year? That wasn't a sign this kid was something special in the making?

Not like going 7-9 two years in a row. Not that it's Chads fault completely, but that's the record as we know it. What if's & unknowns don't matter.

The point is, regardless of circumstance, Henne has not offered those glimpses. People can spin, debate, mock others for not agreeing. That doesn't make them correct or even coherent.

Garbage, I got that (your point). I know young QBs aren't that good usually, and then can turn around and be elite.

But you mentioned Brady, and said his 1st year he threw 18 TDs and 12 INTs. And what I'm saying is that's PRETTY GOOD! Especially for the 199th pick. Anyone, am I wrong about that? If Henne threw more TDs than INTs, I wouldn't be so down on him. To me 18 TDs and 12 INTs is reason for hope, not despair. Now, you're saying they didn't go the Playoffs that year, I get that, but that's not all on the QB. I don't say we're 7-9 because of Henne.

What I do say is Henne has yet to THROW 18 TDs in a year (and he was the 3rd best QB of his draft class). I saw Henne hasn't had a year where he's thrown more TDs than INTs.

So the overall point is clear, but it's the degree I'm taking issue with. Just from those stats, it looks to me like Brady showed promise, and Henne is floundering somewhat.

Now, I take Poizen's point, our coaching staff sucked the life out of the kid, and the OC did a horrible job at playcalling (for Henne). So, maybe that gets fixed and he turns around.

But, just on stats alone, I'd say Henne isn't in the same league at year 2 than at least Brady, if you're saying Brady had 18/12 TDs/INTs and Henne had 15/19.

theyre not goin to bash henne just incase they have to keep him or use for trade bate

my guess is he stays a as a back up to some one new or they trade him

I think Joe and I are making the same point. Henne gets another chance, he's shown glimpses of great throws, but overall, stats-wise, he's been underwhelming.

DC, agreed. I can't see how people didn't see glimpses of greatness out of Brady or Big Ben. I'm kind of speechless to be honest.

I agree on the 2nd chance. only if he has to compete with a real QB. Penny is not a real QB IMHO

Phins, you think he comes back? Sparano loves him but Penny's shoulder is constructed of duct tape & cotton balls at this point.

I mean not a real QB anymore

DC - honestly in Brees 1st year as a starter (2nd year in league) he definitely showed a lot of promise. Season 2 as a starts (year 3) he regressed badly. There was nothing about the 03 season to indicate he would become the qb he is today. The SD media pretty much called him out weekly for not having a strong enough arm, too short to be an nfl qb, lack of vision, ints, lacking leadership qualities etc. He also lost the confidence of.the coaches therfore the benching after 11 starts that season. I can't speak to what the players feelings were as I don't really recall. Needless to say they didn't. Think he was the answer and drafted.Rivers. All in all it worked out ok, but they had major cap money tied up with those.two guys for.a couple years.

Not saying that's how it will play out for Henne but it gives me some hope that he can bloom like that....I would hate to see him do it on another team. I think he needs one more shot...3 seasons starting before.we will truly know what we have or don't have.

If he does I hope it's for team comradery. and nopt to compete

during training camp 2010 i lost alot of faith in our coaching staff with regards to their ability to evaluate qb talent. i expressed my views in august 2010 on this blog;armando printed it. henne stunk it up daily and penne couldnt throw a 15 yard out with any zip. a 18 yd throw looked like a wounded duck yet they made him 2nd string back-up. what a joke. everyone there could see it except the ones in charge. sue henne was correct; the whole staff(except nolan imo)should have been fired.

One thing about Penny is he's a guy with those intagibles you want. And no streagth to back it up.

alot like us guys who could be taught the X's and O's but don't have the skills that can't be taught.

Joe, gotta go, but have more to discuss on this at another time.

sure hope vernon carey is taking some aerobic classes so he can move again. a potted plant is quicker. how many millions did he get?

Hi as a very old die herd fins fan, I am willing to sit and see what next season brings. We seem to act as if the fins went 0-16 this season, we lost a few by just a few points,and if we won those games, I am willing to bet many would be singing a different song. I will go out on the limb as say, I think if there is a next season the fins will do much better than this season.

OK Fin Fans, What the deuce is up with writing in other Languages,Its tough enough to decipher Aloco's muttering, Now we must decipher German,french and god knows whatever language????



Willy, You do know that the fins lost to Cleveland,Detroit and Buffalo the last 5 weeks of the season right???, Any other team would have jettisoned the head coach Especially after a final beat down for the final game...

How can some of you say that you don't care about Superbowls? Thats friggin ridiculous. Sure I want an exciting team, but it gets old when you really don't win anything. I don't care if we lose by one point every game as long as we win championships. Anything less is a failure. Maybe not ultimate failure but still a failure.

Did Al Davis get the License plate # of the guy who f*ked him up....Have You guys seen his presser??? wholly......



I can't believe there are still Henne supporters out there. The logic is so suspect...let's give Henne another shot because to start over is a bad thing. Maybe Jake Locker will fall to us at 15 and it will be like a Marino situation...a bad senior year makes him fall in the draft. Almost every NFL analyst/expert seems to think that Henne is not the answer. Marshall and Williams called him out and they were quite correct in their indictment of his poor play. How can a guy with such a 'strong arm' not be able to throw deep? He's the 2nd coming of Ryan Leaf plain and simple...has the 'tools' but not the 'it' factor. I'm not sure which way they should go, but going back to Henne is a serious step back.

Please stop with frog and other non-English languages. HINT: Practice on the drunk chicks at the bar.



Apperantly Nobody has seen Al davis looking like his Fired HC took out all the anger and frustation that HC who goes 6-0 in his DIVISION then gets fired might have....


"with all due respect"....as DC Dolfan is preaching.......You do know that you have written some pretty condeming things about this regime right?

and you do know you wrote them on this blog right?

I'm not saying you can't change your mind.....but I do question the statement when you say that your reserve the right to pass judgement until after the draft.....I have read some pretty judgemental things written by you already.....

of course..."with all due respect"

come back to earth....

The hiring of Daboll is strikingly familiar to the 2010 season, little to no point(s).

I don't understand this "Henne Hater" thing....

if tommrow Henne turned into a decent QB....that hit his recievers in stride.....gave them the chance for YAC....and seemed to read defence's a 2nd or 2 quicker I will be jumping all over the Henne Bandwagon....i'll drive it......

But the truth is...he's not doing those things....not yet.....

I am a DOLPHIN FAN FIRST....I have no allegiance to any players....not JT...not ZT.....not Wake....not Dansby....Not even Marshall.....

I want the best man in to do the job.....it jiust so happens that Wake, Dansby, Marshall...have all done their job.....so at this point they have my undying fanship......the second they no longer can/able to do thier jobs.....I will be looking for thier replacements....and so should you....

The QB postion should be no different........If Henne gets it Tommrow......then great....but not just for henne....great for the Dolphins......

If he never gets it then so be it.....somebody else will....then it will be great for the Dolphins as well......

In this age of free agency.....player loyalty to me is a thing of the past....whats best for the team in the only thing I can put my trust in

kailangan mong pumunta kumain ng isang pancake sa iyong lesbian kaibigan

Posted by: Manila Envelope | January 19, 2011 at 06:05 PM


You VC, you VC. Lieutenant, shoot this zipper head.

there is nothing anyone can do to help henne. especially DeBoll. he does not have the fundementals to make it in the nfl. 1, he was pretty much handed the starter job just like sparano was, without even earning it, 2nd, that's why his fat buddy parcells skipped out because he knows henne is a bust, 3rd, if they want to keep him on the roster they better sign a legit qb and i would bet any amount that whoever that is beats henne out for the starter!

Upset with how inept the Dolphins offense was this season, Tony Sparano goes and hires the man responsible for the only offense in the NFL that was even more inept than Miami's.


Maybe it's not all bad. At this rate, the Dolphins will go 1-15 again and get a shot at landing Andrew Luck, to go along with a new head coach.

"So like Dan Henning before him, Brian Daboll is going to do the best with what he has". Is that an attempt to defend Dan Henning and his incompetence ? Does anyone on the planet think that Dan Henning did the best with what he had ? If Dan Henning had done the best with what he had the Dolphins might still be playing football right now, not introducing his replacement. Lets hope this guy puts Brandon Marshall in motion.

henne's mom needs to say get rid of that awful qb you have, im sure she know's that they really need a solid qb if they ever want a chance to win anything.

Lets hope he puts the QB in the shot-gun.....

Like it or not, were stuck with what players and coaches we now have. But on the bright side, we have months and months to bolster this team.

It is true, that it is the talent of the players that make for a winning team. However, the coach's can quite literally sabotage a game (or season) with bumbling play selection. Or more likely, the opposing coach's out-smarting the oppossing coaching staff.

That is why the surperior players of New England were bested by the lowly Browns earlier this year. I give Kudos to Daboll on that game. He even beat the Dolphins, although the score was much closer.

He has at his disposal, a better team in Miami, and I suspect he'll do better than expected - as do others around the league far, far, more knowledgable than us fans. The press conference hopefully expresses this point. Hopefully, Daboll (and we fans) wont have to contend with our season starting like last year:

The season started with injuries and our OLine was an experiment of musical chairs. They couldn't block worth a crap (Long the exception) and couldn't hold a pocket more than a second, if that. During the Pittsburg game, Henne had time to set up in the pocket, and looked good. Of course, we were robbed in the end. The season was all downhill from there.

Henning was far too predictable, and when he tried to be clever (like running the ball on fourth down and 5 instead of punting - on OUR 23 yard line) just made me scream.

Our defense played well, (and barely got a breather) if you ignored the dropped interceptions; safeties and cornerbacks falling and floundering on the ground as the oppossing recievers went in for the endzone. MISSED tackles on 3 down and 10+, keeping the drive alive. Not Nolan's fault.

I recall the Jets second game. It was an ugly win, 10-7. During the third quarter, the TV announcer said the dolphins had only one yard rushing in the second half. A freakin' snail can travel a yard in less time. I uttered to my son, that if it were my team, I'd fire everybody but the cheerleaders! But I changed my mind.

Something has to give this off season. I have read these comment all year, and agree with alot of the opinions expressed here, but some write unrealistic solutions. Getting rid of the senile Hennings was a good start.

I did not advocate for Childress as replacement. There is an old saying, "When there are too many chiefs, and not enough indians, nothing ever gets accomplished." Throw Childress in the tee-pee, and we will see alot of bickering and back-biting. Trust me on that one. We need a young and smart (gutsy) OC. I hope Daboll is the answer. We'll soon find out.

To help him out, I think we should draft (or FA) for a center, gaurd, and a solid blocking/recieving T-end. A speedy RB that can juke.

Perhaps then we could hold a pocket for an extra 3 seconds. That allows a 4.5 receiver to get 30 extra yards into his pattern if need be. No wonder we didn't have a deep threat all year. Henne was caving in under a relentless pass rush that wouldn't allow for the deep throw. That is why I believe we should give Henne another year, with the proper O-line, and another speedy reciever as weapons. However, I am troubled by Henne's lack of leadership mentality. It seems like everybody jumps his arse, and that must have wilted his ego. During the off season, he needs to join a fight-club and get beat up a few times and THEN, go beat up a couple runts, perhaps working his way up to a big mouth blow-toad in the locker room. Draft for a QB next year, regardless.

Gotta Go, fishing...



What's up fellas?

I'm not ecstatic by this hire by any means. A guy like Musgrave out in Atlanta developed Matt Ryan into "Matty Ice" and came from an offense that I really enjoyed watching. They were kind of smash mouth but at the same time were balanced. Then again they had a very good QB, offensive line, RB, TE and top 5 WR in Roddy White.

However, there is nothing to do other then roll with it. I have been a Dolphins fan since I was 8 years old. That's a lot invested into the Marino years then on to my favorite defender of all time in Zach Thomas and then waiting to see it all rebbuilt. Chad Pennington thank you. David Lee for it's worth thank you for the Wild Cat and getting us to the playoffs with it. Thanks to you to Parcells. Not your best work but you did get Miami some nice building blocks.

I do think Miami needs to change the way they do things and give the fans something to get excited about. Daboll again wasn't my choice or any of your for that matter but just like Sparano staying put it could work out and shut us all up. I hope that happens.

The one thing I did like that Daboll said was using different formations and motions. Under Dan Henning motion was starting wide left and moving into the left hash mark and that was it. I watch the Eagles line up Desean Jackson as a fullback and catch a screen. I see Brent Celek line up split right this season on 5'11 D'Angelo Hall and pick up a 1st down on 3rd and 15 or 20. So at least he said the right things. I would of been sick if he said we are going to line up and punch them in the mouth or we are going to make tweaks. So Daboll good luck and hope your enthusiam changes the offensive mind set.

Btw I like how he didn't go over board and say Henne is a heck of a QB or anything like that. He said he is on the roster and that's all.

Miami Dolphins 2011.....yawn,,,
Looking to improve on that 1-7 Home record by hiring a Coach that ran an Offense worse then what they had????

Mark Ingram could dominate

This press conference is meaningless. Just like the one when Parcells was introduced and he said that the NFL was a talent acquisition league. Then he proceeded to show us that he has very little knowledge in what works in the NFL today. Parcells is old school and clueless to getting skill players on offense. This new coach has very little to work with because of the lack of ability that Parcells showed in getting talent on offense.

Dolphin's management should(and they do) pay attention to fan's comments over Team affairs. Dolphin's management should not(and they won't) pay attention to any comments regarding the Draft.

This is the worst hire in the history of the NFL. Is that jn dispute?

I think this was going to be the year to draft offensive players(remember the Trifecta started with a 1-15 Team) but then, well, you know the story.

The team wasn't losing because reporters didn't have access. And this whole' ooooohhhhh great, now we can give you guys the stories you're dieing for' is a complete crock. You guys will find the most controversial things to write about because that's what sells. It's not going to matter what fans want to read about as much as what will draw more interest, and you all know most of your readers are mental midgets who salivate over Lindsay Lohan stories.Let the games begin!

We just go from bad to worse. This debacle was created by Ross and not properly executed. Way I look at it is, if Sparano doesn't win here next year he's gone.

I'm not sure what Sparano thinks he can do with an OC that was worse then the fins. I'm not sure what Tony's thinking. Maybe he thinks this guys young enough to build a bond with the O players. Mandos video showed him all pumped up on the sidelines. Now we got fist pumps and chest pumps and between the two of them they better squeeze out a pumped up OL, receiver corps, QB and a half decent rb. Oh and a TE!!!

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