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Troy Drayton shares thoughts on the Dolphins


Dolphins players and former players have been telling you what they think about all things relative to the franchise in the days since the regular season ended and owner Stephen Ross flirted with the idea of replacing Tony Sparano in a manner that failed protocol.

Former tight end Troy Drayton, who played in Miami from 1996-99, was a guest on Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida and I share with you the interview above.

Drayton shares his opinion of the season. He shares his opinion of the last few weeks (hint: he used the word "fiasco"). I asked him if people like you, the fans, will forgive and forget going forward.

Eventually the conversation turned to Chad Henne. Drayton saw what you saw. "He regressed," he said.

But Drayton has an interesting take on Henne going forward. Drayton also talked about Tyler Thigpen, whom he apparently likes more than Henne at this point.

Click the link and listen.

And come back later as I'll upload an interview we did with former University of Miami, New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals RB O.J. Anderson. You will appreciate the story he gives you about how Bill Parcells dealt with him back in the day.


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What about the ESPN report that Brad Childress is interviewing on saturday?

PFT reported that Mike Nolan wanted to bolt for Dallas during the Jim Harbaugh debacle.
Interesting since it provides some insight into his mindset.

There have been some good arguments about next year's draft as it relates to the defensive side of the ball.
With Ross "hellbent" on throwing the change up pitch on offense, one should expect the entire draft to spent on offense.

Yeah, saw that on PFT. Now the Sun Sentinel is putting Childress/ McNabb combo together again.

Right now it's like the Dolphins are a case study on the dysfunctional family.

Bet Coach Sparano is still fuming over the events of the last couple of weeks.
Nolan probably not as happy as he could be.
We are missing a loving parent at the OC position.
Our GM is a leprechaun that has no pot of gold.
Ross is a deer in headlights.
CH7 is an unwanted step child.
R & R are getting the boot.

If Childress is coming here with the idea of bringing McNabb with him then I don't want Childress here. Forget it!

I don't really like the McNabb rumors but Childress could be good for this team.

Craig M....from the previous blog.....

No Craig M....I say its all about WINNING SBs...otherwise your just playing the game....THAT is the goal for all 32 teams....

Now you throw out 3-4 QBs who have done well and wern't drafted or drafted late....do you really want me to google the list of QBs drafted in the 2nd ROUND OR LATER...who either are buried on a teams bench or out of the NFL....Lets see how many of those guys are with their orginal team.....do ou really want to go their?

Craig...its a game of inches and PERCENTAGES....percentages say if I draft a QB qith 1st round talent....I will be in the playoffs....look wjo's still playing this week


Or we can go your way...this guy wasn't drafted in the 1st round....


C'mon man!

I think we should go after Kolb

I'm sure you woudn't want to see Mcnabb Craig M....he's another of those "hated first rd QBs"....

Take brady off that list....i forget sometimes....darn.....put him next to Hasselbeck.....

its still 6-2....QBs drafted in the 1st RD....percentages

ITS THE QB..........

Posted by: Kris | January 13, 2011 at 12:06 PM

Brad Childress to interview with Fins... Experiance wise, that may be a good OC for us? What are your thoughts?

A lot has been discussed about Chad Henne and taking Long instead of Ryan, but nobody has said anything that possibly the coaching staff has screwed Henne and if we picked Ryand, the same thing would happened.

Now, the first thing is to stablish an OC and QB coach, the second thing if that they decide if they can coach Henne into a good QB or if we need to use our 1st rounder on one.

I would like to see us get Cam Newton. A running/throwing QB ala Micheal Vick would open alot of things up. Just get a good QB coach to train him properly.

drafted in 1st round? Brady?
um, no

To use a 1st rounder on Newton, we better get Young for free, practically the same (good and bad) but with a winning record and keeping the 1st rounder for another player

Mando, what was Troy talking about? Of course Henne has core plays he's comfortable with. What about that bubble screen to Bess that gets 2-3 yards everytime it's run? He loves that pass. And the outlet pass? That's Henne's bread'n'butter. He's the outlet pass KING!

I really don`t get all the hype on Kolb, he had a shot at running the most explosive Off. I have seen n a while and couldn`t cut it, his teamates didn`t want to play with him, remember Reid sad he was the Q.B. and nearly lost his locker room in the process, which also speaks to Kolb`s ability to lead his team. I say we would be making a catastrophic mistake of A.J. Feeley proportions, that was ofcourse the last time we let Reid pick pocket us !!


By YOUR definition you wouldn't want McNabb. He's never won anything according to you. If you've never won a Super Bowl, your no good. Cause it's only about winning the Super Bowl, right Kris? Brady, Warner, Manning, Favre, and Elway all aren't good enough because they've lost Super Bowl's, right Kris?

Maybe you can clarify because I'm a little confused about what makes a good QB. You say he HAS to be win a Super Bowl, right?

So why hasn't Saints' Pete Carmichael been scheduled for an interview yet? Let's have a look at him, at least.

Grab some popcorn sit back and watch this movie unfold it's going to be a real Thriller.


According to Kris, you just pick these guys in the first round and they instantly become successes. Don't you know? It has nothing to do with development or how a guy transitions from College to the Pros. It's all about the QB, right Kris?

phinaddict, he lost the locker room because they're football players, yes, but not total morons. When you have a choice between having Mike Vick QB your team, or Kevin Kolb, it's really not a close decision. Yet Reid couldn't get his head out of his arse until he realized Vick was the guy.

Otherwise, I'm not sold on Kolb either.

Mcnabb, strong arm will riffle it down field, intermediate passing game is one of the worst I`ve ever seen but still an upgrade under a Childress led O. I am not sure if that is an endorsement of super 5 or an indictment of Henne !!!

I would more than love to see chilly and mcnabb at this point in Miami. We need to do something different than this run run run all day long nonsense.

DC, glad your still here, sorry your little feelings got hurt last post. There is more then ONE QB out there that is a consistent winner but obviously I dont want to hurt your little feelings anymore, enjoy being a crybaby

Thigpen was the better QB of the two. This circus staff just hard-headedly refused to invest much time in him and instead, stuck with thier beloved "robot soldier". I'm not saying Thigpen is "our guy" for the future, but if we would have left Henne benched, I believe we would have won the games we should have won down the stretch to perhaps squeek into the playoffs.

And before the Thigpen bashing begins, I cant be all wrong. Even Dolphin players, (i.e. Marshall)would have rather had Thigpen throwing the football to them. WR's love gun slingers and Thigpen is one. Henne on the other hand, is not. Not to mention Thigpen is young enough to improve and be taught by "good people". Henne has been ruined by the old regime....Thigpen? The jury is still out on him in my opinion.

In the spirit of the season -- I say we nominate other great humiliating moments in Miami Dolphins history.

MY NOMINEE: In the 2003 Draft when Dave Wannstedt BLEW A SECOND ROUND PICK on EDDIE MOORE because he belieced Moore would be a "great special teams player."

It was at that point my worst fears were confirmed -- the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins was, in fact, clinically retarded.

NOMINEE 2: Flash Forward to 2007's draft -- when Cam Cameron went before Dolphins fans in the bubble and beamed with pride has he announced HE WAS DRAFTING TED GINN'S ENTIRE FAMILY. The fans roundly booed. Cameron looked shocked.

It was at this point, my worst fears were confirmed that the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins was clinically retarded.


'something different than this run run run all day nonsense'??? Were you watcing the same Dolphins team as me last year? We weren't able to run the ball. That's part of the reason we had Henne throwing the ball 40-45 times a game and had not a single running back run for a 100 yards in a game last year.

I am not sold on this years crop of Q.B.`s after watching N.C. game didn`t exactly come away impressed with Newton, the one I see with the best upside is Dalton but is he worth our pick 15 ? I think maybe our best move is to wait this year with a vet Q.B. cause next year will be a doozy, don`t loose sight of Oklahoma St. Q.B. either.


Good post and good points at 12:32pm.


Another good post at 12:46pm. I'd be Ok with drafting a QB in the 3rd or 4th round but that might preclude us from taking a guy next year and som maybe to just bring in a couple of vets might be good.

Who's the number one vet guys are going to want brought in for next year? I expect guys will say McNabb or Young. I think I'm leaning towards Bulger.

NOMINEE 3: In week 7 of 2007 the New England Patriots slapped around the Dolphins like a red-headed stepchild when they jumped out to a 42-7 LEAD AT HALFTIME. Younger fans who may not rememver this game can instead turn to Week 17 of 2010 when the PAtriots jumped out to a 38-0 LEAD AT THE ENDE OF THE THIRD QUARTER, leading me to wonder what exactly had changed during the three years of team building from Bill Parcells.

Somebody, somewhere, must be clinically retrated.



Thigpen has a wonl0ss record of like 1-12 in this league now and you say 'the jury is still out on him'. How many more games does have to lose before you have a decision on him? Did you REALLY think he played well against the Bears? I thought he was AWFUL!



During the 2004 offseason, the Dolphins took a major step forward in rebuilding their credibiltiy when they hired the Dolphins all time greatest player (and beloeveD South Florida figure) Dan Marino to be their Senior VP of Football Opperations.

You may not remember, but I'm sure Armando was there.

Why do we not remember this historic event? Because it lasted only 3 WEEKS. Marino mysteriously resigned due to a lack of fit -- leading me to wonder that -- if you are so chaotically run that you jerk your own all-time greatest player around...again...somebody must be clinically retarded.



Per WB-Toons News Headlines!





NICK SABAN: "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."

Clinically retarded.

How much preparation did he have for the Bears? 12 hours? Craig, you watched the game I'm sure. I dont even think we had a game-plan. That whole game was a debacle team wise. The offensive line was non-existent. Tom Brady couldnt have won that game with that offensive front.

@ DC Dolfan

I agree not much of a contraversy between Vick and Kolb, that`s why I don`t get all of this hype about bringing Kolb down here aside from the high multiple picks they will want for him. If Childress is your guy then give him Mcnabb if for nothing else to push Henne and see if you can get him right once and for all. I say we trade down and let somebody else jump on the Q.B. sweepstakes pick up a 2nd rounder and take best rec., guard and r.b. in the 1st. three rounds and in that order and wait out the next draft which will have better prospects and we will have a full deck in case we need to move up to get our guy.

- Gary Stevens
My Nominee Would be the same fool (Wanny) Picking a "back up Corner" in the first round (Jammar Fletcher) over a Rookie QB named Drew Brees that went several picks later.

I still get a sick stomach thinking about it

Believe me bobby, you're neither intelligent enough or man enough to hurt my little feelings.
If you think I harp on the comments of a small-minded dimwit, you've proven again you don't know jack.

With the defeatest mode around here we may as well despense with football period in 2011. Just go with 3 hours of topless cheerleader performances and free beer for all during home games in 2011.

Then the guy with the lucky number underneath his beer tab gets to take all of the cheerleaders home for a day! LOL...................

I vote for topless and bottomless cheerleaders to put the home crowds back into the stands on gameday! LOL...............

11,i'm still laughing about the eddie moore pick.lol

I agree with bringing in a Vet QB as long as its the right one.

My choices -
1 - Matt Flynn Green Bay (The next great thing)
2 - Kyle Orton Denver (Not great but good enough with our Defense)
3 - Sean Hill Detroit (see Orton above)

I would like to see what Henne can do with a better OC and QB coach.

GOOD NOMINEE CRASHJENSON -- Jamar Fletcher Added to the list as Humiliaiton #7.

Indeed I could just repost all of Dave Wannsted's draft for humiliating moments.

On the same theme -- NOMINEE NUMBER 8 -- Self-proclaimed football genius Nick Saban passing on Brees in Free Agency and instead trading for Daunte Culpepper. Subsequently Dolphins fans watched Sportsman of the Year Brees win a SuperBowl MVP award while turning around a franchise and a city.

Culpepper -- is still sniffing around the UFL I believe.


I want to hear more about who the Dolphins will hire as offensive coordinator. Brad Childress should be the #1 choice.

lol @ db.

Forget spending more money on the team. More money should be spent on male enhancement research and thier positve reactions to topless and bottomless cheerleaders on gameday!

phinaddict, I think Troy Drayton said it pretty well. This turnaround can't happen in one year. Not with the problems we have, plus the lack of a 2nd-draft pick, plus the teams in our division already doing the right thing while we're trying to find our balls, it's a 3-year plan to get back on track.

And Ross ain't giving Sparano 3 years. He gets 1. So, most likely scenario is Sparano tries his best, but ends up short, and it tossed next year, and another complete turnover is upon us.

By then Cowher will not only want control of everything, but probably double what he asked for this year.

NOMINEE #9 (included for completeness sake). Diuring the 2011 offseason, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross retained struggling coach Tony Sparano only to FLY ACCROSS THE COUNTRY to 'secretly' meet with Sparano's replacement, thereby underming Sparano's authority over the team.

In order to repair the relationship with Sparano(which included manufacturing a rift with GM Jeff Ireland)Ross then extended the contract of the coach that, hours ago, he was trying to replace, to the tune of $6 million over an additoinal two years.

Hey Armando is it too late to consider Eric Taylor from NBC's Friday night lights for our OC position?? lol

A couple of things. Childress and McNabb are both west coast offense guys. Don't see that happening in Miami.

Prospective OCs are not exactlly knocking the door down in Davie. Cast a wider net and think outside the box Tony.

I'm with tdeck. Weak QB class, drfting middle of the pack, no 2nd round pic, multiple teams need QBs, no good options at vets.....all scream keep Thigpen.



Here is another "classic" moment for you -

Can't remember if it was JJ or Wanny's idea to pull Dan Marino's ability to Audible at the line of scrimmage - Really? a vetran QB like Marino? you don't trust him to call an audible?

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