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Daboll: All QB options on table, will do whatever it takes

Tony Sparano says he spent 55 hours and talked to five people about the job and he and Jeff Ireland did a lot of homework searching for "somebody that had a really clear vision and shared the same thoughts that I might have for where we want to go offensively. Somebody that came in with an exciting demeanor and exciting plan that would bring energy to our players."

Meet Brian Daboll. 

He's the Dolphins offensive coordinator today.

Most important thing: He is not promising to turn the 2011 Dolphins into the latter day Marino Dolphins. He obviously cannot because Marino isn't coming back as a 25-year-old. So, like Dan Henning before him, Daboll is going to do the best he can with what he has.

"I think we're going to do whatever we need to do to give us a chance, whether that's spread it out ... or tighten it down. Whatever plays we think need to be in that week, that's the way it's going to be. Whether that's no-huddle, slow it down, that's the way it's going to be. That's the direction we're going to go."

Daboll shared some cursory thoughts on his offensive philosophy: "There's going to be a variety of things we're going to try to accomplish with the offense. It's not going to be one set thing where we have five-wide every play or one set crunched down into a big personnel package ... We're going to put a heavy emphasis on fundaments. Heavy emphasis character, on toughness, on the ability to go out there and execute plays under pressure ... I think these guys have the right plan set in place.

"We're going to try to use formations, different motions, different shifts to try to create mismatches within the players in this division. I think you have some good players here on the perimeter, particularly Brandon. Bess does an excellent job for you. So we'll try to create some mismatches and put them in places maybe you haven't seen them before."

What does Daboll think of the current talent on the Dolphins?

"They have some good personnel to work with," he said. "There are some pieces to work with."

In talking about whether Chad Henne has a future with the Dolphins (I've already told you the Dolphins aren't simply going to discard the guy), Daboll made clear the Dolphins are going to look at every option for the quarterbacks -- including Henne.

"Chad is on our roster," he said. "I know we're going to research every available player whether its draft or free agent, but I'm excited to work with Chad. He has some tools we can develop and anyone else out there, that's what we'll do."

I asked Daboll how responsible he believes he was in the fact the Cleveland Browns were 31st in the NFL in points in 2010 and 29th in 2009 -- the two years he was offensive coordinator.

"I think in every organization, everybody plays a role," he said. "We didn't do as well as we wanted to do that. Again, I'm putting that behind me and I'm looking forward to the opportunity here."


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Well, yeah, it could be that TS is getting back at Ross by hiring this "bad" OC. Highly unlikely from all points of view.

Hey look,,,,the media already has everyone in here convinced next year will be a failure and we haven't even drafted or signed one single player!!!! You f***ing dolts, how about waiting until at least training camp starts before giving up on your team? Pathetic.

"Chad is on our roster," he said.
Ouch! That's about as harsh as sentence as any coach will say about a player.

On the positive side, Daboll did beat the Cheatriots this year including a nifty trick play for a touchdown.

And what happened to my first post at 7:50? Was it deleted because I questioned the media? Ohhhhhhhh boy that post better show up in here or I guess we're now censoring freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech on a MH blog. Got to be kidding me blockhead.

Hey, Denny, I like Lindsay Lohan. Wasn't she the one that said that Fidel Castro and Hitler were brilliant men?

Still not here? Hey guys I've been censored by the Miami Herald. Apparently they can ask all of the tough questions they want of people but if you dare question them about it they delete you.

Did I call someone a name? Because if I did who cares? We get called names every day in here and no one stands up for us or deletes any posts. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm out.

Hey d-dense go ahead and tell everyone in here that we shouldn't have freedom of speech because it's a blog. Go ahead Puuuhhhllleeeesseeeeee. Tell everyone why we shouldn't be allowed freedom of speech. Because some poor shlub asked a guy in here to tone down the swear words and the blog RIPPED HIM A NEW ONE! So go ahead and tell me why I'm a blockhead because I expect a post (that was well thought out about the medias relationship with the team) to BE POSTED WHEN I WRITE IT?! You frigging idiot.

You see this marc? Where are you when I need you. I just got censored on the blog we contribute to every day and this butt nut is telling me it's fine.

Denny, not all blogs are the same and what is allowed or not depends strictly on the judgment of its author. If you follow the rules(sometimes they are published, other times they are not) of most blogs in the World, I guarantee you will have no problems with censorship.

I don't know what you guys are worried about, Sparano & this regime will be fired by mid season anyway and then they'll bring in someone else to fix this mess.

I have been a Dolphin fan over the years and have always admired the way they've done things there. In this case I have to say tho that the hiring of your new OC there has been a tragic mistake your ownership have made. The guy is considered the village idiot here in Cleveland he couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag he calls the most stupid plays at the worst times I've ever seen ... So run don't walk the the box office and get your money back before its wasted on watching this clown ruin your fine team .

Spring training just around the corner......

OL problems = a run game not even close to previous two yrs and Henne regressed. That's no coincidence. A lot of focus needed on the OL like resigning Incognito and better research on OL draft. Pray for recovery of Nate Garner so he can move to RT and move Big Vern to LG. Incognito move to center where he can be more effective and Berger to RG where he is definitely more comfortable.

Spot on KRIS...Dolfans support those players that make our team GREAT...this is not a philanthropic society here it is an NFL team that is judged purely on WINS....

Henne will be supported when he puts the score on the board...up until then he has no credits in the bank to draw on...so he is UNDER SCRUTINY and so he should be....

Now...if you look at LIKELYHOODS;

1 If you have a franchise QB it is LIKELY that you will have a better chance to win a SB

2 If you draft in the 1st round it is more LIKELY that you may find a franchise QB...LIKELY...

3 The MOST CRITICAL position on the field is QB...bar NONE...so without a really good QB...not GREAT...just really good...it is UNLIKELY that you will gain success...

So we need to stop feeding in the UNLIKEY shop and start shopping in the LIKELY shop...we should have made the hard call already and we may have been ok...you gotta put ALL your eggs into a Franchise QB basket or it is UNLIKEY that you will succeed...not impossible, but highly unlikely....

I do not agree with CraigM's conservative approach re the QB position.It is this mentality that has dfelivered up 7-9...a new coach is UNLIKELY to propel Henne into a very good QB....unlikely...

So therefore when you consider that Daboll has had a history that is UNDERWHELMING, then it is not impossible but highly unlikely that HENNE will improve and that DABOLL will be a genius...

Sparano is a dead man walking...I hope Im wrong

The only hope is ORTON and draft a 1st round QB....otherwise we are in trouble

Cleveland fan...thanks buddy...now in frikkin worried....if Daboll is considered a failure at Cleveland then it is unlikely that he will be a GENIUS here no ?


1 Franchise QB
2 2 OLine players
3 Free Safety
4 Speedy rec
5 2 Running backs
6 2 top TE's

Need about 9 new players

4 via FA

5 from draft....Sparano....do it....do it

I just looked up the word negative, and I read that it stands for Dolphin fans, if being negative makes one rich, then they are laughing all the way to the bank, I think if Jesus was the new OC they would go crazy with there bull crap, theses guys will never be happy, they deserve each other, a bunch of loser, never amount to any thing positive. Bill

I think it's time for management to unveil a new Fins uniform... something that will get fans excited....

The hiring of this guy as OC is ridiculous!!!

The guy was recommended by Pennington, which means that Pennington will be given his starting job back. What a way to say, "we're going back to the same $hit!"...

Denny you called everyone out here a dolt. Look up the word blockhead. If your going to use a word at least know the definition.

There are some rule out on this blog. My posts have also disappeared. Live with it or complain to Mando. It's his blog, I may not agree with censorship, but some people talk horse shyt out here about all kinds of stuff. You see the MH censoring there comments.

A dolt is a blockhead or a stupid person, which are you? I say idiot!

To all low flying birds and ground hogs. Since the return of Chad Henne is assured the rules of proximity association will still apply for year 2011.
All birds will be required to fly a minimum of 200 ft. on flyovers on game day. All ground hogs will be ask to avoid the area except the goal post area where no dangerous balls seem to go.
Do to the severity of past injuries extreme caution is advised.


I'm so happy they kept fat tony and hired an OC that no one wants! We will have the number one draft pick in 2012 (Luck)! Maybe Ross has a plan after all. Maybe he went to Cali to talk to Haurbaugh and decided to tank the season so we will have Dan Marino in 2012!

It sucks to be in a lame duck season (2011). The three stooges are gone but Ross is smarter than you think.
With the impending lockout and uncertainty, why not keep Fat Tony and his BFF?
Ross is betting they will get the number one pick in 2012 (Luck).
I think that is genious! Suffer one year and have a decade of the second coming o DAN!!!!!

Yeah Daboll, maybe you fooled Ross, you ain't foolin' fool......

Something like the song of Def Leppard.

syncrinized fist pumping after field goals???

As long as we can pick up some of the trash that the Cowboys throw out we should be okay.

OK, what I take from Daboll's comments is, he's gonna try. He's gonna try this and try that and then try some other things. That's good. We sure don't want an OC who doesn't try.

On the other hand, when someone says they're gonna "try" it implies the possibility of failure. I'd feel a lot more confident if he'd lose the "try" and instead promise to "do."

is this thr nail in the coffen for the wildcat.... bum bum bum

There are no more fans, just casualities...

come on people have some faith we are not that Bad as a team , 1- 15 that was horrendous ,ugly ETC and trust me i can't or even want to REMEMBER that season....... that was some messed up stuff..........

You know I have to say that Joe is a big damn hypocrite. All year standing behind Henne and blaming Henning and other coaches, spewing boring rhetoric and now he's saying Henne didn't have it all along. Henne can't read the field , even players on the BILLS were saying that! But Joe kept on until the end. Now he turns on him. Dude you're a bore.Give us all a break with your wanna be Chris Berman crap. REALLY!!


Now I can put it together after seeing that photo,the Dolphins when after Daboll because he is Tony Sparano's son.

The Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl next year. Ross has promised to purchase their tickets.

Wow. Did he REALLY say "heavy emphasis on fundaments"????

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